i found it when i was organising my stuff

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can you give an advice to those people who want to plan and organize their lives but can't because they're too lazy to finish their planners and stuff?

Hey! Something I’ve found useful when I’ve not been using a planner or my nice bullet journal is having a notebook which is my like “side kick”. I use it as a very very very basic version of a bullet journal / to do list. I don’t add any colour, it is an absolute mess. No neatness, just a pure organisational thing. I’ll put the date and just a list of things to get finished. You don’t have that level of commitment as a proper bullet journal since you don’t have to design it each week and you don’t have the guilty feeling of seeing a planner go unused. Planning doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect. It has to be functional x

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While browsing through your blog I found christmasy stuff but then I suddenly thought with Easter right around the corner: What about Easter hcs? How do the Amis celebrate it? Any ideas?

(Again, Easter is far behind us, but here I am, letting things rot in my inbox)

  • Bahorel and Courfeyrac organise a MASSIVE egg hunt in Paris.
  • Courfeyrac just LOVES organising events for his friends and Bahorel just enjoys seeing them confused and frustrated when they don’t find an egg immediately (he’s an evil genius when it comes to hiding eggs)
  • The whole hunt is a treasure hunt with clues etc etc. Courfeyrac and Bahorel get up at 5 in the morning to get everything ready, because they need to ride the métro up and down the city
  • The rest is just pure team work between the remaining members of les Amis de l’ABC
  • Some clues are written in a foreign or dead language (more or less well translated thanks to google translation). Marius and Jehan are keeps players
  • Other clues require absurd knowledge about Paris, its history and its architecture, statues, symbols. That’s when Combeferre and Grantaire come in to help the team
  • Other clues are linked to political and judicial events. Enter Enjolras, Feuilly and Bossuet
  • Some clues are anagrams and puns. That’s Grantaire and Bossuet’s game
  • Some have complicated codes and maths that ned decyphering. Thats for Combeferre, Feuilly and Joly
  • They all contribute to the egg hunt in their own way, which results in a chocolate fest in les Jardins du Luxembourg

Day 53/100 of Productivity: 12 May 2017

Day 12 of May Study Challenge

12 (F). How has the studyblr community affected your studying in real life?

I guess the studyblr community has affected my studying in a lot of ways. Instead of only writing notes and reading them, I use a lot more different study techniques to memorise stuff, like flashcards (quizlet) and mind maps. My notes are also less bright, like before, I would highlight almost everything on the page, but now I only highlight the most important key words. I also use Forest as a pomodoro now, because I’ve realised that I study better when I take frequent breaks. I’ve also found great soundtracks/music to listen to while studying, instead of listening to songs I know all the lyrics to lmao I used to get so distracted. I guess I’m also more organised in general now so that helps when studying. 

These are some more ag notes lol. It’s about the different systems used to grow plants hydroponically (in water, and without soil) in commercial settings, and at my school :)

I started geography notes today, and am finishing off agriculture notes. Later tonight, I’m going to plan out my weekend, and hopefully do a mind map about eating disorders for PD/H/PE. 

Hair- Sirius Black

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never letting you go


Hee, it’s McShep :D

Funny story for this one actually.

I really only wanted to finish the bigger version of this icon (I made it for mcshep_icontest on lj about 10,000 3 years ago) and recently found it again while I was organising and cleaning out some folders. It looked kinda lonely when I was about to post it, though, so I made a little something to go with it ^__^

And I realised, I really really need to do a re-watch of SGA in the near future…

How I use HabitRPG as an IB student

Alright, so if you haven’t heard of habitrpg, go google it now. It’s fricking great. I’m not going to go over how it works, I’m just gonna say it totally does and I am now so much more organised and motivated than ever.

As an IB student, I have a lot of stuff that need doing. CAS, EE, IAs, homework, etc. etc. And I try and keep on top of it all. Thing is, when you’ve got a fairly hectic out-of-school life like me, coupled with a really frustrating inability to focus for any significant amount of time, it’s hard knowing how to schedule and prioritise and write notes well and find 150 hours free, and so on.



This is exactly what I was after. It’s all well and good having a hulking great paper wodge telling you what you’ll be doing, but it’s another thing entirely having it out and looming every time you log on. It’s really good. Y'know, beforehand I was dreading my CAS. Really, I was. Now I see the To-dos getting darker, I want to do it as soon as possible.

Personally, I also struggle with maths, so I’ve signed up for the Khanacademy mastery challenge too. That rewards you when you go on every day and get mastery over something new. It’s great. And it forces me to do maths every day, or my character loses health. I’ve become fairly attached to her (she is me, after all), so it’s a good motivation.

On top of that, it’s also really good as a website because I can not only say I have french homework, but I can put a checklist of all the components (planning, writing, verb and spell checking), and a due date (sooner than I’d like) and difficulty setting (I try and keep it proportionate), to help me prioritise, and motivate me if it’s harder, because it gives higher rewards.

nerdtasticjabberbox, Jonatan Dahlander (the khanacademy challenge creator), I salute you.

So, when I asked for post ideas, one of the replies was to do a ‘How I Study for Finals’ and I thought this was a good idea because: 1) it gives you guys a chance to know a bit about me as a student? and 2) I may, in some way,shape or form, be able to give you some tips to help you in your own studying. Just to clarify, this is how I study and I am not saying that this will work for everyone. So, without further ado, this is how I study:

Preparation: As with most things in life, you won’t be able to get it done without first preparing. And it’s the same with studying.
1. Get dressed. If I am doing a study session, I can’t stay in my pyjamas (unless I’m ill) or else I have a tendency to just climb back into my bed and sleep .Now, in most cases, I don’t get properly dressed and I just shove a hoodie and a pair of dance shorts on but that makes my brain go, “Oh, we’re actually getting ready to do something. We’re not going back to bed.” and that’s really important for me. I also make sure to shove my hair up because, if I don’t, I spend three quarters of my time trying to keep it out of my face.
2. Grab snacks. I can’t be the only one that gets hungry during study sessions so before I start I like to make a cup of tea (or just grab a bottle of water) and get a bowl of fruit or some popcorn or pretzels or something to keep me going and so that I don’t have to waste time getting them while studying.
3. Plan. Now, this is a step that I only started doing recently but it’s really improved my productivity while I’m studying. Before I started planning my study sessions, I used to start and realise that I didn’t really know what to do and I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what to go onto next. If you do all this in advance the n you have a clear path and clear goals that you want to reach by the end of your session. And your plan doesn’t have to be really detailed. As long as you have a rough path to follow, you should be fine. 
4. Grab everything. Gather everything you need, everything you think you might need and even everything you doubt you’ll need. If you have it with you at the start then you’ll save lots of time when you need it rather than wasting it hunting for it. Your supplies could include (but are not limited to) notebooks, textbooks, stationery, stapler, calculators and dictionaries.

Now that I’ve prepared, I’m ready to get down to the real stuff: actually studying. Note: before I figured out this studying method, I took a few tests to determine what type of learner I am. According to the test, I am a mix of all three types - visual, auditory and kinaesthetic - but lean slightly towards visual.
1. Writing notes.
 Writing notes is a very big thing for me and making sure that they’re colour coded is also massive for me. I like writing notes as sort of study guides and like to write them as though they are for others (which they usually end up being anyway) because this forces me to thoroughly explain all of the concepts and methods, leading me into a better understanding of the topic myself. Colour coding is big for me as well for two reasons. I am really into everything being in order so having a specific colour for everything makes it easier and it makes everything a lot clearer when you are reading your notes back. If I need a definition, I know what colour to look for. (*If anyone wants a further explanation of how I organise my notes, please tell me.*)
2. Teaching others. I’ve been told a bunch of times that I’d make a really good teacher and that I grasp things quickly so people often ask me questions about topics that we’re studying. I like helping people and, in my aid, I have found that explaining things to others actually helps me to remember the stuff better as well. So, usually, I grab either a friend who doesn’t understand something all too well, or (most of the time) my dad, and explain the topics to them .It seems a bit weird at first but it really does help. And, if you teach a struggling friend, it helps them as well. It’s a win-win situation!
3. Practice problems. For all of my subjects (especially Physics, Chemistry and Maths), I used to do about three thousand practice questions before my final .But, now that I’ve become just a little bit wiser, I realised that this isn’t the best way for me to study. So, I made myself a rule: If you can do 5 questions on that topic and get them all right, move on. This really helped me cut down on the amount of time I was wasting on topics I was good at, while still getting me to revise them.
4. Music. I’m a very quiet person myself but I cannot deal with it being silent. I’m so bad that one of my friends has decided that I have sedatephobia. So, when I’m studying, I have to have music playing. I can’t focus properly without it. For this though, I have designed my own playlist with songs that I like but that are mellow enough that I can still focus without wanting to get up and dance. There are a few upbeat ones mixed in, though, to stop me from falling asleep. :3 (*If anyone wants a link to it, I’ll post it later.*)

Night Before A Final. So this is a key point. It’s the night before and you start panicking that you haven’t studied enough, that you should have looked over this more, blah blah blah… You know the drill. So, to stop this, I try to make my exam eve’s as calming as possible.
1. Stop. About six or seven o’clock, tear yourself away from the books and stop studying. Put the textbook away and calm down. This is usually the point in the night where I text my (particularly nervous but lovely) friend and give her a pep talk.
2. Relax. Take a bath, read a book, play some video games, scroll endlessly through Tumblr, do whatever you want to do, just don’t look at your study stuff under any circumstances.
3. Organise. I pack my bag and double check that I have everything: usually pens, a ruler and a calculator. Also, get your outfit (or uniform as I sadly have) ready.
4. Get to bed early. On exam night, be in bed by 10:30pm at the latest. You’ll thank yourself for the sleep in the morning.

1. Try not to freak out.
As someone who used to suffer from anxiety, I know how annoying it can be to hear that put so simply but trust me, it really does help. (*Feel free to talk to me or message me any time if you ever feel stressed out or freaked out. I’m here to help!*) I have this one friend that has horrible exam anxiety and I give her a whole pep talk to her every time we go into an exam. I’ve even taught her all of my old tricks for dealing with my anxiety. My favourite line to tell her is, “It’s all about how you perceive it.”
2. Try different methods. While studying, you’re not always going to find the technique that works for you. Try out different things and you might find something that really helps. At the same time, there might be something that really works for studying one subject and a completely different method that you like for another subject.
3. Never give up. Just because you’re not getting something right now, doesn’t mean that you’re not close. I bet you if you looked back, you would have come so far. There’s no point in giving up when you’ve already made it so far. This is the home stretch, you only have the tiniest bit left to go and you can do it!

Well, that’s it guys! If you need any other help or advice, feel free to message me or send me an ask and I’ll be happy to try and help you! I hope this post helps you and I hope I can hep you all in the future! :) See you soon guys!

- Rachael :)