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I feel small; but so are stars from a distance. (x)

We were childhood friends and somewhere along the way in the harsh times we found love. We shared the same dream. We laughed. We teased each other. We cried together. We were happy. But suddenly everything changed. Fame cost us our love. And now after so many years we meet again. And my heart still beats for you.  I still long for your warmth, your laugh, your smile. I always loved you and I always will.

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I’m putting the @naknicromo challenge on hyper speed because I missed a bunch of days.

Day 13: tools of the trade 

I haven’t found a case better than my brother school geometry set he abandoned years ago. It’s got everything I need for on the go!

Other than that, my needles go into a little zip bag with moths on it, and my yarn goes into my wrist bags. 😊😊😊

Day 16: dream project

I would really love to make a sweater. That’s my ultimate goal. I feel like once I’ve done that I will become a level 10 wizard.

Day 17: dream tools

My crochet hooks and needles are a patchwork of different brands so my dream tools would be a set of clover hooks and knit picks needles 😆😆

A Little Too Late Part 39

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 39

Characters: Denise (mom minor OC), Lucifer, Castiel, Gabriel, Y/N (final no pairing chapter!)

Word Count: 1,111

Warnings: slight angst, fluff

A/N: The reader gets some comfort from her mom before she has to choose who she will be with for the rest of eternity.  WHO WILL IT BE? Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3<3

The masterlist for this series can be found HERE!

As you got dressed, you thought back to a few nights ago.  There was nothing but laughter while the four of you ate.  The angels didn’t eat, but they smiled while you, Sam, Dean, and your mother talked.  You knew today would be different no matter what.

As you slipped on your rings, you smiled at the one Balthazar had given you the first day he met you.  It was the ring that you could seal sigils with.  The other rings were gifts from some of the other angels such as Naomi, Samandriel, and Michael.

There was a knock on your door, causing you to turn around.  Your mother walked into your room, a sheepish smile on her lips.  “Hey [Y/N],” your mother spoke softly.  “I just wanted to see if I could borrow a sweater.”

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All Figured Out

Summary: While researching  with Sam and Dean, Sam brings up an all too familiar case to the reader. This calls for a trip to mystic falls, and an intervention. The reader must let both worlds combine in order to save both brothers. Will the reader save Damon or will Damon save the reader?

Word Count: 4289

Author’s note: I love writing crossovers so much! I need to focus on school again so I might take a little break, hope this holds you guys over!

This is not how you thought the day would’ve went, at all. This morning in the bunker it was like any other day. You’d been sitting in the library researching with Sam for a new case and Dean was making coffee for everyone. Suddenly Sam lit up, “ Hey (y/n) I think I found something”.

You went over and read the headline that appeared on his screen, “ Trail of bodies left up the east coast, victims ripped limb from limb but placed back together”. Automatically you knew what was happening, and it was all over your face. Sam looked up, “ You okay?”. You took a step back rethinking the entire past year.

Sam got up and walked over to you, “What’s wrong (y/n)?”. You tried to calm yourself down and regain your thoughts. Taking a breath in and out you finally replied, “I need to call Damon right now”. Sam was confused, he’d never heard that name before. You realized you were being vague, “Sammy I-I know who’s doing that-leaving the bodies”.

He was even more confused, “ How do you know? And who’s Damon?”. Dean entered the room holding the coffee as he raised an eyebrow at hearing that name. He placed the cups down onto the table, “Damon?”. You’d never thought it could happen again, when you’d left everything was fine.

You sat down, “ I have something to tell you both, but first I need to call someone”. They both looked way too concerned to let you leave the room. Dean walked over to you, “Look princess, we can help you through this but we need answers now”.

Running a hand through your hair you decided that now was the time to explain. You started, “So obviously I hadn’t always hunted with you both, but I never told you about my past”. Sam had sat down at the table by now as well. Dean spoke up, “ Hey we all have pasts, it’s okay”.

You told both brothers how the town you’d grown up in, Mystic Falls, had it’s fare share of the supernatural. How you’d grown close with two other brothers, Damon and Stefan Salvatore. You braced yourself as you told them they were vampires, and watched Dean choke on his coffee. Dean asked, “ Vampires? What?”.

Sam shut his annoyed brother down, “ Dean come on we both know that not all monsters are monsters”. You smiled in approval and continued. You gave the brief history of both brothers, Stefan the vegetarian vampire, and Damon the wild yet caring one. Currently Stefan was struggling which explained the bodies left up and down the coast.

Dean was confused, “So you’re telling me one brother doesn’t feed off humans because when he does he’s basically a blood-a-holic, and the other one is “wild yet caring”?”. You wanted to laugh, that was one way to sum it up.

Sam finally asked a question, “So where do you fit into all of this?”. You smiled thinking about all the memories you’d shared with Damon and Stefan. You began, “ Well I helped Damon control Stefan, and he’s obviously been struggling since I left”. Both brothers looked at each other and grinned causing you to ask, “ What?”.

Dean raised his eyebrows, “ So just how caring is Damon?”. Where you that easy to read, god you thought you were tougher than that. Sam added, “And just how wild?”. You brought your hand to your forehead in frustration. You laughed along with them, “How could you guys tell?”. Both brothers reminded you that you’d practically become family and they knew you better than anyone.

Dean smiled, “ Guess we have a trip to Mystic Falls then?”. You decided that was probably best and gave a call to your old friend Caroline telling her to not ruin the surprise. You still kept up with Caroline, but recently everything had been to hectic. With the next two hours or so everyone was packed and ready to hit the road.

It was a day or so’s drive and you arrived at Mystic Falls at dinner time and you stopped at the “Mystic Grill” for dinner. You were sat down at a booth and while the boys ordered burgers within seconds were distracted. Looking over to the bar you saw Alaric, of course.

When he saw you walking towards him he laughed, “If it isn’t (y/n), I can guess why you’re here”. While you said Stefan, he said Damon leaving you confused. Rick quickly downed his glass, “Looks like I’ll be needing this, I thought you knew”. Apparently you also thought you knew what was wrong.

You sat in the empty stool next to Rick, “What’s wrong with Damon?”. Alaric was obviously stressed out and didn’t want to tell you what he was about too. He took your hand in his, “Listen (y/n) Stefan isn’t the only brother suffering right now, come by the Lockwood Mansion tonight for the party and see”.

Your jaw dropped, “The party?”. This was a bad situation waiting to happen, and you had to prepare yourself. He lightly squeezed your hand, “I’m letting Damon explain this one himself, but after I give him his chance I won’t hesitate to help you whether that’s kicking his ass or-”. You laughed and hugged Rick, he’d always been a good friend.

Returning to the booth the boys had a lot of questions but you explained that everything would be answered tonight at “the party”. Caroline offered her house to stay at until everything was settled. It was amazing to be able to catch up but you wished it was under better circumstances.

Down stairs Sam and Dean were being introduced to Alaric, and you knew he’d hit it off with Sam immediately. You guessed that when it came to Dean they’d discuss the proper weapons needed to stop Stefan, a vervain grenade probably being Dean’s favorite.

Back upstairs you were getting all the information you’d missed from Caroline. To sum things up Stefan went on a ripper binge because Elena was finding herself again, but by traveling around with Klaus. Klaus had tried to take everything from Stefan and so he couldn’t forgive Elena for leaving, especially with him.  It didn’t help that Stefan had walked in on Elena and Klaus either. After feeling like he’d lost everyone Damon lost himself, and he needed you but didn’t want to stop you from living your new life.

This could be all explained within ten minutes but with Caroline it took thirty, but you’d missed her so much it was worth it. While explaining everything you both got ready for whatever Damon was planning. You wore a short maroon lace dress that showed off your curves and cleavage, and black pumps to match.

Caroline decided to wear a navy blue backless dress that as always hugged her perfectly. For shoes she wore white flats, and looked beautiful as ever. You both worked on your makeup together and pretty soon you were finished. Looking at each other you both smiled in approval, proud of your work.

Checking your phone you realized it was ten o’clock, and people would already be at the mansion. When you got downstairs Rick was going over how to work his various weapons and Dean was loving it. Sam was halfway through an old Gilbert journal and you felt like a proud mom.

The boys finally looked up upon your arrival and Dean whistled. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Caroline, but you’d already planned for this. Of course during catching up with Caroline she had a million questions about both brothers, even though she knew your heart secretly belonged to Damon.

You smiled, “Ready to go everyone?”. Caroline took her car while you jumped into the impala. On the ride there Dean wouldn’t stop asking about Caroline, that would be fun to watch. When you pulled up to the lockwood mansion there was tons of cars there, so many that you couldn’t even think about where all these people had come from.

Some random girl opened the door for you all when you got there, adding more confusion. You’d left Caroline, Sam, Dean and Rick all together as you decided to find Damon by yourself. It had been awhile since you’d been around this many people and you decided to go to Tyler’s father’s office to get a break.

When you entered the room you were shocked at what you saw. Damon was sitting on the couch with a girl on either side as he fed from one sitting on his lap. He smiled when he saw you, “Been awhile since I’ve tasted you (y/n), glad you stopped by for a bite”. He was blood high, and obviously not himself.

You walked over to him, “Sorry but I’m more of a dinner for two girl, not five”. He placed both his hands on the girl’s shoulder and said, “Go get something to drink and take your friends”. Then you were left alone in the room with him. He grabbed the bottle of bourbon from the table and took a sip, “Guess you’ve been reading the newspapers huh?”. Damon was deflecting, drawing attention away from himself and putting it on Stefan.

Taking the bottle from him and sipping you answered, “I came here for the inside scoop, get it right from the source”. He went to grab the bottle from you but you held it tighter and shook your finger at him. He shrugged his shoulders and sat back on the couch crossing his legs and spreading his arms against the back of it. Damon smiled, “Normally I’d charge, but for you I’ll make an exception”.

You covered your heart with your hand in gratitude. He continued, “ Klaus screwed Elena, which screwed over Stefan and as always screwed me”. You took another long sip, you’d definitely need this. Damon used his superspeed to get up from the couch and take the bottle from you. It was your turn, “And I screwed you to by leaving huh?”.

He laughed and pointed a finger, “Oh very good (y/n), very good”. You smiled and shrugged your shoulders. You continued, “Everyone left Damon, but I was already gone and now you’re doing this”. You could tell you were getting through to him, you could see it on his face.

You got closer to him, “Want to self destruct Damon? Do it, but realize that I’m here for you, and that I always have been. All you have to do is ask”. Before he could feed you some excuse you began to leave the room, but wanted to do one last thing. You turned around and grabbed the bottle back from him, “In the meantime I’m going to have some fun too”.

You wished you could see the expression on his face, but you had a mission to start. Damon right now was being reckless, and you were going to out-reckless him. Luckily his humanity was still on, but you still needed to play off of his emotions.

Walking out to the backyard you found Sam and Rick at a table probably still discussing a plan on how to save Stefan. When Rick saw you with the bottle he laughed, “Guess you talked with Damon, nice job”. Sam was probably confused as to how a bottle of bourbon was a tell for Damon, but you’d hoped Rick had been filling him in.

You raised the bottle, “I’m getting through to him Rick, it’s bad but not humanity switch off bad”. Sam jumped in, “Is that true, vampires can really turn off their humanity?”. You and Rick exchanged a look that basically said you both wished that it weren’t true, but it sadly was.

Sighing you answered Sam, “It’s true, and it sucks. The way to turn it back on is to try and get them to feel any emotion, and tonight I shall be working with jealously and turning it into sadness, and turning that into happiness!”. To toast your declaration you took another sip.

Sam looked apprehensive, “But I thought Damon had his switch on still?”. Rick looked to you and you nodded allowing him to take the lead. He took a sip of his drink, “Damon is dangerously close and with him it’s best to act as if it’s already off, and if anyone can bring him back it’s (y/n)”.

You blushed but Sam spoke up, “You know (y/n) hasn’t been completely honest, just how close are her and Damon?”. You wanted to answer but Rick beat you too it. He shot down the last of his drink before beginning, “ Well neither of them will admit it but they’re totally in love with each other, trust me I’m the guys bestfriend”.

Your face turned a beat red, “Rick come on”. Sam smiled thinking about you having someone that could make you so happy. He grinned, “You know (y/n) I believe it, for awhile I thought you and Dean would be like that but now I know why not”. For a long time Sam had thought there was a possibility of you and his brother getting together, but it was now clear that your heart belonged somewhere else which was perfectly fine.

To Dean you’d been a great friend, and Sam knew that was better than nothing. You laughed, “I hate you both”. They looked to each other and smiled, knowing they were right. Looking around you saw that Dean and Caroline had been hitting it off which meant you couldn’t use him for the jealously bit. Suddenly it hit you, “Sam how would you feel about helping me?”.

He put his hands up, “Oh no, I heard what you said about jealousy”. You pleadingly looked to Rick. Rick smiled, “Well it couldn’t hurt, and we’ve already finished most of our Stefan plan”. Sam smiled and before he could change his mind you took his hand and dragged him to where people had been dancing.

Sam looked like he was struggling so you took his hands and placed them on your hips, “Come on Winchester, look alive”. Getting Sam to laugh was a good sign, he was getting comfortable. He started to actually move along with the beat and he wasn’t half bad. You’d almost forgotten that Sammy had gone to college, and dated which meant parties.

You saw Damon standing at the stairs, scoping things out. His facial expression changed when he saw you dancing with Sam, which to him was some random man. You turned so your back was against Sam’s front, “Show time Winchester”. You heard Sam laugh and couldn’t help but laugh as well.

To your surprise Sam pulled back your hair and whispered in your ear, “Worst mistake is to underestimate a Winchester, (y/n)”. Sam’s grip on your hips tightened and you felt him start to move his own body more. As your hips rolled forward, his rolled backwards, and your hips would then meet. You wanted to pinch yourself, was Sam Winchester actually having fun?

Sam let his hands roam up and down your body you would’ve been concerned if he hadn’t whispered in your ear again, “It’s all for the show (y/n), and he’s watching”. Looking up you saw Damon aimlessly talking to some girl as he watched you like a hawk. You leaned forward whipping your hair while arching your back.

Sam ran his hand up your back before grabbing a fistful of your hair, lightly tugging, and guiding you back so your body was against his again. Turning around you were now face to face with Sam, you lowered your body while letting your hands run down his body.

You winked and told Sam that you’d worked up a thirst, he nodded in understandment. You made your way up the stairs, past Damon, to where all the drinks were. You felt like someone was following you so you grabbed a bottle of bourbon and went back to the first room you talked to damon in.

Sitting down on the couch you waited for him to enter the room, you patiently sipped from the bottle. The door opened and closed but you didn’t flinch, you were forced to look to your side as you felt the couch sink in. You smiled, still waiting for Damon to say something.

He grabbed the bottle from your hand and you laughed. He waved a pointed finger, “You haven’t won anything, I just wanted something to drink”. You laughed again and turned to face him. Grabbing the bottle back you began, “We both know that’s not really what you’re thirsty for”.

When you were done taking your sip you added, “And apparently you can drink who-whatever you want”. Damon got up from the couch, and you had to hide your smile, this was working. He was angry, “ It seems like you can drink from whoever you want too (y/n), who even was that?!”.

You could work with this, “Someone who’s not afraid to tell me what they want”. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. Damon continued, “What if I’m afraid of what I want okay? Everything good in my life leaves, but only when I notice the good!”. You were so close.

Getting up you walked closer to him, “Ignoring the good is the same thing as letting it leave Damon, you of all people should know that things change and people are different”. He turned around, unable to face you. Regardless you continued, “Damon, I left because I thought you didn’t need me, but if I knew I would’ve stayed”.

He still wouldn’t turn so you grabbed onto his shoulder, “ Listen to me Damon, I’m right here”. Damon turned around quickly and grabbed your face with both hands. He stared into your eyes, “ I need you okay (y/n)? I need you so badly because without you I have no good, I need you because you’re the good”.

You couldn’t help but smile, “Damon all I do is remind you of the good within yourself”. He smiled and finally kissed you. One hand still held your face with the other slid down to grab your hip pulling you closer to him. He was still searching your eyes, “How do you see it, it feels like there’s nothing there”.

Shaking your head smiling you replied, “I see the real you, not the closed off Damon you let everyone else see”. Damon grinned, but turned his head letting his hands slip away. It was your turn to take your hand and place it on his face making him look at you, “Damon I see the real you, and I love what I see”.

He bit his lip in contemplation, unsure of how to respond. You laughed, “You’re not that mysterious Damon”. He took a step back, then a step forward, unsure of how to reply. He’d finally made up his mind, and he rushed his way over to you and picked you up.

You were shocked, “Damon what are you-”. His hands wrapped around your waist holding you up as your legs wrapped around him. He began kissing your neck, “You got me okay, but I want to show you that I’m still full of surprises”. Before you could wonder what that meant he pushed you up against the wall.

Damon’s super strength meant that to him you were light as could be, and he was determined. He kissed down your body, “How does this thing come off”. To stop him from ripping it off you pulled it off yourself, his smile growing when he saw your body.

Again he started kissing down your body, his grip on your hips tightening. Suddenly he pushed your body up higher against the wall, placing his face dangerously close to a very sensitive area. As he spoke his hot breath made goosebumps appear on your inner thighs.

He grabbed your legs, hooking them around his neck. Damon looked up at you, “Think you have me all figured out huh?”. While speaking his face was dangerously close and you couldn’t concentrate. Damon continued speaking as he slid your panties to the side, “Sweetheart, you seem to be having trouble focusing”.

You nodded your head, still not fully listening. He brought his face as close as it could get, “Hmm should I stop then-”. Instinctively you grabbed a fistful of his hair, not wanting his head to move away. Damon laughed and you barely got out, “Damon please”.

Damon looked up, “Please what?”. You wanted to kill him, but then again it would end things before they started. Rolling your eyes you replied, “Damon please, I need you”. He grinned, proud of himself and the hold he had over you. He slowly parted his lips and you thought things would finally start but he started to speak, “So worked up and I haven’t even began”.

You started to say some witty remark but were cut off when you finally felt his tongue lick up and down your slit. His tongue flicked when he reached your clit, sending shivers down your spine. You couldn’t hold back a moan. He took your clit between his lips, sucking slowly once.

Again you moaned and your grip on his hair tightened. You felt Damon groan against you, the vibrations making everything more intense. You guided his head, both hands now had fistfuls of hair. His tongue moved in every direction.

To your surprise Damon took one hand off your hip and used it to spread your folds, “You look so damn good”. This time he was able to get more of your clit between his lips as he’d suck. His tongue would dip every so lightly into your entrance, leaving you begging for more.

You couldn’t take it, “Fuck Damon I need more”. He was being so teasing, getting you to the edge and leaving you there. His pointer finger slid slowly down your slit, “Be careful what you wish for”. Stopping your train of though his finger slid into your entrance.

He groaned, “So wet for me (y/n)”. Damon would dip his finger in and take it out, still teasing you. Looking down you saw the smile on his face. Suddenly you felt two fingers slide into you, and once again his grin was priceless.

Damon started pumping his fingers in and out of you picking up speed. He curled them in a “come here” motion hitting your g-spot each time. Your core was aching as his fingers pumped in and out and his lips still sucked on your clit.

You’d been moaning his name, and in turn he’d groan into you bringing even more pleasure to your core. You felt your orgasm coming, “Damon I’m going to-”. He moved his head up and down letting you know that he was well aware. He only pulled his lips off of your clit to tell you, “Cum for me (y/n), I want you to cum for me”.

Being the evil bastard he was Damon used his super speed to completely shock your entire body. All you could do was yell his name as you lost control of your entire body to all of the pleasure he was giving you. You legs shook around him as your orgasm rocked through your entire body. You’d never felt something as intense in your entire life.

It was like wave after wave of pleasure shook through you entire body, leaving you shaking and panting. When it was finally over Damon lowered you down from the wall, but still held you. He pulled his fingers from inside you and brought them to his mouth and began sucking. You stood there mouth agape watching him taste you even more.

Damon winked, “I can’t tell what is better, how good you look all worked up or how good you taste”. He brought his fingers out of his mouth and held them in front of your own mouth, and all you could do was suck. Damon bit his lip watching you taste yourself like that, “Fuck (y/n)”.

While taking his fingers out of your mouth he slowly dragged down your bottom lip. You were still watching him awestruck. He smiled again before kissing you once more. Damon continued the kiss while moving you to the couch with him. He laid you down while grabbing a blanket to cover you up, not like he wanted to stop looking at your naked body.

You smiled, “How do you go from being so sexy to so sweet”. Sitting down next to you he grinned as well, “I could ask you the same thing”. He placed his arm around you bringing your body closer to him. Damon kissed you on the forehead before saying, “I love you (y/n) but if anyone asks all that happened was wild hot sex, not me confessing my love and getting all mushy okay?”.

Looking up you reminded him, “You never confessed your love”. You knew perfectly well how he felt but you wanted to hear him say it to rub it in. He tried to hide his smile, “I am madly in love with you (y/n), you just..do things to me”. That was as close as you’d get tonight for Damon admitting your hold over him. He’d admitted many things tonight, one of them being how fucking good he was in bed.

For the rest of the night you remained curled up with Damon, laughing, joking, and just overall happier than you’d been in awhile. You weren’t going to worry about Caroline and Dean, Elena and Klaus, or Stefan right now. Tonight was a victory, and tomorrow you’d work on saving the world.

I always thought it was “photographic memory,” and that Mikey did a cute misspeak, but after some googling I found out that “photographic memory,” and “phonographic memory,” are both actually things. 

Photographic memory has mainly to do with someone remembering what they see, so it’s possible this was still a cute misspeak of Mikey’s because he remembered how he saw things on the shelf.

Phonographic memory, or Eidetic memory, involves other senses like touch, taste, smell, and hearing. 

Both are theoretical and not completely proven. 

Ya learn something new every day! 

Imagine your son’s reaction to Jared’s new haircut

Quick Note: I wrote this story at the same time as my other story about Jared getting his hair cut. For some reason, I ended up hating this story and I decided to post the one you have probably already read. While I was gathering up stories for this little special, I found it, and decided to post it. I still don’t like it, but who am I to talk? That’s all, love y’all <3

“Are you ok, Ian? You haven’t eaten all day”

Little Ian is playing with a bag of cookies, seated on the couch in front of the TV. When I sit next to him, I take my hand to his forehead to check if he’s sick, he usually eats all day, and this day he has been acting really weird.

“I’m fine” He nods, “Where’s daddy? He said today”

“His airplane will arrive in a few hours, he’s still in the sky now!” I say, pointing out through the window.

“The sky?!” Ian asks me, kneeling on the couch, I start nodding with a big smile, “How?!”

“He’s in an airplane! You’ve been in one before, remember?” He nods before jumping into my arms, I hold him while taking him outside, “Your dad must be somewhere in the sky, we’ll see him in a few hours, aren’t you excited?”

“Very, very, mommy!”

We stay outside for a few minutes before entering the house so Ian finishes his snack. Jared was supposed to be back home in the morning, reason why Ian must have been acting so weird all day. During lunch I received a phone call announcing that they were stuck in an airport on the west coast due to a storm. I kept promising Ian that his dad would be home that day, because that’s what I wanted to believe too, he spent the last month in Russia and now he was going to leave us again for Toronto.

I spend most of the afternoon running around, cleaning the house, tidying every room, so I don’t have to think about Jared caught in an airport.

Ian spends the same hours in front of the window looking at the sky, playing with some of his toys, running to the window next to the front door whenever he hears a car. So, by dinner time, I finally have the guts to sit next to him and tell him the truth.

“Daddy isn’t coming?” He asks me, before I can say a word.

“He will,” I mumble, holding him against my chest, “But there was this weird storm, and they couldn’t catch their airplane. We’ll see him tomorrow”

“But it’s spring, there are not storms in spring”

“I know, baby, but Mother Nature has her own rules” I try to make him understand, but when I cup his face, making him look me in the eyes, he looks upset, “He’ll be back tomorrow, and uncle Shannon will be with him, we can go out for lunch and…”

“I’m hungry” he interrupts me, playing with a string of my hair.

“Ok, let’s have dinner”

We spend dinner in silence, and little Ian still looks upset.

When Ian came into our lives, Jared tried to spend most of his time in the house with us, but when he started touring again, Ian couldn’t understand why his dad had to leave him for weeks. And I was the only one who could make him feel better, making promises that his dad would return and that next tour would be the one in which the whole family would be together. But Jared never liked the idea of taking us with him, and I completely understand it, after having the experience of spending two months in a tour bus, the last thing I had in my mind was taking Ian with us.

I check my phone in case I missed a call, or email, but there’s nothing. I prefer to start talking about random things, so Ian doesn’t have to spend the whole dinner in silence wondering where his dad is. He doesn’t cooperate much, but he tries his best to eat the macaroni I prepared.

“If daddy arrives during the night, could you wake me?”

“Of course we will!” I say, holding his hand, “He will be so excited to see you, he’ll probably run into your room before he even says “Hi!” to me”

A small smile appears on his lips, and it makes me feel a bit better.

“Come, let’s go to bed, you need to sleep”

Ian jumps from the chair to hold my hand and start pulling me upstairs, for a five year old, he surely is strong. I help him change his clothes, and get in the bed, he looks happier now, and that makes me happy too.

“Do you want me to read you a story?” He nods, so I pick up something from his shelf.

After I make sure Ian is completely asleep, I get to the first floor with my phone on my hands. I try calling Jared a few times, but he doesn’t answer, which leads me to think that he must be flying to LA right now.

I clean the dirty dishes and the rest of the kitchen before deciding to go to bed too, but I end up rolling around not being able to sleep. I finally choose to take a book I’ve kept in my night stand for the last couple of days, getting immersed in the pages until I finally fall asleep.

I wake up with the sun on my face, the book from the night before is now on the floor, and my covers tangled around my body. I sit checking the time on my phone, is past 9 and Ian must be about to wake up.

The sound from the front door being closed, makes me jump from the bed to run downstairs, it only takes me a few seconds to get there, and only one to start crying like a baby.

“No, no, no, don’t do that”

Jared leaves all his suitcases and bags on the floor to walk towards me and hold me in his arms, I hide my face on his chest absorbing his smell that I’ve missed so much.

“Please, don’t cry, you’ll make me cry too” He begs, caressing my head.

“We’ve missed you so much, Ian was so worried”

“I’m here, everything is going to be alright”

I feel his hands moving towards my face, to hold me and get his lips to mine. We kissed until we hear little footsteps coming from the stairs.


“Ian!” I run to him, holding his hand to take him to Jared, but he resists, “Come on, your dad is here!”

“Daddy has long hair” He mumbles hiding behind me, “And a beard”

Jared takes his hands to his hair, all chopped up for his new role. I knew about this, I received pictures, but for some reason I never showed them to Ian. Jared looks at me confused, he doesn’t even have eyebrows, why didn’t I think about this beforehand?

“Ian, that’s Jared, he had to cut his hair for a movie, remember I told you he was going to be in a superhero movie?”

“Villain’s movie, actually” Jared corrects me, I glare at him, making him shut up so I can control the situation.

“That’s not him…”

Ian runs to the living room, leaving us at the front door without knowing what to do.

“I don’t get it” Jared mutters, running his hands through his hair again, probably missing the long locks, “He didn’t know about this?”

“It’s my fault, I completely forgot to show him the new… look. I’ll go check on him”

When I get to the living room, I can’t see Ian anywhere, but his voice coming from under the coffee table leads me to him.

“When is daddy coming back?”

“He’s back” I say, lying on the floor next to him, “He just looks different”

“What happened to his hair?” Ian asks me, lying on his side to look at me.

“He had to cut it, but hair grows, when he finish his movie we’ll ask him to let it grow again, ok?”

“I don’t like”

“Me neither, honey” I laugh, “But it’s his job, and he had to do it”

“Where’s that little monster?!” Shannon’s voice coming from the front door makes Ian come out of his hideout to start running towards his uncle, “Here you are!”

“Uncle Shannon!” Ian shouts jumping into his arms.

“How you doing, little fellow?”

“I’m ok, but daddy looks ugly!!”

“No, I don’t”

Still from my spot on the floor, I can see how Ian hides his face on Shannon’s neck. Jared still looks a bit hurt by the way in which Ian reacted, but approaches him carefully, trying not to scare him.

“Ian” Jared mumbles, “Come on, it’s me”

“I know” He mumbles.

“He doesn’t like it” I say standing to get closer to them, Ian passes from Shannon’s arms to mine, “And we wanted to ask you to let it grow when you finish shooting, right Ian?”

Ian nods, his eyes on his dad. Jared extends his arms to reach Ian, who finally gives up and jumps into his arms.

“He clearly looks awful, but I’ll make sure he lets his hair grow again, you ok with that, buddy” Shannon asks Ian, but he’s too busy touching Jared’s face.

“No eyebrows!”

“Yeah, they took those too, pretty horrible, huh?” Ian nods, “What do you think about going to Toronto? They’ll dye my hair green soon! I don’t want you to disown me again”

“Mommy? Toronto?”

“You wanna go?”

“Can we?!”

“Of course we can!” Jared shouts, way more excited than I expected, “The Leto’s will be taking over Toronto!”

August Halloween Challenge: 31 Days of Halloween Fun Facts

Fun Fact 18/31 >>> So many kids felt bad that Charlie Brown only got rocks during the “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” special, that they started mailing bags of candy addressed to the character. Ironically, Peter Robbins, the child actor who voices Charlie Brown, received a lot of rocks when he went trick or treating. He said that a lot of the other kids found it funny, but he sure didn’t.

AN: So I absolutely love this request, I so wish that I had my own little Pietro to take care of me when I feel sick (*ugly sobbing*). ANYWHO, thank you to quicksilverdlife for requesting this, I hope this is what you wanted! *I do not own the gif, found on google (but isn’t he such a cutie in it?). Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro AoU X Reader

Prompt: Can you do an imagine where the reader gets sick and so Pietro stays with her and he ends up getting sick too!! Lots of fluff please ❤️❤️❤️😂

Warnings: Vomit, needles, and all that good stuff

((FYI~ The reader and Pietro are dating!))


“I’m Not Sick”

“Y/N, are you ready to go?” Pietro groaned impatiently from the other side of your bedroom door.

You absolutely hated this. You felt uncomfortable all day, something was off since you had woken up, and as the morning dragged on into the afternoon it only got worse.

“In a minute.” You hissed in the direction of the door, slipping on your dress. All you wanted to do was wear sweatpants and one of Pietro’s old T-shirts, but Tony would kill you if you showed up to one of his parties like that.

Slipping on the most comfortable pair of shoes that you owned (next to the bunny slippers that Pietro got you for Christmas, that is), you slowly slid over to the door and opened it, revealing Pietro with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyebrow cocked up.

“That only took you forever, what was the hold up?” Pietro said with a clearly not-amused smile, silently worrying about the wrath of Tony Stark.

He was all done up in a black suit and tie, his hair was slightly tame, and his shoes were even freshly polished. Normally, you would go straight for a make-out session right then and there with him looking like that, but you weren’t feeling up to it today.

“I…I don’t know…” You sighed, rubbing your eyes with the backs of your hands. “I’m just feeling a little slow, that’s all babe.”

Pietro’s eyes softened when you called him ‘babe’ (he was always a sucker for pet names), and you could see a flick of regret cross his face for scolding you seeing as you were not feeling 100 percent.

“What’s wrong?” Pietro asked, and before you could even move, he hand moved your hands away from your face and flattened the back of his hand on your forehead. “You’re burning up, Y/N.”

You shook his touch off and walked past him, blinking a few times when the hallway began to blur in your eyes. “I’m fine, Piet.”

Just as you were about to round the corner, your legs nearly gave way beneath you, causing you to stumble and catch yourself on the wall. The room was spinning around you, and all the shapes and colors began to fuse together. You blinked furiously to fix the image, and when things started to clear up, all you saw was Pietro’s face in front of yours. His blue eyes were widened in worry and his lips were parted slightly as if he didn’t know what to say.

“Y/N…” He murmured, holding your waist to steady you as you stood up again.

“I’m not sick.” Was all you said, then you took off down the hall again.

“Right, sure you aren’t.” You heard him mutter sarcastically from behind you, then within a second you were swept into his arms. Before you could protest or try to force your way out of his arms he had already changed you into your pajamas and thrown you onto your bed.

You felt the bile rising up in your throat as the motion of him running you around caught up to your body, but you were able to force it back down. He stood at the end of the bed with his hands on his hips and a triumphant smile played across his lips as you glared in his direction.

“I’m not sick, and we have to go!” You growled, though you secretly enjoyed being back in bed. You didn’t really want to get back up and change back into that god awful dress again, but you also didn’t want him really thinking that you were sick.

“I’ll tell Tony that you were ill, it will be fine.” He rolled his eyes as you tried to scoot out of bed, zooming over to you and gently pushing you back to the center of the mattress and tucking all the blankets around you. “Now, stay here and rest love.”

You gave him a tired look and crossed your arms across your chest like a grumpy child, even puffing out your lip.

“Oh, don’t give me that look.” He grinned. “No amount of cuteness will get you out of bed, do you understand me?”

In a flash, he left the room and came back, now dressed in sweats and a sweatshirt. Clearly he was intending to stay with you and ditch the party.

“Now, do you want any food? I can make you a sandwich?”

Food…even the thought of feeling the food in your mouth and the taste you got from it made your stomach turn. Suddenly, you felt the bile in your throat again.

“Pietro…"You gasped out, the thought of food plaguing your mind. 

"Yes?” He asked, coming over to your side and taking your clammy hand in his.

“I’m going to–” You abruptly shot up from your slouched position and looked frantically from side to side, your free hand covering your mouth.

“Vomit!” You practically yelled, and you could see your boyfriend’s eyes grow wide as he rushed out of the room for a second, returning at your side with a plastic bucket.

He twisted your hair back and rubbed your stomach as you let your stomach go, whispering soothing words from his native tongue into your hair as he kissed the crown of your head.

Tears pricked at your eyes, the painful heaving and the nasty taste in your mouth was enough to make you want to cry.

Pietro handed you a napkin to wipe your moth with when you were done and pressed a wet washcloth to your forehead (when had he gotten those?).

“You’re not sick, huh?” He asked playfully, trying to lighten the mood.

“Shut up.” You muttered and lightly shoved his shoulder, but swaying a little bit because you were still heady from throwing up.

“I should take you to the doctor’s office, or at least Bruce. Maybe they will have a shot or something–”

N-no!” You practically shouted, shaking your head furiously and leaning away from him.

“Why not?” He asked, frowning.

“I just–well, I, uh…” You sighed, running your fingers through your knotted hair. “I just don’t like needles, okay?”

He laughed, shaking his head. “But what if it ill make you feel better?”

You looked him dead in the eye, your gaze as hard as stone. “I would rather puke all day than get a shot.”

“Okay, I won’t force you to go if you don’t want to.” He said, smiling sweetly at you.

Still, you shouldn’t have been surprised when he scooped you up in his arms and zoomed you down to Bruce’s lab anyway.

He set you down carefully, seeing that you were dizzy rom the sudden trip down. But, you still had it in you to send him a death glare.

“You said that you wouldn’t!” You accused, poking him in his muscled chest.

“I lied.” He shrugged.

Bruce looked between the two of you in confusion, clearly feeling out of the loop.

“Hi…” Bruce started, his brows furrowed. “I was just about to head out to the party, why are you here?”

“No can do, doc.” Pietro said, picking you up like a little baby and placing you on one of his tables. “Y/N’s got a flu or something, and I need you to check it out.”

“Oh, thank goodness.” Bruce sighed, undoing his tie and taking off his suit jacket. “I was looking for a way to get out of Tony’s party.”

After looking you over and making some general observations, Bruce dug through some cases and pulled out a needle and a small little bottle of clear liquid.

You swallowed, backing up into the corner of the room and shaking your head. “No needles!”

“This will help you, I made it myself. It waters down the flu symptoms and fights off the invading pathogen that has caused you to be ill.” Bruce explained while he put the liquid in the shot.

Before you could protest any more, Pietro had you in his arms, holding your arms steady for Bruce to put the injection in. You kicked and shouted, but in the end, Bruce was able to give you the shot.

A few things happened after that:

1.) You wouldn’t talk to Pietro directly for the rest of the night.

2.) Your fever and nausea had gone down.

3.) By the next morning, Pietro was throwing up as well.

((Meh. I had a horrible time coming up with ideas for this one, I am not sure how it turned out. Thank you to everyone who sent in some inspiration for me. I am sorry if I didn’t include your idea specifically, I simply got so many different ideas that it was crazy! Thank you all!))


Gah, its already been a year? Where there heck did the time go 
Everyday I wake up and wonder just how did I get so blessed to have found you. You make me so happy and you brighten up my whole day just by your dumb smile /)/u\(\ 

I love you /so much/! Thank you for you and everything you do!
Your’re my sunshine~ <33

It’s February 1st·4th! (Because I was supposed to upload this a few days ago, but I’ve been having troubles with the new update.) To celebrate that, I have decided to make a photohunt of VALENTINE’S DAY THEMED PHOTOS

Under the cut you will find 170+ photos of Valentine’s Day decorations, and other stuff that could pass as that. Some are just simple and cute candles, while others are adoring table settings. There’s food, cards, flowers and a lots of other V-Day stuff that could be considered as decorations.·NOTE: The photohunt will be updated as I find more photos that fits in. A link will be posted when I do, so stay updated!

The pictures all have different sizes, so not all of them are HQ. None of these are mine, obviously. They were found on google, pinterest, instagram, weheartit, and other sites. The photos belongs to their rightful owners, however, if you find this photohunt helpful or uses any of the pictures in any way, please REBLOG or LIKE this post.

Don’t forget to check out my Halloween Special photohunt of food and treats, as well!

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