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I’m back with my second follow forever. A lot of things have changed since my first follow forever, both positively and negatively. I have been heavily demotivated to continue this blog, due to certain things that have happened, such as the nsfw tag issue in addition to my emotional outbreak a while ago. However… a bunch of you have encouraged me that everything will be okay, and you will all be patiently waiting for my return if I do manage to take a break to cool out and let my blog rest for a bit. 

Lol but guys, I love making gifs THAT much. There’s basically no way I’m gonna give up this blog lmao. Content creating is an important aspect that brings the fandom together, and being able to be included in this community of content creators makes me feel warm and cosy. I love seeing my dash filled up with these exquisite creations. 

I just want to thank everyone who has supported this blog, and everyone who has appreciated my content. It really does motivate me to create better gifs for all of you. 

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Word count: 2166

Living in Mystic Falls has always been some sort od a challenge. Vampires, witches, even hybrids were living here. I always found it a bit strange to look around my class in college and I could tell which of my fellow classmates were vampires. I became one 6 months ago and it happened only because a hybrid tried to kill me. Fun, right? Even though I’m strong, fast, blood sucking creature, I would lie if I said I wasn’t afraid. I was. Everything’s fine with my life since that event. That is, it was fine. Until I met a certain heretic, who was roaming through streets of Mystic falls. I met him in a probably the worst way possible and that moment changed my life forever.

My mind burried deep in the book that was in front of me, words colliding together as my mind started turning blury. I closed my eyes for a few moments and then opened them again, adjusting to the bright light in the room, a small chandelier hanging from the ceiling right above my head. I shook my head and closed the book as I looked at the time on the clock. 1:29 am. I sighed deeply and stood up, placing the bookmark on the page 148. I put the book back on the bookshelf as I walked slowly to my room, ready to hit the bed. As soon as I laid down and my head pressed down on the pillow, my eyes closed as I drifted off to sleep, with my mind completely blank. My body relaxing on the soft bed, my bare legs exposed to the chilly september wind that was coming through the window, making the curtain move every now and then, creating a weird shadow on my bedroom floor. I ignored it because it happened every night, but what I couldn’t ignore was the thing that happened just a few moments later. My body jerked at the loud noise coming from my kitchen, making my heart thump in my chest faster with each second.

‘Hello?’ I stuttered as I got up and slowly walked to the kitchen. I saw nothing. Just an empty glass that was placed in the right corner of my kitchen counter. I walked over and put it in the sink, my mind occupied with a completely different thing. I turned around and almost screamed. The most powerful heretic and the leader of the gemini coven stansing right in front of me, a huge smirk splattered across his face.

‘Hello there.’ He trailed off, some sort of satisfaction obvious in his voice.

'What do you want?’ I asked him and swallowed hard as I hid my hands behind my back so he couldn’t see how scared I am. My hands kept shaking even though my mind kept telling me to calm down and that I’m not a helpless human being.

'Just came to see how is my favorite vampire feeling. You know, because I wanted us to hang out a little bit. Like I did with Elena.’ That was the last thing he said. His face expression went from smiley and happy to serious, dangerous one as he lifted up his hand and jerked it to one side, my vision going black. He broke my neck without even hesitating, my body dropping down on the floor in front of his feet. He smiled and clapped, acting crazy as he always did.

'I’m getting better and better with each spell. I just need a bit more practice.’ He muttered and bent down as he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, my head pressed against his back. He casually walked out of my house, closing the doors like nothing happened. Like he didn’t have another unconscious girl over his shoulder.

Bonnie warned me about Malachai Parker a bunch of times. She fought him multiple times and she said that leaving him in 1903 prison world was the best decission she has ever made. Atleast that’s what she thought, until Kai killed his entire coven because of that. Who knows what could’ve happened if Bonnie had given him a chance, but this way, it was me who had to face him.

I woke up, my mind and vision blury, incapable of comprehending where I am or what the hell is going on. My hands were tied and pulled up over my head as I looked around and realized I was in some kind od abandoned house, walls lacking some pain while the windows were covered in old newspapers making the room look darker. I tried to get free, but the ropes that were wrapped around my wrists and ankles were stained with vervain, making my organism weaker and my skin burn with each move I made.

'Well, well, hello! Look who’s awake.’ Kai broke the silence and sat right in front of me on the bed as he spun a knife in his hand. My eyes strongly focused on a medium knife that Kai held in his hand, swirling it around a couple of times.

'Why am I here?’ I asked him, my voice shaking more and more with each word that came out of my mouth.

'You’re here because I wanted someone to talk to and well, you were the first person that I thought of so ta - da!’ He answere back at me and spread his arms out, gesturing me to look around the room, which I already did, hoping to find a way out of here.

'Are you serious?’ I looked at him in disgust and squirmed in my seat, my skin burning like hell because everytime I moved a drop of vervain trickled down my arm and caused another burned wound.

'Oh c'mon, it will be fine. But first-’ and at that moment he shoved a knife right into my thigh, making me scream out in pain. He laughed at my reaction and pulled it out before shoving it right back in.

'Does it hurt? I doubt it’s that bad, no need to scream. I thought you were a vampire. You’ll hell quickly.’ He stated and pulled it out again, blood dripping dowm from the tip of the knife, an obvious hole in my leg healing quickly. I looked at him and screamed through gritted teeth as he laughed again.

'Screw you, Kai!’ I screamed out as he lifted his hands up, pretending he was shocked at my words, but he was only messing with me, which only made me even angrier.

'Angry aren’t we? I think you need something to calm down.’ He brought a knife close to my thigh and pressed the tip onto my skin.

'I’ve always wondered how fast this healing process is. You didn’t? No? Oh well, let’s find out.’ He pressed it harder making the tip pierce through my skin and then trailed it straight down my thigh. I cried out in pain and once again tried to set myself free.

'Look, look! Yay!’ He clapped as he watched my wound heal in a second. I have never seen anyone being this mesmerized by hurting someone.

'Why are you doing this?’ I asked him, my voice barely audible.

'Because this is a cool place and I wanted to show it to someone. It’s kinda weird being here all alone. It can get really creepy.’ He said, his brows furrowed. I wanted to punch him right then and there. I felt my body suddenly gaining some of the strenght, so I pulled on the rope lightly and of course Kai noticed it. His eyes went wide for a second, his hand placing the knife down on the bed.

'No, no, no. We’re not done yet.’ He said and then took out a small syringe that had somethin yellowish inside. He got up and got very close to me, his eyes staring deeply down into mine as he kneeled in front of me placing his hands down on my thighs.

'What is that?’ My voice cracked at the last word, Kai noticing the fear in my voice.

'Something that will extend your sojourn here with me. So we can have some more fun because I don’t know about you, but I’m having a lot of fun.’ He stated and then shove a syringe in my leg, letting everything that was inside the syringe trickle inside my veins. As soon as the first drop entered my blood, I knew exactly what that is. Vervain. My eyes closing and my body feeling as if someone dragged all my energy, my limbs relaxed, impossible to even move a single muscle.

'Kai, please.’ I begged him, my voice barely audible as I tried to keep my eyes opened.

'You know you’re also very predictable. Just like Bon Bon.’ He started and sat on the bed again, facing me. He laughed for a split second but a smile that said *I’m enjoying this more than you can imagine* never left his face. 'She’s always been predictable. Everytime I was around, there she was, running to save everyone’s day. Quite annoying, actually.’ He trailed off.

'So that’s what all this is about? Bonnie? You’re still mad at here and now you’re taking it out on me?’ I asked him as my mind cleared up a little bit, my vision getting clearer.

'Oh no, no. I have to say I am still a bit sensitive when it comes to Bonnie. The way she treated me but I got what I wanted and in case you forgot, I already took it out on Bonnie, when she almost died.’

'And then Damon killed you. You should’ve stayed dead.’ I said, my voice rising from how angry I was but incapable of doing anything.

'But thanks to Matt and his magical bell, I came back and look at us now. I still have some plans for Bonnie too.’

'So nothing’s changed. You’re still pissed at Bonnie for leaving you in 1903 prison world.’ I said, seeing Kai getting mad at what I said. I must’ve hit the nerve.

'Bonnie hurt me when she left me. It was a terrible move and then she got what she wanted. All I wanted was a second chance to show everyone that I’ve changed.’

'You’re not exactly showing that you’ve changed. Torturing me won’t get you another chance with anyone out there.’

'I know. Atleast I get to be with such a pretty girl like yourself.’ He trailed off and then got up, kneeling right in front of me once again. He reached out his hand and moved the hair that was on my face, tugging it behind my ear. His palm pressed on my cheek while he kept looking into my eyes. Moments after, that touch that once felt gentle, turned into something terrible. A red glows appeared where his palm rested, siphoning my vampirism out of my body. It made me squirm in pain, a sign of satisfaction on Kai’s face. Suddenly he stopped, my body relieved at the sudden lost of Kai’s siphoning.

'You know I can easily rip your head off?’ I said, trying to distract him and act strong.

'No, you can’t. Atleast not like this.’ He stated and moved his hand, breaking my leg as it made me scream out in pain.

'You son of a bitch! You’re gonna pay for this! For everything you did to me and my friends! Mark. My. Words!’ I screamed out. Kai laughed out loud and took a few steps back.

'Dramatic much, aren’t we? Look, I will let you go if you promise you’ll go out with me.’ He said, making my eyes go wide and my brows furrow.

'Are you out of your freaking mind?’ He kept staring at me for a few seconds and then snorted which led to a loud laugh, echoing through the creepy room I was kept in.

'Did you think I was serious? No, no, no. I don’t care about that. It’s not my thing. I’m just messing with you. Oh c'mon, it’s funny, isn’t it?’

'Not even a little bit, no. A psychopath like you shouldn’t even be free, you should burn in hell.’

'I was. Literally. But, c'mon, a crazy person like you should understand me, we’re the same actually. We would make a great team.’ He said and crossed his arms, waiting for my response.

'I’d rather die than team up with you.’

'Suit yourself, but I do need a break. I’m hungry so, see you in a couple hours.’ He smiled at me and the last thing that flashed in front of my eyes was Kai reaching out his hand and breaking my neck. My hands still tightly tied with vervain stained ropes, burning into my flesh. I knew this wasn’t over and my body trembled at the thought of Kai coming back and me having to face the sociopath again, who had a wicked plan in his mind that no one will see it coming.

Augustine D.S

Warning: contains violence 

(Can you do a Damon imagine based off the episode where he and Elena are captured by Wes who wants to conduct experiments on them except instead of Elena, it’s the reader and Damon does whatever it takes to save her. Oh and just end it however you want preferably with a bang :) )

Word Count: 1288


“Y/N! Y/N, wake up!” yelled a familiar voice, the tone alone made me want to gain consciousness again. My eyes stuttered open as I began to feel the weakness coursing throughout my body- no doubt from the vervain. I tried to recall where I was but as I stared up at a grey ceiling, panic struck me.

“Oh good” said the voice I had now recognized at Damon, relief lavished his tone. Turning my head to the side I saw him through a set of bars, looking just about as weak as me and that’s when I remembered what Wes had done.

I slowly turned my body over, getting a glimpse at the cells which held both Damon and myself. My breathing increased dramatically before I gripped Damon’s hand through the bars while questions and worry flew through my mind, like; Why were we here? Why was Damon here? What did Wes want with us?

A tight squeeze from Damon made me lose my train of thought, “Damon, Where are we?” I questioned trying to sound less stressed than I actually was, he sighed a loud before his blue orbs of hope came in contact with mine.

“We’re in the Whitmore House basement” he replied, I stared at him with a confused expression while more questions came to mind however I knew he had more to say so I stayed silent. “Some fifty years ago when I came back to Mystic falls, my relative sold me out to a group known as the Augustine Society, they were a bunch of scientists obsessed with experimenting on vampires. It was here in this same cell that I met Enzo, he was here since the war. They would spend the day slicing and cutting us up, removing organs, and testing us to our limits so they could gain an understanding of how our bodies worked”.

My eyes widened towards the end of Damon’s story and I found myself panicking even more but I tried to stay calm, “How long were you here?”.

“Five years, I thought they’d ended the Society but then Wes showed up” he admitted, I squeezed his hand tighter causing him to look up in to my glossy eyes.

“I-I-What’s going to happen to us Damon, You can’t go through this again and I don’t want you to” I cried still upset he hadn’t told me about his dark past. My body started shaking and I felt claustrophobic all of a sudden.

Damon grabbed both my hands and forced my eyes on his, “Ssh, Y/N, I promise this won’t happen to you okay? I’m going to get you out of here, I-” his pep-talk was cut short when his cell door flew open to reveal Wes, a syringe in his hand.

Before any of us could react he stabbed it into Damon’s neck, “No, Don’t hurt him you asshole” I screamed, immediately Damon shot me with eyes of fury.

“Shut up Y/N!” he warned by whispering to himself so only I could hear, Wes forced Damon to his feet while I struggled to get to mine. Wes just smirked at me.

“Hey don’t fret, I’ll be back for you soon” he replied before he dragged Damon out of the room and through the door at the end of the hall, Damon gave me a hopeful look before he disappeared.

I spent the whole time hyperventilating while waiting for Wes to return, I guessed that the absent sound of groans was a good thing but even that positive bit of news wasn’t enough to calm me down. I attempted to break the bars but the large amount of vervain running through my system was halting the progress.

Suddenly the door opened to reveal none other than the mad scientist himself, he appeared at my cell door, another syringe in his hand which found it’s way into my neck. Everything was blurry as I was dragged out of the cell and down the hall, resisting wasn’t an option but staying alive however, was.

Wes kicked open the door and an obscene amount of light blinded me momentarily while I stared around the room, there was many tools, benches and cabinets around the torture room but the one thing that caught my eye was Damon, he was strapped into a chair opposite a large bent- which was where I was headed.

In no time at all Wes had me lying down and strapped onto the metal sheet so I couldn’t move, all I could feel was the uncomfortable coldness of the metal on my skin and Damon’s angry eyes staring between Wes and myself.

Wes smiled at Damon as he walked closer to him, “I understand that you’ve had enough physical pain Damon but I do think some emotional damage is in store…” he spoke before approaching the table next to me, “like watching your girlfriend suffer.”

Damon struggled in his chair, trying to break free of the restraints, his jaw was clenched and eyes wild, “Why are you doing this?” I hollered trying to distract Wes who was now equipped with a scalpel.

“In the name of science Y/N, you see I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to find a way to stop vampires preying on humans” he retorted bringing forth that familiar wave of confusion I had experienced in the cell.

“Sometimes they deserve to die” added Damon making Wes frown.

“You see Damon, vampires have ruined the lives of people for years, they’ve torn apart families, friends, cultures, everything. To stop this I’ve developed a ripper compound which will send vampires into a feeding frenzy upon each other, starting with Y/N feeding on you”. My eyes widened as I tried to break to the metal clasps holding me to the table, I’d rather be cut open a hundred times than feed on Damon.

“No!” barked Damon making me snap my head towards him, “Do it to me, remember Wes I was the one that killed all your fellow science geeks” he teased, Damon and I knew full well that he had a stronger resistance that I ever would but that didn’t mean I wanted that resistance to be tested.

Wes chuckled profoundly as he stepped closer to me, I jumped slightly when he bought the blade down to my arm, he scraped it from one end to the other leaving a long painful cut upon it. I knew he was looking for Damon’s reaction and he of course was getting it each time Damon growled.

Without warning Damon broke free of the chair and charged towards Wes, his ripper face showing. He knocked Wes into the side table causing it to tip and many instruments to become strewn across the floor. Before I could say anything Damon bit into his neck leaving a bloodied mess but what he didn’t see was that Wes already had the syringe injected into his back.

Tears prickled in my eyes when Damon dropped the now lifeless Wes onto the ground and pulled the empty syringe out of his back. He stumbled towards me snapping the cuffs, once I was free I was already sobbing and reaching for Damon trying to hug him but he backed away before I could touch him.

Dullness took over his beautiful eyes, we both knew what was to become of him, I wanted so desperately for him to hold me, kiss me or just comfort me, “I-I love you Y/N…I’ll sort this out” was all he said before he disappeared leaving me pathetically crying on the floor while I awaited help from our friends.

“I’m so sorry Damon” I whispered to myself, knowing full well that this was just the beginning of a major dilemma.


Very long, but hopefully not boring.