i found it on her friends facebook so idk

Okay so this story isn’t that crazy, but it’s funny to me. So my friends and I have the same math teacher, who we all adore. She’s hella sarcastic and smart. She’s fluent in Swahili and goes to Africa every summer to teach English and Math. She’s basically one of the coolest people ever. But she’s also super secretive. Idk about other people’s teachers, but from my experience, most teachers don’t share too much about their personal lives, and this teacher definitely doesn’t share much with us. She won’t even tell us when her birthday is. So one of my friends decides to do some “investigating” (creepy I know, but you’d be surprised what you can find out by googling a teacher). We don’t learn that much about her, but another friend of mine found our teacher’s facebook. There’s only two pictures, and the most recent one is from 2014. Whatever, not that crazy right? So here’s where I come in.

I do my own little bit of investigating, and I stumble across BLOGS THAT SHE USED TO HAVE. Not tumblr blogs, but like REAL blogs. They mostly talk about her times in Africa and how amazing it is there. We found out that she’s CRAZY religious. Every post relates back to God and religion somehow. Remember, we think of this teacher to be super cool, but also kind of plain and unassuming. She rarely shares any opinions with us, we had no idea she held such strong beliefs. Of course immediately we all freak out (we live in a predominately white upper-middle class neighborhood so we’re surrounded by Christianity. We don’t have any problems with christians, we were just surprised to find out about this particular teacher). On the blog she talks about her opinions on modesty, and a little bit about her past dating life. She dedicates an entire post to her thoughts on sinning. One of my friends and I were SHOOK, because all of us spend a lot of time in her classroom. And we act kind of crazy in there; swearing, laughing, making sometimes ~inappropriate jokes~ calling each other hoes and bitches etc etc. Now we’re all worried that she’s been judging us for our wildness. She probably thinks we’re corrupt sinners (even though we never actually do anything bad).

Keep in mind that we found all of this out in a matter of like 2 days. We found out on Friday and today is Sunday, and none of us know how we’re going to be able to handle looking her in the eyes now that we know a lot about her.

Moral of the story: Don’t look for something you aren’t prepared to see. Respect people’s privacy. Imagine that people are more complex than they appear.

I’m still shook.

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this is a weird question but from daria, dahlia or maya for a girls name is your favourite?

ok omg my sisters names r delia and maia so this reminds me of them but like i rly like the name maya and also a story abt a girl named maya: i was best friends with her in elementary school but she moved to texas and today, after like 8 years of us not talking at all, she texted me and was like ‘hey idk if u remember me!’ and we talked all day today ! its so cool like our moms found each other on facebook lol and so now we like ‘reunited’ !! iconic !!!

Just had a guy come into my store and say, “I need your help.” I’m like yeah? And they he goes on to tell me about how he was in my work a week or so ago and saw a girl working here and describes her to me. I immediately know who he is talking about.

He wants to know if I know her and what her name is because she smiled at him. SMILED. I ended up quoting Mariah Carey to him, “I don’t know her.” I lie and say we just had a girl quit so maybe that’s who he saw. He says, “yeah I haven’t seen her since so I was afraid that’s what happened. I’ve been in here a few times at night looking for her.” IN MY HEAD IM LIKE IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE CUTE??? cause it’s coming off super creepy.

Idk I always keep an eye out for people cause you never know. Like I once had a girl hit on me at work and I told her I wasn’t single and she still some how found me on Facebook and messaged me, I ignored her message, and then she found out who my sister was and she realized she was friends with one of my sisters friends so she tried getting my sister to talk to me for her. Just recently she had her friend message my sister again asking about me and it’s been two years later!

Any ways leave people alone when they are at work god damn like of course they smiled at you, they are working and have to be polite.

There is this girl… we used to be best friends and she stopped talking to me 7 years ago and.. I still miss her. I check her facebook like once a month and idk why she stopped talking to me but she doesn’t add me on facebook. I feel so alone when I remember the moments I had with her. She used to date a guy (he was a cool boy tbh) but they broke up because she moved to malysia and I just found out today (i checked her facebook) that they are together again after so many years apart. I was about to send a pm saying how happy I am for her and knowing she is finally happy with him but I can’t because I know she will ignore me like she did before. It’s so hard and difficult when we watch someone from far away. I try so hard to not cry and idk. I still have that little hope she will come around again. I wish she knew how much I miss her and how much I still love her like a sister.



sorry for the wall of caps I’m sO EXCITED

We even visited each other in my first year of college and I crashed her snowmobile into a fence. Her family was rich and they were very nice about it lol. Idk, maybe you didn’t have to be rich to have a snowmobile in 1990s Montana, but to 18-year-old me they seemed rich!

I kept the chunk of plastic that broke off for years, it was shaped sort of like a heart

She was the first trans person at all that I ever knew. I came out to her as a lesbian (wrong, incorrect, nice try tho) and really super late one night, after one of the online role-playing games we did, she came out to me as trans. I was so amazed that she would trust me with that, and so proud of her.

She’s totally a huge part of the reason I even figured out I was trans. Probably obviously :) I’ve been looking for her online ever since, I can’t believe she found me!