• What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: WHY is there no love for Brian from Dream Daddy? To be fair, there isn't much hate for him either, but the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. So why is everyone so indifferent towards Brian? I only see people taking the Robert, the Damien, the Craig, the Joseph route... Why are they sleeping on Mat, Hugo and Brian? Brian especially? Is it because he's a bear? There isn't anything wrong with body hair. After all, it's only natural. Is it because he's ginger? Do they honestly think he hasn't a soul? Is his route underwhelming in comparison to the other daddies? Or is it because he doesn't match up to the standards they have set for their dream daddy? Is it because he isn't ripped and has a tragic backstory? Or does he have a tragic backstory? Does he even have a backstory? Would it even be tragic? Do the people simply find Brian ugly? Do they find him annoying due to the fact that he constantly brags about his daughter? Do they find him completely uninteresting? Brian is beautiful and terribly underrated. I wanna know more about him. How is Maxwell? What are Brian's hobbies? What is his last name? Does he even have a last name? I have so many questions that I know I will never find the answers to because nO ONE TAKES THE BRAIN ROUTE AND IT MAKES ME UPSET

I was talking to @the-kittens-of-voltron and just,,,, why am I the way I am,,,, I took college level Photoshop classes,,,,

End me now please

I loved him because he brought out the little girl that I lost and so badly wanted to be. Except that the bruises on me now weren’t from my parents with false love but from his kisses with genuine love. I felt like I’ve finally found home.
—  Let me live in his arms forever

Led Zeppelin – Kinetic Playground, Chicago 1969 

“Photography and music. My two loves, going way back. When I turned 16 late in ‘68, a driver’s license freed me to attend Chicago’s best venues for the best bands of the day. With a Nikkormat and a 28mm lens over my shoulder and my friends pointing the way, we’d usually arrive in the middle of the first set. When that ended, the crowd would thin, affording us a chance to push through to the front for the best possible view. I shot in black & white, sometimes with a flash, mostly without. Later, I processed and printed the good ones in a bare bones darkroom set up in my mother’s laundry room. I am truly grateful for the chance to see and photograph all that amazing talent. And truly baffled as to why I did not always bring my camera to the many other shows I attended. No second chances there.” Photos and text by Marshall Bohlin

That moment when some blonde weirdo throws broccoli in the crowd


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Hot guys from Dolce & Gabbana saying I love you in their native language


Supergirl “Friend” Promo (HD) Wonder Woman


Lindsey doing push-ups, Ricky about vegetables and Chris “dancing”… I just love this cast.