i found a tutorial i wanted to try

I wanted to try a new watercolour sketchbook I bought recently for my plein-air painting. I did a simple sketch this time with my lightweight Holbein set in a style similar to concept-art works found in Studio Ghibli art-books.

 I painted this based on a photo of a tea house located in a Japanese garden belonging to a hotel located near my house (It’s a shame I can not paint there).  You can see the painting process in the making-of video but to make things short I did not like how the paper worked with the watercolours really much. In the end to “save” the picture I decided to use ink on top of the watercolours to give it a little bit of depth.

Technical stuff:  

  • Medium:  Canson Montval WATERCOLOUR F2 sketchbook
  • Sketch: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil grade HB & 2B
  • Line: COPIC Multiliner SP 0.5mm
  • Colours: my main 48 colour Holbein set

外で水彩を描くために買ったスケッチブックを試したくて、シンプルな絵を描いてみました。コンパクトな12色のホルベイン水彩セットと2B鉛筆を使って、スタジオジブリのアートブックにあるスケッチのスタイルを目指しました。 以前撮った写真を参考にして、近所の日本庭園にある古い茶屋を描いてみました(ホテルの敷地内にある庭園なので、その場では描くのはやめました)。 最終的にキャンソンのスケッチブックの紙が水彩と相性があまりよくなくて、完成した着色はフラットになってしまっておもしろくなかったです。なので、奥行感を作るためにインクの線を足してみました。


  • 紙: モンバルキャンソン 水彩紙 スケッチブック F2
  • 下描き: HB & 2B Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆
  • 線画: コピック マルチライナーSP 0.5
  • 着色: 48色のホルベイン水彩セット

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I just wanted to kind of say thank you - even though that last answered ask wasn't for me, I'm an artist who just.. doesn't feel like their art is very good. And I also feel like it'll never amount to anything like yours has. Sometimes it really sucks, trying to draw for fandoms and stuff, because my art is so sub-par and it's just... not good. I love your art so much - I want to be as good as you one day. I've been practicing a lot, but... I worry I'll never be as good as I want to be.

Never say never is what you should stick with! 

I don’t say that much, but back when I was starting, I was learning from Burdge’s tutorials a lot. I think her tutorials were the very first I found even before I knew something like tutorials existed:”D I didn’t feel my best back then either…. I just. I wanted to be where the people weree~, where Burdge was. and I thought how can I ever catch up to these amazing artists. But seriously, practice takes you WAYS. Not immediately, of course, but it does.

Personally, I’m that type of person who always competes with people even when (mostly) those people don’t even know I, in fact, want to overcome them. I even have that while riding bicycle and passing by random cyclists, and it was the same when I was swimming. So.

Take that ~I want to be like them~ and make it your healthy goal. There is probably nothing that can get you to your limits like healthy rivalry does. It drives your passion and hidden resources.

The more you draw the more changes you notice. You grow to like your art a bit more, you grow to see the mistakes in art of people you idolized when you just started. It’s a process and it’s a journey;) 

Stay strong! 

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Hello! :) I was looking for some tutorials/ refs on lighting online and i happened to chance upon your tutorial (the post for expressive and dramatic lighting) and I have to say it helped me out a lot and i'm really thankful! But, I have 1 mind boggling qn- I can't seem to get the lighting to be the colour that I want, may I ask how do you change the lighting to whatever colours you want? Ie. like your purple shadow w blue lighting? (I can only get the basic local lighting after erasing) THANK U

hello! i am so happy to hear that you found it helpful!

i can see how you might have trouble…that tutorial is a little old and i’ve since found a way to get more accurate colors with light and shadow! (aka i was taught it on the job, hehe)

here’s an example image. the yellow is the local color and the green is the shadow (it is actually a blue light but since it’s on a yellow object, it turns green). instead of using a multiply layer, try a hard light layer. soft light might also work if you want a more subtle look.

to adjust the color easily, make sure you’ve selected that layer and go to image > adjustments > hue/saturation or hit ctrl+u (cmd+u for mac).

here we go!!!

play around with the sliders and see what sort of effects you can get. this method works for shadow, light, local color, whatever.

i hope this helps!

Foam Armor Tutorial

@thewouldbeswedish asked, and I had been wanting to at least make mention of my painting discoveries, so here it is.

I shall add mine to the million or so others out there. I watched damn near every tutorial I could find, scoured Pinterest and combined a few different techniques, as well as coming up with my own(at least I hadn’t seen it elsewhere)



Paper(for your template)

Tape Measure

Exacto Knife/box cutter

Floor Mat foam

Craft Foam

Contact Cement

Hot Glue

Acrylic Paint
black, metallic gun metal, metallic sterling silver

Textile Medium(can be found with the acrylic paint)

Paint Brushes


Rub ‘n Buff(totally optional)

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Low Poly Guide

A brief and badly written tutorial on how I do low poly work as promised Ow<)/

//I’m very sorry to those just learning 3D, as half of this probably won’t make any sense. But if 3D was easy we’d see a hell of a lot more of it than we do, so never give up! It’s a tough area but you can make amazing things once you get your head round it, and there’s a huge array of tutorials already out there that can help you get started.//

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EXO Reaction to their toddler son trying to be like them

Well I found some time today so… I hope y’all like it! Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Come here Chanyeol Jr! One day you’ll be my height… but for now on you are more like the squishy Kyungsoo”


*Tutorial: How to be like Kris* “You want my advise son? If you want to be cool like me… you have to play hard… be unique.. be…. Galaxy~”


*Observing* “That boy… he looks like his father.. he’s going places… like his handsome father…” *Sassy*


“There’s just one missing thing here son… some Gucci accessories… maybe we’ll find some little clothes for you” *All supporting*


*Watching his son’s festival* “Woah! He moves like me! when did he learn that choreography! He’s definitely my son!”


*Overwhelmed* “Oh my sweet boy… you want to be Superman like you father? You are so sweet… of course I’m your hero and one day you’ll be a better version of me!”


*Daddy is proud* “Oh who’s there, who’s there! That’s right! It’s my boy! Sweet Bacon Jr is following his daddy’s steps!”


“Listen son.. you probably won’t understand this now but… remember. To be like LuHan… you have to be a man! Understood? Very very manly…but pretty and perfect” *Sassy Lu is always hidden somewhere*


“You know what should help us to look more alike? Matching clothes! Let’s get some, you’ll be mini-me!”


*Like all proud parent* “I can’t help it… he’s the center of my world… my little boy… following his father’s steps!” *Will always be there to see the great man he will become*


“Rule number one to be like dad: always give love to the ones who surround you. That’s everything you need, now give me a Lay-like-hug” *Dad Goals*


*Fab* “That’s my son! So young and so fabulous just like his father! Making me so proud this kid…!” *Never loses style*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

oh god…well here goes nothing

i know its been so long since i did something for you…but thats because ive been practicing to improve..and practicing i mean as in full day drawings and following tutorials..and this is how its gone so far…

so i found this cutie in your taggs and wanted to try it out…i hope i didnt fuck it up…..i still need to make some stuff look better but..thats how stuff has gone so far… ive been working on it for 6 hours since i woke up today

i hope you like it and i just wanted to say.

you are an inspiration to me, and wanted to thank you for being there. your art is amazing and you as a human being, are an amazing person. and even at a short age you have accomplished so much and it might sound weird but that in a way makes me proud to just be following you from the deep shadows of those who stay silent, seeing you grow as a person and artist makes me smile, im rambling a bit but yeah. just needed to tell you that

;-; i haven't been to your streams lately im sorry

but yeah…hope you enjoy

:0000 hoyl dickwash i love this!!1 the painting is really strong esp in the hair dude <33 but thank yo u so mcuch flkjlbkj this is the nicest thing ive ever heard fff


“When the direction of the wind changes, some build a wall, some build a windmill.”

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve overworked and hurt my hands in the past, and how now I can no longer draw as much as I used to. I have a more ergonomic set up now, but the damage that has been done can’t be undone.

I was pretty sad about that for a while, and had started using 3D backgrounds as short cuts. Now that I’m exploring more into the world of 3D art, I’m actually really happy and excited. I received a  lot of great applicants to help me build 3D models for my comics, and I’ll be announcing the new team in a week or two. I’m also starting to learn more about 3D character modeling myself and will be teaching myself with online tutorials.

Like the Chinese proverb, when whatever you having going in life changes, you can either try to fight it, or find a new approach that’s even better than before :D

Recently I found a new Photoshop plugin called Filter Forge, and I tested it out on the 3D classroom to give it that painted look. I still had to paint out the character and some other things, but it’s a great time saving short cut for all comic artists out there who want to put out chapters faster! I highly recommend it!

In other news, I have an Instagram now! https://www.instagram.com/yuumeiart/

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I've been trying so hard to learn how to make paper stars and they just don't come out right. I'm doing all the steps but they don't look good. Do you have any tips?

I’ve found that it helps to sort of make an indent on each side with your thumb nail, then push in the side with your thumb.

What really helped me was watching my friend make them, actually; if people want, I’ll work on a video (or maybe even a stream?) tutorial for making the stars. Is that a thing people would be interested in? Let me know : O

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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hi!! i was wondering if you or any of your followers had any ideas for stimtoys that are i could make out of/look like soda bottles and cans? (eg. galaxy/glitter bottles in cola colours, how to seal opened soda cans with stuff that rattles inside, how to seal an old ramune bottle to make galaxy bottles, stufflike that?) [kind of an odd ask but soft drink is one of my special interests and the fact that there aren't squishies shaped like soda cans or ramune bottles is a crime haha]

Anon, I thought this was a tough one. I’d been thinking about can drink tabs made into chain maille and general sensory bottle tutorials as the closest I might get, until I happened across something quite awesome on eBay.

I hope you’re located in the US, because the shipping is expensive otherwise, but check these out:

[image description: six clear plastic slime containers with grey plastic drink-can lids wrapped with knock-off labels mimicking famous drink brands like Fanta (Fanda), Gatorade (Gutorade) and Sunkist along other brands unrecognisable to this Australian. Two light-skinned hands to the left of the slime cans show a clear purple and a clear green slime oozing over the fingertips holding it.]

Drink can slimes: $1.99 USD, sold at random, ships from the US.

I then spent the next half hour leaping up off my bed (at midnight, mind) because I kept having ideas I wanted to add to my draft.

If you wanted to put something inside an empty, clean drink/soda can (I apologise: I’m Aussie and the words “soda can” don’t go together in my lexicon) I fear that you’d have to seal the tops with an epoxy putty or clear resin (depending if you want it to be transparent). I don’t think anything else would hold it shut without peeling or unsticking over time. Maybe a good glue like Liquid Fusion (discussed and linked in this post) as it has been used to cover holes similar to a putty or resin. If you do that, though, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t make a drink can rattle.

For galaxy, sensory bottles, a plastic or vintage bottle would work just as well as any other bottle. (Although I have no experience with ramune bottles when it comes to getting non-liquid items inside said bottle.) We’ve collected a few tutorials on this now:

Glitter Jar #1 | Jellyfish in a Bottle | Lava Lamp | Nebula and Sand Bottles | Calming Bottle | Glitter Jar #2 |

You can also fill bottles with stimmy items like marbles, buttons, beads, dice, water beads or kinetic sand. I’ve got some examples in the photos on my stimmy room ask.

There’s a link on this post to a tutorial for making maille (you could make earrings, bracelets or just sheets of maille for holding) from drink can tabs. If you want to show off your special interest whilst still being a little subtle or stealth, or just have it as wearable jewellery, this might be a good way to do it.

If you have new or vintage metal bottle caps (the kind that look like mini pie dishes) you might like to try making this DIY clicker toy.

For fidgets, you might want to collect a few drink can shaped puzzle erasers. Easy to pull apart and put back together again, over and over! I bought this set from K-Mart ($2 AUD) which is a knock-off version of this Iwako set ($5.75 USD, an add-on item on Amazon).

I don’t know what your favourite brand is, but if you’re into beading, I found a list of results for Kandi bracelets and fidgets with the Pepsi logo! These look to use peyote stitching, and you can find tutorials for this here.

If you want to buy fidget/stim jewellery, try Etsy. There’s all sorts of things in this search - I used the terms “pop can jewellery”. There’s a whole section of pop tab bracelets, but you might also like things like these very stimmy pop tab earrings ($15.04 AUD, ships worldwide from the US).

It also crossed my mind that one could try making an I Spy Bag shaped like a drink bottle or can, with small bottle and tin miniatures inside for hunting, but this might be more complicated to design, make and source. Dollhouse bottles, for example, might work for this - I’ve actually got a collection of 1/12 and ¼ scale bottles. Sylvanian Families figurines have playsets that come with miniature drink cans and Coke/soda bottles, even, so they do exist.

I hope this gives you some good ideas, anon. I think there’s a few ways here you can enjoy your special interest and stimming all at once! Like always, if there’s something I haven’t mentioned, please comment away!

- Mod K.A.

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Hi! Aspiring webcomic artist here! Do you have any advice on how/where I could learn to draw backgrounds and environments? That's my biggest weakness, and I haven't had any luck in finding good tutorials and such online. Thanks for your help, and the really great comic!

I used to struggle the most with backgrounds myself. You can go back and look at earlier Unsounded chapters and see how Spartan, boring, and laboured a lot of the backgrounds are. Nature looked fine, but the minute an inorganic structure was needed I flailed. I was really hung up on getting the perspective right and I treated backgrounds differently from the character art. Bad Ashley!

What helped me was stopping that. I stopped meticulously laying out perspective grids and started freehanding everything, drawing it the same time as the character art. I also started trying to give backgrounds personalities and history, just like the characters. This made them interesting to me and suddenly they weren’t such a chore to do any more.

So that’s my advice: Loosen up, and treat the settings like characters unto themselves.

I’d give up looking for tutorials. I have never once found a nontechnical tutorial that helped me with anything. Practise and observation are what anyone needs. Also reference? Keep a reference folder of interesting images that can inspire you. Or maybe they’ll have an angle or a colour scheme that you want to use. Also read lots of other comics, ones that do not suck. Probably print comics. Throne of Clay by Theo Caneschi has amazing backgrounds that will send you into a paroxysm of impotent despair. Many BD do. Moebius? God, why do we get out of bed in the morning.

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Hi Anna! I really like your art and I'm saving money to buy some of your stuff! See, i wanted to try to make some art on shrink plastic as well, and I've seen many different tutorials on it and honestly I'm more confused than ever! I've seen people putting the plastic in the oven, or in some sort of liquid? I really don't know, so could you tell me how you do it, I'm totally clueless... Btw sorry if I bothered (also sorry for the really long ask) and have a nice day!

What’s up anon :)

Here’s the best video I found of this. I don’t really search too much of these tutorials, but this youtuber uses most of the same supplies as me (minus the modpodge). However, that type (modpodge dimensional magic) they use is more cost-friendly than the varnish I use, so I would probably recommend starting from there. I also don’t use permanent marker like they do (everything is usually 100% coloring pencil) but hey, if you want to try it out, go ahead! I also do not seal the back of my pin (like they do with modpodge) and use glue and UV resin to secure the pin instead, but if you don’t want to buy a UV lamp and the actual UV resin, then you can try out their method of hot-glue gunning the pin and sealing the back with the modpodge gloss.

I use a toaster oven, because I like to just have my drawing shrink quickly but some people use their regular, standard oven for baking. I have no clue if that’s better than using the toaster oven (I’m sure it provides the same results), but on every back of a shrink plastic package there are instructions on how to shrink your drawing, so make sure to follow them.

Lastly, I have no clue what the liquid is all about…I’ve seen people use embossing powder, which is this powder that melts to form a glaze when it’s heated in an oven. Frankly, it looks messy so I wouldn’t recommend using that :0 I would stick with regular glossy varnish, then moving up to resin if you want (I don’t use regular resin for sealing the surface of my badges so hopefully you can find some tutorials about that).

Btw here’s a second video:

Hope the vids helped in some way! 

My First Attempt at Oil

Upon seeing the Essential Oil Tutorial from Bebop (found here) , I wanted to give it a try.  I decided on lilac as I frggin love them, love the scent, and no candle has been able to imitate it properly. 

I think my first mistake was using vegetable oil instead of olive oil.  I didn’t have any and the lilacs around here are already starting to brown a bit.  I got a good amount heating on the stove, but had to go to bed.  I set up the crockpot like a double boiler and left as such all night and all day

After work, I come home and let the concoction cool a bit.  Had to pry the lid off though.  Curse you laws of thermodynamics!  Finally got the oil and strained all the flowers out, putting it in one of my nicer bottles.

Umm…it doesn’t smell like lilacs.  At all.  It’s somewhere between squash and sweet potato.  I went for Spring and got Autumn, what the hell…  

Would olive oil have really helped?  I might give this another go later.  What second attempt flower/herb will be, I’ve yet to decide.

ollybollytrolly123  asked:

Hello! I'v seen the painting on your blog and there amazing. I'm not a painter or drawer but do you know any The Hobbit/Lord of The Rings diy and crafts I can do ? I'm in a really Tolkien mood today and can't find any diy/craft inspiration

Thank you. ;) So maybe you want to do a cosplay craft? I’ve recently made a Nazgul sword from a tutorial at http://www.stormthecastle.com/ , it’s out of foam board and I made it very cheaply. They even had patterns in the tutorial. I think they might have other LotR sword tutorials there. Maybe you should try one of those!

If you’re not interested in cosplay then maybe try stenciling on your clothes? I found this goth girl on Youtube that made a clothing stenciling tutorial with spray paint, I think it was her: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrW6ek2__Iw

I used one of her tutorials to make an Elric of Melniboné themed jacket with a symbol from that fantasy series, (basically drawing/printing on sticker paper and then spray painting on that), maybe you could do that with the Tree of Gondor or the Eye of Sauron or something.

I also put tape that i drew on with sharpies and sticker paper that i printed on my laptop to make the apple into Barad-dûr/the eye of Sauron, that was a fun craft. ;)

It’s always a good time to learn traditional/historical sewing, and since the Lord of the Rings is based on a medieval world maybe you could try to hand sew yourself a medieval tunic from a medieval costuming book, these costuming books are great resources anyway if you plan on learning to draw too. This is a good one that can be found in libraries and on Amazon. I picked up a lot of my sewing and embroidery skills from reading about and making American Revolutionary War era clothes actually, and books like Colonial WIlliamsburg Costume Close up can give you some ideas for clothing that is pretty similar to hobbit clothing.

If you like Middle-earth themed cooking Happy Hobbit has recipes you might want to try.

You could also try cross-stitch which is relatively simple. Check out this blog:  @dreams-pass-in-time

I’m not on Pinterest but I’ve heard that other people go there for inspiration. Maybe try asking @vampiraptor or @wraven52.

Tolkien’s books continuously celebrate traditional craftsmanship so luckily you can be in the spirit of his books no matter what skills you have.