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Mother’s day

This is going to be a very weird post but it’s all true.

Now it is mothers day! You should all know this. Most mothers like getting lovely things like flowers! Chocolates! 

You know what my mother wanted? A cactus. You read that correctly. A cactus.

Did I find this request strange? Yes. Very! But I didn’t ignore it. If she wants one she can have one. So I followed her advice and went on a trip with my dad to go get her one.

I saw it. I saw the one that I found to be perfect! I paid for him out of my own pocket of course and we took him back to my dad's for a drink:

Look at how lovely he is! He is so green and oddly cute. So small and little. Looks innocent but has a temper. I think this suits my mother perfectly! 

I took him back to my mums. Safety first of course! He fell over a few times but that didn’t stop him! He stood proudly and stronger than ever before!

My mother loved him! She almost cried and she loved her card as well (which I added the comment “from the best daughter” because it is true. She gave him a nice little pot which she made herself. We decided to call him George!

Look at him! He has lots of brothers and sisters to keep him company! He is part of the family!

Now here is when this weird post ends. I spoke to my mum about the true reason she wanted a cactus. I hate questioning her but I felt like it was necessary. She turned around and said this to me:

“Flowers die. Chocolates go off or the taste just lasts for a few minutes. I can remember your gift for years, not just for a few weeks at best. I can show this off to my friends and say my wonderful daughter got me this a few years back." 

She then points to her tallest and oldest one. "You see this one? You got me this one year for mothers day. Look how big and tall it is! this has lasted for many years and it is still growing. You see what I mean? It is a gift that lasts forever!”

This is why I love my mother. 

I don’t think she has seen today's google page either! I bet she will love it!

don’t let anybody tell you you’re any less than what you are!! you are important, and you deserve to be treated that way!

INTx Flirting
  • INTP: I like your new pants.
  • INTJ: Thanks, they were 50% off.
  • INTP: I'd like them better if they were 100% off.
  • INTJ: The store can't just give away clothes for free.
  • INTP: That's not what I me-
  • INTJ: That's a terrible way to run a business.
  • Later that day
  • INTJ: ...and then INTP said they would like them better 100% off.
  • ENTJ: How did you reply?
  • INTJ: That's a terrible way to run a business.
  • INTJ: ...oh.

ASoIaF Fancast: Valery Kovtun as Rhaegar Targaryen