i found a better video!!




Bridget Jones:  Sorry, is it true that, in the script for Pride and Prejudice, it had stage notes: “Imagine that Darcy has an erection”?

Colin Firth: Yes, it is.

Bridget Jones: Was that very easy to, you know, act?

Colin Firth: The erection?  Well, luckily, it was a headshot.

Bridget Jones: Oh. Is that something you do a lot?

Colin Firth: No, fortunately, it’s the only time I’ve ever had to simulate an erection.


A KAISOO MINI-MOMENT from the Soribada Awards show on 170920 because it was so quick that I missed it on the day. This happened during their encore of Ko Ko Bop. I first saw this on a fancam but it was poor quality.  I found better quality videos but at two angles.  Xiumin’s heart hands helped to put it together to show the Kaisoo moment so that you can see it too. Squish!

 "Break it down now.“ Once the song starts Kai starts his usual waltz around the back and sides of the stage. Soo looks back and sees him. 

Kai sees Soo seeing him. Eye contact and a smile. Kai continues his meandering, Soo continues his eye contact. Kai, same. 

I have found another video that shows the mini-moment clearly but you cannot see Kai as he is behind the other band members.  Still, here it is (at 8:32)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2286kEc6NTQ:

Credit for still shots:   Kai - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVNkKNigzhI and Soo - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biBQ5SJfIlA&list=WL&index=26

And…. after months of working I finally made my first “animated” meme 

It’s not that good I will try better the next time 

(For who knows what reason the quality of the video is not the best so don’t use the full screen.I couldn’t fix that problem. Sorry :’V) ——————–

Update: Nevermind, I found what the problem was. The next video will have better quality


너와 내 새벽은 낮보다 예뻐
Our dawn is prettier than the day
So can I get a little bit of hope?


i couldn’t find a good video of the actual grammy performance that niall had watched of maren and alicia keys that cemented his decision to ask maren to sing with him, BUT i found this rehearsal video and i think it’s 10x better.

just watch. listen. girls got a damn good voice on her.