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"all I needed was a call"

Authors note: I am so sorry this has taken so long to do, I have just been trying to figure out what to write about and it didn’t just hit me until now. It is a cliche concept but oh well. Enjoy my lovelies. 
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One A.M; no call.
Two A.M; no call.
Three A.M; no call.
Four A.M; no call.

It is four-thirty in the morning, your patience is wearing thing, your emotions beginning to get the better of you as you begin to worry about where he is and if he is okay. It is unusual for him to not answer texts or calls, just as much as it is unusual for him not to let you know when he doesn’t intend on coming home until the early hours of the morning. 

He is the kind of boyfriend that tends to keep you updated, by no means are you acting as a motherly figure and forcing him to text you his every move, or giving him a curfew of when to be home— he does it voluntarily to keep you updated and aware of his whereabouts. 

You call his phone one last time, counting the each ring before you are again left with hearing his voicemail, “Damnit Styles.” you mutter as you hang up the phone call, looking around the dimly light living room, unaware of what you are meant to do. There is a good chance that he is perfectly fine and perhaps at the studio still, or he could be out with friends, or he could also be lying in a ditch somewhere unresponsive… You don’t know, and that is what fucking scares you. Not knowing. 

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Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

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the last text i received from each sign
  • aries: i got a video of you running and i can't stop laughing at it
  • taurus: did i leave one of my socks at your house?
  • gemini: why aren't you responding to any of my texts?
  • leo: i love you. you know you love me, too.
  • virgo: that bitch stole my pencil
  • libra: she thinks she's better than me. she needs to think again
  • scorpio: i found a rare pepe
  • capricorn: i tripped on his foot today
  • aquarius: i'm so sorry
  • pisces: but cheese is so gross... do you know what they do to make it?
“You are lovely” Self-love Spell

“Won’t you stay alive,
I’ll take you on a ride,
I will make you believe you are lovely.”

~”Lovely” by Twenty one pilots

Intent: A spell designed to encourage self-love and strength. It could be tailored to fit anyone, but I specifically had mental illness in mind when crafting this spell. For me personally, my bipolar has been acting up terribly and I’ve found that I’m trying to talk myself into loving and caring for myself, and this helps with that.

This spell is a bit of a process, I’m sorry about that. I needed something a little stronger than my usual spells.


  • Hair or nail clippings (your own - hair might be better)
  • Jar and bowl
  • Objects that remind you of your negative feelings - could be crumpled up homework, pictures you don’t like, a journal entry about your negative self-worth, or any little objects that have negative connotations with you
  • water, salt, crushed bay leaves, black pepper, cinnamon, anise (basically any herbs you association with healing, cleansing, and new beginnings)
  • Permanent marker


1. Prepare the jar: drop some hair/nail clippings into the jar, as well as the objects that represent any overwhelmingly negative feelings you have. Think about how each object makes you feel as you fill the jar and imagine that this jar represents one half of yourself.

2. Prepare the water: pour some water into a bowl, drop in some clippings, and leave the bowl out to be charged by moonlight. When you feel it is ready sprinkle the rest of your ingredients into the water. Save the bay leaves for last. As you sprinkle those in, speak or think the following words:

“I’ll pray that one day you see
The only difference between life and dying
Is one is trying, that’s all we’re going to do
So try to love me and I’ll try to save you.”

3. Mix the water up good. Visualize this mixture as representing the healthier side of yourself, the side that wants to keep fighting and triumphing.

4. Bring the bowl to your jar and slowly pour it over the objects. Say or think the following phrase:

“I will make you believe you are lovely”

5. Lid your jar, take your marker and write “you are lovely” across it. 

6. Each morning remind yourself that you are lovely, strong, a fighter. If you get any deeply negative, self-destructive feelings write them down on a piece of paper and shove it in the jar. 

And a short message from the writer, to anyone who might be reading this: I know it’s hard, god I know. Living with an illness that constantly pits you against yourself is a constant painful struggle. But you are so much stronger than you know, and you will never truly be alone. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone if you feel you can’t cope on your own: there is no shame is asking for help.

Hey Guys, 

I made a mistake on the credit page of our Hidoku Shinaide Chapter and I want to correct it now. As you may or may not have noticed, we have a new credit page. I found smol naked Nemu on the cover of the 5th Hidoku Volume and I haaaad to use him ^^ But in the editing process somehow (still don’t know wtf happened), one name in the credits disappeared. The cleaner for the chapter was Yoru from Sentimiento Yaoi. But our own cleaner kaNd cleaned the colored doublepage.

I should mention, that the pages of the Be x Boy Magazines are super thin. You can see what’s on the next page. Crap, sorry. English -.- I don’t know how to explain it better. They’re like transparent…

It’s super super hard to clean those pages. Yoru did an amazing job,
and so did kaNd.

She worked on that double page for days, I’m still amazed about  how it turned out. 

It’s driving me nuts that I didn’t credit her, even if it happened by accident. 

That’s why I wanted to make this post. 

Some cleaners are artists and I literally fangirl over their work. 

I’m sorry kaNd! I love you and your work and I feel so blessed that you’re part of my team. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do!
That goes for my whole team. Love you guys so much! 

And thank you to every cleaner out there, you guys rock!!!

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….what if Sirius actually kept a photo album(or seven thousands) of him and the Marauders and everyone else he knew back when he was still a student at Hogwarts? And one day, when Harry was taking his kids to visit the house of one of the bravest man he ever knew (sorry Snape), 10-year-old James and 8-year-old Albus found those albums stashed somewhere in an empty room in Grimmauld Place when they were wandering around the house. That was how they (and Lily too, in the end), learned about how great their grandparents were, and the lives they and their friends had before they died to give them all a better future.

From the pictures, they learned how James Potter Sr would do the most idiotic things to impress then Lily Evans (“I can’t believe Granddad actually jumped off the Astronomy Tower and mounted his broom just metres before he crashed!” James Sirius would exclaimed in adoration.). They also learned that their father’s Godfather was probably the coolest person they’d ever seen (“And the most handsome,” Lily Luna would add, earning a look from her brothers, to which she added, “What? I’m 9, but it doesn’t mean that I’m blind. He was fit.”). And when they saw the pictures of Remus trying to separate both heavily-drunk James Sr and Sirius from clawing each other’s eyes (“Man, I wonder what it was all about,” Albus said as he eyed the picture closely, trying to imagine how those people were.), they started to invited their honorary-older brother Teddy Lupin to join them to see the pictures. Because let’s face it, Teddy had a right to those pictures more than they did, seeing that it was his father there in most of the pictures.

They learned a lot of things about the Marauders and his friends. They knew now that James Sr had a crooked-smile that he inherited to Albus, that Sirius loved to tilt his chair to stand on its two back-feet and threw his head back in a laugh, that Remus smiled a lot more than what was appropriate when he was watching his friends fight over something that was no doubt trivial. But there were also some people they didn’t know though. Like that pretty raven-haired girl who Sirius loved to carry on a piggy-back ride all over the Gryffindor Common Room on a lot of the pictures. Or the cute blonde who blushed whenever she saw Remus, even when she pretended she was listening to Lily Evans, who was talking while waving her hands dramatically. Or even the tall guy kissing a nice-looking woman who looked a lot like their Professor Longbottom, with both James Sr and Sirius photo-bombing in the background. They also saw many pictures of a short, mousy-blonde man, who looked at his three friends in adoration. Nevertheless, they didn’t mind the fact that there were some people that they didn’t know. The truth was, the Potter kids and Teddy Lupin learned more about the Marauders from their pictures instead of the stories they often heard.

They never told Harry though. Because they thought it was Harry who stored those pictures away, thinking that it must be too painful for Harry to see it. They never said anything about it, unaware that they probably knew more about their grandparents and their friends more than their own father. So, one day when James Sirius was seventeen, Harry was lecturing his oldest son that he shouldn’t jump from the Astronomy Tower just to impress Neville’s daughter because that was just plain crazy, son, and you can’t be that stupid. Rolling his eyes because he was convinced his father was being ridiculous, oblivious and irritated James Sirius waved his hand dismissively and said, “Yeah right, as if Granddad James hadn’t done it before. I saw the pictures, Dad. You can’t blame me if I followed his example.”

He expected his father to yell at him for his insolence. Instead, Harry froze, those green eyes that were identical like his brother’s and grandmother’s were wide as saucers as he stammered, “W-what pictures, James?”

And that was when James Sirius and his siblings realised that for all his life, Harry was way more clueless than they were about his parents. And they couldn’t help but to feel sorry because they felt like they’d stolen something privately belonged to Harry. So they showed him the pictures, hugged him when he cried, and laughed along with him when he did.

Later, Ginny would tell her brother and Hermione how she had never seen her husband so happy.

MATTXMELLO DAY!! ٩( ≧▽≦ )۶

I would have never miss it! MY BABIES YOU’LL ALWAYS BE IN MY LITTLE HEART ♥

I hope to see maaaany things this year for them, because they deserve to be remember *w* 

Stammi vicino.

Sequel to Odd Liar. Based on the concept by @aina-p. I’d like to call this one in which Yuuri’s more extra than Viktor.

Viktor needed a break, so he did everything in his power to get that.

Obviously, Yakov wasn’t so pleased when he found out about Viktor’s little runaway plan, but the coach knew better than anyone that Viktor Nikiforov wasn’t someone that you could just control. The guy was a force of nature on its own, always changing and running free, finding its own way and losing itself in it.

But after years and years of training, Viktor was tired of being a force of nature. He wanted to be a person at least for a moment.

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florida hcs that no one asked for bc i want to talk about the flower man

  • he’s bi and trans sorry i dont make the rules
    • he was really happy when he found out tucker was too n helped him a bunch
      • (”dibs on his armor” listen tucker knows that armor is comf af because florida told him that he specially requested it)
  • he can sing better than anyone on blue team or in pfl. which isnt saying much but. he can sing higher than anyone else and everyone knows because he sings. a lot. No one’s complaining tbh
  • Is absolutely the type to get you medical attention first even if all you have is a cut and he’s been stabbed and probably has internal bleeding
    • he’s passed out from blood loss in the middle of the hall once it scared the fuck outta wash
      • “How did you FORGET you’ve been stabbed???” 
  • he once received a “Team Dad” mug on father’s day
    • its very dear to him he uses it all the time
  • Has absolutely tried to befriend the ais
    • Emphasis on tried–he’s only successfully befriended gamma and theta
  • there have been a few times on missions where someone was sure florida was dead but no. he gets right back up. The freelancers are both relieved and terrified
    • no one really knows who started the immortal florida joke but no one’s planning on stopping
      • i m m o r t a l d a d
  • absolutely mixes “alternate” swears with actual swears
    • has said gosh diddly fuck before
    • where do you think tucker got fuckberries from
  • Florida is merciless. If your hair is long enough and you fall asleep on or near him, you will find it braided when you wake up
  • the main reason he’s not on the leaderboard is because he keeps trying to tank the entire fucking enemy team and ends up badly injured protecting his teammates
    • the missions still go off without a hitch though, so????
  • does Not like the counselor 

He said I’m sorry baby I’m leaving you tonight
I found someone new she’s waitin’ in the car outside
Ah honey how could you do it
We swore each other everlasting love
I said well yeah I know but when
We did - there was just one thing we weren’t
Really thinking of and that’s money

Money changes everything
Money, money changes everything
We think we know what we’re doin’
That don’t mean a thing
It’s all in the past now
Money changes everything

They shake your hand and they smile
And they buy you a drink

hey say we’ll be your friends
We’ll stick with you till the end
Ah but everybody’s only
Looking out for themselves
And you say well who can you trust
I’ll tell you it’s just
Nobody else’s money"

Money changes everything
Money, Money changes everything

We think we know what we’re doin’
But we don’t pull the strings
It’s all in the past now
Money changes everything

Money changes everything
Money changes everything
So can we, so can we, so can we,
we can change everything

[ So can we, so can we, so can we,
we can change everything
Go Go Go ]
repeat x3

regarding politics in gorillaz

though I’ve seen some people touch on this before, I wanted to find examples of political themes in songs aside from hallelujah money (since some feel that it is out of character to include such themes). so I’ve gone through and listed every song I could argue is political (but I may have missed something). am I looking too far into some of them? probably. in any case, here’s what I found (sorry I can’t put it under a read more, I’m on mobile):

tomorrow comes today – people fear that technological advances will eventually overrun mankind, but this future is far closer than we believe

911 - self-explanatory

clint eastwood – though many argue about the meaning of this song, one can claim that 2d represents our society, a bit apathetic/passive and expecting better things to come, while del makes points about corruption of government and enterprises that are taking advantage of the people, who feel useless to stop them

kids with guns - might be the older generation’s fear of their children, even though they are the ones creating a world in which they must behave this way, or about gun control and school shootings. or both

o green world – a look in the future, after we’ve caused our own downfall (with possible hints at apocalyptic pollution)

dirty harry – about to the war in iraq

feel good inc – rebellion of corporate control. possibly, but not necessarily, the drug industry in particular (prescription, not recreational), which is often criticized by political activists, and would give additional meaning to “feel good,” as in antidepressants, painkillers, stimulants, etc., though this is up to interpretation

every planet we reach is dead – in addition to the implications of the title, when considering that noodle wrote it, it’s plausible that it’s about homosexuality (or any sort of same gender love), and the feelings of helplessness/ hopelessness that often accompany LGBT+ identities

fire coming out of the monkey’s head – imperialism

demon days – mentions pollution, and that we use media and drugs to cope with

we are happy landfill – in addition to the title, the subject is how we follow the lives set for us by corporate capitalism. It may also imply our desensitization of violence on the news and in media

hong kong – industrialization and the oncoming authoritarianism from china

the entire concept of the plastic beach album – pollution, superficial society

rhinestone eyes – global warming as a result of factories, cars, etc

stylo – overpopulation, (dependency on) technology, depression of society as a whole

superfast jellyfish – commercialism, artificiality

empire ants – the fall of an empire, and the individual’s role in working for a broken government

some kind of nature – industrialization taking over nature

sweepstakes – capitalism/ money

plastic beach – pollution (in the ocean)

pirate jet – running out of clean water, the effects of manufacturing plastic

little pink plastic bags – pollution

the Joplin spider – pollution, violence

bobby in phoenix – escaping the reality of society, but losing part of one’s individual intelligence, as a result

california and the slipping of the sun – mentions money and imperialism

Redraw for @shirohibiki. I did this at 3 AM in my bed last night ‘cause I was tired of studying and really wanted to draw, but I also wanted to sleep, lol. I think this is better than the other one. I found a new technique I like MUCH better: colored pencil lineart, and filling with gradient color. It looks much softer now.

I also HATE drawing backgrounds but I forced myself this time. (yeah sorry the speech bubbles read left to right instead of right to left, I was going to reverse the image but I liked this position better)

Oh yeah SB’s undies ARE pink…pink for Patrick, but they came out more red when I adjusted the colors. ;-;

+sherlolly because...a new set of eyes

This was inspired by @penelope1730’s post here which raised the question as to how long Eurus had had her cameras installed in Molly’s flat and what she would have observed. I found it an interesting perspective to take, so here’s my interpretation of it. I hope you make sense of this. I won’t be surprised if the result is as garbled as my mind currently is. If you came to read it, thank you so much. xx

Specially dedicated to a few people. Firstly, my rock, @sherlollyandshit, who is always the first recipient of my torrent of feels. Thank you for seeing it through with me aways <3 Also, this is for @itwasmycroftbbc who had been nothing but sweet and patient with me while I discussed  the conflicting feelings that had been stewing in my head and heart. Thank you for coming to cheer me up, love <3 Last not not least, @thesherlollyarchive, who has been endlessly supportive and kept me going as I ploughed through this fic which turned out to be very difficult to write. This is for you <3




Cameras  ( also on FF.net )

There was a certain sense of excitement when James Moriarty had accomplished this most recent task for her. On the pretext of romantic entanglement (as her second brother liked to call it), James had infiltrated the home of a certain Molly Hooper and had been able to plant the surveillance she had requested. 

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Guys, I found another one.


Hope you feel better sweetie.  Sorry I fell asleep this morning quickly.  Been tired myself.

Word Count: 1965


You found yourself staring down at the paper, your mind desperately trying to formulate your next words.  You had been asked about your report 3 days prior but you just couldn’t bring yourself to even write the damn thing.  The case had been a hard one for everyone, including yourself, but it wasn’t something that should be this hard to even write a report for.  You never had a problem before, so what gives?

“Hey pretty lady,” Morgan caught your attention, making you look up.  “You coming with us tonight?”

“Tonight?” you felt your brows furrow before realization dawned on you.  You had promised Garcia that you would go with everyone tonight for a drink.  It was rare for you to even go out at all but you made the promise irregardless, not wanting to upset her.

“Damn it,” you hissed, throwing your pen down on your desk.  You had promised Hotch to have the report in by tomorrow.  He had been particularly hard on you about it, wanting the report as soon as possible.  It was only when you failed to turn it in yesterday did he give you the deadline.  You didn’t like writing under pressure and usually it made it harder to write.  But he needed the report, so you didn’t want to fail him.

“Are you not coming?” Morgan asked, noticing your sudden tensed position.  You opened your mouth to reply, whether or not you denied or confirmed his statement still in the air, when another voice cut into the conversation.

“No.  Oh, no no no no, you are not skipping out on us,” Garcia walked by, placing files on your desk.  You gave her a pleading look in hopes she would understand.  Garcia was the one who wanted you to go and forced you to promise her that you would.  Unfortunately, she didn’t accept your pleading gaze.

“No.  You promised you would go.  You never leave your apartment.  You are coming tonight even if I have to drag you kicking and screaming in your underwear,” she smirked.  You couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Penelope,” you retorted.  She laughed before heading off back to her sanctuary, making it known loudly that you would be joining the team that night at the bar.  You sighed before looking at the paper again.

 Maybe a drink would help.

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anonymous asked:

I don't have any friends and my family doesn't really talk to me. I've had serious depression issue's and all I do is sleep because I have nothing better to do, no purpose. That is until I found your blog I created a tumblr just to read this one specifically. Your blog gave me a reason to want to get up so I can read these posts. I also have decided that I want to eventually work in the Justice system. All thanks to your blog which sounds stupid but it's true. Thank you for your blog.

Wow, I’m really glad that my blog has been of some purpose to you. That’s fantastic to hear. I’m really sorry you’re going through tough times but stick in there - it will be better eventually. Depression is awful but to find something that gives you purpose or something to look forward to is key! If you ever need a friend, I’m always here for you.