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Honestly I think you should make an announcement that you’ll start name dropping because I think these people are doing it bc they know you’re nice and you won’t do anything, they see it as you just take it, ya know? I don’t think it reflects poorly on you to just, share their message because this is the internet and they released those words into the ether, the universe can decide their consequences

Oh I never said I was nice. I said I try to be good. There’s a profound difference between those two things. 

Those who have been with me long enough, know that I take a hard line stance on not naming and shaming people in my inbox for several reasons, one being that I have been doxxed before, and have had people attempt to doxx me recently, either because of something I have said that they do not agree with or because they just plain don’t like me. And it’s a terrifying experience I do not wish to ever inflict on anyone, intentionally or otherwise. 

And I think some seem to mistakenly think that because I don’t publicly broadcast the person’s name, that I am simply rolling over and taking it, when the truth is, I’m just not comfortable with having other people do my dirty work for me.

Sometimes people need someone to talk to, they just don’t realize it till someone tries. There’s a few of my current followers who started out sending me hate mail only to end up still here four years later and still talking to me every now and then to let me know how they are getting on. It’s worth it for that alone.

Others are just trolling and get blocked.

A rare few are just trying to provoke me into posting their details publicly cause they want to prove there’s no such thing as good people and I’m lying when I say I care about others. I like to call these ones The Edgelords, and they are another reason for why I strive so very hard not to crack because fuck playing into that kind of bleak cynicism. I do not grant them that power over me. 

Persistent individuals who have made multiple accounts and used VPNs to get around me blocking them, have on occasion found themselves at the frayed ends of my patience. And it’s amazing, how quickly the facade collapses when you address someone by name. More often than not you’re left talking to a very scared and very lonely individual who just doesn’t know how to fix their life. Rarely do they persist after this gentle reminder that hey, I am a human, you are a human, we should be humane to one another.

For those who still don’t relent, well, they’ve found themselves subject to the real world coming back to bite them on the ass, either through work, their school or their parents. I’ve emailed colleges to ask if {Insert Name Here’s} behavior is a reflection of their core beliefs and values. I’ve talked to parents who just couldn’t believe what their child was doing online and were mortified.

I had one kid who I was certain was going to shoot up his school after I found his reddit account and I called the local police.

So what some people might see as me protecting people who are undeserving of my radio silence…I like to think of it as one last choice.

And sometimes they choose to say sorry.


Hey guys a quick guide to supports for ya~

I want to note that you don’t have to KO units to gain support points.Simply interacting with a unit nets you support points, just a lower amount, Me and @itbeajen have tried numerous units and found when you factor this in, they equal the right amount for KOs roughly. I’d say think of it as 3 Support points for a KO and one for a interaction.

Have fun ranking them up

Sprigg could be his old character (spoilers)

Katsucon February 2017 - Darrin de Paul

“I was an apprentice at a group in Florida and I was an apprentice at Burt Reynolds Theater with Matt’s grandmother (was Burt Reynolds’s assistant), Matt’s mom (which was an apprentice with me - had a crush on her, don’t listen to me), Matt’s dad was in the lights and I played my first DnD game at the Burt Reynolds apprenticeship with Matt’s mom BEFORE HE WAS BORN!

And so hopefully one day I will get on Critical Role cause I watch it every week, I think it’s amazing. Now, this is the thing, Matt knows this. If I do get on Critical Role, I’m going to play the character I played 30 years ago with his mother because that character didn’t die and he’s just been existing for 30 years, let’s see where that goes.”

anonymous asked:

I’m not trying to be inflammatory, I’m just curious. How do het ace/aro people face SYSTEMATIC oppression? Gay/bi/trans people face oppression like difficultly adopting children, finding housing, they may be fired from employment because of their gender or orientation. So they are bared from normal parts of live because of their gender/sexuality. Gay ace/aro people face this too, but what do het ace/aro people experience on a societal level?

If you’d been following my blog at all or even bothered to peruse it a little before dropping this message in my inbox, you’d probably already know the answer to your question. 

You’d ALSO probably know that there are bi and pan aspecs too (e.g., I’m panromantic demisexual) which isn’t “gay” (does this term also include lesbians?) so I feel like your ask erases part of my own identity and that of others in the community.

For these reasons and more, I’d bet money that you’re not here because you’re “curious”. You’re probably here because you figure this is how you’re gonna stop a “self-imposing” aspec from speaking up for herself. 

Well guess what: That’s just hateful & sad.

Regardless though of your intentions, I’m here to say that there is in fact SYSTEMATIC oppression against aspecs. For example, Dr Gordon Hodson wrote this about his 2012 study: 

In a recent investigation (MacInnis & Hodson, in press) we uncovered strikingly strong bias against asexuals in both university and community samples. Relative to heterosexuals, and even relative to homosexuals and bisexuals, heterosexuals: (a) expressed more negative attitudes toward asexuals (i.e., prejudice); (b) desired less contact with asexuals; and © were less willing to rent an apartment to (or hire) an asexual applicant (i.e., discrimination). Moreover, of all the sexual minority groups studied, asexuals were the most dehumanized (i.e., represented as “less human”). Intriguingly, heterosexuals dehumanized asexuals in two ways. Given their lack of sexual interest, widely considered a universal interest, it might not surprise you to learn that asexuals were characterized as “machine-like” (i.e., mechanistically dehumanized). But, oddly enough, asexuals were also seen as “animal-like” (i.e., animalistically dehumanized). Yes, asexuals were seen as relatively cold and emotionless and unrestrained, impulsive, and less sophisticated.

When you repeatedly observe such findings it grabs your attention as a prejudice researcher. But let’s go back a minute and consider those discrimination effects. Really? You’d not rent an apartment to an asexual man, or hire an asexual woman? Even if you relied on stereotypes alone, presumably such people would make ideal tenants and employees. We pondered whether this bias actually represents bias against single people, a recently uncovered and very real bias in its own right (see Psychology Today column by Bella DePaulo). But our statistical analyses ruled out this this possibility. So what’s going on here?

If you’ve been following my column, you’ll recall that I wrote a recent article on what I called the “Bigotry Bigot-Tree” – what psychologists refer to as generalized prejudice. Specifically, those disliking one social group (e.g., women) also tend to dislike other social groups (e.g., homosexuals; Asians). In our recent paper (MacInnis & Hodson, in press), we found that those who disliked homosexuals also disliked bisexuals and asexuals. In other words, these prejudices are correlated. Heterosexuals who dislike one sexual minority, therefore, also dislike other sexual minorities, even though some of these groups are characterized by their sexual interest and activity and others by their lack of sexual interest and activity.

This anti-asexual bias, at its core, seems to boil down to what Herek (2010) refers to as the “differences as deficit” model of sexual orientation. By deviating from the typical, average, or normal sexual interests, sexual minorities are considered substandard and thus easy targets for disdain and prejudice. Contrary to conventional folk wisdom, prejudice against sexual minorities may not therefore have much to do with sexual activity at all. There is even evidence, for instance, that religious fundamentalists are prejudiced against homosexuals even when they are celibate (Fulton et al., 1999). Together, such findings point to a bias against “others”, especially different others, who are seen as substandard and deficient (and literally “less human”). “Group X” is targeted for its lack of sexual interest even more than homosexuals and bisexuals are targeted for their same-sex interests.

From news coverage of a recently published study (2016):

What should the average person take away from your study?

Since I first became interested in the issue, I have come to conclude that U.S. society is both “sex negative” and “sex positive.” In other words, there is stigma and marginalization that can come both from being “too sexual” and from being “not sexual enough.” In a theoretical paper, I argued that sexuality may be compulsory in contemporary U.S. society. In other words, our society assumes that (almost) everyone is, at their core, “sexual” and there exists a great deal of social pressure to experience sexual desire, engage in sexual activities, and adopt a sexual identity. At the same time, various types of “non-sexuality” (such as a lack of sexual desire or activity) are stigmatized.

For this particular study, I identified thirty individuals who identified as asexual and asked them first, if they had experienced stigma or marginalization as a result of their asexuality, and, second how they challenged this stigma or marginalization. I found that my interviewees had experienced the following forms of marginalization: pathologization (i.e. people calling them sick), social isolation, unwanted sex and relationship conflict, and the denial of epistemic authority (i.e. people not believing that they didn’t experience sexual attraction). I also found that my interviews resisted stigma and marginalization in five ways: describing asexuality as simply a different (but not inherently worse) form of sexuality; deemphasizing the importance of sexuality in human life; developing new types of nonsexual relationships; coming to see asexuality as a sexual orientation or identity; and engaging in community building and outreach.

I hope that average people would take away from this study the idea that some people can lead fulfilling lives without experiencing sexual attraction but can experience distress if others try to invalidate their identities.

Some of the social isolation we aspecs experience comes from religious communities. Indeed, the popular myth that religious people revere aspecs is very much NOT TRUE. For example, read “Myth 8″ from the VISION Catholic Religious Vocation Guide:

MYTH 8: Religious are asexual

Question: What do you call a person who is asexual? 

Answer: Not a person. Asexual people do not exist. Sexuality is a gift from God and thus a fundamental part of our human identity. Those who repress their sexuality are not living as God created them to be: fully alive and well. As such, they’re most likely unhappy.

All people are called by God to live chastely, meaning being respectful of the gift of their sexuality. Religious men and women vow celibate chastity, which means they live out their sexuality without engaging in sexual behavior. A vow of chastity does not mean one represses his manhood or her womanhood. Sexuality and the act of sex are two very different things. While people in religious life abstain from the act of sex, they do not become asexual beings, but rather need to be in touch with what it means to be a man or a woman. A vow of chastity also does not mean one will not have close, loving relationships with women and men. In fact, such relationships are a sign of living the vow in a healthy way. Living a religious vow of chastity is not always easy, but it can be a very beautiful expression of love for God and others.

Religious women and men aren’t oddities; they mirror the rest of the church they serve: there are introverts and extroverts, tall and short, old and young, straight and gay, obese and skinny, crass and pious, humorous and serious, and everything in between. They attempt to live the same primary vocation as all other Christians do: proclaiming and living the gospel. However, religious do this as members of an order that serve the church and world in a particular way. Like marriage and the single life, religious life can be wonderful, fulfilling, exciting, and, yes, normal. Yet, it also can be countercultural and positively challenging. It’s that for us and many others.

If you thought religious life was outdated, dysfunctional, or dead, we hope you can now look beyond the stereotypes and see the gift it is to the church and world.

NOTE: YOU CAN BE A GAY CATHOLIC PERSON BUT NOT ASEXUAL, BC ASEXUALITY DOESN’T EXIST (yet somehow we’re also “most likely unhappy” and “oddities”). I sincerely hope and believe that not all religions characterize us aspecs this way. But here are some personal accounts I found on a reddit site answering the question “Do any religions have a negative stance toward asexuals?”:

Please note that the Christian pastor in the last example was fearful (or something?) that an asexual was helping to lead a youth group and kicked them out of the church as a result.

You might not like ___, but ___. (Anime)

-You might not like Cowboy Bebop, but it’s soundtrack is God Tier.

-You might not like 5 Centimeters per Second, but at least it’s an hour of wallpapers.

-You might not like Boku no Pico butt fuck you.

-You might not like Negima, but at least it gave us some lesbian fanservice.

-You might not like Clannad, but you have to admit that you cried too.

-You might not like JoJo, but you don’t even pose.

-You might not like Bleach, but it still had an amazing first story arc.

-You might not like FMA, but you have to admit you have shit taste.

-You might not like OreImo, but I incest you give it a fair shake.

-You might not like Evangelion, but you can’t argue that it is not convoluted.

-You might not like Naruto, but it´s not just filler, believe it.

-You might not like K-On, but you have to admit that it’s cute.


We made the szechuan sauce today!

I realize now I should have included the recipe I used when I first posted these photos. I used a recipe I found on reddit. You could look that one up, if it instructs you to drink the plum sake, that’s the one. I recommend you look it up, it has additional info, and I want to give credit to the original author, but I’ll write it out here as well for convenience:

•mince 6 cloves of garlic and sweat (heat them up in a skillet) - note: I made this in a saucepan

•add 4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

•add soy sauce to taste (do not use low sodium sauce) - note: I used 4 tablespoons

•add 2 tablespoons plum sake - note: I couldn’t find plum sake, so I used sweet cooking sake and ½ teaspoon of plum sauce, it seemed to work

•reduce sauce slightly

•add 3 ½ tablespoons Sriracha

•add 2 tablespoons brown sugar

•add red pepper flakes to taste

•add minced ginger to taste

•boil to reduce, stirring regularly, until it is the desired consistency

Serve with your favorite nuggets.

Another theory of Daenerys’s POSSIBLE pregnancy.

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I just found this on reddit r/freefolk and I’M FREAKING OUT SKADHFKSDFH

“This part right here:


“I might someday hold a son of my own blood in my arms. A son was something Jon Snow had never dared dream of, since he decided to live his life on the Wall.”


I will never have a little girl. I was the Mother of Dragons”

Is no accident. No accident Jon wants a son and Dany a daughter. I believe IF these two reproduce, they reproduce twins. I thought that for some time and maintain it. GRRM hinted at the twins aspect from the beginning. Yin and yang, night and day, sun and moon, north and south, cold and hot, male and female, and of course ice and fire. The two halves that together complete wholeness symbolism in the story, all leads up to and culminates with this. The birth of Targaryen/Stark twins. Male and female. To me, storywise it makes sense. It creates multiple Targaryens to continue the line, it creates a second generation half Targ/half Stark (aka half First Men half Old Valyria). It creates a permanent mixing of the two Houses that most represent north and south, old gods and new gods, ice and fire.

And by the way, it wouldn’t shock me if Dany births them the same time Jaime and Cersei take each other out of the world in another example of shrewd symbolism GRRM has played with from the start”

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