i found the link yay

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I just checked out your FAQ (I found it, yay!) and both the link that says something about you being straight and the one about you being gay aren't working. I don't think you want them not to work, but it's quite fitting :)

Yeah no they both work

Happy Valentine’s day! 

This is a little something i made last year, could be taken as a preview to stuff i’m gonna post when my self-imposed fanwork-making holidays end :D You all deserve to get some happy merthur (+ kilgharrah) love for a change, enjoy ♥


Saturday - Otakuthon Day 2 (August 23, 2014)

Legend of Zelda cosplayers : PART III

Here are more super great LoZ cosplays !
I met two Midnas, a cute TP wolf, I found another Ravio (yay !), found a Hyrule Warriors Link and Zelda, another Link (there were a lot), a Saria too :3 
*You’ll see more cosplays on the other posts