i forgot who tho


a few klances and a klunk i never finished

*sf9 members are given the task to wake each other up”

juho: awoken

bread: stolen

members: gone

baek juho is forcibly removed from the bedroom

Another weird Boueibu Dream

I had a strange dream where the Battle Lovers and the Caerula Adamas had to face a new villain

The villain was no one else than Future!Yumoto, who was trying to stop them from battling. He wanted to incapacitate them so Wombat and his organization would call other heroes for the duty, since he lost all of his friends to a really powerful enemy. Kinda like Dobby from Harry Potter, but more messed up in the head.

He had long fluffy hair, a lot of scars (but was still pretty, regardless), and kinda reminded me of Jareth (the Goblin King from Labyrinth); his transformed outfit was a fusion between Battle Lover and Caerula Adamas ones, and he carried the CA’s rings on his fingers and the others’ Lovracelets on pendants. (I dunno about the VEPPer’s brooches, though, sorry)

In a point of the history, he gets desperate at the boys getting fed up with his Dobby-like attempts and fighting his schemes back every single time and kidnaps Arima (shipping bias, i know; the VEPPer barely appear in my dreams, but they do mention the two as suspects in this moment, lol). He wanted to make sure he’d save at least ONE of the boys from this enemy, so he wouldn’t be alone in the future.

Cue to Yumoto’s rescue of Arima being him straight up PUNCHING FUTURE!YUMOTO ON THE MUG.

Actually, it was after a short exchange, lol




It was so freaking awesome. How come I only DREAM things that awesome? It never happens when I’m actually writing fanfiction.

Future!Yumoto then reveals why he’s doing it, which makes everyone feel kinda sad. Yumoto says they’ll work hard so it never happens, and that even if he gets alone, he can always visit his friends in the past and have fun with them.

Future!Yumoto smiles, agreeing with him; after all, traumatized or not, Yumoto is still Yumoto.

And that was it.

It was pretty cool.


who thought i was kidding that i love wasting my time? i definitely wasn’t, so here we go, all dr1, dr2 and ndrv3 base character stats. there’re also genocide jack, kamukura izuru, monokuma, monomi and usami, but i didn’t include them in any of the tables ‘cause i wanted to keep ‘em the same size. sort of. (somebody corrected a few of those stat names earlier, but i forgot who it was, sorry. thanks for ur input tho!)

additionally, i grouped up all of the characters with the same stats. basically, most of them fit some class archetype:

highest influence (hp), stamina (phys def) / tank: hinata, nidai, oowada, momota, gonta
highest focus (mp), intelligence (mag atk) / magic offense: togami, fujisaki, fukawa, sonia, nanami, iruma, saihara
highest strength (phys atk) / offense: kamukura, genocide jack, oogami, pekoyama, harukawa, monokuma
highest endurance (mag def) / support(?): hagakure, ishimaru, saionji, tsumiki, yumeno, angie, monomi
highest speed: kuwata, asahina, ikusaba, owari, chabashira, hoshi
highest luck: komaeda, naegi, amami

and these guys are pretty balanced:

yamada, maizono, hanamura, tanaka, kuzuryuu, mioda, akamatsu, keebo

kirigiri, celestia, koizumi, shirogane, shinguuji

enoshima, souda, toujou, ouma, usami. who knew souda is basically equivalent to junko ffs

imposter is the only one who doesn’t share stats with anyone. huh. i honestly thought it’s gonna be kamukura, i’m a bit disappointed he got nerfed,,

though i don’t think these tables mean much, ‘cause as far as i know, it’s more important how rare your character card is and how you raise stats in board game. i might make more tables with rough estimates(?) of lvl 99 stats too



So if you remember from a couple weeks ago, I bought a group of Tsumtsums on sale out of grief for not being able to find the Bambi set! But it turns out, either I misread the release date or they rereleased them (I know so little about Tsumtsum releases lmao), and BAMBI CAME OUT AGAIN AND I GOT THE FULL SET! However I then had to explain who ‘hot dad prince of the forest’ was to my sister… 

I ALSO got to go to Michael’s, and I found a set of watercolor pencils I needed! I had hoped to get a couple of singles (since I only needed 3-4 colors for faceups, on @oak23‘s suggestion), but they don’t do that I guess! But they had a ‘doorbuster’ set of 24 for $5 (a set of 12 was $8!), so I got really lucky! And I found TWO more MTMs, so I got them on sale AND got to use my coupon, which means I got the pair of dolls for $19 instead of $28! Which is practically free, right?! 

… I also might have won something on eBay and I’m going to look for the medium-sized Bambi tsum today. OOPS. 

I was going to drag him out to the front lawn for full on shiny sun but the neighbors across the street are busy moving in and I don’t want their first experience in the neighborhood to be OH UM THAT SNAKE IS HUGE I HAVE SMALL CHILDREN CAN WE MOVE AWAY PLEASE

I like to warm up to people before pulling out the big kids or perhaps just never mention the snakes at all that works too.

So instead, I chronicled Dumat’s adventure in the backyard. For reference, he’s just hit 30lbs on the dot and my ball pythons could fit into the back bootycoil in the photo above.

But then I circled around and with the camera between our faces I think he forgot who I was for a moment.

wait who you


oh just mom nvm

cmon mum

Meanwhile, an anole on the roof flipping it’s shit out EITHER GODZILLA CAME HOME OR I’M HIGH AS BALLS

wait wait wait wait


stop everything

what are this

what ARE this????

oh a plank well ok lets go find totoro then he’s in here rite

…no baby no, only a huge cloud of mosquitoes were in there, and I promptly dragged him back inside while I slowly died of bloodloss

and that was our backyard adventure yay~

Some idiot: *makes a rude post about [insert gender/sexuality/etc. here] without ANY indication of sarcasm, humour or exaggeration* 

Someone else: *Calls them out for it*



night time selfie studies/self portraits are the best

anonymous asked:

55 + Calum maybe I feel like it would be adorable :))))

(#55: “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars? Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?”)

Gentle, smooth waves tenderly kissed the soft shoreline as you stared out at the sea, the faintest hue of pink still striped across the sky just above the horizon as if it forgot that it too had to flee the horizon with the sun. It wasn’t necessarily a cold night but the breeze tousling your hair was a little chilly considering you were sitting still on a cliche white and red checkered blanket; the brunette parallel to you busy pulling an abundance of food out of a weaved wooden basket.

“I can’t say I expected this when you asked me on a date, Cal,” you teased, the smile already present on your lips spreading even wider as the boy’s cheeks flushed red.

“Well, if you want, we can pack up and go and see a movie or something,” Calum babbled, already moving to stuff the food back inside, “I just thought, you know, it might be fun to not do something cliche but–”

“Hey,” you gently comforted, lightly placing your hand on Calum’s tensed arm and not failing to recognize the way his muscles immediately loosened at your touch. “I was just teasing. This is awesome.”

The brunette smiled, beginning to continue his work again and you figured because his shoulders were now relaxed and his movements were quite fluid now, it was okay to start teasing him again. After all, he was your best friend. “But seriously,” you started. “Our first date is a picnic on a beach under the stars?” Butterflies nipped at your stomach’s walls listening to the high pitched giggle that flowed from Calum’s mouth. “Have you swallowed a romance novel? Do I need to call a doctor?

“Shut up, Y/N,” said, rolling his eyes fondly. “You know you love it.”

“Eh, it’s whatever.”

“Just eat the damn food,” Calum playfully demanded, settling down across from you and unwrapping a handmade sandwich.

“Did you make all of this?” you questioned the brunette, making sure to take note of every food present before deciding what to eat.

“Mhm,” Calum hummed, his mouth full. After swallowing, he added, “Had to be special, you know?”

“Sure,” you agreed, smiling down at the sub you began to unwrap.

“Seriously,” Calum claimed. “It’s not everyday you finally take your best friend out on a first date.”

You shrugged, heat rising uncomfortably to your cheeks. “I know, it’s just weird.” Upon not hearing a reply, you curiously shifted your gaze from where it’d wandered to the ocean again and widened your eyes at Calum’s crestfallen expression. “No no no, not like that!” you quickled rushed to say. “I just mean, you know it’s weird, but– but it’s a good weird, you know?”

The brunette cocked his head to the side.

“It’s like…” you sighed, cursing yourself for always having a hard time with articulating your thoughts. “It’s like, you know, before… everyone would always tease us like ‘you guys should just get married already’ and…” You shrugged, “I guess not that a first date is anything equivalent to getting married but like, everyone saw it before us, you know?”

Calum smiled down at his sandwich. “No,” he corrected, “Everyone but you saw it.”

Your eyebrows crinkled in surprise. “Wait, what?”

The brunette’s chest vibrated with brilliant laughter. “I’ve always known, you know? I’ve always known it was gonna be you.”

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i keep going on and on about paris but i tend to forget how terrible some of my experiences have been.. how i was legit followed in the underground and men would try to touch me and theyd yell obcene things at me and one guy legit kissed me on the mouth out of the blue… and when i was complaining to a friendi made there & told him  that i feellike shit & exploited & this shouldnt be happening to me he aswered with asking me out on a date

anyways @bilaqua i really want to go with you!!!!!!!! honestly this was the incentive i needed!!!!


Here’s some pointless OC ability reference stuff that I’ve been working on for the last week for both Techtor and Scope. Mostly just for personal use when putting together scripts for comics. :3

Fetus ashton looks so adorable aww