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I drew this based upon this post that @rex101111 made! 

tea time for @erwinsalive. her prompt: hipster

the summer humidity sticks to them, makes their shirts damp, and their faces slick and shiny. levi kicks his feet out as they walk in an attempt to exercise the muscles he hasn’t used in almost three hours. 

they had droned on like bees through the hottest time of the day, buzzing but not producing any honey. tall men in long coats, hands folded on expensive wood found outside of wall sina–a place that has been closed off for over a year since shinganshina fell. 

a charade. a game. all of which erwin is an expert. he uses his drones. he makes the honey.  

they praise levi, call him “humanity’s strongest”. mention his kill count as if it’s accurate at all–as if it matters at all. the titan’s kill count is higher. much higher. 

 “i recognized it first.” erwin says. it sounds protective, stern, all while being so incredibly matter-of-fact. levi can smell the pomade in his hair, sweet like sap but tangled in his intoxicating musk. levi walks along side erwin’s right side, close enough that their arms are touching. “your potential.” erwin answers the unasked question. “i’m glad they’re noticing it now too.” they exit the building into the courtyard, their carriage waiting to bring them back to headquarters. “makes my job easier." 

levi isn’t sure why he’s saying all this. he knows it all, has had it implied through actions. lance corporal is a title never held by another. no other solider drinks the black tea that he does. erwin finds him special. 

 “i’m proud of you." 

levi’s lips twitch into a frown. his cheeks flush against the heat of the outdoors, the sun radiating against his dark hair, cooking his scalp, reddening his neck and cheeks and nose. he sighs out softly, almost inaudibly. finds he can’t find the words to respond, so chooses not to all.

gfdi zane another AU?

yee boi what did you expect

this time it is gunna be multiple ships instead of just Zene even though it’s in there and it’s going to include one of my favorite things, music! And Aphmau ;-;

-It follows the Mystreet timeline so you can tell this is gunna be fun

-Zane is the main singer of a band with Garroth and Vylad, which got together in Zane’s freshman year of college. The story takes place after Zane graduates college (roughly six months)

-Ivy owns a bar. That’s all I need to say.

-Zane also gets drunk a lot because he’s depressed. He had high hopes that the band would get noticed faster.

-On the tenth anniversary of Ivy’s bar, she holds a karaoke night. The bar is probably one of the most popular ones in the area, attracting many local bands and talents scouts. Most popular artists come from there.

-Travis, a talent scout, hears Zane’s singing and decides to take him under his wing, along with Garroth and Vylad.

Don’t wanna spoil too much because I might put it on my wattpad :3 but that is basically the main idea of this whole thing.

@mystreetheadcanons I thought you would like this because it also gunna have some Zene in it

mk but like red k! Kara inviting Lena over and ofc Lena’s like oh yeah this’ll b cool and she turns up hella casually not expecting much but then Kara opens the door n she’s wearing this like hella tight fitting dress or some shit and Lena’s like oH shiT and she’s like flustered n shit and then Kara greets her and they hug bc that’s what ‘friends’ do rite. And like Kara holds on 4 longer bc she’s a fucking horny bitch rn and she invites Lena over to her couch and they’re talking about some shit and Kara’s seducing the fuck out of her and then she puts her hand on Lena’s thigh and Lena who’s already turned the fuck on literally cannot handle it and like Kara’s stroking her leg and then they finish up their conversation and Kara moves closer to Lena and they’re shoulders are touching and Kara just kisses her and Lena’s basically screaming internally bc hoLY SHIT BOI!!!! KARA’S KISSING HER and then Kara picks Lena up and like presses her to a wall or some shit and starts kissing her neck and Lena’s still shookend but like still turned the fuck on and she can’t take it anymore so she begins to un-zip Kara’s dress and then Kara begins to take of Lena’s shirt and they’re back to kissing violently and then they realise that they’re still at a wall and then Kara carries Lena over to her bed and yanks Lena’s shirt off which gets Lena even more sh00k and then Lena pulls Kara’s dress up (yes they stopped kissing for this) and then they’re left with Kara in her underwear and Lena with just her shirt off but Kara’s like fuck it and because she’s in sex god mode™ she like rips Lena’s skirt off so they’re both down to their underwear and shit they’re both wet and then they’re back to kissing and gradually removing items of clothing and when they’re both fully naked shit just gets too real and they have amazingly good sex and just uGH


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I regret nothing. Although i had to alter the original Idea i had for this.


An anon in my inbox was asking about how the bokuro got together and let’s just say it was an eventful day

  • Shepard: So yeah this one time I had to seduce an ardat-yakshi
  • Liara: *spits out drink* you fuckinf WHAT
  • Shepard: yeah she nearly got me lmao it was pretty close
  • Liara: Y-
  • Liara: YOU-
  • Liara: WHAT
  • Shepard: hey it's chill the justicar I was working with killed her