i found the ran

So, it’s sunday, I slept well and ate breakfast and my feet only hurt a little. But would you look at this! Yes I was very lucky and found pretty much the only Borderlands cosplayer around.

I ran up to him, yelling ‘Jack! I want a photo with you!’ in excitement but he was really cool about it and after my friend took the pic there was this very brief moment where I looked up to him and thanked him and was kind of in awe because he was SO TALL and pretty much radiated confidence. Geez, I’m not even short, in fact I’m pretty tall for a female. But yeah after we took the photo I was freaking out because I was so happy. This was definitely my highlight of the day.

And yes, people liked my cosplay and a few even took pictures with me, which was a really really nice experience. There was like a handful of other Deadpools I saw and like a hundred Pikachus but no other combination, so that was a thing.
The group I went with was also really cool and lovely people.

All in all I would say my first time cosplaying went very well. Now I’m thinking of making a Borderlands Cosplay myself, but I’m not even going to conventions that often xD

i really don’t want to do that again 

there was this creepy fifty year old woman dressed like a ladybug stalking me and my dad. A few years later I was ice skating with my friends and slipped on the ice but I saw something trapped beneath it so I brushed the snow away and uncovered a gold bullet.

I invited my friends to come look and we started freaking out because we figured out that the ladybug woman used the bullet to murder my dad. So then she showed up and kidnapped us bc we knew too much, and took us to the hospital to “take out the part of the brain that had memories.”

Then I remembered from Drake and Josh that it was illegal to impersonate a doctor (it didn’t occur to me at the time that kidnapping and murder were also illegal) so I said I was going to the bathroom and on the way there I ran up to the first adult I found that was in scrubs and asked to borrow his phone. Then I dialed 911 and told them what happened and then I woke up.

jsyk I was like ten or eleven when I had this dream.

story time

i woke up in a very odd mood today. but after class i went to the store and so so i’m in the store shopping for kids toys for a drive my soccer team is doing for toys for needy kids for the holidays and this old woman was in the toy isle with me and she was like i’m so sad i couldn’t find puzzles anywhere it’s so disheartening i used to love doing them and kids now a days just do them on a phone and i was just talking to her about it and i was like oh my god yes i completely understand and so she went on and kept shopping and so did i AND I FOUND THIS SECTION OF PUZZLES and i literally ran around the store like a crazy person trying to find her to tell her and i did and she looked so happy and it made my whole day and she was like you’re the sweetest lead me to them! and then she saw me again and she just started thanking me and telling me how happy her granddaughter would be and then she told me that she just finished her doctorate and that she’s getting married to a boy she met in her class in her undergrad years next month and she was like just keep doing what you’re doing because there’s not many people out there like you anymore i can’t wait to tell my granddaughter about you. and so to the elderly woman who made my day today. thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

Hiding Places

Trigger Warning: Physical Violence 

“Jack, is there a place for you to hide?” I looked at the little boy, he nodded his head. “Take my phone and call your daddy. Don’t come out until he comes for you!” I handed him the phone as he ran up the stairs.

Opening the closet, I found Hotch’s golf clubs, pulling one out, it was about to become my weapon of choice.


Morgan looked down at his phone, smiling. “Hey beautiful.”

“Uncle Derek, someone is in the house, I’m hiding, Aunt (Y/N) told me to call. Please come help. I think she’s hurt.”

Morgan felt sick to his stomach. “Jack, you stay put, you’re dad and I are on out way. You stay on the line with me.”

Hotch looked up when he heard his son’s name. Hearing just Morgan’s side of the conversation, he got the team ready to head for his house.


I heard them talking. “Kill the baby sitter, take the boy.” I prayed I could keep Jack safe until Aaron got there. He was my responsibility, I heard footsteps coming near me. I swung on club for the knees, and one for the head.

The first kidnapper went down, grabbing the bag he had with him, I tossed iy down the hall. Grabbing his ankles, I pulled him down the hall. “Damn, he was a big boy.”

I left him in Hotch’s office, looking in the bag, I found duct tape and zip ties. I secured him, so he wouldn’t get away, leaving the office, I quietly left the room. Looking for the other man or men, I wasn’t for sure how many there were.

Creeping down the hall I listened, the sound of boots were up stairs. Picking out two new clubs, I carefully went up the stairs. I was jerked from behind, picked up  and thrown on the floor.

The force making me drop the clubs, I was picked up, hands wrapped around my throat. My body slammed against the wall, the air knocked from my lungs. “Where’s the boy?”

The death grip on my throat was loosened. “Go to hell!” I was dropped to the floor then kicked in the ribs. I let out a yelp of pain, crawling across the floor, I picked up the golf club.

Rolling over, I swung up, right between the man’s legs. I rolled over to me knees, pushing myself up. Hitting him again in the head, as he straightened up. He started to come after me as I leaned against the railing, I moved out of the way, and shoved. 

He landed with a thud, on his back in the living room below. I sank to the floor, hearing the screeching of brakes. I crawled towards the bedrooms, looking for Jack.


I woke up with a start. “JACK….JACK!” I tried to sit up, but my ribs protested.

“Take it easy beautiful. Jack is fine he’s out in the waiting room with his Hotch.”

“He’s safe, they didn’t get him?” Derek brushed the hair back from my face. 

“Thanks to you, he’s safe and sound.” He leaned forward kissing me. “Why didn’t you hide?”

“I had to make sure he was safe….that he was protected. I need to buy Hotch new golf clubs.”

“He’s already said not to worry about it considering you risked your life to safe Jack’s life.” His hands caressed my face. “I was terrified I was going to loose you. You’re my whole world, I love you (Y/N).”

“I love you too. I wasn’t going anywhere.”


I accidentally saw Voldemort kill my classmate for wearing a backpack whilst playing mini golf and he caught me so I ran away and tried to hide but he found me and chased me round a supermarket car park on a neon green scooter yelling “wheeee!!”

im looking for places to eat and I find this wisconsin based mexican grill chain and their signature dish is called a burracho, “the best of the burrito and nachos” IT’S THE NACO THEY HAVE CREATED THE NACO I AM S C R E A M I N G

Socrates once said that the secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new. This thought has always deeply resonated with me as it relates to weight loss and dieting. So many diets are focused on the, “what do I STOP eating or drinking?” We associate dieting with sacrifice and pain and struggle instead of focusing on the love of new things and foods.

One of the greatest parts of my weight loss is that I’ve found incredible things, foods and experiences. I ran my first race, my first triathlon. I learned Krav Maga and how to do Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in a gi and in street clothes. I sparred and jumped and climbed and experienced. I found a love unparalleled by anything I’ve ever experienced: Brussels Sprouts (I may be overstating this but I LOVE them properly prepared). I learned to Squat and Deadlift and to swim 1 mile straight without stopping.

I learned to cook but most importantly I learned to love myself. I taught my kids and friends and family how important it is to take care of yourself so you can better serve the world around you.

That’s why I have to laugh inside when someone asks me if I miss eating pizza every day. Honestly? My life is so filled with the blessings I’ve been handed after that I haven’t had time to notice the absence of pizza.

Dieting will be more successful the more you’re able to focus on all the things you’re gaining instead of consumed by the things you’re losing. You’ve got this.

“My family was trying to protect me because they knew I had a lot of schoolwork, and so they didn’t tell me that my grandfather was very ill. When I found out, I ran to the consulate, got a visa, and flew to India the next morning, but by the time I arrived, my grandfather had passed away. He wasn’t a wealthy man. He was a farmer like most of my family. But I’ve never seen a community come together for someone the way the village assembled for him. After I left the village that day, I always think about the religion of my grandfather and the importance of caring about the people around me. I was never religious before, but now I am. In my religion, honest work is considered a way of showing devotion to God. My grandfather was someone who worked hard every day and did everything he could to help the people around him. It’s good to be successful and have a good job, but my master’s degree and going to medical school will mean little if I don’t share what I’ve learned with the people around me.”

Emotions ran through my head
I found myself wishing I was dead
All because you were moving away
I knew I would never see you another day

Percival has to move to Europe because of Grindelwald and leaves his scarf to Credence, saying that the boy has to take care of until the man comes back.

Hope you like it! ✨✨

TVD tho…. wth?

So in 7th grade I became friends with this guy a year older than me, Jason. We hit it off, and I started calling him my “big bro” because we joked about him being protective of me and stuff and he was just such a good guy to me

Anyway, he and I lost touch and then like… 7 years later I ran into him at a local restaurant and found out he’s coming to my community college. I saw him today and my friend Liam ended up giving us both a ride. 

During that ride, we got into all sorts of social equality rants, but what touched me the most was that he expressed enormous distress around guys who don’t understand consent. He literally yelled, “If a girl says no, YOU FUCKING STOP!” 

I was just really happy because I was like yes, that awkward 14-year-old boy who hugged me when I was upset and gave me pep talks about boys turned into a really great guy and lived up to his role as my big bro and I just have a deep appreciation for people like him, because it’s all too easy to get caught up in despair at the number of “bad” guys that are out there and the awful stories you hear every day

So let’s all raise a glass to Jason for being the best honorary big brother ever <3

Derek Hale Imagine-Looking Back In Time.

You and the pack were driving to Mexico.
This was the first time Derek needed help, you’d known Derek for your whole life.
A whole 19 years, and not once had Derek asked for help.

“Where is he again?"Kira asked curiously.

"He’s in a temple somewhere I don’t know"Scott shrugged.

"So, wait. Let me get this straight, Derek’s frozen?"Malia questioned.

"We don’t know that yet we’ll have to wait and see"Stiles shrugged.
When you later arrived you peered around fearfully.

"Oh c'mon Derek where are you?"you mumbled as you wrapped your arms tightly around yourself.
Stiles squeezed your shoulder.

"We’ll find him"he nodded.

"I hope so”
Half an hour later and you were still having no luck until-

“Hey, guys I found something"Malia shouted out.
The rest of you ran towards where she was standing.

When you saw what was inside this wall, your heart came to halt.
"Is this some sort of a joke? A teenager?"Kira exclaimed, fed up with searching.

"That’s not just any teenager, that’s Derek"you mumbled as you pressed your hand against the glass.

"How do you know?"Lydia asked.

"Because I’ve been friends with him for 19 years, guys this is Derek"you explained.

"How is that possible?”

“I don’t know but we need to get him out of there, I can feel his heartbeat and it’s slowing down"you replied trying to shatter the glass with a nearby object.