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Black Stereotypes– Images of black stereotypes were commonly shown on Saturday morning cartoons in the 50s and 60s. These images of black people were subconsciously ingrained in the minds of children and adults with the soothing aide of jokes and pranks from your favorite cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny or Tom and Jerry. We were either portrayed as slow and lazy, dancing buffons, savages or Mammy’s…that’s it! Think about what present day stereotypes of blacks are currently being shown in the media. Last week here in Jackson, Ms, a young man dressed in a green ponytail, green fingernails, eyelashes that made you do a double take, and a white unibrow was interviewed at the scene of an accident and the new catchphrase, “I was about to buy me a piece of burger” was born. While many found it funny, I was saddened…Are these the images of ourselves that WE are gonna leave behind to the next generation?? Black History…365 #blackhistory #alwaysremember #neverforget #knowyourhistory #notintextbooks #stereotypes @Regrann from @soulsistanumber1

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What’s so funny about this? Is this joke funny or not? I thought it was funny until I started looking for photos to illustrate it. I looked at catapults, missiles, bombs, torpedoes and drones. These are all weapons deigned by mechanical engineers and pretty serious ones at that. Then I looked at targets, I found castles, city blocks, buildings, ships, docks. And mountain villages, all designed by civil engineers. The more images I found the less funny this joke became. But I’m doing it anyway to make a point. That point is that more and more, warfare has become like a video game. When you don’t come in direct contact with the “enemy” whoever it is, you have no real sense of the consequences of what you are doing. Before modern technology changed the rules and ways of war, fighting was pretty much one against one. The fighting could be by hand, knife, sword, bow and arrow, etc. You fought your opponent and one died or was severely wounded, while the other one lived, perhaps also severely wounded. You saw and suffered the consequence of your actions. Then along came engineers who tried to make better, and stronger weapons to get the advantage. Sometimes it was a sword that didn’t break as easily, or gun powder or a catapult that hurled boulders and flaming oil. Slowly as killing became more efficient, people started getting disconnected from killing. If you were an archer in an army and you shot your arrow into the air along with hundreds of others, you never saw whom your arrow hit.  Once guns and especially big guns and cannons were developed a soldier may never have seen the enemy soldier on whom he was firing. The joke tells us it was the mechanical engineers who designed these weapons. When men learned to fly they designed bombs to be carried by airplanes. The pilots were high in the sky, thousands of feet above targets which looked like ants. It’s a lot easier to drop an atomic bomb on a city when you are so far removed. Today we have drones without pilots. They can be operated remotely from 100’s even 1000’s of miles away. Seems like nothing more than a video game. Civil engineers, in the meantime built all these castles, office towers, houses, bridges, factories, ships and cities all of which can be so easily targeted without remorse. Nope, not funny at all.


This joke was sent to me by Bob Wiener

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