i found out about the song on my own not from assassins creed thanks

Bonding With Your Dragon Spirit

**These methods are pretty broad spectrum and can also be used outside of dragon spirits.  These are just techniques and things I have done and this post is by no means all inclusive.  Thank you**

Bonding with your dragon spirit is an important thing to do, I think.  It helps you get closer with them and that opens the way to a good friendship and partnership!  Regardless of what kind of relationship you have with them (provided it’s a healthy one), doing these activities to feel closer is a great way to continue with your practice!

Sharing your passions!

Doing some sort of activity along side your dragon spirit that you love is a good one.  You are sharing something that you love with them and they are being included in it!  Do you like going for a walk?  Great, invite your dragon with you!  Like crafts?  Great!  work with them so you both can create something awesome!  How about cooking?  Also good, you can share the results when everything is finished!  The dragon spirit I currently work with actually likes to play games with me.  I found out through playing some Skyrim music and he was curious where it came from and now I actually have a Dragon age and Assassins Creed save file with his name on it.


I’ve always felt that spells are a great offering for your dragon.  But casting a spell with their help not only is good for working with your dragon, it’s also a great way to feel closer.  Even if it’s something small, like setting a circle!  I personally love to ask my dragon spirits to help me set a circle and it was always so nice because he would use his wings to do it so it was like I was in a tent.  It was so wonderful!  This is a great way to further your dragon magic and really get close and I strongly encourage it!  Of course this is only if the dragon in question is ok with it.  


This technically could fall under the passions section but I kept it on its own since some people may not really know how to make music or be musically inclined.  But you can listen to music with them, look for songs that they like and have it playing just for the two of you.  I have a playlist on youtube for Rivaz and sometimes I listen to it when I’m going to sleep or I’ll play it when I’m trying to communicate with him.  I also like to sing for him and that is another thing you can do!


I think this is a big one.  Using the cards or pendulum or whatever medium you use is a great way to bond with them!  I have a reading in my shop available for purchase in which I speak with whatever dragon spirit I’m working with (currently Rivaz) and they will give you a message or advice!


This kind of ties in with divination but can stand on its own.  Talking with your dragon spirit is a great way you can get to know them, ask them questions and grow together.  Plus, dragon spirits can have some great advice even if its not always what you want to hear.

Sharing meals

So, this can also be considered an offering but I think it is a great one!  Sharing your meals, I think, is a very personal thing.  Think about how many times you’ve gone out to eat with friends?  This can be a similar thing!  I also think its a good thing to share some of your favorite foods with them!  I like to share my coffee and tea!

Astral Projecting/Lucid Dreaming

This is a great one and together you can go on adventures!  I have a post about one of my own experience here.  This is a fun way to see more things and grow closer.  There’s something to be said about discovering such places that you cannot normally see.


Reading and sharing stories is a fun one.  And every dragon may have their own preference!  Lore, myths, short stories all kinds of things can be used!  You can even share your favorite works with them!  Or even more so you can read them your own work if you write!


I like writing poetry and coming up with spells to work with dragons and it’s a good way.  You could also work with them to make your own story!  This section could fit in with a few other places on this list but I still felt like I could warrant it’s own spot!

Carrying offerings with you

This is one that I really like doing if my dragon spirit gives me permission. I often leave stones and crystals as an offering or even jewelry and I love to be able to carry those items with me when I leave the house.  It’s like a little extra reassurance that they are with me and it really makes me feel more connected, especially since they were ok with me taking a piece of their hoard with me.


This may seem silly but if your dragon is ok with it, sleeping with them is a good way to bond.  My current dragon spirit is not really big on cuddles so I don’t really get to do it anymore but the previous dragon spirits I had loved it and it was so nice!  I highly recommend this method if you can!

Happy bonding!

Safe Travels

Your Past. My Present. Our Future. Part 1

Summary: Ally has been with the Savior’s and by Negan’s side for a few months now. She quickly moved up the racks with the help of her skill set and attitude. In time she became someone that Negan could always count on and open up to. They developed a relationship base on mutual respect and playful shit talking. Over the months of her being there, Negan started to see Ally in a different light. One day, he decides to ask her a question, he never thought he would ask her. Would she accept his offer to be one of his wives? Or would her past effect her future with him?

Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 1 

Waring: Cussing. Violence. Death

Chapter 1

“Negan, we need to cut them off now.” I said, looking at the men walking through the woods. “Before they reach their cars on the other side of the woods.”

“Don’t worry baby girl, those fuckers aren’t going anywhere.” Negan said,looking over at his men. “Alright boys, four of you guys cut off their fucken retreat and the other four with me. And as for you.” Negan looked down at me. “Go do your fucken thing spider monkey.”

I nodded my head and I took off running into the woods to cut the men off. I kept running, slowing building up speed. I was able to cut past the men without being seen. I took a deep breath as I got ready to jump. I push myself off the ground as I jumped for the tallest tree. I took a hold of it and started climbing up the tree.

I climbed it to I found a spot where I could see the men. I could see them about to enter a small clearing, leaving them completely open for an attack. I did a bird call, single to Negan and in return, he started to whistle. The men stop in their tracks when the Saviors and Negan came out of the woods. They turn around to run back into the woods, when the rest of the Saviors came out. 

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Jacob Frye x Reader - What I Never Knew I Always Wanted

A/N - Yeah, I’m late, sorry. Real talk though, what is with me writing things involving weddings and proposals? I am terrified of commitment what is happening to me. I also don’t like song fics very often and yet, here I am.

The song

Never was the kind to think about dressing in white
Wasn’t waiting on a prince to come riding into my life
Thought I was happy on my own
‘Til you came and proved me wrong

  “You look incredible!” Evie’s voice shocked you from your trance. You were staring at your wedding dress in pure bliss, analyzing every inch of the gorgeous fabric Evie had helped you pick out.
  “I never really thought I looked good in white,” you confessed, tears building behind your eyes as you grinned, “Evie!” You threw your arms around her, thankful the friend who did your makeup decided to play it safe with waterproof mascara.
  “You look fantastic and I know Jacob will think so too.”
  “I can’t believe I’m getting married!” you turned back to the mirror, fixing yourself up and holding back the happy tears still ready to fall. “You’ve got to admit, I never really seemed the type.”
  “You certainly seem the type now. Look at you!" 

Never pictured myself singing lullabies
Sitting in a rocking chair in the middle of the night
In the quiet, in the dark
You’re stealing every bit of my heart with your daddy’s eyes
What a sweet surprise

  You hummed quietly to the baby in your arms, eyes drifting shut, but still far from sleep.
  You might have missed sleep, but every time you looked at your child’s face, you fell more in love.
  "You look so much like your daddy.” The baby, tears stopped for the moment, stared at you almost like he understood. “You’re probably going to worry me just as much as he does too, aren’t you?”
  “I love you, sweetheart." 

I finally found what I never knew I always wanted
I couldn’t see; I was blind 'til my eyes were opened
I didn’t know there was a hole
Something missing in my soul
'Til you filled it up with your love

  "Jacob?” Your voice was quiet, cutting through the darkness of your room as you traced patterns on your husband’s bare chest.
  That word still threw you for a loop when it went through your mind.
  “Is something wrong?” His arm, around your waist tightened, pulling you closer to him.
  You hadn’t really expected him to be awake, so you tripped over your words a bit as you spoke. “No, nothing, I just- I love you.”
  A deep chuckle escaped his lips, igniting a grin on your own. “I should hope so.” You feigned a pout, barely visible in the darkness and he laughed again, before placing a kiss against your forehead, “I love you too.”

I never was the kind to think about dressing in white
I never pictured myself singing lullabies

Take A Look (Jacob Frye X Assassin!Reader)

(I know it’s been a while since my last fic - with the schedule going out the window with a week or two, but here is the newest one!)

I listened to Peter Hollens’ cover of Underground from the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate soundtrack and wrote this at about 10pm. 

I hope everyone like this; enjoy!


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Imagine making dinner for Connor.

A/N: So this was kinda difficult to write since it was hard for me to actually imagine this situation and I really didn’t know what food to use (cause I have no idea what native americans ate back then) so I just decided to use something very basic… hope this is good! requested by artynerd23.

A delicious smell of food filled the air as you rambled through your large kitchen. You opened one drawer after another, trying to find something to mix the food with. Eventually you decided that the wooden spatula that you had found from the second drawer would be fine, and you returned back to the oven. You looked inside and the stew you had been cooking was finally looking ready. You carefully pulled out the pot, using some old rags to keep your hands from burning. You didn’t even notice you were humming some old folk song until you were interrupted by a deep chuckle.

“Your voice is very beautiful.”

You made a surprised noise and turned around to see Connor leaning to the kitchen counters.

“Oh hi Connor, didn’t hear you coming in…” you muttered, blush creeping to your cheeks. You turn back to the stove and continue to prepare the food. You could feel Connors eyes on your back, but you just kept quiet and doing your things. You would have wanted the dinner to be a surprise, since you knew that this was one of his favorite childhood foods. You had spent hours by searching some kind of recipe that would help you, and had finally found one from an old book. You used deer meat, beans, quinoa and some herbs (like chili) and had cooked the stew in a low heat for several hours. You had also baked corn bread with it.

 You carried the stew to the table and placed the basket of bread next to it. The plates were set to the table and you assumed Connor had done it while you were at the kitchen.

“Connor, dinner is ready, sit down and eat”, you spoke with your voice high from the excitement. He walked next to you and glanced to the table. His brown eyes went wide and a small smile appeared to his lips.

“It sure smells delicious my love”, he complimented before sitting down. You sat on the table, too eager to see his reaction to actually focuse on eating your own food. He placed a portion to his plate and took a piece of bread. He then took a mouthful of the food and chewed slowly. For a moment it was quiet. What if he doesn’t like it? your mind questioned. Before you could even start to imagine any other “What if”s, a muffled moan came from Connor. You observed him closely, as he shut his eyes and kept chewing. When he had swallowed, he opened his eyes and looked straight in to you. And tears begun to roll down his cheeks. You were stunned. What in the earth was happening right now.

“…Are you okay? What’s wrong?” you asked and then gulped.

Before you could do anything else, you were grabbed by a pair of strong hands and pulled in to a tight hug. You wrapped your hands around Connors waist but pulled gently a little further from him to face him, eyes still looking confused. His eyes glimmered from the tears and his jaw was clenched.

“I’m sorry Y/N, it’s just that the food was so good and brought back so many memories from my mother and childhood…” he started to explain.

“Shhh, no need to apologize. I’m just relieved you like it”, you announced. You wrapped your hands to his neck and gave a small kiss to his lips. Connor was more than eager to answer to it but just as things were about to get more heated up, you leaned away. A giggle escaped your lips and you raised your hand to wipe the lonely tears from his face.

“We have dinner to eat”, you remind him.

“Oh ofcourse” he answer, his voice rough.

Both of you sat down to feast, and a comfortable silence landed upon you. Only the clicking of cutlery and the sound of you eating could be heard. When both of you were finished, Connor thanked you politely.

“So what’s for dessert?” he chuckled, clearly not being serious.

“Well, I think that you already had a preview from it earlier…” you told him, winking your eye playfully. He moved to grab your hand and you stood up, letting him lead you to your bedroom for “the dessert”…