i found i had like 30 dollars

Poshmark for Cosplayers (a sort-of guide)

I’ve been using Poshmark to buy pieces for some of my cosplays for a while , and since it’s really come through for me, I thought I’d put it on your guys’ radar.

The basics: Poshmark.com is one of the many online secondhand clothing sites out there, but they’ve been around for ages. People use it to clean our their closets, find out-of-stock pieces, and make swaps. It’s like eBay, but just for clothes and shoes, with simpler search perimeters that you can set and save to your custom size. Best of all (for me): you can make offers. There’s no guarantee the seller will take your offer, but I always try to knock off a buck or two if I can.

What it’s good for: Finding screen-accurate pieces that have long since sold out. I was trying to find a pair of boots featured in a single episode of a show like three years ago; no one had them. But some chick in TX trying to make a quick buck was selling a pair. Match made.

Most often, I use Poshmark to find pieces for cosplays I’m loathe to make from scratch. Currently, that means Prompto from FFXV. This nugget. More on that under the cut.

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I hate talking about anything that is going to bring anyone down, I like being a Pollyanna but someone stole my registration sticker for 2017 and I had to buy a new sticker and I have to pay a fee for getting a ticket that’s an administration fee.

It put me out 30 dollars because someone stole from me.

In light of this-I’m feeling a bit bitter, and I’m embarrassed about that. I keep minimalizing this.

In other news I bought gas today and the attendant found out someone else had left money on my spot, and were able to make it possible for that excess money to stay in that persons account. I was so stoked that I didn’t accidentally steal that the attendent gave me a complimentary drink. … I tried to pay for it but he was super sure I deserved it because my reaction of honesty.

I needed that because honestly I am *ALWAYS* on high alert with keeping a sharp eye out about things happening in my surroundings, making sure people are safe, picking up litter, being really positive and impactful, being kind, polite, complimenting people, and I genuinely feel like that makes a huge difference because this world is hard and people NEED THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR.

People honestly NEED this.

It matters.

And that drink ACTUALLY made the theft and that feeling of violation kind of feel … different. Less upsetting, because people do notice and reward good behavior, there’s generally little evidence of this, but I keep doing it because it’s not about the reward, but this really meant something to me.

I felt … noticed and important again.

When people steal or are rude, etc, when things that I genuinely can’t control smash up my plans because of people doing bad things or bad things happening, it grinds us all. It makes us feel like we did something wrong.

Keep trying my friends, your light matters, your positive energy and kind gestures and honesty is needed, keep it up!

Karma may or may not be real, but that won’t change my behavior, I do it for others, I do it for myself, and I believe in the pursuit of positivity in how you address your challenges.

I will never be negative, nothing will bring me down.


Hey guys!

So here is the link for the etsy shop I found for the hand made mink eyelashes!

Here is the video of me wearing them

They are only $12 dollars! If you know the typical price of mink lashes you would find this price very hard to believe! The cheapest mink lashes range from about $30 dollars and can go all the way up to hundreds of dollars for one pair! These are hand made and cruelty free.

I wore them all day yesterday and got nothing but compliments, they are so light weight its almost ridicules, even though they are thick and dramatic lashes, it felt like I had nothing on my eyes!  They look so natural, and really open up your eyes. If you ever wondered how kim k and all those celebrities got those “fluffy” long lashes and what kind they are, well the answer is mink lashes!