i found it in my pics

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may i ask how you edit your interior pics?

I increase the brightness by +40, reduce the noise at the maximum of ‘10′ and then run the 3D effect twice from Poolbrop’s ‘Fake It’ Photoshop action. I then reduce the DPI from 72 to 36 and use the noise effect from the same action. I then add my own red/yellow hue filter at an opacity of 50% and then save. Oh, and I also add a ‘dust speckle’ overlay that I found from Google.

I hit 200 followers!  As a small thank you, I’ve made this lil filipino family. They can be found by either searching the gallery for Osmena, or my origin id ZimbyPlays.

They’re CC free to keep things simple, and you can do whatever you want with them! Change their hair, outfits, features, names, traits, WHATEVER. They’re a “family,” but if you only want one or another, feel free to break em up. Consider them base sims!

All I ask is if you decide to put them in game, consider tagging me in a pic, so I can see! Not required tho, it’s whatever. lol. ♥ ♥ ♥

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My human Smuggler, Chee'ron, was abandoned on Ryloth as a baby and was raised by the local Twi'lek; he got chest tattoos to match his dad's face and Kelli markings.


My smuggler Adira’s half-sister, Aayes, was born on Corellia, the daughter of a Twi'lek Green Jedi. Her mother died when she was a year old, and Xenli’s(Wrath) mother found her and raised her along with Xenli–a big deal, considering the Sadow family are Red Sith. Xenli’s mom let Aayes pick out her own tattoos so the young Sith could be a part of her race’s culture.

I’ll post pics of Aayes tomorrow. :3

Edit: forgot to mention what race Aayes and Adira are!

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hey Brawls, what do you ask for when you get your hair cut? I always have trouble communicating what I want to the hairdresser, and you have like. the best hair my dude. (hope your day is going well!)

the same person has been cutting my hair for years, unfortunately. so i just tell her, and she goes. she’s great. i always say “choppy, light, and more masculine than feminine”

this past time, i went to a different place (on vacation) and brought a picture and kept my fingers crossed. it went well!! there was a lot of negotiating and discussion abt the sides and how i wanted them (a fade). i found a bunch of pics on instagram of someone and was like PERFECT and it was super helpful. so, i suggest maybe that?


Oh, HAY, it me, nearly 40 vs me at 14 or so. I’m Cuban-American and neuroatypical. Didn’t start transition til I was 33, and wow was being closeted rough.

So. It’s Transgender Day of Visibility and a lot of folks are going to be sharing their transition pics. Please, please, please resist the urge to tell them they were attractive before.

Speaking from experience: for transmasculine folks, “but you’re such a pretty girl” is constantly trotted out to discourage us from transitioning. As if our only value is in how attractive we look. (And as if there isn’t a shit-ton of misogyny behind valuing women and perceived women only for their looks and treating their appearance as an issue of public consumption rather than personal expression/fulfillment.)

I found only trauma in being told how pretty my girl costume was, because pretending to be cis only brought me pain. Every fight over clothes, makeup, hair, etc. was a night I cried myself to sleep. And I cried a LOT in those days, even if people didn’t see it.

We trans folk have an uncomfortable relationship with being told we’re attractive by cis people. Because “attractive” is almost always code for “cis-passing”. Because, for trans women, their attractiveness is overwhelmingly tied to being objectified as a sexual fetish. Because, for non-binary and non-transitioning people, they still aren’t being told they are valuable and loved.

Here’s the thing, cis friends: transition photos really aren’t for *you*. We share the documentation of our transition as a way to give ourselves and other trans people hope. “Passing” is overwhelmingly an issue of safety, and any joy at putting some of our dysphoric demons to rest is clouded by all these messages that we’re finally “acceptable” to a cis audience.

Transition photos are photos of SURVIVAL. Transition photos document RECOVERY FROM TRAUMA. Just… just think about that.

By all means, tell trans people they are attractive (we do need to hear it from time to time, same as everyone else), but go beyond the obsession with what we used to look like. If you want to know more about transition, Google it, the same way we all had to. Engage with trans folks on their other strengths and talents. That will go much further to signify your allyship.

...oh my.

So, I found something a little… interesting… in a falling animation.

It starts out simple enough…

…they start to move downward, and then…




…wait, what happens if I un-stretch the frame?


I don’t sleep tonight, that’s what happens.

some things were not meant to be found