i found this old video on my computer

Some News that might be good

I know, yeah, you Might or might not be wondering: “Uh.. were’nt you gonna stay away from Tumblr, and move on in life?”

I was plainning to, as you can read in my apology and update posts from some weeks ago; but huh, I guess that wont be like it anymore.

I watched an old video of my favourite youtuber, DrossRotzank. The video is called “La gente Molesta de Youtube” (Youtube’s Annoying People) and its not in his channel anymore, I found it reuploaded by someone else. It made me think a lot about my own Internet experience, its not a lot different of what he described, and in his own terms, I lost the battle by letting those annoying people make me stop posting here, and even deleting my blogs.

Deleting my blogs made me lose all of my old drawings (or at least it made me lose track of em,, since I also ruinned my computer, with all my files, Im using my brother’s) And it made me lose what I had been building for so many time; A Fanbase around me and my art. . And by losing that, I lost the love and support of more than 30k people. I will have to start almost over again. At least I will try to not make the same mistakes I made when I started.

But I also learnt some good things when I was away, as my friends said, I needed a break, to think things out, and to get help. People who “hate” me seemed so many and so strong back then, but now I truly realize that theyre nothing compared to those who loved me.

So yeah, Hello!! I’m back from my Mental Rehabilitation, my Break, whatever,,

I dont think I’ll keep using this blog tho, since I made myself a new username and all, I dont want to waste it, so, I’ll just freely give it,

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So, in December my computer crashed and with it my means of ripping video in the dumb, obsolete way I like doing things. Well, I found a similar software in box at a yard sale and set up on an old Windows XP computer, so poppa is back in action. First is my Bobby Poppas from Cali Acrylics at This Is Austin, Not That Great. Keep an eye on my YouTube, a few more nuggets hidden under my pillows are going up

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Fave movie genre: Animated honestly - genre doesn’t matter so much, I just LOVE animated movies

Last video game played: 4 Elements, it’s just a simple chain-matching game but I used to play it on my old computer and it was always so relaxing and I just found it again! :D

Fave video game: Gaaaahhh I can’t just choose one but currently the Sonic series is my biggest video game love <3

Interests: Right now, mostly Sonic, but also Spyro, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Elder Scrolls

Best subject: Probably English lmao

Print or cursive: Print

Fave TV show(s): The Clone Wars and Sonic X

Eye color: Blue

Hair color:Naturally dark blonde/almost brown, but I get blonde streaks done every few months. Most people can’t even tell it’s dyed even when it starts to grow out

Religion: None - I’m mostly an atheist, but you might also consider me an optimistic agnostic

Fave season: Fall

Fears: Fire, airplanes, and fungus (the last one might seem weird but FUCK do not make me touch any kind of fungus I Will Die)

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I’ve decided to go through my music folder song by song.

A horrible decision really, but it’s the only way to determine if each is “a song I listen to frequently enough to justify keeping it” or “a song that I cannot get on spotify, so I must keep it on my computer”. The first category is mainly stuff I bought myself over the past couple of years and the stuff I listened to a lot in highschool. The second is almost entirely anime and video game soundtracks whose origin has been long forgotten. Unless a song falls into one of those categories, it’s copied to the external and deleted off the hard-drive.

I’ve been doing this for almost an hour. The folder is organized by artist name. I’m still on the “B”s. I did have a fun moment where I realized that my favorite (and only one I like at all) “Bob Dylan” song is not written, performed, or sung by Bob Dylon, but is in fact a parody of his style. And is mislabelled as “Bob Dylon” in my iTunes.


I hope this video doesn’t get taken down for the beckground music I’ve chosen.

 This is a speedpaint of me animating a shot done for my end of year student film ‘I AM DYSLEXIC’. This was one of the first animated shots I contributed to it. I found the old speedpaint earlier tucked away on my computer earlier today, and decided to edit it properly. Sorry for the choppy cuts, there were a lot of long pauses of nothing that I had to edit out, where I walked away from my desk to direct people at the time. The actual rough animation was animated by Alice Seatherton, I was doing the clean up and a few corrections. I really wanted to get that nice eyebrow wince in.

Music is Yellow Brick Road by Angus and Julia Stone



I realised that I have been doing crossovers for 2 years now… YAY!! :D So I decided to go back and watch my old videos (*shivers*) and pick out the manipulated clips that I STILL like till this day (for whatever reason). 

As you can see, Tzekel-Kan is not here almost at all, but that is because his maskings make me cringe so damn hard! X,D I remember the making of this video as if it was yesterday; all-nighters in my uni’s computer lab for a month, desperately trying to understand how After Effects works. My biggest mistake was thinking that you could video edit in it too… Thank Glob that I found Final Cut soon after. :P 

And I see that my “glow” obsession started already here! ;D


A user on Tumblr asked me about Jewish college dorm room essentials, and I took a screenshot of their question so I could credit them when I made a video about it, but I accidentally deleted it when I was clearing out old files from my computer! So if that was you, please identify yourself so I can thank you! 

In any case, here are a few things I’ve found useful as an observant Jew in college. Let me know if you have more suggestions!

Story Time

Seeing that new Sonic Boom episode brought back memories of when youtube was brand new and my siblings and I would make crappy videos with our Digital Blue camera.

We made a Sonic trial video where Sonic took Eggman to court for obvious reasons. I had sculpted a Sonic out of clay because we didn’t own any Sonic toys and for Eggman we just used pictures from that Sonic Mega Collection plus and filmed it off the tv. The Video was so hilariously bad and we made two of them, I think the sequel had Shadow and it always ended with everyone blowing up or getting squashed at the end. We called the videos Judge Techo because we loved this neopet plush my brother got from McDonalds. 

That video was so old I barely remember it. Eventually we had to remove them because my mom found out we had a youtube account and thought someone would find out where we lived and kidnap us. I would post those videos again so you all could make fun of it but the computer they were saved on caught on fire. Dad said he might be able to save the hard drive though. So maybe there is hope.