i found my other half

*whispers* Divine Victoria reads smutty literature in bed when she’s had a long day pass it on

“Maybe you should leave me. I’m a mess and I can do worse.” he said “You know what, when I decided to love you, I also learned to accept the fact that we’re all troubled kids here and we just need someone to mess with. I’m just so lucky I found you.” she said
—  // be my other half, my other troubled soul

i doodled a sloppy kagehina partner assassins AU bc i needed it in my life

i cant draw guns so i just scribbled pls spare me

(kags is supposed to be a sniper and hinata a close combat specialist. i think kags would be a one bullet and done sort of assassin while hinata gets too excited and leaves things a little too messy for his partner’s taste and they end up bickering bc “now we have to clean this up, dumbass!!!11″)

SNSD Reaction to: You Having a 4D Personality

bts version: here!

Taeyeon: “I finally found them … my other half.” You two are a match made in heaven, the type of couple that people look up to.

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Jessica: You bring out her silly side, sometimes acting goofy in public just to embarrass Krystal. But she also knows when to be serious so Jessica makes sure you act appropriately if the situation calls for it.

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Sunny: Has so much fun with you, letting her inner child shine. Your personality always perks her up after a hard day, reminding her of just why she loves you.

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Tiffany: Pretends not to know you to tease you. Then brings a smile to your face by poking her tongue out or pulling faces. And acts cool again if someone looks at her, still maintaining that she doesn’t know you.

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Hyoyeon: “You’re so embarrassing.” Acts like you’re a nerd but looks at you so fondly, no matter how “weird” you’re acting. There’s so much love and adoration shining in her eyes.

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Yuri: One of her stylists was unaware of the relationship and asked aloud “Why is that strange person here?” and earned themselves some serious stink eye.

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Sooyoung: Arrives late to your dinner date, spotting you entertaining the child at the table next to you. Her heart melts, loving how much fun you are.

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Yoona: Can feel embarrassed sometimes but also proud, if that makes sense? Like, if you’re making a fool of yourself in public, she’s like “I don’t know them” but is also thinking “Yeah, that’s my baby. Live life happily and let them stare.”

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Seohyun: Loves your quirkiness, that you’re not ashamed to be yourself. But also knows that sometimes you need to act a certain way (in front of a camera/at a funeral/etc) and will settle you down no problem. “Babe, please, sit back down.”

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Hide us from the wrath of the lamb.

Hidden Messages

Ship: Raphril

Universe: TMNT!2012

Note: Haha so this was the one I was supposed to have posted on Monday (or Tuesday at the latest). I had a lovely anon who reminded me and so it’s thanks to her I’m posting this at all because I totally forgot I was supposed to do that XD

Summery: Raph writes a letter that he deeply regrets, only to regret it a lot less later on. Takes place after Casey Jones versus the Underworld.

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It wasn’t your beauty that pulled me in, No it was your eyes so bright yet so dark so full of hope yet hopeless at the same time hiding your true self from the world but not from me I could see you for all that you were. What I saw were eyes like my own looking back at me and in that instant I knew I had found the other half of my soul..
—  Franklin Pressley
When you fall in love with your soulmate.

When you fall in love with your soulmate.

Money becomes no object, when it comings to showing them love.

Distance makes the love grow and between you.

And every second spent with them feels as if time has stopped.

Seconds become hours and day becomes night.

When you fall in love with your soulmate.

You’re heart beats faster at the sight of there text.

You body grows warm from the thought of them.

Your dreams flutter with them and them alone.

You wake up smiling and touching your face.

When you fall in love with you soulmate.

You can’t stop thinking of them.

You can’t help but want to do more for them.

You dream of them at night and day dream of them in the sun.

You shower them with your love and tell them daily.

You do all this and so much more.

For I have found my soulmate, my other half. And I am in love with her. She’s everything I’ve ever looked for and wanted. And everything I’ll ever need.

we snuck onto the roof at my moms house. we wanted to watch the stars that night. the air was brisk and still, the trees made no sounds. all i could hear was the sound of my heart beating and his too. in that moment i realized i found my other half. i realized i really am going to marry them.

Maybe one day I’ll get my parter in crime back. I love you. My arms are always open for you. Come back soon please. No one else got me like you did. No one else made doing nothing so comfortable, stood by my side through my best days and my worst days. No one pushed me to be better than you did. Showed me the little things matter. Like seeing how happy you got when I surprised you with Reese’s your favorite candy. No one else was as thoughtful as you. Buying me spray paint and art supplies because you wanted me to make something beautiful. No one else made me feel more like home. Every day with you made me feel at home. Made me know that you are the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with even still to this day I still think that. I found my love, I found my life parter, I found my other half.

You were my parter in crime, my little princess, my little nerd, my beautiful girlfriend. Please come back soon. You are the girl that I wanted, you are the girl I still want, and the girl I’ll always want.

I’m sorry I haven’t been acting like me recently. And I’m sure you know the way I’m acting isn’t me. None of this is like me at all. I don’t like fighting, I don’t like getting mad, I dont like having you upset with me, I’m sure you hate me because of it, probably resent me and want nothing to do with dating me ever again based on the way I’ve acted these last few months since you left. But I promise it will all go away. I won’t be like this anymore. I just love you so much and I don’t want to lose you. I was just trying to keep us together but I see now I was just tearing us apart. Hopefully you will be able to forgive me. Give us a second chance.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem fair that I’ve found my other half and yet you’re miles away, no where to be found. Thank God for technology, and modes of transportation that can bring us together again. I’m not complaining, cause I never even expected to ever find you. There are 7 billion people in this world - I suppose your soulmate wouldn’t live down the street.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #12
When hes away

I feel like a puzzle with half of its pieces missing.

The only thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that no matter how long I stay incomplete, my other half will eventually find its way back to me, and I will be whole again.

I’ll wait as long as I need to…because in my heart, I know the purpose of a puzzle. And I have found my remaining pieces.

Through all of the mistakes and work, trying to find a perfect match and fitting things together that you know don’t quite belong, you will one day find the combination that creates the other half to your puzzle. There’s only one.

And once you find that combination, that other half, the pieces will eventually come together. And it will fit. One day the puzzle will be completely finished. And it will make everything worth it.