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Hello! :) I was looking for some tutorials/ refs on lighting online and i happened to chance upon your tutorial (the post for expressive and dramatic lighting) and I have to say it helped me out a lot and i'm really thankful! But, I have 1 mind boggling qn- I can't seem to get the lighting to be the colour that I want, may I ask how do you change the lighting to whatever colours you want? Ie. like your purple shadow w blue lighting? (I can only get the basic local lighting after erasing) THANK U

hello! i am so happy to hear that you found it helpful!

i can see how you might have trouble…that tutorial is a little old and i’ve since found a way to get more accurate colors with light and shadow! (aka i was taught it on the job, hehe)

here’s an example image. the yellow is the local color and the green is the shadow (it is actually a blue light but since it’s on a yellow object, it turns green). instead of using a multiply layer, try a hard light layer. soft light might also work if you want a more subtle look.

to adjust the color easily, make sure you’ve selected that layer and go to image > adjustments > hue/saturation or hit ctrl+u (cmd+u for mac).

here we go!!!

play around with the sliders and see what sort of effects you can get. this method works for shadow, light, local color, whatever.

i hope this helps!

How to Capture Video & Use for Gifs 

Okay, so an anon asked for this tutorial and I’m not quite sure if it’s what they wanted, and I’m sorry it’s super late. But basically, this is a tutorial for how I record video from Netflix/Amazon/Hulu etc. where it’s hard to download the video file from (in the cases that I can’t find the episode downloadable online or don’t want to torrent, etc.) so I can use the video for making gifs. You’ll need Quicktime, Photoshop, and (probably) an account for the website you’re trying to use the video from depending on what streaming service you’re using. Also please note, this tutorial is for recording video only, audio is harder to record with Quicktime and since this tutorial is only for making gifs, I’m not including how to do that. 

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I just wanted to kind of say thank you - even though that last answered ask wasn't for me, I'm an artist who just.. doesn't feel like their art is very good. And I also feel like it'll never amount to anything like yours has. Sometimes it really sucks, trying to draw for fandoms and stuff, because my art is so sub-par and it's just... not good. I love your art so much - I want to be as good as you one day. I've been practicing a lot, but... I worry I'll never be as good as I want to be.

Never say never is what you should stick with! 

I don’t say that much, but back when I was starting, I was learning from Burdge’s tutorials a lot. I think her tutorials were the very first I found even before I knew something like tutorials existed:”D I didn’t feel my best back then either…. I just. I wanted to be where the people weree~, where Burdge was. and I thought how can I ever catch up to these amazing artists. But seriously, practice takes you WAYS. Not immediately, of course, but it does.

Personally, I’m that type of person who always competes with people even when (mostly) those people don’t even know I, in fact, want to overcome them. I even have that while riding bicycle and passing by random cyclists, and it was the same when I was swimming. So.

Take that ~I want to be like them~ and make it your healthy goal. There is probably nothing that can get you to your limits like healthy rivalry does. It drives your passion and hidden resources.

The more you draw the more changes you notice. You grow to like your art a bit more, you grow to see the mistakes in art of people you idolized when you just started. It’s a process and it’s a journey;) 

Stay strong! 

Low Poly Guide

A brief and badly written tutorial on how I do low poly work as promised Ow<)/

//I’m very sorry to those just learning 3D, as half of this probably won’t make any sense. It’s tough but you can make amazing things once you get your head round it, and there’s a huge array of tutorials already out there that can help you get started.//

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Foam Armor Tutorial

@thewouldbeswedish asked, and I had been wanting to at least make mention of my painting discoveries, so here it is.

I shall add mine to the million or so others out there. I watched damn near every tutorial I could find, scoured Pinterest and combined a few different techniques, as well as coming up with my own(at least I hadn’t seen it elsewhere)



Paper(for your template)

Tape Measure

Exacto Knife/box cutter

Floor Mat foam

Craft Foam

Contact Cement

Hot Glue

Acrylic Paint
black, metallic gun metal, metallic sterling silver

Textile Medium(can be found with the acrylic paint)

Paint Brushes


Rub ‘n Buff(totally optional)

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No More Crumpled Paper Meshes! ~ A MD5 Tutorial

Hey! I’m trying something new, a tutorial! It’s always bothered me how lumpy and bumpy Marvelous Designer meshes are, so i’ve been looking for a way to fix that that doesn’t require more programs or hours of work.

I finally found it and I wanted to share this tutorial so everyone can have lovely, smooth meshes ♥

This whole process takes about 1 minute to do, and is super easy! You just need Marvelous Designer 5 (I’m not sure if it works on 3 but I can check if anybody is interested!) and Blender, both of which you should already have if you are making clothing meshes! 

Anyways, I hope you all find this useful! If enough people like It i would be open to doing more meshing tutorials in the future ♥

EXO Reaction to their toddler son trying to be like them

Well I found some time today so… I hope y’all like it! Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Come here Chanyeol Jr! One day you’ll be my height… but for now on you are more like the squishy Kyungsoo”


*Tutorial: How to be like Kris* “You want my advise son? If you want to be cool like me… you have to play hard… be unique.. be…. Galaxy~”


*Observing* “That boy… he looks like his father.. he’s going places… like his handsome father…” *Sassy*


“There’s just one missing thing here son… some Gucci accessories… maybe we’ll find some little clothes for you” *All supporting*


*Watching his son’s festival* “Woah! He moves like me! when did he learn that choreography! He’s definitely my son!”


*Overwhelmed* “Oh my sweet boy… you want to be Superman like you father? You are so sweet… of course I’m your hero and one day you’ll be a better version of me!”


*Daddy is proud* “Oh who’s there, who’s there! That’s right! It’s my boy! Sweet Bacon Jr is following his daddy’s steps!”


“Listen son.. you probably won’t understand this now but… remember. To be like LuHan… you have to be a man! Understood? Very very manly…but pretty and perfect” *Sassy Lu is always hidden somewhere*


“You know what should help us to look more alike? Matching clothes! Let’s get some, you’ll be mini-me!”


*Like all proud parent* “I can’t help it… he’s the center of my world… my little boy… following his father’s steps!” *Will always be there to see the great man he will become*


“Rule number one to be like dad: always give love to the ones who surround you. That’s everything you need, now give me a Lay-like-hug” *Dad Goals*


*Fab* “That’s my son! So young and so fabulous just like his father! Making me so proud this kid…!” *Never loses style*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

I recently discovered low-poly artwork and found a tutorial on it and really wanted to try it for myself. Turns out it’s a ton of work but pretty fun. I asked myself, who should my guinea pig be?  Kylo Ren! 

I remember walking out of the theater after watching The Force Awakens and still liking Kylo Ren even after what happened. I managed to avoid spoilers for 3 weeks while in Africa lol. I’m hoping his character continues to develop in the upcoming films. 

Sorry if the image is a bit dark. I recently switched monitors so I’m insure how it looks on other devices. 

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hi!! I love you art and your art style is a big inspiration for mine. i just wanted to ask, how do you draw hair??? because I can't get it to look natural...

Aaahh thank you so much I’m glad!! and… Hahah So I remembered that I drew a hair tutorial ages ago so I thought I could post it again to help you but it’s terrible lmao and I’m also terrible at giving advise!! but I will try

This tutorial is one I just found that has a lot of the similar advise that I would give here   and my old tutorial if you REALLY want to read it, the advice is fairly sound (to a point) even if the drawings are super old… and in pencil lol here

My main tips would be: 

  • Don’t draw every single strand, break it down into major parts/areas and add some details to it (major key is to make it Appealing) 
  • S (or C) Curves! Or Straight Vs. Curved - principle I try to use in just about everything that I draw even if it’s subconscious lol 
  • Hair has many layers - you can group it into many different parts, don’t treat hair like its on one single sheet. 

don’t know what that last doodle is sorry lmaoo 


Prussia- Hetalia

I was watching some tutorials about how to make heads, because I’m forgetting how to draw, and… a wild Prussia came(????)

Bonus: I had the need to draw him with Gilbird

PD: Sorry for the signature, but I liked the result

PD2: I put the lineart with transparent if you want to color it(?

PD3: Next step, try to draw Lovi or Spain XD


“When the direction of the wind changes, some build a wall, some build a windmill.”

I’ve mentioned before how I’ve overworked and hurt my hands in the past, and how now I can no longer draw as much as I used to. I have a more ergonomic set up now, but the damage that has been done can’t be undone.

I was pretty sad about that for a while, and had started using 3D backgrounds as short cuts. Now that I’m exploring more into the world of 3D art, I’m actually really happy and excited. I received a  lot of great applicants to help me build 3D models for my comics, and I’ll be announcing the new team in a week or two. I’m also starting to learn more about 3D character modeling myself and will be teaching myself with online tutorials.

Like the Chinese proverb, when whatever you having going in life changes, you can either try to fight it, or find a new approach that’s even better than before :D

Recently I found a new Photoshop plugin called Filter Forge, and I tested it out on the 3D classroom to give it that painted look. I still had to paint out the character and some other things, but it’s a great time saving short cut for all comic artists out there who want to put out chapters faster! I highly recommend it!

In other news, I have an Instagram now! https://www.instagram.com/yuumeiart/

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How did you deal with backgrounds? I know many authors use 3D models but I can't find many I can use so do u have any tricks?

I think about 70% of the backgrounds in Always Human were hand-drawn.

The remaining 30% were models from the sketchup 3D warehouse. I exported the lines (see this tutorial for how) then added any extra lines by hand as needed, and then coloured underneath.

I found that much of the time it was easier to draw a background than use a 3D model. Clip Studio Paint (the drawing program I use) has perspective rulers which makes drawing backgrounds pretty easy (there are heaps of tutorials about this on youtube, here’s one of them). Drawing a background can be much faster than digging around in the 3D warehouse and trying to find a model that fits.

I mostly used 3D backgrounds when:

1) I really, really, really didn’t want to draw a thing (eg. the spaceship in the final episodes. I did not want to draw that!)
2) I knew I’d need the same background multiple times, from multiple different angles. Accurately drawing one location from multiple angles is fiddly and very time consuming so I decided to save myself the time (and tears) by finding an appropriate model in the 3D warehouse.

When I couldn’t find an appropriate model I occasionally frankensteined models together (eg. the space elevator and the floating city underneath were a couple of different models that I copied and pasted bits and pieces from.)

I hope that helps :)

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Hi Anna! I really like your art and I'm saving money to buy some of your stuff! See, i wanted to try to make some art on shrink plastic as well, and I've seen many different tutorials on it and honestly I'm more confused than ever! I've seen people putting the plastic in the oven, or in some sort of liquid? I really don't know, so could you tell me how you do it, I'm totally clueless... Btw sorry if I bothered (also sorry for the really long ask) and have a nice day!

What’s up anon :)

Here’s the best video I found of this. I don’t really search too much of these tutorials, but this youtuber uses most of the same supplies as me (minus the modpodge). However, that type (modpodge dimensional magic) they use is more cost-friendly than the varnish I use, so I would probably recommend starting from there. I also don’t use permanent marker like they do (everything is usually 100% coloring pencil) but hey, if you want to try it out, go ahead! I also do not seal the back of my pin (like they do with modpodge) and use glue and UV resin to secure the pin instead, but if you don’t want to buy a UV lamp and the actual UV resin, then you can try out their method of hot-glue gunning the pin and sealing the back with the modpodge gloss.

I use a toaster oven, because I like to just have my drawing shrink quickly but some people use their regular, standard oven for baking. I have no clue if that’s better than using the toaster oven (I’m sure it provides the same results), but on every back of a shrink plastic package there are instructions on how to shrink your drawing, so make sure to follow them.

Lastly, I have no clue what the liquid is all about…I’ve seen people use embossing powder, which is this powder that melts to form a glaze when it’s heated in an oven. Frankly, it looks messy so I wouldn’t recommend using that :0 I would stick with regular glossy varnish, then moving up to resin if you want (I don’t use regular resin for sealing the surface of my badges so hopefully you can find some tutorials about that).

Btw here’s a second video:

Hope the vids helped in some way!