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If you’re a fan of Shane Dawson you’ve probably woken up today to a bit of a shock. I missed the first part of the drama, only waking up after Shane’s initial tweets had been deleted, but I’ve tried to catch myself up as best as I could.

As someone who grew up hating my self because of my sexuality, it’s always a bit of a gut punch to read things like this. My initial gut reaction was to side with Shane, because I grew up watching him, and his video of him coming out as bisexual was a huge push for me to come out as well. That said, my research into it left me confused. Shane had said that he had gotten thrown out for “holding hands” with his boyfriend, Ryland Adams, but in Tomi Lauren’s post on the subject that you can see above, she suggested that a couple had hijacked her veterans event to promote their left wing homosexual agenda. This left me even more confused, because the Shane I have watched for years was never one for politics- I can’t say I know for sure as I don’t know him, but as an avid viewer of his videos since 2009 and a listener to his podcast, I have never once seen him promote any kind of political agenda and this public “stunt” didn’t seem like him.

Looking through his tweets and the replies I stumbled across a picture. The very first picture on this post. Now, to me, this is very clearly not Shane or Ryland. Like not even close. I can’t say for sure if this was the picture that Tomi was referring too, but I don’t imagine this happened more than once. Now this leads me to believe that this has been a case of mistaken identity- my theory goes;

These guys in the picture disagree with Tomi on some key political issues, so they decide to freak her out by kissing in front of her then they run off. Shane is somewhere nearby holding hands with his boyfriend, and as well all know, all the gays look the same, so it must be them who pulled off this daring political hijacking of this event. So they are blamed for what happened and kicked out, apparently being roughly handled and attempting to break Shane’s leg (I can’t say how true that last part is, but I completely understand if Shane was over exaggerating his injuries after being treated like that.

Since this happened Shane has deleted the tweets and has tried to do a bit of damage control- This could be for several reasons, possibly to take legal action- or avoid legal action being taken against himself- who knows. I can only theorise from what I have found, but it certainly seems like something awful and homophobic went down.

An event for veterans should celebrate every sexuality, as there will be veterans from all walks of life, and the freedom that they fight for is so that people like Shane can hold his boyfriends hand in public, because that’s what freedom is whether these people like it or not.

I’m gonna wrap this up because I’m angry enough as it is. Hopefully we will see the truth coming out about the whole thing soon. I just wanted to spread this, because that’s clearly not Shane and Ryland in the photo, and that’s what makes me thing that this is something terribly homophobic.

Static Noise

Fandoms: The 100
Pairings: Bellarke in the background, Memori, Marper
Characters: Bellamy, Clarke, Raven, Monty, Murphy, Harper, Emori, Echo, Madi
Words: 3,266
Summary: It takes them three weeks to get communications up and running, but only partially.

Or: The Space Squad can hear all of Clarke’s messages to them, but they can’t respond.
Notes: I know there’s probably 80 other fics with this same premise, but I’m so upset that the Space Squad is gonna spend six years thinking Clarke’s dead that I don’t even care. I JUST WANT THEM TO KNOW SHE’S ALIVE. (Edit: This now has a part two.)
Ao3 link.

Bellamy waits a week before he brings it up to Raven.

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it’s important to me that I’m queer because I’m aro ace, and not despite being aro ace

I have other ‘qualifications’, like being agender, and feeling some types of attraction that definitely are not straight

but that attraction is something Else, and to me, it’s not at all despite being aro ace; sensual attraction, alterous attraction, platonic attraction, whatever terms you use, it is intimately entwined with my experience as an aspec and can’t be meaningfully seperated from it and still be me

it can’t be separated from the joy I feel reading about intimate platonic relationships in history or the relief I feel when I think of how I don’t have to ever have to have sex if I don’t ever want to (which I’ve always dreaded and used to think was unavoidable) or the hollowness I felt when I tried dating and found it awful and thought that meant something was wrong with me

the fact that it is now legal for me to marry my partner in either of our home countries is a victory; however, it was also a victory for me to realize, age thirteen, that a thirty-year-old woman acquaintance of mine was not married, and therefore that I, too, did not have to marry in order to grow up

and if I choose to marry my partner it will be as an aro ace person, making a choice to commit myself to a platonic relationship that is the most important thing in my life, and it does not cancel out the relief I felt then, because I am still choosing to say no to the only narrative I was given: fall in love (with a boy), get married, have kids

It important that I do not have to marry a boy, and that I do not have to have kids, but it is equally important that I do not have to fall in love.

I can’t even take my agenderness and separate it from my aspec identity because to me these three things are very similar and interconnected. My experience is not fragmentable.

I’m queer because I don’t feel things that I’m supposed to in a world that rigidly constrains the ways you’re supposed to feel things, and towards whom. I don’t need to have any other reasons.

My emptiness is its own kind of wholeness, and other things that I feel spring from it, and I feel happy when I see people who are allowed to be empty like me and still be whole

what is a queen without her king? a queen. (x)

anora mac tir for @asolitaryrose. happy belated birthday!

Hers to Endure

That’s a wrap on the amazing project Love Bites.  Go check it out if you haven’t already, and stay tuned for future projects!  In the meantime I wanted to post my chapter for peeps who prefer to read stuff here!  

Sansa couldn’t remember how it started. There had been no one to touch or hold during her time in King’s Landing, so it might have started then, but she couldn’t say for certain. She just remembered one cold afternoon in the Vale, when Sweetrobin had begun to thrash and twist on the cold stone floor.

There were so many sharp edges for him to hurt himself on. She’d been terrified. She just wanted it to stop. She knelt by him and gently laid her hands on him, making soft sounds as she did. His shaking began to slow, and his breathing returned to normal. After a few minutes, he was fine, calm even. She simply assumed that her touch had comforted him.

Then one afternoon she and Myranda had been sitting by the fire, mending their clothes. Randa didn’t realize that the iron was fresh from the fire and grabbed it with her bare hand, before she dropped it, shrieking.

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TF2 Fanfic - Eyes Open

Pairings: Spy/Soldier (hinted)
Warnings: nada, just a short banter and fluffiness

I’ve been thinking about doing more short fics lately because trying to do huge ones is cramping me and giving me writer’s block something awful. So here’s a thing I found in my seeds folder and finished up. 

He was everything a true American should despise. He was a foreigner and a sneaky coward, refusing to face his opponents like a man. He stole the faces of their enemies and won points and intelligence with treachery, deceit, and foul play. He was prudish and fussy, making a scene of the tiniest speck of blood on his fancy suits. He used elaborate words that went over Soldier’s head and refused to eat with the rest of the team. Soldier called him ‘Crouton’ and ‘Frenchie’, and refused to cooperate with his preferred stealth tactics when Miss Pauling sent them on missions together. He was a disgrace to the name of fighting. He also wouldn’t stay out of Soldier’s thoughts for half a day. 

“Soldier, if you would pay attention for even a minuscule fraction of a second, we could continue to the mission before hell freezes over!“ The Spy adjusted his gloves as he spoke, eyeing his colleague for a brief second with that usual belittling gaze of his. 

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When I told my English teacher I wrote fanfictions online and she told me that 50 shades of grey started out as a fanfiction
And I found that extremely encouraging because if someone can write something that awful and have it be so popular, then so can I.


✨📿 My name in Hebrew necklace! I found it aw it’s from when I was like 12 or something 📿✨

? ? samech lamid yod nun? That is my guess of which letters they are. I used to know when I was like 9.

So it’s actually: ? vav samech lamed yod nun - yussss I got 4 riight! But what’s the first one? It simply must be gimmel. Shalom ani Gosleeeen. Oops it’s not vav, its cholom.

My favourite word in Hebrew has always been chatul which means 🐱

I got my dad to write my name in Hebrew ⬆️ He wrote it in traditional and everyday styles.

There I did it too ✔️ A+ 🌟