i found this in my wip folder

To be honest I don’t know, I found him in the wip folder, and I would love to lie to myself and the world that I will finish it but probably I won’t wah.
And since I like his face I decided to post it xD
I love Cas so much.

And since we are here, could you please help me with this thing? It’s just a question, and actually few people helped me aready… But I would love to hear your opinion, too! :D 

there are so many things about this that I hate but if I don’t post it now it’ll just skulk in my WIP folder so HERE have some gorgeous liara modelling some plus-size outfits I found on the internet!

feat. “alternate casino heist dress” “the smart-casual shadow broker” “springtime on thessia” “blue beach babe bikini booty” “the cutest dang archaeologist ya ever met” and “that’s DOCTOR t’soni to you!”

I was gonna put my usual disclaimer on here but you know what? fuck that. if you gotta problem with liara not being skinny then you can fight me and all the people who’ve left tags on my other drawings saying how much they love chubby!liara. we’ll be waiting for you.

OKAY, SO This is really really old, I was searching thing on my WIP folder and i found THIS. 
It’s KuroTsukki love child!, i remember i drew it when the LoveChild! thing was like super popular, so yeah. kkk
There’s some headcanons about him, he’s also naturally blond, but he usually dye his hair black, because…you know fuck the natural hair dk 
He was supposed to go to Karasuno, but he ended in Nekoma because Kuroo sign him sooner than Tsukki in Karasuno. 
He’s also really tOL, you know tol x tol= sUPER TOL SON, but he’s a dork. 
I still don’t put him a name, but you can suggest one! 

Anyway, see you soon! 

I’ve just found this in my wip folder.  I was planning to make this little illustration series…..  … but after they killed Lexa it kinda ruined the point and mood and I haven’t touched it since then… but to be fair not finishing artworks is kinda my thing. 

So maybe hold me close

I don’t ask for more

Morning Sunshine ;)

A/N: Scanning through my WIP folder this morning, I found this. The two love birds having their tranquil moment on bed in the warm sunlight. I didn’t even remember when I sketched this, but I decided to give it a go anyway cuz it quite suited my mood of today ;P  Turns out colouring is still my weakness though. And this piece is kinda rough, not well made at all, due to the time limitation.  However I like how possessive Arthur looks here. xD  

Title is from the wonderful track “Be Mine” by Alice Boman.

Random Snippet #22: Dancing On the Line

Found this sitting in my WIP folder, from the last AU Week. I don’t remember why I didn’t finish it then, but here you go! (The timeline is probably all kinds of wonky, but whatever.) Set shortly after the night Caroline almost dies from Klaus’ biting her.

A strange bit of hurt/comfort. Casual mentions of murder.

Caroline ran.

Her sleepy Saturday morning had erupted with blood and her mother’s screams. Liz’ shouting hadn’t been of pain, but warning, and Caroline had done as her mother had ordered. Her right side was on fire, and her bare feet protested sharply at each quick impact, but she kept going.

It’d been a concern, once they’d started to think through their grief that Bill hadn’t kept it quiet that his daughter had been turned. Liz had sat her down with grim eyes, warned Caroline softly that some of her father’s friends would never see her as anything but a monster.

“You saw Steven’s face.”

Caroline swallowed and nodded, spoon moving listlessly through her rapidly congealing cereal. “Yeah. I did.”

Liz looked away for a long moment. “I told Steven it wasn’t your doing, but I don’t know how convinced he was that you are safe. Odds are, he’ll hold his tongue, but I don’t know if Bill was quiet about why he was visiting.”

“He was helping Tyler to gain control over his change,” Caroline said tonelessly.

“Sounds about right,” Liz said wearily. “You’re father was obsessed with control. I need you to promise me, honey, that if I ever tell you to run, you go. No questions asked, no argument. You run.”

Wary, Caroline looked at her mother. “Mom…”

Blue eyes steely, Liz sipped her coffee. “These people that your father ran with, they aren’t the reasonable sort. They won’t hurt me, but they’d stake you without thought. You run, Caroline, when I tell you too.”

Out her window and over the fence, the sudden white-hot pain in her side followed by an explosion of sound told her she’d been lucky to escape. They’d flanked the house, had expected Liz to warn her.

Dodging around a tree, she screamed in surprise and pain as she slammed into something solid. They both should have gone down with the impact, but a solid arm wrapped around her hips, and she sucked in a breath as her nose brushed against warm skin.


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Ummmmmm so my tablet maybe just broke? Which would be upsetting, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to replace it, so… heads up for a Lack Of Art. It did give me an excuse to mope around in my wip folder, and I found this old thing.

This is Maedhros and Maglor from a year-ish ago? I would draw silm things that I associated with requested songs. @thelioninmybed suggested “Iron” by Woodkid, which is like… obviously Mae & Mags, so I started drawing this, and then ran out of steam, and then realized that it Sucked.

I always intended to just redraw this completely at some point (with like…. actual composition or something???? whoa???), but now that may Never Happen, so……. here it is. I could say a Lot about this song and how it ruins me, but I’ll save that for some art of actual quality idk.

TL;DR my tablet is Dead so I’m scraping the bucket of my art barrel