i found him now i must kill him

all the president’s rubies (victuuri)

i believe it was @katsukiyuuristrophyhusband​ who was saying that of all the theories in victor “my husband” nikiforov, they would probably roleplay at least the first three.  so i thought about it when i went on a run, and here we are:

The man he sees across the room fits in too perfectly; lean body in a royal blue Isaia suit that’s tailored to aching perfection, the inseam of the trouser cut short to reveal a scandalous sliver of bare ankle, and a white band collar shirt instead of a traditional button down to accentuate his long neck.  The man is quintessential classics with the precise amount of unorthodox edge to suggest he is a man who is always on the precipice of something.

He watches the man run his fingers through his silver hair like lavish strands of spiders’ silk.  The man screams expensive.  How many millions of dollars would you be holding in your hands if you had this man underneath you?

He must be brave.  There’s no time to waste.  He steps across the ballroom and into the man’s social circle with his chest out like he belongs there.

“Katsuji Yuuta,” he introduces himself.  “May I buy you a drink?”

“Vitaly Nikonov,” the man replies, smiling. “And I already have a drink.  But you may keep me company.”

“What are they doing?” Yuri whispers a little too loud, watching Katsuki slink over to where Victor is talking to a handful of sponsors.  

“Maybe this is like that banquet where they pretended they were meeting again for the first time,” Otabek offers, stealing a stuffed mushroom from Yuri’s plate and popping it into his mouth.  He licks at the grease left on the tip of his thumb. “Remember that last year?  They even brought that old tie and Victor cried when he tied it around Katsuki’s head like a crown.”

Mila laughs into her champagne flute and Yuri suppresses a shiver. 

“This feels worse than that.  This feels,” he says, pauses, curls his nose, “this feels weirder.”

“So what brings you here?” Vitaly Nikonov asks, rolling his wrist and watching the maraschino cherry swirl around in his manhattan. “I haven’t seen you around.” 

“Funny,” Katsuji Yuuta says, and he looks Vitaly Nikonov up and down like a question and an answer all at once. He tilts his head at the group Vitaly’s with and takes a swig of his own champagne. “I thought we might be here for the same reasons.  But I see you here, and suddenly I can’t remember why I came.”

“Oh, Mr. Katsuji,” Vitaly says, voice lowering. “I don’t think you’ve come close to coming yet.”

“Uh, guys,” says Mark from Sony, bumping a fist on Vitaly’s shoulder.  “Victor?  Yuuri?  I’m gonna–me and the boys, we’re gonna, uh, step away for awhile.”

Vitaly Nikonov hums as if Mark from Sony is very, very far away.  He can see nothing else but Katsuji Yuuta’s soulful, brown eyes.  

“Spies!” Mila does not squeal as she runs back to Otabek and Yuri with a refreshed drink and a plate of bacon wrapped scallops.  “They’re pretending they’re rival spies.  Or maybe Yuuri’s a honeypot?  I don’t know, all I could hear is them talking about trading intel upstairs and–”

“Gross,” Yuri says, stealing her champagne and downing it in one gulp.  Yuuri and Victor at banquets are going to drive him to an early retirement.  Next to him, Otabek is stoically looking at the chandelier over their table, trying not to laugh.  

“Mr. Katsuji!” Victor moans dramatically, his band collar shirt torn open, buttons flown across the room.  “Oh, if our agencies found us this way, they would kill us!”

“Stop!” Yuuri laughs on top of him, tucking his face away in the curve of Victor’s neck.  “Now it just sounds stupid.”

“We must run away together!” Victor says, rolling his hips up to greet the inviting curve of Yuuri’s ass through his briefs.  “Change our names!  Go into hiding!  The two of us against the world!”

“Victor, you said if I won gold you would take this seriously,” Yuuri whines, and he nibbles at the soft of Victor’s earlobe to make him gasp and still.  

“I am taking this seriously,” Victor says softly underneath him.  He rolls his hips up slower this time, a little more sluggish drag to prove how earnestly invested he is, dick hard and needy between the undone fly of his own pants.  “I was going to tell you of a bungalow I know tucked away off the coast of Bali.  We’ll think up new identities.  You can be Yuuri Katsuki.  I’ll be Victor Nikiforov.  Former figure skating champions.  We’ll fall asleep to the sound of waves every night, and no one will ever find us.  What do you think?” 

Yuuri grinds his ass down where Victor is waiting for him.  “I think you should keep going.”

My angel

Summary: Castiel’s secret relationship with the younger Winchester sister is blossoming.

Author:  Multireality

Pairing(s): Castiel x reader

Word Count: 799

Warnings: Fluffy, so much fluff, Castiel is a warning in himself

Author’s Notes: This is my first request from @elysian-hannah with the prompts of:

“Well, this is a nice change of scenery.”

“It’s a jail cell.”

“I was being sarcastic.”

Originally posted by godshipsit

“Well this is a nice change of scenery” I spoke as Castiel and I searched for the bones of our most recent demonic spirit. My brothers, Dean and Sam were separated from us so they decided to look for the bones elsewhere. So, I was left with the beautiful angel Castiel. My beautiful angel.

“It’s a jail cell, Y/N” his reply was in his usual gruff voice, he didn’t yet understand sarcasm and God were it the cutest thing in the world. Seeing his eyes squint and try to understand why people spoke the way they did. He was like a newborn learning how to talk all over again.

"I was being sarcastic.”

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How To Train Your Dragon Sentence Starters

Feel free to change pronouns, etc. for use! 

“I really did hit one.”

“He never listens!”

“Well, it runs in the family.”

“And when he does, it’s always with this… disappointed scowl, like someone skimped on the meat in his sandwich.”

“Excuse me, barmaid! I’m afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fish-bone!”

“Now, you’re thinkin’ about this all wrong. It’s not so much what you look like, it’s what’s inside that he can’t stand.”

“Thank you for summing that up.”

“Look the point is, stop trying so hard to be something you’re not!”

“I just wanna be one of you guys!”

“I bet he’s really frightened now… what are you gonna do about it?”

“Ehhh… probably something stupid.”

“Good, but you’ve already done that…”

“Then something crazy…!”

“That’s more like it!”

“It’s a mess. You must feel horrible. You’ve lost everything. Your father, your tribe, your best friend…”

“Why couldn’t I have killed that dragon when I found him in the woods? Would’ve been better, for everyone…”

“Yep. The rest of us would have done it. So why didn’t you?”

“I want to remember what you say, right now.”

“I wouldn’t kill him, because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him… and I saw myself.”

“what is it always going to be this way?”

“Everything we know about you guys is wrong.”

“You have to give me a chance to explain!”

“I am not listening to anything you have to say!”

“See? Nothing to be afraid of…”

“Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile!”

“Okay, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Just get me off of this thing!”

“You got it, bud.”

“I’m sorry. For-for everything.”

“We’re Vikings. It’s an occupational hazard.”

“You don’t have to go up there.”

“ Thank you, for saving my son.”

“Stay out of my way! I’m winning this thing!”

“ please, by all means.”


“We’re leaving! Let’s pack up. Looks like you and me are taking a little vacation. Forever.”

“No one just gets as good as you do. Especially you. Start talking! Are you training with someone?”

“I, I know, this… looks really bad, but, you see, this is uh.”

“Uh, you’re right! You’re right, you’re right. I, I’m through with the lies, I’ve been making… outfits! So, you got me. It’s time everyone knew. Drag me back, go ahead… here we go…”

“You just gestured to all of me!”

“What do you want me to do, block out the sun? I can do that, but I don’t have the time right now”

“he’s alive! You brought him back alive!”

“you know what he’s like. From the time he could crawl he’s been… different. He doesn’t listen, he has the attention span of a sparrow… I take him fishing and he goes hunting for, for trolls!”

“my father told me to bang my head against a rock and I did it! I thought I was crazy, but I didn’t question him. And you know what happened?”

“what is the plan?”

“come on, let me out, please? I need to make my mark!”

“ I might even get a date!”

“You can’t lift a hammer, you can’t swing an axe, you can’t even throw one of these!”

“now this right here is what I’m talkin’ about!”

“You, sir, are playing a dangerous game! Keeping this much raw… viking-ness… contained! There’ll be consequences!”

“All right, I admit it. This is pretty cool.”

“You start in the morning.”

“I should have gone first.”

“ If that dragon shows either of its faces, I’m gonna… there!”

“Hey! It’s us, idiots!”

“Oh, nice of you to join the party! I thought you’d been carried off!”

“Your most important piece of equipment is your shield! If you must make a choice between a sword or a shield, take the shield!”

“ Careful with that dragon.”

“It’s… not the dragon I’m worried about.”

“Oh! I’ve read it like, seven times. There’s this water dragon that sprays boiling water at your face, and, and there’s this other one, that buries itself for like a week…”

“They raid us because they have to! If they don’t bring enough food back, they’ll be eaten themselves!”

“Dad, no please, it’s not what you think, you don’t know what you’re up against, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen!”

“So I guess it’s just you and me, huh?”
“I was a fool. Lead the men to the far side of the island!”

“Chances of survival are dwindling into single-digits now…”

“The recruit who does best will win the honor of killing his first dragon in front of the entire village.”

“Don’t worry. You’re small and you’re weak. That’ll make you less of a target! They’ll see you as sick or insane and go after the more viking-like teens instead.”

After All This Time - Theo Raeken imagine

Originally posted by stilinski-jpeg

Summary: Reader is Stiles’ twin sister and a werecoyote having been saved by Scott after they both got into a car accident. She’s a part of Scott’s pack and bffs with Malia. Theo courts her constantly they finally start hanging out end up dating.

Warnings: Season 6 spoilers,angst,fluff,suggested smut  & Idk what else lmao

A/N: Hope You All Enjoy x


I probably looked like a lunatic smiling to myself as I sat quietly in Theo’s truck Theo looked over at me quickly and reached to touch my thigh gently rubbing up and down “thank you for tonight” he smiled looking at the road “no thank you” I giggled. Theo and I just moved to official by having sex back at his house he was now taking me home but it was a very eventful evening he was so kind and patient since this was my first time it made me love him even more.

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One of Those Nights:  A Kol Mikaelson Imagine

So this is based on the song One of Those Nights by The Cab, which is really awesome if you don’t know it. Hope it’s okay for you guys x 

I’ve been let loose and now I’m crawling up the walls

Word is I got away and now I must be caught

The first thing you felt at hearing that Kol Mikaelson was on the loose was fear. Pure, irrational, or maybe rational, fear. 

Why? Because you knew he’d be looking for you. And when he found you, you didn’t know whether he’d kiss you or kill you. 

After all, you had abandoned him in his time of need. You’d abandoned him when his brother had taken that diamond from him, and you’d watched as Klaus plunged that dagger into his heart, making no effort to save him from what would become a slumber of almost a century. 

You knew he’d been back for almost a week now. But there was silence. No calls, no letters, no knocks at the door. 

It was driving you crazy. 

And then the invitation arrived.

Don’t leave
Take it from me, I’ll be more than a King
(I can’t take that, I can’t take that)

“What’s that?” Caroline pulled at the card buried between piles of books. You’d become friends with her during the year you’d spent in Mystic Falls, living with the Salvatore brothers who had become your companions after you’d almost killed Stefan back in 1945. 

“Oh that? That’s nothing.”

“That’s an invitation to the Mikaelson ball. And it has your name on it, Y/N.”

“So? Everyone in town’s invited. It’s not a big deal,” you shrugged off the fact that the invite had your name scripted on it, in fine, elegant handwriting that you recognised as Elijah’s. When you’d seen it, your heart had hurt immensely, remembering that not only had you left the man you loved,the man who had promised you the world and made you feel like royalty, you had left good friends behind in doing so. 

“No-one gets an invitation as personal as this, Y/N,” Caroline stopped, her eyes widening as realisation dawned on her, “Wait, do you know them? Wait, did one of them turn you? No, no, let me guess. Klaus? It was Klaus wasn’t it? Or maybe Elijah, you’re both civilised like that-”

“It wasn’t Klaus or Elijah, Caroline,” you sighed, accepting that you just had to tell her the truth. 

“It was Kol.”

I’m going crazy and I’ve been awake for days
My mirrors are stained with painted portraits of your face

Kol Mikaelson was currently lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. It was a bed he felt was half empty, and whenever he slept in it, he couldn’t help but picture the figure that should have been beside him, his arms wrapped around her waist, her hair tickling his skin. 

Y/N was all he saw when he closed his eyes at night. She was both a dream and nightmare rolled into one. 

He should have been pissed. He should have wanted to rip her throat out. He should have wanted to make her suffer. 

But he didn’t. 

In fact, for the first time in his life, Kol Mikaelson was scared of seeing her. He knew she was in Mystic Falls, and he knew that Elijah had given her an invite to the ball later that night behind his back. 

And he was scared of what would happen if she actually turned up.

Don’t Leave
Take it from me, you’re my dirty disease
(I can’t take that, I can’t take that)

Buttoning up his shirt, and fixing his tie, Kol allowed his mind to wander for a brief moment. 

He thought back to the day he first saw her, the way she had smiled at him from across the hall, her eyes sparkling as they met his. She’d giggled when he grinned back, giving her a wink, and he remembered how he’d fallen head over heels in love with that teenage innocence that was so common among women in the 16th century. 

He’d bought her a dress a few days later, well, more like compelled one from some spoiled brat who wouldn’t stop fawning over him. She’d worn it for their first dance later that evening. 

“I see you like the dress I got you.”

“Indeed, how did you know this is my favourite colour?”

He had smirked. 


My flat line inhibition
Is my ammunition
I’m just fighting to get by

Just spit me some direction
I’ll be your infection
How could you leave me behind?

Caroline was going through your wardrobe, which you had reluctantly let her do after she told you she would have your back at the Mikaelson ball. 

The closet itself was full of four hundred years worth of dresses, some you had bought yourself, some you had borrowed from Rebekah and never given back, and some that Kol had given to you as presents. His way of showing his undying love for you, apparently. 

Undying love that was probably now dead. 

“This one’s perfect. What do you think?”

You looked up at the dress Caroline was holding, your heart sinking. She had to pick that one. 

You looked at it, admiring the fabric and the colour in the same way you had the first time you had seen it sprawled across your bed all those years ago. A small note had been beside it, that you had read with glee, not knowing it would spark four hundred years of passion. 

Wear this tonight and save me a dance - KM

“I don’t know, Car. Maybe another one?”

“Don’t be like that. Come on, you’ll look amazing. So many guys will want to dance with you that Kol won’t have a chance to even talk to you. It’ll drive him mad. Consider it your ammo.”

Sighing, you took the dress from her. Her plan did make sense. 

Only, you weren’t so sure if you wanted it to go ahead.

I’m a mess and you’re worse
Just give me time to give you a waste of time

One of those nights
When you leave me for no reason
I’ll give you a reason

Kol was standing on the staircase, listening to the speeches both his mother and his brothers had prepared, feigning interest. 

There had been no sign of Y/N, and part of him was relieved. The other part was distraught, and was trying not to lash out by killing someone on the stairs. 

If he was a mess, he could only imagine what state she was in. He knew her better than anyone, and he knew that the arrival of the invite would have made her nervous. He’d always been the one to comfort her in times like these, but that was difficult when he was the one she was scared of. 

And then he saw her. 

She had the blonde girl that Klaus was interested in by her side, and she looked stunning. The first thing he noticed was the colour of her eyes, the same shade that enhanced his dreams. And then his eyes fell on the dress. 

It still suited her perfectly, and like always, he couldn’t tear his eyes away. 

She looked up to see him, fear lacing her eyes. So Kol did the only thing he could, the thing that always reassured her. 

He smiled. And he was surprised to see her smile back at him. 

So he took it one step further. 

“I know you can hear me,” he mumbled. 

“I can.”

He hadn’t realised how much he’d missed the sound of her voice until she spoke. The familiar lilt in it drove him insane, and it was taking all of his willpower not to grab her and take her to his bedroom. 

“Are you going to kill me, Kol Mikaelson?”


“No? I left you when you needed me, you have every right to.”

He smiled again, embracing her naivety that had made him laugh throughout the centuries. 

“Why would I want to kill the girl I love?”

He watched as her face transformed from wrinkles of confusion to a relieved smile. 

“You love me, huh?”

“Always have.”

“Well, for the record, I kind of love you too.”

Their eyes once again found each others, and the past century was erased in an instant. Kol felt his heart beating faster as she bit her bottom lip, knowing that she was well aware of what it did to him. 

“Nice dress,” he mumbled back to her, the speeches still continuing.

“Thanks. Found it in the back of the closet.”

He suppressed the urge to laugh at her sarcasm, knowing that his family would not be pleased at the interruption. So instead, he said four simple words. 

“Save me a dance.”


Translation: Noragami Chapter 73 Summary (SPOILERS)

So, here is the REALLY REALLY long translation summary…I would have shortened it, but there is just so much story in this one that it was pretty hard to do that.  Don’t mind the typos or mistakes, I’m staying up way to late to write this and I’m sure as I read it tomorrow, I will catch them.  So, here it is:

The color pages says “It would be nice to be able to become the person I want to be”.  The name of the chapter is “If You Can Hear My Screams”.  The days have returned to normal (Yato is making a string of dried persimmons while Yukine studies with Hiyori), but Hiyori says that one thing still worries her…Yukine’s outburst about his father.  She is certain that it has to do with the god’s secret, and says that’s why Yato is by Yukine’s side constantly.  Yato is refusing to take calls, claiming that he’s still too injured, but Yukine says “Did you forget that you’re a delivery god!?”  Yukine convinces him to take the latest call by saying that Hiyori will offer him Capypa Inari, and Yato says “…what’s that?  I want it!  I want a lot of them!” Yato takes the call, only to find that Ebisu has been abducted.  He says his captors want 1 billion yen…the funny thing is that Ebisu is actually very casual about all of this while his captors are yelling “We’ll kill the kid if you don’t comply!”  Yato obviously goes to find Kunimi, who had no idea that his master has been kidnapped because he had been asleep when Ebisu called.  Yato says “But you got a lot of vacation for your part in the ukei, right?” but all Kunimi got was a ticket to allow him to sleep in late.

Just then Ebisu calls back.  The kidnappers and Yato start going back and forth about the ransom, but when they start making threats, Yato says “If you lay a hand on Ebisu” before Kunimi takes the phone.  He tells him that he’ll save him, but that he wants three months of vacation for everyone.  Ebisu says “You have perfect timing, to be so bold. Well done.”  Ebisu and Kunimi start negotiating, and Yato is completely dumbfounded by this, of course.  But Ebisu says it was getting kind of boring because he always has the upper hand…he would tell Kunimi that if he wanted to negotiate vacation, he needed to stand up to him.  Kunimi apologizes for not being more like him.  Ebisu does not screw around with negotiations…he is like “I want you to come and get me.  It’s not like I don’t want to die…a knife isn’t enough to kill me, but on the slim chance it did, I would just reincarnate.  So I have all of the initiative.”  Kunimi gets concerned about this and eventually Yato takes the phone away but they hang up on him.  Yukine asks him why he didn’t just go there during the call (and calls him ‘Mr. Careless’), and Hiyori says she will go look.  Kunimi gets upset because Ebisu said “It’s not as if I don’t want to die” because it seems like he’s back to his old self.  Yato says “He thought you had abandoned him, why would you say such a thing!?” and Kunimi explains that there is a severe labor shortage there, and that no one is getting any time off at all because of it.  He says the strays who were left after the heavens executed most of the group were scared to come forward about it and that at this rate, they would end up stinging Ebisu because of the stress.  “For those of us that no one will have, he was a good host”…” Kunimi says.  Yato then says “Don’t tell me…you’re a Nora, as well?” Yato asks him how he could say such a thing to Ebisu while he’s helpless, and Kunimi gets angry and says “Without me, Ebisu couldn’t have gone to Yomi or volunteered for the ukei! …but if it had been Iwami instead of me, neither the master or any of his previous incarnations would have taken those bets.”  (IE: Kunimi is implying that Iwami means more to Ebisu than he does)  Meanwhile, the kidnappers are trying to get information about Ebisu’s bank accounts.

Kunimi says that he was first given a name 200 years previous, and his master was a doll toy born out of a child’s love of play.  But the child grew up and forgot about him.  While he still had a name, his master disappeared, and when he went to find a new master, he couldn’t because he would be a Nora (we see Takemikazuchi refuse him, the hypocrite).  But Ebisu welcomed Noras, and he met him at a tryout.  Shinki who could draw a line passed, those who couldn’t failed.  When Ebisu made him his shinki, he tied Ebisu’s shoe for him…then starts jumping around and tossing people to the ground, thinking “This is my chance to show him what I can do!”  Iwami points out how rare it was to have that kind of shinki, and asks if he will make him his attendant.  But Ebisu says no, he will only use him for borderlines.  We see days, weeks and months pass of Kunimi just drawing a line.  As time passed, Ebisu reincarnated.  Ebisu is upset that he can’t ride a bike when he passes Kunimi.  He calls to Kunimi and as they are riding, he asks him if he can ride a bamboo horse and ski.  He then asks him if swimming is his specialty and then purposely falls into the water.  Kunimi asks him why he suddenly did that and Ebisu says he wanted to test him, and that he had a lot of skills other than tying shoes.  Kunimi says that it’s not as if he can do everything, and asks him to not do something so dangerous again.  Ebisu says that it’s not really risky, since he’s not truly alive, but then asks him not to tell Iwami he said that.  “He doesn’t want to think about the Ebisu who plays at suicide.”  Ebisu then asks Kunimi “What’s that face for?  You look dumb.”  Kunimi says that he became important because Ebisu was a child who liked to trouble the adults, but that he saw through his act.

We then see Ebisu at a gathering outside in winter for New Year’s.  And then…Nora shows up.  She introduces herself as Tsutsumi, and Kunimi says “oh, you’re new here.  It’s rare that Ebisu employs someone so young.”  She asks Kunimi “Excuse me, but is it true that Lord Ebisu is taming ayakashi…?” Kunimi laughs and says “Of course not!  If he did that, they would be stinging him right now.”  Nora says “That’s true…but doesn’t he reincarnate very often?  Why does his exemplar Iwami allow that to happen?  Poor Lord Ebisu…”  Kunimi asks “Why?  It’s fine as long as he can reincarnate, right?”  During this conversation, we see Ebisu suffering from blight.  Kunimi says that there had been new skis in his master’s room, but the next master had not interest in skiing.  Death means the loss of everything…memories, body, etc…except Iwami.  He is a vessel that stores all of Ebisu’s memories and plans.  He’s also the head of the family.  It was only natural that Iwami was the exemplar.  Kunimi says that a personal attendant like him is insufficient.  Yukine asks Kunimi if he is jealous of Iwami, and he says no, he wants to trade places with him because it’s too much responsibility on his shoulders.

Yato gets very angry and hits him (he yells “you dumbass!  this is no time to chatter on!” while Yukine says “It was your carelessness in the first place!” and thinks “He’s very shrewd at putting the blame on others”).  He tells him that the being stung or harmed by jealousy wasn’t the issue…but that it must be hard on his master because he won’t even get jealous over him.  Yato says “Little Ebi said it - ‘You have perfect timing to be so bold…’ Right now Ebisu’s in trouble and he wants you to rescue him!”  Kunimi has a revelation and Hiyori calls Yato to tell him that she’s found Ebisu and to come quick.  We see Ebisu in the dark, surrounded by Ayakashi saying “money” “more money”.  Ebisu thinks “I can’t cry…my former self and all the ones previous were strong, so I can’t cry…”  Yato teleports and takes Kunimi with them.  Yato kills all of the ayakashi around the house they are keeping Ebisu in.  The people inside wonder who it is, and Yato puts his finger to his lips to tell Hiyori to be quiet.  Kunimi realizes that he can’t replace Iwami, but he can stick to Ebisu’s body.  Yato says “Old man Kunimi is going to make these guys into wall stains for you so we’ll just go over here” as Kunimi plows through the kidnappers.  Afterwards, Ebisu agrees to give him vacation once a month.  He also gives Yato a reward, asking him if he preferred coin or cash.  Of course, Yato says “Cash!”  Ebisu gives Yato 1500 chou (which is a trillion x 1500)…but it’s in zimbabwe dollars and only equals 5 yen.  Hiyori notes that their currency has been abolished, and Yukine notes that they could trying selling it on Yahoo auctions.

As Ebisu and Kunimi walk off together happily, Yato realizes that it’s dark out.  “Crap” he says, “I’m sorry it got so late.  Are you okay, Yukine?” and Yukine says “Yeah…you don’t have to treat me like a little kid, I’m alright…”  Yato then asks “…so, have you had any strange dreams?” and Yukine says “Dreams?  Yeaaaah…but it’s okay because I don’t remember them!” We then see a flashback of Yato’s face over Yukine’s dad’s face and Yukine says “They seem scary, but…when I look, there you are.”  He then says “and I relaxed because it was just a dream.”  Yato says “Is that right?  Well, then forget I said anything!”  Hiyori then thinks to herself “It seems that Yato also doesn’t want to touch upon the Gods’ Greatest Secret.  Will they have to face it someday…?”  It ends with her saying “But for now, I just want to watch over these two gentle souls.”

Well, I did NOT mean to write quite that much…but it’s an intricate story with a lot to it (and finding out more of Ebisu’s backstory with Yato’s dad is a big deal).  The next issue comes out 3/6/2017.  

My thoughts…well, looks like you don’t lose your name if your god stops existing. That seems unfair. Also, the way Yato cares about Yukine in the chapter is so sweet it’s almost heartbreaking, knowing that it can’t last. Before this he would do anything for wishes, but now he is doing anything he can to stay with Yukine. I wonder if Hiyori will ever bring up the fact that she knows about the gods’ greatest secret to Yato. Alright, that’s it for tonight, I’ll be back tomorrow with a final analysis.

NOTE: I’ve made a few corrections and added some more information after a second read-through.  Added a few more pieces of the comedy because there’s quite a lot of it in this chapter.

The Hunchback Notre Dame Sentence Meme

❝Listen, they’re beautiful, no?.❞
❝Who is this creature?❞
❝Hush, little one.❞
❝You there!  What are you hiding?❞
❝Sanctuary!  Please give us sanctuary!❞
❝My conscience is clear.❞
❝What must I do?❞
❝Our Lord works in mysterious ways.❞
❝What makes a monster and what makes a man?❞
❝Will today be the day?❞
❝Go on. Nobody wants to be cooped up here forever.❞
❝Well that’s what you get for sleeping with your mouth open.❞
❝I’d never fit in there. I’m not…normal. ❞
❝No, the Pope. Of course, you!❞
❝Life’s not a spectator sport. If watching is all you’re gonna do, then you’re gonna watch your life go by without you.❞
❝Who says you gotta ask?❞
❝Better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.❞  
❝I am your only friend.❞
❝I am a monster.❞
❝What I’d give, what I’d dare…❞
❝If I were in their skin I’d treasure every instant.❞
❝Just one day, and then I swear I’ll be content.❞
❝You leave town for a couple of decades and they change everything.❞
❝Reporting for duty, as ordered, sir.❞
❝You make your point quite vividly.❞
❝Everyone is acting crazy.❞
❝You’re not hurt, are you?  Here, here, let’s see.❞
❝See, no harm done.  Just try to be a little more careful.❞
❝Hurry, here’s your chance.❞
❝You think s/he’s ugly now? Watch this.❞
❝Don’t be afraid. I’m sorry, this wasn’t supposed to happen.❞  
❝You speak of justice, yet you are cruel to those most in need of your help.❞
❝I’m free, I’m free!…dangit.❞
❝What a woman!❞
❝You sneaky son of a–❞
❝Are you always this charming, or am I just lucky?❞
❝I was just imagining a rope around that beautiful neck.❞
❝What do they have against people who are different, anyway?❞
❝You can’t right all the wrongs in this world by yourself.❞
❝I thought we all were children of God.❞
❝Wait!  I want to talk to you.❞
❝Got the girls chasing you already!.❞
❝Did you make all these things yourself?❞
❝I could stay up here forever.❞
❝How could such a cruel man/woman/person have raised someone like you?❞
❝I am a monster, you know.❞
❝Do you think I’m evil?❞
❝You helped me.  Now I will help you.❞
❝This is where I belong.❞
❝I don’t think I’m his/her type.❞
❝You know I am a righteous man.❞
❝It’s not my fault!❞
❝God have mercy on me.❞
❝With all due respect, I was not trained to murder the innocent.❞
❝We always said you were the cute one. ❞
❝You’ve done so much for me already, my friend, but I must ask your help one more time.❞
❝Promise you won’t let anything happen to him/her.❞
❝I think…you’re hiding something.❞
❝You’ve got a funny way of showing gratitude.❞
❝I’m tired of trying to be something I’m not.❞
❝Good, good, good!  Ahhh. Great!…What is it?❞
❝You’re very clever to have found our hideaway.  Unfortunately, you won’t live to tell the tale.❞
❝Leave me alone.❞
❝You’re safe now.❞
❝You killed her/him.❞
❝And He shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!❞

The Attic Letters

Mistress Dolly,

My heart aches for you. I cannot rid my mind of the filthiest pleasures I want to bestow upon you. I am yours and yours alone. You own me wholly and completely. I do not dare satisfy myself because I know I am wasting seed that could nourish you. You are my sun. My piercing stars.

I am nothing and you are everything. I close my eyes and see your sensual form. Your generous breasts, your soft stomach, your sharp teeth. Men would die for a moment of your time. And yet I get to have you, even if it is only for an hour.

I have carved your name onto my chest as you requested. I hope you will visit soon, so I can show you my work. It was painstakingly slow. I had to use the rusted nail from the doorframe. But I wrote it in cursive just like you asked. I will do anything for you. Please come visit soon.

Yours forever and beyond,



Mistress Dolly,

Your visit was breathtaking. I forget about my hunger when you set upon me with your body. Your flesh covered my vision. I could feast on you for the rest of my life and never feel an appetite again. You are my sustenance. My everything.

Thank you also for the iodine. Although your name on my skin looks beautiful, the rot has set in. I think the iodine will help, although it makes the pain worse. And not the sweet pain that you gift to me. Your teeth have left half-moons along my thighs. I rub them and think of you. Your bittersweet smell. I found some of your hairs in my nest. I taste each before entwining them in my own hair.

I hate to ask anything of you, since you give so much to me, but might I have some water? The attic is hot and I have drunk nothing but the sight of your beautiful body. I am a miscreant for even asking. You owe me nothing. You must hate me for this request. I will do an hour of headaches to atone.

Yours faithfully,


Mistress Dolly,

I am forever in your debt (as if I weren’t already). Despite the taste of the toilet water it truly has put the life back into me. I feel spirited again. And the dog food was an unexpected gift. You truly take care of your bat so well. I am so lucky to have you.

My body burns for you. I dream of you at night. At least, I believe it is night. Since there are no windows I cannot tell what time of day it is. But I hear no footsteps downstairs. Your bastard husband makes so much noise when he walks. He is a hippo of a man. I understand your disgust with him. Yet…I can’t help but feel jealous. He has your bed whenever he desires. I am vermin for even telling you this. But last night I heard him cry out in what must be sexual ecstasy. While I hope beyond hope that this tryst did not involve you, I can’t help but mourn my beautiful goddess at the hands of that rat. If you asked, I would remove him for you.

I also wanted to say that I listened to your request and have stopped urinating. It is difficult, and often painful, but I have gone many hours without relieving myself. If I fail, I will do two hours of headaches.

Can you hear the sound of my skull against the wall? I don’t want to alert your bastard husband.

Your willing slave,


Mistress Dolly,

Please touch me again. Please use me again. I am dying without your love. My body has become nothing more than straw and wood. I hear voices all the time now. They tell me you don’t love me anymore. But I defy them! You are my sun. My only light. You would never leave me. It may have been hours or days since we last consummated our desire. I have lost all time.

Have you locked me in? I have to admit, although it shames me so, that I tried to open the attic door. It was the thirst, my love. Both for you and for water. I thought maybe you had left some outside and I could grab it quickly before coming back to my nest. But the door would not open. Did you lock me inside? What horrible thing have I done to deserve this? I will atone. I know I am nothing and you are everything.

Please come to me soon. There is a yellow liquid building on my chest. It smells worse than the chamber pot. I cannot live without you.

Yours until I die,



Mistress Dolly, 

Did you visit me? I no longer have memory. Perhaps I have lived inside this room my entire life. Have I been your slave since birth? The words dance along the paper. The voices bite my ears when I try to sleep.

There is a leak in the roof. I have been sucking rainwater from the broken wood. It gives me a second of luster. Hunger drove me to the rats. And the bugs. They are in my stomach now, whispering their insults. You must be disgusted by me. I am no better than your husband. If he were in front of me now, I would wrap my hands around his throat. I would fill his mouth with the pus I scrape from my skin. I would kill him again and again and again and



I miss you your body sex

Tell me I love you Tell tell Kill him in front of you




My name is Fred and I found this stash of letters under a baseboard in my dining room. My wife claims she knows nothing of them. They look old and the ink is fading. We bought this house four years ago. The people who lived here before us thought the place was haunted and gave us a good deal. We haven’t had a problem, except for the occasional banging from the attic. I tried to go up there to see if there was something broken, but the door was locked shut with an old brass padlock. Since then we have basically ignored the attic and its contents.

But then I found these letters….If this is a joke, it’s not a very funny one.

Especially since I just rechecked the attic door, and it was wide open.

The Prince and the Key

A Samifer retelling of The Princess and The Pea. (Yes, you read that right).

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“You’re too picky.”
“Dean stop. I told you a hundred times already, I don’t want a girlfriend.”
“But why? You’re not bad looking, you could make a woman happy.”
“Dean…” Sam warned his brother with one of his famous bitchfaces. “The last women I dated weren’t what I search for. That’s all.”
“If you didn’t put the bar this high, maybe you’d found a lady already. Look at me. I have no trouble finding a good date.”
“That’s because you go out with anybody.”
“And what do you want? A lady so delicate, her skin would be more sensitive than the wings of a butterfly?”
“No, I… I don’t know.”
“You prefer that dude, admit it.”
“Lucifer? No, it’s not… We’re just friends.”
“Sammy, please. The guy tries to jump your bone each time he is nearby you. And you like it.”
“No, he is not. Lucifer is just flirty with everyone.”

The doorbell rang, and Sam went to open it as Dean muttered “yeah, keep telling yourself that.”Lucifer entered, completely drenched from the rain outside, and put three boxes of pizza in Sam’s hands.

“Ah, so any motorcycles are still better than my baby?”
“It wasn’t the fucking Deluge when I left home, alright.” Lucifer barked as he removed a soaked jacket, water running down his back as he did so.
“Come to my room, I’ll lend you some spare clothes before you catch a cold.” Sam told him as Dean waved his eyebrows to him suggestively behind Lucifer’s back. Sam scolded him silently before he added what  he knew would earn him some more mockeries. “You’re staying the night it’s not a debate. I don’t want to know you on the road under that rain tonight. Neither I want to fight you again because you ride back home after you drank alcohol again.”
“Sam, I can totally go back home after the fight.”

The thunder roared outside, paired with lightnings and Lucifer decided staying was a good idea after all.

“So, you guys will share Sam’s bed?” Dean asked amused. Lucifer’s eyes lighted up, but Sam answered before he had the chance to say a word
“No, Lucifer will sleep in the guest room. That’s why we have one, remember. To have people sleep in it.”
“I’ll put some sheets on the bed for his Highness.” Dean said, surprising Sam with the intention he was not expecting.

Not late after that, The three men were in the living room, on the couch. The pizza started to get cold, Sam brought beers to the coffee table. Lucifer was wearing light grey sweat pants a little too small at the hips but long enough to cover his feet, and one of Sam’s favourite t-shirt, a purple one with a dog printed on it that was way too tired and overwashed by now.

Lucifer called Sam and Dean when the box fight started on TV. The ate in front of it, drank beers, cheered, booed and screamed at the screen until late in the night. Dean was the first to go to bed. Sam and Lucifer stayed a little longer, talking new rules that would make box more like freefight by the end of their conversation.

By the time, they went upstairs to sleep, it was way too late, or too early in the morning. Lucifer tried to sneak in Sam’s bedroom but Sam took him to the guest bedroom instead. When they opened the door, they looked stupidly at the bed. Dean had put together, in a big pile, all the spare mattresses he could found in the house, even the air mattress for camping, and put a fluffy comforter and a pillow on top of it. Sam sighed to Dean’s childishness but Lucifer found it funny and shrugged. Sam wanted to make a proper bed, but Lucifer whined that it was too late and he was sleepy. He stole a goodnight kiss from a flustered Sam and climbed the mountain of mattresses, giggling like mad to finally sprawl on top of it, falling asleep before Sam reached his own bed.

The next morning, Dean was rummaging through the kitchen, when Sam and Lucifer came downstairs to eat breakfast.

“Guys, you could have tidy after yourselves before going to bed.”
“Good day to you too, Dean.”
“The place is a mess, and I’m late.” Dean said looking under a pizza boxe.
“Someone had a bad night?” Lucifer yawned.
“Well, no. It was good, until two drunk asses launched a party in front of my bedroom door around four in the morning. Thanks guys.” Dean searched the countertop. “I can’t find them anywhere. Damnit! You slept well Sammy? Not too sick?” He grinned.
“I didn’t drink that much, for the records.”
“If you’re interested. I, however, didn’t have a good night.” Lucifer informed them.

Dean stopped putting the kitchen upside down to look at him, a mischievous light in eyes.

“Why not? I took on me to make an extra comfy bed for you, Princess.”
“It was a dumb joke Dean.” Sam informed him.
“No, in fact, I found it good. Until I woke up to something stabbing me in the back.”

Lucifer produced the impala keys from his sweatpants pocket.

“You have them. I search for them for an hour now!”
“You must have lost them while making my bed. They killed the air mattress that went flat and tried to enter my back between two vertebras after that. I had to rearrange all the mattresses in the first light of the day, and I had trouble to fall asleep again after that.”

Dean and Sam stared at Lucifer with a blank expression for a moment. Lucifer couldn’t care less and poured himself a mug of coffee.

“Not a word, Dean. You shut up.”
“But Sammy…”
“Don’t you dare say it.”
“There is your delicate Princess, Sam. You should totally date him.” Dean laughed.

That last sentence interpellated Lucifer who looked at them, interested.

“Yeah, you should do that, Sam. Once is not a habit, I’m going to back up your brother for once.”
“For fuck’s sake, Subtlety is not your second name. It’s been months that I try to hook up on you. But you see nothing. Fuck that. Date me Sam. I beg you, I don’t know anymore how to make you understand I’m interested.”

Dean laughed so hard at Sam’s expression that he forgot he was late. Lucifer continued to babble how bad his crush on Sam was until Sam kissed him on the mouth to make him stop talking. Under Dean’s shocked glare, Lucifer deepened the kiss, and Dean prefered to go away to not look at that. His joke backfired more than he thought it would, but to his credit, he was totally right, Lucifer and Sam were meant to date. They just needed a little help.

Request: Are you jealous?

Request: Could you please write something juice and the croweater from Belfast in which the reader sees them, gets jealous, makes out with a random guy, juice is jealous, happy ending??

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of sex

Originally posted by tarons

I was thinking that Ireland was beautiful. Cold, but beautiful. We had been on this road, close to the sea, since the airport. Boys on bikes and me in a car behind them. We were heading to Belfast, to the Charter’s clubhouse, where we would stay.

It might seem a crazy idea, SAMCRO family crossing the ocean, but we had to do it. My nephew, Abel, was somewhere out there and we had to get him back. Jax, my big brother, and I had argued a lot about this trip, but since our mother couldn’t go she had sent me on her place. Gemma’s eyes and hears across the ocean while she was recovering in Charming. Chuck was with her at the hospital, taking care of mom, so she would get well soon.

Jax had said it would be dangerous for me to go with them, but another reason for him wanting me to stay in Charming was Juice. We had been dancing around each other for too long, having good and bad moments. Now we were in a bad one and nobody would stand our childish behavior while we had such an important mission. I had promised my brother I wouldn’t be a problem, but he wasn’t convinced. I packed and hopped on the plane anyway.

We finally arrived at the club and tried to get comfortable in the rooms they had ready for us. Unfortunately, we would have to wait a while to go after Abel, get information first. Mother Charter was visiting, so we would have a party that night and be able to enjoy our trip at least for that night.


Boys were having fun, drinking and smoking, and I was talking with a few old ladies. Not everything could be perfect though, if there were bikers around crow eaters would be there too, wearing practically nothing.

I had been watching Juice from afar, thinking in maybe break my promise to Jax and try to talk to him. The chances for the talk turn into an argument were high, both of us stubborn, no admitting what we were feeling for each other. He was drinking, watching the fight and not looking at me, not even once. I could live with that, we were childish that way, but when a crow got close to him, I lost it.

She was blond and had this pink bra on, though it was a little bit cold that night. She pulled Juice away from the fight, starting to give him a lap dance. He was watching her, biting his lip and I got angry. We weren’t a couple, we were two idiots arguing all the time, seeing who would give up first; Juice with his insecurity and fear of my brother or me with my stubbornness. I thought about called it a night and go to my bedroom, but then he glanced at me. I lasted just a second, but it was enough for me to realize he was trying to make me jealous, letting her girl dance for him.

People were cheering because Jax would be the next to fight. Juice looked away to know what was happening and I got up, going to help my brother to get ready. The crow eater walked away, looking for another man to entertain since Juice wasn’t paying attention anymore, but I was still mad. I could probably punch someone too, I was as good as my brother fighting, I had learn from the best. Being around the man in the circle, watching the fight was no place for a lady, but nobody would dare to push the SAMCRO princess away. I smiled and cheered for my brother.

“I hope your brother is good”, someone said. I looked up and this handsome Irish was by my side, a young Son.

“He is”, I smiled and turned to watch the fight, then I noticed Juice. We were on opposites sides and he was looking at me. I quickly looked away, focusing on Jax. Clearly, Juice had seen the Irish talking to me. I smirked, it was time for him to get jealous. Two can play this game. I turned again to the man, “Do you wanna bet who will win?”

“Maybe”, he checked me out, smiling, “What are we betting?”

I smirked and moved closer, he smirked and rested his hand over my hip. I gasped when he pulled me to him. In the middle of the circle, Jax took a punch. The Irish leaned and whispered on my ear.

“Hmm, wanna think about that bet again lass?”, he nibbled my earlobe, “I think I have a chance to win this”

“No, you don’t”, Juice said next to us. He had been watching us, but I hadn’t noticed him leaving his place on the circle. They glared at each other and I pushed the Irish toward a table.

“Ignore him”, I purred. He sat and smirked, making me straddle him. I played along and tilted my head so he could have better access to my neck, he was kissing and grazing his teeth over my skin.

“Enough”, Juice barked and grabbed by wrist, putting me back on my feet.

“What the…?”, The Irish got up, angry and ready for a fight. Happy got between us, making him sit again. Even on Ireland, the Sons knew why his nickname was Tacoma Killer.

“Damn it Juice!”, I got rid of his grip and marched inside. He followed me, getting inside my bedroom.

“What the hell were you thinking?”, he barked, closing the door behind him “Letting some guy you don’t know touch you like that”

“It’s not your business”, I yelled and shoved him. Juice clenched his jaw and took a deep breath, glaring at me, “Why don’t you go back to that crow? You seemed to be enjoying the lap dance”

“That is not your business either”, Juice narrowed his eyes, talking a step closer to me, “She was dancing, I wasn’t touching her”

“Oh are you saying that what you were doing is different?”, I laughed, cocking my head to the side, “You are an asshole”

“That guy was all over you, you were making out in front of everybody!”, Juice raised his voice, his cheeks red with angry.

“At least he wasn’t scared of my brother!”, I snapped, making Juice walk backwards, “Damn it Juice! Jax knows, everybody knows we have been…whatever this is…or was…”, I sighed, “You should have realized by now that I’m not going anywhere, but you didn’t and maybe I should stop waiting”

“What do mean?”, Juice creased his brow, heaving.

“I mean…See other people”, I let my arms fall down my sides, tired.

“The hell you will”, he said between teeth and pushed me against the wall. He grasped my hips and claimed my lips in a possessive, hungry kiss. I scratched his scalp and he lifted me, my legs wrapping around him. I moaned on his mouth, tugging his kutte, “I’ll show who you belong to baby girl”

I smirked as he put me back on my feet and pushed Juice toward the bed. His eyes widened as he felt on the mattress and I straddled him, “No baby, I will show who YOU belong to”


Music was loud outside. Juice and I were laying on my bed, his fingers lazily tracing patterns over my back as I cuddled with him.

“Do you think someone will tell Jax?”, Juice suddenly asked, “That we came inside together?”

“Maybe. Maybe not”, I shrugged, closing my eyes and feeling happy for the first time in weeks, “Jax knows and he is okay with us. Well, he wasn’t happy at first, but he found out we weren’t together, he had time to think about it and understand”

“Damn, he must want to kill me”, Juice’s hand stopped and he cursed.

“Stop it Juice”, I propped my body up on my elbow to look at him, “He won’t kill you or punch you or kick you out of the club. Jax will live, believe me”

“Okay”, he smiled a little, “So… Are we together now?”

“Do you want us to be together Juice?”, I looked at him, being completely honest, “’Cause if you do… Then yes, we are together”

“I do”, Juice nodded and smiled wide, “I…Y-You know I have a lot to overcome, but…I want you, I can’t stay away from you anymore”

“Good”, I smiled and pecked his lips, “Since we are talking about things we want… How about…”, I slid my hand under the sheets and touched his cock, “A second round?”

“What if your brother come here looking for us?”, Juice asked, but he was getting hard again on my hand.

“Juice”, I pursed my lips.

“Sorry”, he shrugged. I rolled my eyes and got up, checking the door.

“Door is locked”, I laughed and laid in bed again. I uncovered Juice, biting my lip at the sight of him, “Now…Where were we?”

Your Royal highness

Day 3: Back to Middle ages

Alec POV

“Prince Alec your father desires to see you. He is at the dinning hall.”
“Tell him on my way” The servant ran off to tell my father. I knew what my dad wanted but I didn’t want to. He wants me to marry a princess even though he knows I do not like women. He warned me. I marry a princess or he will disown me. I don’t want to be disown but I do not desire to marry a women. If only Magnus was still here. Me and Magnus have been dating since a year ago. He was the families tailor. I fell in love with him when I laid my eyes on him. We would secretly meet in his room. But one day I had the idea that he should come to my room. We were laying in my bed together when my father walked in and caught us. My dad was furious. He ordered the guards to take Magnus to the dungeons. My poor Magnus. He looked so scared and I could do nothing to save him. That was a week ago. I haven’t seen him since that day. I hope he is okay and alive. I walk to the dining hall to confront my father. 

He is sitting on the end of the table. “Alexander please sit.”
“I rather stay standing. What do you want father?”
“I want you to get married Alexander. With a woman.” He said in a very calm voice.
“I will not get married with a woman. I will choose who I marry.” All i wanted to ask him of where Magnus was.
“You desire to marry that servant.” He said with disgust.
“His name is Magnus and I love him. Where is he?” I was starting to get annoyed.
“You won’t marry him and you will never see him again. I have ordered the guard to have him hanged. Our land does no accept people of his kind.”
No! not my Magnus. “No! You can not kill him.”
“I will and he is going to be executed right now.” My father gets up.
I don’t know what to do. There is only one way I can free him. Make a deal with my father. Before I can say anything, a guard runs in. “Your highness the servant has escaped!”
“What?! Who let him out?! I want him found and killed now!” My father is furious not. 
The guard nods and runs off. My Magnus is safe for now. I must find him before the guard find him. Before my father can say anything to me, I run off to the stables. 
“Alec wait!” I hear my sister Isabelle. I stop and look to her.
“Isabelle I have no time. I need to go.”
“Your going to go look for him. Aren’t you?” She says in a very serious voice.
“Yes I am. I do not care what everyone else cares. I love him.” 
She smiles. “Go find him. Here.” Isabelle hands me a bag. At that moment I knew.
“You were the one who set him free.” I was shocked.
“I saw how much you loved him. Without him you weren’t happy. Now go. Be with him. I love you Alec. He is at the house in the forest. The one where you and Jace played at when you were younger.” 
I hug Isabelle. “Thank you. I love you too. Take care of yourself.” I quickly run the rest of the way to the stables. I get on my horse and quickly ride to the house. All I could think about was my Magnus. I stop outside the front of the house. I get off and run inside the house. The house looks empty. “Magnus? Love it’s me. Please come out.” I hear no noise. Did Izzy lie to me?
“Alec?” Magnus walks out of the closet he was hiding in. He looks to me.
I quickly go to him and look at him to make she he was not hurt. His lip had a cut on it, his hair was messed up, he looked like he hasn’t slept, and his wrists are red. “Did they hurt you my love?”
“I’m fine Alec. Now that I am with you.” He smiles.
I smile and kiss him. My love is back with me and I will never leave his side. I won’t let him get hurt ever again. I swear on my life. 

Prince!Ashton - Part 5

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I wake up to find that Calum had left. I feel for him, it wasn’t often that he had dreams about Mila, but when he did it always broke him. I looked over to Ashton’s bed. He was peacefully asleep. He looks adorable. For such a strong man, he’s incredibly cute. He was curled into a ball, the sheet scrunched against his chest.

I tidied up my clothes that I had left on the floor last night. I hear Ashton yawn behind me. He slowly sits up, leaning his back against the wall as he woke up properly. “Good morning” I smile at him.

“‘morning” he groans with a small smile. His voice was raspy.

“How did you sleep?” I asked, trying to make pleasant conversation. I moved and sat down on the edge of my bed.

“Good… Can I ask you something?” the tiredness had disappeared from his voice I nod my head as I gesture for him to go ahead.

“Who was Calum talking about last night?”

So he did hear. I had a feeling he was awake. I didn’t say anything as Calum hates crying in front of other people and he needed to let it out. Sometimes Calum just needed a good cry to clear his mind of all the pent up emotions. I’m glad that Ashton’s asking me instead of Calum though. The last thing Calum needed was to relive those memories.

“Her name was Mila. When Calum’s family took me in, I quickly learned about his crush on her. She was only a few weeks older than Calum. Mila and I quickly became good friends, then I learned about her crush on Calum. It was a typical, they like each other but they don’t think the other feels the same. It was really cliché” I chuckle at the memory.

“Eventually they got together, they were together for around a year. No one could deny the love they shared, it was beautiful, they were happy. Calum knew he was going to marry her, he told me almost everyday.” I continue, the smile slowly fading from my lips as I thought about what came next.

“You know I said, Calum and I narrowly avoided being contracted?” I ask. Ashton nods his head.

“Well Mila wasn’t so lucky, she had turned eighteen the week before. Calum was due to turn a week later, but he was still seventeen when the guards came. Calum screamed, he was determined to go in her place, everyone knew he would happily die for her.”

“The guards wouldn’t listen as far as they were concerned she was of age, so they took her. They had to restrain Calum and knock him out so he wouldn’t follow.” 

“He was never the same after that. He has dreams now. It started as nightmares about how she died. But then it got worse, they changed to dreams about their lives together, like their wedding day, their children. It’s like they’re taunting him and it rips him up inside.” I finish.

I look over to Ashton. His lips were slightly parted in shock, his eyes held a sad expression.

“I had to stop him storming the castle, he was set to go out and kill the king the next day. If there was even a chance he could have done it I wouldn’t have stopped him, but I wasn’t going to let him get himself killed, especially as there was still a chance she could come back.”

“But she didn’t, I convinced him that she would have wanted him to look after those left behind, because we both knew that was the truth. She was such a kind soul and she was perfect for Calum.” I continued, I was on a roll now, and I was starting to get angry again. It was always the case when I thought about the past. Ashton didn’t ask, but I was on a rant now with no intention of stopping.  

“So that’s why I despise the royals. Not because they stood by as the children suffered in the orphanages. Not because they orphaned our village, and probably many others. But because they took away everything from a boy who deserves the world.”

Ashton’s POV

I felt guilty. Eventhough I didn’t know about any of this. My father has destroyed these people’s lives. Now I definitely can’t tell them who I am. Even if I try to convince them that I am unlike my father, I will still be the son of the man responsible for their misery.

I have no doubt that Calum would try to kill me. He threatened me if I hurt Y/N’s feelings. If he found out I was associated with the crown, the crown that took his beloved from him, he would undoubtedly try to kill me.

“Try not to mention it to Calum” Y/N’s voice breaks me from my thoughts. My eyes meet hers. “If he opens up to you about it great, but I don’t want to upset him, he’s been better recently, I don’t want him to fall back into the hole.” she says calmly.

I nod my head in understanding. I now understand that look in Calum’s eyes when he was talking about Y/N. ‘I know that look’ he had said. He must have known as that’s how he saw Mila.

It warmed my heart how caring Y/N was. She clearly cared about Calum, by the sounds of it they had been through a lot together. Y/N is truley amazing. Despite all that has happened, she is a symbol of hope for everyone in this village. 

She’s saved these children from what sounds like a life of misery and she’s saved Calum from himself. I knew my father, he was a paranoid man, he had at least five guards on him at all times. Calum would have been killed where he stood before he even got close to my father.

Y/N intrigues me. She’s strong. From what I have learned of her. She was orphaned age twelve, spent almost four years being effectively a slave, ran away, survived in a cave for about a week, had almost two years of happiness before all that was torn away, then spent two years caring for around thirty children so that they don’t end up where she did.

It’s as if she doesn’t let her own battles bother her. She’s too busy fighting everyone else’s to care.

She is selfless, kind and has the most caring soul. I can’t help but think she would make an amazing queen.

But that’s impossible. For that to happen I would have to tell her who I really am. But by doing that she would want nothing to do me. I don’t know what to do.

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I Can’t Loose You - Isaac Lahey Imagine

Request: Yaaaay thank you💖 So Isaac and the reader are like besties and they spent most of their time together (the reader is a human btw but she is like a genius and she is part of the pack) and she is talking to Isaac about life and stuff and he says “honestly I don’t think I’m ever falling in love” and stuff like that how love is a waste of time and like that haha and the reader is like “sure Lahey, I wanna see you later with somebody” joking but deeply hoping he is lying bc she has a massive crush
Part 2 haha: a massive crush on him (but she plays it cool) and one day they are walking around the woods doing some spy work and being awesome and she saves Isaac from getting stabbed or smt but she gets hurt, like really bad and Isaac takes her to the hospital and stays there with her (she passed out while bleeding) and she wakes up after some time and everything is back to normal but now Isaac as actions all weird in school (I’d love you if the reader says smt like “of course I’m in school…
Part 3: …just bc I almost bleed to dead doesn’t mean I’ll miss school”) and the reader basically kidnaps Isaac before getting to lacrosse practice and they go to a classroom and she starts questioning him for his odd behavior and he is like “you almost die how do you want me to act? You are my anchor and idk what I’d do without you, you are the one who keeps me sane, in that hospital i almost lost you, I’m sorry but I’m in love with you…” And a lot of fluff about how much they are in love

A/N: ok… So this was a MASSIVE REQUEST but it was WORTH IT, so, I took my time to do this the best as possible. Hope you like that!

WARNINGS: the word “shit” and some ortography fails :)

MASTERLIST (updated)

You are in your room, Isaac laing on your bed with some textbooks and pens. You are sitting on your chair desk while writing some stuff on your planer. Isaac just stares at the ceiling and he doesen’t say anithing. “You okay?” You ask. Since you two were little kids, Isaac and you were besties. Always playing together, laughing,… The thing Isaac don’t knows is that you had a Massive Crush on him since high school. He made a really big change. You never say that to anybody because you were afraid of ruining your friendship with him and also, you didn’t wanted to ask him because, who knows, hecould send you to the friendzone and that would be awkward and sad. “Yeah, everything okay, just, thinking” he says without movng his eyes, that they were staring at the cieling. “Bout’ what?” You say. He is your best friend, probably he had a problem or something, and, we know, Isaac Lahey is really shy when it comes to feelings and confessions… He takes a deep breath and says “I-I don’t know, future things in general I guess” “Like what?” This wasn’t studying, but you wanted to know. “Do you thing you’re going to fall in love and that stuff?” you blush, the thing you wanted to say was ‘of course you idiot! I been falling for you since freshman year!’ But of course, you shuted up and say a simple “I don’t know, do you?” to response.  He looks at you and says “No, I don’t think so.” “Why do you say that?” You ask “Cause honnestly, I don’t think I’m ever falling in love” you wanted to cry and eat ice cream, like he just broke up with you. Now you knewed taht you didn’t have any chance to be with him, since he didn’t love anybody. Before, you thinked that you could have some chances wiht him, since every girl who wanetd to flirt with him, Isaac didn’t wanted to, you thinked that maybe he was waiting for someone special. But now, now you have a clear mind and idea of his love life. you try to play cool and you ask “But why do you think that? Because there’s no cute girl in high school doesen’t mean that you couldn’t fall in love for someone later.” He continues staring at you and he sits correctly, since he was laying on the bed. “I don’t know, I just thing love is a waste of time, you are always thinking about that special person, and valentine’s day? Oh, valentine’s day, all material stuff.” He was talking with a really serious tone, so, you didn’t think for a moment he was lying, but of course, you couldn’t know that since you weren’t any supernatural stuff. “Sure Lahey, I wanna see you later with somebody” you joke and smile at him. He looks at you and moves his eyebrow like he was thinking. Ater some sconds of awkward silence, you decide to cut that off and you say “Anyways, what about if we study for the test of tomorrow? Well, if you study the test since you were doing anything.” He smirks and comes to the desk and you start studying.
You help Isaac for the test that you guys haved tomorrow and when he understands the lesson, he leaves, but, before leaving through the window he waves at you and say a “See ya”. It was tomorrow, test day! Great. (It’s, it’s not great) the only thing that was great, it was the fact that it was friday. You get up et ready eat breakfast,… And you leave. You go to the school inside Stile’s jeep since he is your neighbour and, he had a car. While you two make the way to the school, you decide to talk after some minutes of silence “So, um… You ready for the test?” You make a fake smile “W-what test?” He makes a surprised face looking at you very quick but then looking again to the road “You know, maths test?” His jaw drops and he slaps a hand on its face “Crap.” “You didn’t remembered the test Stiles? It’s really easy, you’ll see, it’s just that homework we had a week ago, but with diferent exercices.” You try to calm him down “the thing is, I also didn’t made that homework…” “Oh,” you didn’t know what to do, so you shut up “By the way, are you and Isaac a couple yet? Cause I see that boy every day leaving out of the windowof your room…” You put a horrified-face and you start to blush. “What? He doesen’t come everyday, he just comes mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, tuesdays and thursdays has lacrosse trainings” you said that like if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Oh, of course, I’m sorry ms.Lahey” he teases and you hit him (jocking) in the arm “Oh c'mon, we’re just friends mr.Martin” you tease “Hey!” “Okay,okay, I’m sorry” you smile and you two make the way to the school. After the last bell rings, you go directly to isaac’s locker to wai for him. Two minutes after, he arries and says a “Hey, rad for the pack meeting?” “Oh, crap, i almost forgot that!” You say. Today was friday, and like every friday you had pack meetings… Cooooool. (It’s, it’s not cool) isaac and you go together walking to scott’s and start the pack meeting. “Okay guys, so, we have to go to the woods. Again.” Scot says like a total true alpha (okay that was a lot srry) “Ok, so, with ho are we going today?” Isaac asks while he puts his scarf “Oh, wait scarf-boy, we still need to make the plan” stiles says with a sarcastic tone and isaac just ignores him, he is used to that. “I found some hunters, and they are killing every werewolf that they found, so we must be carefull.” Scott says with a worried tone. “Perfect. Now, with who are we going?” Isaac asks again “why do you care so much?” Lydia asks him “well, cause last time i needed to go with stiles, and, well, he runs really slow. I needed to be behind him al the time. We arrived the last ones.” Scott starts to think and you decide to interrupt “So, what if I go with you Isaac? I mean, I am in the track team, i run faster than stiles, and stiles can stay with lydia at the car while they wait for us. And you scott, can go see the 'boss’ of that hunters and kic his ass” everone was staring at you with a surprsed face. “Wow, next time can she be the alpha?” Stiles ask but everyone ignores hi and the pack start getting ready. The pairings were: isaac and you, scott alone, and stiles and lydia. You arrive at the woods and everyone starts etting ready. While you and isaac start to walk in the woods, searching for the hunters, an arrow flies and hits a tree that was really close to you and isaac. You two turn around and see two hunters that wanted to kill you two. Isaac’s eyes glow yellow and with a swift movement his claws appear from his hands. You start to fight one, and isaac the other. When you finally kill him, you see isaac that he continues fighting the hunter so you o help him. While you go, you see that the hunter has arrows with wolfsbane so you decide to take his bow. He was really quick and before you could do anything he shots an arrow to isaac. You run as fast as you can for saving him, and you did, but the arrow stabbed your stomach. You start to see everything blurry, the only thing you hear is Isaac yelling at you but you don’t understand what he says cause of the eco that is in your mind. Isaac brings you to the hospital, now unconscious from what happened. After hours of surgery, eerything should be okay. Youa re resting at the hosital bed and isaac is watching you, tears falling from his face while he is sitting with a chair next to you. Next day (it was Saturday), you wake up and the first thing you see is a sleepy isaac lahey sleeping on the chair. You wake him up and you ask with a really soft tone “What happened?” Nothing but one second right after you say that, he opens hs eyes and he puts a surprised face and he doesen’t doubt but hug you “I-I was thnking i was about to loose you Y/N” he says with a broken voice. “Well, you see me here” you smile at him. Next monday you were really successfully healed and evrything was back to normal, well, not everything, Isaac Lahey wasn’t back to normal. When you guys had class together, he never seated with you, at lunch he never was next to you, and stuff like that. He was acting really distant and weird. The last class of the day was economics with coach. Right after you enter in the class coach stops you and he asks you “What are you doing here Y/N Y/L/N?” “I-I’m going to class.” He looks at you with a surprised face and he says “Wait are you in school? Afetr what happened the other day? I heard that from the news or something” “Of course I’m in school, just because I almost died doesen’t me I’m not going to the school…” “Wow, you’re a surviver. It happened the same at me once.” He tells you. The class starts and as always, Isaac doesen’t talk to you.
The class finish, but before leaving, isaac, isaac lahey talks to you for the first time. “Y/N, today we have an extra training at Lacrosse, I’m not going to your house today. Sorry” he wasn’t even loocking at you, he was loocking at the floor like a little kid. “Sure”. Before he could go downstairs to the locker’s room, you take his arm and push him towards the first empty class you see. You close the dorr and you stop him from leaving. He seats on a table and starts playing with his fingers. “We need to talk Isaac” you say while you cross your arms. “About?” He asks ike nothing happened “Look, I just want to know why do you never sit, talk, or be with me because I’m getting tired of this shit” “You almost died, how do you want me to act?” You’re hallucinating “um, i don’t know isaac, like you care?!” You started getting really mad “Are you serious right now Lahey? Cause I swear-” “You almost died there Y/N, you’re my anchor and i don’t know what i’d do without you. You’re the one who keeps me sane. In that hospital I almost lost you, I’m sorry but I love you” he was standing up when he was saying that and you didn’t know how to react. You walk towards him and you kiss him. When you just press his lips against his he throws his lacrosse back at the floor and he puts his hands on your cheeks. You move your hands, one on his neck and the other making the way to his perfect blond (kinda) curls. “Do you really need to go to the freakin’ lacrosse practice?” “Nope” “Good” that was one of your best mondays. At the end of all maybe he was actually waiting for someone 'special’.

-Hope You Liked That! Request Are Open <3-

I will say this again, I love Edward Nygma. He is in so much pain right now and I can understand how he is feeling. He must be feeling so many emotions right now.

Ed doesn’t trust people anymore, especially after he thought Jim just felt pity for him and wasn’t actually his friend. So it was a big deal for him to feel safe around Oswald, he thought he found a friend who didn’t pity him. He found someone he loves, someone who didn’t see him as a freak or a waste of space, someone who loved him back. For once, Ed felt wanted.

What Oswald did was horrible, I am sorry, but it was. He killed someone out of jealousy and he lied. For Ed to finally feel safe around someone and suddenly they lie to you? That hurts.

Edward grew up with being bullied in school and having no friends. When he went home his parents abused him, they made him feel like he was stupid and worthless. That was Ed’s childhood, that was his life. Abuse.

So how do you think someone who grew up with that would react to being betrayed? I am sure Ed is feeling like he is a kid again, feeling like he can’t trust anyone again.

Oswald was his anchor, Oswald was his guardian angel in a way.

But the most painful part, is he can’t hate him. Yes that is right, Ed doesn’t hate him and never can hate him. It doesn’t work like that, you can’t just hate someone you loved and cared about. Once you love someone, it is so very hard to hate them. You want to, but you can’t. Ed can hate Jim, Ed can hate Butch. But this is different, this is so different. This is Oswald.

Tonight we will see Ed struggle with this. Will he do something he’ll regret? Will we see him completely lose his sanity? Will he protect Oswald? Will we see a flicker of emotion on his face that shows he still cares? I don’t know, and we can’t predict what will happen.

But I do know, this episode will be amazing.

To Build A Home - Gabriel x Reader

Character: Gabriel
Warnings: A couple of light swears; reader’s a bit very stressed and anxious.
Genre: Fluff, then angst, then fluff again. I really don’t know about this, it was meant to be happy I swear I don’t have the slightest idea of what happened send heeeelp
Word Count: 2404
Angels are warriors of the Lord. Archangels are Heaven’s most terrifying weapon.
A particular heavenly being, then, prefers to visit humans and cheer them up with candy and ice cream.
Note: As I said a few lines above, this was meant to be happy. I swear. I didn’t mean to make it this sad. WHY IS WRITING SO HARD EEEK
Aaaas usual, I’m sorry for any eventual mistake; I should really study english more carefully instead of babbling around latin like I could write reader inserts in it. //hides//
Kinda a sequel of To Unbearable Brothers, if you want, but absolutely not necessarily. ~
Hope you like this!

Everything he had done had been appearing behind you, without even bothering to be silent. A normal human being would have heard the sound of his wings flapping, but you’d been studying so hard on your books that, if World War III had broken out, you would have hardly noticed it. So, when the Archangel had popped out just behind you and, without making his presence evident or greeting you, had started talking to you like he’d been there for the whole afternoon, you didn’t really have the best of reactions. Like, at all. But, if you ignored the fact you’d basically screamed loud enough to wake the entire hotel, pulled out the gun from the drawer beside you and turned around with the weapon held firmly and with the safety lock already off, all this in like two seconds – well, your reaction didn’t look so bad. Right?
«SHIT!», you cried out, throwing the pistol on the bed and diving your head into your hands. You ran your fingers through your (H/C) locks, sighing and trying to regain composure, breathing deeply. «Gabriel, what the hell? I could have shot you!», you screamed, cheeks flushing red for the sudden wave of adrenaline. He smirked, faking a scared expression.
«Boo hoo!», he playfully said, rolling his eyes. «How dangerous. That’d have been a terrible ouchie».

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Christmas Scenes (3 of 3)

Mod Lenny: Murtagh on the Ridge AU

“Christ,” Murtagh muttered under his breath as their carriage pulled into the courtyard at Jared’s. It was eerie to see how little had changed in the city in twenty years.

“Aye,” Jamie agreed then grinned as Jared came out to meet them. “I’m afraid we’ll no be staying more than a week or two,” he told his cousin after sharing a brief embrace. “It’s a time sensitive matter we’re about ye ken.”

“Of course,” Jared said with a nod. “Ye have the full disposal of whatever resources I possess. I only ask ye agree to share yer Christmas feast wi’ me. I dinna usually have family near at this time of year and as ye’ll be gone ‘fore Hogmanay…”

“I think we can manage that,” Claire said, stepping forward to greet Jared.

“You, cousin, are in trouble for no coming to see me in the whole time ye lived in France since me in the whole time ye lived in France since last we met,” Jared scolded good-naturedly. “Might ha’ been able to clear this misunderstanding about yer husband up sooner.”

“I didn’t want to risk your safety,” she said quickly by way of excuse. But Jared had already moved on to instructing the servants in moving their trunks into the house.

Claire spotted Murtagh gazing around the courtyard as though searching for something… or someone. She followed Jamie and Jared into the house but an idea had taken root.

“Murtagh,” Claire pulled him aside after dinner several days later.

“Have ye the list of necessaries for me to fetch ye? Jamie seemed to think ye’d want to get them yerself,” he said in reference to the folded paper in her hands.

“Oh… I’ve already got most of what I need. This is actually a little Christmas present for you, Mr. Scrooge,” she said with a smile.

“Mr. who?” he asked warily.

“Nevermind. I wanted to thank you––” he frowned at her as she held the paper out for him to take. “I do,” she insisted. “I want to thank you for watching over Jamie. I don’t want to think about what might have happened to him if he hadn’t had you with him.”

Reluctantly, Murtagh took the paper and unfolded it. His eyebrows shot to his graying hairline and he tried to give the paper back to Claire.

“No,” she insisted. “It’s yours. You can use it or not but I thought you should at least know.”

With a smile, she walked away leaving Murtagh looking baffled and uncertain.

Murtagh stood at the corner watching people going in and out of the inn. Raucous laughter reached him periodically and brought him a few steps closer to the door but he would inevitably slip back into the shadows. As night fell, he couldn’t deny the need to go in from the cold and get something warm in his stomach. With a deep breath and a silent prayer, he tacked himself onto a large group entering the inn and slipped through the door. There was an empty table in the corner–probably because of how far it was from both the fire and the counter–but it suited his purposes well.

A young woman came to tend him bringing ale and a bowl of stew. He settled in to keep watching while he ate.

He heard her before he saw her–her laugh hadn’t changed in twenty years. Setting his spoon aside, he hastily patted at his hair and wiped any stray bits of food from his mustache and beard.

She was rounder and her hair had gone quite gray but she had the same jolly dimples and rosy cheeks, the same laughter and mischief in her eyes.

She smiled when she saw him watching her. He flushed and looked down at his half-finished stew.

“Bonjour monsieur,” her bubbly voice chirped from beside him a moment later. “Is everything to your liking?” she inquired in French.

She didn’t recognize him. And why should she? It had been twenty years and for a man of his age they had been particularly rough years.

“Oui, madame,” he responded gruffly and dared look up to meet her eye.

Her hand shot out to touch his arm.

He peered up at her again hesitantly.

“Monsieur Murtagh?” There were tears shining in her eyes and a broad smile on her reddening face.

“Ye remember me then,” Murtagh observed, switching inadvertently back to English.

She sat down opposite him, her hands coming up to cover her face momentarily before she giggled helplessly. “Of course I remember you, mon soldat. I thought you had been killed! Monsieur Jared did not hear of you again and what he heard of Milord Broch Tuarach…” Her smile faded. “He was put to prison some years ago–”

“He’s out now,” Murtagh interrupted Suzette. “I’m here wi’ him and Claire. It was Claire who found ye and suggested I come. I hope ye dinna mind the visit.”

“Non! Of course not. You must thank Milady Claire for me. I understand correct that you will not be long in Paris?”

“A little over a week more,” he informed her. “But Claire will want to see ye 'fore we leave. Ye’ll be busy wi’ yer family and patrons here on Christmas I expect, but perhaps the day after?”

“Oui,” Suzette agreed quickly. “For such an old friend, I can get away. I 'ave not been to see Monsieur Fraser since I married.”

“Yer husband will no mind–” Murtagh sputtered. Of course she had married after he’d left; she hadn’t wanted to be a lady’s maid forever.

“I am widowed now,” she told him somberly. “But I have mon fils to help me with the inn.”

“I want ye to know… I never meant to leave so…”

“Je connais,” she told him. “I tried to stop Milady… I have never found another lady to serve like Milady Claire. It was difficult to see her and Milord go. When Pierre asked me to come with him to run the inn…”

“So ye’re truly no sorry I came to see ye?”

“Truly,” she assured him with a smile. “It is a lovely surprise in time for Christmas.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Mod Liv: When Claire Met Jamie

The car is too damn cold. It’s an unbearable, freeze-your-ass-off kind of cold that turns her discomfort into something solid. She cradles it to her chest, eyes darting between the silhouetted driver and the fogging window. Breathes deeply, in, out, in, out. Goosebumps paw at her shirt collar, spreading down her neck and straight to her…

Fingertips. Which are much too close to Jamie’s arm. Quickly, she puts her hands in her lap, stares at them until their fidgeting stills. She is daring them to misbehave, to leap back towards that single spot of warmth right beside the crook of his elbow. In, out, in, out.

“D’ye like this song?” Jamie asks, head bopping to the music. As impervious as he is to the temperature, so he is to the melody. It’s a halting, jarring sound that reaches her through the wail in the wind. Claire shrugs, and lets him turn the volume dial, if only to drown out his tuneless humming.

Of course, she thinks. Of course she would find herself in a freezing car, its driver tone-deaf and ignorant to proper heating. And of course, he’d be sexy, kind – and funny to boot.

Thank God she’s made arrangements to drive back to London with Joe.

“Do you mind?” she asks, pointing towards the backseat. Jamie’s jacket lies there, wrinkled among a pile of junk. Knowing next to nothing about him – save that he doesn’t mind sub-degree weather, is her chemistry partner’s brother, and is smugly attractive – she can only assume the clutter means something sinister. Is he a hoarder? Perhaps a one-hundred-year-old vampire (so as to explain the temperature tolerance)?

“Och aye, go ahead,” Jamie replies. Claire reaches back, grabs the coat, and tucks herself into his smell. L’Eau de College Boy: sweat, dirty laundry, and something else she can’t quite place. Like the air way up in the clouds, where the mountain peaks scrape the sky. If high altitude had a distinctive smell, she thinks, it would be this suffocating, piney musk now seeping into her bones.

“So Jenny tells me you’ve no’ been to Edinburgh in some time,” he says.

“That’s putting it mildly.” 

He makes a Scottish noise.

“Is there a reason for that? 

The car flits in and out of the streetlights, painting Jamie’s face in orange. For the first time, Claire notices just how blue his eyes are. Slanted a bit, like a cat’s, and divided by a long, straight nose that could cut the tension in the air.

“Yes. I try to avoid Scotland as much as possible.”

“Ye don’t like Scotland?” 

“It’s…” Rainy, bloody cold, filled with whisky. All of these things could describe this rolling, green country and yet the one that comes to the front of her mind is: lonely.

Jamie looks ahead, the slick black tongue of the street slipping under the car. In the distance, windows flicker like fireflies in the night, reminders that she and Jamie aren’t the only ones in the world. A billboard, paint chipping and drained by the sun, advertises a “FITZ’S DINER, 20KM AHEAD.” Its pictured plate of eggs, so faded as to be nearly white, makes Claire’s stomach rumble.

Another flash of yellow-orange whips through the car, and she sees that Jamie is smiling.

“Yer hungry.” 

“I’m fine.”

“Well, yer stomach just woke the entire country.” He taps his fingers against the steering wheel. One-two-three, one-two-three. She finds it infuriating.

“Will you stop that?” she snaps, but he continues to play the three-note rhythm against the leather. Ba-bump-bump, ba-bump-bump like the erratic beating of a heart. 

“Will ye eat wi’ me?”

“I said I’m not hungry.” 

“I wasna asking you. I was asking the growling demon inside yer stomach.” 

As if appreciative of Jamie’s acknowledgement, Claire’s gut rumbles, louder this time. She presses closer to the door, the handle pushing into her back like a schoolyard bully (You scared, Beauchamp?).

“The bansidhe has spoken,” Jamie says. Another smile. She wants to slap it off his face, fears he’d maybe lose control, crash headlong into the fence post. And then what? She’d be stuck out here – with him – and so she stares at her hands again. In, out, in, out. 

“Dinna fash, wee Nessie,” he teases, pointing at her belly. “We’ll stop at Fitz’s diner. Should only be another twenty minutes.”

“But they only serve breakfast.”

“Aye. So?”

“I don’t like breakfast.”

“Ye don’t like breakfast?”


“So first ye don’t like Scotland, and now ye don’t like breakfast?”

“I didn’t say I don’t like Scotland – I said I try to avoid it.”

“Oh, of course. Forgive me for no’ seeing the difference.” 

Claire sits up. This, at least, she can work with. An argument would be a distraction and so she welcomes the creep of an oncoming flush. The goosebumps cower beneath the heat, and she casts Jamie’s jacket aside.

“You can avoid something, but still like it.”

“You can? Can ye give me an example?” 

She could. Claire could explain exactly what she means: how she always avoids Scotland but still finds its ambling hills, its pastures stretching into nothing and nowhere, undeniably beautiful. But that as Jamie’s Volkswagen winds along these roads and takes these turns, she can’t help but imagine another car. On a New Years Eve fifteen years before, it drives the same winding trail, but finds slicker footing. Its passengers – her parents – dead before the car could screech into her uncle’s driveway, take Claire home.

Too many memories, Scotland. And yet here she was – in Jamie’s car, bumbling towards her uncle’s cottage, whom she hadn’t seen in – what? – five years? Anything to avoid the now-empty side of the bed, the men’s razor blades behind the bathroom mirror. Anything to avoid Christmas on University of London’s abandoned campus. 

“An example…” Claire says, stalling for time. Her eyes drift to Jamie’s face again, made sharper by the shadows. Her insides twist with hunger, though this time, it’s not for the billboard’s pale and peeling eggs.

“You,” she offers.


“Yeah. You’re all right and all, but I’ll probably avoid you after this. A second encounter?” She gives an exaggerated shiver.

“All because I’m forcing you to eat breakfast food in Scotland?”

“Because this is weird,” she replies. She uses her hands to encompass his cramped Volkswagen, the beer cans and the collection of odds-and-ends in the back. “A road trip with a complete stranger. Spending so much time in this little space.” She watches for Jamie’s reaction, but he gives nothing away. So she repeats, quietly this time: “It’s weird, y’know? Once we get to Edinburgh, you’ll know too much.”

“Why? Because yer so forthcoming wi’ information about yerself?”

“Well, we haven’t gotten to that part of the trip yet,” she says, so matter-of-fact. Despite herself, she realizes that she enjoys the way her words make his lips curl at the corners. Just so, a comma pressing against his mouth. Like he’s easy with his smiles but doesn’t want to be, chooses to hold his place and pause, so as to save the real thing for something (or someone) special.

“And which part of the trip is that?” Jamie says, brows raised.

“The part where we get sleepy, then too honest with each other. We start asking personal questions – “Tell me about your family”, “What are your dreams for the future?” All that bloody nonsense. Then we take a crash course in each other’s love lives and discuss the merits of marriage, before making a hard right into theology.”

“And what about the meaning of life? The Big Bang Theory vs. Creationism?” 

“Oh, that’ll all come eventually.” Claire leans closer to him, mind filling in the features cloaked in darkness. She imagines the freckles dotting his cheek, a smattering of tiny stars she could connect with kisses. “Eventually, one of us will probably start to cry…”

“You, definitely,” he says. “And tomorrow ye willna mention it – because you’re embarrassed. And I’ll no say anything, either – because I won’t ken what to say.”

“Exactly. You see? Weird. Too personal in such a short span of time.” 

“Ye seem to have thought about this quite a bit. D’ye go on road trips wi’ strangers often?” 

“No,” she says. “Another thing I try to avoid.”

“Yer not very good at avoiding things ye want to avoid.”

“Well, there are certain things I want to avoid more than others. Can’t avoid everything. I have to prioritize.” Again, she sees that overturned car, then the empty shelves that once belonged to Frank. Then, finally, Lamb beside the fire and a silence that doesn’t make her sad. She sighs. “Plus, I don’t have a car – I’d be by myself on Christmas. And Jenny promised you’d pay for gas as long as I convinced you to shave your beard.” 

Ach, I understand now.” The comma grows, a promise of more. “Yer willing to suffer a road trip, pancakes, and Auld Sang Lyne so that you dinna have to remember how alone ye are. Frank left you, no?”

Excuse me?” she cries, startled. “You leave Frank out of this!”

Jamie clucks his tongue.

“We’ve reached that part of the trip, lass. By my estimations, we’ll zoom through your love life – not much there anyways, aye? Then we’ll discuss how ye dinna believe in God in approximately 33 minutes. Does that fit your road trip schedule?”

“No, it doesn’t. Because in approximately 33 minutes, you’ll be abandoned on the side of the road, and I’ll be driving away in your car. Laughing.”

“I’d bet five-hundred quid that ye canna drive a stick shift,” he replies, making a show of changing the gears. “And I’d pay five hundred quid to see you try.”

Claire harrumphs and turns away, watching the faint outlines of the mountaintops blur by. She glances sideways, back at him, and sees that he’s still drumming his fingertips. The thump-thump of it reverberates throughout the car, rattles her insides until her words fall out of her mouth.

“…How do you know about Frank?”

“Jenny told me,” he says eventually. So soft, as if he knows he’s treading murky waters. 

And he’s right to do so, of course. Nothing is murkier than the water streaming from your showerhead, pooling around the naked bodies of your boyfriend and his ex. Frank and his dull brown eyes, his balding hair, his endless litanies about familial ties. Frank – having sex with another girl in Claire’s own bloody shower. (Granted, perhaps the waters had always been murky. It wasn’t until recently that she thought his eyes anything but wise, his hair anything but soft, and his intelligence anything but sexy.)

“He’s an ass,” Jamie continues. “The way he always raises his hand in class, thinks he kens everything? Better off wi’out him. Actually, yer better off punching him in the face – if ye dinna mind me saying so.”

“You don’t punch your friends in the face.”

“Ye don’t cheat on yer friends either.” Jamie shakes his head and his shoulders tense, but if he’s angry at her or on her behalf, Claire can’t tell. “Ye can’t be friends wi’ him, Claire. It’s impossible. It isn’t healthy.” 

He’s right. She knows he’s right, but all she can think to do is argue.

“We were together for five years. Of course I’ll still be friends with him!” She brings her knees to her chest, sets her chin against them. A quiet, petulant mutter: “And who are you to say what’s good for me? You don’t even know me.”

“Aye, we’ve established that already. But it doesna take someone who kens ye well to see that you need to move on.”

“Well, if it were that easy I wouldn’t be in this freezing box on my way to a greasy plate of eggs. With you.”

“Luckily, I can help you.” 

“Oh, really? How so?” 

“Weel, isn’t it obvious? You’ve no been wi’ anyone except the dull, have-ye-heard-about-my-ancestors Frank Randall. You need to understand what you’ve been missing.”

Claire slams her feet against the floor and crosses her arms, defensive.

“So you’re saying that –

“Aye, that ye need a good shag. And no,” he says, shushing her oncoming protests, “ye canna tell me that Frank managed anything but a few wee thrusts in the missionary position.”

“Ugh!” Claire says, recoiling. “Don’t be crass.” 

“Yer only proving my point further, lass.”

“You have a point? I didn’t know you were capable of that.”

“Yer too uptight. Yer in desperate need of a good fuck.”

“Stop it. Stop talking. This entire situation has just gotten weirder, thanks to you.”

“I’m only saying that I’d be happy to oblige ye and  – ” 

I know what you were saying,” Claire spits, but her body is tingling, yearning and electrified. It’s all she can do to avert her eyes, keep her hands to herself and her mind in this car instead of the private room at Mackenize’s B&B (“ONLY £15!” the passing sign shouts).

“For the record, I don’t trust men who come onto vulnerable women.”

“You’re feeling vulnerable?”

“I’m trapped inside this car with you, aren’t I? Nowhere to go. And you’re hitting on me.”

“I’m no’ hitting on you,” he replies.

“Right. You’re propositioning me. Like I’m some sort of prostitute.”

“So much hostility,” he says, laughing. “You really do need to loosen up.”

She glares at him.

“Ye ken I would never touch you – or any woman – without their consent, right? I might have two months’ worth of beard, but I’m no’ a heathen.”

“I’m definitely going to avoid you after this.” She has to insult him further to keep herself from smiling. “And I like you a little bit less now. All your fault.”

“Well, I’m sorry for being too honest. But for the record, I dinna trust women who dinna like Scotland and breakfast.”

“More’s the pity.”

“Aye. Guess we canna be friends.”

“Mmm, I guess not.” 

He resumes his steering-wheel drumbeat then asks, wryly:

“…So you’ll really never talk to me again?”

“Nope.” Claire presses her forehead against the window. The loneliness of the country closes around her, heavy and thick. She sighs. “It’s a shame, really. Besides my uncle, you were the only person I knew in Scotland.”

Claire knows without looking at him that the comma has lifted, that he’s smiling, full-on and beautiful, into the night.

“Nay matter,” Jamie replies. “Yer horrible at avoiding things you want to avoid. Remember?”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Mod Eloise: Christmas Lamb

[Takes place a good many years before Claire tumbles through the Stones]

*clink* A small brass Celtic knot vanished from Lamb’s table. A soft pitter-patter of tiny feet hinted at the thief.

Curious, Lamb followed his recently-acquired 6 year-old niece. He’d decided to keep her relatively close to home - in spite of her acceptance of his proposal of travel - joining his friend’s dig in Scotland.

He kept a ways behind so as not to startle the little explosion of curls that scampered ahead of him. The diminutive brown cloud turned into their kitchen-dining room, which also served them as a sort of sitting room, tent space being rather limited.

Next to the armchairs he’d nestled between the dining table and the taller table that served as a counter stood one of the old Celtic pots they’d gleefully uncovered and painstakingly re-assembled quite early in the dig. Claire had put a very small Scots pine sapling in it. 800 years old. 800 YEARS OLD and it now had a very mucky tree in it. Goodness, what was he going to say to Hubert.

A little impact with his legs and a soft thud brought him out of his shock. Claire had threaded the knot onto the tree and was clearly turning back for more treasures. She stared up at him guiltily, her golden eyes Julia’s golden eyes gone wide with surprise and the cogs in her brain visibly shifted into high gear, just as Henry’s had.  

Modelling himself after what he’d seen of Henry and Julia’s parenting, he placed his hands on his hips and looked down at her. “Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, would you like to explain what it is you’re doing, and why you’ve seen fit to muddy an ancient piece of pottery, not to mention the brasswork?”

“It’s a Christmas tree, Uncle!” She explained, the excitement that had lit her eyes at the start of his question having been swiftly extinguished once his irritation had become apparent. “And I’m decorating it.” Her little chest, puffed up with pride at her work, deflated. “Was decorating it.” She looked at her shoes “The vase was muddy when you took it out of the ground in any case.”

A fresh wave of sorrow crashed over Quentin Lambert. In his mind’s eye, juxtaposed next to the despondent Claire of his present, were images from the past five years of the same happy child with her parents, next to a tree, adorning the front of a card that would invariably find him every Christmas, regardless of his current location. Evidently she remembered those too; remembered the tree and the decorations, and probably also her parents puttering around behind her. This would be her first Christmas without them.

Desperately trying to rekindle the excitement he’d so oafishly shattered, Lamb knelt down to her level. “Darling, my apologies, that was harsh of me.” The small chin tilted back up, hopeful. “I’m afraid we can’t use that particular, er, vase, but I promise I’ll get you another, and you can come with me to get some decorations for it as well.” The large gold eyes glowed with joy once more, sorrow forgotten. “Thank you, Uncle Lamb!”

Gingerly, he removed the Celtic knot - no damage done, thank God - and explained to Claire why they must wipe it to remove any juices the plant may have left of it. She then helped him transplant the sapling into a cooking pot, and showed her how to clean the old Celtic vase (as she stubbornly called it).

The 25th rolled around faster than it ever had in Lamb’s living memory, and he found himself awake in the early-morning darkness, with a shockingly enthusiastic child running this way and that making cocoa she’d somehow gotten her hands on.

Conscious of her assumption that every non-cooking pot was a vase, Lamb had purchased a large blue vase in town that Claire had thoroughly approved of, as well as some tinsel and candles to adorn the tree.

Claire had been ecstatic, and enthusiastically set to work on the decorations, using the tinsel that remained after carefully looping it around the tree to adorn all the archeologists’ hats.

“And then we light the pudding on fire!” Claire was explaining, settling into the chair beside Lamb and snapping him back to the present. He laughed, remembering the plum puddings of his childhood and how they’d thrilled Henry. “That you do, but shall we wait until the others wake to give it a go?”

The mass of curls went into a flurry, seeming to indicate assent.

Lamb sipped his cocoa and let her descriptions of what was proper to do at Christmas envelop him. He looked over at her chattering form, and was startled to find he felt massively relieved.

Ever since he’d received the horrid news and had a tot thrust upon him, he’d felt completely and utterly out of his depth. He’d never wanted children, nor had he any clue what to do with them. Claire’s lingering sorrow and the early queries about her parents had done nothing to assuage his fear, nor the guilt of inadequacy he so often felt around her.

Yet now her face was the picture of joy, just as it had been on those old cards. It warmed Lamb to the core to know that in this at least, he’d managed to do right by all that remained of his brother and sister-in-law.

Why am I not seeing this?

“I think Eugene was meant to die in this episode, i mean his arc had finished, he’d revealed the truth and now everyone was angry at him. He has no purpose left, and no place left to go as a character. What use is he now? And he was unconscious for a whole episode, clearly that face-first fall could have killed him. I think Josh must have thrown a fit when he found out he was being killed off, and begged them not to kill him, maybe even offered sexual favours. So they killed Beth off instead. OMG I hate Josh, I am going to watch just for Eugene dying.”

Why are there no posts like this? It says a whole lot about the motives when the ONLY kind of posts like this are about MMB and Carol.