i found it hard deciding what moments because i much prefer him in the books


Characters:  Sam x Reader

Summary:  Research leads to more between Sam and reader.  Basically a little plot, a little poetry and some good old fashioned smut.

Word Count:  2313

Warning:  Smut, language.  Sorta rough sex.

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Tags are at the bottom.


It’s a Thursday night and you are seated at an enormous table in a public library after hours. And no, you didn’t enter through the front door. The method of entry for you and Sam had been a window around back that Sam had managed to open with his pocket knife. Because that’s how hunters roll.

Sam is seated across from you. Books are stacked all around, piled high. Dean, the lucky bastard, is staking out the apartment where the suspect lives. You, however, drew the short end of the stick and are stuck doing research for the next ten billion hours. At least, that’s what it feels like.  

The upside is that between paragraphs, you can sneak peaks at Sam Winchester. The way his eyebrows draw together as he concentrates, the way his hair falls down to cover his face as he reads, it does things to you. Fucking hell, it doesn’t’ help that he’s wearing his Fed getup. That white button down shirt? Jesus Christ. It makes your cheeks feel hot in a cool room, your stomach does somersaults. He always has this effect on you, he just doesn’t seem to realize it. Which only serves to make him more desirable.

Blowing out the lungful of air that you’ve been holding in, you force yourself to return to the centuries-old text in front of you. It smells comforting, old leather and musty pages. As much as you hate research, you have a fondness for books. Fiction is more your speed. When it comes to research, you’d prefer some wifi and Google. Ancient lore, unfortunately, isn’t usually found with a few keystrokes.  

Okay, time to concentrate. Grabbing another book from the stack to your left, you quickly scan the table of contents. A chapter labeled ‘Kamadeva’ catches your eye. Flipping quickly to the right chapter, you read the text. Hmm, this sounds like it could be useful.

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Headcannons: Them Proposing to You.


-You two were practically married already.

-He really wanted to marry you for real.

-He definitely brought the whole gang along to pick out a ring.

-But immediately regretted it.

-He came back another day with just his brothers.

-When he actually proposed he took you to a fancy restaurant.

-And then took you for a walk afterwards.

-You found yourself at the place where you first met.

-You cried when he got down on one knee.

-You said yes without him even asking yet.

-And he just kissed and put the ring on your finger.

-When you got back the house all the guys were waiting and they cheered when they saw you two.


-Ponyboy was the only one who knew about it.

-He wanted to ask you immediately once the idea had come into his head.

-But he knew it would be best to wait.

-Sodapop saved up for a ring for over a year.

-But then decided to save that money for a house for you two.

-Everyday that passed he wrote down a new reason why he loved you.

-He proposed to you on the night after Ponyboy’s graduation.

-You didn’t believe him at first.

-He pulled the list he had been writing.

-He started to read you every reason that was on it.

-You stopped him and took the list for yourself to keep.

-But you said yes.


-Ponyboy fell in love with the first time he saw you.

-You hadn’t been dating all that long before he told Sodapop that he wanted to marry you.

-Sodapop talked him away from that idea since you were both so young.

-And he wanted his brother to go to college.

-You two went your seperate ways for a few years but you both found each other again when you were a little bit older and out of school.

-The first night that you two saw each other again after all those years you decided to hang out and talk.

-You ended up talking all night.

-Ponyboy proposed just as the sun was coming up.

-He didn’t have a ring.

-He just spoke from the heart and promised to get you one.

-He ended up using their moms ring.

-After you said yes of course.


-Two-Bit and you weren’t dating that long when he decided to propose.

-He didn’t know much about how a marriage was supposed to work and he told you that when he proposed.

-You two were laying in bed one night and he pulled out the ring.

-He told you the way he felt with you he’d never felt before in his life.

-Being with you was what happiness truly felt like.

-You said no.

-You thought you were to young and it was to sudden.

-A month later you saw him with his friends.

-You had been miserable everyday and you could see he had been too.

-You ran up to him and said you were sorry.

-And that yes you would marry him.

-That night you two and all of his and your fiends went down to the courthouse.

-Neither of you wanted to wait.


-Dally and you have been dating for a couple of years.

-He would swear he’s never get married.


-And then something would happen.

-You got pregnant.

-And all he did was hold up a ring and say ‘Hell what choice do we have right?’

-You would scowl at him and complain that that was no way to propose.

-But you’d get married.

-And he would be confused.

-'What’s the difference being married? It’s the same exact thing as when we were dating except I had to buy expensive rings.’

-You would role your eyes and kiss him.

-In a few years when you had the baby and she was a little older.

-He would propose to you again.

-He would actually get down on one knee and do it right.


-The two of you had been dating for a long time when he finally decided to propose.

-He bought the ring and planned a date with you for the night that he would ask.

-He was extremely nervous though.

-Because the week leading up to the proposal you had been acting strange.

-And distant.

-You swore to Steve you were fine.

-The night that the date came that Steve would propose he took you out for dinner.

-Then he brought you to one of the spots you two love to go and sit with each other.

-Just as he went to grab the ring you spoke.

-“Steve, I want to marry you.” you would tell him nervously and avoid eye contact.

-Steve would be silent for a moment and you could here him stand.

-You presumed it was to leave.

-You knew you shouldn’t have asked him.

-Suddenly you heard his voice telling you to look at him.

-When you hesitantly did you saw him kneeling down in front of you with the ring.

-You didn’t even have to say anything.

-He would put the ring on you and kiss you hard.


-You two would be living together already when he would finally propose.

-He would have bought the ring and have it for a while until the time felt right.

-He was a bit obsessed with making sure the timing was perfect.

-You were sat one morning eating breakfast and reading a book.

-He came into the kitchen and you looked up and smiled at him.

-Suddenly he realized that there was no need perfect time to propose.

-All you needed was the perfect person.

-And you were his perfect person.

-He would run off and get the ring.

-The next time you looked up from your book he was kneeling beside you with it.

-He asked you and you cried and said yes.

❝ Stay with me till dawn❞

Plot: When at their Aussie fan meet, Jinyoung meets a girl who makes him want to see her again.

Pairing: JinyounxReader

Words count: 2,5k+

Genre: Fluff

For @ kelllllliegirl , I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

“I can’t believe they’re really here! IN AUSTRALIA!!!! ”  

You looked at your best friend with a slight disgust onto your face, shaking your head and returning to focus on the book you were reading at that time. You were delighted that one of your favorite Kpop groups was in your city at the time, just as you were delighted that your best friend had bought tickets for the event for both of you.  

But you couldn’t conceive of her hysteria because you were comparatively her opposite and a very calm person.  

“Y/N, They’re here!”  

“If you keep yelling, Margot, you’re going to make them run away.”  

“Aaaah, you make me angry!” She gave you a slight slap on your arm, but without distracting you from the book. It was definitely more interesting than her.  

“Sorry.” You murmured by hinting at her a little smile, feeling like the other girls around you had started screaming and seem completely crazed.  

And the reason was that they had really arrived, they were coming down at that time from the minivan.  A pinch of displeasure darkened for a second your heart, knowing that Youngjae wasn’t present. But you preferred by far his absence because it meant that he was resting as right as it was.  

You watched them enter the building and finally even the gates for the public were open. The places were numbered and assigned, so patiently waited for the crowd to scatter into the conference room. Even your best friend had practically thrown herself like crazy in the crowd.  

What you hadn’t noticed, however, was to have caught someone’s attention with your attitude.  

Jinyoung’s pov 

Jinyoung’s gaze continued to move repeatedly to the room, looking for that girl who immediately captured his attention outside the building.  

“Earth calls Jinyoung, Earth calls Jinyoung” Mark waved his hand before him, having noticed his absence, and sighing with relief when he saw him return to himself. “Man, what the heck is he taking you? Jet lag? ”  

“No, Hyung. I was just lost in thought.” He smiled, while his gaze was resting on the group of girls in the middle.  

And that’s how he saw her. She was quiet sitting among the other girls evidently in prey to the euphoria. She was beautiful, wearing a plaid shirt and torn jeans, she had her hair loose and even in the distance, he noticed that she wasn’t wearing any kind of makeup. She was simple yet beautiful for that reason.  

When the fan meets finally began, his attention continued to move often on that side of the room but never once had been able to cross his gaze with her. However he knew he would have had a chance, it couldn’t finish that way. And his chance was given a half an hour later, when the conductor of the fan meets decided to call on stage some girls to make a game.  

And the choice of the girls was yours.  

~ ~

Y/N’s pov  

They were even more likable than in the many videos you watched every day, now the enthusiasm had kidnapped you but you still kept a certain calm. You shouted, yelled their names, applauded, like every other fan and you were enjoying those moments that never would come back.  

And it had just arrived that moment, what they all waited for. The games where some of you, lucky girls, was chosen to go on stage and play along with them.  

You watched them get off the stage to choose the predestined and you weren’t thinking about anything, luck had never been on your side when Jinyoung began to approach you.  

Margot immediately took to wiggle on the chair, perhaps thought to be the next to be chosen, and it was a thought that grazed even your mind.  

But Jinyoung’s hand held towards you, waiting for you to squeeze it and follow him. Shocked you would indicate yourself and he smiled at you gently, just nodding.  

“Move, Go!” Margot whispered into your ear; while you still look upset his hand. So you just grip it, with a shy smile.  

It was warm, soft and it completed well with yours. You got up, leaving all your stuff behind you, following him thanking you for wearing your favorite converse. It was much easier to walk in sneakers than in heels.  

On stage, the others greeted you with a smile and you remained at his side, noticing a strange thing as much as is unlikely.  

He didn’t leave your hand since he had gripped it a few minutes before. You wouldn’t say anything and simply, after a few moments when they explained the game in question, you found yourself forced to leave that grasp.  

“Y/N, don’t cheat!” BamBam yelled as you burst into laughter, remaining firm at the center of the stage completely blindfolded. They were all so natural and nice that it was hard not to have fun.  

“Sorry! I’m a good girl! ” You promised, crossing your fingers behind your back and provoking another wave of laughter.  

“Now I understand why Jinyoung chose you, you are two cheaters!” Jaebum exclaimed jokingly, as you felt someone’s hands on your shoulders.  

“It’s just me, don’t worry Y/N..”  

“I trust you, Jinyoung..”  

He squeezed more forcefully the grip on your shoulder; almost to reassure you, making you smile even more.  

You would have wanted to stop that moment but you knew it was not possible, and in fact, its end came too soon.  

Someone took you the blindfold and Jinyoung’s smile welcomed you, while you instinctively leaned your hand on your forearm having to reaccustom to the sudden light.  

“Do you feel good?”  

“Only the return to light, the darkness was in some comforting way..” You explained timidly, biting your bottom lip starting to get away from him.  

The others were saluting and embracing their “choices”, but he seemed almost unwilling to greet you. But maybe it was just your impression, you didn’t want to make you weird and impossible mental movie.  

“I hope you enjoyed it.”  

“Of course Jinyoung, thank you for choosing me!” You bent your head in Thanksgiving and one of the other girls took your hand, drawing you to her and forcing to go down the stairs to get back to your place. That sudden gesture, however, didn’t allow you to hear his “I could not choose any other” just whispered.  

The grass was soft and the air of the night caressed your skin, while Margot kept asking you how it was to be so close to them.  

You couldn’t answer, you were just trying to get a grip of yourself and come back to your normality as soon as possible. The feeling of Jinyoung’s hand on your arm made you open your eyes, almost as if he was really touching you at that moment.  

“What’s going on?”  

“Nothing” You lied, smiling at her and coming back to fix the stars above you. You were out of the building, while the whole screaming crowd started to disperse, and you needed five minutes to catch your breath. Margot had forced you to lie down, stating that you were incredibly pale. You didn’t know if it was a lie just to keep you close and bombard you with questions, but you were grateful.  

“They’re all going away thankfully..”  

“Do you want me to call your brother, Y/N?” She asked worried and you gave her a little pat onto her forearm, shaking your head.  

You brought the other arm to cover your eyes, trying to breathe normally. But the light breeze brought with it a scent that you had already feel and the scream of your best friend did nothing but confirm what you were thinking.  


The next sequence was not very clear. Margot continued to scream and Jackson, caught by surprise, began to scream in turn while Yugyeom burst into laughter and the other four watched them as if they had gone mad. Everyone was looking at them less than one.  

Jinyoung was bent down and watched you, you could see it from a crack that your arm could not cover, and seemed worried. Maybe it was just the kindness of the idols but you heard an unknown voice asking if you were feeling well.  

“I think so Pdnim, maybe her friend who keeps screaming doesn’t feel well….”  

“AAAAAAH, IT’S MY JOB, IT’S ON ME!” Jackson screamed and after a few seconds, the silence was the only thing you could hear. You lowered your arm and quickly put you sitting, forcing Jinyoung to move away and fall on the ground, causing another excess of laughter in Yugyeom.  

“What a tiredness to keep an eye on guys.” Jaebum hummed, helping his friend to get up and checking that he hadn’t hurt himself. Jaebum was a very low-key leader but you liked him for that reason.  

Turning you realize that Margot was in the arms of Jackson and he was holding his hand on her mouth to keep her quiet and you just start smiling because he couldn’t know that that was her dream since ever.  

“Are you fine Y/N?” Mark kindly asked while Jinyoung’s gaze hadn’t moved from you even for a second. It was a little creepy but also sweet the fact that he was worried, at least it was what you thought, for you.  

“Yes, I don’t really love the enclosed spaces but I couldn’t let this opportunity escape.”  

“Do you need anything?” His voice was slightly cracked; “If you don’t feel good just laying down, we call an ambulance or at least accompany you at home.”  

The others remained silent while the shock was well visible on your face. No, maybe you were dreaming, and you still had to wake up. Park Jinyoung who cared so much for you? Yes, it was supposed to be a dream and it was what you were continuing to repeat.  

“I’m fine Jinyoung..”  

“PDnim didn’t you say we could have a few hours of freedom after the fan meets?”  

“Yes, BamBam… First I bring you back to the hotel. ”  

“Nope, we can use a cab. Leave us free, pleaaaaaaaase ” BamBam shook the hands of their Pdnim, making you laugh slightly, noticing the almost accomplice smiles of the others who were looking at themselves as if they were organizing something.  

You watched their manager who resigned nodded, provoking a scream of joy in all but Jinyoung. He simply smiled and was a warm smile, which could have warmed even the most icy heart.  

“Well, Jackson, you made friends with your own.. Take her with us. ” Jaebum took to the sleeve of his friend’s jacket, starting to get away after greeted you with a smile.  

“BYYYYYYYYE Y/N!!!!”  The others said in chorus, following their leader.  

And you remained completely alone with Jinyoung, who had turned towards the direction that they had taken his bandmates. Upset as much as you.  

“I.. I don’t know what they’re thinking but I don’t lose more time to understand them. I gave up years ago. ”  

You laughed, finding him incredibly funny with that expression between the disgust and affection that always had when they were doing something strange.  

“Do you want to make a little city tour.. It’s not too late, there are plenty of places still open. ”  

“To one condition.” He murmured face towards you, and you nodded, curious to know what his condition was; “Give me your number.”  

Your mouth opened wide and you couldn’t be more shocked than that. He started laughing and without thinking much about pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, leaning it towards you.  

“Jinyoung am I dreaming? Maybe a car invested me, I’m in a coma and this is just the wonderful dream of my subconscious. ”  

“What?!?!?” He asked among the laughter, continuing to hold the phone in the hand waiting for you to take it; “Well then we should be in a coma both.”  

“Then why do you ask me my number..?”  

“Because I think it’s worth it.”  

“It’s not a proper answer,” you noticed him and he shook his head, continuing to laugh coming to cover his mouth with his hand, trying in some way to hide.  

He had a beautiful and contagious laugh, so you found yourself smiling undecided whether or not to take his phone.  

“All right, then I’ll have to take alone.” He assumed, beginning to write quickly something you couldn’t read.  

The beep of a message was almost immediate and he smiled satisfied, showing to you the screen of his cell phone.  

Your number was in beautiful view and the only person who could have done that was Margot.  

“Ugly traitor, I’ll kill her…”  

“Jackson can be persuasive. Now we can go and make our city tour; I have time until dawn. ”  

You’d bite your lip, looking him carefully. He was by your side, your bodies seemed almost attract and he was pointing with his hand to make him the way. And then? He would go after two days and you would only had an incredible memory of this time but without future. You began to think it was worth it and you were so enthused that wouldn’t notice his approaching.  

He leaned his hand on your back, bowing a little with his face to be able to look you and make sure that you were good because even if you didn’t know he was still very concerned about your “conditions”.  


You lifted your face and so you met his, almost felt his breath tickle your skin and your and his eyes, both dark and deep, were wide open for the extreme closeness. With fatigue you swallow, feeling your heart start beating fast.  

“Why a-are you like that?” You stutter, noticing every detail of his face, still too close.  


“With your doe eyes and that smile and your manners… Can’t you be the sassy queen who often shows up? Because it would be more easy to hat– N-Nothing. ”  

“To hat…?” He pressed, smiling almost satisfied while with his other hand he moved a lock of your hair behind your ear.  

“It would be easier to "hate” you.. Because you’d be a jerk.. “  

"I can be it if you want” He admitted amused; brushing the fingertip of his thumb onto your cheek, making you blush immediately. “Indeed I’m just little sassy.. Just that I’m used to having to show someone else in front of the fans.”

"My problem is that I also like Jinyoung the sassy queen.”  

“Then stay with me till dawn.”

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i love your blog it's freaking amazing i spent all night looking at all your post when i should be studying lol XD but anyways can i request bts reaction to the boys finding out their s/o is going into labor i really liked your last reaction with them finding out about the pregnancy so could be like a pt.2 or something?

BTS Reaction To Their S/O Giving Birth Part 2

Part 1

A/N: I’m just going to pick with gender it is, based on what I think their first child would be and what gender they probably prefer(note not saying the other gender is any less of a preference since they would love their baby endlessly regardless of gender)


When he had found out you were going into labor he would stop everything he was doing to go see you. At first he was a little bit nervous to see you, but pushing it aside he’d go in and he was glad that he did, because the moment he had saw you and his child in your arms he cried tears of joy he was so happy. “You did amazing jagiya, I’m so happy/proud of you” he’d just want to stay in that moment enjoying  this beautiful life the two of you had made together.


He still wasn’t prepared even though it had been months living with your pregnant self he still held mixed emotions, but these were a little different from the mix emotions he had first got when you told him you were pregnant. Even though he still didn’t feel like he was ready, he stood by your side the whole time through the labor. “You’re so amazing jagiya, I can’t- I’m so happy” he’d be at a  lost for words, the moment he saw his child, tears would just be coming down even if he tried to mask it.

Rap Monster:

He was busy with work at the time when he had received a call saying you were about to go into labor, like jin he had stopped everything he was doing and went to see you because work wasn’t nearly as important as you and his child he was about to see soon. He’d be very helpful during your delivery, letting you squeeze his hand as hard as you wanted “you’re doing great jagiya, just a little more” upon hearing the first cry of you guys child it’d truly hit him that he was a father and he couldn’t be happier.


He was waiting for this moment, he had prepared and read almost every single parenthood book there was. Even though he was scared about the labor process, he buckled up and held your hand tight, he wanted to be brave for you in hopes that’d ease your nervousness and to assure you that he was here and he wasn’t going anywhere. He would be so excited to see you guys baby and when he did he would fanboy about how tiny she was “her hands are so little” he’d laugh.


Though he was ready, to be a dad, and much like jhope had read a lot into parenting books, he did feel a little anxious, because this would be his first time ever experiencing something like this. Nonetheless though he’d be confident and that was important because it wouldn’t help if he was nervous, for then you would be even more nervous. “Just one more jagiya, you can do it”. When he was able to see his little boy, he would tear up and laugh a little since he was so small “he’s so little, his hand is even smaller than mine, hehe that’s so cute”


He was ready and waiting, he really wanted to see what his child would look like. Would they have your eyes and his nose? Or perhaps his eyes and your cute smile. Though he was excited he made sure to turn down a few levels, since you must have been nervous, he wanted to support you and make you feel at ease. When they had bought out the baby, he’d smile so big and give you so many kisses “you were beyond amazing jagiya, the proof is our child, aww look at her she’s so cute”

He was nervous when he had heard that you were going into labor, and though he was nervous he decide to stay in the room with you and try to be strong/brave, rather than stay outside and have you feel even more nervous that he wasn’t  there with you. “That was stunning jagiya, you truly are amazing”. He’s nerves had died down, but only a little because when you had asked him if he’d like to hold the baby, he looked shook “oh, no you should hold him jagi, I don’t wanna break him or anything” even with parenting books he was still unsure. It would take some getting used to.

Alexander  pt.1[BTS Jungkook ] (M)

jungkook x reader (y/N) 

bts members 

Genre : angst/smut/fluff

Mature contents: this is not a fairy tale leave if you don’t like it,

Summary: he gave me fire and i need to find him ;with him i saw stars ,i wasn’t scared i felt safe.. i liked his kisses and i wish we meet again … 

part 1 2 3 4 5


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you fidget and opened your eyes your hands were too heavy to reach out for your phone , it wasn’t there you moved closer to the night stand but checking it it seemed like it wasn’t your phone that kept bothering your sleeping 

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Ask Away, Darling

Ask Away, Darling: A Newt/Reader Imagine


Summary: A (modern Imagine) idea that I formed based on both the urge to write another part for Nerves - read that HERE; though not necessary, I definitely recommend :) - as well as these two requests:

Newt and reader watch a scary movie. 😊

Hi! I just read Nerves and it was AMAZING! Anyway.. I was wondering if you could do a Newt x Reader where the reader is like horrified of this awful storm that’s happening and Newt comforts her? Thanks! xD

Word Count: 5350

Originally posted by sparklingnifflers

Halloween was finally here.

Not only was it your absolute favorite holiday, but it also meant that you had made it through your first two months of graduate school. And you had done quite well, if you did say so yourself. You were fully prepared to make a grand celebration out of it.

You really needed the celebration right now, anyway. While it was true you were doing well in school, it was costing you much of your time and energy. The rest of your time and energy was also consumed, but not with your schedule.

It was with a certain man, or more specifically, the lack of a certain man and the bitter disappointment you were feeling because of it.

You had met him on a flight back to London before term had started. He was kind, beautiful, and intriguing to you, so when he had asked to meet you again for coffee you had been ecstatic. The time you spent with him at the café only made your feelings stronger, and you saw each other again after that, at the same café, taking it slow and getting to know each other through conversation: piece by piece. By this point, you had fallen hard for Newt Scamander, the mild blonde-haired man with the shy smile and the freckles. You hadn’t even realized how hard until you had felt the harsh sting of rejection.

The last day you had seen him, around a month ago now, you had mentioned, hopefully, that perhaps you could finally exchange phone numbers to see each other for the next time?

You wanted to be able to say you had imagined his hesitation, but you were so certain about it. “Phone number?” he repeated, looking at you blankly.

“We don’t have to,” you said, face falling a little. You had read far too much into all of this. He had never used the word date, after all…your heart lurched with sadness and frustration.

“Oh, I…I just don’t have one,” he told you quietly, giving you an awkward smile.

That had been the first red flag. The second had come upon saying goodbye outside the coffee shop on the sunny but chilly street. “So…” you started, giving him a small smile. Waiting.

He had his gaze fixed on the street thoughtfully, then looked up at you with a brief smile. “I won’t be here for a few weeks,” he said. “I have something I have to do. For…my book.” He smiled, but you couldn’t shake the paranoid feeling that it wasn’t true. That he simply didn’t want to see you again.

“Okay,” you said nodding. “That’s great. Where are you going?”

“America,” he answered, with another quirk of his mouth upwards.

You smile at him kindly. “Good luck.”

“Thank you.” You both stand there for a moment, gazing back at the other. Finally, you caved and asked. “Will I, um, see you? When you get back?” You tried to keep your voice completely natural, no hopeful tone whatsoever.

He nodded with a smile, though his eyes were slightly troubled. “Sure.” He had turned to leave then and your heart had dropped; surely he had thought of the fact that he couldn’t contact you?

“How will you reach me?” you called after him. There was no keeping the hope out of your voice that time. He turned briefly and smiled again, a wider one this time. “I’ll find you,” he said decisively.

And then he was leaving again and you were hurting, feeling the incredible tightness in your chest. Your expectations were low, but you still couldn’t help having some. But when weeks passed without seeing or hearing from him (and after all, how would you?), it was still incredibly painful. Far too much so, in your opinion, for a man you had just met. You had just felt such a connection to him, and you thought things had been going well - had it not meant the same to him? Had you done something wrong?

You had been avoiding going out; your friends were asking if you were all right because you seemed preoccupied. The only other thing that could distract you properly from your broken heart was concentrating on school, so you poured yourself into it. But now you wanted to try and relax and have some fun that night at the party.

While the night was still young, you found yourself going home from the party quite early, staring mindlessly out the bus window as you waited for it to arrive at the stop on the end of your block. It had been a fun time, but your friends kept trying to play matchmaker, and you hadn’t wanted to drink there.

It was a good night to cuddle up with your cats and watch a scary movie. You preferred solitude most of the time anyway and besides, a storm was approaching and you didn’t want to fight your way home through it. You already could hear the distant sound of thunder as you stepped off the bus and began trudging toward your apartment building.

You found yourself passing by the Cafe Luisa, and you tried desperately not to let your thoughts fly to the man you had met twice there about a month ago, but you failed miserably. You avoided looking at it and frowning deeply, simply hurried by. A roll of thunder sounded again and you began to feel rain on your face. You peered up at the sky. 

The wind was picking up, and a proper storm was beginning. You were so glad you had decided to go home, but you thought nervously about all of the large, old trees around your apartment building that could fall, and trying to comfort your anxious cats from all of the noise.


You jumped and whipped around suddenly, instinctively, at the loud cracking sound. You were so certain that it had come from behind you, and it had not sounded like lightning or the storm.

It sounded like it came from an alleyway, the little alleyway right next to Cafe Luisa that you had just walked by and peered down. It had been an automatic thing to check, for safety reasons - you were a woman walking alone at night, after all - but you hadn’t seen a thing.

Now you froze, not even realizing you were holding your breath. Your heart was thumping hard in your throat, making it hard to think of anything but your own nervousness. You heard scuffling.

Suddenly, a small black shape - certainly not a human - was scurrying along the ground and leaving the alley. What was it? It looked almost like a platypus, only without the tail. It was black and had a beak, but otherwise you were too shocked and it was too dark to see what it was.

You wondered if you should back up or hurry off, but before you could budge, you heard a shout of frustration - a man’s shout - and the creature was suddenly in the air, moving slowly backward as if on an invisible line. Gold was flying out of a pouch in it’s stomach.

Your jaw dropped and you blinked very slowly to make sure you weren’t imagining this. It was impossible, it defied the laws of physics…

But the surprises weren’t over yet. Because then a man, a very familiar man in a blue coat that your brain recognized immediately with small explosions of excitement and confusion, lunged forward out of the alley to grab the creature out of the air. His lips were pursed in concentration and he turned for a moment, holding the struggling creature. You couldn’t see what he was doing, but when he turned back around he no longer had the creature; only a simple suitcase, exactly the same one he had carried onto the flight.

The flight. It was Newt.

He hadn’t seen you at first, but when he began walking out of the alley he did. And he stopped in his tracks, eyes widening. “Y/N,” he said incredulously, and then his face broke into a wide grin.

You didn’t smile back; you simply pointed a shaking finger at him. “How did you get here? What was that thing?”

“Erm…well, I took the bus.” He cleared his throat, staring at the street.

“You couldn’t have. I took the bus and I would have seen you. And I just walked down this alleyway and nothing was there. I heard a crack, and now here you are…” You trailed off, noticing that he was shuffling his feet, looking sheepish and avoiding your eyes.

You wanted to ask again what that creature had been and where it was now - had he really stuffed it into the suitcase? - but you could already tell he was going to be evasive. The rain and wind had picked up even more, and you shivered. You sighed, frustrated, the exhaled puff of air blowing stray strands of hair from your cheeks. Rejection spiked through you again, stinging you. “Fine,” you muttered, and you turned and began to stalk off.

“No, Y/N! Wait!” Your footsteps slowed and you turned around again to see that he had rushed to stand in front of you, still looking awkward. “I, erm…I was here to try and find you. I…really missed you when I was away.”

The hurt that had bubbled up in your chest just a moment ago clenched your chest tightly again, as you wanted to scoff disbelievingly at him. But when your eyes met his, your retort died in your throat. His eyes were still as lovely as ever, and they were burning with sincerity. It made your breath a little short.

You let out a shaky laugh. “Me too.”

It was silent for a moment and you were about to ask about his trip when the rain sprinkling down even harder now. The loudest rumble of thunder yet came spiking through the sky; you jumped and glanced up, frantically watching for the lightning…

“You don’t like thunder?”

Your eyes met his again, and he was watching you very intently. Embarrassed, you start to explain. “Um…well, I don’t love it, but it’s really the lightning that I have problems with. Bad experience a couple of years ago…” You trailed off in a mumble, eyes darting down to the street.

“I want to hear about it,” he said hopefully, a hint in his voice.

“And I want to hear about America,” you told him. “And whatever that black creature was.”

Again, the flustered look, the hesitation in his eyes. You were so confused from all of the mixed signals. But he just nodded and smiled at you, his eyes searching your face intently. “It’s still open, if you like,” he said, gesturing behind the pair of you to Cafe Luisa.

It was tempting, oh so tempting, to run in there with him just to spend some time with him. But you decided against it. You couldn’t drop everything and run off with him simply because he decided to appear. “I-I should get home. I don’t want to walk in this weather and my cats get afraid with storms too, you know.”

“Oh. Right, of course.” He lowered his head ever so slightly to stare at the ground, very clearly quite dejected.

The words tumbled out of your mouth. “You could come with me?” His head shot up, and for a moment you were terrified of rejection again; so sure you would see the hesitation back in his face and his eyes, and more words came spilling out of your mouth nervously, automatically. “You don’t have to, I was just going to watch a scary Halloween movie at home…”

It sounded more lame out loud than you had expected, and you wished you had just kept quiet. You felt horrified. But his eyes were not hesitant when you chanced a glance up at him. They were warm - happy, even.

A crack of lightning lit up the sky. It was far away, but not enough for you. You let out a small squeak of nervousness, and he stepped forward immediately. “I would love to,” he told you, and something in his voice made your heart do a cartwheel. “Lead the way.”

“We’re already almost there.” You smile at him briefly before resuming your walk home, Newt falling into step beside you. Your brain was whirring, trying to make sense of what had just happened and the fact that he was finally here, right beside you. You couldn’t think of a thing to say. Both of your faces were buried in your coats anyway, hiding from the wind and rain that was relentlessly pouring now.

Your heart thumping erratically, you pulled out the keys at your building and led him inside and up to the third floor to your apartment door. Keys jingling, you open the door and make your way inside, the blonde man right on your heels.

Your cats were there to greet you, but upon seeing a new man they hung back a little rather than wrapping themselves around your legs as they usually did. “Hi babies!” you called to them happily. They simply stared, observing the pair of you troop over the threshold and begin hanging up your coats. But then they dashed off, afraid of the stranger in their home. You laughed, then looked at Newt apologetically. “They’re shy,” you told him. “They’re probably hiding under my bed, but they’ll probably come out later to meet you.”

He had been staring off after them curiously, but then smiled at you. “All right.” You took in the fact that he was wearing a white, long-sleeved button up shirt and had pulled his sleeves halfway up his arms, and slight muscles were running up them. You turned away hurriedly, your face suddenly warm.

“Come on,” you said, gesturing down the hall. “Do you want some hot chocolate? Or tea?”

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

He followed you toward your kitchen, peeking around your apartment all the while. You became horribly self-conscious watching him look around, very aware that you hadn’t prepared it for company. There was something incredibly intimate about letting someone in your home, particularly him. He had now stopped to admire a photo collage you had made on a bulletin board in your living room, next to the door that led to the kitchen.

He gave you another smile that made your heart flutter ever so slightly, his eyes sweeping with interest across the board of various photos with friends, at parties, your family, of you on your travels.

You decided to let him observe - his presence was making you fidgety - and went into the kitchen to begin warming up some milk for hot chocolate. “Do you want peppermint schnapps in your hot chocolate?” you call, before seeing he was in the room already. “Sorry,” you said, lowering your voice. “I’m having some in mine, so if you like…”

“Sure,” he said warmly, watching you carefully as you bustled around your kitchen, again making you a bit self-conscious.

Rain was battering the windows hard now, and the wind was really howling. Large rolls of thunder periodically blasted through the sky and you tried to ignore the storm outside, lips pursed but hands trembling ever so slightly as you refused to look outside and wait for the lightning.

The milk was bubbling slightly now on your stove; you began mixing hot chocolate powder in and then went to pour it into two mugs, into which you had already poured schnapps. The kitchen suddenly lit up from a bright flash of lightning, and you almost dropped the pot.

Newt immediately stepped forward and took the pot from you. “Here, let me,” he said kindly, his hand brushing against yours as he took the handle from you.

“Thanks,” you said, blushing, and then turned to gaze nervously out the window.

“Tell me why you don’t like storms,” he said conversationally, his voice full of interest as he began pouring the hot chocolate into the mugs on the counter. His blonde hair hung partially obscured his face and you were momentarily stunned by him all over again when your eyes flew back to look at him.

“Why is it that you have to find out all of my strange fears?” you said, laughing a bit nervously.

He shot you a look as he walked over to set the pot into the sink. “I’d like to find out as much as I can about you.”

Again, your voice caught in your throat. The effect this man had on you was clearly not normal. You cleared your throat, still blushing slightly as you stepped forward to stir the contents in the mugs. “A couple of years ago I was visiting my grandmother. When I was walking home, I got caught in a thunderstorm.” Your eyes darted up to his; he was watching you, listening very intently. “I was walking by this lake, trying to hurry, when lightning struck it. The power of it…” You shuddered. “We underestimate nature.”

“I agree,” he said, nodding. “But you were all right?”

“Oh yeah. Everything just went completely white, and it was so loud. It was just terrifying because I thought I was dying. I was shot forward from the blast - landed so hard on the ground that I bit right through my bottom lip. Had to get stitches.” You laughed again, trying to be casual, though your eyes darted to the window. “It’s not that I’m scared, exactly…just, whenever I hear thunder, I’m always on the lookout for lightning. Waiting for the world to go white again.” You smiled at him and handed him his mug. “Hope you like it.”

He tried it, sipping it slowly, and then smiled at you. “Very good.”

You stood there in the kitchen for a moment, then said, “The couch is more comfy. I want to hear about America.”

“Could we, perhaps…catch up after the movie?” The tentativeness was back, the hesitation. He wasn’t meeting your eyes, only darting up to meet yours momentarily with a slightly pleading look.

You tried to hide your frown and hoped you succeeded. What was it that he didn’t want you to know? What was the deal with that black creature? Why was he avoiding your questions about America, and why wouldn’t he explain to you how he really had arrived in the alleyway? You had so many questions, but you also wanted to cherish your time with him.

And besides, you knew better than to pepper someone with questions when they didn’t want to be - it would only drive him further away.

“Sure,” you said brightly, ignoring the hard pit in your stomach. “Let me show you which one I’ve rented.”

You rummage in your purse for a moment until you find it. Newt takes it and looks at the art on the cover, quirking an eyebrow. “Looks dark.”

“My friend recommended it to me and said it was really scary, so hopefully she was right. I’m not even sure what it’s about - evil witchcraft, or something.”

Newt’s eyes flew up to yours, getting wider. “What?”

“Something about evil witches and wizards kidnapping people, doing horrible things and experiments. And then there are these people that are hunting them. She likes fantasy stuff.”

You took it back from him and went to go start putting it into the DVD player and turn on your TV. From behind you, Newt says, very quietly, “Are magical people always portrayed as evil?”

You grin at him before turning back to the remote and clicking the button to turn on the TV. “Not a big movie watcher?”

“Erm…not really.” His cheeks were slightly pink.

The menu screen popped up, brightening your living room with frightening images and scary music to accompany it. As if on cue, another boom of thunder sounded outside, louder than any other you had heard so far. Your apartment rattled with the sound, and you cringed.

You heard him chuckle and you glanced over. He simply grinned at you and patted the couch beside him invitingly. You didn’t need telling twice; you flopped on the couch beside him.

The movie began but you were only semi-aware of it. Instead, you were hyper aware of the man sitting on the couch beside you. His scent, the part of his arms that were showing, the desire to lie back against his chest or for him to reach for your hand again as he had on the flight. Over time, the two of you were beginning to scoot closer and closer to each other until your legs were comfortably touching.

The storm was progressively raging worse outside, making the atmosphere in the room even tenser. At some point during the movie, you squeaked and covered your eyes, anticipating something to pop out of the shadows; you squealed loudly when it did but also enjoyed it very much in the way that scary movies are enjoyed when they are scary.

Newt reached out, running his fingers across your hand before grasping it and squeezing it. Your hand was back in his again, and it felt like home. When you looked at him he was grinning, clearly enjoying himself. You also noticed just how close to you he was. All you had to do was lean forward…

The wind howled, and rattling noises shook the house as the trees knocked against the side and against your windows. Another loud rattle of thunder sounded, so close you knew the storm was right over you this time. You held your breath and it came; the blinding white light, so dazzlingly bright that you knew the lightning had to be very close by. But the whiteness was too much. You were suddenly alone again, walking by the lake and being thrown forward with the deafening roar, practically feeling the static electricity in the air. Thinking the world was ending, that you were dying…

You gasped loudly and buried your face in your hands, not remotely paying attention to the movie anymore. “Come here, darling,” you heard him murmur. Arms wrapped around you and pulled you close, closer than you had ever been to him. He held you tightly there, buried against his chest, muffling the sounds of the storm, and you were glad he understood. Your heart was also sprinting, hammering erratically in your chest at the contact. His scent was even stronger here. He smelled like earth, a musky smell that you found incredibly attractive. You loved the feeling of this and you never wanted him to let go.

He did loosen his grip slightly and you realized he was peeking down at you. Heart still thudding almost painfully, you move your eyes up to meet his, already mostly aware of what was going to happen. In a way, you both were. He was looking at you very tenderly, a small and shy smile stretched across his lips. Very gently, he brushed some hair away from your face.

Automatically, without thinking about it once, you leaned forward and kissed him, simply wanting his lips on yours. You weren’t disappointed; he was warm and wonderful, and he responded to you with a certain eagerness that melted away all of your previous concerns.

His mouth moved softly against yours and one hand moved to cup the side of your head, hand grasping slightly in your hair as he pulled you even closer to him. Tentatively, you moved both hands behind his neck and kissed him back even harder, even more desperately. He leaned forward, his hand steadying your back, as he laid you down on the couch while still kissing you, the movie long forgotten. You wanted to yank him closer so that his entire body was pressed firmly against yours, but you were momentarily distracted by his tongue, which he suddenly traced very lightly across your bottom lip, and by one of his hands, which had moved down to rest carefully on your hip.

You were so warm now, feeling like fire was surging through you. Again, he slipped his tongue against your lip and this time, you gasped lightly, allowing him into your mouth. Things were getting more intense by the second, your kisses deeper, your tongues both beginning to move sensually against the other, heat ravaging your body-


You both jumped suddenly and broke apart at the sudden noise, heads whipping over to see both of your cats suddenly sitting on the ground below the couch, staring intently. They jumped up on your chest and began purring at Newt, looking up at him in a clearly loving manner and wanting to be petted and noticed, to finally meet this stranger.

Newt’s face was flushed and he was breathing much harder than usual, clearly still snapping out of the intensity of the moment that your cats had just interrupted. You saw him peek over your cat with a grin, albeit a rather bashful one. Another blatant surge of affection and excitement rushed through you. “Really, you two?” you huffed. “Now is the perfect time to meet him, is it?”

Newt chuckled loudly, a throaty sound that made you want to pounce him all over again. He shifted back again to sit on the couch and Chester followed onto his lap, still purring like a little motor. Newt reached out to scratch him behind the ears and the cat closed his eyes and stretched out his neck contentedly. Your other cat, Sassy, clearly decided it was unacceptable that she was left behind and decided to join the fun, too. You had never seem them warm up so quickly to a stranger.

You sat up too, straightening your hair and trying to get your breathing under control. “They must really like you,” you told him, your own face still warm and blushing.

He glanced at you. “Are all cats not usually this friendly?” You frown ever so slightly, watching him suddenly very carefully. Something about his question, his movements, the look of excited curiosity in his eyes as he observed the animals on his lap wasn’t right. He was treating a common household cat as an anomaly. Like a scientist discovering them for the very first time…

You thought about the strange black creature, and how he had simply appeared in an alley. And then you sat up a little straighter, heart accelerating again as an idea popped into your head. “You’re not an alien or something, are you?” you blurted suddenly.

His smile slipped, and he looked at you very curiously, though you detected something else in his eyes. Fear. “No,” he said slowly. “Why do you ask?”

“You’re different,” you said immediately, finally certain of yourself. “As if you don’t know the simplest things. Like the money in the cafe; or now, with the movies or with the cats. And when you tell stories, it just seems…evasive. Or something.” You exhaled a deep breath. You hadn’t meant to say that much, and your cheeks were flaming as you hurried to sound less accusing as you took in the worried look on his face. “I-It’s not bad! It’s just, erm-I always feel like you’re going to just…disappear on me.” You laughed quietly, your gaze lowering and your hands twisting nervously in your lap.

He sighed, his forehead scrunching up. “I knew you would be able to tell something was off about me,” he murmured quietly. “That’s why I planned on telling you tonight.” His eyes were no longer meeting yours. He was frowning, staring down at your carpeted living room floor.

“You are an alien?!”

He chuckles, though it didn’t seem to hold much happiness or humor. Now he had many creases on his forehead; he looked very strained about something. “No,” he mumbled finally, looking up at you seriously. “But I am quite different than you.”

You weren’t entirely sure what to say. The wind continued to howl outside and the rain rushed against the windows as the room was silent for a moment, both of you just staring at the other.

You hadn’t been imagining things after all - something was different about him. But it couldn’t be bad. It just couldn’t, and you knew that. He was far too gentle and kind, and whatever it was, you couldn’t say you were afraid.

His green eyes flew up to meet yours and you could see the apprehension in them as he observed you there, waiting and unconsciously holding your breath. He sighed, and said, “It’s easier if I just show you. It’s going to seem very strange to you. Impossible, even.”

"Okay,” you breathed, nodding slowly.

His eyes flick around the room for a second, and then he whipped a stick out of his pocket. You only had a moment to frown at it in confusion before he had pointed it at something across the room and murmured, “Accio.”

A book sitting on your table suddenly lifted into midair and flew to the couch; again, like that invisible line you had seen earlier in the alleyway, pulling the coins backward through the air, defying physics.

He was right. It was something that should have been impossible. But it wasn’t. It wasn’t impossible, because the book that had been on the table was now sitting in Newt’s hands. You had seen it all with your own eyes.

Your shocked gaze lifted from the book to his eyes, which were watching you rather anxiously. You pointed a shaking finger at the book. “That was…how…?” That was the most you could say at the moment, too surprised to say or do anything else.

“I’m a wizard,” he said quietly, carefully, still watching you as if you would sprint away at any moment. “I can do magic. That’s how I appeared in the alleyway. That’s why I don’t understand a lot of things. I live in a different world than you.”

Your brain was having difficulty with grasping the concept, despite having just seen it happen before your very eyes. Twice, in fact. When, for a whole lifetime, something that previously had been fantasy suddenly becomes real, it still takes a while to process.

But you weren’t stupid enough to deny it either. Not only had you seen it, but you knew he was telling the truth. He looked so honest, so sincere. And you could feel that it was true.

“Do something else,” was all you whispered, needing more validation to know that you weren’t insane or that this wasn’t some strange dream.

Whatever he had been expecting you to say, it wasn’t that. Something flickered in his face, but then he smiled, a very small smile. He pointed his wand at Chester and whispered, “Engorgio.”

And Chester was suddenly huge; he was taking up the entire living room. Sassy gave a loud meow of protest and took off into your bedroom. Chester looked around excitedly and you only had time to let out a shriek of mixed shock and laughter before Newt had flicked his wand again and said, “Reducio.” His eyes moved back to yours, waiting apprehensively for your reaction once more.

You suddenly broke into a wide smile. "This is just…incredible! So, what exactly can you do? Tell me everything!”

He began to slowly smile, too, though his eyes were still a bit cautious. “You’re not…freaked out?” he breathed.

“Of course not,” you said simply.

His face broke into one of the largest smiles you had ever seen. "I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier. And if I seemed strange. We have secrecy laws, you see. And I was afraid I would scare you off…”

Unable to wait another second, you suddenly grabbed the front of his shirt, pulled him to you, and captured his lips with yours all over again, rather roughly. After a moment of brief surprise, his hands came up to cup your face, his mouth responding to your movements. When you finally broke apart, you grinned at him, cheeks pink. “See? Not scared off.”

His breathing was slightly uneven and he looked a bit disoriented, though very pleased, when he smiled back at you. “Good.”

“I do have a ton of questions, though,” you admitted.

He took your hand and led you to sit on the couch again. Chester jumped back up between the both of you, purring again.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against yours once more, very quickly and very softly. He smiled at you shyly - but you could also tell he was very happy - and you felt your heart swell with wonder and curiosity and affection for the man next to you, as you watched his eyes dart down for a moment and then back up to meet yours.

“Of course,” said Newt softly, wrapping his warm hand around yours again. “Ask away, darling.”

a/n: I apologize for the bit of a hiatus, but hello, I’m back with this! I’m slowly churning through my inbox for those waiting. Thank you to these two requests, and I hope you both like it!

Much love to all, hope this story brightens your day <3 xoxo

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Mugen's Feelings for Fuu: Character Study and Observations

Firstly: this is a response to 10bat who asked me if Mugen’s feelings for Fuu are platonic or if there’s something else.

Wow, XD Well, as much as I ship Fuugen harder than hell, I don’t think I ever bothered to explain their romance before…or Mugen’s feelings.

I’d also like to say thank you to 10bat for the comments to my blog before I start ^^ (even though it’s not THAT great).

Here I go. 

To start off, Mugen as a character is at first glance a complete antihero based on his actions; the prison tattoos, cocky attitude, stealing, killing people without a second thought. But out of all three characters in the anime, Mugen is the most dynamic; changing the most out of all three (although all of them did change).

Growing up in the Ryukyuan Islands, he never exactly had anyone that loved him (being an orphan, having to kill people to survive at an early age etc). The only people we know that he was acquainted with before Fuu and Jin: were Koza and Mukuro in ep 13 and 14. But look what they did: Mukuro betrayed him by making him take the rap for stealing from the ship, and Koza was needy and wanted love from anyone. She used his “death” to infuriate Jin to kill her brother Mukuro. It was all a ploy.

Now then, back to Mugen’s feelings for Fuu. I honestly think that Mugen may have developed something for Fuu even before she liked him (or maybe they developed it at the same time through all their struggles together) but I think for Mugen it was completely emotional at first, and his physical attraction came later. But either way, he repressed it throughout the series.

So here’s a brief list (bullshit, this is LONG) of all the ways it is heavily implied Mugen had feelings for Fuu. If someone wants me to do a Fuu rant also, I probably will lol. But for now, let’s focus on Mugen (though Fuu’s feelings will undoubtedly intersect).

There’s links underlined to the clips on youtube to that specific instant in the episodes for reference. Enjoy if you decide to watch ^^ You have to sign into youtube to watch them though. And I’m giving my rough translation to dialogue sometimes or what I remember (since I didn’t actually sit there and watch them all. Some can be interpreted different ways because English sub and dub is wrong a lot. So anyway, ignore if it’s written different than in the video.


Ep 1: Mugen is shown first from a distance, standing on the road outside the village. Then Fuu is shown… Then Jin last (you’ll notice he’s always backup, sadface, but I love him. Don’t mistake this Mugen rant as me disliking Jin.)

Fuu and Mugen meet. While there is no romance (yet), Mugen and Fuu have this odd stare down when he first walks in. It even goes in slow motion where he’s looking at her. Jin and Fuu had no such moment. I think it was meant to show that he is dangerous, a killer, but either way Fuu isn’t afraid in the slightest. She even tells him to leave if he has no money.

Btw. He saves her from getting her fingers cut off. Jin had no part in that lol.

In the interviews to the japanese voice actors, Ayako Kawasumi (Fuu) was asked who she preferred more as a character; Mugen or Jin. The actress responded with “Definetly Mugen.” Shinichiro Watanabe (the main director) then decided to include more Fuugen hints throughout the series and ep 1 dictated the last episode. This is all found in the Samurai Champloo Roman Album book if anyone is interested to read the interviews.

Ep 2: Mugen was poisoned by a woman who said that Fuu was kidnapped by the same guy who hired her to poison him. She said something like “He has the antidote and something else you want.”


"That girl you’re traveling with. I wonder what he’ll do to her.”

“Shit!” Only then does Mugen run off to save Fuu. She then saves his life when the man is drowing him in the stream, later saving him in episode 21 from Sara as well. It’s kind of like foreshadowing.

Meanwhile…Jin is fighting a homosexual samurai…ahem.

Ep 3 and 4: Mugen runs off from Fuu after not wanting to help her at all. But in ep 4 he saw her in the brothel. There’s a scene where he stops walking in the rain after remembering her scolding him, and he quickly runs back to save her. When he got back to the brothel, she was already gone, having escaped. “Ran away?! That idiot!” or  “That bitch!” in english.” He kept searching for her, but when he found her with Jin at the gambling den, he said “I only came here because no one was chasing after me.” which was complete bullshit!!!!

Meanwhile, Jin doesn’t bother to save Fuu at the brothel. He only coincidentally met up with Fuu at the gambling den because he was helping the son of the gangster.

Ep 5: Mugen sees Fuu hanging with an artist and says rather jealously “What are you doing hanging around with lover boy?” She was only modeling.

Later that night, he asked Jin what happened to Fuu. “Hey, where is she?” Jin is too being playing Japanese chess. Mugen says “Well, it’s not like I care or anything.”

The following morning, Mugen literally goes to the artist’s studio and finds a picture of her and asks the artist where she was. She was kidnapped and he ran all across town to rescue her. He ends up saving her but gets no credit as usual.

Jin meanwhile…is still playing chess lol.

Ep 6: Not much. She just scolds him in a hay stack and he turns his head annoyed.

Ep 7: Fuu was “held hostage” by the thief. He shows disinterest at first. Mugen (the violent bastard he is) sees the kid who pick-pocketed Fuu hold a knife to her throat and only then did he flip shit and want to kill the guy. Now, you can interpret it that he was pissed at the guy for stealing from them and not at all worried about Fuu…. But when he crashed into the building and was going to attack him, Fuu screamed to stop. And he did. Even though he hated the guy, Mugen stopped and helped him escape because Fuu told him to. He realized she wasn’t in danger from the theif though. Mugen never takes orders from ANYONE.

Once again, he technically saved Fuu from the drug dealers after the theif.

Jin meanwhile, waits outside…

Ep 8: When a man hits on Fuu, she says rather proudly to Mugen “It’s soooo hard being popular.” most likely to validate herself to being appealing and maybe even get Mugen jealous. When Mugen gets hit on by a woman, he repeats the same line to Fuu to DEFINITELY get her jealous “It’s sooooo hard being popular.”

Jin is meanwhile…too drunk to say anything and is dragged along by Mugen. But Mugen isn’t one to share a woman with Jin (he won Yatsuha over Jin in ep 15)…So why did he bring Jin along? Maybe he didn’t want Jin and Fuu to be alone together(?)

Also,the man who hit on Fuu said his wife looked like Fuu when she was younger. Funny thing, the woman who hit on Mugen was that man’s wife…So Mugen is actually physically attracted to Fuu after all.

Later when Fuu overhears that Jin killed his master, she gets curious and decides to ask Mugen if he knows anything about it… He looks at her, and then he pouts. HE FRICKIN’ POUTS AND FROWNS, HIS EYEBROWS FURL. Mugen says “I don’t know anything.” Then in a much more different (frustrated and annoyed) tone he says “Why don’t you ask him yourself?" 


Ep 9: Mugen had every intention to go back to save Fuu and Jin instead of letting them die…but he accidentally got high instead. Lol. He TECHNICALLY saved the day because it was his fault the trippy plants got set on fire. Sooooo, then all the guards at the border line were too high to kill Fuu and Jin.

Mugen once again, technically…saves the day(?)

Ep 10: Okay, this one connects to a later episode, ep 16. Mugen ends up getting his hand badly hurt. Fuu grabs one of them "What happened to your hand?!” he responds “It’s just a scratch.” and pulls away rather quickly… he isn’t used to physical contact with women that isn’t sexual. She shows that he cares and it bothers him. Later in ep 16, after leaving Fuu and Jin he lays on the grass. he puts his hand…the same hand that she touched and he puts it above his face saying “that little bitch” which is a nickname he calls her throughout the series. There is a video of this on youtube. “Subliminal Mugen/Fuu clip” Watch ittttttt.

Ep 11: Oooh lala. Pretty big proof in this one. Jin falls for Shino the courtesan. (totally not Fuu, just sayin’). When Fuu is talking about Jin going to brothels, Mugen takes it that she’s jealous and in turn gets jealous of her and Jin, saying “What, are you saying you want to be his girl?” then he said  "That’s big talk…coming from a girl so flat.“ he even told her to show him her boobs…Which she almost did. Then, she names all the reasons she doesn’t like Jin. But Mugen fell asleep and didn’t hear.

Later, when Jin goes to visit Shino, Fuu stops him "Are you going to see that Kohana lady? I know you pity her but…”

“It’s not pity.”

“Don’t tell me you’re in love with her! You promised to help me find the samurai who smells of sunflowers. If you go, we’re not friends anymore.”

When Jin left…Mugen is shown actually awake, listening to the entire conversation. Jealousy. THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR EPISODE 24. DON’T FORGET. FORESHADOWING.

Later when Mugen and Fuu are running to give Jin back his swords, Mugen says “I thought you two weren’t friends anymore!” I think it can become plainly obvious that by now, Mugen is getting really jealous of their “relationship” which is actually the true platonic one.

Ep 12: Mugen is much more curious than Jin about what she is hiding about her sunflower samurai, to the point where he sneaks through her stuff for her diary…even though he can’t read. When she begins saying “The first guy who came in was the type I never wanted to be friends with! And after talking with him I was absolutely right!”  he got extremely pissed off and even began swearing at her diary. Usually he wouldn’t care but he’s slowly getting attached to her. When she said that Jin was attractive when she first saw him, Mugen again got jealous.

But remember what she said at the end of the diary. Everything in it was a lie. So she didn’t find Jin attractive and actually would befriend Mugen (?) She also said that she wrote all that because she figured they (meaning Mugen because she trusts Jin more with stuff like this) would read it. Note: She didn’t know that Mugen couldn’t read yet.

Ep 13: HUGE PROOF! This is where we really get a glimpse at Mugen’s past. He doesn’t trust anyone, he was truly an ex-pirate and criminal…and I think Fuu is the first person he really held faith in. At first, he looks annoyed while Fuu plays in the water…like he’s realizing what a child she truly is…And he’s sinful compared to her innocence.

When he sees Koza and Mukuro, it reignites those feelings of how evil he is. For the first time Mugen declines an offer to make money and says about Fuu and Jin “They’re not my friends or anything.” to which Fuu turns her head at him…upset… He then says “I promised I’d protect ‘em until we get to Nagasaki, that’s all.” Mugen is actually referring to Fuu since Jin doesn’t need protection, and he’s also admitting to keeping his promise, the first promise he ever kept to the end. Fuu widens her eyes to this (WATCH THE SCENE OMG CRY) and then Koza does too (out of jealousy since she once harbored feelings for Mugen).

Mukuro says to Fuu “Hey, do you have any idea what kind of things he’s done? You know how many people he’s killed? This is hysterical! A guy like you protecting people?!” When Mukuro said that, Mugen seems defensive and angered, covering his eyes with his hair…then pointing a sword at his neck to shut him up, then he walked away. To me, it seemed Mugen didn’t want to revisit those memories of the sins he commited and especially doesn’t want Fuu to know. Notice how Fuu is also hiding behind Jin in this part…not Mugen. It’s like Jin is the good guy, not him.

Mugen then scoffs, sheathes his sword…and turns to look at Fuu and Jin standing beside each other. He then turns away…“ Mugen, wait!” Fuu calls, following him…and so does Koza “Wait!”. You’ll see later that Koza is jealous of Fuu…

Mugen ends up taking the job, Fuu meanwhile is worried about Mugen and when he returns she scolds him saying he shouldn’t go. And Mugen walks out on her, her yelling his name “MUGEN!”. This is a representation that he has no attachments to her…which he COMPLETELY does.

With Koza on the beach if you know the Japanese translation she asks “Are you happy?”

“I ain’t given it much thought.”

In english she says “Fuu is lucky.” THIS IS WRONG. She says
“Fuu -chan wa shiawase.” Shiawase means happy. So Koza said  “That girl Fuu…is happy.”

“She’s happy?”

“Yeah. She’s happy because she gets to be with you….” WOAH THERE KOZA!  Then Koza lays her head on his abdomen, saying she wants to be happy with him too: as in be romantic with him in the way she perceives how he is with Fuu. He says that he’s not that type of guy (really I think it means that he is attached to Fuu and won’t leave her to go travel with Koza).

Not many people realize this, but that was FUU screaming Mugen’s name when the ship exploded. You can really tell it’s her in english, though it’s harder to tell in Japanese. Most people think it was Koza because they show her face at that exact second. But notice how they then show Jin’s face, THEN FUU’S FACE. Her mouth is wide in a scream, unlike Koza. Here’s japanese.  Here’s the english where if you watched the whole anime in English, you can easily tell that’s Fuu screaming his name.Plus, Fuu had a tendency to scream his name throughout the series whenever he got injured. She then cries for Mugen for the first time. Jin comforts her. (Jin will frequently comfort Fuu when she cries over Mugen. Three times actually.)

Ep 14: When Mugen is drowning after being again tricked by Mukuro…he sees images of his past. Right before he fades from consciousness, he sees an image of Koza, the first person he really befriended (who betrayed him). Then he sees Jin.

But finally, the last thing he sees before passing out is an image of Fuu scolding him. She chased the pantu away, and they represent his death. FORESHADOWING TO THE LAST EPISODE.

The next morning when Fuu spent all night searching for him on the beach, she finds him and begins to cry for a second time and nurses him back to health. (she removed all his clothes btw; they are hanging outside, and Mugen doesn’t wear underwear as is seen in ep 15).

He then grabs her wrist as she turns to leave. THIS IS HUGE. I believe he wanted to thank her…but being the way he is…he can’t and instead says he’s hungry. He wants to touch her…but she is untouchable… Mugen says he’s hungry so she’ll leave and not come back for a while. It can be seen when it zooms in on his face, and he sighs. He didn’t want her to worry about him and stop him from killing Mukuro (who Jin already killed). Fuu returns and yells that Mugen is gone again.

This episode shows their bonding, how Mugen realizes the only woman who cares about him in his life is Fuu. She also brought him back from death when the pantu came to take his soul. His thoughts of her are what made him live; he has unfinished business in life.

Ep 15: Mugen and Fuu are for the first time shown getting along, laughing together and talking about food. Notice how this is after their huge episode last time.

He then goes to a brothel to relieve some sexual tension (I mean, he refuses to have sex with Fuu because that would unravel his feelings, and disregard how he said she has no sex appeal, plus he just CANT. It’s like he’s tainting her. And it’d ruin the aspects of the show lol.) He never ends up having sex in this ep btw (or any other episode for that matter. Jin meanwhile, had sex with Shino and possibly the two ugly brothel girls in this ep)

Ep 16: They get into a huuuuge argument. Fuu says that he just wants to travel with a cute girl, Mugen said he never even thought about her like that at all. Obviously, they’re both hiding their feelings and poor Jin is stuck in the middle. He says something too… He said the samurai who smells of sunflowers was probably a guy who raped her and dumped her… Mugen in the English subtitles of ep 2 said “I’m gona rape you, you dumb broad.” when Fuu was passed out drunk. I don’t believe this translation is accurate but that sounds like a heavy case of projection to me…

“I’m trading you up for a tougher model!”

“You ain’t gonna fire me, I quit!”

Jin only leaves when both Mugen and Fuu go their separate ways.

Back to Mugen holding his right hand up when he lays on the grass, saying “That little bitch.” he’s obviously still thinking about Fuu. See Subliminal Mugen/Fuu clip on youtube again. It’s 37 seconds long. She grabbed the same right hand, just saying.

Ep 17: At the end of the episode (after arguing with Fuu last time), they intend to all split up. BUT MUGEN speaks up. He looks rather…upset too. Like, he feels guilty over it. He was always the one who asked about her relationship with the sunflower samurai. He was always the one who was curious, more than Jin. he even asks “Is it revenge?” Makes ya wonder, was Mugen gonna beat up the sunflower samurai if it hadn’t been her father and someone who hurt her instead? Jin says nothing, only says they should head out then, only saying what Mugen was going to say if he wasn’t so damn stubborn!

They then show Jin. Then Mugen. Then Fuu… Which was weird, cause the order is usually, Mugen, Jin, Fuu. And the love song plays. lol.

Ep 18: Mugen gets very defensive when Fuu makes fun of him for not reading… But she actually wanted to teach him, even shooed Jin away so they could have quality time together. Sadly, he got kidnapped by the hippy teacher lol. 

Fuu is then a prize in a graffiti contest between two twin brothers.

When Mugen returns from a day of learning, Fuu brags how guys are fighting over her. Mugen responds indifferently with “Sounds rough.” BUT, when she says the winner of the “word” contest gets her he gets all interested with “Words?” He then competes, drawing his signature of the Mugen infinity symbol at the top of the castle (which means he won Fuu btw. HOW DID NO ONE BESIDES ME NOTICE THAT HE PLANNED TO WIN FUU?!) Again he saved Fuu (?) Meanwhile, Jin is just…trying to keep the peace.

Later, it turns out the winner gets Momo (not Fuu) …But Mugen, Jin and Fuu didn’t know that at the time lmao.

Ep 19: Mugen is the one who wakes her up when she got knocked out. When Fuu gets kidnapped this ep, Mugen actually starts yelling saying she’s an idiot for going missing when Momo brings her note (to MUGEN).

He is then the one to really go wild and attack the false Frances Xavier if you watch the scene. Jin was more like support. Mugen saves the day.

At the end, when Fuu says that Kasumi Seizou is her father, Mugen hangs his head low when walking away, more so than Jin and he never really walks like that… It’s like he feels bad for trying to pry for so long and about the horrible things he said about her father.

Ep 20: HUGE also. Okay…well to begin, this ep more reveals Fuu’s feelings for Mugen. But since we’re focusing on Mugen’s feelings, we’ll skip around.

Mugen and Fuu saw each other naked. Jin is meanwhile, cleaning his sword (that was not a dirty pun btw). And thought it was especially strange how she apologized to him after, (she was actually apologizing about talking bad about him to Sara, when really he wasn’t ugly at all etc etc.)

When Sara asked Fuu “Who would you rather not want to separate from?” Fuu gets flustered saying “We don’t have that type of relationship!” hiding her face underneath blankets. She’s actually referring to  Mugen, because she eventually chooses Mugen to stay over Jin.

She even cries when thinking about parting from them, Jin finds her at this part… I believe she may have been crying over Mugen so that’s technically the third time if you decide to count it.

But honestly, her crying over Jin at the end of this ep (the only time she ever cried over Jin btw) was more goofy that her extremely emotional times over Mugen. We’ll tally up all the times she cried over Mugen at the end.

Mugen actually got jealous AGAIN when she started bawling over Jin;  saying “I would’ve left too!” And “Stop crying, idiot!” before stomping away. Maybe he believed that Fuu actually wouldn’t have chosen Mugen over Jin after all, and she was only testing Jin to see if he’d leave too…because she thought he’d leave. I think this pissed Mugen off, like he doesn’t matter, and he actually wasn’t planning on leaving Fuu anyway. He only seemed upset to have Jin go with sara instead of him to seem like he didn’t care. Because let’s rewind a bit! Didn’t Mugen only stay with Fuu so he could duel Jin by the end?! And with Jin gone, why the hell would he stay with Fuu alone?! Plus, when Mugen wants something, he gets it. So if he wanted to go with Sara, he would’ve left Fuu. SEE?!

I think Mugen was even a little pissed with Jin that he so easily left Fuu like that, saying “That bastard didn’t put up much of a fight.” with a disapproving look on his face before Fuu started crying. He doesn’t possess traits to comfort her when she cries like Jin can.

Jin meanwhile…gets attacked by Sara.

Ep 21: FUCKING HUGE. This is the ep where Fuu confessed her feelings to Mugen through actions. Mugen’s ep to confess to Fuu was 25.

When Sara badly wounded Mugen she says “Even though I can’t see you, I can still sense it.”

“Say what?!”

“Powerful hatred and rage swirl within you. They are so powerful that I can’t tell whether or not it is sadness.”

“It’s as if you’ve never been loved by anyone.” When she says that, Mugen’s eye narrows in anger. “It’s as if you are like me.”

“Are you telling me that you know how I’m gonna come at you?! THAT"S A LOAD OF CRAP!" 

"STOP IT, JUST STOP IT!” He collapses in pain as soon as he hears Fuu’s screams. That’s also like foreshadowing…In ep 2 when she screamed for Mugen to stop fighting, he didn’t. Instead, the ogre guy did. Now, as soon as she screamed to stop…he stopped and fell and Sara didn’t. (or maybe it was just the pain. Or maybe both. Up to you to decide.)


“Don’t come closer!” he yells to Fuu, because he is terrified she’ll get hurt by Sara. “STAY BACK!” He maybe doesn’t want her to be attached because no one should be attached to him. If she does, she’ll get hurt.

(If any of you watched the Japanese samurai movie Azumi, this is the exact lines Hyuga screams to Yae when he is bleeding on the ground dying. Hyuga had feelings for Yae. Here’s the link to that scene… Though…unless you plan to watch the whole movie, don’t finish the scene or just start from the beginning)

But then, FUU jumped across his wounded body, saving his life. She couldn’t bear to see him die. Mugen’s face is one of shock and it is there that he realizes a little that Fuu…cared about him more than anyone in his life. When Sara said that “it’s as if he’s never been loved by anyone,” she was proved wrong by Fuu because Fuu is the one who loved him, risking her very life to save him. That’s why Sara didn’t kill him there. Sara also realized that when Fuu talked bad about Mugen in the hot spring “Don’t waste time with a guy like that!”, it was all a lie… Fuu just didn’t want Mugen and Sara to get together.

Sara couldn’t sense emotion at all.

Fuu again takes care of Mugen, bandaging him and such. She even has a line to him “With you gone… I don’t know what I’ll do.” He avoids that topic. But they’re feelings for each other are as blatant as ever. When he goes off to fight Sara for a second time, she even wakes up in the middle of sleep saying “Mugen?” sensing that he’s gone again.

Jin could’ve very well be dead throughout this episode and Fuu didn’t even shed a tear…Poor Jin lol. At least Shino cried for him right? I ship them ^^

Ep 22: Umm…Mugen fought off zombies. Jin didn’t XD Mugen saves the day(?)

Ep 23: Okay, this episode is frickin’ goofy as all hell. the baseball one lmao. However there is proof. While Jin dies on the field (lmao) along with everyone else, and everyone left is still getting killed, Mugen, the ninja and Fuu are the last three standing.

When Fuu is next up to bat…Mugen…MUGEN STOPS HER! HE SAYS OMG CRY CRY CRY HE SAYS:

“I want you to stay out of this.”

Can we just all bask in that?

Fuu nods and scoots away. Who knew such a goofy ep showed how he cared about her, wanted to protect her from getting killed by flying baseballs XD Once again, Mugen was the hero of this ep. Just saying.

Ep 24: Really big proof again. Fuu chooses Mugen to talk first about his past at the campfire…which he doesn’t really.

Fuu and Jin instead share heart to hearts. When Fuu is talking…there is a SPECIFIC part where Mugen is staring at her. But then he looks at the campfire as if with regret. After he said horrible things to her in the past about who the sunflower samurai was; he said he was gay, said he waas probably a guy who raped her and dumped etc, it turns out it was her father. Maybe Mugen was regretful for that.

When Mugen lay “asleep” (this is how it connects to ep 11 with Jin and Fuu talking about Shino and Mugen jealously listening in secret) Fuu and Jin talk alone again.

“Fuu.” This is the first time Jin used Fuu’s name. Ahem…there was no honorific either, showing closeness more than rudeness: which are both circumstances to use no honorifics.


“Once you find the samurai who smells of sunflowers. What do you intend to do after that?”

Fuu’s facial expression changes from a smile to a sad look… She looks down, then up. “That’s a really good question. I ought to give that some thought.

Jin says "If I should-”

But she interrupts him. “You know, I don’t really want to think about stuff like that. If you did, that jerk Mugen would-” but she interrupts herself, crying and saying “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” she hugs Jin, who puts a reassuring palm on her shoulder.

Mugen is meanwhile shown briefly; not asleep at all, watching this with a sad/angered look on his face. Jealousy. Connects to ep 11.

This conversation between Jin and Fuu has made TONS of speculation. I personally think Jin was going to say “If I should survive. If I should kill Mugen, would you like me to still keep traveling with you?” after all, Jin and Mugen were planning to duel and Jin wouldn’t just let himself die. Plus, he felt bad for Fuu; seeing as how she’d be alone. I don’t at all believe Jin harbored romantic feelings for her, more like a brother of father figure. Her father was after all a ronin too.

I think the reason she cried was because if Jin beat him, Mugen would die. She didn’t want Mugen to die, and she always had stronger feelings for Mugen over Jin. They’re not equal to her (also shown in ep 26). This is why she apologized to him, crying. She feels so terrible for choosing Mugen over Jin. 

Don’t misunderstand; they’re equal in swords but I personally believe they play separate, but equal roles in her life. Jin is the brother/father figure who can comfort her. Mugen is the boyfriend/crush who cares romantically even if they argue. Those are supposed to be the most important males in your life, after all.

Mugen was just as confused about this scene as us viewers lol; showing jealousy when he’s awake and anger that she “likes” Jin. Little did he know.

When Fuu hands the coin purse over, she hands it to MUGEN. MUGEN THE IRRESPONSIBLE MONEY WASTER. When he gets it, he shoves it over to Jin…I think again, showing distaste, believing she liked Jin more. So why should he take her purse?

At the end, the man who wants to kill Mugen, Umanousuke follows Fuu. He says:

“Don’t be in such a rush, little girl… I know what it’s like. Life can be such a bitch, can’t it? You travel such a long way, and it all blows up in your face right before you reach your destination.That’s right. I want him to get a good taste of that feeling. I want him to understand how we feel.” Umanousuke is referring to Mugen, saying he wants to hurt Fuu to enrage Mugen because at this point, he’s developed some serious feelings for her.

“W-what are you talking about?”

“I’m saying that…this place will be your grave.”

He wants to have Fuu suffer so it’ll affect Mugen emotionally. She’s like live bait. foreshadowing in ep 2 where the man used Fuu as a bargaining chip to get Mugen. Funny…

Ep 25: 8ih3rfqu3ohgvoehvueqh BIGGEST PROOF EVER.

When Mugen finds out she was taken hostage, he gets realllly pissed. Jin says 


“NO! You go!” Mugen wants to, he really does (and HE DOES) but he says “you go” because he still harbors this inferiority thing where he believed he was always second to Jin. Fuu loves Jin in his eyes.

But then, Jin has a flashback of that scene where Fuu cried into his chest about Mugen. This is where Jin accepts that Fuu always chose Mugen over him, Mugen always saved her throughout the series, and ultimately, it’s Mugen she wants to save her again. Fuu believed that Mugen would always leave her, and never bother to save her if there were no more strings attached.

“Take care of Fuu.”  This is the English subtitle and also the english dub. HOWEVER, I’m not a complete expert in Japanese but Jin said “Fuu wo tanomu.” I’m pretty DAMN sure that means “Fuu is depending on you.” Not “take care of Fuu”.

That is just. Damn. Fuu always depended on Mugen to save her.

There’s a silence. Mugen grits his teeth. That’s all Jin needs to say and Mugen is off running to save the girl, as always.

MUGEN NEVER TAKES ORDERS! When someone tells him what to do, he does the opposite. The only person he listened to was Fuu (reluctantly). And now he’s listening to Jin when it concerns Fuu? Holy fuck! Plus, Mugen must always defeat and opponent stronger than him. He MUST kill Kariya Kagetoki. But he abandons that, let’s Jin take samurai out (even if that means Jin took down someone he couldn’t!) all because he’s going to save Fuu.

Jin smiles as he leaves. (He totally ships them just as much as I do.)

Mugen swims the entire distance, his hand bleeding out, exhausted. But he doesn’t stop. He has to save her. When he sees her there, Mugen is pissed how she’d been beaten.

“Give me back the girl.” can be a rough translation to what he said.


This is where he says he loves her. He gave up his sword. Unlike Jin, his sword doesn’t represent honor or title. He isn’t samurai, all he is, is a wandering drifter. No home, no money, no nothing. His sword is his life, the only thing that kept him alive. He gave it up for Fuu alone. This is similar to how Jin gave up his samurai swords to the brothel for Shino. JIN NEVER GAVE UP HIS SWORDS. HE LOVED THEM AND CUDDLED THEM AT NIGHT. Notice how he never gave his up for Fuu, only for Shino.

“Go. You still haven’t found your sunflower dude.”

“But Mugen… I can’t leave you.”

“Don’t give me that crap. I’m gonna be pissed off if we came all this way for nothin’. Get lost.” He cares that she’ll find her father. He wants her to survive. And he might die. But he doesn’t want her to see that.

“I can’t. What if they…”

“I ain’t gonna die. Have some faith in me, will ya?”

“Oh Mugen…” He always came back to her every time he left. Always saved her. Always.

“Beat it.”

“Get lost.”


With that she finally departs. When she runs, she’s again crying for him because she believes he’ll die. That marks the fourth/fifth time she cried for him in the series. 1 was when  she saw the ship explode in 14. 2 When she found him washed up on the beach in 14. 3 Possibly when Jin found her crying when Sara wanted to bring one of them along. 4 When she saved him from Sara.

“You almost make me cry! Are you really gonna throw your life away for some girl?!” Umanousuke laughs. It shows Mugen’s stone cold face as a reaction to that statement. For the first time, he has no cocky retort. He gets tortured for her etc etc. etc. She continues to cry up the path on the cliff.

Final ep 26: HUGE OMG

When Jin gets stabbed she calmly says “Jin…”

When the bomb goes off in back of her she screams “MUGEN!” much more emotionally.

Back to the Samurai Champloo actor interviews, Ayako Kawasumi dictated this very scene because she chose Mugen over Jin in ep 1: according to Shinichiro Watanabe. She held back on the scream at first but the director told her to scream louder and to not hold back, forget about Jin (I swear, it’s all in that interview). This really bothered Ginpei Sato lol (Jin).

When Mugen is fading from life for the second time, foreshadowed in ep 14…this time he finally gives up on life. He’s ready as he says “I can’t move anymore. I think this might really be my time to go…” But he hears her voice, and he realizes that he has a reason to live still. "Mugen!” “Mugen!” “MUGEN!”

“Mugen your alive.”

“Oh, it’s you? I thought you were death for a second.” She has her hand on his chest.

“It seems like all I ever do is cry… And here I was trying to make it on my own…” This is the last time she cries for him. Sixth/Seventh. It also sounds like she’s saying she need him to protect her…and Mugen needs her to come back from death.

“Dumb broad.” His nickname he always said to her. But for the first time, he says it calmly, no spite or anything. *sniff* I’m tearing up.

Mugen never used Fuu’s name. She always said his name even more than she said Jin. The irony.

“Did you meet the sunflower samurai?” he asks, she nods, still crying.

Jin never has any moment like this with Fuu, just like he never had a slow motion moment when he first met her. Jin is meanwhile, over there…chilling.

Then, Mugen gets up and Jin and him will have their final duel. She closes her eyes. If you look at the silhouette on the water; Fuu’s shadow is behind Mugen’s. Almost like…she wanted him to win even though it’s messed up and cruel…because it’s so hard to pick between her two friends. It just seemed so symbolic to me… (foreshadowing back to ep 24 where she apologizes to Jin about Mugen).

They heal, they part ways. If you look at the ending credits, they mostly show Mugen though lol. I counted the times they showed all the characters. Mugen is also shown last before they show a bird (Fuu’s name means wind but that could be me being annoying lol) and then…Sunflowers. The End.


I hope all those links work and didn’t glitch and go to the wrong time, sorry o.o

Okay. Now then. Based on all of these scenes, It’s pretty obvious that it was not one sided on Fuu’s part. Mugen genuinely cared for Fuu (imo, on a much deeper level than Jin.)

Does he have romantic feelings for her?Yes.

Is he physically attracted? Yes, but that’s where it got complicated. He is completely suppressing the physical nature of their relationship; barely touching her, pulling away when she gets close, and denying any form of attraction towards her. Deep down though, it’s everything culminated. Mugen being nineteen/twenty is NOT weird for liking a fifteen turning sixteen year old girl. This is Edo era Japan people, women were considered as young as thirteen and the brain doesn’t fully mature until the age of 24 for every woman anyway. Also, Fuu’s mental age is much higher considering her responsibility, being an orphan and the trauma she experienced and endured through. Hebephilia is not a mental illness (the physical attraction towards pubescent girls). In fact, tons of men are hebephiles and don’t even know.  I used to get hit on by tons of guys at the age of thirteen because I looked twenty and they yelled at me when I told them my age and to back off like wtf, how is that my fault? Pedophilia is a mental illness (attracted to prepubescent children) Physically women develop faster. Not to mention in Japan, the age of fifteen is glorified as beautiful btw, notice how famous Japanese bikini models start their modeling at fifteen. (it’s weird for us Americans, but not to them). Well that’s off topic…but that’s why she’s shown in hot springs…and stuff…

And Mugen is young still! 19/20. Think about that. 4/5 year age difference… That’s not a lot. As time goes on between them, that age gap is gonna diminish too. I do believe Mugen held back on pursuing her, again because of he viewed her as too innocent for him and he would taint her… He also repeatedly denied these feelings because her very existence in his life directly attacked his identity (emotional dissonance)

Mugen saved her plenty of times.

Jin saved her once in ep 26. And honestly, she didn’t scream when he got stabbed.

Fuu saved Mugen from death.

Fuu cried over Mugen six/seven times.

Fuu cried over Jin one/two times. And the one time it was goofy anyway XD And the other time could have been about Mugen when Sara wanted to bring one of them along.

I believe Mugen as an individual suffers from emotional dissonance, since he is a person with an identity that is cruel, unloving etc. But Fuu takes that and throws it out of a window, makes him care when he’s not supposed to, and ultimately changes him as a person who could give two shits into a better human being. He’s kind of suffering from a weird case of identity crisis when it comes to his feelings for Fuu which turned into something very emotional and delicate when mentioned. She is the one stagnant in his life, the only women he met that is sweet, innocent, and cares for him deeply but isn’t afraid to argue with him to the death.

Mugen once said he liked “hot blooded women”. Fuu hits him, screams at him etc etc.

Fuu became infuriated and jealous with him flirting with women throughout the show, and it finally boiled over with Sara. Mugen meanwhile, was extremely possessive and jealous when it came to the artist and finally: Jin. Notice how Jin didn’t get jealous over Fuu or Mugen’s interactions with anyone…

Another thing, Mugen was the one who flipped the coin and it ended up as heads. He saved himself from following her…and yet, she tricked Mugen much more than Jin who just came along for the ride. Even so, he wasn’t angered by this as he truly cared for Fuu in the end and Jin as well.

But for Fuu…it was so strange and foreign; a feeling that he never acted upon besides risking his life for her. It wasn’t sexual (yet) as much as it was intimate between them. When two people suppress their feelings, it turns into an extremely subtle romance. And that was what made the anime so perfect. If you aren’t into romance, you can watch it for the action, the story. But if you’re like me, you look at the character’s interactions too.

I ship it. I believe Mugen and Fuu’s feelings were undoubtedly mutual, and I hope that added some insight.

By the way…Mugen and Fuu still have some…unfinished business. Whatever happened to the 100 dumplings?

Save Me, Save Me

Character: Jungkook (BTS)
Word count: 973
Summary: Jungkook looks at his reflection in the mirror, wondering if he was really going to do this. Your humming reaches his ears and he thinks, “Yes, I’m a man now. This is something I have to do”  | #fluff #babysitter!au

Originally posted by jeonsshi

The silence was disrupted by a startled scream.

You dropped the half-peeled potato into the bucket, the peeler following after with a loud splash, before rushing upstairs. “Jungkook? What happened?” you called out, running to his bedroom first, to find only his littered toys and colouring books. “Jungkook?” There was a whimper that came from the bathroom, one that you chased.

It was there that you found Jungkook.

And it was so hard not to laugh.

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The Parent Trap (Biadore) [Chapter 4] - Henny

A/N: I’M BACK! Sorry for the super late update guys! I just ended my theatre workshop and the last few weeks were filled of coffee, redbull, rehearsals, and stress. I couldn’t find time to post a new chapter. Sorry for the mistakes and the rushed writing of this chapter, I was in a hurry to post this to keep the story going. I really want to write the Biadore part of this story. HAHAHAHHAH.

In this chapter, we might get a clue on why Roy and Danny broke up! Can you guess how they did?

So anyway, without further ado, CHAPTER FOUR everyone!

Dedicated to Set-fire-to-the-stars! Thanks for making me smile. :)


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Through the nights(Sombra/D.Va)

It was just another night for D.Va, just another night of being ceaselessly harassed by ghosts, just another night of haunting the Watchpoint’s corridors. It was 4 AM, that time when you are too tired to try and put on a mask, that time when the sun seems to have been a lie. Hana sat in the mess hall, eating a bowl of cereal, her eyes lost on the gigantic window. Gibraltar was a wonderful place during the day, but it could be utterly terrifying at night, especially when she was struggling so hard to keep it together.

Waves crushing against rock, slowly destroying it, bit by bit, day after day, month after month. It was so peaceful at day, it was so scary at night. She wasn’t a child anymore, she had lost her innocence, she had taken lives. Hana Song once wondered if she’d be a ‘good’ hero ‘ or an ‘evil’ hero. In the end, she realised that she wasn’t necessarily good or evil, she was alive, it was enough. It should have been enough.

She didn’t quite know why, but just waking up, exhausted from a sleep that didn’t help much with her constant feeling of being tired, eating without tasting, laughing without meaning it, smiling without wanting to, didn’t really felt like enough. It didn’t even feel like living.

Almost every night, when she wasn’t out risking her life for the good fight, she’d look out this huge window, wishing that her enemies’ bullets would’ve found their mark. During the day, she’d look at her friends, whom where smiling, joking as much as she was, and during the night, she’d sometimes hear the sound of muffled crying, of fists hitting the wall. Maybe this was the price of being a hero, of saving people. You save people, because you can’t be saved yourself.

During those quit moments of deep reflexion, she sometimes was joined by Zenyatta, he seemed to feel when people most needed him. He’d sit, not far from her, looking straight at the window, and she’d talk. Sometimes, it was just song lyrics that struck her. Sometimes, it was bribes of her past. He listened. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to. Hana never quite really opened up to anyone in Overwatch, until this night.

It was this night, where she had ran out of booze to drink herself into a stupor, sitting in this exact same spot, with bags under her eyes. It was this night where Sombra found her. It felt like the hacker had always known about the Korean girl’s night reflexions, and it pretty much was the case. Sombra had been watching her, intensely, during fights, during days off. She decided that this was a night too much. She sat down, right across D.Va, holding two mugs of strong coffee.

Hana looked up to Sombra, she was surprised, she had never been joined by anyone else but Zenyatta during those nights. She didn’t expect Sombra, of all people, to join her.

“Are you going to take this coffee, or to daydream-well, more like nightdream, until we both die of old age?” Said the older woman. Hana thanked her, taking the coffee, bringing the mug to her lips, her eyes never leaving the hacker’s. She had so many questions, but all she did was drink the coffee.

“You’re more talkative during the day,”

“Do you mind?”D.Va’s words usually had more punch, but Hana was tired, so tired she couldn’t sleep.

“Would I be here if I did?” Sombra took a long sip of coffee. She didn’t feel like blinking, she liked getting lost in the Korean’s eyes, but they were usually livelier. They felt as dark as the night surrounding them.

“Why are you here?” Finally asked Hana, after a long moment of contemplative silence. It wasn’t awkward, it just felt right. It felt like the kind of silence who said everything.

Sombra leaned back in her seat, never once breaking eye contact, and smiled smugly.

“To help,”

“To help /who/?”

“It’s up to you.” She grinned, it was kind of her signature grin, the one who’d make you cry out in frustration, or melt into a puddle of adoration.

Hana groaned and sighed, but instead of staring at the cold, brutal waves of the water smashing against the rock, she stared at Sombra’s eyes.

This soon became a ritual. Every night, for a month, they’d come during the night, whomever was arriving in last position made the coffee. D.Va preferred Sombra’s coffee. Sombra secretly preferred D.Va’s coffee, but she would rather die a painful death than admit it.

They’d talk. Sometimes, it was just small talk and witty banters. It took a few nights for Sombra to bring back Hana’s cunning spirit back, during those late night dates. The hacker was afraid of where she was heading, but caution be damned, the ride was pleasant, and she knew it was only the beginning. Sombra would trade sleep to spend more time with the streamer.

From time to time, one of them would bring a book, a poem, a picture, something they liked, and they’d talk about it. More often than not, the other would go back to their room with it, and would spend time figuring out why this meant something to the other. It was exchanging crumbs and crumbs of themselves, little by little, they started to open up.

They talked about their pasts. During those conversations, when one of them had to look away, either lost in old memories, or to hide the tears making their eyes shine, the other would take their hand, it felt comforting.

The others didn’t really know that the equally snarky professional gamer and hacker shared a close bond, a bridge made of coffee, quiet giggles, memories, over waves crushing against rock, under the moonlight. This was an unspoken secret, one that needn’t be shared.

One night, D.Va told Sombra she had to go on a two day routine mission. The hacker of course already knew this, she wasn’t expecting things to go the way they did.

On the first night, she went and sat, she didn’t stay as long as she usually did, but this time, she sat at Hana’s usual seat, and gazed where the young Korean woman once gazed.

On the second night, she sat at her usual seat, mentally listing what she wanted to tell Hana, which movies she wanted the Korean to watch, which question she wanted to ask, which joke she wanted to make. She missed Hana, there was no point in denying it. But she wasn’t about to admit it.

She didn’t think there’d be a third night without Hana Song. She didn’t think she’d wait until the mess hall was filling up with agents. She didn’t think she’d spend so much time trying to figure out where the hell was Hana. She didn’t think she’d learn that the mission had gone wrong, and that the Korean was held in the med bay, in critical condition.

She didn’t think there’d be a fourth night. Nor a fifth, nor a sixth.

On the seventh night of this insufferable wait, Zenyatta came, as she was sitting on the table, right in front of the big window.

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t have to.

But she did. In her native language, she told him. She told him that she missed her. That she thought that her coffee was the best around. That since her ‘date nights’ with D.Va started, her nights became brighter than her days.

On the eighth night, she learned that a certain Korean left the medical wing. She waited, with one cup of coffee, sitting pretty where D.Va should’ve been. She was afraid that Hana left this world. She was afraid that this was her last night of sitting in the mess hall, she didn’t want it to end. She didn’t want it to end like this.

She didn’t want to have regrets. She hated regrets. Sombra often told herself that it was better to regret doing something than regretting not doing it. She didn’t want to stand at Hana Song’s funeral, she didn’t want to have to say a few empty words, when she knew so much. When she knew Hana’s favourite books, and what she did on her worst nights. When she knew that Hana preferred the way Sombra made her coffee than the way she did. When she knew all about Hana’s past, to her childhood, to her first battle. When she knew that she put some light in the Korean’s eyes. Information was power, but she had never felt so powerless.

The sound of the mess hall’s door opening snapped her out of it. She got up abruptly. Standing in the doorway, covered in bandages, stood D.Va. The Korean slowly got closer, walking slowly to the hacker, their eyes never leaving the other’s, not even when the Mexican hacker broke into a sprint, her arms embracing the younger woman, this felt nice, this felt right.

Her arms around Hana’s waist, her arms around Sombra’s neck, their noses almost touching. She could feel her breath against her lips. D.Va smiled, a subtle, knowing smile. She had the information. She had the power. She kissed her, she poured all of her soul into it. Sombra kissed her back, with equal passion, letting her tongue gently tease the Korean’s lips, before entering her mouth, their tongues danced, this wasn’t just a kiss, this was a confession. This kiss said what was left unsaid during the date nights, this kiss of equally shared passion, love, and devotion, was like coffee under the gaze of a knowing moon, above breaking waves, above pain and despair.

The kiss ended when they had to get some air, but none of them dared to pull away, they stayed like this, panting slightly, lost in each other, finding what they thought was bound to be forsaken. Sombra brought her nose close to Hana’s.

“Don’t you even-”

“Boop.” Sombra giggled, Hana couldn’t help but join in. She took the older woman’s hand into her own, intertwined their fingers, and went to make her a coffee. Sombra embraced the smaller woman from behind, gently kissing her.

“Does that make us girlfriends?” Asked Hana, handing the hacker her mug of coffee.

“If you’re okay with it, I’d be glad to be your girlfriend, hermosa.”

They sat where D.Va’s seat used to be, Hana was more than glad to sit on her girlfriend’s lap, sipping on her own coffee.

“This feels amazing.” Hana turned around, so that she had each leg on either side of her girlfriend, still holding her cup of coffee.

And again, they were lost in each other, kissing, gazing into the other’s eyes, as if they couldn’t get enough of it.

Three words were dying to be said, but they had time.

Beauty and Beast Gladnis AU - The Dance

Here go more headcanons for the Ignis and the Beast AU, this time regarding that famous dance scene, scribbled more like a fiction of sorts (adding a Read More).
Just as a note, I’m agreeing over here with @vinsmoke03 (tagging you so readers know, you don’t have to read this through if you don’t want, buddy) on Prompto’s and Noctis’ roles in this AU. :)

  • It is Ignis who asked Gladio for that dance, not the other way around. 
  • Ignis, despite being a town boy, behaves as if he belonged to royalty; he’s cousin to the town’s mayor (?), works second hand to him, and hence he moves into the “high society” world (among commoners).
  • Hence, Ignis knows how to dance. It’s etiquette. Besides, he always liked the shadowy “abandoned” castle in the distance and often fantasized as a kid about how life would be there if it was occupied (poor child had no idea about the magic in there, like the rest of town), so it was usual to find him learning to waltz on his own, holding a teddy  bear as dance companion.
  • Even though it started as a child fantasy, his constant training lead him to really develop formal dancing skills.
  • During his stay in the castle, and after a couple months in there (already used/befriended to Gladio, just not as intimately), he finds himself missing the dancing; there were not many chances in town (besides the informal parties), and he had been so busy being scared and sassy against Gladio that he hadn’t even thought about his private dancing.
  • He was cleaning/exploring a room with his furniture friends when the desire of dancing came back. In the room he came across an abandoned harpsichord; destroyed and dirty, Ignis smiled nonetheless and sat down, toying quietly with a few keys. Prompto, the candelabra that’s insisted all the time to follow him around, asks him happily if he knows how to play.

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Cullen stretched his neck as he pushed his chair back and away from his desk. He stood and looked down at the work he had just finished, satisfied with the height of the pile. Some of the documents didn’t have to be signed for months, but he figured it was better to always be one step ahead, so he’d never be behind. Unfortunately for Cullen, more work always flooded in. More than he could handle.

But for the night, this was fine. Anymore and the words would all start to run together as sleep took over. It’d happened to him many times before, causing him to forget about most of the things he’d promised by signing the document.

Cullen felt good about the work he had completed, and began heading for the ladder, unbuckling his armor as he went. When he reached the top, most of his armor loose enough to pull over his head, he tossed it all in the direction of his armor rack. He was too tired to hang it properly, and what’s the point anyway if he was just going to remove the armor from the rack the next morning?

As he made his way toward the bed, he heard quiet mumbling and light rustling of the sheets. Cullen smiled, walking around to Dorian’s side of the bed and kneeling down, resting his hand gently on the mage’s cheek. Dorian’s sleepy murmuring continued as he shifted in response to Cullen’s touch.

“Sh…I’m here now,” Cullen whispered, “I’m done for tonight. I got a lot done, so I shouldn’t be as busy tomorrow.”

Dorian’s shifting and mumbling ceased at the sound of Cullen’s voice. Even in his sleep, Dorian always listened.

Cullen shuffled on his knees to the end of the bed and climbed in. He pulled the covers up around them both, tucking the comforter under Dorian’s chin to ensure he stayed warm throughout the night.

“There were many letters from farmers, tailors, armorers; all wanting to donate supplies to the cause.”

Though he knew Dorian couldn’t hear him, or at least wasn’t aware that he was speaking, Cullen still spoke to him this way every night. It helped settle Dorian’s restlessness and Cullen’s memory, allowing him to run through the days events and make a mental note of anything he’d forgotten to do.

On nights when Cullen had less work and he and Dorian got to bed at the same time, the talking helped settle them both down. And with Dorian’s insomnia causing him to toss and turn just to fall asleep, it always helped to have Cullen there, speaking to him softly and holding him close.

Cullen kept talking until his eyes couldn’t stay open any longer and Dorian’s breath had slowed to a steady rhythm.

“Good night, Dorian.” Cullen whispered softly at his lover’s ear, “I love you.”

Though he hadn’t found the courage to tell Dorian face to face yet, Cullen always said it once Dorian had fallen asleep. He didn’t know if the mage could hear him or not, but if he could, he hadn’t mentioned it yet.

The next morning, Cullen woke earlier than normal, only a small sliver of light coming through the window. He grumbled to himself, mentally scolding his body for waking him up. He heard subtle chuckling at his side in response to his grumble, and turned to see Dorian propped up against the headboard with a book in hand.

“I take it you’re not excited to get up,” Dorian said softly, running his hands through Cullen’s unruly morning mane.

“I’m surprised you are.” Cullen sat up and leaned his head on Dorian’s shoulder, skimming the pages of his book to get an idea of the premise.

“I think it’s the change in season. As it gets warmer I find myself more willing to get out of my mound of blankets.” Dorian took one hand off his book to wrap around Cullen’s waist, pulling him closer.

Cullen huffed out a laugh, “Your mound, huh?” A smirk snuck onto his lips.

Dorian rolled his eyes, “‘Our’ mound of blankets.”

“Mm, that’s better,” Cullen coaxed Dorian to look at him, giving the man’s lips an impossibly light kiss.

Cullen paused before pulling away, instead taking the moment to look deeply into Dorian’s eyes. The mage smiled, so genuinely and gently. Cullen smiled back, debating whether or not he should say what he desperately wanted to. He said it every night, those three simple words; why was it so hard for him now?

Dorian lifted his brows in questioning. Cullen simply shook his head and kissed his lover again, more firmly this time.

After a short conversation about Dorian’s book, Cullen began dressing in his armor, only to find Dorian’s disapproving eyes gazing at him from across the room.

“What?” Cullen laughed, “I do need to work today; I already wasted the one sick day Cassandra gave me.”

“Wasted?” Dorian rose from bed and approached Cullen slowly. “Is making love all day your idea of wasting time?”

Cullen pulled Dorian close to keep him from removing the armor between them, “To be fair, we were both wasted for most of it.”

Dorian chuckled, tracing Cullen’s lips with his finger tips. “Half, not most. Besides, it helped me get you into a few positions I know you would question if you’d been sober.”

“Well I’m glad they brought you pleasure, because all they brought me was back pain.”

Dorian laughed deeply, “Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy yourself. Do you need me to remind you of–”

“No! No, I remember.” Cullen began picking up the rest of his armor pieces, hurriedly putting them on.

“Are you certain?” Dorian teased, sliding his hands along Cullen’s shoulders. “Do you remember all the things you asked me to do?”

Cullen sighed, cheeks turning bright red. Dorian smiled and kissed the back of his neck, “Ok, I’ll leave you be, so long as you promise you won’t be up late tonight.”

Cullen turned and smiled brightly. “I won’t. I finished a lot of my work for the next few weeks.”

Dorian looked impressed. “Very nice; you were thinking about me weren’t you?”

Cullen laughed, “Always.”

Cullen kept his promise later that night, wrapping up his work in favor of turning in early to spend time with his lover. Dorian heard Cullen getting up from his desk and quickly put his book away on the bedside table to make it appear as if he’d been sleeping the whole time. He laid his head on the pillow and pulled the covers tighter around himself.

He listened closely as Cullen climbed up the ladder, the creaking growing louder as he drew closer. When Cullen got to the loft level, he removed his armor as usual and promptly climbed into bed afterward.

Dorian tired to resist smiling as Cullen lightly touched his cheek, kissing his forehead softly.

“You’re asleep already? I thought you’d still be up reading. I’m sorry, darling, I really was trying to get done before you fell asleep. We haven’t gotten as much time together recently.”

Dorian relaxed as Cullen spoke to him. Dorian had heard these little talks before, but he was usually sleeping through them. He listened closely as Cullen’s sleepy voice became more and more tired, weaker and weaker until he was yawning uncontrollably.

“Hopefully you’re awake tomorrow night so we can talk. If you want to talk. I know you usually prefer to spend our nights a different way.” Dorian nearly smirked.

“Anyway. I’ll see you in the morning, darling. I love you. I love you so much.”

Dorian tensed. He… what? Cullen…loved him? How could Dorian sleep now? He debated whether or not to 'wake up’ and ask Cullen if he meant it. He decided against It, and slowly, very very slowly, drifted off. Cullen’s words resonated in his dreams all night.

The next morning, Dorian was awake first again, the warm breeze having roused him. He waited nervously for Cullen to wake, not sure how to broach the subject of what he’d heard last night.

Just as Dorian was thinking he’d get up and leave a note, Cullen started to wake. He opened his eyes gently and looked up at Dorian, smiling limply.

Dorian smiled back, trying to hide is worry. But Cullen, of course, saw right through him.

“Is everything alright?” Cullen said, sitting up.

Dorian hesitated, “Y-yes. I’m fine.”

Cullen’s brow pushed together.

Dorian sighed and figured there was no point in putting it off. “Last night, when you were talking, I wasn’t quite asleep. I wasn’t asleep at all. I heard everything you said.”

Cullen smiled at first, “Oh, you did?”

Dorian coaxed, “And what you said at the end…?”

Cullen’s smile slowly dropped off. “Oh. Oh, the part…the part when I said…? Well, I just–I didn’t know…I didn’t know if it was too soon to say it, or if you wouldn’t want me to–”

“I feel the same.”

Cullen’s eyes went wide, mouth still open. “R-really? You do? That’s…that’s fantastic! I–wow…you really…?”

Dorian chuckled, “I do. I just…I was having similar fears. I didn’t know how to bring it up, and I didn’t know how you would respond.”

Dorian wrang his hands, “I’ve…I’ve never said it before. Not in this way, not when it meant…this. I said it to my mother a few times, maybe my father as well. But never…”

Cullen lifted Dorian’s chin, bringing him into a light kiss. “I know. That’s why I didn’t want to be the first one to say it. I wanted…I wanted us to be able to take our time.”

Cullen looked down at the sheets, a blush rising in his cheeks, “I’ll be honest, Dorian: I knew I loved you from the minute you showed interest in me. I always thought you were handsome–”

“As you should,” Dorian quipped.

Cullen smiled, “…But I felt something when you flirted with me. The first time, it was like dragon’s fire, my whole body heated up all at once. It was…amazing.”

Dorian smiled and leaned his head against Cullen’s, “I know. You have an awful habit of blushing at the littlest things.”

“I know,” Cullen laughed, “I think I’m getting better, though. Aren’t I?”

Dorian paused, “Um…yes, yes a little bit better.”

“It’s still bad isn’t it?”


Cullen sighed, “Damn this pale skin.”

Dorian chuckled and pulled Cullen closer, “I think it’s beautiful.”

Cullen grinned before laying back on the sheets, bringing Dorian into his arms. The mage laid his head on Cullen’s chest and pressed their bodies together.

Just as Dorian was starting to drift off again, he heard the faintest voice whisper, “I love you.”

Dorian smiled and looked up at his lover, “I know you do.”

The Yennefer/Triss friendship in the Witcher book saga

WARNING : This post is (very) long and full of spoilers for the entire book saga :)

Friendship is something that I have always found fascinating because it’s both powerful and in a way impossible to explain or define. Romantic relationships are about finding the one person you want to live with and build a future with. There are clear rules and expectations. Family is about those people you “have” to love and support, no matter what because well they are family and there is no way to question it. Friendship on the other hand…. True friendship knows no rules at all. You can have 1, 5, 10, 100, 500 friends and still have a special and unique bond with each and every one of them. Friends can spend weeks, months or even years apart and meet again and find out that nothing has changed at all between them. The only thing required is two people who genuinely and unconditionally care for one another, for no reason at all except the fact that they see something in each other that they like, and with absolutely no expectations beyond just being here for each other. That’s why friendship is both fragile and almost magical. That’s why writers so often overlook it and prefer to write about love or family instead. And because friendship has neither the absoluteness of love nor the certainty of family, when they do decide to write about it, they so often get it wrong. Now about the Witcher books. I wouldn’t say they are books about friendship and if I had to recommend a story about a great friendship I would probably choose a different one. Yet Sapkowski did manage to write some very interesting interactions. There are actually a few of them but I really wanted to make a post about the Yen/Triss relationship because the fandom is so busy with waifu wars that I feel like people have forgotten that these two characters don’t hate each other at all. Quite the opposite actually.

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black and white || suho

[1]  [2]

AU Prompt : everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate.

1977 words; soulmate!au; suho scenario; romance, slight angst

For all his life, Junmyeon has lived in a black and white world.

The idea of colour was almost like a myth. Some people believed in colour like they believed in love. Others scoffed at the idea, rolling their eyes at the lovestruck beings.

They say that the whole purpose of a black and white world was to find your soulmate. When you found your soulmate, your world would completely change, and become much happier, brighter, and colourful.

Does Junmyeon believe in such stories?

It’s questionable.

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To Lift Your Spirits High [Newt Scamander x Reader]

Author’s Note: This is such a fun movie. I’ve seen it twice and enjoyed myself both times. It makes me want to reread all the Harry Potter books, if only I had the time. T__T 

Word Count: 3,562

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moments | m

Originally posted by yuu-jin

◇ These moments were your favorite moments.

◇ Jeonghan x reader

◇ sugardaddy!au

◇ a gift for the 400+ people who’ve followed me! Thank you guys so much for supporting my trash writing lmao also the reason ive been inactive fod a few days was bc i was tryna get this done lol i wanted to get it out tonight which is why the ending is kinda rushed! Anyway, love you and enjoy reading!♡


“This one is too tight, daddy,” you pout, frowning at your reflection. The summer dress in question barely fit over your chest, the pretty floral print contorting around your limbs and bunching up around your lace bra.

Jeonghan tsks from his place on the expensive leather couch, standing with a sigh and leisurely strolling over to you. “Daddy told you it would be too small, princess,” he scolds, helping you pull the fabric over your head and hanging it back onto the metal hanger that hung beside you, “luckily, I got a bigger size for you, too.”

“Thank you daddy!” You chirp happily, allowing him to lift your hands up and slip the dress over your body. He smiles gently, taking in your appearance, the dress falling just after your knees and complimenting your skin tone.

“Such a pretty princess,” he coos, running his thumb over your cheek gently, smiling as he sees you nuzzle into his hand fondly. “I think we should get this dress, huh?”

“It’s so nice,” you grin, turning away from Jeonghan to twirl, taking in the sight of the bright dress flaring out. “This might just be my favorite, daddy!”

Jeonghan chuckles at your excitement, stopping you gently with his hands on your waist as he helped you remove the garment. After removing the soft dress from your skin, he sets it on it’s suede hanger again, putting it with the rest of the clothes you had tried on and chosen, leaving you in the light yellow lingerie Jeonghan had picked for you this morning.

“I like you better like this,” Daddy teases, pressing a kiss to your forehead as you giggle shyly, the sweet sound echoing throughout the large dressing room. His hands have started to trail along your bare waist, almost making you shiver from the gentle yet intimate touch. They travel to behind you, one hand pressing against your lace-clad bottom and the other against the small of your back. Instinctively, you’re wrapping your arms around his neck, forearms resting against his suit covered shoulders.

“But my baby looks beautiful in everything, of course,” he says, smiling softly as you look down bashfully. Through his own chuckles, he places a finger under your bowed chin, lifting you up gently to give him access to your soft lips. Pressing a lingering kiss to your lips, he taps a hand against your bottom playfully, pulling away to take your clothes in his hands.

“Time to go home, now,” he announces, handing you your shirt to put on and pulling your skirt up your legs. Jeonghan fastens your shoes onto your feet and sets your coat over your shoulders before he settles the numerous articles of clothing you were getting on his arm, wrapping the other possessively around your waist as he leads you out of the dressing room of the boutique and into the main area.

Jeonghan has a certain charm to him - anybody could see that. With his long hair, porcelain skin, gentle features and sweet voice, nobody would ever guess what he was capable of doing. He was manly and strong, but he showed the perfect amount of emotion and had enough love in him for the whole world - or, more specifically, you.

His beautiful baby girl, his pretty princess and kitten. The usually cold CEO had completely melted when he first saw you, and that was the last of his old personality. He seemed to laugh more, smile more, love more. You were glad you could give back to your daddy, because he already gave you lots - whether it was the presents and gifts he gifted you, or the love he showed you each day.

After paying for your clothes, Jeonghan leads you outside, the streets quiet despite it being midday. The small town was just about less than an hour from the big city you and Jeonghan lived in, but you frequented it often when Daddy had some time off work. He often spoiled you in the cute boutiques around the town, bringing you to get new clothes and lingerie and jewelery.

Your favorite times, however, were when he would play with you. He’d always make sure you were satisfied, sometimes bringing you to three or four climaxes before he finished himself, and he’d always take care of you afterwards, cuddling and kissing you softly and making sure you weren’t too sore until you fell asleep peacefully. Depending on the mood he was in, he’d use some toys - some you hated, some you loved - or other times, he’d bring out the blindfold or the silk ropes he used to tie you down. And then, there were times when he would punish you. They didn’t happen too often, because you tended to be a good girl - but when they did, it ended with a red ass, his handprint imprinted onto your skin and eyes watery.

You feel yourself shiver at the thought of it, making Jeonghan raise an eyebrow from where he was fastening your seatbelt for you. He places a kiss on your forehead, smiling as he sees you almost glow at the action, and quickly walks around the car to his side. “What was my princess thinking about?” He asks with a smile as he puts the car into gear and starts to drive along the decently populated roads.

You bite your lips. It was embarrassing to say out loud, but it you lied you’d get a punishment. “The way daddy plays with me,” you mumble quietly, glancing briefly at him to scope his reaction. The chuckle that escapes him has your cheeks burning, but he shakes his head, placing a hand on your thigh and squeezing softly.

“When we get back home,” he starts, stopping the car at a red light, “Daddy has a meeting to attend, alright? I should be back before 3, but if I’m not, I want you to call Minghao to take care of you, okay?”

You nod obediently, eyes widening in happiness at his next words, “and when daddy gets back, we can play, yeah?” You nod your head vigorously, earning a loving laugh and a peck on the nose that has your heart thumping.


There’s numerous things you could do when daddy was gone. His apartment - a penthouse apartment - offered a ceiling to floor view of Seoul, which was very calming and pretty to look at. You found yourself playing music as you coloured in your colouring book, often glancing up and out of the window to the lively city.

Sighing, a glance at the clock above the elevator that leads into Jeonghan’s living room tells you that it’s only 2 o'clock. You still have an hour to sit here, panties wet and nipples hard, wanting so badly to do something about your arousal but knowing you can’t. Touching without permission earns you at least 5 spanks, and as pleasurable as spanking was in the moment, you didn’t need to spend the next few days wincing everytime you sat down.

You decide to distract yourself with a shower. One of the two bathrooms was the one you always used, without fail. It was pristine white, with a large shower and a bath, the sink was embedded in marble and the toilet was shiny and clean - not that the other bathroom wasn’t either, but you just happened to prefer this one.

Not to mention, Jeonghan always stocked this bathroom with your favorite toiletries - not that it mattered, because secretly, you liked using his products. He always smelled so nice, and the scent was comforting, especially on nights when he had to stay at his company working late, which was often.

You lather your hair up in sweet smelling shampoos and conditioners, combing through tangles as gently as you could, and then you make sure to shave your legs and underarms. Usually, daddy would help you shave your pussy, so you’d just have to wait until later to shave there.

A half hour later, you’re dried and dressed up in a pretty floral lingerie set and your favorite pyjamas over them. You patted your hair gently until it wasn’t sopping wet and decided to let it air dry. After applying face moisturiser, you realise that there’s only 15 minutes until Jeonghan is due to be coming back - and you hope with all your heart that you won’t have to call Minghao to take care of you, because despite how much you liked him, you wanted your daddy to come back as soon as possible.

You wait with bated breath as the clock ticks from 2:59 to 3:00, Sailor Moon playing in the background on the flat screen TV. A pout forms on your face, even though you’re sure he wouldn’t be on the dot anyway, and you start to get up from your place on the soft love seat and towards the phone. You hoped Minghao would at least be quick.

A small ding makes your head snap towards the elevator. Only a few people had the penthouse key that would let them access the apartment - and obviously, Jeonghan was one of them. A squeak of happiness escapes you as the metal doors open, revealing your daddy, suit crisp and hair perfect despite sitting in a boring meeting for the past 3 hours.

“Daddy!” You squeal, abandoning the phone and Sailor Moon and scampering over to him, carefully stepping up the steps that led to the elevator so that you could hug him tightly. The smile that blooms on his face almost prevents him from getting out a, “Hello, princess.”

You trail behind him like a lost puppy as he enters the kitchen, talking about how Seungcheol and his little were going to visit tomorrow, and how his next business trip was luckily only a few days long, and so you would stay home with Minghao. He’s shed his suit jacket and is left in his button up, sipping at a glass of water leisurely, leaning against the marble counter tops and you’re sure he knows how impatient you are by the tiny mischievous smirk that emerges from the rim of the glass.

“Ah, my princess must be so excited,” he pouts, tilting his head and chuckling at the way you nod, reaching out to tug on the fabric wrapped around his pale wrist. He sighs, but you know he’s just as excited as you are. “Why don’t you go wait for me in the bedroom, sweetheart? Clothes off, face down, ass up, as usual.”

You bite your lip, heart thumping in your chest erratically as you make a sound of agreement, turning to obediently do as you’re told. You hear a quiet laugh escape him at how quick you are to do as he says, but he’s quickly out of earshot as you reach the bedroom and start to rid yourself of the articles of clothing, making sure to fold them neatly and put them on top of the desk the way daddy liked you to.

Then, you’re peeling your tight lingerie from your soft skin, the lace and the cool air of the room hardening your buds. You’re embarrassed to say that your panties are almost completely soaked through, despite taking a shower only an hour earlier. Cheeks aflame, you clamber onto the bed, getting into daddy’s favorite position, your head buried in the soft duvet and your ass up, showcasing yourself.

You must be there for 10 minutes, impatience clawing at your stomach, wetness trickling down the smooth skin of your legs and breasts pressed against the material. Frustration escapes you in the form of a strangled moan, toes curling as you fight the tempation to move from your position - or worse, touch yourself.

When you hear footsteps, you straighten tour posture, making sure to arch your back and push yourself towards Jeonghan, who you could tell was ridding himself of his belt. “So beautiful,” his voice coos, laced with sweet sugar and love. His pants aren’t off yet, you realize as he stands by the side of the bed, shirt opened but still hanging off of his lean yet muscular frame.

A whimper catches in your throat as his long fingers brush over your wet pussy, gathering your wetness on his fingers and spreading it over you. “Look at you,” he sighs, “needy and aching for me. How long have you been so wet?”

The hard tap to the sensitive skin of your ass makes you jump, realizing that he means for you to answer his question. “A-all day, daddy,” you mewl, pushing back onto the slender finger that has entered your heat. “Ever since we went to the boutique.”

Pulling his finger out of you, Jeonghan makes a sound of amazement. “I’m proud of you, baby. You kept it in for the whole day!” The compliment makes you glow, shivers being sent up your spine from the gentle hand that’s brushing over your bare skin.

“Hm,” Jeonghan muses, “I think you should get a reward for being so good for me, all day. What do you think, princess?” The eager nod he recieves makes him smirk, moving from his space behind you to the mahogany dresser beside the king sized bed. You lift your head from the duvet long enough to see him snatch something large from the dresser that has you shivering in anticipation. The vibrator.

You had a love-hate relationship with the Hitachi vibrator. You hated it because Jeonghan could control the speed (which often led to edging) - but you loved it for the exact same reason. Some of your strongest orgasms came from this vibrator.

“Fortunately for you,” Jeonghan says as he readies the vibrator and kneels onto the bed behind you, inhaling your fragrance and grinning when he hears you moan softly at the faint buzz of the active toy, “You’ve behaved well today. So well, in fact, that I think we’ll skip the teasing.”

Relief flushes through your system at his words, though it’s quickly replaced by pleasure and shock as he holds the toy to your dripping entrance, drawing a surprised keen from you. You can barely register the sudden onslaught of stimulation, your head spining as he draws it upwards to grind it against your sensitive bundle of nerves.

“O-oh, daddy,” you whimper, trying to push yourself towards the vibrator that was only faintly buzzing, the setting on low and barely scratching the itch that was your arousal. “Please - more. I-I need more…”

Jeonghan says nothing but he ignores you, dragging the vibrator from your clit and to your slit, sighing deeply as your cries and mewls fill the room. Soon, he’s kicking the power up another notch, watching your body writhe weakly on the Egyptian cotton sheets as he presses the Hitachi to your clit. The hand that isn’t stimulating you drags up and down your spine, occasionally moving to squeeze at your breast or deliver a slap to your ass - these spanks are much more pleasurable than the ones given for punishment. You find yourself arching into the sharp touch.

“I’ll give you a choice, sweetheart,” you hear Jeonghan begin, one hand on the small of your back and the other holding the vibrator, “You can cum with the vibrator, or you can cum on daddy’s cock. Which one would you rather?”

You whine, feeling a pout arise on your lips despite the tingling in your nerves. You loved cumming because of a vibrator, but if there was one thing you loved more, it was definitely daddy. No toy could compare to him.

“You have to answer, baby,” he pouts in mock sadness, and you feel him up the power just a bit, but it definitely had its desired effect; the disbelieving moan that escapes you makes a smile appear on your daddy’s face. “Or else I’ll just assume you’d rather have the vibrator.”

“Daddy,” you frown at the pleasure your impending orgasm was bringing you, now trying to move away in an attempt to stop you cumming. “Please, I want daddy-”

All too soon, the pleasure is fading away as he removes the Hitachi. You feel him bend down, his long hair brushing against your back as he places a soft kiss to your skin, hand once again brushing over your wetness to see the damage he had done. You’re left panting on the bed, face buried into the sheets as he removes himself from you, pulling his shirt off fully and then his black slacks.

The familiar crinkling of the condom wrapper has you shivering, almost grinding back onto nothing just to feel something, anything. You jolt from your pleasurable daze when you feel Jeonghan place a hand on your hip, squeezing gently as he rubs his rubber-covered tip along your weeping slit.

“Please…” You beg desperately, frowning deeply as Jeonghan chuckles at your needy movements. “Daddy - stop teasing-!”

A yelp resounds through the room as Jeonghan shoves himself into you roughly, cutting off your demanding words and replacing them with mellifluous sounds of pleasure as he started to rock his hips into you.

“Good girl,” Jeonghan pants, arching over your body to grasp your chin roughly and turn your head to press your lips against his. All of your moans fall into him, deepening and intensifying the tingling in the pit of your stomach. “You always take daddy so well.”

Your eyes flutter shut as his hips crash into your ass, nails digging into the skin of your hip and his other hand flat against your stomach. It’s only a matter of time before daddy snakes his hand down, roughly pinching and rubbing at your clit, making you squeal into the sheets, face contorting in pleasure and tears close to running down your face.

“Are you gonna cum, princess?” He grunts, and your mind paints a perfect picture of him; hair matted to his forehead, skin shiny with perspiration, eyebrows furrowed gruffly and teeth gritted, eyes carving holes into the skin of your shoulder as he continues to fuck you into oblivion.

You can only make a fucked-out sound of approval that has him laughing tiredly through the pleasure, the hand grasping your hip suddenly changing to an iron grasp around your stomach that wrenches you up so that you’re no longer face down in the sheets. Your back is pressed flush against his muscular chest, giving him more space to rub and grasp at you while simultaneously making it easier for him to fuck into you.

“Cum,” he says soothingly, as if his own orgasm isn’t fast approaching (but then again, you know that daddy tended to hide his emotions well). The word of dominance has your mouth opening in a perfect ‘o’, your toes curling and your back arching away from his chest as you gush over his cock. You’re already so over-stimulated from the vibrator that the orgasm that washes over you has you seeing stars.

You hear Jeonghan inhale sharply, his hips thrusting into you so hard one last time that you can’t help but collapse on the bed as he spills his seed inside of the rubber.

You’re still trembling when Jeonghan removes himself from inside you, disposing of the soiled condom and returning back to bed to scoop you in his arms, letting you rest your head against his chest when he kisses your forehead lovingly. He leads you to the bathroom - your preferred one, of course - and fills the large bathtub with warm water and your favorite bubble bath. He slips into the water with you, muttering sweet nothings into your damp skin as he washes you down and makes sure you’re alright.

Have you mentioned that these were your favorite moments?

It’s only 5 PM, but you’re ready to spend the rest of the day doing nothing except spending time with your daddy.

Nobunaga (SLBP)

So… this was first supposed to be a fluffy thing for 100 follower giveaway to @rainbowatnight but I kinda turned it… into something else. I didn’t want to post this at first but after some persuasions from her… I posted it. If this is too OOC I really apologise because I always had trouble writing the tsunderes, and Nobu type *bow bow*

So… you may read my failure of a fanfiction then. TAT

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Teasing is a Sign of Affection [EdmundxF!Reader] [One-Shot] [Request]

This is for @angrytoothpicksetmyhouseonfire. Here’s what she had in mind:

So, I was thinking maybe you could do something like: You go on a date with a Telmarine, and Edmund get’s all jealous and such which really confuses you because you’ve always been under the assumption Edmund had hated you, and so then you talk to him about it, or something?

I hope you like it! :3

[If you enjoy my writing, feel free to request something when requests are open! ^^]

Teasing is a Sign of Affection

Fic Summary: She’d always considered him family, although he’d never acted like it. Until now, she could not figure out why.

Word Count: 5,1k

Warnings: Slight Language

Partaking in a whole new war sure as hell hadn’t been how (y/n) had imagined her holidays to end. Sure, going back to Narnia had been amazing, but in all honesty, she was getting sick of wars. She was glad that this one was over now and even happier about the fact that her and her friends could stay in Narnia for some time; to escape the war in their own world just a little while longer. So here they were now, about two weeks after the Second Battle of Beruna, sitting out on a balcony; simply talking and trying to find some relaxation. 

“U-Uhm, excuse me?”

Well, so much for that. 

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