i found it i really found it

It’s In A Book

Okay! Let’s see if I can make a little more progress in NITW here. Wanna get through this game, sob for lack of time!

  • Trying to remember where I left off here…I think with Harfest?
  • No one’s talking to Mae on the internets
  • But at least she’s talking to her mom again
  • I’m sorry I really like the morning convos, they feel so natural
  • Oh wow I can actually go past the normal area of construction now
  • Aaand there’s the bridge out of town and that’s about it
  • Dusk stars time again!
  • Big Snake
  • Man I should get the soundtrack for this game but in particular I really want the stargazing music
  • Found that mouse kid on the roof again, but I can’t seem to locate the rat babies…
  • Ahh okay good, I found them!
  • All right, let’s go see Bea today, I think
  • Oop okay, we gotta go see Gregg today
  • Awww man band practice I’m gonna suck at that
  • Wow that was INCREDIBLY sucky, I wish there was the opportunity to practice these new songs better
  • Charity Bearity: Danger Everywhere-ity
  • Time to do RESEARCH
  • While not about ghosts specifically, I get the feeling this mine accident stuff will be important
  • Daaang Selmers your poem is too real here
  • Got a trophy for listening to the poetry!
  • “This is gonna be awesome! And also I’m scared to death!!”
  • Okay let’s see what nightmare world has in store for us this time
  • Pretty much another musician hunt, and this time the cosmic stork comes for us…
  • Okay sadly have to stop now because out of time, but will continue on real soon…
  • Aaaand okay, we’re now back at it!
  • Another day, another round to go check out everything before we go hit up one of Mae’s friends for the evening
  • Learning a little bit more about Bruce here too
  • Aaaand now going with mom someplace!
  • Well that’s not at all creepy
  • Aaand got a trophy for going to Jenny’s Field!
  • Even more rats to feed now!
  • Aaand first things first, we’ll go with Bea to the graveyard
  • Uhh isn’t the statue that same bearded bird guy that was at the train station orrrr
  • Bea you are too frickin real for this world
  • “The scariest stuff is like really really boring” BEA HONEY YOU UNDERSTAND MY ADULT WORRIES TOO MUCH
  • Well now this is getting ominous
  • Well this was ominous until the goth teens started asking Bea about her sexcapades at Math Camp
  • Oh hey, Mae is bisexual, nice!
  • That is one hell of a prom story, Mae
  • “Did you ever see my mom” THAT’S ONE HELL OF A QUESTION, BEA
  • Does…does that cosmic alligator count??
  • I’m…really curious about this so I’m gonna answer yes
  • Okay I’m glad I said yes now
  • And I can’t figure out how to actually get this gate open without a bat or anything, so I’m gonna go look this up…
  • AH okay it’s this top branch
  • OMG Mae stoooopp
  • What exactly were you expecting aside from a skeleton?!
  • Ohhh sheeeeet it’s the creeper
  • OKAY end of day then
  • And now this nightmare world is almost pitch black
  • Hi there giant…scary…cat god thing…
  • … Now THAT was a whole friggin truckload of ominous
  • Speaking of dark cosmic things, it’s time to go stargazing again
  • I enjoy the stargazing parts, try and catch them every time
  • And interesting convo with the kids today…
  • And awww Bruce is leaving apparently
  • Aaand hung out at the tracks again
  • Okay I think we’ll investigate stuff with Gregg tonight!
  • And apparently we can’t do stuff with Gregg, we’re gonna go see Bea instead
  • “No fascists at this party” Then this is a good party
  • Secret handshake…is this one of the goth teens then?
  • Oh dear Bea is so uncomfortable yeah let’s go dance
  • Ohhh no Mae you said the bad things
  • Man, that whole scene was…pretty rough
  • But also important! Since it seems like Mae and Bea made a little progress there
  • Late night TV is a little on the nose there
  • Wow I thought there’d be more nightmare mode tonight, I’m so used to it, but nothing this time.
  • Okay! This is a place to stop. We’ll continue on later!


Hey guys! sry for not posting so much ;/
My family and I finally found a dog we want to adopt.. and now we have to prepare everything c: Also school has started again and a lot of exams are on the way ^^

I really wanted to draw something small today c: so I decided to redraw a picture I’ve found on google to practice my new style a bit c; I hope you like it <3 I also want to draw john soon ;w;   

*Update*  Here’s the John Watson I promised :D I hope you like it <3


HHHH look what I found! I have never found a fox or any canine before. I feel blessed. Poor thing tho. Something about the dog like look made me quite sad when I found him :(. I also underestimated the weight and threw out my shoulder trying to carry him back to the car. 

Unfortunately I don’t think I can salvage the pelt as its slipping really badly. Going to try the tail though. And of course the skull which WAS INTACT!  

anonymous asked:

hey so, I need an advice. i have a bi friend, she's confided in me through her coming out, i've always been her number 1 supporter, never talking about her sexuality with anyone even when she wasn't around, I never outed her, i'm always really careful with not outing her to people in general even now that she's comfortable with her sexuality. But. I found out (understood more like?) that I was ace this summer, and I turned to her for advice. At first she rejected me, saying I just "hadn't (1/3)

(2/3) found the right guy etc etc, you know she was basically being acephobic. I kept thinking about it tho and in my mind I started to think of myself as ace, eventually I came out to two of my friends and they were totally cool, they at with me and I educated them about what it meant to be ace and that I was still trying to figure out where in the a-spec I was and that was it. Then i told this b friend of mine, and she was understanding this time. She told me she had made researches, and
(3/3) she got where I was coming from. The problem is: she is outing me left and right. I mean, she’s just randomly saying “well she’s ac,e and i’m bi” to people who go to school with us and I know she says it bc she thinks they won’t judge but neither of us knows them and I don’t know how to tell her it makes me uncomfortable without making her feel bad because she’s a very emotional person and i suffer from social anxiety and ?? what do i do ??? 

tell her about it. I know how tough anxiety is but you friend should respect you and your sexuality. You trusted her enough with that information, and she is obviously mistreating it. It isn’t her information to give out.


anonymous asked:

Mhh sounds like Kaneki still hasn't found really a reason to live if he feels empty like Takizawa. But I will be disappointed if the final message will be something like "Hide comes back. Now he found his reason for living". I will hate it if "one person" is just Kanekis reason in the end why he found a reason to live. I'm far more for self love in the end. Sorry I just had to get rid of this.

Oh that’s kinda interesting :’D. Made me remember this here (x) “Living for someone else is bad living”…..And I actually do agree with that. But let’s wait before we judge too soon, we still don’t know what Ishida plans ;’).

🌼🌸went doll hunting today!🌸🌼

first I went to the thrift store & found three new dolls! they didn’t have much, but I got a ghoulia(who I love) a really pretty bratz doll(who I got bc she was wearing a cute fur shawl that I wanted) & a frankie(who I didn’t realize wasn’t articulated until I took her out of the bag, so she’ll be a model for clothes/wig making) annnnnnd then I went to an outlet store & found a NEW honey swamp for like $12 and she was the only MH doll there so I couldn’t resist!! gonna post pictures of the others when I take better pictures of them, but for now here’s honey 🍯💐💖 ps. her hair is everything omg


Newt’s first letter to Tina can be found here and her reply can be found here.

Miss Goldstein,

Miss Goldstein,

In your last letter you said that we are friends.  Friends?  Yes.  That must be what we are.  I had been so sure – so hopeful – No.  So sure that something more than that was between us.  I had thought – when you asked me about Leta, when you were so devastated to see me go – that you felt something – romantic – but I see I was wrong.  It comes as no real surprise to me, of course.  Very few people are interested even in friendship with me and even fewer in something more.  This is why I have not written in so long; I did not know how to respond.

I apologize for not having written in so long.  I have been very busy with my manuscript.  My editor keeps sending it back with more corrections, which is extremely frustrating.  Every time I think we are done, he sends it back to me with more ideas he has of how to change it.  Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that he sends the same ideas, but as they are all bad ones, I refused to made the suggested changes.  If his goal was to wear me down, he has succeeded, however; I have kowtowed to his will and have made the edits he seeks. This should, hopefully, mean that my book is on its way to being printed.

You ask why I would wish to travel halfway around the world for your sake.  What can I say, Tina?  I misread the situation.  It is something that I do.  I had promised myself that Leta would be my last mistake in this regard, but, much as with my manuscript (at least according to my editor), I am doomed to repeat my mistakes.  As it is, I have promised you I will return, and I do not break my promises.

Thank you for keeping your eye on the Magical Meteorology department.  I should like to know how Frank is doing; I assume he has made it to Arizona by now.  I hope he is happy.  I am not.

I am glad at least that I have (it sounds) effected a change of your perception on the subject of wizard-Muggle relations.  You cannot imagine being parted from someone you love, but as someone who has experienced this in the past, not to mention the present, I can assure you it is very unpleasant.  I sincerely wish the best for your sister.  I could see how much she cared for Mr. Kowalski, and I know this is far from easy for her.  If only you could see how much I care for you.

I hope that things at work have since calmed down.  I am glad to hear that there is no outright hostility between you and Madam Piquery – I imagine that that would make an already difficult job even more difficult.  But I know you could handle it even if that was the case.  My comments were not flattery but truth.  You amaze me.  You always will. Congratulations are of course in order, Miss Goldstein; to be back on the Investigative Team is no small thing.

All is not well in England, at least as far as I am concerned.  Thank you for your inquiry as to my well-being.  I also hope that my manuscript will be finished with all haste.  If only you anticipated my return on my account rather on only my book’s.


P.S.  Call me Newt.

itsnotgayifitsinspace  asked:

do you have anymore number patterns you found? its really cool you noticed the perfect difference of two between square roots and im curious to see if youve found any others!

i do (although they’re all just cool things i found w division lol)!

so one thing i like to think about with numbers is multiples of 3 because…they’re so fun to look at with division. like, take 12/4, for example. if you add 1+2, you get 3, which is how many times 4 goes into 12. (this works for 24/4, 36/4, and 48/4 as well,, just split apart the first two numbers than add them up as if they were both single digits and you get the answer to the problem.) basically, if you’re dividing something, and the number (divisor, i think? @ third grade math vocabulary come back to me please) that you’re dividing something by (48 in the equation 48/4, for example) adds up to be a multiple of 3, like how 4+8=12, the quotient will be a multiple of 3. 

that probably sounds really confusing bc i didn’t explain it that well, so some problems would be:

12/2 = 6. 1+2=3, 3x2=6 (it’s important to note that doubling and halfing things can be done)

48/8 = 6. 4+8=12, 12/2=6.

36/4=9, 3+6=9.

so you get the gist of that.

another cool thing i found was with the number 6!! basically, in this, if the number you’re dividing is below 10 and an even number, just take the second number of the divisor and that’s your answer.


12/6= 2. second number in divisor=2.

24/6=4. second number in divisor=4.

36/6=6. second number in divisor=6.


oh!! and i found something out with 5′s, too. with this, in division, all you have to do is take the number that is being divided, put a decimal point between the ones place and the tens place, and double that number, and that’s your answer!!


15/5=3. 15=1.5. 1.5+1.5=3.

30/5=6. 30=3.0. 3.0+3.0=6.

50/5=10. 50=5.0. 5.0+5.0=10.


there are a lot more but i’m really tired (it’s almost midnight :O) but all i’m saying is there will always be a pattern in math (and division patterns are the easiest to find!!)

i keep forgetting what books i’ve found helpful so here we go

- inside/outside: one woman’s recovery from abuse and a religious cult | hayworth

specifically jehovah’s witness experience, but really deeply relatable and translatable imo.  a lot of sexual abuse/rape, and domestic abuse, and ofc religious abuse; also mental illness stuff (with some very relatable ways that attached to religion).  very heavy, but real, and the only autobio or self-help book/source on religious trauma that i’ve found helpful

- 8 keys to safe trauma recovery: take-charge strategies to empower your healing | rothschild

very skimmable, very affirming and agency-oriented (one of the keys is the Right To Not Remember), avoids the common pitfalls of levine/somatic-as-The-Way, makes room for lots of responses.

- overcoming obsessive thoughts: how to gain control of your ocd | clark & purdon

has an actual chapter on scrupulosity, and provides a little wiggle room for non-religious scruples even!  not as much as i’d like but.  still falls into the “oh no i’m a straight man terrified i have gay thoughts” ocd narrative, unfortunately mainstream, but better than any of the many others i read, and had some decent exercises.

i wrote this at midnight and its all out of order and messy because i was being emotional so take it


its so hard to believe edd is actually gone
eddsworld really lived on. the legacy, in my eyes, was a success. it seems like edd is still here with us.
but hes not.
and i know he will never see this, but i want to pay my respects. haha.

before i found eddsworld, i was in the undertale fandom. that fandom… is horrible. it didnt teach a lesson. its just hate. its a bad fandom. im glad i left.

when i found out about eddsworld i really changed. before.. i had no motive. no goal. now i know that i want to animate, and get,,, popular? its hard to put it in words. i want to change the world, as silly as it sounds, haha.

i want to thank edd. for everything. for the inspiration and dedication he put into eddsworld. he died animating,, he didnt retire, he didnt stop the production, /no./ he died halfway through animating an episode. his dying wish was to keep eddsworld alive,, to keep HIS world alive. the fandom.. we’re all a mess now… but it taught us something. i dont know how to explain it, but i learned something from eddsworld. what i learned i cant put into words, but it really spurs me on every day.

i saw edds old animations. they sucked. now, theyre good. he IMPROVED. after watching those hour-long documentaries on eddsworld i learned a lot about edd,, and well, my age, he was animating his first animations! so that really inspired me. it gave me hope.

the one thing i regret the most is the fact that i was never there. i was never here to support edd while he was alive. i wish i was there for him when he was,, yenno? it makes me sad today still thinking about it. i was only 7 when he died.. i will continue to support the legacy and anyone left in the crew,, like matt

edd.. he was amazing. he was himself. he got judged, but well,, he was still lovable! so i am more open now. again,, he really changed me.

sometimes i think about him. when i see a drawing of him as an angel, i get… so emotional. its so bad. its unbearable,, this weight on my chest,, when i think about him. but it makes me happy that wherever he is, he is in a better place than this excuse for a world.

i started animating only days after i learned about everything. i was inspired. i have even started writing more. i come up with silly ideas and just write them down in hopes i will use them in a stupid comic. maybe someday ill animate a lil thing for edd or smth…. idk.

i guess thats all i have to say. theres so much more on my mind but i cant express it,, i dont know how. i just miss him. hes always on my mind. a cute cola-holic.

so… thanks, edd. hope youre enjoying a cola wherever ya are. cheers.

This Is So Random

I haven’t been on here in so long.. so if you still remember me this post is for people who may have wondered if I’m okay, which I am!

I am just making this post to let you guys know I’m A-okay and healthy! I stopped using tumblr because I found it to be very distracting and it was taking over my life. I’ve turned 16 years old two months back on January 14th. At this age I have very important O Levels examinations called CSEC exams (they are equivalent to GCSE and SATs if you were wondering) and balancing my studies with tumblr.. I found was NOT happening.

But basically I’m really here to say I’m fine and I should be hopefully returning in summer 😂❤


If he hadn’t married me, Pete would never have found himself crushed into the too-small-for-modern-people seating at the replica Globe Theater in London watching Twelfth Night and, if I hadn’t married Pete, I would never have found myself sitting on the rim of a storage container on our 50 acres in Osceola, Missouri. One life changes and enriches the other.

Joe, the delivery guy, was one of those not really cocky but certainly confident guys who have been doing the same job for decades and know a thing or two about what they’re doing. When we asked if the angle or the slope or the whatever was going to cause him problems, he just laughed at us. “I’ve been delivering these all my life in 14 states,” he told us. “This delivery. It’s nothing.”
And so they measured and walked the pad and got their game faces on. (I should mention something about that pad. Pete had planned to set the container in the hole left behind after he tore the rest of the abandoned house down. That was, until he cleared off the old porch and found a concrete pad under there. I am not kidding. There it was—a concrete pad in just the right width and more than the right length just sitting there waiting for our container. I thought to myself, “Well done former owners of this land. Well done.”)

Anyway, Joe walked back and forth across the pad and we asked if he thought he could get it close to where we wanted it. “Close?” he said. “Close? You put a dime on that pad and I’ll put whatever part of this container you want on top of that dime.”

I had been walking up to the container a bit before this and heard Pete say, “I don’t think we’ll tell Russ Ann about this” which meant either the container was in some way screwed up, or more likely, there was some type of nature occurring that was going to, you know, upset me. A tick. A rat. Or, as I suspected, a snake. I rounded the corner and since I was just about to step on the snake, Pete couldn’t keep it a secret. “You should watch out for that snake,” he told me. I hate snakes. And it was long. And black. And pretty fat. “It’s good for keeping down the rodents, rats, mice, that sort of thing,” they both told me. As if introducing the idea of other things I did not like would make me feel better.

So, I got settled on a log in order to watch for snakes and rats and also containers being set down—hopefully on a dime. It was going well until something caused the container to, let’s say, lurch. Well, lurch sounds kind of benign. This was more like sway or move rapidly to its side. I was thinking that perhaps Joe had mistaken me for a dime and was trying to land the container on top of me. I jumped up and ran off figuring snakes were better than containers.

Joe jumped out and looked at the kind of leaning container and said, “Well I didn’t really want to do that.” I was picturing a container on its side in the hole left by the abandoned house and cranes and destruction and just a very bad day. But he climbed back in the truck and maneuvered and backed up and pulled forward and, somehow, got the container on that imaginary dime. I don’t know how he did it. I guess it comes from decades of doing something and knowing what the hell you’re doing. Well done Joe.

He headed back to Kansas City and Pete and I sat in the container and I wanted to, you know, start moving things in and just generally Tidying Up! Pete wasn’t ready and said that I would just complicate the process which is—true. So we went for an ATV ride and got caught in the rain and Pete was going hell-bent-for-leather up the hill toward the cabin and I held on tight and it was just generally a very good day.


dirk gently’s holistic detective agency + text posts 1/?

@gabriielreyes you made like……1 singular post about this a few days ago but i havent stopped thinking about it


follow up to this

I mean, Mercy is a pretty good dead ringer for Flonne… and her imp/devil skins could liken to Etna…

in other news I just found out Disgaea 1 is on steam!! And that 2 will be ported over in January!! exciting.