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recommend us some lovely creepy-cute music!!!

WELL I’M GLAD YOU ASKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

first off I found this playlist last night and holy shit. it’s perfect. also here’s an old favourite

I’m also finally starting a comp on spotify of all my faves so if 8tracks isnt your thing here’s a list of some of the stuff I have on it so far (some are from the above playlists and some aren’t)

that’s a condensed list bc I’m picky and also definitely forgetting stuff but YEAH!!!!!!!!!! also the entire Coraline soundtrack which spotify doesn’t have :’’’(


Mikkelsen himself also think that his character, ‘enigmatic Tristan’, has something to offer: “I have the hawk, and I’m the one who goes out alone. And I have that evil way of fighting. In the first fight you will found that I do not cut enemies to death immediately, I cut them their arteries, so they are screaming. And then I’m waiting for the next batch of enemies, and the first thing they see is their own maimed dying friends which of course is a good psychological ascendancy to get. ” (Unfortunately, the scene were cut down in the final version of 'King Arthur’.)

[from information.dk , 2004/07]

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Messaging anon because I'm shy, buut....I first found your art back in 1998, or 1999. I was a little kid, and I found you through Team Artail. Anyways... you were my fave there. You Inspire me so much!! I'm glad you're still around. Your art is so positive and sweet. I'm a gay guy, and when you came out it, I was thrilled for you. I'm a pro artist/animator in the industry, and I just wanted to extend a thanks for sticking around. Going through your art still makes me super happy.


I wish I could go into better detail and that there wasn’t a huge character limit, because it doesn’t feel like enough. Your work had an effect on shaping my art back then. I mimicked a lot of your stuff. I still love your art to this day :) I love that the content has remained so positive…I hope things are well for you. Sorry I did all this anon, I am just very shy.

Team Artail! Oh man, I had a lot of nice memories from that site!


Hope and Legacy - piano intro 

Wishing good luck to Yuzuru for his SP and FP!

It wasn’t love at first sight with Hope and Legacy. At first, I found it a repetitive piece, I thought it sounded familiar because it was banal and uncreative. 

The more I saw Yuzuru’s program and listened to the piece, though, I felt more and more. It couldn’t leave my mind. It returned. It found its way.

Now I am really in love with this music, and I will do my best to learn it all as much as Yuzuru will do his best at Worlds in a few days. 

So I just found out that the first person I ever came out as ace, actually hate asexual people and don’t think we belong in the LGBT community and that we are not oppressed. This person used to be one of my best friends back in 2015 and before that I used to have a crush on them. I know we didn’t talked for ages but I still feel betrayed and hurt.

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Hello! You don't know me, but I found you when researching P5. I loved P3 and P4 when I first played them, but replaying them + PQ really soured me on them. The sexism, homophobia and transphobia in them really made me resent the games. I wish asks weren't so limited so I could tell you what specifically bothered me. Would you mind talking about these issues in P5? How often it comes up, the severity of it, and such? It would mean a lot to me. Sorry and thank you. 👋🏻

Aaah… the sexist and homophobic jokes, yes… to be honest this is one of the most toxic things and for me is the worst flaw in the series (and I talk a lot about this with my mutuals, like seriously what happened with Atlus).

First of all, I love those games with all my heart, but I’m not blind of it’s flaws. 

The games are awesome, the social links are funny and enjoyable, the battle system is incredible, the protagonist interaction makes you want to play more and more and the story is beautiful and is really worth playing, BUT the amount of rude jokes that there is in them are awful and uncomfortable to the point it’s stops being simply a joke, they aren’t funny and respectful at all.

I do believe the main reason of those jokes were created as comic relief (“no homo” jokes everywhere) and bait (BL merchandise is a big thing in Japan) since the team was reformed from Persona 2 to Persona 3 and the writer’s and the main director of the team were completely scrapped and changed.

If you want to play a game in the series in which they are very open about it I really recommend playing Persona 2, where you can choose to romance a male character without any homophobic jokes present and it’s very natural to the plot (there’s also a remake for PSP if you don’t like much of the old visuals, it’s ok).

Like seriously, the protagonist of Persona 2 even has an option in a demon negotiation to say “sexual discrimination should be banned!”, it was a pretty savage game for representation at a time like the 90′s in Japan.

Persona 5 however… It is bad:

  • The way they show how the only gay people in there are practically stereotypes (being forceful and flirty) and okamas (basically japanes transvestites, but not very developed in the game, even if Lala-chan is a character with a very bright and a nice representation).
  • And with the above fact it’s very uncomfortable how the game shows that “two older men flirting with two young boys is so creepy”  (in two scenes with the presence of the “stereotypes”) when the game itself lets you date older women (I know they were creepy and it’s wrong, but if it was a woman would it be alright!? Is this what the game wants to portray? It’s ridiculous that they made it look so bad when there are random flirty older women in other scenes and nobody even cares).
  • There are options to say “you like this male character” or “you like men” and even flirt with some of your male companions but the game itself don’t let you romance the boys (yes, it’s worse than the fact that they scrapped the options to romance Yosuke in Persona 4, they let you flirt them, hang out with them like the girls, but that’s it).

And the worst of all, but not forgotten:

  • You can literally work in a gay bar/okama bar (even the freaking OST of the place is called it), but with the exception of your boss (that is a okama by the way) you don’t see anyone gay in there and you can only romance a reporter in there (that is older than you).

BUT to be quite honest the game at least don’t make heavy homophobic jokes like we had in Persona 4 and Persona 3:

  • Yes there are two scenes with stereotypes of gay men, but at least they try to focus more on the fact that they are being creepy older men and they don’t even adress them as gay (even if it is clearly and heavily implied they don’t go around saying “gay” as we had in Persona 4).
  • If you confess you like men or that you like a male character people don’t go around shaming you for it, even if they do try to shake it off as a joke in some scenes or act very surprised.

So basically, for me, Persona 5 is homophobic/sexist/transphobic, it’s like the team looked at every fan asking for when the protagonist would have the option to date boys again and said “You guys want representation? There, have this. Oh? What is it? This is not accurate representation? Whatever!”, but at least it wasn’t as bad as it could be, if you know what I’m saying (like putting a new Yosuke/Junpei)

I have a small bit of hope that in a future game they fix those issues and stop being completely blind of what the fans really want as representation, maybe even scrapping the team of writer’s again or bringing back the old direction would make some justice, but that’s it. 

I really hope I could try to adress those issues with all the respect and help you know the severity of it. I don’t think it’s something very major like in Persona 4/Persona 3, the scenes are very very rare and it doesn’t affect the plot at all (at least we don’t have a whole dungeon just for it like in Persona 4), so you can still enjoy the game if you want.

Ugh I’m so upset with Netflix. The first day I found out they’re taking The X-Files off on April 1st the next day I find out the next day Bob’s Burgers is getting taken off April 17th and now I find out Soul Eater isn’t even on there anymore and that’s my favorite anime. Like wtf.

I blame the government. They don’t want people watching the X-Files because they got too close to the truth.

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Can I just say your Langst comic got me tearing up a bit. And I don't even watch the show nor am I a big fan but I was so obsessed with it and freaked out when I saw the first part. I am glad I found the original owner and artist, you, of the comic since this was posted on Instagram. Keep you the good work and have a nice day! 😜

Thank you im really happy you liked it!! hope you have a good day too :)

it kinda sucks that people are reposting my art to other sites though, ive heard this from a few different people :/ ive been trying to sign my stuff but i forgot before posting the last comic :/

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I don't really do this sort of thing, but NotW is important. Hi, I'm Paul, and Patrick Rothfuss saved my life. Found the book in high school when I first started having suicidal thoughts. I saw the title and thought "Name of the Wind? Sounds like something I should know." Reading Kvothe's story, sharing his losses, victories, heartbreak, and defeats, was exactly what I needed. Since then I've read the books 100+ times and dream of meeting Pat so I can thank him for saving me.

Hey, Paul!!! And I keep saying this, art saves lives. It reaches people in a unique way and one of the reasons it’s so important. I’m glad it did, and I hope you get to meet Pat one day, I think he would be very happy it did as well. 

Introduce yourself 

So this is gonna sound suuuuuuuuper cheesy but look what i found

First I found it as a notecard in my old art binder (I was sorting through it) and then it just went away?? The notecard I mean. I vaguely remember seeing this before? I don’t know. I might have drawn it to be ~creepy~ a year back or so, but I dunno.

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Advice please! So I'm 18 and have been diagnosed with BPD but what I'm really struggling with is my fp. Cause he was my first boyfriend but I found out after like 3 months that I was really the side hoe he was cheating on his gf of 6 months with. I thought I got over him but like now that I've tried to move on with a new guy (it's been a few months) I find that for some reason my mind keeps trying to convince me he's coming back (when he won't)? That I'm doing something wrong by moving on? Help?

im sorry dude that sucks, I would just try to keep reminding yourself that he’s bad for you and you’ll be okay without him and just fight your thoughts as much as you can. it’ll be hard at first but eventually you can break someone from being your fp

You’ve probably heard of Akita Inus: 

And Shiba Inus:

Which  are really cool and cute Japanese dog breeds. Let me introduce you to these other cool and cute Japanese dogs, which I think deserve equal attention.

The Kishu Inu:

The Hokkaido Ken:

The Kai Ken:

The Shikoku Inu:

I just really love dogs, and look how cool they are! Dogs!!!