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the coloring/backgrounds are hella sloppy, sorry, but here’s the lil comic i drew for one of my favorite scenes in @anawitchs AMAZING fanfic “In Ruin” ! I was going through my old flash drive and found it, and remembered that i never posted it. OOPS. Hope you enjoy! I could’ve done better on the background but I didn’t feel like redoing them. shruuugg. 

My fantasy is to put the handsome jack ai onto a $5 flash drive and then continuously jam it in and out of a USB port until it corrupts

Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish

Requested by @12-kay-kit-kat

So I hope this makes sense! Basically Bucky and reader get stuck out somewhere and have to stay over night in a hotel. There’s only one bed but they decide to share but just stay on opposite sides. It’s hella cold so reader and Bucky start to cuddle. But reader keeps shifting her hips trying to get comfty and Bucky holds her hips trying to get her to stop and reader realized why so she keeps doing it and Bucky rolls on top of her and says something like “don’t start what u can’t finish”

Bucky x Reader. FLUFF/ A LIL SMUTTY. Word count: 3.2 k (I liked this request a lot and got a little carried away)

TW: bed sharing, references to sex

Things with you and Bucky had always been difficult. You managed to be civil enough in the company of the team, but whenever the two of you were left alone together things always went sour. The two of you were polar opposites—he was a battle-hardened soldier, while you spent most of your time in the lab. He was quiet and stoic, while you were social and outgoing. He traveled the world going on missions, while you rarely left the tower. You had almost nothing in common outside of your love for Steve. Before Bucky came back, you and Steve were like brother and sister, but ever since Bucky had re-entered Steve’s life, you couldn’t help but feel like you’d been pushed aside. Deep down, you knew that it wasn’t Bucky’s fault, but somehow you couldn’t help but blame him.

Most of the time, you would just tolerate each other when everyone was together, and then avoided each other the rest of the time. That is, until Steve called you both to the briefing room that day and told you that you’d be going on a mission together.

“Mission? I don’t go on missions. I’m a lab rat. I stay home. I don’t want to go,” you told Steve. He gave you a stern look and crossed his arms. You knew from experience that he was going to go into one of his “dad” speeches, where he’d use phrases like “You can do it,” and “I believe in you,” and you weren’t in the mood to deal with any of that nonsense. Before you could tell Steve where exactly he could shove his stupid mission, Bucky chimed in.

“Steve this is ridiculous. I can do this one on my own—I don’t need her help. Hell, she doesn’t even want to go!” he said with a hint of aggression in his voice. He was right—you didn’t want to go, but you also didn’t want him to think that you would be useless on a mission. If you were going to stay home, it was going be because it was your idea, not Bucky’s. You took a small step forward and cleared your throat to grab Steve’s attention.

“What exactly is this mission anyway? Why would you possibly need me? I mean sure, there are lots of things I can do that Bucky can’t, but—“ You couldn’t finish your sentence because Bucky interrupted you with a grunt.

“Like what?!” he asked.

“Hmm, I don’t know, pass through a metal detector, for one,” you hissed back.

Before the little spat could evolve into a full-blown argument, Steve interjected. “Calm down, both of you. Y/N—I need you on this one because Nat just got some intel on an old Hydra facility in Germany. Apparently they have some old computer tech stuff that we need information off of, but Nat can’t crack it, and it’s too old for any of Tony’s gizmos to work on. You’re the best at what you do—you’re the only one who can get this done. Bucky—I need you on this one because there’s almost certainly going to be armed guards, and I need someone who’s got stealth, muscle, and experience navigating through Hydra bases. You’re there to make sure she can do her job safely. I would go, but I have another mission to go on with Sam that takes priority. I don’t have time to sit here and listen to you two duke it out about this—you’re both going, end of story. Now read the file and get moving.”

You were shocked to hear Steve be so blunt, and judging by the look on Bucky’s face, so was he. Sure, Steve had a tendency to be a little assertive sometimes, but it was rarely this intense. You reached down to pick up a copy of the file off of the table, but Bucky did the same and your hands touched. You both pulled back quickly, but he gestured for you to go ahead and take it. He was still reading his copy when you finished, so you peeked over the top of the file folder and studied his face for a quick moment. He may be annoying as hell, but damn was he attractive! You looked back down before he could notice you staring at him. The two of you stood up at the same time, then went to your rooms to suit up before meeting up at the Quinjet, ready to fly to Germany.

For the majority of the flight, you dozed off listening to your iPod while Bucky piloted the plane. When you landed, it was about a 30-minute walk to the Hydra facility, which was an old military bunker. Steve was right about there being guards, but Bucky knocked all four out before any of them could lay a hand on you. The rest of the mission was pretty simple—you found the old computers, did a little rewiring and hacking, and uploaded all of the files onto a flash drive before wiping the systems. You gave the flash drive to Bucky for safe-keeping since you had a tendency to lose things. As he tucked it in his coat pocket, you said “Well, I guess we’re ready to head back. Let’s go!” You did your best to sound excited and friendly, but came off a little more irritated and eager to leave. “Yeah, but we’ve gotta gas up the plane somewhere first. We’ll make a pit stop at a small airport on the way back—the big ones draw too much attention,” Bucky explained.

After about an hour of flying, the snow was starting to fall heavy and the gas tank was getting closer and closer to empty. Bucky landed at an airport in the middle of nowhere and fueled up the plane while you waited patiently inside. He walked back into the plane covered in snow. “Grab your overnight bag,” he began with irritation in his voice, “We can’t take off in this weather. Since we can’t leave the jet running with the heat on all night while we sleep, we’re just gonna have to stay in a hotel. The attendant said that the only one is just up the road, so we’ll walk.” Without question, you grabbed your overnight bag, zipped up your coat, and followed him off of the plane.

The walk to the hotel was short, but silent. Despite having spent all day together, you realized that you and Bucky had barely exchanged more than a few words. The hotel was tiny—only five rooms. Since you were the more personable one, you thought it would be best to speak to the desk clerk, who luckily spoke English. “One room, two beds please,” you said with a smile. The short blonde woman on the other side of the desk shrugged her shoulders and replied “Sorry, miss, the only room we have open only has one bed. I guess you’ll either have to share or someone will sleep in the tub—we are out of cots. The furnace is acting up too, so the room might be cold, but I can get you some extra blankets if you’d like.” You turned back to look at Bucky and you noticed that his expression had gone from stern to something bordering on bashful. You couldn’t help but wink at him, since you knew it would make him even more uncomfortable, and then you turned back around and told the desk lady that would be fine. She handed you the room key and two blankets, and then you and Bucky went into the room.

“I really want to take a hot shower. Do you mind if I steal the bathroom first? I promise I’ll be quick,” you asked him, knowing that he’d say yes. He was a pain in your ass, but the 1940s gentleman side of him was kind of nice. You took a shower and changed into your pajamas. When you walked out of the bathroom, Bucky looked up at you and snickered.

“Yeah Bucky, I know they’re ridiculous. I originally bought them to make Steve uncomfortable, but they’re actually super comfy,” You looked down at your pajama bottoms and snickered along—they were booty shorts with a picture of Cap’s shield on the crotch. “The back is even funnier though!” You turned around so Bucky could see the words “Captain Rogers’ Girl” on your ass. Bucky suddenly burst out in laughter, and you couldn’t help but join in. Bucky stood up and started walking toward the bathroom. Right before he closed the door, he poked his head out and said “You know, I think Sam probably has those same PJ’s, but they look really cute on you.” He winked and closed the door.

While Bucky showered, you took the liberty of spreading the extra blankets out on the bed and then crawling inside. You were really regretting packing your shorts and a tank top to sleep in because you were already freezing your ass off. Bucky came out of the bathroom wearing a pair of black sweatpants and no shirt. Your eyes were instantly drawn to his chiseled torso, and your gaze didn’t break until Bucky started speaking.

“Forgot to pack another shirt, but the other one is all wet from the snow,” he stated.

You smiled and joked “I’d let you borrow one of mine, but I think it might be on the snug side.” He smiled back, amused by your little quip.

“So, am I crashing on the floor or is it okay with you if we share the bed? I promise I’ll stay on my side and keep my hands to myself if we do,” said Bucky, kindly.

“Go ahead and get in—that way we don’t have to divide the blankets. Ditto on the hands to myself thing,” you replied.

Bucky got into the bed, but the two of you managed to position yourself as far apart from each other as you possibly could without falling off. Before he reached over to turn off the bedside lamp, you asked Bucky, “Why don’t you like me?” Your question caught both of you off-guard. You didn’t really know why you said that out loud, and he was surprised that you would ask such a random thing out of the blue.

“Why don’t I what?” he asked in return.

“Bucky, I asked you why you don’t like me. It’s okay that you don’t like me, I was just wondering why.”

Bucky took a deep breath and said “Look Y/N, it’s not that I don’t like you, it’s just that I’m pretty sure you hate me, so I figured it’d be easier to just keep my distance and kinda play along than to try to win your friendship. In case you haven’t noticed, my social skills are still a little lacking. Now, I answered your question so you have to answer mine—why do you hate me? I don’t think it’s a fear thing—I can tell when people avoid me because they think I’m gonna kill them, but I don’t get that vibe from you, so what is it?”

You felt a pit in your stomach. You didn’t know that you came off that hostile toward Bucky. You didn’t hate him (in fact, you were starting to realize that maybe you were developing a little crush on the guy), you just hated what you felt he took from you. “I don’t hate you, Bucky,” you began sheepishly, “I think it’s just that, well…okay, so before you came back, Steve and I were besties, and now he hardly ever spends time with me. Me and Steve have never been like, romantic or anything like that, and I don’t want us to be, but he’s been like my big brother ever since I joined the team and it’s kind of like he’s kicked me to the curb so he can hang out with you. I understand that it’s not your fault, and that you were friends with him first, but it still stings. I know that it’s stupid, but I feel like you kinda stole my best friend from me. I’ve never meant to be rude to you or anything though, so I’m sorry if I was.”

You stared down at the bed in embarrassment, until you felt Bucky’s hand under your chin. He brought your face up so you were looking at him, and he said “I had no idea I was taking that much of his time, and I’m sorry. How about this: I back off from Steve a little bit. Honestly, the guy is driving me nuts anyway—I’m pretty sure the only reason he wants to spend so much time with me is because he thinks I need a babysitter. And the three of us can make some time to hang out as a group. Steve will be really confused as to why we suddenly get along, so that will be fun to see for sure. So, how about it? Friends?”

You could feel yourself blush as you smiled and said, “Friends. I’m tuckered out though so let’s try to get some sleep. Goodnight, Bucky,” He reached over and turned off the lamp, and you both tried your best to fall asleep on opposite sides of the bed. After an hour of not being able to doze off, the shivering had kicked in and you knew that unless you found a way to warm up, you wouldn’t be getting any sleep. You were cold to the bone and the bed was really uncomfortable.

“Bucky, are you asleep?” you whispered quietly in his direction.

“No. I’ve been trying but I can’t. It probably doesn’t help that it’s so cold in here. Seriously, I think it’s cold and I’ve been cryogenically frozen, so I can only imagine how you feel right about now.”

“It’s fucking freezing in here. Scoot towards the middle of the bed—you’re gonna be the big spoon.”

“Oh, so we’re snuggling now? I like where this friendship is going.”

You both moved in toward the middle of the bed and nestled into each other. The warmth of Bucky’s bare chest against your back instantly warmed you up. He draped his arm around your waist, and the sound of his breathing was like a lullaby. You were finally warm, but still couldn’t fall asleep because the mattress was too hard. You weren’t sure if Bucky was awake or not, so you tried to keep your movements small as you attempted to reposition yourself, trying not to disturb him. Most of the discomfort was in your lower back, so you kept shifting your hips to try to find a comfortable position.

“Y/N?” said Bucky as he put his hand on your hip, holding you in place.

“Oh did I wake you? I’m sorry, this bed is as hard as a rock.”

“Uh, you didn’t wake me up, but how about you don’t start what you can’t finish, okay?”

It took you a moment to register what was going on, and then your eyes widened in shock when you realized the mattress wasn’t the only thing that was hard. You couldn’t help but feel that the timing just seemed right though. Fresh off of a successful mission, alone in a cute motel room in the countryside, snow falling,—it was kind of romantic, really. You rolled over so you were face to face with Bucky, and you placed a hand on his muscular chest.

“Whoever said I can’t finish it?” you said teasingly, and then leaned in to give Bucky a quick kiss on the lips.

He reached around and placed his hand on the back of your neck, and then pulled you in for a longer, more passionate kiss.

“Damn, Y/N—this is one hell of a way to start a friendship!”

The next afternoon…

“We’re back!” you announced as you and Bucky walked into the lounge. Nat, Steve, Sam, and Tony were all sitting on the couches watching a movie. Bucky pulled the flash drive out of his pocket.

“Here’s your data. It was a pretty simple mission, really,” said Bucky as he tossed the flash drive to Steve.

“It was actually really easy to do. Pretty sure Nat could’ve handled it on her own, but it was still kinda fun. Anyway, glad to be home!” you said with a smile, happy to see your friends again. Nat and Steve exchanged a devious look before both standing up in front of Sam and Tony.

“Pay up. Cap and I totally won this one,” said Nat with an attitude.

“You don’t know that! You didn’t even ask!” replied Sam.

“Like they’d really tell the truth? C’mon, it’s pretty obvious. You lost,” said Steve.

“I’m on the losing end of this bet, but even I’ve gotta agree—it’s pretty obvious. Here ya go,” said Tony as he handed over some money to Nat and Steve.

You and Bucky stood in the middle of the room, perplexed by what was happening. Just as you opened your mouth to ask what was going on, Clint popped his head out of the kitchen.

“In case you were wondering, the four of them took bets about whether you two would bang while you were away. Since Nat and Steve look so damn happy, I’m guessing you did. Good for you!” he said before walking back toward his room with a bowl of cereal.

“YOU TOOK BETS ON WHAT?!” you and Bucky yelled simultaneously. Everyone else started cracking up and you realized that you were busted. You had no idea why it was so obvious, but at this point you knew there was no turning back.

“Ok fine. We did. Whatever. I think it’s only fair that Bucky and I get a cut of the winnings though,” you said with some irritation in your voice.

“Seems fair enough,” replied Steve. He and Nat gave you each a $20 bill.

“The whole mission was a setup to try to get us together then I take it?” asked Bucky.

Everyone just smiled and nodded, so you grabbed Bucky’s hand and dragged him to the kitchen.

“Can you believe they did that?!” you whispered to Bucky.

“Actually, I kinda can. Everyone on this team has a pretty twisted sense of humor. Anyway, I’ve been thinking…”

“About what?” you asked in anticipation. You were really hoping that Bucky would be interested in pursuing some sort of relationship. You had really grown fond of the guy, and didn’t want him to just be a one-night stand.

“Do you maybe, uh, want to grab some dinner tonight? Like a date?” asked Bucky as he fidgeted nervously with the strap of his overnight bag.

“I’d like that a lot. 7:00?”

“7:00 is perfect. I’ll meet you at your room.”

Just as the two of you were walking out of the kitchen and heading towards your rooms, you could hear Nat yell “Ha! He asked her out, so you owe me another $20, Stark!”

You and Bucky laughed the rest of the way to your rooms.

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This animation’s about 2 years old, but I just found it on my old flash drive so I thought I’d post it. I ended up using this metalhead model to make a very crude 3d platformer in my senior year gamedev class. If I figured out how to make better textures I bet I could get even more mileage from this model.

Don’t Trust Me (Part 7)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You are captured by S.H.I.E.L.D and possess a strange ability and knowledge of a foreign threat. When the Avengers are called in, they decide to help you. But can you be trusted? Besides the eminent danger, there is an annoyingly handsome guy with a metal arm who just loves to push your buttons.

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Word Count: 3499

Warnings: Age of Ultron spoilers, possible language, fluff and then angst, sorry

Originally posted by shhhh-no-ones-home

You were discharged from your hospital room the next day and sent straight to Nick Fury’s office. He was waiting for you outside the door.

“(Y/n), I know you are still recovering from your injuries, but there’s some things you should see.” You followed Fury into his office, and he handed you a folder with a few loose pages in it.

“What’s this?” You asked as you opened it. Inside, each page had the Hydra symbol at the top of the paper.

“These were among the files on the drive you grabbed from Dr. Lucian on the helicopter.” Fury replied, folding his hands in front of him. You flip through the pages, studying each page. There was a picture in the top left on each paper. Boys and girls, you noticed. All around your age. Some were older, some were younger. But they all shared the same hollow expression, the same sunken eyes that accompanied tragedy and loss. You knew those eyes because you’ve had them before. “Failure” was stamped on the top of the page in big red block letters on all of the pages except for one. Yours.

“They’re making more,” you whispered, horrified.

“It appears they are trying to replicate their success with you. Your file in there is the only success they’ve had.” Fury looked grim. “These dates are within the past few weeks. When you escaped, you destroyed most of their mainframe, wiping all their data on you. Without your genetic coding and DNA, they have almost no hope of replicating their success.” You slid out your page and studied it. In your picture you looked small and afraid. Too thin, too pale, too weak. That girl in the picture was long gone, but you sometimes still felt her within you, like a ghost of your past just waiting for the right moment to come back.

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Sketchy Things from A Tale of Two Stans:

  • Shermy
  • No mention of Carla
  • No Waddles 
  • Ford’s project completely ruined the next day when it was still working after Stan hit the table 
  • Bill (maybe) mentioned briefly
  • Ford calls Fiddleford an old college buddy when Fiddleford doesn’t return the favor in SOTBE
  • The test dummy for the Portal makes it out w/o assistance
  • What the symbol that burned Stanley was doing there anyway and why the metal was that hot
  • How Ford just came up with the Portal, the design, and the mechanics
  • How Ford survived 30 years in the Portal without going crazy or worse
  • The whispers and noises in the basement after Fiddleford quit
  • “ I don’t know how you found ONE OF THESE- “
  • Ford giving Gompers the flash drive with everything about Gravity Falls (after reading Dipper and Mabel’s guide book, I really don’t trust that goat.)
  • How, in Ford’s’ flashbacks, he seemed to write in the Journals randomly, writing in one and then another in a seemingly random order
  • Dipper being so seemingly trusting that the Stans will make up easily
  • “You don’t think we’ll end up like Stan and Ford do you?”

Today my father-in-law sent me this picture he found on an old flash-drive. Ryan celebrating his last chemo treatment!!

I could feel my heart swell up when I looked at this. (Though I think that happens every time I see an old photo of him.)

I also couldn’t help but think how silly the things I complain about sound, compared to what Ryan’s been through. I’m making a decision to become more conscious of all the wonderful things around me, whether they be little or big. Also to not let the things that don’t matter get me down.

Still, at 21 years old, I can be so selfish and ungrateful. Good thing I have this 4 year old superhero to look up to.

Exo Reaction to Finding the Old Fanfictions Their Girlfriend Wrote


He looked at the notebooks he found among her old things. They had been cleaning out her garage and throwing out old and useless things. He opened them, realising that there was endless TVXQ fan fictions written inside and a lot of them were less than appropriate. He dropped the notebooks back in their  and then smiled at her just as she walked back in the room. 


He had just needed to use her laptop for a moment. Her file explorer was already open and he saw a folder called stories. He got curious, wondering what it was and saw a lot of word documents. They seemed innocent enough until he clicked the folder called ‘old’ and saw something called the Prince of Flames (Chanyeol Love Story)


Chen smiled awkwardly as he gazed at her Twilight fan fiction awkwardly, watching her scroll through the document and just facepalm a lot. He tried very hard to to bust out laughing, but it was almost escaping his mouth. He didn’t think that she knew he was looking over her shoulder until he made a sound and then she jumped. “Jesus, Jongdae!” 


“But this says that I plowed Kyungsoo’s ass passionately.” 

His girlfriend covered her face and then wrapped herself in blankets. She muttered something and he just stared at the twisted lump of covers that hid her from his sight. “It’s olddd. I’m sorry.” 


He had only meant to look for a picture of them together to show his mom and had somehow ended up in her fanfiction folder. He was slightly mortified but could not tear his eyes away and stop reading to save his own sanity. “Why does this shit say that I demand this that hoe to purr all the time?” 


Kyungsoo stared at the page of her notebook as he read the words she wore a couple years ago. It had been before they met, but this changed his outlook on a few things. Especially since she thought he liked swallowing for Kai. 


He found an old flash drive in a desk drawer and wondered if it might have had some of his old compositions on it. He plugged it into his laptop and saw only a single file that was a word document called Ma and Pop. He opened it and read the entire thing. When his girlfriend walked into the kitchen he looked at her and tilted his head. 

“Why do we have a flash drive in the house with a story on it where someone refers to Kris’ penis as his ‘love muscle’?” 


“So you’re telling me that you used to write about me and Sehun fucking in your spare time?” 

“Yeah,” his girlfriend said as she pressed her lips together and avoided eye contact. 




There so so much of it saved to her computer. He was aware the folder had said it was old and the last time something had been updated was a year and a half ago, but it was still there. And all of it was about him secretly being a woman and also being the biological mother to all other eleven members of Exo. He was not comfortable. 


*you know what, it’s been awhile since Tao wanted cake in a react for me*


He didn’t really particularly care that she wrote fan fiction about a celebrity from half way across the world three years ago. She had matured past it.