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Amusement Park || Happy Birthday Soonyoung || Oneshot

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BLURB: You and the performance unit are at an amusement park for Soonyoung’s birthday.

WORDS: 2144


“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Jun stated, coming up on your right. He crouched down into a running position.

You shrugged. “Soonyoung wanted it, so…”

“And it’s his birthday,” Chan said to your left, copying Jun’s movement. “He gets to make us do whatever he wants.”


“It’s still crazy,” Jun muttered.

“It’s Soonyoung.”

“What if we get caught?”

“Then we’re dead,” Minghao added unhelpfully.


“I can’t believe you kids talked me into letting you do this.”

You scoffed. “Please Jun, you’re the one who put the idea in his head.”

“Well you didn–”


You shot off into the crowd, immediately losing the rest of them behind you. The summer heat beat off the pavement as you pressed through sticky bodies, everyone out enjoying the mild weather before it turned too hot to even step foot outside. The amusement park wasn’t very packed, seeing as how it was a week day, but there were still enough people around for a game of hide & seek to prove to be a challenge.

Why were you playing hide & seek, one might ask?

Because it was Soonyoung’s birthday and he seemed intent on abusing his power any way he could, which included making you and the other members of the performance unit play a game meant for kindergarteners.

Not that you minded.

You zoomed passed a bubbling fountain, a smile creeping onto your face as the wind whipped across your cheeks. It had been a long time since you could be this free outside.

Being Soonyoung’s girlfriend meant you had to keep a low profile so you wouldn’t spoil his or Seventeen’s image. But today was different. The five of you had been tasked to keep him entertained while the rest prepared for his surprise birthday party back at the company building.

The performance team and you had mulled around for a bit, trying to figure out what there was to do when Jun suggested hide & seek as a joke. Soonyoung took the idea seriously however and the next thing you knew, you six were being dropped outside the gates of the local theme park, Soonyoung grinning so widely that you didn’t have the heart in you to talk him out of it. He’d given each of you face masks to hide your identity, as if that will fool their fans.

In the end there was nothing anyone could do but go along with it.

You ran by a group of school students and their eyes widened, squealing suddenly in excitement. You stopped to stare at them, “Do you recognize me?”

They nodded, smiling nervously at you.

You grinned, “Don’t–”

"READY OR NOT HERE I COME!” You froze up, realizing it was Soonyoung’s voice.

“Shoot,” you muttered. How did he find you so quickly? Without thinking you darted behind the girls and crouched low, hoping he would just walk pass them and move on.

“Don’t tell him I’m here!” you whispered up loudly to the girls. They nodded, stifling their laughter. Seconds later you heard his footsteps pounding down the cobbled street you had just been on, stopping near the group of girls.

“Jagi-ya, I know you’re here~” his familiar voice crooned, “I saw you running!”

“Cheater!” you gasped involuntarily. The girls overheard and started giggling excitedly. You tried to shush them but Soonyoung already noticed their odd behaviour.

His narrowed his eyes at them, four girls standing in a perfectly straight line, hands clasped behind their backs. They avoided his gaze, trying hard not to smile or burst out laughing. They were clearly blocking the path but refused to move. He saw a flash of black jeans behind their pale legs. He grinned.

“Jagi-ah~ Where are you? I know you’re around here somewhere…”

He looked around at the people gathered there. Everyone was looking at him now because of all the noise he was making. Those who recognized him gave excited waves. He waved back.

“Everyone! I’m playing hide & seek now but I can’t seem to find my girlfriend! Has anyone seen her?” Most people shook their heads ‘no’ but the girls only became even more excited, their ability to supress their giggling decreasing by the second.

“No?” Soonyoung drew it out.

“No!” people chorused.

“That’s too bad…”

You knew you were going to get caught if you sat just there so you moved and tried to lose yourself in another big group who was passing by. You crept carefully to the edge, standing slowly to make it look as natural as possible–

"JAGI!” Soonyoung pounced. “I found YOU!”

The crowd burst into squeals of laughter. Some even clapped. You ducked your head, blushing red. He came over to you grinning, wrapping his arms around you. You hid your face into his chest.

“You cheated!” you accused.

“And you’re cute,” Soonyoung complimented.

“Yah Soonyoung–”

“EVERYONE THIS IS MY GIRLFRIEND!” he turned you to face the crowd, “ISN’T SHE PRETTY?!”

The crowd whooped.

“VERY PRETTY!” the crowd called back. “Oppa is so lucky!”

He chuckled. “I am aren’t I?”

You scurried back to hide in his shirt, unused to all the attention. He wrapped his arms around you easily, making people squeal even more.

“Do you guys know she was my fan?” he was saying, “She wasn’t this shy when I met her though.”

They laughed.

“Oppa do you think I have a chance with Mingyu-ssi?” a girl called out.

“Mmm Mingyu?” he laughed. “I think Mingyu and Wonwoo will end up together.”

While Soonyoung was enjoying himself talking to his fans you were still wrapped in his chest trying to hide your face. You weren’t camera shy but this was the most public you’ve been with Soonyoung and didn’t know what to do.

“Soonyoung we have to find the rest,” you reminded quietly.

“Ah right.” He pulled you away and turned his back towards you. “Jump on.”

You blinked. “What?”

“Jump on! I’ll carry you to the Ferris wheel.”

“The Ferris Wheel? But we have to find the others!”

His eyes twinkled when he turned back to you. “Let’s not look for them. Let’s spend what little free time we have together at this wonderful theme park, okay?”

You couldn’t answer amid the ‘awwws!’ coming from the crowd. You felt yourself blushing red again. “Soon-youngg,” you whined but he only laughed and turned around again, urging you onto his back. “Come on!”

“I can walk Soonyoung.”

“I know that but I wanna show them how strong I am now.”

“What’s that supposed to mean!”

“It means I’ve been working out and you’re light,” he grinned cheekily. “So get on!”


He pouted. “But it’s my birthday…”

Around you, you were aware of eyes watching both of you interact and suddenly you grew incredibly shy under their gazes. You also knew what it might look like to his fans for you to be rejecting his offer like this.

You sighed. “Ahh fine fine just stop it with those eyes!”

He brightened instantly. “I know they’re your weakness.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” you muttered, jumping on his back. Instantly everyone started squealing. You hid your face in his shirt, blushing intensely.

“Soonyoung!! Go!!!”

Meanwhile Soonyoung was just soaking in the attention. “No wait look! They want to photos of us!!”

He lifted one hand to wave at his fans. You yelped. “SOONYOUNG!”

“Hello everyone! Isn’t my girlfriend pretty!” he announced. Everyone giggled which made you blush even harder.

“Soonyoung-ah! Ask her to lift her head!” someone called out. Murmurs of agreement rippled through the crowd.

“Jagi-ah, they want to see your pretty face.” You shook your head violently, refusing to reveal yourself. He chuckled. “Ahh it seems she’s very shy. Sorry guys, maybe some other time.”

There were sounds of disappointment through the crowd. “Soonyoung I will kill you when we’re home,” you threatened into his ear.

“Kill me with your love~” he murmured back. You hit him. It instantly brought a response from the crowd and you quickly hid your face again.

Soonyoung just laughed. “Guys! We’re gonna go on the rides for a while so if any of the members come looking for us tell them you don’t know where we are okay?”

“There are other members in the park?!” the fans all started asking.

Soonyoung nodded. “They’re playing hide and seek now and waiting for me to find them. Please find them for me so I can spend time with my jagi!”

There was a chorus of understanding from the crowd before they dispersed off excitedly, looking for the other members. Only a few remained to see what would happen next between the two of you.

“Forget about me killing you. It’ll be lucky enough if the boys let me stick a fork in your thigh.”

“Always one for the dramatics,” Soonyoung said.

“They’ll throw you in the river.”

“Thankfully I know how to swim.” He flashed his signature cheeky grin and you couldn’t help butroll your eyes. “Don’t worry so much Y/N, I’ll be fine! It’s my birthday.” He flashed that signature smile and started running towards the ride.

“But what if–”

Before you could finish that thought Soonyoung took off running down the street towards the rides.

“SOONYOUNG!” you screamed, clinging to him in mild terror.

“It’s fun right?” he yelled back laughing. It was so wild and carefree that you started laughing too, your head falling back with abandon as you grew braver, letting your hair fly out behind you.

The next day someone posted a beautiful still of you two; a frozen portrait of happiness with your arms on his shoulders, head thrown back and a gigantic smile on his face, so full and wide that his eyes disappeared into cresecent moons.

Even after all the scolding he received the next day for being so reckless, that picture and the time spent with you made everything worth it.

“Wow!” he gasped, looking up at the Ferris wheel. He looked star struck – like a blind man seeing light for the first time.

“Come on its not like you’ve never seen one before,” you teased.

“That’s true,” he smiled at you, “But it’ll be the first time I’m riding it with someone as pretty as you.”

You rolled your eyes but inside you were secretly flustered. “Let’s just get on the ride.”

He let you down and took your hand, leading you into a carriage. It was small – just enough space to fit two people on either side. You moved to sit opposite him but he grabbed you by the waist, pulling you onto his lap. He buried his face into your hair.



“We’re in public!”

“No we’re not, we’re in this carriage!” he laughed. “And it’s already moving up, no one will see.”

You were still uncomfortable and wouldn’t properly settle until the wheel was high in the sky. You relaxed into him, letting him pull you closer. He nuzzled your neck gently.

“Ahh Soonyoung that tickles,” you giggled. He started to poke your sides. “Ahhh stop!”

“You’re so cute Y/N,” he murmured going back to cuddling with you. The carriage filled with orange light from the setting sun.

“Look,” he pointed at the bleeding sky, “That sunset’s as pretty as you.”

“Stop it,” you said.

“But it’s true. You’re so beautiful.”

It was quiet in the carriage. After a while he stood up, wrapping his arms around your shoulder from behind. “I can’t believe I’m twenty-two.”

“I can’t believe you’re twenty-two,” you agreed.


You chucked softly. “My boy’s growing up.”

He spun you around to face him. He was so beautiful. You couldn’t help but feel so lucky to have him. Up here it felt like you were the only two in the world.

“Happy birthday Soonyoung,” you murmured, placing a long kiss on his lips.

“YAH WHERE DID YOU GO!” Jun pounced on you two the moment you found them.

“We took a ride on the Ferris wheel.” They eyed your hands intertwined together.

“Is that okay?” Minghao asked concerned.

Soonyoung just shrugged. “It’s my birthday. Let them think what they want.”

Jun looked like he wanted to say something but bit the words back. Eventually, he just sighed. The sun was gone and now the dark blue sky was slowly tinging black; it was about time to get back. Taking Chan’s arm in with other hand you four followed Jun back to the car for the drive back home.

“Yah Soonyoung if it wasn’t your birthday I would hit you for what you did!” Seungcheol was screaming the moment they stepped inside the building.

“But it is my birthday,” Soonyoung declaring, squeezing you tightly. “And you guys just let me spend it with someone I love a lot. Thanks hyung.”

Seungcheol stuttered as you blushed wildly.

“Happy birthday to me,” Soonyoung announced happily.

How Mark would kiss you

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  • first kiss would be v short but sweet;giggles were shared after the kiss and a blush was v obvious on his face (and on urs too bcs duh it’s mark lee)
  • every kiss is v cute;he always smiles in between ur kisses
  • even after your 130th kiss he would still giggle after he kissed you bcs you just look too cute to him
  • he never knows where to put his hands;so u hold his hands so he doesn’t stress just bcs of that
  • he loves to steal kisses when you’re busy doing something (ex:you doing your hw)
  • he only ever kisses you in front of nct dream bcs they know that if they tease him,mark will beat them up (altho donghyuck still teases him lmao)
  • he once kissed you in front of his hyungs and he got teased so much,he was red when he left the room
  • mark kisses you when you arrive
  • and when you leave
  • ok but mark uses a lot of deo after practise and everytime he comes up to you for a kiss you fuckin run bcs you’ll get a headache from the smell
  • he laughs bcs aw so cute (you’ll end up kissing him anyways lol)

“Mark,I am not like you,I cannot handle the coldness” you shivered as you followed your boyfriend all the way up the hill,leaving footprints in the freshly fallen snow.

“Come on babe!We’ve almost reached the top,I promise you it’ll be fun!” he smiled at you and looked up at the sky.He was glad it was snowing,it made him think about home.

You shook your head and sighed as you continued you way to top.It was a surpris that you even made it this far considering you were close to freezing to death.

“WE’RE HERE” Mark cheered as he threw his fists up in the air,glad that he finally made it.You watched how his face glowed with happiness and pride and smiled at yourself,knowing how much he missed the snow.

He grinned as you reached the top too and pulled you in for a hug.He laughed at your ears that were red from the cold.You hid your face in his chest from embarrassment as he pointed at them.

“I’m not used to the cold like you are!” you whined as you tried to wrap your arms around him but failed.

“I know but it’s okay because you look cute~” he smiled down at you.Suddenly he found himself staring at your lips.

“What are you looking at?” you asked even though you knew exactly what he was looking at.You found yourself staring at his lips too.

“Your lips look cold,should I warm them up?” he asked as he slowly leaned in.You snorted at his cheesiness.

“Don’t laugh,I was trying to be cute like you~”

“Just kiss me already,you dork” you giggled.

He slowly leaned in and planted a kiss on your lips.It was a kiss that you made you feel fuzzy on the inside and a kiss that slowly melted you.

Mark smiled as he pulled away and rested his forehead on yours.He was glad to be able this beautiful moment with you.

“NOW LET’S SLIDE DOWN SHALL WE” he suddenly shouted as he carried you to your slay.

“MARK LEE I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU DARE TO PUSH ME DOWN AND I DIE,I’LL HAUNT YOU” you screamed as you tried to get down.He placed you on top of the slay and sat down behind you.

“HERE WE GO~” he announced as he pushed you both down the hill.He held tightly onto you and laughed as you screamed.

It was a moment you could never forget.

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Michael finds your sex toys

request: Could you do one of Mikey where he finds your sex toys for when he is on tour and uses them on you causing multiple orgasms and over sensitivity?

a/n: sorry if this isn’t super good <3333

word count: 1810


Michael had come back from tour a few days ago and he loved nothing more than to spend as much time with you as was physically possible. You cuddled, ate, talked, and went out together often. Today was one of those days where you didn’t even feel like leaving the house, and so you spent the majority of your day hanging out on your bed. You nuzzled into Michael’s chest as he had his arms wrapped around you, telling you more tour stories.

“And he got his finger stuck in her hair and I think I almost died laughing,” Michael snickered, causing you to let out a loud laugh.

“Oh, my god, when has Luke ever done something that wasn’t awkward?”

“I don’t know, he just gets worse every time,” he chuckled again. “Hey, babe, you have, like, lotion or something? My hands feel dry and it’s grossing me out.”

“Yeah, reach into my drawer and you’ll find some.”

Michael’s arms left you as he rolled over onto his side to open the drawer in your nightstand. You sat there peacefully until a pang of shock hit right through you as your eyes shot open.

“Wait, no!” You cried, rolling over quickly to find his fingers resting on the knob and pulling your drawer open.

In the spur of the moment, you had completely forgotten about the sex toys you had stowed away in that drawer. It wasn’t much—just a vibrator and a few different lubricants, but you didn’t want him to see that stuff anyway.

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