i fought the wall and the wall won

I’m seeing someone and he makes me very happy.


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× Brendon Urie Smut ×

Dressing Room

“WHAT’S UP HOUSTON!” Brendon screamed into the mic, causing a massive fangirl frenzy. I smiled as I watched the millions of faces light up in front of my eyes.

“WHO WANTS TO WATCH THE SHOW?” he screamed, causing another frenzy to break out. I giggled.

“Of course they want to watch the show, why else would they be here tonight?” Dallon asked.

“I don’t know, free food?” Brendon joked, causing a sea of laughter and screaming.

“Free food? I think I might take up on that offer.” I joked into the mic, causing the crowd to laugh again.

“Uh, me too. Brendon, i assume you got the show covered, right?” Ryan joked.

“Ha-Ha. Now, let’s get on with the show shall we?!” Brendon said, causing the crowd to roar.

Being panic!s guitarist has it’s perks. You get to bring joy to a bunch of people’s  faces, you get to witness first hand how hot Brendon is when he sings (and in general), and you even get to see a few drunken fights every now and then.

We finished the first two songs and already, the sweat on Brendon’s forehead and the way his chest heaved had me feeling some type of way. So, I decided to take the opportunity to make him feel the same way I did. Horny.

I started of with very subtle movements, like a few glances and touches. I would walk past him with my guitar and glide my hand over him, causing him to tremble. Thank God the crowd was completely oblivious as to what was happening.

Later on during the show, Brendon decided to give the crowd a ‘different’ show. He took off his shirt to mimic his music video as he sang ‘Girls/Girls/Boys’. This drove me crazy, he must’ve knew what I was attempting to do because now, he was the one giving subtle glances and touches.

Every chance I got I would run my hand along his belt buckle when I walked pass him during a song, my movements going completely unnoticed by the crowd. I shot him glances and winks and he would just bite his lip and keep on singing, neither of us ever missing a beat.

I decided to take it up a notch. I took of my shirt, leaving me in a black tank top and ripped skinny jeans. My cleavage was evidently sticking out the top of my shirt as sweat slowly ran down my neck and chest. I acted like I didn’t notice his stares as I stood up on the speaker with my guitar to perform a solo. I sang with the crowd, jumping slightly in attempt to get the crowd to jump with me.. Soon enough the whole crowd was hype.

I felt Brendon’s eyes glued to my body and I’m pretty sure the crowd noticed as some girls in the front started smirking and pointing. I didn’t mind, because I knew my work would pay off.

“Only 6 songs left..” Brendon said sadly causing the crowd to moan and groan.

Dallon decided to tell the crowd some stupid jokes, giving Brendon the opportunity to tell me what was on his mind, and I knew it wasn’t anything cheery.

“I’m going to get you back later for all those stupid little stunts you pulled tonight.” he said through grit teeth.

“I didn’t do anything..” I said with an evil smirk before walking towards Dallon.

We finished the last six songs, but not without Brendon’s revengeful glances. I could practically read his thoughts through his eyes.

“THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT HOUSTON!!” Brendon screamed as we all lined up to do our signature bow. I stood next to Brendon, his hand rested firmly on my ass as we bowed. Mission Accomplished.

I practically ran backstage, smiling to myself. I went straight into my dressing room and shut the door.

“Y/N?!?” I can hear the anger in his voice.

Next thing I knew my dressing room door flew open and I was backed against a wall.

“Did you honestly think you would get away with this?” he said as he started his assault on my neck.

“Maybe.” I said, trying to contain my emotions.

“Well, you thought wrong.” he bit my neck and sucked on it some more, earning a moan from me.

My back was pressed firmly to the wall as his lips connected with mine. Both of our tongues fought for dominance, unsurprisingly he won.

His breath was hot on my skin as he moved from my mouth back to kissing my neck. His cold hands slipped under my shirt causing me to shiver. He slipped my shirt over my head and then planted soft kisses on my breasts.

“Why am I undressing you?” he asked stepping away from my body.

“Since you wanted to act like a slut tonight, I’m going to treat you like one, strip” he demanded.

He sat down on the couch in the dressing room as I followed his command. I started by slowly pulling off my jeans. I stood in front of him with nothing but a black bra and panties.

He lit a cigarette and leaned back into the couch.

“Beautiful.” he mumbled.

Next, I moved to my bra. I unhooked it from the back and let it fall to my feet. My hands ran over my breasts and down my curves to the hem of my panties. He smirked as he took another drag of his cigarette before sticking it in the ash tray.

I slowly pulled my panties down, never breaking eye contact with him. I stepped out of them as he slowly walked towards me. He backed me up against the wall once again before pulling off his pants. He was already shirtless due to his little moment up on stage. The sound of his belt buckle hitting the ground turned me on.

“On your knees, love.” he whispered in my ear before kissing it.

I slowly slid down his body, down to my knees. I grabbed ahold of his boxers and slid them down his legs, allowing his hard  member to spring up and slap against his stomach. I wrapped my hand around his cock, and kissed the tip.

“Don’t tease baby..” he warned.

I wrapped my lips around his length and started bobbing my head, making sure to take as much of him as possible. I used my free hand to play with his balls.

His head rolled backwards as the sound of his sweet moans made me wet.

“Fuck baby, you’re so good..” he moaned.

I felt him twitch before he pulled me off of him and brought me to my feet.

“I want to come inside you.” he whispered in my ear as his hands went to my heat. He ran his fingers over my slit, feeling how wet I was.

“Is this all for me?” he asked.

I moaned in response as his fingers rubbed circles on my Clit. He pulled away and grabbed ahold of my hips.


I did as he said and wrapped my legs around his waist. He lined himself up at my entrance and thrusted in, not giving me anytime to adjust.

“Fuck, Brendon..” I moaned as my back arched off the wall.

He pulled out and slammed back in. He kept a strong, fast and hard pace as my body arched against his.

“Damn y/n, you’re so tight.” he moaned.

“Brendon, Fuck. You’re so good.”

His pace never let up, his thrusts were hard and fast. I felt myself getting closer to my release.

“Brendon, I’m gonna..”

“Not yet.”

His thrusts got sloppier as I tried to hold back my orgasm.

“alright baby, now.” he said.

His hand rubbed circles on my Clit as he pushed me into an orgasm. My body shook against his as he released himself inside of me. He kept thrusting allowing us to ride out our orgasims.

He pulled out and let me down, allowing both of us to get dressed.

“That was amazing.” I said.

He laughed and kissed me on the lips.

“Of course it was, I’m a sex God.” he said as he put on the rest of his clothes.

I rolled my eyes before looking at myself in the mirror to make sure I looked somewhat presentable.

We both stepped out of the dressing room into an atmosphere of awkward coughs and stares.

I walked passed all the guys towards the table of food and snacks they had for the band backstage.

“Fuck Brendon, you’re so good.” I heard Dallon mock as everyone bursted into laughter.

“Shut it Dallon, at least someone’s getting  laid.” I said cause all the guys to laugh again.


A/N: I hoped you liked it, sorry it took so long, I got caught up with school work and shit.