i found the book


HEY LOOK AT THIS THING I FOUND did you know an unfortunate events game exists

i found it at a thrift store and the instructions book is missing so im not really sure how you’re supposed to play it but it’s still Very Neat 

it looks like it’s mostly count olaf trying to kill the baudelaires’ guardian and them trying to invent, bite, or read things in order to find ways to stop him 

meanwhile mr. poe also exists. i have no IDEA what the poe player does

the count olaf cards do various things to sabotage the guardian 

and the baudelaires do clever things to stop him (the sunny cards are the best)

and there’s also cards with rooms on them but im not sure what those are for 

Dear Journal,

Today Regulus arrived in the early morning. Sirius was waiting by the door until we heard a few knocks. He quickly opened the door and threw himself in his little brothers arms. I decided to give them some privacy so I walked downstairs to the library. I still needed to place a few books around. While looking through my own books, I found the one Johnny gave me. That sweet boy. I opened the book to the first page and read is message written in a neat handwritting. I knew these few sentences by heart.

“Dear Remus, I hope you will like this book. It made me think of us. While reading it, I felt like It was you and me. Without you, my life would’ve been different. You helped me accept who I was even though boys who like other boys are not seen in a good way sometimes. You are the big brother I never had and the one I always wished for. Thank you a thousand times. I hope you won’t forget me, because i’ll never forget you.

-Johnny. ”

I smiled to myself thinking about the little boy. At least now, no one would bully him again and he had his new boyfriend Freddie. He gave me his mom’s address so I could write to him. I picked up a pretty letter paper and started writing.

“Dear Johnny, I really miss you! I hope your summer is going well. Here, Sirius and I are doing good! Our appartement is finished and everything looks just the way I imagined it. I just found the book you gave me in my boxes! I’m going to put it on my night table by my bed so I can see it everyday and think of you. I’ve seen a few books that I think you would like so I wrote them down on a stickynote and when you’ll come and visit, I’ll have some for you! But for now, I’m sending you this letter with a book i found in a corner of my dusty library! If i read the title right, it should be the sequel to our book! I really hope you like it! I’ll see you soon!

-Remus ”

I folded the letter paper and slid it in an enveloppe. My owl flew away with the letter and the book in it’s claws. I walked upstairs and saw Sirius and Regulus on the couch, both laughing at something Regulus said. I’m glad they were happy.

“Hey Remus!” Regulus smiled.

“Hey buddy! How are you holding up?” I said, sitting behind Sirius with my legs around Him.

“Good. At least i’m with Sirius.” He smiled.

“How about we have a movie night with pizza?” I asked the two brothers.

“Didn’t we ate pizza yesterday babe?” Sirius asked.

“Who cares? I’m sure Reg wants some pizza! Do you Reg?” I asked, smiling.

“Of course I want pizza! Come on Sirius! Movie night is nothing without pizza!” Regulus laughed.

“Okay then!” Sirius smiled.

So we had another movie night with pizza. All three of us sitting on the couch. Sirius cuddled to me on one side and his brother on the other.

March 29th 1978

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What was Stannis' prospective treatment of Sansa? I'm rereading Clash of Kings and I see no particular mention in Davos's chapters regarding this, unless I've missed something. Other than Blackwater, they have no other possible encounters in the books?

“If your children are found when I take the city, they shall be sent to you.” Alive or dead, his tone implied. -ACOK, Catelyn III

Stannis promises to return the girls despite having a clear political advantage to demanding something in exchange, and this is done in a private setting, where Stannis can’t be said to be pandering to the crowd (the way Renly is, with his public persona vowing justice while his private persona holds Catelyn against her will).

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

@zmediaoutlet tagged me to talk about the books I’m currently reading. I’m actually just between two - I finished one and have the other in my bag to start.

This is the one I just finished: The Vegetarian, by Han Kang.

My Mum bought it for me for Christmas. I’d heard of it before that, though, as one of my friends had been reading it. We talked about it a bit but what he told me didn’t really prepare me for what the book was actually like. I found it really interesting. It’s South Korean and it’s about… repression, I suppose, though also about domestic abuse which obviously isn’t the same thing. It’s told (or at least, is translated) in this very measured style but what happens in it is sort of borderline magical realism at some points. I don’t know. It’s about a woman who stops eating meat, that’s the premise, and it’s told in three parts by three of the people in her life. This isn’t a very effective review but I’d recommend the book for sure. It’s thought-provoking and it’s different to other things I’ve read.

The one I’m just about to start is this one: The Knife of Never Letting Go, by Patrick Ness.

This is the first of a YA trilogy that my housemate recommended to me (the Chaos Walking triology) and I don’t know much about it. I’ve read and enjoyed other of Patrick Ness’s books before though, especially A Monster Calls which is about grief and is just wonderful (find the illustrated edition if you can).

I’ve also just finished reading all six of the books presently out in this series; Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch, and have been recommending them to everybody I know.

@winchestersinthedrift put me onto these and I love them. They’re set in the present day and are about a London policeman who ends up working for the supernatural crimes division of the Met. They’re a great combo of magic/fantasy and police procedural, the protagonist (Peter Grant) is very appealing, and I love especially how grounded they are in the city. I live in London and every case takes place in recognisable, familiar places, so that now I wander around and see Peter’s cases all over. They’re also very pleasingly diverse. Peter is mixed-race and there are lots of black, Asian, gay, female etc etc characters throughout.

Oh and the last thing I’m reading, on my Kindle because it’s enormous and quite slowly because I have a harder time with non-fiction: Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

This is the biography that Lin-Manuel Miranda based the musical on (of course!) and I both like history and love Hamilton so it was an obvious choice. Well-written biographies are a real treat - you end up feeling like you know the person - and so far this one isn’t disappointing.

So, that’s me! I don’t know who’s already been tagged but if @denugis, @withthedemonblood, @transgendersam, @tipsysam, @geekinthejeep want to post about the books they’re reading I’d be interested to hear it!

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Also if Iroh didn't make Katara and Aang go away to help find Sokka, I think when Azula would come it would be really hard for her to convince Zuko since Katara would be right there along with Iroh, Zuko wouldn't have fallen to her so easily, regardless him betraying Iroh & Katara was very OOC anyway I hate that scene so much, it's so painful to watch and I can't believe Bryke would do something like this, it's a shame really, Zuko & Katara would have made a WAY better story & they messed it up.

Man, watching Zuko act like at the end of the Book 2 finale by betraying randomly everyone sure does hurt every single time I watch it, knowing that his actions are completely OOC and he wasn’t even supposed to act like that in the original writing of the story… 

So yeah at first I was so mad and sad Zuko betrayed everyone at the end of Book 2, but then I found out that the creators did this to cancel him out as a love interest for Katara, like damn they could’ve had the greatest character ever on THEIR show but they decided to fuck up such an amazing character already just because they didn’t like the idea of Zuko pairing up with Katara which makes a lot of sense by the way and would have been so much better than a forced Kataang and an abusive Maiko.

Yeah, I agree it was OOC either way and it makes me mad. I hate watching The Crossroads of Destiny, because it is so stupid. I don’t really mind that Aang and Katara went their own way at first. When Azula came, it was better that she put Zuko in a position where he was all alone and free to choose. Iroh was restrained and Zuko was put into the exact same position that he was in at the start of Book 2. Does he side with Azula or his uncle? Zuko’s choice should have been the opposite of the one he made in The Avatar State. Him siding with his sister made it seem like he learned absolutely nothing throughout all of Book 2. All of his character development was wasted.

There is a lot of disagreement about whether Zuko’s choice to betray his uncle was OOC or not. But there’s something else that is hardly ever talked about. But what about Azula’s actions? Regardless of what people think about Zuko, you have to admit that Azula had even less motivation to want Zuko to come home and get his honor back. That’s what makes me even more convinced that Zuko going bad was NOT the original plan for the story. Because it makes Azula act OOC. In canon, we are supposed to accept that Azula just graciously had a change of heart because Zuko decided to help her fight. This is an interesting post that says that Azula had no selfish motive for giving Zuko the credit. I disagree. Even in the comic, it hinted that something is fishy. There was NO reason to put this scene in unless Azula had some kind of selfish motive for wanting Zuko back home.

Even if he was stupid enough to side with her, she would just throw him in prison afterwards anyways. He is still a traitor. She wouldn’t have had any reason to actually keep her promise that he could get his honor back. No wonder Rufftoon was mocking the Book 2 finale in her comic. It’s like she is making fun of how Bryke changed the story because it is so implausible. It basically offered no explanation for why Azula would suddenly be willing to be so merciful. Or for Zuko to be so willing to believe his father would “drop the treason charges”. Bryke didn’t think it through very hard. Just make Azula nice! Nothing weird or OOC about that! No one will notice!

Zuko really would not trust her if the story was actually believable. It makes no sense. And he would not be so confident that his father would be willing to accept him back, even if he did help. He is still a traitor, after all. Ozai sees him as an embarrassment. He would not be confident that his dad would accept him. It makes total sense why Zuko did NOT want to go home in the comic. I hate how they wrote him in Book 3. Like he was so eager to go home. He wasn’t! God, there are so many inconsistencies after the Book 2 finale.

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This girl in my class thinks Alexander Hamilton didn't do anything wrong and when I mentioned my founding fathers book she was like 'Is my Hammy in there?!' And I just nodded but when I mention John Adams she goes ew..what did John Adams do to deserve this...

being the first guy to suspend first amendment rights will never look good for anyone, but god damn do some of these hamilton fans go overboard

Amazon.com: The Hell with Love: Poems to Mend a Broken Heart eBook: Mary D. Esselman, Elizabeth Ash Vélez: Kindle Store
Amazon.com: The Hell with Love: Poems to Mend a Broken Heart eBook: Mary D. Esselman, Elizabeth Ash Vélez: Kindle Store

I found “In Blackwater Woods” in this book I found at a used book store.

The right books tend to find us at the right time, don’t they?

This poetry collection is divided into different sections for phases we commonly experience during a breakup. “In Blackwater Woods” is from the “Moving On” section.

You’ll miss me, maybe not now, maybe not in a couple of years. But one day you’ll be contemplating the stars and you’ll think about me and I won’t be nowhere to be found.

Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #7

// a.s

Dear Woman:
You’ll just be too much woman.
Too smart, too beautiful, too strong.
Too much of something that makes a man feel like less of a man,
Which will start making you feel like you have to be less of a woman.

The biggest mistake you can make is removing jewels from your crown to make it easier for a man to carry.
When this happens, I need you to understand,
You do not need a smaller crown–
You need a man with bigger hands.

—  Michael E. Reid, “Dear Woman”