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Book Club.

Mkay. I love that Gladio is so hype about reading. I’m doing a literature degree and it just makes me hella happy. So here, have some reader and Gladio being hype about books. Pure fluff. 

Tagging @fieryfantasy and @itshaejinju because they love Gladioooooo and I think they’re fab <3

The Lucian National library never ceased to impress you. From it’s tall, seemingly never ending spiral bookcases to the simple elegancy of architecture of the building, in your eyes it was the most beautiful place in the city.

You frequented it whenever you could, either to explore what new literature was available or to simply get away from life for a few hours. It was calm, quiet, peaceful. It was an escape. You found yourself in there one afternoon, rooting through the bookshelves to find something new to get lost in. You became so immersed in walking round the shelves, however, that you failed to realise you were headed straight for another human being until you collided with him sideways, knocking the book he was examining out of his hands.

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I got the boys dressed, set up everything for the CSA drop, and got all of our bikes out, which was hard with the garage being used for painting.  I took the three boys on a bike ride to the library.

We returned our old library books, used the database to locate the books on ancient civilizations they wanted.  We stayed for story time, found new books to take home, helped them each check out their own books, on their own cards.  They installed a new checkout system with a touchscreen at children’s height which is nice in theory but meant starting over several times as excited little hands were eager to help.

We rode our bikes home, me with fifteen hardcover books and a 40 oz water bottle in the knapsack on my back.  We came home, found something cool to drink, then loaded up the car to go grocery shopping at Costco.  

We made it through the store, the kids squabbling over who got to put what in the cart.  We tried every sample in the store.  I let them pick a special snack to bring home, they chose Oreos.  We got in line, and wound up stuck behind a baby boomer who decided to argue with the cashier about the price of no less than three items.  

On the ride home, we talked about vaccinations, and how those of us with stronger bodies get our shots to help protect the most vulnerable among us.  We talked about Native Americans, and how their home was stolen from them, and what it would feel like if someone stepped into our house and decided it was theirs because they had never seen it before.

We unloaded the groceries and had lunch together.  I let the boys apply their own condiments and tried not to wince when they spilled.  After lunch, they asked for their library books, but decided to open every single one to the middle and leave them on the floor.

They’ve been bickering and making a mess, and I sent them outside to run it off, but they came back in and made a bigger mess, so now they’re cleaning up.  I gave it all I had today but now my back is sore and I’m out of patience and I want to hide in my bed with a pint of ice cream because the bottle of wine that I really want is not available.

I’m tired.

Song Thingy

I finally found the time to do this, thank you for tagging me, @missdibley! I’ve done this before, but since it’s on shuffle and I love to do this, I just do it again.

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library on shuffle and report the first 10 tracks that pop up! Then choose 10 additional friends.

1. The Beatles - “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”
2. Placebo - “Come Undone”
3. Tom Petty - “Learning To Fly”
4. Mohombi - “Bumpy Ride” (I don’t know how this happened)
5. Maroon 5 - “Goodnight Goodnight”
6. Eels - “Saturday Morning”
7. The Fray - “Heaven Forbid”
8. Hurricane Bells - “Monsters”
9. Rosenstolz - “Ich geh in Flammen auf” (yes, I’m German, I’ve got German songs on here.)
10. Timbaland - “Bounce”

I have no idea who’s done this before and who wants to. So I just tag you and you do this, if you want to. No pressure. @devikafernando @noclevernamelbr @bemynightmanager @historyrepeatsitself-phff @theunexpectedattractionphff @nuggsmum @lettalady @enchantedbyhiddles @just-call-me-your-darling @magnetobsessed79

Young Gladiolus and Ignis

(warning long post)
Their relationship journey

Gladio met Ignis while he is still 8 and ignis is 7,he found nothing interesting on ignis

he is just the prince’s advisor afterall

until gladio caught ignis reading in the library,he found… ignis charming

ignis notices gladio looking at him

ignis shook his head and hid his face with the book bcs he is scared with gladio despite gladio looking like glaring at him

gladio is kinda shocked since “am i that scary?”

but he doesnt mind that thought since

“ i want to sit NEAR him”

so gladio picked nearest book that he found interesting also and sits near ignis

G : hello
I : um- youre gladiolus.. right?
G : yup and youre ig… iggy?

ignis chuckled and gladio founD IT CUTE COMPARED TO HIS OWN LIL SIST

I : ignis,ignis scientia the advisor of the prince,youre the future shield of the king am i right?
G : uh yeah! um call me gladio by the way
I : and call me iggy if ignis is hard for your mouth to talk,i dont mind gladio
G : uh okay

awkward silence

I : yeah…
G : do you have any sibling?
I : no
G : huh thats cool,i want to have no siblings too theyre annoying
I : huh? i thought it will be fun,having a company in your daily life
G : mmm,it depends but i dont like it
I : its annoying
G : right

G : so what kind of books do you like?
I : everything i found interesting,like geography and-
G : what? thats boring! you should read about the stars and space theyre awesome!
I : i havent finish my sentence and i do also like the thing outside earth
G : wanna trade books recs sometimes?
I : sure,gladio
G : okay! uh- iggy

gladio smiles in embarressment,and ignis just smile and continue-ing reading

since then,they start trading hellos and books,and also they talked about random stuff like games that ignis has no interest on but okay and also their family-

G : what? you dont have a family?
I : ofcourse i do! but- theyre… pretty much closed and honestly i never met them,only my uncle
G : thats sad! yes my mom died… but i got my father and iris
I : having somewhat complete family is fun isnt it-
G : youre gonna be my family
I : uh what
I : we are both males gladio we cant get married
G : we can!
I : what- its okay?

ignis only know about knowledge and stuff people not love he aint learn love,still innocent

G : of course its okay! its about love!
I : love??
G : yes!
I : you love me?
G : ofcourse! youre my friend!
I : uh- okay then.. i love you too..?

then gladio just hug him and whispered
“ i promise to make you happy iggy ”

years by years they kinda forget that moment and think that it just a stupid children stuff

finishing elemantary..junior highschool.. highschool

ignis got.. colder year by year he is serious over everything,forcing himself to work and do everything at once

they didnt go to the library as often as they used to,even when they go there,they dont chat to much- since ignis is busy and… forcing himself

gladio want to make ignis relax but he cant,ignis always refuse

but he WANT to, he promised to make ignis happy

one day they met at the usual spot on the rooftop eating lunch

G : iggy
I : yes?
G : you should.. relax,youve been forcing yourself
I : this is my duty gladio
G : dont let that duty makes you suffer
I : im not suffering
G : your eyes are tired ignis,do you even notice?im actually amazed you know soul and body both tired but still able to focus
I : yes it is i notice but its my du-
G : even my dad dont work as hard as you iggy,he still rest abit and joke around with the king
I : i-
G : rest iggy or at least relax! or go on a date with me
I : what
G : shit- im-
I : sure…?
I : yes,maybe i could try
G : are you free at 7?
I : i.. suppose not.. theres a-
G : let me call my dad to ask the king to give you free time,AND YOU NEED TO RELAX MY DEAR SCIENTIA
I : i…thank you so much
G : everything for the precious ones

ignis were surprised and shocked but he cant do nothing bcs

well he needs to relax and he cant stop gladio

gladio pick ignis up and take him to a little cafe that are gladio’s personal favorite

while in the road

I : why would you date me?
G : i love you,i promised to make you happy and marry you and i didnt regret it since youre so perfect and beautiful

ignis blushed so hard and so speechless like damn,and gladio just smiled while eyes focusing on the road

the date went well gladio finally makes ignis laugh again and…
gladio finally kissed ignis’s temple

ignis feel with gladio’s company everything feels bit more colorful and he dont have too work at weekdays bcs his most dearest tell king regis that ignis forced himself to work

he got support,free hugs and kisses and even a sweet morning and night text which is never be boring for ignis

he really wants to reply gladio’s kindess,overall he just accompany gladio while training and bake him stuff

he feels like its not good enough,but since he really have no idea he just go with it and loving gladio

“your love for me is already so precious iggy”

time past by
years of years of dating and loving each other,trading kisses and company,going through pain together and never alone

ignis is 25 and gladio is 26,he.. still remember about the “marrying you”-promise…



“will you marry-”

without any doubt ignis try to reach gladio,hugged him placing kisses on his neck,cheek,forehead everywhere

“yes gladio YES!”

if u ever feel like u have really weird and specific and intense obsessions, i think you’d benefit from learning about this book i found in the library today

seems like it’s prob a normal book and weasels are a metaphor for something ? right ? like ? that’s what you’d think ? but no; no, look:

it’s literally about women and weasels. women and weasels throughout history. it’s a long, scholarly book about women interacting with cute furry rodent slinkies throughout history

i love you, maurizio bettini, whomever you may be. you keep doin you.

a little something

The other day I was at the library researching Japanese folklore for something or another when I ran across a series of books on Russian folklore. My wonderful friends ( @linnorm and @sebuckwheat ) encouraged me to check them out and since I was curious and had already descended into research hell, why not? 

Anyway, I flipped through the introduction book and under marriage I found this:

And immediately thought of this:

And this:


Viktor, Viktor… You knew exactly what you were doing didn’t you? 😏


As a little expansion on my theory, there is also this:

Look at all those books! I wouldn’t be surprised if he had some Russian folklore on those shelves. 😉

(Also I would like to thank @lauravian for providing this screenshot.)


After further research into old Russian marriage rituals, I would like to clarify that in this headcanon Viktor understands the significance of his actions regardless of the content of the rituals themselves.


Please read the comments. There are some excellent points being made. 👀

I loved the fact that you were my ‘almost.’ That you would forever be the boy that could have been, if only one of us had gained a bit of courage. 

There was never going to be a fight that tore us apart. I was never going to be jealous of the girl all over you at the bar, because you were never going to be mine to be jealous of. 

It was always just going to be library glances and smiles from afar. 

But you broke my heart. You broke my heart 6 months after I had let the thought of you go. You made something that could have faded out from child’s play to nothing at all. You ended even the thought of us.

—  You were supposed to be the one that would never have a chance to hurt me. But you found a way. And just like that, you became like everyone else. 

I’ve compiled a list of bughead fanfiction I’ve really liked for everyone in the bughead fam! don’t worry if your fic isn’t on here! this is a pretty small list(i read a lot) and i’ll probably make a p2, hope you enjoy xox. 

  • all in english.
  • most of the fics are on ao3 and some on tumblr. 
  • non completed fics will have *.  


  • you taste like strawberries by aplaceformyshipstoanchor -  Betty gets a job waitressing at Pop’s Diner and Jughead has no problem watching her work. When a situation at work gets sticky, Jughead has no problem helping Betty clean up. 
  • goldilocks by lusterrdust -  Her hair just does something to him.
  • touch me, tease me by lusterrdust -  Jughead is enamored with her, her blonde hair spilling over them like a lustrous curtain and enhancing the sounds of their breathing. He wants to declare his eternal love. He wants to pour out sonnets and ballads and write novels about every freckle on her skin, every blue shade in her eye. He wants to trace his fingers over every inch of her body until there’s no part he hasn’t memorized.
  • friends with benefits by heytherejones * 
  • third time’s the charm by septemberbeauty13 - “Oh God, get a room!” Cheryl said in passing, pushing past them to get to her locker. That was enough to push Betty into a fit of giggles, burying her head into Jughead’s chest. “You know,” Jughead whispered. “I don’t normally take advice from redheads but this is sound advice.”or Jughead and Betty try very hard to get a room. 
  • resplendent by lusterrdust - A bright light all her own, his shadows are drenched in her radiance. 
  • three words by lusterrdust - Betty is an addiction Jughead never wants to be rid of. 
  • stars by lusterrdust - Despite the gritty, gravelly exterior he presents to the world, Jughead is the epitome of sweet toward her. He’s tender and considerate and just the right amount of reticent to be endearing. And though she loves that about him, Betty’s not in the mood for slow and sweet. 
  • in distance by lusterrdust -  It’s the little things he notices that make him ache for her to come back home. 
  • camp stories by jugandbettsdetectiveagency -  Betty and Jughead end up sharing a tent when the core four go camping. 
  • close calls and getting caught by wordsonpages1 - four times Betty and Jug didn’t get caught doing inappropriate *things* and then the one time they did. 
  • up close and personal (part 1, part 2) by wordsonpages1 
  • they suck at being quiet by heytherejones


  • fall in light by sylwrites - She moved to New York to find herself, but as the saying goes: wherever you go, there you are. 
  • hotdog by burgerheadjones - “Easy, Hotdog! He’s family.” How Hotdog becomes Betty and Jughead’s family in every sense. Or, where we trace the life of Hotdog with Bughead.
  • the stacks by malmo722 * - After a senior prank goes wrong, River Vixen Betty Cooper is forced to complete community service at the Riverdale Public Library with high school outcast, Jughead Jones. Romance ensues. 
  • the unexpected by spxcewvlker - "She loved that she had found peace in his arms, and comfort in his glittering blue eyes. She loved him.“ In which Jughead helps Betty with her anxiety. 
  • beanie boy by bugheadandjughead * -  “You were lonely, homeless, broken. I just gave you a place to stay.” Beanie Boy Jughead and Good Girl Betty are in it together… until romantic feelings for each other bloom between them.
  • self conclusion by nopleasestayhere - Betty Cooper is sitting at the edge of a cliff, thinking about jumping, when Jughead Jones comes to do the same thing. Betty tries to talk him down. He gives her 48 hours to change his mind. Can they help each other? 
  • drown by lusterrdust - Loss… injustice…unfairness… it’s the ugly truth of life. There doesn’t have to be a reason or a person to blame. Sometimes, misfortune just is. 
  • i’ll wait for you by AGirlNamedWhiskey * - Betty Cooper just wanted to survive her Senior year, but after being coerced into covering an underground racing competition, against a rival school, she knew her life would never be the same. Especially, when she meets the infamous street racer, Jughead Jones. 
  • space and time by agirlnamedwhiskey * - After their abrupt breakup, Jughead Jones is on a mission to win back Betty Cooper. 
  • living with betty cooper by believe_that_you_can_my_friend  - Jughead Jones, facing the reality of having nowhere to stay anymore after the Drive-In gets shut down, finds temporary shelter at the Blue & Gold office. But what happens when an upset Betty Cooper catches him on the act? 
  • red sunrise by lusterrdust -  Lifting her hand up, her thumb twirls the band on her ring finger until the diamond digs into her pinky. She pushes the jewel against the skin until it stings, redirecting her emotional pain into the physical.


  • once upon a coffee shop by javajunkie * -  Betty works at a coffee shop where Jughead is a regular customer. 
  • your eyes look like coming home by ariquitecontrary - Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones who have both seen the world in color since they met each other when they were two years old. Everyone always says that they’re so lucky to have met when they were so young, that they have their whole lives to be together and in love. There’s just one teeny tiny problem. Betty and Jughead hate each other. 
  • foldin’ clothes by birdlovesafish -  Jughead contemplates he and Betty’s situation and he does laundry. 
  • it happened one starry night by one_starry_night 
  • skin to skin by burgerheadjones * - Jughead Jones doesn’t know how the crimson crescents ended up on his palms.Betty Cooper is clueless when it comes to the messages on her arms.Soulmate AU where all the little marks and injuries belonging to Betty and Jughead start finding themselves on each other’s skin. 
  • drop in the ocean by lusterrdust - She can feel the tickle and scrape of coarse sand against their bare legs, but pays it no mind. Her focus is consumed with her boyfriend’s touch and the trail of heat his fingers leave against her skin. 
  • the exception to the rule by ShirlyGallagher 
  • do you believe in fate? by Jennimisk * - Is there such a thing as a coincidence? Or do we create our own reality because of the choices we make and the people that we let into our lives? Regardless of what you believe, sometimes you just need to be open to what the universe is throwing your way.This is a non-canon AU work based on Jughead and Betty during their college years. They have no prior relationship before meeting in Rome, Italy. 
  • dry run by Naoko Asakura - She drew a line and offered to let him cross it. 
  • lost and found by lusterrdust - Maybe as a seventeen-year-old, sneaking kisses with the blonde he’d been in love with at the time—maybe he’d had a thought or two of her as a mother; a boy’s fantasy of the blissful domesticity he never had. 
  • red lipstick by lusterrdust -  She pulls the passenger mirror down and wipes her red lipstick off, smudging the color across her skin and marking it in a way that reminds Jughead of bee stung lips after a kiss. 
  • to the first of many by jugandbettsdetectiveagency - Betty’s first Mother’s Day begins with a not-so-welcome wake up from Hot Dog. 
  • first apartment by peacelovebughead - A short series of one-shots of Bughead in their first apartment


  • break free and run by sylwrites - A Bughead college AU set in Boston; featuring Veronica and Betty as roommates, and Jughead living off campus with his dad. 
  • fall in light by sylwrites * 
  • like home by lusterrdust * 
  • bizarre love triangle by ficmuse * - When Jughead stumbles upon the yearbook from the Class of 1991, secrets are revealed that will forever alter how the teens of Riverdale view their parents.
one more time (m)

genre: fuckboy au + smut

words: 5.5k

member: jimin 

you can’t resist jimin, even if he is a fuckboy.

Originally posted by 9taefox

You woke up to the sound of your ringtone blaring into your ear. You huffed, screwing your eyes shut and hoping it would stop; it didn’t. Reaching out, you grabbed your phone and squinted at the bright screen, your eyes needing time to adjust.


You sighed through your nostrils, closing your eyes and ignoring the impending headache that you could already feel starting in your temples. You debated not answering, and the call ended. You nearly let a smile form on your lips, but your phone began to vibrate in your hand again, Jimin’s name popping up once again as the sound of your ringtone kept you from sleeping.

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It's not a graveyard...

I’m playing a Dwarf Cleric of War (5.0) whom has his own ideas on what divinity entails. We’ve just successfully stopped some Drow from creating more Golems in an island keep and are exploring the rest of the compound. We’ve also just found a hidden room that has destroyed research and a skeleton at a desk. Kebrik (my cleric) used Speak With Dead (through loose interpretation) to find out what happened, which left little clues:

DM: “After finding nothing of use, what do you do?”

Me: “I take the skull and put it into my bag of holding.”

A party member, having seen me do this before: “Adding it to the graveyard?”

Me: “It’s not a graveyard. It’s a library.”

wardengrey  asked:

Hey there! Absolutely love your art, your rendering abilities and compositions are incredible. Do you have any tips from someone trying to improve their painting? Artists who want to transition from relying on lines to improving their color and painting skills? Ramadan Mubarak and thank you!

Hey sis, Ramadhan Mubarak to you too!

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with relying on lineart because I’m still doing it O:

First and foremost, I am a class A hoarderrrrr. I love to save a ton of classical paintings to my library. If you want to practice rendering stuff more realistically I suggest doing material studies >

Just take any material you can think of and imagine it as a 3D sphere. My lecturer introduced this practice to me when I struggled with my paintings. I needed more tutorials and most tutorials I found were too advanced for me. (Most of them just straight away paint and I already suck at painting so why man why)

And then I found THIS tutorial! It helped me a whole lot during my college struggles.

It basically copies the step-by-steps of rendering a 3D model but it can also be implemented in Illustration as well! I really liked this tutorial because it’s an actual “step-by-step” so it’s like painting training wheels. I stuck with this process for quite some time and after awhile I grew more confident in painting and THEN I started exploring styles.

I don’t know what sort of art style you’re going for but the artists above that I’ve listed have helped improve my paintings even further. If you wanna be good at painting, then you should look at great art examples. I can spend hours just looking and studying their pieces. I’m no master but I would like to paint as good as they do someday ( ;^^)

I hope this helps and good luck! :D

pumpkinphanart  asked:

Not to be a bother, but I was wondering what kind of software you use to record your screen during digital speedpaintings? I'm trying to find a good program for recording and editing, so f you have any recommendations that would be awesome? Thanks!

I use Quicktime to record my digital speed paintings
I highly recommend it if you have a mac!
My editing softwares are iMovie or Premiere Pro 

10 AUs

1. “We have the same favorite book, and we always check it out from the library. We’ve never met, but the librarians are starting to ship us, and are coming up with ridiculous excuses for us to meet.”

2. “My dog absolutely adores you, and you absolutely adore my dog. Whenever we see each other, the two of you play for a good half-hour, at least. That’s great and all, but what’s your name?”

3. “I was planning on proposing to the person I was dating, but then, I found out they were cheating on me. They don’t know I know, and you suggest I go ahead and go through with it, with a slight twist: I propose to YOU, instead.”

4. “We’re both shopping for the same obscure item. This is the fifth store I’ve seen you at… Want to join forces?”

5. “I’m an actor, and part of my costume is a wedding ring, but I totally forgot I was wearing it. Now you’re yelling at me for flirting with you, and I have no clue how to get a word in edgewise to explain.”

6. “There’s only one bag of my favorite candy left, and you’re about to put it in your cart. Please don’t, seriously. I’ve had an awful week, and I need my candy fix.”

7. “I’ve never actually met the person my sibling is going to marry, but you’re always there at the wedding planning, so I just assumed it was you. But now you’re asking me out? And you’re actually the future spouse’s best friend? Oh, wow, I was not expecting that.”

8. “If you hug me, I will stab you-Oh, my gosh. You aren’t my best friend, you’re a stranger, and you look slightly terrified of me now. Please don’t call the police, I’m not actually going to stab anyone.”

9. “I passed out in a public place, and you sat with me for several hours to make sure no one harassed me? That is both sweet and strange.”

10. “We’re neighbors, and you always hear me screaming about my cooking disasters, and swoop in to save me. I probably should start paying you, honestly.”


Woo, 1K!

It’s that time again, folks! Time to celebrate another milestone, this time at THE BIG 1000. I’m only nearly 100 followers late this time, all thanks to a massive surge of new people from reblogs of the Land of Labyrinths and Libraries.

For your consideration on this special occasion I give you this sicknasty

Thank you all, once again, for your continued support and interest.

The Land of Cults and Chandeliers: Part 2

Part one can be found here.

The chameleons living here have been working on monuments for each of the previous milestones, and are downright giddy to be bringing you a fourth digit this time round. So excited, in fact, that they wanted to display it where they live rather than the topside dust-bowl which has come to characterise the endless search for new and interesting lands to share with you (and the background of the blog!).

Of course, there was a lot of competition over which chandelier city would be host to the new carving, especially with how competitive they all were before, but in the end a decision was made and they picked a spot. The cultists try to keep their composure, but their excitement is palpable.

The Land of Cults and Chandeliers was described just over a year ago by the wonderful and talented @classpectanon. Provide a classpect and some personality strengths and weaknesses and you too could have a slick land and quest described for you!

Wow these took a while! Lots to see, lots to do. Fun to be revisiting the first land I ever drew, seeing how my skills have changed and evolved over the last year.

Fun fact: I am “bad” at character art. I can draw it, but it takes me a damn long time. The character part of the final image took as much time as the rest of it did, easily. That said, that’s the first character art I’ve really been proud of in a long time. Feels good.

Keep your eyes peeled for a proper post about the Land of Mist and Heat sometime soon, and here’s to many more milestones to come.


My sister and I found these AMAZING book-inspired tins at the book festival this past weekend and just had to buy them. They’re by “Novelteas” if you’re interested! 

And yes they have tea in them!!! (But I think you can also buy just the tin if you want). 

- m

Staying Productive while Writing

Anonymous asked: “I’m starting a book and whenever I sit down to write I never know what to put down. Do you have any advice for getting focused/getting ideas flowing? Or just getting in touch with what you’re trying to say?”

Sometimes it can be a struggle to get words on the page. This happens to everyone - most often, when we’re rusty or feeling out of practice. Sometimes, we just procrastinate. There’s no rush to write that scene, so why not put it off until tomorrow? We have all been there. 

The short answer on how to avoid getting into this habit is to simply stop. Easier said than done. I’ve been there many, many times. I was there this past week after I stopped writing for about a week to recover from a virus. Here’s a few techniques to get back into good writing habits: 

Start with writing prompts.  Then, don’t work on an ongoing project, either write out something by hand or even just type a short scene spurred by a prompt. This will help get you back into the swing of things and thinking again like a writer. While I find good prompts just about everywhere, my favorites are Deep Water Prompts (@deepwaterwritingprompts) and Writing Prompts that Don’t Suck (@awesomewritingprompts). 

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Fall For You || Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Fluff

The library was a place you were supposed to be able to go to to study, and usually it was. There was something about sitting by yourself that let you study easier and focus better. Silence filled the library most days and you never had to worry about someone coming and bugging you over something that would be considered a waste of time. That was until you met Jeon Jungkook.

At first he was another one of the bad boys on campus, a title you thought would drop when entering college but somehow persisted for him. He wore it proudly on his chest like the words of others defined who he was without a problem. It was something you had never liked before, but it was different with him. The only reason he had started talking to you in the first place though, was because he had started to crush on your best friend.

The library was a place where you were able to study and learn without anyone bothering you, but it seemed now that Jungkook had started crushing on your best friend, he had recruited you into helping him get her to fall for him. It was like no matter where you ran away to he would always find you and follow you around until you helped him with what he needed.

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College au sentence starters

“I found your jeans in my dorm again?”

“I think this is it,my cause of death is going to be finals…”

“What are you majoring in?”

“Listen,I just got back from my four months of finding myself and have no idea what’s going on.”

“I could just take a year off… And then another and another…”

“Do you have change for the vending machine?”

“Jokes on you,I was going to ask you the same thing.”

“Who even makes flash cards? What do they even do?”

“Hahaha,looks like I’m not eating tonight… Just spent what little money I had on notebooks.”

“Dude,it’s a frat party. Who doesn’t go to frat parties?”

“People who need to study tend not to party.”

“I found a kid sleeping under a table in the library.”

“Guess who fell asleep on the kitchen counter again.”

“So…you’re my room mate?”

“It looks like you packed your whole house…”

“I bet your parents go through some really intense empty nest syndrome,huh?”

“Dude,I don’t even know what I’m studying for anymore.”

“Who fucking moved my textbooks!”

“I saw someone watching hardcore porn during psychology today…”

“Listen,I wasn’t even awake in class,I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“One more year and I’m done.”

“When you said you had notes I thought you meant what was taught today…. Not a very descriptive critic of the professor’s eyebrows.”