i found it hard deciding what moments because i much prefer him in the books

My Immortal - Loki x Reader

Title: My Immortal

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 2,838

Warnings: Very subtle spoilers for Thor: Dark World and Civil War

Summary: He is a god and he is a master in lies. Death for him can’t be this easy. But you never thought he’d lie to you about something like this, something so important that actually broke you. You return home to find a “gift” waiting for you from Odin himself and it is finally time to have a talk with it… while living the rest of your life with it on Earth.

A/N: Not betad, I apologize for any mistakes!

“Tony, please.” you said with a half-whine and half-giggle as you unlocked your apartment door.

“Come on, come on just one more!” the man at the other end said with a chuckle and you had to stifle a giggle once more.

“Tony!” you whined again, walking in the almost pitch black apartment “My stomach can’t take it anymore. What’s up with you and jokes, are you that bored in the meeting? And how the heck does nobody else tell you to shut up?”

You complained about it but truth was you needed the pick up and hearing your friend laugh, this much at that, after everything that had happened and sound like his old self again was really more than you could ask for. None of you were the same anymore, and maybe you had to endure twice the pain after what had happened in the dark world as well.

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Casual affair

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Warnings: Unprotected sex, cursing, casual dirty talking? 

Summary: A casual thing becomes regular, there’s one rule only: No strings attached.

A/N: Inspired in P!ATD’s Casual Affair. A lot of sex comes under the cut. Feedback is love, feedback is life.

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Hey, a casual affair
that could go anywhere
and only for tonight

You looked around you and prayed for the door to not creak as it tended to do. You sneaked inside and the sight made you smile wickedly. The God of Mischief was lying on his bed with the light of his side table on and a grin that matched yours.

In a split second, and by means of his magic you thought, he was already overpowering you and keeping you in place between the cold door and his also cold body. His breath brushed your lips, and his emerald-green eyes pierced all the way to your soul.

“I’ve missed you, princess” he growled, keeping his mouth just millimeters away from yours, “so, so much…”

“Why keeping me waiting, then?” You retorted.

He snickered mischievously, and what you thought was going to be rough, was completely gentle. His lips pressed against your own and his hands moving along the curves of your frame were soft and they lingered on your skin as if they didn’t want to let you go. You felt him sighing in joy when he found an uncovered spot of skin.

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Characters:  Sam x Reader

Summary:  Research leads to more between Sam and reader.  Basically a little plot, a little poetry and some good old fashioned smut.

Word Count:  2313

Warning:  Smut, language.  Sorta rough sex.

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Tags are at the bottom.


It’s a Thursday night and you are seated at an enormous table in a public library after hours. And no, you didn’t enter through the front door. The method of entry for you and Sam had been a window around back that Sam had managed to open with his pocket knife. Because that’s how hunters roll.

Sam is seated across from you. Books are stacked all around, piled high. Dean, the lucky bastard, is staking out the apartment where the suspect lives. You, however, drew the short end of the stick and are stuck doing research for the next ten billion hours. At least, that’s what it feels like.  

The upside is that between paragraphs, you can sneak peaks at Sam Winchester. The way his eyebrows draw together as he concentrates, the way his hair falls down to cover his face as he reads, it does things to you. Fucking hell, it doesn’t’ help that he’s wearing his Fed getup. That white button down shirt? Jesus Christ. It makes your cheeks feel hot in a cool room, your stomach does somersaults. He always has this effect on you, he just doesn’t seem to realize it. Which only serves to make him more desirable.

Blowing out the lungful of air that you’ve been holding in, you force yourself to return to the centuries-old text in front of you. It smells comforting, old leather and musty pages. As much as you hate research, you have a fondness for books. Fiction is more your speed. When it comes to research, you’d prefer some wifi and Google. Ancient lore, unfortunately, isn’t usually found with a few keystrokes.  

Okay, time to concentrate. Grabbing another book from the stack to your left, you quickly scan the table of contents. A chapter labeled ‘Kamadeva’ catches your eye. Flipping quickly to the right chapter, you read the text. Hmm, this sounds like it could be useful.

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anonymous asked:

I'm so glad that you also ship BakuDeku! Can you give us an insight as to why you love/ship them? I love reading why people love them! 💖

Oh, my God. 

First off, ah. I just. *Incoherent stuttering.* I’m very, very particular and choosy with ships. I either ship one specific couple per fandom or no one at all. So far I have only two OTPs and I adore both for entirely different reasons: KilluGon from Hunter X Hunter and BakuDeku from Boku No Hero Academia.

I’m. So. Excited. To. Talk. About. This.

This is gonna be long, Anon. I hope you’re ready for it. 


Why do I love BakuDeku? 

Or, why do I love the Katsuki/Izuku dynamic in general? 

Such a loaded question for quite a lot of reasons… 

I’ll do my best to articulate my scrambled thoughts and put them all down here and make sense with them. To start off with, when it comes to ships, I usually have to be drawn to both characters individually. I don’t really like the concept of one character feeling “incomplete” without the other, necessarily. 

In this case, I related to Izuku Midoriya almost instantly, and then, surprisingly, found very similar traits in Katsuki Bakugou that I couldn’t ignore or even want to ignore. I respect both characters individually and absolutely adore their dynamic; the creative potential in portraying them both together and apart is so vast and endless that it just spurs the creative mind with no limits.

To explain this better, I tend to theorize and analyze potential relationships in anime/movies/books/television shows based on their clear connection through flaws, personality compatibility, ambitions, strengths and weaknesses. 

I understand that this factor is applicable to every ship in existence, pretty much, but I firmly believe that, since each mind is unique with its own preference, that the actual conclusion one can come to when applying these principles to their chosen ships can yield multiple different results.

So, back to BakuDeku with this. 

Katsuki Bakugou and Izuku Midoriya are foils of each other. 

To clear some questions regarding the usage of the word “foil” here, I’m speaking of the traditional literary term. 

A foil in literature is a character that exhibits qualities that highlight and contrast with another character as means of highlighting the traits of that particular character through their personality, actions, etc. 

Usually this is the case with the rival of the protagonist, and so forth. 

Think Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, for example. They are a very typical example of character foils. 

Alright, so. With this in mind…

I value the complexities in character dynamics and the more introspective basis of relationships above everything else when deciding whether or not I ship two characters. So, the contrast between Izuku and Katsuki’s personalities and ambitions are fascinating to me, and as a result, I fell in love with their dynamic as characters outside of the realm of romantic potential.

I’ll get more into the “romantic potential” part later. But, honestly, that part of the context is only the footnote to what I love about these two.

Katsuki and Izuku, despite their differences, are essentially quite similar in what they wish to achieve as characters in their universe. 

I’ll go through both characters individually with their bullet point contrasts that I can think of at the moment.

Katsuki Bakugou is…

  • He is egotistical, yet insecure. 
  • He is reckless, yet he is methodical. 
  • He’s aggressive, yet he’s meticulous. 
  • He appears like a typical delinquent, but he’s undoubtedly very intelligent. 
  • He’s straightforward and brash, yet standoffish and focused. 
  • He is entitled, yet an extremely hard worker. 
  • He’s presumptuous and self-indulgent, and believes his skills and himself are all he needs.
  • He is, essentially, the most insecure when it comes to Izuku due to their connection and history. His pride is, ultimately, his downfall.

Now, by contrast, we have Izuku.

Izuku Midoriya is…

  • He is selfless, yet insecure. 
  • He is analytical, yet he, too, can be reckless. 
  • He lacks self-preservation, but sees it as a necessary strength, rather than a roadblock. 
  • He is emotional, yet also quite meticulous. 
  • He is an extremely hard worker, yet doesn’t believe he deserves anything worthy of praise. 
  • He believes his achievements are based on luck rather than skill, and that he can only achieve his dreams based on what others have done for him.
  • He is too damaging to his own self-confidence for his own good and far too willing to appraise the ego of characters like Katsuki to allow himself room to appreciate his own accomplishments.

Ah. There are many, many more to choose from than just these. I could go on about that particular listing for hours. But, I won’t.

With this all being said, Izuku is constantly chasing after Katsuki in the beginning. He yearns for his approval, for his attention, because of his intense admiration and fondness of his friend. Katsuki, however, could not care less and bullies Izuku on top of saying honestly the most horrible things.

There is one thing I want to make clear about this particular ship. I understand the concerns with the abusive context and I’m never going to defend Katsuki’s actions towards Izuku because they are, most definitely, extreme. 

It’s tragic, actually, how Izuku is willing to be patient with Katsuki and still consider him to be a valuable person in his life and even a close friend. Which, at this moment, they are not. 

That being said… I find it tragic, but all the more admirable of a character like Izuku to ultimately admit that what Katsuki has said and done is truly horrible (taken in context from both the manga and anime) and that he is willing to acknowledge Katsuki as a “jerk,” but also as someone who is, despite all of that, very talented and driven.

Izuku is, himself, driven and ambitious. His reasonings for becoming a hero and Katsuki wishing to become a hero are on polar opposite ends, yet their drives, their passion, their vigor are so incredibly similar in length that I can hardly see that matched in any way by other character dynamics in this series.

And that’s what I love the most about them in general, romantic context aside.

Now, still, the extremely damaged history is also what makes this ship so incredibly complicated. And I love that about it. 

What I want in this ship is to see growth, forgiveness, change, reluctant acceptance, and understanding between two characters who have always been on the same spectrum, but have never acquired the true level of insight to reach that same wavelength.

Katsuki and Izuku could never have a successful relationship at their current age, under their current circumstances, and without any forgiveness or acceptance taking place. 

The road to trusting and respecting one another is long, torturous, and riddled with pain and learning. It takes time, it takes energy, and by applying the romantic context to these two characters outside of their already marvelous and fascinating (albeit saddening) dynamic, it allows a new perspective to take place.

This, my friend, is a perspective that requires no easy path. 

I love that Izuku has such incredible faith in Katsuki and will always want to protect him or defend him at the drop of a hat. I love that we’re slowly seeing Katsuki’s growing respect and acceptance of Izuku as a person in the series, and the incredibly slow and (dare I say, explosive) build to their potential friendship. I love that we’re able to see the unfolding complexities and hurt and anger and passion that have driven them apart with blinded perspectives on both sides. 

I could go on for hours about this, Anon, but I think I kind of summed up most of what I can in one sitting without this going on for too long. 

I hope this satisfies you for now, Anon! Thank you so much for the ask. :)

Want To Shoot A Video?

Hello, Lovebugs.

Dan X Reader

Warnings- smut. A lot of smut.

Blurb where Dan and the reader finally agree to his wishes for filming them do the sexy times and Dan gets off to it later on 😌 please I need this •_• ~ 🌹

You were leaving back home in two days. The last two weeks had been wonderful together. Dan took you to every touristy thing he could think of. He took you to his parents for a few days so his mother could show you and tell you every embarrassing moment of his life. But now it was just the two of you hanging out in his room trying to get in as many cuddles as possible before you had to catch your flight.

Dan had released a heavy sigh as he squeezed you tight around your middle.

“Penny for your thoughts?” You said receiving his kiss on your cheek.

“I know I’m not supposed to be thinking about it yet but I’m going to miss you like crazy. Are you sure you can’t come move in sooner than half a year?” You returned Dan’s kiss as he snuggled his face into your neck.

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When The Sun Found The Moon (Part 1)

Steve x Reader

Steve’s life seemed to be in shambles, dealing with just a little too much for his heart to handle… can an encounter with a stranger change that around?

Warnings: Fluff, little bit of angst. (Maaaaybe some smut for later parts… I can’t help myself.)

Word Count: ~1200

A/N: This was supposed to be a one shot dammit, but I’m taking it places. Aaaargh well here goes another one. This was for Bovaria’s birthday. Happy birthday boo, I miss you <3

Inspiration for the title came from “When The Day Met The Night” by Panic! At The Disco.

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain


Mornings in New York were the same as they ever were, but Steve Rogers had come to dislike them more and more. Getting up in the morning now seemed to be more of a chore, rather than something he actually enjoyed. He sat on the edge of his bed with his feet planted on the hardwood, hands running down his face and over the beard that kept people from recognizing him. It had been a pain at first, but the super soldier had come to like the hair on his face, and decided it was going to stay a while.

Dragging himself out of bed finally, he got dressed in some loose sweatpants and a t-shirt that hardly fit over the expanse of muscles he was sporting thanks to the serum. With a new day, he set off to start his jog in Central Park.

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Claim (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Hey guys! So I’ve been on a Bucky itch for a few days and thanks to @emilyevanston​ doing a nifty little Cards Against Humanity writing challenge, I got to quell that itch. Thanks for that! Anywho, I hope you all enjoy it because I had fun writing it!

Summary: When Bucky Barnes sees a child (a la Clint Barton) lick a popsicle, the long journey of claiming objects with his saliva begins. Soon, you find that it might not be such a bad thing. (PROMPT: Licking your things to claim them as your own.)

Warnings: None (unless you count slobber). (Let me know if you need anything else tagged. I want you to be comfortable when you read my work.)

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Of Course I Believe in Magic (Newt x Muggle!Reader)

Originally posted by teacup-occamy

Request:  Hello! I’m a big fan from Portugal and I want to do a request! Could you please do a Newt X Muggle!Reader? Like, she believes in magic and she’s investigating (She’s a detective) the Goldenstein sisters, and when Newt appears, she starts being a little less careful and Newt notice her. And he watches her while she watches him. Then he ask her to go out with him, and the date is super cute and he tells her he’s a wizard and she tells him she’s a detective. - @cecesunshine-fanfictions

This was a suuuper cool and original idea and I apologize it took me a while to write


L/N: Last name

When you were ten years old, you witnessed what appeared to be an average woman pull what looked like a twig out of her pocket, mutter something under her breath, and before you could process what happened, she had vanished into thin air.  Of course you had heard stories when you were younger about wizards and fairies and dragons.  Most kids stopped believing in that kind of stuff as they got older, but you weren’t ‘most kids’.  Deep down you felt that magic was all around you, but you just couldn’t see it with your own two eyes.  But when you saw that woman disappear in an abandoned alleyway, it was enough to confirm your suspicion that wizards and witches did exist, and looked just like your average person.  You were curious as to how wizards and witches got their powers.  Can anybody become a wizard?  Or did you have to be born one?  Is there some magic wizarding school hidden from average human eyes?  Whatever it was, you were determined to find out.

**Fourteen years later, age 24**

Fourteen years later, here you are.  A detective living in New York City, one of the busiest and most crowded places in America.  Not your stereotypical detective that wore a trenchcoat, totally not-suspicious sunglasses, and a fedora or deerstalker hat.  You preferred to blend in with everyone else.  You figured that there just had to be some wizards living in America.  About a month ago, you had become curious with a pair of sisters.  After a few days of what some would consider stalking, you had discovered that their names were Tina and Queenie Goldstein.  Queenie was the bubbly blonde-haired sister, you would usually always find her wearing some shade of pink.  Tina was the more stern dark-haired sister.  Using your context clues you had determined that Tina must be the eldest.  Aside from their physical appearance, what really fueled your suspicion was one morning you made the bold decision to follow the sisters wherever they were going.  You stayed about twenty feet behind them as to not stir up any suspicion from them.  Eventually you saw them enter the Woolworth Building on Broadway.  You followed behind them; but when you entered the building, they were nowhere to be seen.  

You went home that night and thought about it.  Maybe the building acts as an entirely different place for wizards if they use some sort of spell, you thought.  

**Two weeks later**

You hadn’t really made any groundbreaking discoveries on the Goldstein sisters the past two weeks, but today got you a little curious.  While standing near a lamppost on the street the Goldstein’s apartment building is on, you saw the two of them enter the building with two men.  You found this to be very out of the ordinary, as the Goldstein’s apartment building was females-only. One was shorter in stature, with dark hair and a mustache.  The other was more tall and lanky and appeared to be in his twenties.  He had cinnamon colored, curly hair and was wearing a bright blue coat.  You didn’t have that great of a view, but you could tell his face seemed to be littered with freckles.  In his hand he was gripping a brown leather case.  

He was the last to go in, and you, not realizing you were staring, caught him looking straight at you for a brief moment before following the others inside.  You were sort of embarrassed that he had caught you staring, but you had to admit:  he was pretty cute.


Over the next few weeks, you kept seeing the blue-coated curly-haired man around the city.  You never got too close to him, as you feared that there was a possibility he was catching onto your spying habits on the Goldsteins.  Yet you also wanted to talk to him and get to know who exactly he was.  (Oh, and french kiss him.  He looks like he tastes like pastries or somethin like that).  Next Friday, however, was different.


You weren’t doing anything involving the Goldsteins today.  You’ve been taking a break all week.  You were walking down the busy street holding a steaming cup of coffee, when the Gods decided to make it rain.  Hard.  You didn’t have an umbrella to use, so instead you tightly wrapped your coat around your body and began to walk as fast as you could in your heeled boots to get back to your apartment.  

You sharply turned a corner only to bump right into a man.  You looked up and was shocked to see who it was.  It was the attractive curly-haired man.

“Oh–uh–I’m sorry, I’m just trying to get back to my apartment before I get soaked–” you rambled on.

The man chuckled, before opening an umbrella over the two of you.  (It’s your average muggle umbrella).  “I see that.  I’ve been seeing you around the city lately, but I haven’t gotten the chance to speak with you.  Can I walk you back to your apartment?  It’s freezing and wet out here, I don’t want you to get drenched and catch a cold,  I could imagine you’d like some company.”

He was British!  That just made you attracted to him even more.  You were grateful for his kind offer, and especially for the umbrella that protected you from the ungodly weather.  You were pretty positive that he wasn’t a rapist or some shit.  He was just too adorable.  “I’d appreciate that very much, thank you.  Oh!  I’m Y/N, by the way.  Y/N L/N.”

He smiled.  “I’m Newton Scamander, but everyone calls me Newt.”

The trek back to your apartment took about fifteen minutes.  You and Newt made small talk, about little things, like hobbies, why Newt was visiting America, stuff like that.  You never brought up the Goldsteins so you didn’t sound creepy, you actually wanted to get to know this guy.  However, you found out that Newt was actually in the middle of writing a book, but he didn’t tell you what exactly it was about.  He said he was visiting America because there was something here that he needed to study for his book.  It sounded a bit suspicious, but hey, for all you know he could actually be an undercover agent.  

Or a wizard.


You arrived at the door to your apartment.  

“Thank you, Newt, for walking me home on such short notice.”  You smiled to show your gratitude.

“It was my pleasure.  I’m glad I finally got to talk to you, I’ve been too shy to actually approach you,” Newt responded, a cute smile appearing on his freckled face.

“I guess me running into you was fate, huh?”

He chuckled.  “Well, I should probably get back to where I’m staying.”

You frowned.  “At least come in for a cup of tea before you leave, in return for walking me home.”

Newt seemed very happy with the idea.  “I’d love to.”

At the end of your little two-person tea party, Newt had something important to ask you.

“Y/N, I know we’ve only really known each other for about an hour, but you’re more intriguing than any girl I’ve met the past ten years.  So I have to ask, would you care to go on a date with me tomorrow at Central Park?”

You nodded happily.  “Yes, of course I would!”

“Perfect.  I’ll be here tomorrow at six?”  Newt’s huge smile remained on his face.

“Sounds lovely.  Now you should really be getting home, it’s getting really dark.”

“Trust me, I’ll be fine.”


All throughout the next day you were giddy with excitement for your date with Newt.  You were grateful that Central Park wasn’t a particularly fancy place, thus making it a lot easier for you to choose your outfit.  

You glanced at the clock.  It was 5:58PM.  Newt should be here any minute.  You pulled on your heeled boots (you had basically mastered walking in them) and your warm winter coat.  You looked at the clock one more time just as the hand turned from 5:59PM to 6:00PM.  There was a knock at the door.  Man’s got impressive timing.  

You checked your hair one last time in the mirror next to the door and coat rack before opening the door to see a handsome Newt standing there with a single rose in hand.  He was dressed in his usual attire, but damn did he look sexy in it.  “Good evening, Miss L/N,” Newt said in his beautiful British accent before handing you the rose.  

You carefully took the rose as to not get blood on your coat and inhaled it’s sweet scent.  “Why thank you, Mister Scamander.  Come in for a minute, I’ll find somewhere to put this rose.”  

Newt stepped into your apartment, closing the door behind him.  You bustled around in the small kitchen and found an unused vase under the sink.  You put some water in it and placed the rose inside before setting it in the middle of the coffee table in your sitting room.  

As you were doing this, Newt spoke up.  “Y/N, you look beautiful.”

You looked up at him and felt your cheeks heat up.  “Aw thank you, Newt.  You look quite handsome yourself.”  Newt blushed as well.  “Shall we get going?”

“I believe we shall,” answered Newt as you linked your hands together and left your apartment.


Central Park wasn’t too far from your apartment, maybe two blocks over.  It was cold outside, but when you were with Newt the weather didn’t seem to bother you that much anymore.  You both walked down the paths and admired the icicles hanging from the bare trees and the frozen fountain.  You talked mainly about life and past relationships, which it turned out that neither of you had had many.  

When it started to get darker, you could see the beautiful colored lights that lit up the whole of New York City.  Your legs were starting to get weak from doing so much walking in your boots, so you pulled Newt over to the nearest bench that happened to overlook the trees and gave you a perfect view of the setting Sun.  You pressed yourself against Newt’s side and lay your head on his shoulder, much to his surprise.  Not that he was complaining, he loved the affection.  

“Isn’t it gorgeous?”

Newt nodded.  “Absolutely.  I’ve heard stories of this city, but getting to actually be here is incredible.”  

“I’ve always wanted to go to England.  It sounds amazing,” you said.  

Newt chuckled.  “If you like clouds and rain at least half of the week. You’ll definitely love it.”  

You two sit there, in silence, simply enjoying each other’s presence as you watch the Sun set behind the skyscrapers and the silver Moon rise.  

Suddenly, Newt broke the silence with his soft and beautiful™ voice.  “Y/N… I know this is completely out of context, but… do you believe in magic?”

You took your head off his shoulder to look him in the eyes.  You scoffed.  “Of course I believe in magic.  It makes living in this cruel world a whole lot easier if you believe that wizards exist and unicorns live.”

“Alright, that’s a relief.  But you might think I’m insane after I tell you this-”

You cut him off.  “That you’re a wizard?”

Newt stared at you blankly, eyes growing large.  “What?  How on EARTH did you know?  Are you a witch too?”

You looked taken aback.  “I was right!?  I knew I had a fifty-fifty chance oh wow this is amazing!  Are Tina and Queenie Goldstein also witches?  Please tell me they are.”

Newt looked even more surprised.  “Yes, they are.  You know them?”

You shrugged.  “Eh… not really.  I’m a detective, you see.  I’ve dedicated the past decade to try and find proof that there is in fact a wizarding world out there.  When I was ten I could’ve sworn I saw a woman use a wand or something and then suddenly she disappeared.”

“What you saw was an apparation spell.  It’s what wizards and witches use to get around quickly,”  Newt replied, still in shock.

“So wands are real, too!?” you sounded like an excited child on Christmas morning.

Newt reached into his pocket and pulled out a stick.  More accurately, a wand.  “Lumos,” he said, and the tip of the wand illuminated.  You stared at it in awe.

“Are wizards even allowed to tell regular people that they’re magical?”  you asked.

“The wizarding laws in the United States are different than in the United Kingdom.  In the United States it’s forbidden to be in a relationship with someone non-magical, but in the United Kingdom it’s legal.  There’s an obliviation spell, it makes a non-magical person such as yourself forget anything they ever saw that was magical.”

The color drained from your face.  Newt noticed.  “Oh, love, don’t worry!  I’m not going to use it on you.”

“Oh thank God.  This is all so incredible to me.  It’s so much to take in…”

Newt smiled.  “I’ll tell you everything soon, I promise.  And do you remember the rose I gave you?”

You nodded, confused as to how it was significant in this conversation.

“I enchanted it.  It will never die.”

“You just keep amazing me, Newt,” you replied and kissed his cheek.  “Did you really trust me enough to tell me that you’re a wizard?  Especially since it’s illegal here apparently.”

You could see Newt’s blush through the light of his wand tip.  “Y/N, I know we just formally met yesterday, but I feel more attracted to you than I have been to anybody, ever.  I don’t usually care for people that much, I mainly spend time with my magical creatures and beasts-” he noticed that you were about to interrupt and cut you off- “we’ll talk about them later.  There’s something about you that I’ve never seen in a human before.  I could sense you were very close to the magical world.  Not to mention your beauty and kindness…” he trailed off.

“Good lord you are just a complete sweetheart, aren’t you?”  you exclaimed.  Newt’s cheeks were blazing red.  You leaned in and pressed your lips to his in a sweet and chaste kiss.  Suddenly you felt something twig-like brush your neck, causing you to pull away in fear and confusion.

Newt groaned.  “Pickett!  You little bugger!  I thought I told you to stay in the workshop!”  Newt pulled a green stick-looking creature out of his breast pocket and placed it on his shoulder.  “I’m sorry, Y/N.  This is Pickett, he’s a Bowtruckle with some attachment issues, he basically lives in my pocket.

“Is this one of your magical creatures you mentioned?  He’s very cute,” you said, admiring Pickett with curiosity.  

Newt nodded.  “Yes.  I have so many more… I think they’ll all really like you.  But there’s no way they could love you as much as I do.”  Newt leaned in for another kiss, hand on your waist.

This was sure to be the start of something a m a z i n g.

Please let me know what you thought of it!

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art in a coffee shop ✧ jeonghan

Originally posted by jeonghney

genre: fluff fluff fluff

word count: 2600+

prompt: “every time i come in here you’re drawing and they always look so pretty so i muster up the courage to ask to sit with you and you said yes shit now what”

Jeonghan is far from impulsive. He knows better than to act on his immediate ideas without thinking them through thoroughly and properly, a quality he’s learnt after one too many God, Jeonghan, do you even think before you do things?

Well, now he does, and thankfully at that – because if he didn’t, he’s sure he would be embarrassing himself terribly right now. 

It’s almost always the same. Jeonghan wanders into the spacious coffee shop whenever he has free time after practice or during their lunch break and orders one iced coffee to go. And then he simply stands back and scrolls through the applications on his phone until his name is called by a barista to collect his beverage.

But it hasn’t been that mundane for a while now. In fact, Jeonghan doesn’t have any memories of his experiences at the shop that don’t include you.

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Headcannons: Them Proposing to You.


-You two were practically married already.

-He really wanted to marry you for real.

-He definitely brought the whole gang along to pick out a ring.

-But immediately regretted it.

-He came back another day with just his brothers.

-When he actually proposed he took you to a fancy restaurant.

-And then took you for a walk afterwards.

-You found yourself at the place where you first met.

-You cried when he got down on one knee.

-You said yes without him even asking yet.

-And he just kissed and put the ring on your finger.

-When you got back the house all the guys were waiting and they cheered when they saw you two.


-Ponyboy was the only one who knew about it.

-He wanted to ask you immediately once the idea had come into his head.

-But he knew it would be best to wait.

-Sodapop saved up for a ring for over a year.

-But then decided to save that money for a house for you two.

-Everyday that passed he wrote down a new reason why he loved you.

-He proposed to you on the night after Ponyboy’s graduation.

-You didn’t believe him at first.

-He pulled the list he had been writing.

-He started to read you every reason that was on it.

-You stopped him and took the list for yourself to keep.

-But you said yes.


-Ponyboy fell in love with the first time he saw you.

-You hadn’t been dating all that long before he told Sodapop that he wanted to marry you.

-Sodapop talked him away from that idea since you were both so young.

-And he wanted his brother to go to college.

-You two went your seperate ways for a few years but you both found each other again when you were a little bit older and out of school.

-The first night that you two saw each other again after all those years you decided to hang out and talk.

-You ended up talking all night.

-Ponyboy proposed just as the sun was coming up.

-He didn’t have a ring.

-He just spoke from the heart and promised to get you one.

-He ended up using their moms ring.

-After you said yes of course.


-Two-Bit and you weren’t dating that long when he decided to propose.

-He didn’t know much about how a marriage was supposed to work and he told you that when he proposed.

-You two were laying in bed one night and he pulled out the ring.

-He told you the way he felt with you he’d never felt before in his life.

-Being with you was what happiness truly felt like.

-You said no.

-You thought you were to young and it was to sudden.

-A month later you saw him with his friends.

-You had been miserable everyday and you could see he had been too.

-You ran up to him and said you were sorry.

-And that yes you would marry him.

-That night you two and all of his and your fiends went down to the courthouse.

-Neither of you wanted to wait.


-Dally and you have been dating for a couple of years.

-He would swear he’s never get married.


-And then something would happen.

-You got pregnant.

-And all he did was hold up a ring and say ‘Hell what choice do we have right?’

-You would scowl at him and complain that that was no way to propose.

-But you’d get married.

-And he would be confused.

-'What’s the difference being married? It’s the same exact thing as when we were dating except I had to buy expensive rings.’

-You would role your eyes and kiss him.

-In a few years when you had the baby and she was a little older.

-He would propose to you again.

-He would actually get down on one knee and do it right.


-The two of you had been dating for a long time when he finally decided to propose.

-He bought the ring and planned a date with you for the night that he would ask.

-He was extremely nervous though.

-Because the week leading up to the proposal you had been acting strange.

-And distant.

-You swore to Steve you were fine.

-The night that the date came that Steve would propose he took you out for dinner.

-Then he brought you to one of the spots you two love to go and sit with each other.

-Just as he went to grab the ring you spoke.

-“Steve, I want to marry you.” you would tell him nervously and avoid eye contact.

-Steve would be silent for a moment and you could here him stand.

-You presumed it was to leave.

-You knew you shouldn’t have asked him.

-Suddenly you heard his voice telling you to look at him.

-When you hesitantly did you saw him kneeling down in front of you with the ring.

-You didn’t even have to say anything.

-He would put the ring on you and kiss you hard.


-You two would be living together already when he would finally propose.

-He would have bought the ring and have it for a while until the time felt right.

-He was a bit obsessed with making sure the timing was perfect.

-You were sat one morning eating breakfast and reading a book.

-He came into the kitchen and you looked up and smiled at him.

-Suddenly he realized that there was no need perfect time to propose.

-All you needed was the perfect person.

-And you were his perfect person.

-He would run off and get the ring.

-The next time you looked up from your book he was kneeling beside you with it.

-He asked you and you cried and said yes.

No Scissors Required (Byeler Fic)


Joyce is changing Will’s sheets when she finds a tear in the bottom of his mattress. Upon further investigation, she finds he’s hidden a notebook, and even though she knows she shouldn’t, she opens it, finding some incriminating photos of a certain male celebrity and even more incriminating drawings of a certain male best friend. Joyce knows she shouldn’t meddle, but she can’t help it. Sometimes a mother knows best.

Angsty but has a (kind of) happy ending.

No Scissors Required

It’s 4 pm on a Sunday. As the daylight slips away and with it the promise of a productive weekend, Joyce is attempting some form of damage control.

She’s doing okay: she’s got dinner on the stove, a load of laundry whirring in the dryer, and neat stacks of envelopes, bank notices, and coupons divided on the kitchen table, waiting to be opened and handled and filed appropriately. She’ll get to that, of course. Right after she’s had a cigarette.

It’s one of those rare afternoons where it feels like the dust has settled, and that she’s finally got a handle on things. A small, spiteful part of her wishes Lonnie could see her doing so well. She then thinks of Hopper, feeling equal parts buoyed and daunted by the potential in their future, then, remembering Bob, instantly guilty. She tables that thought for now, but resolves to call the police station first thing tomorrow morning, certain she can conjure up something to be worried about by then. Hopper will know it’s a ploy, but he’ll appreciate it. He can’t seem to work up the nerve to call her unless it’s under silly pretenses either.

Will’s studying in the dining room. He told her for what, but she can’t keep track. Everyday, it’s something new, something for “organic chemistry” or “advanced calculus” or “studio art” or “classical poetry” (meanwhile, Joyce herself can’t remember ever taking anything but ‘math’ and science’). She trusts him to handle it himself; is continually amazed by his composure, his perseverance, his seemingly infinite capacity for information and instruction; balks at how much he seems to absorb. School is the one realm in which she won’t meddle; the one thing that seems to have stayed the same, even after everything. If anything, Will’s become more involved, taking on more responsibility, working harder, longer hours. Still, he sees his friends regularly, and though she wishes he’d spend just a bit more time having fun, she figures it’s all a necessary distraction.

She can barely see him over the piles of books and paper, just the top of his head bobbing every now and again, more aggressively when he’s erasing a mistake. She feels such strong fondness for him. She and Will have always been close, and continue to be even as Will and his friends careen ungracefully into adolescence, but still she finds herself, like any mother, wondering: What is he thinking? What is he feeling? What does he worry about? Is he okay?

He’s fourteen now, in his first year of high school, the same age she and Lonnie started going out. True, we didn’t date consistently until much later, she concedes, and for the briefest of moments her mind flashes back to Hopper. She wonders, not for the first time, if maybe Will’s found himself a- well, not a Lonnie.

But she knows the answer. Will spends too much time at home, too much time studying, too much time with her, or Jonathan, or his friends. And even if he didn’t, Joyce knows that Will is too careful, too cautious, too used to hiding his feelings. But she also knows it’s more than that. Will’s never expressed interest in anyone, at least not to her. In fact, as long as Joyce can remember, Will has looked so discomfited at any mention of romance, at any allusion to any sort of love life he may or may not have, that Joyce has stopped bringing it up. She’s even considered that maybe he’s not interested in that sort of thing at all.

But Joyce knows that’s not true. She just knows. And she’s tried, albeit in roundabout ways, to address whatever it is that flusters him. She speaks in cautious, neutral terms. She avoids pronouns. She never asks direct questions, instead making statements, testing the waters, waiting for him to agree or disagree. Things like, she’s kind of cute or he’s got nice eyes, don’t you think? or I just read in the school newsletter that the Snowball’s coming up. (Normally he responds to her questions with noncommittal shrugs but that one earned her a sharp so what?). And, she’s not sure why she feels so compelled, but she tells Will she’s proud of him as often as she can. She tells him how much she loves him, and how she’ll continue to do so forever, no matter what. Still, Will won’t budge, and Joyce worries, worries, worries.

The timer on the stove goes off, and Joyce jerks her head towards the sound. The laundry’s ready to come out of the dryer.

She’s unloading the warm sheets into a basket when she notices a loose thread hanging from the corner. She pulls at it, hoping it’ll snap, but it only ensnares more fabric. Annoyed, she begins to rummage through her sewing box, looking for scissors. They’re nowhere to be found.

“Will?” She calls.


“Do you have the scissors from my sewing kit?”

There’s a pause. “They’re in my room,” Will calls back, sounding slightly guilty.

“Baby, I thought we agreed you would use your own scissors for art projects?”

“Sorry! Yours are better.”

Balancing the laundry basket on her hip, Joyce walks into Will’s room, where the scissors in question are resting on his desk atop a nondescript pile of magazine paper scraps. Joyce notes the mess: clothes litter the floor, Will’s bed is unmade, and there are open books everywhere.

“Will, honey, your room’s a mess!” She calls.

“Sorry! I haven’t had time to clean it.”

Joyce feels a pang of guilt. “I know. I know, you’ve been working so hard lately.”

She sighs, eyeing the unmade bed. Normally, Will prefers to clean his own room. Joyce figures it’s a consequence of all his time spent in Hawkins Lab being poked and prodded and examined; that he’s eager to preserve his privacy and personhood in whatever little ways he can. Joyce doesn’t mind. She indulges him when she thinks it’ll help him cope, and knows, secretly, that if not for Will it would probably never get done.

The longer Joyce stands there, surrounded by teenage mess, the more she feels the urge to do something nice for him, for studious, brilliant, thoroughly decent Will, who’s studying so hard just meters away. So she decides she’ll clean his room, just this once. Because, she reasons, he shouldn’t study for hours and have to return to clutter. Surely he won’t mind. She begins to strip his bed of its bedding, replacing it with the soft, warm, forest-green sheets she’s just removed from the dryer, taking pains to smooth out every crease. She likes this, trying to make things comfy. It makes her feel most like a mother.

She’s pulling the fitted sheet over the fourth and final corner of the bed, when it comes loose on the left side of the other end. Joyce tries to pull it back over the edge, but it won’t budge. Frustrated, she lifts the mattress up, trying to get leverage. And that’s when she sees it.

There – inconspicuous, but there nonetheless – is a long slit cut into the underside of the mattress. Joyce almost doesn’t know what she’s looking at, until she reaches out and touches it, and realizes that the edges of the crater fold back. She reaches inside, and her hand makes contact with something thick and paper. A book, maybe? Her heart begins to thud as she pulls it out.

It’s a notebook. Nothing special. Just a beat-up, spiral notebook with a red cover. She knows she shouldn’t open it. She knows it’s a violation of Will’s privacy, that it would be wrong to trespass like this, that whatever is in there is clearly meant for Will’s eyes and Will’s eyes only. But Joyce can’t help thinking: What is he thinking? What is he feeling? What does he worry about? Is he okay?

So she opens the notebook. A stack of photos falls out, scattering all over the cluttered floor.

Joyce curses to herself in a whisper-shout, dropping the notebook, closed, onto Will’s bed. She drops to the ground, frantically assembling the photographs, trying not to make a sound. And she’s so caught up, and there are so many of them, that it takes a few seconds for her to even look at them properly.

The first one she sees doesn’t strike her as odd. It’s a black and white photo of River Phoenix, standing on what seems to be a balcony in New York City, looking over his shoulder at the camera. It’s a good photo, she thinks, but she isn’t sure why it’s been hidden. Confused, she looks through the photos she’s already collected, then at the other ones still around her on the ground. She begins to notice a pattern: some are in color, some not, but all are of River Phoenix. River Phoenix with long hair, with short hair, with hair wild and big, wearing wire-rimmed glasses. In one, he’s holding a guitar, and his shirt is only buttoned up halfway. Joyce stares at that one the longest. They’ve all been cut out of different magazines and newspapers (is this what he’s using my scissors for…?), meaning they’d been collected from different sources, over some length of time. But why? Why these photos? What exactly does he do with - And then it clicks, and Joyce knows exactly what she’s looking at.

Her fingers begin to tremble. She glances at the red notebook perched on the side of Will’s bed, just above eye-level. She grabs it and stares at it for what seems like forever, until finally resolving to open it. What she finds when she does is almost worse than the photos.

What she finds is sketchaftersketchaftersketchaftersketch of a face she knows all too well. It’s Mike Wheeler, as animated in Will’s drawings as he is in real life, displaying the full spectrum of human emotion. Will has drawn Mike sitting down and standing up, from all sorts of angles, and in a comprehensive range of styles. There’s cartoon Mike, for example, the protagonist in what looks like the beginnings of a comic book set in Hawkins High, drawn impeccably in sleek black ink. There are rough, imprecise renderings done in charcoal pencil that smear and blend into one another. There’s one particularly impressive full-page pencil sketch of Mike talking into a walkie talkie, his hair wild and big, wearing wire-rimmed glasses. It’s not just sketches, though - Will’s masterful drawings are interspersed with doodles and phrases written in his distinctive chicken-scratch. Mike’s full name is spelled out several times, alternately in cursive and in block letters. And all of Joyce’s suspicions are confirmed, all at once.

Joyce can’t help it when her nose starts to sting and she feels tears. She’s not angry, no. Not disappointed. Not disgusted. Joyce, in this moment, feels a sober sort of pride. She’s proud to know that Will feels love, in the same way that any parent rejoices when their child first begins that tricky, exciting ritual. For a few seconds she’s reminded how grown he is, how frighteningly close he is to leaving her. But this is what she’s always wanted for him, for as long as she can remember. She thinks, horribly, of the times she’d lie awake at night, imagining a future where Will is happy and in love, praying that it offers him some respite from a world full of Lonnies. She wonders if Mike knows about the drawings, or the sentiment attached. She figures he doesn’t, and if he does, it’s probably not because Will told him.

So she’s sad, too. She has sensed, from a very young age, that Will was different, and that his path would be a little darker, a little more treacherous. For the first time she really understands that Will knows this too. After all, there’s a reason the notebook is in the mattress. It breaks her heart.

“Mom?” Will’s voice calls from the living room. Joyce freezes.

“Mom?” Will calls again. Joyce curses to herself, rushing to tuck the photos into the notebook and shove the whole thing back into the mattress.

Will walks into the doorframe just as Joyce finishes making the bed.

“Yes, honey?”

Will’s brow wrinkles. “Did you change the sheets?” He asks.

“Um, yeah.” Joyce says, trying to conceal how hard her heart is pounding.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Will says sharply. Then, softer: “I mean. Thank you. But you really didn’t have to do that. I like doing it myself.”

Joyce shrugs. “I know. I just thought you’d appreciate a mother’s touch.” She’s trying very hard to add humor to her inflection, not sure if he’ll buy it. Will smiles, forgiving. Joyce wraps her arm around him, kisses his temple despite the eye-roll it gets her, and grips him just a little too tight.

She feels guilty for the rest of the day.


It’s 1 am on Sunday morning, one week after Joyce first discovers the notebook, and the boys are all asleep on her living room floor.

They’d all gone to see Back to the Future at the Hawk earlier that night, returning to the Byers’ house afterwards to continue the fun. Once the shrieking and the laughter die down, and Joyce feels confident that they’re asleep, she ventures out in search of a glass of water. She moves quietly over the carpeted floors, but stops at the threshold of the kitchen. She can hear faint whispering, barely intelligible, coming from the behind the couch.

“I guess I’m just relieved,” she hears someone say. It’s too raspy to know who for sure. “There’s a part of me that hasn’t accepted that we’re finally together after all this time.” Joyce knows that voice. That’s Mike.

“Yeah. Me too.” This voice is weaker, sleepier, and she immediately recognizes it as Will.

Who? She thinks. Who’s together after all this time?

“…especially because I thought it would never happen.” Mike again. What would never happen?

“What would your parents think?”

“I’m not going to tell them.” Wait a second. Are they-?

“Well, yeah. But if you did?”

“Are you kidding me? They’d flip.” Is Mike-?!


“Uh, yeah. Can you imagine my dad’s reaction? With everything that’s going on in the country right now? Honestly, some shit is just too weird. Even for Hawkins.”

“What about at school? Are we supposed to pretend?” Joyce is frozen, she can’t believe what she’s hearing.

“Do we have a choice?” Mike says, softly.

“I guess not.”

“I guess we have to wait and see what Hopper says.” Hopper? Joyce thinks, confused. What the hell does Hopper have to do with anything?

“Does he want us to call her Jane, or El?”


Mike laughs. “She’ll always be El to me.”

And then Joyce realizes that they’re talking about Eleven. Of course they’re talking about Eleven.

Mike starts to speak again. “But everything will be how it’s always been. You know, at school. Nothing’s going to change.” His voice is laced with something cautious. Will laughs softly, as if trying to bury it, whatever it is.

“What are you talking about? Everything’s going to change.” And Joyce swears she can hear the regret in his voice.


It’s 6 pm on a tuesday, three days after the sleepover and ten after Joyce first finds the notebook, and Joyce is finishing up a shift at Melvald’s.

She feels happy. She’s got a lot to look forward to. Jonathan is bringing home takeout from the diner, club sandwiches and french fries, and Will will come home excited and talkative after A.V. club. (And, of course, Hopper happened to stop in today, looking for hair clips for El. He of course played it off like he was overwhelmed, but it was impossible to miss how happy he was to again be participating in the rituals of having a growing daughter. What about these ones? He’d asked. Joyce tells him that the ones he’s picked, bright pink with acrylic bumblebees, look a little young for her, don’t you think? Oh. Well, you know, it’s been a while. Well, you know her better than I do- I only have boys. She does like pink. Then get them! He smiles. They smile. Bitchin’.)

Will and Jonathan will be home a little later than usual, with Will coming from A.V. club and Jonathan from work, so she has just enough time before they arrive, Will first and then Jonathan, to set the table and smoke a cigarette in the quiet emptiness.

Their family dinners, infrequent thanks to work and academic commitments, always seem to make everyone happier. Joyce remembers Sunday morning after the sleepover, how Will looked more subdued than usual, how he hugged Mike goodbye somewhat tersely and watched him ride his bike down the driveway until he disappeared, and thinks: he needs it.

She waves goodbye to Donald and heads toward the exit. The automatic doors open when she nears, but Joyce stops short at the threshold, staring at the magazine rack.

It’s 6:18 on a Tuesday, three days after the sleepover, ten days after Joyce first finds the notebook, 18 minutes after she has what she hopes isn’t a terrible idea, and Joyce is waiting in the kitchen for Will to get home.

She’s standing in a part of the dining room where she knows she can’t be seen from the door, watching and waiting for it to open. She’s relieved when it does and Will walks in. He kicks off his shoes and sheds his jacket in seconds, and Joyce is warmed by how eager he seems to just be home. “I’m home!” He calls, but Joyce doesn’t say anything. Not yet.

Will lets his backpack drop to the ground with a thud and collapses onto the couch. He sits there a minute, idle. Come on. Joyce wills. Pick it up.

Almost a minute passes, and then Will seems to notice something on the coffee table, something Joyce can’t see from where she’s standing. His eyes are wide as he looks around, thisaway and thataway, to check if anyone’s there. Cautiously, he picks it up.

It’s a copy of People Magazine, with River Phoenix on the cover. It’s not Mike, Joyce thinks, but it is something.

Joyce watches as he flips through it, and when a pink blush creeps over his cheeks, she knows he’s reached the centerfold – a glossy, full-page photo of River Phoenix, without a shirt on, posing behind a wire fence.

And it’s perforated. Able to be ripped out of the magazine neatly and cleanly, to be hung up on a wall or folded into a spiral notebook and shoved under the bed.

No scissors required.


1. The last time I wrote fanfiction was in high school and I can say with some certainty it is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever produced, so ridiculous that when I went looking for it a couple months ago I knew I just had to distribute it to all my friends alongside a “reader’s companion” (yes- a reader’s companion to my erotica) highlighting everything cringeworthy. Point is I’m new to this, pls be nice!

2. This is not erotica. They’re 14. Not. Erotica. Not even close. Not even a little.

3. I know it’s a bit anachronistic. River Phoenix hadn’t even starred in Stand By Me by the time this fic is supposed to take place, but I really think that Will would be into him because he’s artsy and sensitive and beautiful, AND because he and Mike remind me of Chris and Gordie.

4. thanks eversomuch to @otpgod1 for their kind words of encouragement in publishing this! 

Mugen's Feelings for Fuu: Character Study and Observations

Firstly: this is a response to 10bat who asked me if Mugen’s feelings for Fuu are platonic or if there’s something else.

Wow, XD Well, as much as I ship Fuugen harder than hell, I don’t think I ever bothered to explain their romance before…or Mugen’s feelings.

I’d also like to say thank you to 10bat for the comments to my blog before I start ^^ (even though it’s not THAT great).

Here I go. 

To start off, Mugen as a character is at first glance a complete antihero based on his actions; the prison tattoos, cocky attitude, stealing, killing people without a second thought. But out of all three characters in the anime, Mugen is the most dynamic; changing the most out of all three (although all of them did change).

Growing up in the Ryukyuan Islands, he never exactly had anyone that loved him (being an orphan, having to kill people to survive at an early age etc). The only people we know that he was acquainted with before Fuu and Jin: were Koza and Mukuro in ep 13 and 14. But look what they did: Mukuro betrayed him by making him take the rap for stealing from the ship, and Koza was needy and wanted love from anyone. She used his “death” to infuriate Jin to kill her brother Mukuro. It was all a ploy.

Now then, back to Mugen’s feelings for Fuu. I honestly think that Mugen may have developed something for Fuu even before she liked him (or maybe they developed it at the same time through all their struggles together) but I think for Mugen it was completely emotional at first, and his physical attraction came later. But either way, he repressed it throughout the series.

So here’s a brief list (bullshit, this is LONG) of all the ways it is heavily implied Mugen had feelings for Fuu. If someone wants me to do a Fuu rant also, I probably will lol. But for now, let’s focus on Mugen (though Fuu’s feelings will undoubtedly intersect).

There’s links underlined to the clips on youtube to that specific instant in the episodes for reference. Enjoy if you decide to watch ^^ You have to sign into youtube to watch them though. And I’m giving my rough translation to dialogue sometimes or what I remember (since I didn’t actually sit there and watch them all. Some can be interpreted different ways because English sub and dub is wrong a lot. So anyway, ignore if it’s written different than in the video.


Ep 1: Mugen is shown first from a distance, standing on the road outside the village. Then Fuu is shown… Then Jin last (you’ll notice he’s always backup, sadface, but I love him. Don’t mistake this Mugen rant as me disliking Jin.)

Fuu and Mugen meet. While there is no romance (yet), Mugen and Fuu have this odd stare down when he first walks in. It even goes in slow motion where he’s looking at her. Jin and Fuu had no such moment. I think it was meant to show that he is dangerous, a killer, but either way Fuu isn’t afraid in the slightest. She even tells him to leave if he has no money.

Btw. He saves her from getting her fingers cut off. Jin had no part in that lol.

In the interviews to the japanese voice actors, Ayako Kawasumi (Fuu) was asked who she preferred more as a character; Mugen or Jin. The actress responded with “Definetly Mugen.” Shinichiro Watanabe (the main director) then decided to include more Fuugen hints throughout the series and ep 1 dictated the last episode. This is all found in the Samurai Champloo Roman Album book if anyone is interested to read the interviews.

Ep 2: Mugen was poisoned by a woman who said that Fuu was kidnapped by the same guy who hired her to poison him. She said something like “He has the antidote and something else you want.”


"That girl you’re traveling with. I wonder what he’ll do to her.”

“Shit!” Only then does Mugen run off to save Fuu. She then saves his life when the man is drowing him in the stream, later saving him in episode 21 from Sara as well. It’s kind of like foreshadowing.

Meanwhile…Jin is fighting a homosexual samurai…ahem.

Ep 3 and 4: Mugen runs off from Fuu after not wanting to help her at all. But in ep 4 he saw her in the brothel. There’s a scene where he stops walking in the rain after remembering her scolding him, and he quickly runs back to save her. When he got back to the brothel, she was already gone, having escaped. “Ran away?! That idiot!” or  “That bitch!” in english.” He kept searching for her, but when he found her with Jin at the gambling den, he said “I only came here because no one was chasing after me.” which was complete bullshit!!!!

Meanwhile, Jin doesn’t bother to save Fuu at the brothel. He only coincidentally met up with Fuu at the gambling den because he was helping the son of the gangster.

Ep 5: Mugen sees Fuu hanging with an artist and says rather jealously “What are you doing hanging around with lover boy?” She was only modeling.

Later that night, he asked Jin what happened to Fuu. “Hey, where is she?” Jin is too being playing Japanese chess. Mugen says “Well, it’s not like I care or anything.”

The following morning, Mugen literally goes to the artist’s studio and finds a picture of her and asks the artist where she was. She was kidnapped and he ran all across town to rescue her. He ends up saving her but gets no credit as usual.

Jin meanwhile…is still playing chess lol.

Ep 6: Not much. She just scolds him in a hay stack and he turns his head annoyed.

Ep 7: Fuu was “held hostage” by the thief. He shows disinterest at first. Mugen (the violent bastard he is) sees the kid who pick-pocketed Fuu hold a knife to her throat and only then did he flip shit and want to kill the guy. Now, you can interpret it that he was pissed at the guy for stealing from them and not at all worried about Fuu…. But when he crashed into the building and was going to attack him, Fuu screamed to stop. And he did. Even though he hated the guy, Mugen stopped and helped him escape because Fuu told him to. He realized she wasn’t in danger from the theif though. Mugen never takes orders from ANYONE.

Once again, he technically saved Fuu from the drug dealers after the theif.

Jin meanwhile, waits outside…

Ep 8: When a man hits on Fuu, she says rather proudly to Mugen “It’s soooo hard being popular.” most likely to validate herself to being appealing and maybe even get Mugen jealous. When Mugen gets hit on by a woman, he repeats the same line to Fuu to DEFINITELY get her jealous “It’s sooooo hard being popular.”

Jin is meanwhile…too drunk to say anything and is dragged along by Mugen. But Mugen isn’t one to share a woman with Jin (he won Yatsuha over Jin in ep 15)…So why did he bring Jin along? Maybe he didn’t want Jin and Fuu to be alone together(?)

Also,the man who hit on Fuu said his wife looked like Fuu when she was younger. Funny thing, the woman who hit on Mugen was that man’s wife…So Mugen is actually physically attracted to Fuu after all.

Later when Fuu overhears that Jin killed his master, she gets curious and decides to ask Mugen if he knows anything about it… He looks at her, and then he pouts. HE FRICKIN’ POUTS AND FROWNS, HIS EYEBROWS FURL. Mugen says “I don’t know anything.” Then in a much more different (frustrated and annoyed) tone he says “Why don’t you ask him yourself?" 


Ep 9: Mugen had every intention to go back to save Fuu and Jin instead of letting them die…but he accidentally got high instead. Lol. He TECHNICALLY saved the day because it was his fault the trippy plants got set on fire. Sooooo, then all the guards at the border line were too high to kill Fuu and Jin.

Mugen once again, technically…saves the day(?)

Ep 10: Okay, this one connects to a later episode, ep 16. Mugen ends up getting his hand badly hurt. Fuu grabs one of them "What happened to your hand?!” he responds “It’s just a scratch.” and pulls away rather quickly… he isn’t used to physical contact with women that isn’t sexual. She shows that he cares and it bothers him. Later in ep 16, after leaving Fuu and Jin he lays on the grass. he puts his hand…the same hand that she touched and he puts it above his face saying “that little bitch” which is a nickname he calls her throughout the series. There is a video of this on youtube. “Subliminal Mugen/Fuu clip” Watch ittttttt.

Ep 11: Oooh lala. Pretty big proof in this one. Jin falls for Shino the courtesan. (totally not Fuu, just sayin’). When Fuu is talking about Jin going to brothels, Mugen takes it that she’s jealous and in turn gets jealous of her and Jin, saying “What, are you saying you want to be his girl?” then he said  "That’s big talk…coming from a girl so flat.“ he even told her to show him her boobs…Which she almost did. Then, she names all the reasons she doesn’t like Jin. But Mugen fell asleep and didn’t hear.

Later, when Jin goes to visit Shino, Fuu stops him "Are you going to see that Kohana lady? I know you pity her but…”

“It’s not pity.”

“Don’t tell me you’re in love with her! You promised to help me find the samurai who smells of sunflowers. If you go, we’re not friends anymore.”

When Jin left…Mugen is shown actually awake, listening to the entire conversation. Jealousy. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR EPISODE 24. DON’T FORGET. FORESHADOWING.

Later when Mugen and Fuu are running to give Jin back his swords, Mugen says “I thought you two weren’t friends anymore!” I think it can become plainly obvious that by now, Mugen is getting really jealous of their “relationship” which is actually the true platonic one.

Ep 12: Mugen is much more curious than Jin about what she is hiding about her sunflower samurai, to the point where he sneaks through her stuff for her diary…even though he can’t read. When she begins saying “The first guy who came in was the type I never wanted to be friends with! And after talking with him I was absolutely right!”  he got extremely pissed off and even began swearing at her diary. Usually he wouldn’t care but he’s slowly getting attached to her. When she said that Jin was attractive when she first saw him, Mugen again got jealous.

But remember what she said at the end of the diary. Everything in it was a lie. So she didn’t find Jin attractive and actually would befriend Mugen (?) She also said that she wrote all that because she figured they (meaning Mugen because she trusts Jin more with stuff like this) would read it. Note: She didn’t know that Mugen couldn’t read yet.

Ep 13: HUGE PROOF! This is where we really get a glimpse at Mugen’s past. He doesn’t trust anyone, he was truly an ex-pirate and criminal…and I think Fuu is the first person he really held faith in. At first, he looks annoyed while Fuu plays in the water…like he’s realizing what a child she truly is…And he’s sinful compared to her innocence.

When he sees Koza and Mukuro, it reignites those feelings of how evil he is. For the first time Mugen declines an offer to make money and says about Fuu and Jin “They’re not my friends or anything.” to which Fuu turns her head at him…upset… He then says “I promised I’d protect ‘em until we get to Nagasaki, that’s all.” Mugen is actually referring to Fuu since Jin doesn’t need protection, and he’s also admitting to keeping his promise, the first promise he ever kept to the end. Fuu widens her eyes to this (WATCH THE SCENE OMG CRY) and then Koza does too (out of jealousy since she once harbored feelings for Mugen).

Mukuro says to Fuu “Hey, do you have any idea what kind of things he’s done? You know how many people he’s killed? This is hysterical! A guy like you protecting people?!” When Mukuro said that, Mugen seems defensive and angered, covering his eyes with his hair…then pointing a sword at his neck to shut him up, then he walked away. To me, it seemed Mugen didn’t want to revisit those memories of the sins he commited and especially doesn’t want Fuu to know. Notice how Fuu is also hiding behind Jin in this part…not Mugen. It’s like Jin is the good guy, not him.

Mugen then scoffs, sheathes his sword…and turns to look at Fuu and Jin standing beside each other. He then turns away…“ Mugen, wait!” Fuu calls, following him…and so does Koza “Wait!”. You’ll see later that Koza is jealous of Fuu…

Mugen ends up taking the job, Fuu meanwhile is worried about Mugen and when he returns she scolds him saying he shouldn’t go. And Mugen walks out on her, her yelling his name “MUGEN!”. This is a representation that he has no attachments to her…which he COMPLETELY does.

With Koza on the beach if you know the Japanese translation she asks “Are you happy?”

“I ain’t given it much thought.”

In english she says “Fuu is lucky.” THIS IS WRONG. She says
“Fuu -chan wa shiawase.” Shiawase means happy. So Koza said  “That girl Fuu…is happy.”

“She’s happy?”

“Yeah. She’s happy because she gets to be with you….” WOAH THERE KOZA!  Then Koza lays her head on his abdomen, saying she wants to be happy with him too: as in be romantic with him in the way she perceives how he is with Fuu. He says that he’s not that type of guy (really I think it means that he is attached to Fuu and won’t leave her to go travel with Koza).

Not many people realize this, but that was FUU screaming Mugen’s name when the ship exploded. You can really tell it’s her in english, though it’s harder to tell in Japanese. Most people think it was Koza because they show her face at that exact second. But notice how they then show Jin’s face, THEN FUU’S FACE. Her mouth is wide in a scream, unlike Koza. Here’s japanese.  Here’s the english where if you watched the whole anime in English, you can easily tell that’s Fuu screaming his name.Plus, Fuu had a tendency to scream his name throughout the series whenever he got injured. She then cries for Mugen for the first time. Jin comforts her. (Jin will frequently comfort Fuu when she cries over Mugen. Three times actually.)

Ep 14: When Mugen is drowning after being again tricked by Mukuro…he sees images of his past. Right before he fades from consciousness, he sees an image of Koza, the first person he really befriended (who betrayed him). Then he sees Jin.

But finally, the last thing he sees before passing out is an image of Fuu scolding him. She chased the pantu away, and they represent his death. FORESHADOWING TO THE LAST EPISODE.

The next morning when Fuu spent all night searching for him on the beach, she finds him and begins to cry for a second time and nurses him back to health. (she removed all his clothes btw; they are hanging outside, and Mugen doesn’t wear underwear as is seen in ep 15).

He then grabs her wrist as she turns to leave. THIS IS HUGE. I believe he wanted to thank her…but being the way he is…he can’t and instead says he’s hungry. He wants to touch her…but she is untouchable… Mugen says he’s hungry so she’ll leave and not come back for a while. It can be seen when it zooms in on his face, and he sighs. He didn’t want her to worry about him and stop him from killing Mukuro (who Jin already killed). Fuu returns and yells that Mugen is gone again.

This episode shows their bonding, how Mugen realizes the only woman who cares about him in his life is Fuu. She also brought him back from death when the pantu came to take his soul. His thoughts of her are what made him live; he has unfinished business in life.

Ep 15: Mugen and Fuu are for the first time shown getting along, laughing together and talking about food. Notice how this is after their huge episode last time.

He then goes to a brothel to relieve some sexual tension (I mean, he refuses to have sex with Fuu because that would unravel his feelings, and disregard how he said she has no sex appeal, plus he just CANT. It’s like he’s tainting her. And it’d ruin the aspects of the show lol.) He never ends up having sex in this ep btw (or any other episode for that matter. Jin meanwhile, had sex with Shino and possibly the two ugly brothel girls in this ep)

Ep 16: They get into a huuuuge argument. Fuu says that he just wants to travel with a cute girl, Mugen said he never even thought about her like that at all. Obviously, they’re both hiding their feelings and poor Jin is stuck in the middle. He says something too… He said the samurai who smells of sunflowers was probably a guy who raped her and dumped her… Mugen in the English subtitles of ep 2 said “I’m gona rape you, you dumb broad.” when Fuu was passed out drunk. I don’t believe this translation is accurate but that sounds like a heavy case of projection to me…

“I’m trading you up for a tougher model!”

“You ain’t gonna fire me, I quit!”

Jin only leaves when both Mugen and Fuu go their separate ways.

Back to Mugen holding his right hand up when he lays on the grass, saying “That little bitch.” he’s obviously still thinking about Fuu. See Subliminal Mugen/Fuu clip on youtube again. It’s 37 seconds long. She grabbed the same right hand, just saying.

Ep 17: At the end of the episode (after arguing with Fuu last time), they intend to all split up. BUT MUGEN speaks up. He looks rather…upset too. Like, he feels guilty over it. He was always the one who asked about her relationship with the sunflower samurai. He was always the one who was curious, more than Jin. he even asks “Is it revenge?” Makes ya wonder, was Mugen gonna beat up the sunflower samurai if it hadn’t been her father and someone who hurt her instead? Jin says nothing, only says they should head out then, only saying what Mugen was going to say if he wasn’t so damn stubborn!

They then show Jin. Then Mugen. Then Fuu… Which was weird, cause the order is usually, Mugen, Jin, Fuu. And the love song plays. lol.

Ep 18: Mugen gets very defensive when Fuu makes fun of him for not reading… But she actually wanted to teach him, even shooed Jin away so they could have quality time together. Sadly, he got kidnapped by the hippy teacher lol. 

Fuu is then a prize in a graffiti contest between two twin brothers.

When Mugen returns from a day of learning, Fuu brags how guys are fighting over her. Mugen responds indifferently with “Sounds rough.” BUT, when she says the winner of the “word” contest gets her he gets all interested with “Words?” He then competes, drawing his signature of the Mugen infinity symbol at the top of the castle (which means he won Fuu btw. HOW DID NO ONE BESIDES ME NOTICE THAT HE PLANNED TO WIN FUU?!) Again he saved Fuu (?) Meanwhile, Jin is just…trying to keep the peace.

Later, it turns out the winner gets Momo (not Fuu) …But Mugen, Jin and Fuu didn’t know that at the time lmao.

Ep 19: Mugen is the one who wakes her up when she got knocked out. When Fuu gets kidnapped this ep, Mugen actually starts yelling saying she’s an idiot for going missing when Momo brings her note (to MUGEN).

He is then the one to really go wild and attack the false Frances Xavier if you watch the scene. Jin was more like support. Mugen saves the day.

At the end, when Fuu says that Kasumi Seizou is her father, Mugen hangs his head low when walking away, more so than Jin and he never really walks like that… It’s like he feels bad for trying to pry for so long and about the horrible things he said about her father.

Ep 20: HUGE also. Okay…well to begin, this ep more reveals Fuu’s feelings for Mugen. But since we’re focusing on Mugen’s feelings, we’ll skip around.

Mugen and Fuu saw each other naked. Jin is meanwhile, cleaning his sword (that was not a dirty pun btw). And thought it was especially strange how she apologized to him after, (she was actually apologizing about talking bad about him to Sara, when really he wasn’t ugly at all etc etc.)

When Sara asked Fuu “Who would you rather not want to separate from?” Fuu gets flustered saying “We don’t have that type of relationship!” hiding her face underneath blankets. She’s actually referring to  Mugen, because she eventually chooses Mugen to stay over Jin.

She even cries when thinking about parting from them, Jin finds her at this part… I believe she may have been crying over Mugen so that’s technically the third time if you decide to count it.

But honestly, her crying over Jin at the end of this ep (the only time she ever cried over Jin btw) was more goofy that her extremely emotional times over Mugen. We’ll tally up all the times she cried over Mugen at the end.

Mugen actually got jealous AGAIN when she started bawling over Jin;  saying “I would’ve left too!” And “Stop crying, idiot!” before stomping away. Maybe he believed that Fuu actually wouldn’t have chosen Mugen over Jin after all, and she was only testing Jin to see if he’d leave too…because she thought he’d leave. I think this pissed Mugen off, like he doesn’t matter, and he actually wasn’t planning on leaving Fuu anyway. He only seemed upset to have Jin go with sara instead of him to seem like he didn’t care. Because let’s rewind a bit! Didn’t Mugen only stay with Fuu so he could duel Jin by the end?! And with Jin gone, why the hell would he stay with Fuu alone?! Plus, when Mugen wants something, he gets it. So if he wanted to go with Sara, he would’ve left Fuu. SEE?!

I think Mugen was even a little pissed with Jin that he so easily left Fuu like that, saying “That bastard didn’t put up much of a fight.” with a disapproving look on his face before Fuu started crying. He doesn’t possess traits to comfort her when she cries like Jin can.

Jin meanwhile…gets attacked by Sara.

Ep 21: FUCKING HUGE. This is the ep where Fuu confessed her feelings to Mugen through actions. Mugen’s ep to confess to Fuu was 25.

When Sara badly wounded Mugen she says “Even though I can’t see you, I can still sense it.”

“Say what?!”

“Powerful hatred and rage swirl within you. They are so powerful that I can’t tell whether or not it is sadness.”

“It’s as if you’ve never been loved by anyone.” When she says that, Mugen’s eye narrows in anger. “It’s as if you are like me.”

“Are you telling me that you know how I’m gonna come at you?! THAT"S A LOAD OF CRAP!" 

"STOP IT, JUST STOP IT!” He collapses in pain as soon as he hears Fuu’s screams. That’s also like foreshadowing…In ep 2 when she screamed for Mugen to stop fighting, he didn’t. Instead, the ogre guy did. Now, as soon as she screamed to stop…he stopped and fell and Sara didn’t. (or maybe it was just the pain. Or maybe both. Up to you to decide.)


“Don’t come closer!” he yells to Fuu, because he is terrified she’ll get hurt by Sara. “STAY BACK!” He maybe doesn’t want her to be attached because no one should be attached to him. If she does, she’ll get hurt.

(If any of you watched the Japanese samurai movie Azumi, this is the exact lines Hyuga screams to Yae when he is bleeding on the ground dying. Hyuga had feelings for Yae. Here’s the link to that scene… Though…unless you plan to watch the whole movie, don’t finish the scene or just start from the beginning)

But then, FUU jumped across his wounded body, saving his life. She couldn’t bear to see him die. Mugen’s face is one of shock and it is there that he realizes a little that Fuu…cared about him more than anyone in his life. When Sara said that “it’s as if he’s never been loved by anyone,” she was proved wrong by Fuu because Fuu is the one who loved him, risking her very life to save him. That’s why Sara didn’t kill him there. Sara also realized that when Fuu talked bad about Mugen in the hot spring “Don’t waste time with a guy like that!”, it was all a lie… Fuu just didn’t want Mugen and Sara to get together.

Sara couldn’t sense emotion at all.

Fuu again takes care of Mugen, bandaging him and such. She even has a line to him “With you gone… I don’t know what I’ll do.” He avoids that topic. But they’re feelings for each other are as blatant as ever. When he goes off to fight Sara for a second time, she even wakes up in the middle of sleep saying “Mugen?” sensing that he’s gone again.

Jin could’ve very well be dead throughout this episode and Fuu didn’t even shed a tear…Poor Jin lol. At least Shino cried for him right? I ship them ^^

Ep 22: Umm…Mugen fought off zombies. Jin didn’t XD Mugen saves the day(?)

Ep 23: Okay, this episode is frickin’ goofy as all hell. the baseball one lmao. However there is proof. While Jin dies on the field (lmao) along with everyone else, and everyone left is still getting killed, Mugen, the ninja and Fuu are the last three standing.

When Fuu is next up to bat…Mugen…MUGEN STOPS HER! HE SAYS OMG CRY CRY CRY HE SAYS:

“I want you to stay out of this.”

Can we just all bask in that?

Fuu nods and scoots away. Who knew such a goofy ep showed how he cared about her, wanted to protect her from getting killed by flying baseballs XD Once again, Mugen was the hero of this ep. Just saying.

Ep 24: Really big proof again. Fuu chooses Mugen to talk first about his past at the campfire…which he doesn’t really.

Fuu and Jin instead share heart to hearts. When Fuu is talking…there is a SPECIFIC part where Mugen is staring at her. But then he looks at the campfire as if with regret. After he said horrible things to her in the past about who the sunflower samurai was; he said he was gay, said he waas probably a guy who raped her and dumped etc, it turns out it was her father. Maybe Mugen was regretful for that.

When Mugen lay “asleep” (this is how it connects to ep 11 with Jin and Fuu talking about Shino and Mugen jealously listening in secret) Fuu and Jin talk alone again.

“Fuu.” This is the first time Jin used Fuu’s name. Ahem…there was no honorific either, showing closeness more than rudeness: which are both circumstances to use no honorifics.


“Once you find the samurai who smells of sunflowers. What do you intend to do after that?”

Fuu’s facial expression changes from a smile to a sad look… She looks down, then up. “That’s a really good question. I ought to give that some thought.

Jin says "If I should-”

But she interrupts him. “You know, I don’t really want to think about stuff like that. If you did, that jerk Mugen would-” but she interrupts herself, crying and saying “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” she hugs Jin, who puts a reassuring palm on her shoulder.

Mugen is meanwhile shown briefly; not asleep at all, watching this with a sad/angered look on his face. Jealousy. Connects to ep 11.

This conversation between Jin and Fuu has made TONS of speculation. I personally think Jin was going to say “If I should survive. If I should kill Mugen, would you like me to still keep traveling with you?” after all, Jin and Mugen were planning to duel and Jin wouldn’t just let himself die. Plus, he felt bad for Fuu; seeing as how she’d be alone. I don’t at all believe Jin harbored romantic feelings for her, more like a brother of father figure. Her father was after all a ronin too.

I think the reason she cried was because if Jin beat him, Mugen would die. She didn’t want Mugen to die, and she always had stronger feelings for Mugen over Jin. They’re not equal to her (also shown in ep 26). This is why she apologized to him, crying. She feels so terrible for choosing Mugen over Jin. 

Don’t misunderstand; they’re equal in swords but I personally believe they play separate, but equal roles in her life. Jin is the brother/father figure who can comfort her. Mugen is the boyfriend/crush who cares romantically even if they argue. Those are supposed to be the most important males in your life, after all.

Mugen was just as confused about this scene as us viewers lol; showing jealousy when he’s awake and anger that she “likes” Jin. Little did he know.

When Fuu hands the coin purse over, she hands it to MUGEN. MUGEN THE IRRESPONSIBLE MONEY WASTER. When he gets it, he shoves it over to Jin…I think again, showing distaste, believing she liked Jin more. So why should he take her purse?

At the end, the man who wants to kill Mugen, Umanousuke follows Fuu. He says:

“Don’t be in such a rush, little girl… I know what it’s like. Life can be such a bitch, can’t it? You travel such a long way, and it all blows up in your face right before you reach your destination.That’s right. I want him to get a good taste of that feeling. I want him to understand how we feel.” Umanousuke is referring to Mugen, saying he wants to hurt Fuu to enrage Mugen because at this point, he’s developed some serious feelings for her.

“W-what are you talking about?”

“I’m saying that…this place will be your grave.”

He wants to have Fuu suffer so it’ll affect Mugen emotionally. She’s like live bait. foreshadowing in ep 2 where the man used Fuu as a bargaining chip to get Mugen. Funny…

Ep 25: 8ih3rfqu3ohgvoehvueqh BIGGEST PROOF EVER.

When Mugen finds out she was taken hostage, he gets realllly pissed. Jin says 


“NO! You go!” Mugen wants to, he really does (and HE DOES) but he says “you go” because he still harbors this inferiority thing where he believed he was always second to Jin. Fuu loves Jin in his eyes.

But then, Jin has a flashback of that scene where Fuu cried into his chest about Mugen. This is where Jin accepts that Fuu always chose Mugen over him, Mugen always saved her throughout the series, and ultimately, it’s Mugen she wants to save her again. Fuu believed that Mugen would always leave her, and never bother to save her if there were no more strings attached.

“Take care of Fuu.”  This is the English subtitle and also the english dub. HOWEVER, I’m not a complete expert in Japanese but Jin said “Fuu wo tanomu.” I’m pretty DAMN sure that means “Fuu is depending on you.” Not “take care of Fuu”.

That is just. Damn. Fuu always depended on Mugen to save her.

There’s a silence. Mugen grits his teeth. That’s all Jin needs to say and Mugen is off running to save the girl, as always.

MUGEN NEVER TAKES ORDERS! When someone tells him what to do, he does the opposite. The only person he listened to was Fuu (reluctantly). And now he’s listening to Jin when it concerns Fuu? Holy fuck! Plus, Mugen must always defeat and opponent stronger than him. He MUST kill Kariya Kagetoki. But he abandons that, let’s Jin take samurai out (even if that means Jin took down someone he couldn’t!) all because he’s going to save Fuu.

Jin smiles as he leaves. (He totally ships them just as much as I do.)

Mugen swims the entire distance, his hand bleeding out, exhausted. But he doesn’t stop. He has to save her. When he sees her there, Mugen is pissed how she’d been beaten.

“Give me back the girl.” can be a rough translation to what he said.


This is where he says he loves her. He gave up his sword. Unlike Jin, his sword doesn’t represent honor or title. He isn’t samurai, all he is, is a wandering drifter. No home, no money, no nothing. His sword is his life, the only thing that kept him alive. He gave it up for Fuu alone. This is similar to how Jin gave up his samurai swords to the brothel for Shino. JIN NEVER GAVE UP HIS SWORDS. HE LOVED THEM AND CUDDLED THEM AT NIGHT. Notice how he never gave his up for Fuu, only for Shino.

“Go. You still haven’t found your sunflower dude.”

“But Mugen… I can’t leave you.”

“Don’t give me that crap. I’m gonna be pissed off if we came all this way for nothin’. Get lost.” He cares that she’ll find her father. He wants her to survive. And he might die. But he doesn’t want her to see that.

“I can’t. What if they…”

“I ain’t gonna die. Have some faith in me, will ya?”

“Oh Mugen…” He always came back to her every time he left. Always saved her. Always.

“Beat it.”

“Get lost.”


With that she finally departs. When she runs, she’s again crying for him because she believes he’ll die. That marks the fourth/fifth time she cried for him in the series. 1 was when  she saw the ship explode in 14. 2 When she found him washed up on the beach in 14. 3 Possibly when Jin found her crying when Sara wanted to bring one of them along. 4 When she saved him from Sara.

“You almost make me cry! Are you really gonna throw your life away for some girl?!” Umanousuke laughs. It shows Mugen’s stone cold face as a reaction to that statement. For the first time, he has no cocky retort. He gets tortured for her etc etc. etc. She continues to cry up the path on the cliff.

Final ep 26: HUGE OMG

When Jin gets stabbed she calmly says “Jin…”

When the bomb goes off in back of her she screams “MUGEN!” much more emotionally.

Back to the Samurai Champloo actor interviews, Ayako Kawasumi dictated this very scene because she chose Mugen over Jin in ep 1: according to Shinichiro Watanabe. She held back on the scream at first but the director told her to scream louder and to not hold back, forget about Jin (I swear, it’s all in that interview). This really bothered Ginpei Sato lol (Jin).

When Mugen is fading from life for the second time, foreshadowed in ep 14…this time he finally gives up on life. He’s ready as he says “I can’t move anymore. I think this might really be my time to go…” But he hears her voice, and he realizes that he has a reason to live still. "Mugen!” “Mugen!” “MUGEN!”

“Mugen your alive.”

“Oh, it’s you? I thought you were death for a second.” She has her hand on his chest.

“It seems like all I ever do is cry… And here I was trying to make it on my own…” This is the last time she cries for him. Sixth/Seventh. It also sounds like she’s saying she need him to protect her…and Mugen needs her to come back from death.

“Dumb broad.” His nickname he always said to her. But for the first time, he says it calmly, no spite or anything. *sniff* I’m tearing up.

Mugen never used Fuu’s name. She always said his name even more than she said Jin. The irony.

“Did you meet the sunflower samurai?” he asks, she nods, still crying.

Jin never has any moment like this with Fuu, just like he never had a slow motion moment when he first met her. Jin is meanwhile, over there…chilling.

Then, Mugen gets up and Jin and him will have their final duel. She closes her eyes. If you look at the silhouette on the water; Fuu’s shadow is behind Mugen’s. Almost like…she wanted him to win even though it’s messed up and cruel…because it’s so hard to pick between her two friends. It just seemed so symbolic to me… (foreshadowing back to ep 24 where she apologizes to Jin about Mugen).

They heal, they part ways. If you look at the ending credits, they mostly show Mugen though lol. I counted the times they showed all the characters. Mugen is also shown last before they show a bird (Fuu’s name means wind but that could be me being annoying lol) and then…Sunflowers. The End.


I hope all those links work and didn’t glitch and go to the wrong time, sorry o.o

Okay. Now then. Based on all of these scenes, It’s pretty obvious that it was not one sided on Fuu’s part. Mugen genuinely cared for Fuu (imo, on a much deeper level than Jin.)

Does he have romantic feelings for her?Yes.

Is he physically attracted? Yes, but that’s where it got complicated. He is completely suppressing the physical nature of their relationship; barely touching her, pulling away when she gets close, and denying any form of attraction towards her. Deep down though, it’s everything culminated. Mugen being nineteen/twenty is NOT weird for liking a fifteen turning sixteen year old girl. This is Edo era Japan people, women were considered as young as thirteen and the brain doesn’t fully mature until the age of 24 for every woman anyway. Also, Fuu’s mental age is much higher considering her responsibility, being an orphan and the trauma she experienced and endured through. Hebephilia is not a mental illness (the physical attraction towards pubescent girls). In fact, tons of men are hebephiles and don’t even know.  I used to get hit on by tons of guys at the age of thirteen because I looked twenty and they yelled at me when I told them my age and to back off like wtf, how is that my fault? Pedophilia is a mental illness (attracted to prepubescent children) Physically women develop faster. Not to mention in Japan, the age of fifteen is glorified as beautiful btw, notice how famous Japanese bikini models start their modeling at fifteen. (it’s weird for us Americans, but not to them). Well that’s off topic…but that’s why she’s shown in hot springs…and stuff…

And Mugen is young still! 19/20. Think about that. 4/5 year age difference… That’s not a lot. As time goes on between them, that age gap is gonna diminish too. I do believe Mugen held back on pursuing her, again because of he viewed her as too innocent for him and he would taint her… He also repeatedly denied these feelings because her very existence in his life directly attacked his identity (emotional dissonance)

Mugen saved her plenty of times.

Jin saved her once in ep 26. And honestly, she didn’t scream when he got stabbed.

Fuu saved Mugen from death.

Fuu cried over Mugen six/seven times.

Fuu cried over Jin one/two times. And the one time it was goofy anyway XD And the other time could have been about Mugen when Sara wanted to bring one of them along.

I believe Mugen as an individual suffers from emotional dissonance, since he is a person with an identity that is cruel, unloving etc. But Fuu takes that and throws it out of a window, makes him care when he’s not supposed to, and ultimately changes him as a person who could give two shits into a better human being. He’s kind of suffering from a weird case of identity crisis when it comes to his feelings for Fuu which turned into something very emotional and delicate when mentioned. She is the one stagnant in his life, the only women he met that is sweet, innocent, and cares for him deeply but isn’t afraid to argue with him to the death.

Mugen once said he liked “hot blooded women”. Fuu hits him, screams at him etc etc.

Fuu became infuriated and jealous with him flirting with women throughout the show, and it finally boiled over with Sara. Mugen meanwhile, was extremely possessive and jealous when it came to the artist and finally: Jin. Notice how Jin didn’t get jealous over Fuu or Mugen’s interactions with anyone…

Another thing, Mugen was the one who flipped the coin and it ended up as heads. He saved himself from following her…and yet, she tricked Mugen much more than Jin who just came along for the ride. Even so, he wasn’t angered by this as he truly cared for Fuu in the end and Jin as well.

But for Fuu…it was so strange and foreign; a feeling that he never acted upon besides risking his life for her. It wasn’t sexual (yet) as much as it was intimate between them. When two people suppress their feelings, it turns into an extremely subtle romance. And that was what made the anime so perfect. If you aren’t into romance, you can watch it for the action, the story. But if you’re like me, you look at the character’s interactions too.

I ship it. I believe Mugen and Fuu’s feelings were undoubtedly mutual, and I hope that added some insight.

By the way…Mugen and Fuu still have some…unfinished business. Whatever happened to the 100 dumplings?

stetopher rec list

this is a bunch of my favourite stetopher fics, enjoy!! i’ll probably add to this because i havent added to it in quite a while (this list has been sitting on my hard drive since the start of this year). im also working on a steter version but i think that’s going to be quite a bit longer haha. (these are all ao3 links btw).

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Could you write a Trimberly fic where Trini is dyslexic?

Trini stared at the passage in front of her and clenched her fist; not registering the feeling of the broken plastic that was once her pen digging into her palm and fingers, or the feeling of ink coating said palm and fingers. (Damn Ranger strength.) She had read the paragraph at least three times by now and just barely understood what the hell it was trying to tell her. She finally noticed her broken pen when ink dripped onto her notebook with a light ‘plip.’

She snapped her head up and looked to her hand, trying to register when she broke her pen. It could have been five minutes ago, ten, fifteen, hell, even thirty minutes ago, with how tight her fist was clenched, the ink probably leaked out slowly with her fist acting as a tourniquet. Trini frowned as she dropped her pen into the trash bin by her desk and wiped as much of the ink off as she could on the edge of the bin coating the brown plastic grocery bag she used as a can liner in black ink.

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❝ Stay with me till dawn❞

Plot: When at their Aussie fan meet, Jinyoung meets a girl who makes him want to see her again.

Pairing: JinyounxReader

Words count: 2,5k+

Genre: Fluff

For @ kelllllliegirl , I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

“I can’t believe they’re really here! IN AUSTRALIA!!!! ”  

You looked at your best friend with a slight disgust onto your face, shaking your head and returning to focus on the book you were reading at that time. You were delighted that one of your favorite Kpop groups was in your city at the time, just as you were delighted that your best friend had bought tickets for the event for both of you.  

But you couldn’t conceive of her hysteria because you were comparatively her opposite and a very calm person.  

“Y/N, They’re here!”  

“If you keep yelling, Margot, you’re going to make them run away.”  

“Aaaah, you make me angry!” She gave you a slight slap on your arm, but without distracting you from the book. It was definitely more interesting than her.  

“Sorry.” You murmured by hinting at her a little smile, feeling like the other girls around you had started screaming and seem completely crazed.  

And the reason was that they had really arrived, they were coming down at that time from the minivan.  A pinch of displeasure darkened for a second your heart, knowing that Youngjae wasn’t present. But you preferred by far his absence because it meant that he was resting as right as it was.  

You watched them enter the building and finally even the gates for the public were open. The places were numbered and assigned, so patiently waited for the crowd to scatter into the conference room. Even your best friend had practically thrown herself like crazy in the crowd.  

What you hadn’t noticed, however, was to have caught someone’s attention with your attitude.  

Jinyoung’s pov 

Jinyoung’s gaze continued to move repeatedly to the room, looking for that girl who immediately captured his attention outside the building.  

“Earth calls Jinyoung, Earth calls Jinyoung” Mark waved his hand before him, having noticed his absence, and sighing with relief when he saw him return to himself. “Man, what the heck is he taking you? Jet lag? ”  

“No, Hyung. I was just lost in thought.” He smiled, while his gaze was resting on the group of girls in the middle.  

And that’s how he saw her. She was quiet sitting among the other girls evidently in prey to the euphoria. She was beautiful, wearing a plaid shirt and torn jeans, she had her hair loose and even in the distance, he noticed that she wasn’t wearing any kind of makeup. She was simple yet beautiful for that reason.  

When the fan meets finally began, his attention continued to move often on that side of the room but never once had been able to cross his gaze with her. However he knew he would have had a chance, it couldn’t finish that way. And his chance was given a half an hour later, when the conductor of the fan meets decided to call on stage some girls to make a game.  

And the choice of the girls was yours.  

~ ~

Y/N’s pov  

They were even more likable than in the many videos you watched every day, now the enthusiasm had kidnapped you but you still kept a certain calm. You shouted, yelled their names, applauded, like every other fan and you were enjoying those moments that never would come back.  

And it had just arrived that moment, what they all waited for. The games where some of you, lucky girls, was chosen to go on stage and play along with them.  

You watched them get off the stage to choose the predestined and you weren’t thinking about anything, luck had never been on your side when Jinyoung began to approach you.  

Margot immediately took to wiggle on the chair, perhaps thought to be the next to be chosen, and it was a thought that grazed even your mind.  

But Jinyoung’s hand held towards you, waiting for you to squeeze it and follow him. Shocked you would indicate yourself and he smiled at you gently, just nodding.  

“Move, Go!” Margot whispered into your ear; while you still look upset his hand. So you just grip it, with a shy smile.  

It was warm, soft and it completed well with yours. You got up, leaving all your stuff behind you, following him thanking you for wearing your favorite converse. It was much easier to walk in sneakers than in heels.  

On stage, the others greeted you with a smile and you remained at his side, noticing a strange thing as much as is unlikely.  

He didn’t leave your hand since he had gripped it a few minutes before. You wouldn’t say anything and simply, after a few moments when they explained the game in question, you found yourself forced to leave that grasp.  

“Y/N, don’t cheat!” BamBam yelled as you burst into laughter, remaining firm at the center of the stage completely blindfolded. They were all so natural and nice that it was hard not to have fun.  

“Sorry! I’m a good girl! ” You promised, crossing your fingers behind your back and provoking another wave of laughter.  

“Now I understand why Jinyoung chose you, you are two cheaters!” Jaebum exclaimed jokingly, as you felt someone’s hands on your shoulders.  

“It’s just me, don’t worry Y/N..”  

“I trust you, Jinyoung..”  

He squeezed more forcefully the grip on your shoulder; almost to reassure you, making you smile even more.  

You would have wanted to stop that moment but you knew it was not possible, and in fact, its end came too soon.  

Someone took you the blindfold and Jinyoung’s smile welcomed you, while you instinctively leaned your hand on your forearm having to reaccustom to the sudden light.  

“Do you feel good?”  

“Only the return to light, the darkness was in some comforting way..” You explained timidly, biting your bottom lip starting to get away from him.  

The others were saluting and embracing their “choices”, but he seemed almost unwilling to greet you. But maybe it was just your impression, you didn’t want to make you weird and impossible mental movie.  

“I hope you enjoyed it.”  

“Of course Jinyoung, thank you for choosing me!” You bent your head in Thanksgiving and one of the other girls took your hand, drawing you to her and forcing to go down the stairs to get back to your place. That sudden gesture, however, didn’t allow you to hear his “I could not choose any other” just whispered.  

The grass was soft and the air of the night caressed your skin, while Margot kept asking you how it was to be so close to them.  

You couldn’t answer, you were just trying to get a grip of yourself and come back to your normality as soon as possible. The feeling of Jinyoung’s hand on your arm made you open your eyes, almost as if he was really touching you at that moment.  

“What’s going on?”  

“Nothing” You lied, smiling at her and coming back to fix the stars above you. You were out of the building, while the whole screaming crowd started to disperse, and you needed five minutes to catch your breath. Margot had forced you to lie down, stating that you were incredibly pale. You didn’t know if it was a lie just to keep you close and bombard you with questions, but you were grateful.  

“They’re all going away thankfully..”  

“Do you want me to call your brother, Y/N?” She asked worried and you gave her a little pat onto her forearm, shaking your head.  

You brought the other arm to cover your eyes, trying to breathe normally. But the light breeze brought with it a scent that you had already feel and the scream of your best friend did nothing but confirm what you were thinking.  


The next sequence was not very clear. Margot continued to scream and Jackson, caught by surprise, began to scream in turn while Yugyeom burst into laughter and the other four watched them as if they had gone mad. Everyone was looking at them less than one.  

Jinyoung was bent down and watched you, you could see it from a crack that your arm could not cover, and seemed worried. Maybe it was just the kindness of the idols but you heard an unknown voice asking if you were feeling well.  

“I think so Pdnim, maybe her friend who keeps screaming doesn’t feel well….”  

“AAAAAAH, IT’S MY JOB, IT’S ON ME!” Jackson screamed and after a few seconds, the silence was the only thing you could hear. You lowered your arm and quickly put you sitting, forcing Jinyoung to move away and fall on the ground, causing another excess of laughter in Yugyeom.  

“What a tiredness to keep an eye on guys.” Jaebum hummed, helping his friend to get up and checking that he hadn’t hurt himself. Jaebum was a very low-key leader but you liked him for that reason.  

Turning you realize that Margot was in the arms of Jackson and he was holding his hand on her mouth to keep her quiet and you just start smiling because he couldn’t know that that was her dream since ever.  

“Are you fine Y/N?” Mark kindly asked while Jinyoung’s gaze hadn’t moved from you even for a second. It was a little creepy but also sweet the fact that he was worried, at least it was what you thought, for you.  

“Yes, I don’t really love the enclosed spaces but I couldn’t let this opportunity escape.”  

“Do you need anything?” His voice was slightly cracked; “If you don’t feel good just laying down, we call an ambulance or at least accompany you at home.”  

The others remained silent while the shock was well visible on your face. No, maybe you were dreaming, and you still had to wake up. Park Jinyoung who cared so much for you? Yes, it was supposed to be a dream and it was what you were continuing to repeat.  

“I’m fine Jinyoung..”  

“PDnim didn’t you say we could have a few hours of freedom after the fan meets?”  

“Yes, BamBam… First I bring you back to the hotel. ”  

“Nope, we can use a cab. Leave us free, pleaaaaaaaase ” BamBam shook the hands of their Pdnim, making you laugh slightly, noticing the almost accomplice smiles of the others who were looking at themselves as if they were organizing something.  

You watched their manager who resigned nodded, provoking a scream of joy in all but Jinyoung. He simply smiled and was a warm smile, which could have warmed even the most icy heart.  

“Well, Jackson, you made friends with your own.. Take her with us. ” Jaebum took to the sleeve of his friend’s jacket, starting to get away after greeted you with a smile.  

“BYYYYYYYYE Y/N!!!!”  The others said in chorus, following their leader.  

And you remained completely alone with Jinyoung, who had turned towards the direction that they had taken his bandmates. Upset as much as you.  

“I.. I don’t know what they’re thinking but I don’t lose more time to understand them. I gave up years ago. ”  

You laughed, finding him incredibly funny with that expression between the disgust and affection that always had when they were doing something strange.  

“Do you want to make a little city tour.. It’s not too late, there are plenty of places still open. ”  

“To one condition.” He murmured face towards you, and you nodded, curious to know what his condition was; “Give me your number.”  

Your mouth opened wide and you couldn’t be more shocked than that. He started laughing and without thinking much about pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, leaning it towards you.  

“Jinyoung am I dreaming? Maybe a car invested me, I’m in a coma and this is just the wonderful dream of my subconscious. ”  

“What?!?!?” He asked among the laughter, continuing to hold the phone in the hand waiting for you to take it; “Well then we should be in a coma both.”  

“Then why do you ask me my number..?”  

“Because I think it’s worth it.”  

“It’s not a proper answer,” you noticed him and he shook his head, continuing to laugh coming to cover his mouth with his hand, trying in some way to hide.  

He had a beautiful and contagious laugh, so you found yourself smiling undecided whether or not to take his phone.  

“All right, then I’ll have to take alone.” He assumed, beginning to write quickly something you couldn’t read.  

The beep of a message was almost immediate and he smiled satisfied, showing to you the screen of his cell phone.  

Your number was in beautiful view and the only person who could have done that was Margot.  

“Ugly traitor, I’ll kill her…”  

“Jackson can be persuasive. Now we can go and make our city tour; I have time until dawn. ”  

You’d bite your lip, looking him carefully. He was by your side, your bodies seemed almost attract and he was pointing with his hand to make him the way. And then? He would go after two days and you would only had an incredible memory of this time but without future. You began to think it was worth it and you were so enthused that wouldn’t notice his approaching.  

He leaned his hand on your back, bowing a little with his face to be able to look you and make sure that you were good because even if you didn’t know he was still very concerned about your “conditions”.  


You lifted your face and so you met his, almost felt his breath tickle your skin and your and his eyes, both dark and deep, were wide open for the extreme closeness. With fatigue you swallow, feeling your heart start beating fast.  

“Why a-are you like that?” You stutter, noticing every detail of his face, still too close.  


“With your doe eyes and that smile and your manners… Can’t you be the sassy queen who often shows up? Because it would be more easy to hat– N-Nothing. ”  

“To hat…?” He pressed, smiling almost satisfied while with his other hand he moved a lock of your hair behind your ear.  

“It would be easier to "hate” you.. Because you’d be a jerk.. “  

"I can be it if you want” He admitted amused; brushing the fingertip of his thumb onto your cheek, making you blush immediately. “Indeed I’m just little sassy.. Just that I’m used to having to show someone else in front of the fans.”

"My problem is that I also like Jinyoung the sassy queen.”  

“Then stay with me till dawn.”

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i love your blog it's freaking amazing i spent all night looking at all your post when i should be studying lol XD but anyways can i request bts reaction to the boys finding out their s/o is going into labor i really liked your last reaction with them finding out about the pregnancy so could be like a pt.2 or something?

BTS Reaction To Their S/O Giving Birth Part 2

Part 1

A/N: I’m just going to pick with gender it is, based on what I think their first child would be and what gender they probably prefer(note not saying the other gender is any less of a preference since they would love their baby endlessly regardless of gender)


When he had found out you were going into labor he would stop everything he was doing to go see you. At first he was a little bit nervous to see you, but pushing it aside he’d go in and he was glad that he did, because the moment he had saw you and his child in your arms he cried tears of joy he was so happy. “You did amazing jagiya, I’m so happy/proud of you” he’d just want to stay in that moment enjoying  this beautiful life the two of you had made together.


He still wasn’t prepared even though it had been months living with your pregnant self he still held mixed emotions, but these were a little different from the mix emotions he had first got when you told him you were pregnant. Even though he still didn’t feel like he was ready, he stood by your side the whole time through the labor. “You’re so amazing jagiya, I can’t- I’m so happy” he’d be at a  lost for words, the moment he saw his child, tears would just be coming down even if he tried to mask it.

Rap Monster:

He was busy with work at the time when he had received a call saying you were about to go into labor, like jin he had stopped everything he was doing and went to see you because work wasn’t nearly as important as you and his child he was about to see soon. He’d be very helpful during your delivery, letting you squeeze his hand as hard as you wanted “you’re doing great jagiya, just a little more” upon hearing the first cry of you guys child it’d truly hit him that he was a father and he couldn’t be happier.


He was waiting for this moment, he had prepared and read almost every single parenthood book there was. Even though he was scared about the labor process, he buckled up and held your hand tight, he wanted to be brave for you in hopes that’d ease your nervousness and to assure you that he was here and he wasn’t going anywhere. He would be so excited to see you guys baby and when he did he would fanboy about how tiny she was “her hands are so little” he’d laugh.


Though he was ready, to be a dad, and much like jhope had read a lot into parenting books, he did feel a little anxious, because this would be his first time ever experiencing something like this. Nonetheless though he’d be confident and that was important because it wouldn’t help if he was nervous, for then you would be even more nervous. “Just one more jagiya, you can do it”. When he was able to see his little boy, he would tear up and laugh a little since he was so small “he’s so little, his hand is even smaller than mine, hehe that’s so cute”


He was ready and waiting, he really wanted to see what his child would look like. Would they have your eyes and his nose? Or perhaps his eyes and your cute smile. Though he was excited he made sure to turn down a few levels, since you must have been nervous, he wanted to support you and make you feel at ease. When they had bought out the baby, he’d smile so big and give you so many kisses “you were beyond amazing jagiya, the proof is our child, aww look at her she’s so cute”

He was nervous when he had heard that you were going into labor, and though he was nervous he decide to stay in the room with you and try to be strong/brave, rather than stay outside and have you feel even more nervous that he wasn’t  there with you. “That was stunning jagiya, you truly are amazing”. He’s nerves had died down, but only a little because when you had asked him if he’d like to hold the baby, he looked shook “oh, no you should hold him jagi, I don’t wanna break him or anything” even with parenting books he was still unsure. It would take some getting used to.