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Happy New Year - PT1

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Second and last part - here

First Imagine ! I’d like to have some of your feed-back and I take request about : Roman and Seth to start then I’ll take requests about the other wrestlers later.

Seth Rollins x Reader

I’ve had this idea just after this new picture of Seth and his girlfriend.First I have nothing agaisnt Sarah ! 

And english isn’t my first language so I’m already sorry for the mistakes.

« Y/N and Set has been friends since a long time.You just found out that Seth has a new girlfriend, you saw a pic on Instagram, isn’t that the worse way to found out that the love of your life has a new women ? »

(Y/N) always enjoyed hanging on some Seth fan pages on Instagram, these fangirls remind everyday how lucky you are to have Seth in your close circle of friends. After a hard day of work at the office you just decided to go Instagram and relax, follow these fanpages help you to keep some contact with Seth who’s strangely quiet some days now. He didn’t sent you any text or he didn’t called you, he may be busy, you both used to talk everyday, you miss him and you’re sure that he misses you.

You came back home tired, the only thing that you wanted to do is to take a hot shower, wear wide sweatshirt with heavy socks and chill with of cup of tea. You also felt the need to talk to Seth but he’s busy, you told yourself. You sent him a text to wish him a Merry Christmas, few minutes later, he still didn’t answered, he must be busy, you told yourself once again. You took a shower then you got in bed, as usual, you went Instagram. Seth posted a couple pics of his vacation in Mexico, on one of these photos, there is a girl, he tagged her account“@bellasarah_87” , you clicked on her account. She was a private account.

«  Private… But she looks damn ugly. » you mumbled,based to her profil picture.

You felt some jealousy, you knew that Seth was going to Mexico… alone. You cannot forget that he’ll travel with someone, in fact a girl. You started to read the comments, almost everybody was sure that she was his new girlfriend but some were arguing about her beauty.

@sethiebaby : she’s ugly smh, he deserves better than this thing.

@xxxlittlemixxreigns : ?￰゚リᆳ?￰゚リᆳ?￰゚リᆳ?￰゚リᆳ?￰゚リᆳ?

You continued to read the comment, and you realized that you felt just like these ‘fangirls’, full of jealousy and hatred because you’ll never have him, you’ll never have Seth. Yet, he was so near of you but so far at the same time. You could felt your heart beat going crazy, you posed your phone then stayed quiet, eyes wide open. Even if you wanted to sleep, you couldn’t, you felt bad, you realized that your feelings for Seth were different, not friendly at all. You tought that you were crazy to love your friend, that something was wrong with you.You prefered to say that you were overprotective.

You needed to talk to someone, you called  Allia, a common friend with Seth.

«  Allia, your voice was weak shaking

— (Y/N) ! It’s been a long time, how you doin' ? she almost yelled what made you slightly smile.

— Yeah, I’ve been busy that’s why, you lied, I’m good.

— Your voice says the otherwise, tell me the truth (Y/N)

— I’m just sick, stop acting like my mom please, you tried to change of subject.

— Hmmmm, I’ll take this answer.

— How’s Seth ?

You definitely wanted more information, you were actually sure that she knew more about @bellasarah_87 .

— Doing good, actually he’s in Mexico with Sarah, she paused, why ?

— Just like this, Sarah, one of his old friend right ? , you know that she wasn’t one of his ‘old friend’

— No, she laughed, his new girlfriend ! She sound so nice.

— Really ?, you took a suprised tone but you felt it coming.

— I only talked to her by phone but I already love her, you’ll love her too.


Sure, you gulped.

— Do you have something of planned on New Year’s Eve ?

— Execpt watching Empire or The Walking Dead, not really.

This schedule for your New Year’s Eve was the best for you, hang out wasn’t your thing.


— So come at Le Bar, we’ll have fun, Seth will come.

— That’s totally changed your answer, you needed to see him.

— I’m in , you sounded already bored by this night.

— I like this ! We gonna have fun. See you. »

You hung up and threw out your phone « I’m a mess » you muttered. You weren’t confident, in high school you were discreet and discreet and decreasing. You met Seth in high school, you both were strange and very quiet. You two were really passionated about wrestling, you remember when he went to your home to watch PPVs. You were here when wrestled in small gymnasium where we could hear the noises of the apron. But he began to win in popularity naturally he taken away to you. You guys still have contacts, it was hard to be far away of him but he does what he loves, and that was the most important for you.

You walked towards the restaurant “Le Bar”, he was black outsie but the big lampposts sent some light. Tinsel garlands added of the color to all this, the water was strangely cool and soft. It was only 8:00 but people were partying, drinking and screaming, they were happy. When you saw a group of friends, you whispered to yourself « When was the last time I smiled like them ? »

A long time.

You arrived in front of the restaurant « Le Bar »,get in or run away ? You stared at people inside trough the glass.You could see Allia’s red hair, next to her there was Seth, you recognized his bun badly arranged. All at once,you started to smile. You missed him, you didn’t see him since almost six months.You went in the restaurant, you had to push people to get to their tables, there was so much people. I don’t like these types of

« (Y/N)! I tought that you wouldn’t come ! Allia hugged me but my eyes were on Seth.

— Sorry, but I’m here right now, you answered.

— It’s been a long time, (Y/N), Seth said by hugging me. »

I could feel his body agaisnt me, his body was so warm. I’d stay in his arms forever. There were other people but I greeted them with a simple wave of hand. A girl was next to him.

Wait, it’s her ?

« Oh (Y/N), this is Sarah, he put the arm on the shoulders of this girl, Sarah. »

You understood.

Quite became fuzzy around you, sounds suddenly became deaf. You stayed in this state a few seconds before coming back to earth. This girl smiled to you.

« Seth talks a lot about you, she smirked » Actually, you don’t care, you hurt.

He’s happy, alright, she makes him happy, okay, he loves her… That’s not okay. I’ve been in love with him since the 10th  grade, I can’t hide my feelings anymore.All the people around me were enjoying this night which is supposed to be the most beautiful of the year. You couldn’t focus on the conversation,but you could focus on Seth’s hands who traveled on HER body.

That was too much.

You stayed up to the countdown in this state of “absence”, at midnight everybody took each other in arms, kissed each other, smiled and wished best wishes for this year which will change nothing to your life. You stayed stoical, you got up an you left.

Allia watched you leaving, you never told about your feelings but she knew. She was sad for you,she noticed that you were too quiet. She asked you many times « (Y/N), you good ? », your lazy nod only showed how deep was your pain. Allia looked several times Seth, who was enjoying his night.He didn’t see that his friend left.

« How blind can mans be?! she growled  Seth, we need to talk, come here»

Seth gave a confused look to the redheaded girl but he got up and followed Allia. They went in somewhere more private.

« (Y/N) has just left, so go look for her ! Right now ! »

Seth looked at Allia, even more confused.

« Stop looking at me like this ! Run and go search her. »

You walked down the street of slow step when you heard someone yelling your name behind you, you turned around and saw Seth out a breath behind you. At first, you tought that he was a pretty hot illusion made by your mind but the illusion kept calling you. You stopped and watched this illusion getting closer until you realized that he was real.

«  — (Y/N) why did you left ?!

— I am sick and I feel bad.

— This doesn’t work with me,he commented.

— You want the true ? Do you really want it because our relationship will not be the same after ? You asked him by looking at him straight in the eyes.

— (Y/N)…

— I love you. »

These three words look as simple as hello, but they’re the hardest words to say, in every language. Seth looked at you, wordless.

«  On this, happy New Year Colby. »

You gave him a sad smile before leaving. Two things were strange : You left lighter, with a huge weight lifted. Now, he knows that you love him.

And you called him Colby as you never did before.

Tips for a happy life: neurodivergent edition

  • set an alarm for a normal time, hit snooze for the next 2 hours as self-loathing intensifies
  • increase heartrate by involving yourself in unnecessary internet drama that doesn’t pertain to you
  • wash down meds with cup of dusty water you found on your dresser
  • read lists with advice you’re currently incapable of implementing in your life
  • listen to one sufjan stevens song on repeat for 4 hours (take your pic, they’re all depressing)
  • “i think i showered last week–should be fine”
  • microwave leftovers, get impatient 30 seconds in and stand in the kitchen shoveling lukewarm, unevenly heated food down your throat
  • use social media and falsely inflated memories of peers from high school and college as ammunition to berate yourself for being so awful
  • think about all the things you could do for self-care, become paralyzed by guilt
  • liveblog your depression on the microblogging platform of your choice, obsess over the validation you do or do not receive and how this reflects your self worth
  • stay up until 4am refreshing your social media even though it’s just you and one other random australian 
  • resolve that tomorrow you’ll stop being such a miserable little shit and get your life together
  • have you tried just, like, not being depressed?

Ok so for all of you who were curious about my Jared photo earlier and how it was part of a series, this is it. This pictures the chronological order of how the sailor jerrys bottle became a thing.

Starting with the very first event, my photo op with Rob and Richard. So in their panel, they had said their photo duo was going to be “pre-game” because it was before karaoke and they were going to be drinking. So i was like, hell, if they pre-game, why shouldn’t i? So i grabbed my bottle of rum i had brought with me and took it down to the photo op.

Now at this time i was waiting in line, i was debating on whether to go naughty/trashy with Richard, or nice/cute with Rob. (bcuz Rob Benedict is just such a sweetheart like holy crap). SO i finally get up to take the photo and i realize neither one of them is drinking. (lets be fair, i was one of the first ones, but i was sorta sad about that).

As i walk up to the both of them, i look between them and say “ok, so we’re going for a naughty/nice pic here”. Rob was on my left and Richard was on my right, and i had my bottle in my right hand, and Richard just grabs it out of my hand at the same time Rob says excitedly “I want to be naughty!”. (it was so fucking adorable). Both me and Richard look at him and shake our heads because NO Rob, you cant be naughty. 

So Chris goes ahead and snaps the picture, and i see the bottle in my peripherals. I turn, and there is Richard Speight JR, full on staring blatantly down my top. (With the rum bottle positioned to be ‘pourn’ down my shirt). He then looks up and looks me in the eye and smirks “i was pouring on your cleavage… i hope thats alright.” but in his super flirty sexual Richard Speight Jr way. So i was freaking out because HELL YAH that was ok and i told him “of course thats ok, thats exactly what i wanted.” so he smirks and pulls me in for a hug, and i’m totally in bliss, until i feel someone press up behind me AND FUCKING ROB BENEDICT IS HUGGING ME FROM BEHIND AND I AM JUST GLORIOUSLY SANDWICHED BETWEEN THE TWO. It lasted for what seemed like forever, and then i turned around and i hug Rob a proper way and he just kinda holds me there.

So after i pick up the photo i am just awestruck at how amazingly sexy it is.Of course for my gold autograph with Rob i have him sign the photo. Now this is where it gets fun. He looks at the picture and just turns bright red and starts laughing for the longest time, then he would pause, look up at me, back down at the photo and start laughing again. He takes a really long time with me, and we’re talking, and he signs the photo “good angel” (pointing to himself) takes a second to look at the photo and back and me and gives it a heart and signs his name. But then he kept looking at the photo and kept laughing, and then he pauses once more, looks at me once more, smirks, laughs, pauses, shakes his head and writes “p.s. i want to be the bad angel”.

at this point i am totally dying because who doesn’t want rob benedict and richard speight jr battling over who gets to pour rum down your cleavage?? And then Rob got ridiculously excited when he got to sign the bottle (i never intended to get it signed at all- just the photo) and he even signs it for free because i only had the one autograph. 

So the next day, i decided I really needed Richard Speight Jr’s autograph, so he could sign the photo. I walk up to him, and set the pic down in front of him and he just explodes. Him and I were talking for a while joking back and forth and he was being really flirty, and signs it with “Ashley! I stand behind this pour.” and once again, i didnt plan on getting the bottle signed, but Richard really wanted to.

Now that was supposed to be the end of that, but i bought a second auto with Misha (for a long complicated reason) and i found out he wasn’t personalizing, so I felt no need for him to sign a second photo with just his name, so i let him sign the bottle. Just because it’s Misha.

Now, i had no idea what I wanted to do with my photo with Jared, and then i realized that he would get an absolute kick out of a “prop” of a bottle of rum.

So I walk up to jared and hand him the bottle (at this point it had already been signed by Rob Benedict, Richard Speight and Misha Collins, but he knew nothing about any of this) and I tell him “so you’re going to pretend like you’ve drunk this entire bottle.”

He looks at me and examines the bottle (and for the life of me I can’t remember if he actually SAID anything I was so starstuck). So he looks at the bottle and then proceeds to unscrew it. He brings it up to his face and smells it, and recoils and looks down at me in surprise/shock.

I laugh and I’m like “yeah, it’s real rum”. So he proceeds to turn his back to me (and I think he took a swig but I can’t be sure) and then turns back around. He was goofing off this entire time with me, like laughing and nudging me and stumbling and really having a ton of fun with it and I couldn’t have been happier with the experience or the actual photo.

So then, with my J2 duo, (at this point i decided that Jared and Jensen both needed to sign the bottle, so since it was in my pic with Jared, Jensen had to be holding it in one of my pics).

So for my last photo op, J2, which came after the Jared i walk up to both of them and hand the bottle to Jensen. I then say “So since last time, Jensen has now taken the bottle from you and you’re pissed”. And they just rolled with it. (Also I’m kissing Jensens cheek here which HOLY MOTHER FUCK HIS BEARD FELT SO SOFT AND SO GOOD AND MY LIPS WERE TINGLING)

Then when i get up to get it autographed, Jensen looks up at me and asks “So what’s the story with the bottle? Apart from the fact that it’s less full from when i saw it last” and i was like “well, um, well-” totally starstruck and trying to get out of the fact that the bottle had been making its rounds, but he was so joking and playful it was really cute. So i was like “uh yeah well i’m sure you know why that is.” and he laughs and then i show him the photos and he finds them hilarious and then signs the bottle. 

(During the two auto’s i got deep with both Jensen and Jared, but those are both stories for a different post because this one is hella long already)

Then when i bring it up for Jared, as i’m standing in line one of his bodyguards was like “hey- what’s up with that bottle” and went on teasing me until i realized that i was not in fact in TROUBLE (cause i thought i was) but that it should be empty cause no rum should ever go to waste. (all his bodyguards were joking about this, and how i should finish it and then refill it).

So i get up to the table, and Jared was pretty distracted and tried to hand the bottle back to me (he was finishing up a conversation) and his bodyguard was like “Jared, there is some booze on the table waiting for your attention” and Jared perked up like an adorable puppy and grabbed the bottle once more and opened it and sniffed it, (like three times) and was just really enjoying it.

It was rather sexy.

But then he signed it and gave it back to me, which i then took and showed Richard, as well as the rest of the photo ops, and Richard was in LOVE with it all. (And so was Rob.)

That’s essentially everything, the super long tale of how my bottle of Sailor Jerry’s was half consumed, passed around, signed, and became a thing of Burcon 2014


Kate Bishop beach selfies/outfit check. Other beach pics!
(Aka I just found these and look at how sunburned I was)


In honor of my blog’s 3rd birthday, I have a merch post for you all.

First off, I found some neat bracelets that double as pens with neat charms.

Second, I came across this stationary set that has 3 pencils and two pony shaped erasers. It was supposed to come with a play mat, but it was stolen out of the package. The blind bags, to the right of the eraser ponies in the last two pics, are for comparison.


(I was supposed to set an alarm and head to bed but I ended up writing a fic on my phone instead. All these 5x05 pics are killing me, so here have some spoilers-inspired mini fanfic from a big ball of human trash a.k.a. me)

The mansion’s door opened as soon as Emma reached the first stoop. “Emma, I found something!” Regina’s enthusiasm is returned with a lack of interest. “Yeah? What is it?” Emma asked. Regina reveals a dreamcatcher she’s been hiding behind her back and hands it to Emma. For a few seconds, the woman stares blankly at the object and then turns around to leave. “Merlin said we had to remind you of the time you felt the truest of love.” Regina blurted out in an attempt to stop the dark one from leaving. “I just thought maybe… maybe this will remind you of your days with Neal…” A deep silence ensued. Emma turns back to face Regina and steps a little closer, swaying in a playful yet menacing way. “Seriously?” she mocks. “I would rather be dark than remember all of that.” “You don’t get to be selfish! Think about Henry, your parents. They need their Emma back. Just take this, please.” Regina says, desperation obvious in her voice. “Don’t you get it? What Merlin said won’t work. This,” Emma points at herself, “This is me now, just accept that.” Regina’s face is now a mixture of hopelessness, annoyance, and pain but she remained as calm as she can. “There is always a choice, Emma.” The name was uttered like a silent prayer, and the dark one looked Regina right in her eyes and into her soul. Emma’s face fell for a second but then a smirk formed on her lips. With a raised eyebrow, she declared, “And I choose darkness. I choose this.” That was the last straw, Regina couldn’t take any more of it. “This is pointless.” the brunette in red blazer turns her back to the blonde in full black leather. “Just go!” she screams before slamming the door shut.

Emma watched the door close as Regina’s voice echoes inside her head. She looks up and fixes her eyes on Henry’s bedroom window. She takes a deep breath and gently closes her eyes. What she couldn’t admit to Regina is this: When she saw the dreamcatcher she remembers accusing her of killing Archie. She remembers the pain in her eyes. She remembers letting her down. She does have a choice and she stands on what she said. She chooses this. Because the time she felt the truest of love is the very moment she stepped into the darkness. And everytime she gets reminded why she did it, she chooses it even more. Because love is sacrifice and she thinks sacrificing herself for Regina is her own dark twisted happy ending.

On the other side of the door, Regina takes a deep breath and gently closes her eyes. She remembers seeing blonde hair and blue eyes run towards her direction. She remembers a teary “You worked too hard to have your happiness destroyed.” She remembers the clink of the dagger as it dropped on the ground. Her heart ached. That was the moment she felt the truest of love. She opens her eyes and peeks into her door. “I will make you feel a love that’s so much greater than you’ve ever felt before, Emma Swan.” she whispers to herself as she watch the dark one walk off her porch and disappear into thin air. 

my mom just found calum’s dick pic in my phone and she just looks up from the screen, looks into the distance for a second, shakes her head and just gently set my phone down. Yeah b that’s what i thought don’t touch my phone


Sakurai’s Daily Pic - October 20

Well Sakurai wanted to showcase the rules select screens for Smash Wii U and they do have a couple of interesting things shown in them.  First. COIN MODE confirmed for Smash Wii U lining up with a couple of voice clips found in the 3DS game.  Now in the backgrounds of the second set of images, we have some very interesting things such as the bottom middle pic having what seems to be HYRULE TEMPLE and then a stage Kirby is on that confuses me (unless it is him on a land portion of Pilot Wings or something).  This game is going to be amazing and I can’t wait.