i found my christmas card

Day 17: Christmas Cards (Pairing Solangelo) AU

“Nico do you know what a smile is?” Hazel asks sarcastically.

“I’m not like you and everyone else. I don’t just hand smiles out to people.” Nico says defensively.

“No wonder you became so close with Reyna. I swear the poker faces you both have are scary.” Hazel responds with a playful smile.

Nico shoves her to the side with a hint of laughter.

“See! That’s what dad wants for our Christmas picture!” Hazel exclaims.

“I still don’t see why he wants us to do this. We’re both in college for crying out loud!” Nico shouts exasperatedly.

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anonymous asked:

on christmas morning i found a card under my pillow and it was from my dad so i was like ok i opened it and it said "_____, You've been a naughty girl, when mom goes to bed meet me in the kitchen and we'll go into the basement" so i did and we had sex and i felt bad about it because my mom loves him but i couldnt help it, he made my nipples hard and i felt all tingly inside. i should go to confession right? i feel kinda guilty now but oh well, im 15 and my dad is 47 btw. ahhh.

On anon, tell me the sluttiest thing you’ve ever done.