i found the image bless


My top 10 favorite Skater Family images in no particular order

because the official illustrations spoil us so much :’)

I found the most blessed image today. Due to this being reposted on Pinterest, I cannot find the original source. If anyone recognizes it, can you please message me or reblog this with the artist??

On this blog, I have shown you both blessed and cursed images. More cursed than blessed. Overwhelmingly cursed. Never mind.

However, I have found one image that is the most cursed image ever. Shield your eyes…

Front-facing Homestar Runner.

I am sorry

anonymous asked:

I was browsing this blog and as soon as I came to the most blessed image you have found(cathy mitchell presents quick & easy dump cakes and quick & easy dump dinners) tumblr froze and crashed for me. Have I been cursed by this blessed image?!

it was looking out for you……likely saved you from a nasty virus blasting through the net……….