i found this image

Okay I’ve been wanting to do some kind of prompt or challenge thing, and can’t for the life of me find one to join. So I’m going to do this one that I found on Google image search :D I’m using the hashtag #30daysofandreil and if anyone wants to do it with me that would be awesome! I’m going to write ficlets for these I’m probably post them as one chapter document on AO3.

I’m dying trying to figure out how to make Neil or Andrew draw each other lol! These really fun though and I’m excited!

(Like I said I got this off Google so somebody knows the original Source please let me know and I will add it!)

(I totally miss all the Bingo cards that they used to have on livejournal is there a thing on Tumblr for that?)

I’m also figuring the introducing each other to family members is going to get pretty angsty because uh

Also I did 1000% choose this one because of Scar worship why do you ask

You’ve probably heard of Akita Inus: 

And Shiba Inus:

Which  are really cool and cute Japanese dog breeds. Let me introduce you to these other cool and cute Japanese dogs, which I think deserve equal attention.

The Kishu Inu:

The Hokkaido Ken:

The Kai Ken:

The Shikoku Inu:

I just really love dogs, and look how cool they are! Dogs!!!

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I’m genuinely curious as to how far our little Tellyhead comic fandom goes!