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Hey, I just got a new phone and all my photos from my old phone (dropped in the toilet) are gone (including my entire Mark Pellegrino album) and I need a new, rad Mark P background, so I thought I'd ask my fav blog. Any good pics?

Let me guess… Traitor back pocket? Poor phone.

As for the background picture… How could I choose, he is so pretty ALL THE TIME!

Here is a little selection:

(^ I have this one in my bedroom ^)

Those are the first I found but you can wander my “mark pellegrino” tag if you want. There must be tones and tones of them. Also, if you search one of his characters, search for his name in my tags, it should work for 80% of his roles. ^^

And thank you a lot for your compliment. ^^

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If you had the chance to send sensei a letter and there would be a 100% guarantee that he would read it what would you say?

Dear sensei, 

The closer we get to the end the more I feel I’m close to my 2nd Harry Potter crisis (because someone once drew Tsukiyama in a Gryffindor scarf and you said he’s a Slytherin this means you surely know HP right?).  This crisis had been very bad. Constant denial. Things like “the series can’t be over yet. What now? I’m not ready. I need a new series to fangirl about”. Then I found TG and it healed me from this crisis. I can feel I will have the same thing with TG when it ends. You could save me and just write something new, but I don’t want to pressure you. Otherwise thanks for creating TG ( *• ̀ω•́ )b ! I have a lot of fun even though I also suffer a lot. It’s not my series, so you’re allowed to kill who you want. Still one part of my heart still hopes my favs survive . Maybe that’s naive, but still one part of me hopes for the best. If you kill me favs? I will picture there’s a parallel universe out there where they are wearing sunglasses and are  chilling on the beach and their life is good (⌐■_■) . 

PS: When a fan asked you if they can marry Uta/Tsukiyama you replied ‘please share him with everyone/He is for all of you’. But I can’t help it sensei. No matter what happens with Amon. That’s my man (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵). 
Take care of yourself! <33

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How do people even find internet friends? Isn't it difficult because whenever you ask someone, they just reply it and the conversation is finish just like that 😂 or it is just me

I think I found them on twitter and then we talked on facebook, you can talk about your biases, fav songs, fav mv, variety shows and etc. Tag each other in pictures and cry over the new contents together XD 

I dont know what we did to deserve you. You’re such a saviour for us all. I hope you know just how much this fandom appreciates all the work that you do. Big hug and lots of kisses ❤😗😚😙

Thank you so much for all your hard work translating for us!

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Hello lovelies :)

so i just hit 5k and i think thats pretty rad so in honor of hitting five thousand amazing followers, i decided to make a favorites page yayy!


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Good luck loves! :))

I decide update my favs because lately I have follow/found incredible blogs. 
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Love, Raquel xx