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KotoMaru phone backgrounds ♡

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  .: тнere are ѕoмe нυмanly concepтѕ тнaт are qυιтe alιen тo мe. perнapѕ ιғ ι oвѕerve тнeѕe нυмanѕ, ι can υnderѕтand yυмa вeттer. нowever, тнιѕ нaѕ proven qυιтe тнe υneхpecтed cнallenge.

тнere waѕ a yoυng мan нavιng a converѕaтιon aвoυт ѕoмeтнιng called “ғυĸ” ιтѕ мeanιng allυdeѕ мe. тнe dιѕcυѕѕιon eѕcalaтed wнen one oғ тнe ιndιvιdυalѕ wanтed тo “ѕмaѕн” тнe yoυng мan. нowever, тнe yoυng мan waѕ υnpнaѕed вy тнe тнreaт oғ poѕѕιвle vιolence. тнroυgнoυт тнe wнole ordeal, ι waѕ υnaвle тo ғυlly coмpreнend тнe conтeхт. ι ѕнoυld ѕee ιғ yυмa нaѕ any ιnѕιgнтѕ on тнιѕ мaттer.

friendly reminder that heterosexual trans people don’t experience straight privilege

the main thing holding people back from wanting to model for moi it’s that they believe they’re ugly. may i please say, trust me, you’re not. you’ve never seen yourself from an outsider’s pov. you’ve never seen yourself from SO many angles. one time a friend said “you photograph me the way i want to look” – you do look that way you just can’t see it in your iphone 6 selfies!! trust me, you are all beautiful in so many unique and wonderful ways, you just never see what everyone else sees

It must be so tiring to be completely outraged by things happening all the time on this website. If you don’t like tumblr community, or tumblr at all (cause there’s generally a good bit of generalizing) then… find another platform that suits you more? Or if your problem is with one particular bits of fandom, or some part of the fandom at least, why don’t you just… not go where they are? You control what’s in your dash, after all…?

I don’t know, I guess it’s because i hate confrontation of any kind, but i am exhausted for the people who spends more time on this website being angry and arguing with people they know won’t change their mind rather than cultivating a nice enough place to enjoy their fave characters or whatever they like in the first place.

I don’t like the harassing habit either. If you see that someone has already made the same point as you on a post, no need to repeat it again and again.

why do people actively hate on other people

how can yalls lives be so miserable that it’s fueled by hate

i just don’t understand