i forgot what the rest of his face looked like without the beard

Gotta Shave this Shit

Title: Gotta Shave this Shit

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: Negan wants to rid his beard and wants you to help.

Warnings: NSFW, swearing, Negan himself is a warning lol

Note: ‘Cause I think beardless Negan needs more love. Honestly feeling meh about this but I couldn’t get the idea out of my mind. Hope you guys would still enjoy!

“You busy tonight, sweetheart?”

It was only when Negan’s shadow loomed over your figure on the couch that you looked up and realized that it was you he was talking to. Even after noticing how Negan’s eyes were glued on you and you alone, you still bothered to look around the lounge area to make sure that you weren’t hallucinating. You weren’t a new wife, in fact, you were the third one (out of six) but you were aware that Negan has his favorites. Sherry and Amber topped Negan’s list but the other wives still get their share of Negan’s time.

You’ve had your moments with Negan too, but they weren’t as much as the rest so you assumed that you were that girl— one who was easily forgotten. It was really hard to believe that Negan was really talking to you.

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Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Chris and Reader spend a lazy and funny Sunday together in their Californian house by the beach before he leaves to promote Gifted.
Words Count: 1.4k
Genre: Fluff!
Warnings: two innuendos, but it’s just an adorable moment with Chris.
Author’s Note: This little story is dedicated to @always-an-evans-addict. I do hope you will like it because I’ve had so much fun writing it, xo. Also, thank you so much to @punkrockhippiefromthefourties for being my beta and for giving me all these tips and suggestions. You saved my life. If this fic is good, it’s thanks of her.

    The sun peeked in the bedroom window, illuminating your hair like a fiery halo, and so slowly, you lifted your head from the pillow. Despite your grogginess, you looked out at the beach off in the distance as the sun’s vibrant rays sent a glossy, gold sheen all around the room and the sound of the rhythmic waves of the ocean brought a peaceful hymn to your ears.

    Your eyelids closed again, and you rested back against your pillow, feeling Chris’ chest inches away from your body. You enjoyed the restful moment and hummed lightly as you remembered how much you lived for those quiet mornings with your husband by your side.

    “Hi, sweetie,” Chris’ sleepy voice spoke behind you. He put a hand on your arm and you lazily turned around. “You look so beautiful in the morning.”

    “You aren’t so bad yourself, Dorito,” you complimented, pecking his nose.

    “I was actually talking to the sun,” he joked with a jovial smile of his, and you laughed heartily, tipping your head back.

    Chris beamed at you, enjoying the melody of your laugh and he took the opportunity to climb on top of you. Yet, as he leaned into the kiss he chased every morning, you turned your head to the side and looked at the beach with this obvious smirk.

    “Y/N, I didn’t ask to wake up to nothing.”

    “Shut up,” you retorted and restrained your giggle.

    “What?” He furrowed his brows, feigning anger, but he couldn’t hold the character.

    “Shut up and kiss me.” You turned back to him, cupping his bearded cheek. You closed your eyes, melting when his lips captured yours and claimed them as his proudly.  

    “Now, you don’t have ‘nothing’.”

    “If I keep talking, can I have another?” Chris asked, raising an eyebrow and smiling.

    “Depends on what you tell me,” you giggled as he moved to your ear and whispered a sweet nothing. “I need a shower, first and then breakfast in bed?”

    “I’m going to work out quickly and take a shower after you.” He placed a loving peck on your forehead and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

    “It’s Sunday, Chris. You can’t lift weights.” You grabbed his arm and pulled him back with you.

    “Of course I can do some push-ups,” he chuckled and you shot up in bed.

    “It’s a lazy day. We don’t do anything, but laugh, chill and make out in our case.”

    “It’s been a while since our last lazy Sunday. I completely forgot.”

    “Oh, man… Poor you,” you faked a sob, wrapping your arms around his chest. “We need to fix this.”

    “Uh, can I say hello to Dodger at least?”

    That afternoon, you sat on the couch, book in hand with Chris’ head on your lap and he scratched on his sketchbook silently, almost too focused on his art. Your free fingers played with the locks of his light brown hair as he used this quiet time to come back to something he had missed doing.

    After a few minutes using his pencil on the page filled with a beautiful depiction of nature, your husband put the sketchbook on the ground. He stretched his body over your lap, brushing your hip with his hand and he poked you lightly, earning your sweet giggle.

    “I’ve always thought you were ‘only surprised’.” A mischievous smirk grew on his face as he sat up and turned his head to you. “You’ve always been ticklish, haven’t you?”

    “I’m not,” you lied, trying to keep your concentration on the book.

    “Oh, really?” He moved closer to you, pressing his body against you. “Because it doesn’t seem like that.”

    “No, Chris.” You closed your book and finally met his playful gaze. “I know what you are thinking about, don’t do it.”

    “Am I that obvious?” Chris inquired, inching towards you with a new mischievous grin.

    “Christopher, we are not children. We are very serious grown people,” you countered, slowly standing from the couch and he scoffed.

    “Doesn’t mean I can’t do that.” He enveloped his large hand around your wrist and yanked down. He pounced at you and immediately tickled your sides, reaching certain spots of your body that secretly made you laugh each time he had poked or caressed them with his hands.

    You squirmed around before laughing uncontrollably as his fingers dug into your waist, making you laugh even harder. Tears of mirth threatened to spill as well as incomprehensible pleads flew out of your mouth underneath him as he kept torturing you so sweetly.

    “CHR- CHRIS NO!” You gasped for air, shrieking. “PLEASE! I- I- CHRIS… CHRIS!”

    He laughed as you kept on giggling like a maniac under the work of his fingers and he eventually gave you a break. Like nothing had happened, Chris smirked lightly and let you take this moment to catch your breath, sighing in relief.

    You looked up at him with this glare and he leaned his head to the side, lovingly staring at you with this beautiful smile that had you melting instantly.

    “This isn’t fair.” You rested on your elbows. “You are too strong.”

    “They say that. You seem to like it usually.” He winked and you threw your head back, placing your hands on your forehead as you giggled again.

    After leaving you in peace for a brief minute, Chris stared once more at your body with his famous smirk and he leaned in. He placed his hands on your neck and you dissolved into a pile of giggles as he tickled your skin down to your sides without a break.

    “PLEASE CHRIS! I- I CAN’T H- HOLD IT” You tried to fight back, failing miserably because of your lack of strength.

    “You say you aren’t ticklish, huh, sweetheart?”

    Chris accompanied your joyful laugh, trying to hold your squirming figure and you turned your head to the side, seeing the opportunity to free yourself. You managed to grab the cushion next to you, smacking his head with it and he backed away, pretending to be shocked.

    “This means war,” he warned with this light chuckle in the background.

    “Pillow fight, Evans!”

    You rolled off the couch and ran upstairs to your bedroom with your husband running after you. He slammed the door shut behind him and grabbed his feathery pillow, mimicking your swift movement.


    You jumped on the bed, smacking the pillow across his face and you laughed, daring him. Another hit and he didn’t even flinch as he joined you on the mattress. Your pillows used as hammers and shields at the same time, you hit each other and the feathers flying around you blinded your vision whilst you could only hear Chris’ constant giggles as he hit your belly with a new full pillow that spewed its content everywhere.

    You threw another pillow at him, but he smashed his fist into it and dropped it down, having your jaw dropping as you looked at the feathers on the bed and everything around covered by a white shin of softness.

    Taking advantage, Chris sneaked behind you, folding his strong arms around your waist and he lifted you up, spinning you around. Your head fell backward on his shoulder as you laughed and he kissed your neck, nuzzling his face in the crook.

    “Chris! Put me down… I’m- I’m going to throw up if you-”

    “All right,” he laughed, the same sound you found so adorable.

    Chris eventually let you down after more pleads and you let yourself fall on the mattress, lying down. He joined almost too enthusiastically as the bed collapsed under both your weight and you squealed. You looked at him with wide eyes until you burst out into laughter again, putting a hand on your chest and he mimicked famously.

    “That bed was too old anyways,” you gasped, wiping away the tears.

    “Yeah, it’s only the third in four months.”

    “We’re filthy.”

    “I can’t get enough of your laugh,” he whispered, calming down and he caressed your cheek. “I love you.” His eyes darted from your lips to your eyes, then your mouth again.

    “I love you too, honey.” You rolled over to climb on top him and attached your lips sweetly together

    “I’ve missed chilling with you.” Chris passed his fingers through your hair and you put your chin on his chest, looking at him.

    “Me, too.”

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    Prompt: Rebelcaptain - Cassian is romantically involved with someone else when he meets Jyn.

    This Is How It Happens (We Are Born to Burn)

    We are born to burn, she thinks.

    As Jyn watches the horizon on fire, she thinks, this is how it happens, and her arms wrap tighter around Cassian. She thinks of her father’s biology lessons on Lah’mu when she was a child, thinks about cells fusing together and becoming one, and then a miracle sweeps them up into the sky.

    As they break atmo, their bodies broken but alive, she watches his chest rise and fall with labored breaths and thinks, we are born to burn. She just thought that had meant Scarif.

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    how to drown in the desert; chapter six: the light

    a/n: *drum roll* at last - chapter six! hopefully this chapter was more than worth the wait, and it’s a pretty decent word count length too (over 4,000 words), so i hope you guys enjoy it!

    as always you can read this fic here on ao3 or here on ffn

    and as always if you ever want to make a graphic/edit/fanart ANYTHING inspired by this fic please let me know and tag me in it!! i’d love to see it <3

    anyway, without further ado, here is chapter 6: the light

    For a few blissful moments after he woke up, Shiro forgot what had transpired the previous night…and then he remembered. His body froze as he blinked the sleep out of his eyes, his fingers feeling exceptionally warm, and he realized they were still laced through Allura’s. He panicked, thinking about how to move without waking her when he caught the soft curve of her lips: the princess had fallen asleep with a smile on her face.

    His own face heated up when he thought of the softness of her voice when they had said goodnight. My Paladin.

    He dragged his free hand down his face, nearly nicking himself with the edge of the wedding band he wore—fake wedding band. Maybe they were faking this marriage a bit too well, or at least he was. God, what if she suspected him? It would be completely unprofessional, and awkward, and… maybe sort of freeing, to have it all out in the open. Even if she didn’t feel the same—and why would she?—at least he wouldn’t have to hide it anymore.

    Shiro shook his head, carefully slipping his hand out of hers, even as her fingers remained curled against the snowy sheets of their bed. He couldn’t stop himself from reaching over as her hair fell in her face, carefully tucking it behind her pointed ears. He almost let his fingers linger, when her eyes fluttered open.

    “Shiro?” she said, voice thick with sleep.

    He flushed, feeling almost guilty—or at least caught in the act. He cleared his throat. “Good morning, princess.”

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    Start of Something New

    Gabriel Reyes x Reader


    Implied Sexual Tones

    Implied non-con (nothing actually happens)

    An obnoxious repetitive beeping woke you up from your slumber. Light was beginning to peep from underneath the curtains, swaying softly from the soft breeze of the open window. You blindly skimmed your hand across the bedside table to push several buttons to turn that damn alarm off.

    You’d been working at Overwatch for the past year or so. Secretly. You don’t think your parents would approve, they were very much.. against the Omnics. To say it kindly. Your parents weren’t for peace and justified protests, expecting you to do the same. However, you loved your job and you wouldn’t trade it in for anything else. Your job consisted of buying in ammunition for the agents, from shotgun shells to handcrafted arrows and shurikens.

    A quick shower, brush teeth, comb hair, and get dressed. You had to think what you needed to do before you left the comfortable confines of your warm bed.

    Just a few more minutes..

    * * *

    “Yes, sir?’
    “Reyes wants to see you. Now.”
    “Yes, sir.”
    You had become accustomed to calling everyone ‘sir’, or ‘ma'am’ in the time that you had been here. Strike Commander Morrison had made sure of that.

    You made your way through the grey corridors of Watchpoint: Gibralter. To an outsider it may look very much like a military base, but to you it was home. You passed by a couple of agents, nodding in acknowledgement, heads close no doubt whispering about an upcoming mission. You reach the office of Gabriel Reyes, the head of Blackwatch. Blackwatch is a unit of Overwatch, that carries out black ops missions not so legally. To the public, Blackwatch didn’t exist which is why you had to swear secrecy when you joined Overwatch. You were no stranger to this side of the of watchpoint, delivering confirmations and news of deals as you also had to buy ammunition for the unit.

    You knocked at the steel door.
    “Come in.”
    Your hand went to the handle and turned it, letting yourself in. Reyes was sitting at his desk, some holoscreens open which were swiftly shut.
    “Commander Morrison said you wanted to see me, sir?”
    “Yes, Y/N. I have a proposition for you.”
    You waited in silence, respectfully.
    “Blackwatch need something. You are the perfect candidate, gatita.“
    Your eyes slightly fluttered at the pet name, something only Reyes calls people when he wants sweeten them up.
    “Unfortunately, some of our other agents are on missions, and some just aren’t.. suitable.”
    Your right eyebrow slightly raises.
    “Y/N, we need information. There’s an event that Morrison and I are attending this Friday night. This is where you will retrieve said information.
    “Sir, may I?”
    Reyes looks at you, leaning back his chair, waiting.
    “I.. Sir. I’m not an agent. I buy in ammunition, not use it.”
    “Gatita, you haven’t even been briefed yet and you’re declining?” He seemed amused.
    “No, sir, I er-”
    “Y/N, McCree taught you to fire a gun, sí? Jack has taught you hand to hand combat, sí?”
    You blush slightly. Reyes wasn’t wrong. It had been compulsory that you learnt the basics of combat, long or short range.
    “Yes.. sir. But may I enquire as to why you chose me?”
    Reyes bows his head, pushes his chair back and stands up. He walks around his desk to stand directly in front of you. Reyes puts his finger underneath your chin and tilts your head to look up at him. You can count on one hand the amount of times you were alone with the leader of Blackwatch. Never have you had the chance to study his features this close: his coarse beard hair, the slightly dark tints under his eyes, his eyes. Wow. Dark pools of chocolate staring into you.
    “Niña. You are the perfect assett. Attractive. Naturally flirtacious. Which is exactly what I need you to be this Friday. It’s a gathering of government officials; everyone dislikes each other but put on a mask as they are the ones that sign off our pay checks. However, they don’t know your face and wouldn’t expect you to pull of something so.. risky.”
    The corners of his lips tugged up slightly at seeing the reaction from your face.
    “Don’t worry, gatita, you won’t be in much danger, plus Morrison and I will be there. A simple in and out, if you will.” Reyes smirked.
    You nodded. You weren’t in a position to decline, both mentally and physically, as Reyes’ finger hadn’t moved from your chin and he was still oh so very close to you.
    “I’ll send the whole brief over to you later today. You’re dismissed, L/N.”

    Your back to the cool steel of the outside of Reyes’ door, you let out a breath you hadn’t realised you were holding. A black ops mission? With Jack and Gabriel? You were excited, but incredibly nervous. He said you weren’t going to be in much danger - what exactly did he want you to do?

    McCree snapped you out of your thoughts. When did he get here?
    “Y'all okay, Y/N? Look like ya seen a ghost.”
    “Yeah, thanks, Jesse. Just some er, unexpected things going on is all.”
    “Why’re you outsida Reyes’ door?”
    “Jesse, please-”
    “Has he got you goin’ on a mission? Oh my God Y/N if he has you gotta let me kno-”
    “McCree. Leave L/N alone.”
    Reyes had somehow opened his door without either of you knowing, making you both jump a little.
    “Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” McCree scurried off, leaving you two alone, again.
    “Y/N, I forgot to mention - don’t tell anyone. Especially McCree.”
    “Yes, sir.” You dropped your head slightly and walked off, making your way back to your desk.

    * * *

    You had made it back to your apartment, only after a long day of thinking about your conversation with Reyes. The holoscreen of the brief he had sent you was hovering above your coffee table. You were perched on the edge of the sofa, elbows resting on your knees and hands clasped underneath your chin.

    You were to arrive outside of the watchpoint at 7pm, adorned in this dress that Reyes had picked out for you. Black, floor length with a thigh high split, sleeveless but not quite low cut. You had to admit, he had good taste. You were to pose as his ‘partner’, oblivious to Blackwatch and ignorant to other political happenings in the world. Once Morrison and Reyes had distracted the higher ups, you were to say you were going to powder your nose, while actually looking for the Target’s office. From there, you were to insert the drive, download whatever is on the computer and leave. Nice and simple. Everyone important enough should be distracted and if the worst happens, you can always play ignorant and say you got lost. Easy.

    * * *

    Fresh air drifted across the back of your shoulders; you’d have to talk to Reyes that although his tastes were good, he forgot a bloody jacket. You were standing outside of the entrance to the watchpoint, scuffing your black heels on the ground as you waited for the commanders. You were a bit early, but you’d rather impress your higher ups than be late on the first mission.

    Reyes and Morrison arrived together, and boy did they scrub up well. Morrison wore a pair of navy trousers and a matching blazer, with a white shirt that had the few buttons at the top undone. Reyes had on an onyx black suit, with a black shirt and a black tie. To say you were impressed would be an understatement. You did however feel a tad more relaxed that you weren’t the only one dressing up tonight.

    “Sir. Sir.” You looked at them both and nodded your head slightly.
    “Y/N. Ay Dios mío. You look..”
    Morrison had leaned over to Reyes and whispered something in his ear, then gave him a little nudge.
    “..Very good. Erm, well done.” Reyes swiftly turned around and motioned for you to follow him, no doubt in the direction of the mission.
    “So. Although the building is in walking distance, we have decided to bring the dropship along just in case things do decide to get hairy.”
    You nodded at Morrison’s explanation.
    “Y/N, you will stay with Gabriel until I give the all clear. Understood?”
    “Yes, sir.”
    The rest of walk was in comfortable silence, as Morrison had said the journey wouldn’t take long. You could hear the sounds of people talking and fake laughs, just around the corner.
    “Y/N, hold my hand.”
    You couldn’t say no. Well, it was in your brief that you were acting as Reyes’ girlfriend, but you’d imagined it more being his actual girlfriend than a faux one on a mission. You took his right hand in your left, your other hand occupied by a black clutch purse containing the drive. Your face burned a little, Morrison and Reyes were whispering at this point, too quiet for you to hear but there were a couple of chuckles, and a few squeezes on your hand from Reyes. Whether it was reassurance or they were talking about you, you weren’t entirely sure. Before you reached the entrance, you all stopped.
    “Y/N, this is for you. You may have seen the other agents wear them.”
    It was a tiny earpiece, almost invisible.
    “You just put it in there, yes, like that.” Reyes brushed your hair back over your ear to see if you had inserted it correctly. To anyone else it looked as though Reyes was being affectionate.

    “Ah, good evening Gentleman and what I may say, a fine lady.” The greeter at the door bowed slightly and smiled at you. He opened the door with a curt nod to the security. “We hope you enjoy your evening. There’s an open bar and canapés will be arriving shortly.”
    Free drinks and food? You smiled at the greeter, and made your way in through the open door towards the mass of people that had gathered in the bar area.
    “Y/N, where do you think you are going?” A sharp tug on your hand made you suddenly stop. You turned back, eyes wide and eyebrows raised.
    “I was going to get drinks. You want this to go as smoothly as possible, don’t you?”
    “.. Let Jack get them.”
    Morrison smirked slightly as he made his way through the crowd, leaving you and Reyes in the middle of the tiled floor.
    “Come, let’s go grab a seat.”
    You led him over to one of the bar tables that luckily still had three chairs free. Reyes hadn’t let go of your hand, and was making small circles on your knuckles with his thumb. A small awkward silence followed once you both had sat down. You looked over towards the bar, seeing if you could see Morrison with your drinks.
    “What, missing our company already?” You could hear a hint of sarcasm in his voice. What was going on with him lately?
    “No, I er, was just seeing if I could see him with our drinks.” You inwardly cursed yourself. You were alone with Gabriel Reyes for goodness sake, the commander of Blackwatch. The majority of people in Overwatch have at some point fancied the likes of him, and now here you were.
    “It’s okay, gatita,” His thumb making motions on your knuckles again. “You’ll do great.”
    You smiled slightly at his praise. You were about to take a breath in to say something before Morrison came back with his hands full of glasses.
    “Open bar, my ass.” He set the drinks down on the table. “Oh ‘Sprite and Coca-Cola are free but you have to pay for the alcohol’.” He was clearly impersonating what seemed to be a very Californian accent. Reyed chuckled slightly, and raised his glass in a toast.
    “To Y/N’s first.”
    Morrison nodded and clinked his glass with Reyes’ then with yours. You tapped your glass with Reyes’ and took a large gulp.
    “Sir, I thought you said you had to pay for alcohol?”
    “I did, Y/N. And please call me Jack. People might start gettng ideas if you call me that in public.” Morrison squinted his eyes at you and smirked. What you couldn’t see was Reyes glaring at Morrison, his mouth twitching slightly just itching to say something.

    “Ah, yes of course, the highly praised Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes. How are you both?” A what it seemed very high up official shook both Morrison’s and Reyes’ hands, before turning to you. “And who is this absolute treasure that you have found, Reyes?”
    “This is my girlfriend, sir. New to the scene, should we say.” All three men chuckled at that. New to the scene? You suppose you had to play along. The man gently took your hand and brushed his lips against your knuckles.
    “Enchante.” He winked.
    “Pleasure.” You returned.

    An hour and half of mingling, and you had made your way to the centre of the crowd. A light tap on your elbow from Morrison signalled your cue.
    “Gentleman, if I may be excused, I must go powder my nose.”
    A smile and a nod from Reyes granted your leave. You turned and headed towards where the ladies’ were, pushing the swing door open and silently thanking that there was no one else in here. Setting your purse down next to the sink, you looked at yourself in the mirror. This dress had done you wonders, probably because of the split up your thigh and the tightness around the waist. You brushed your hair behind your ear and push the button to turn the earpiece on.
    “Testing. Can you hear me?”
    “Yes, Y/N. We’ve moved away from the crowd a bit so we can talk to you more freely.”
    “Okay, good. I’m just making my way there.”
    You stepped out of the ladies’ and began your course of navigating this maze of corridors. Your heart was beating louder than usual, all down to nerves. Your heels clicking against the tiles made you feel empowered; there was just something about that noise that you absolutely loved. You stopped at the wooden door with a wavy glass pane, at the end of the hallway as instructed by the brief.

    Well of course it was locked.

    Reyes had prepared you for this. This building was incredibly old, and had not been updated to preserve the history. You took out two bobby pins that were in your purse and straightened them both out. You had bent the tip of one to make it almost look like an alan key, and slid that into the lock. The straight pin slid underneath that one, and with some pressure in the right places and a turn of the pins, the door clicked open. You hastily stepped inside and quietly shut the door. A quick look around the office, and you found what you were looking for: the Target’s computer. You perched on the edge of the chair behind the desk. Reyes had said all you would need to do would put the drive into the slot and it would do all of the work for you. You inserted the drive, the holoscreen lighting up and a progress bar slowly making it’s way 100%.
    “The drive is inserted. It said it should take approximately 8 minutes.”
    “Well done, gatitio. Let’s hope everything carries on as smoothly as it has done.”

    You had time to spare, so you being as nosey as you were decided to have a look around. A few papers here and there, folders strewn about. You picked up a letter and skim read it. Something about Omnics. When was it not? You tilted your head as something caught your eye.
    ‘L/N, Y/N.’
    Wait, what?
    What is this? Why do they have information on you?
    “Y/N, time?”
    “Oh, er, 2 minutes and 24 seconds.”
    “That’s not enough. Y/N, they’ve noticed a breach in security and have armed guards patrolling. You need to get out now. We’re on our way.”
    Shit. Could you not hold off for a few minutes? Your heart was racing now, your palms clammy with the thought of being caught. To be safe, you hid against the wall where the door was, that way if anyone looked in, they wouldn’t be able to see you.
    You could hear several footsteps.
    Your shoulders tensed, arms up and fists clenched should you need to fight.
    “I er, zink it vas zis one, boss.”
    “Well go on, what are you waiting for?”
    Those voices weren’t familiar. Those voices were close. You heard a click of the door being opened but you sighed in relief when you realised it was the door opposite to yours.
    “Zhere’s novun here.”
    “No shit. Keep looking.”
    The door closed and a few taps on the tiled floor. Your door clicked open.
    “Look, novun again.”
    “Jesus, Maksya, you haven’t even loo-”
    You think your heart stopped when the ‘boss’ walked in. Shit. You weren’t an agent. You weren’t trained for this.
    “Well, well, well. What is this?” Boss man walked over to the desk and with some expert swipes flipped the holoscreen around. “Download complete? What the fu-”
    Now was your time. You launched forward at the boss and brought your right arm around his neck, securing it in place with your left. The other guy shouted in surprise and brought his gun, level to where you were. You swung the boss around, so he was being used as a human shield.
    “Put the gun down.”

    You had hoped your would have sounded a bit more threatening, but your dry throat made your voice crack. The gun man chuckled.
    “Boss, it’s zat Reyes’ bitch. You know the vun that has been showing off all zat she has to offer all night?”
    A sharp, unsuspecting jab to your ribs from the boss man made you let go, clutching your side. He grabbed your hair at the base of your scalp, crying out in pain, and kicked the back of your knees to make you fall down on the floor. Shit. Your hands clawed at the boss man’s hand in your hair.
    “She’s feisty.” Boss man’s eyebrow raised. “Tie her up.”
    Oh no. You weren’t going down without a fight. You eyed the guy with the gun like a hawk, until he went behind you. You heard the clunk of the gun being put on the desk, and then some rustling. Was he taking off his belt? Your arms were brought down behind you, you couldn’t move unless you wanted to rip out half off your hair. Your thoughts were confirmed when you felt leather digging in at your wrists, and then being cinched. The boss let go of you hair, only to be replaced by the other guy’s left hand, and feel of cold metal against your temple.
    “Pretty. Hands behind her and on her knees. I can think of several ways to make her talk.”
    The gun man cruelly laughed with his boss.

    “Gatita, we got held up. Did you get out okay?”
    You couldn’t reply. You couldn’t let these strangers know you had contact to the outside. You were supposed to be gone by now, not held hostage in a a stuffy office.
    Your heart sank. It wasn’t rare for an agent to die in the field, but it did happen. You just never thought it would happen to you. Tears sprung at the corners of your eyes, threatening to fall. You weren’t an agent. End of.
    “Now. We know you must be working for Overwatch, hmm?” Boss man stood in front of you, his hand clenched around your jaw to make you look up at him. “That you must be Reyes’ new whore, and got you to do the dirty work, hm?”
    Your eyebrows creased into a frown. You weren’t going to talk. Feign ignorance. The metal pressed harder against your temple. This was it. A hard slap across the face sent you spinning. You were still held in place but your jaw hurt and you were sure your lip had been cut open. A sharp yank of your hair sent your head further back looking almost directly above you.
    “If you’re not going to talk, then we’re going to have some fun.”
    Boss man produced a knife from his back pocket. He brought the blade up to your face, your eyes widening as you were now being threatened by both a knife and a gun. You had always hated knives, even more than guns. There was something so.. personal about being threatened by a knife that had you shivering in fear.
    “Oh boss, I zink she’s scared.” He chuckled again.
    Boss brought the blade lightly down your right cheekbone, enough to cause pain and make beads of blood appear. He looked at you, almost as though he was questioning why you weren’t talking.
    You heard your name again, but not just from the earpiece. They were running down the hallway, feet stomping on the ground.
    Boss man grimaced and looked at his colleague. You were brought to your feet by a sharp yank of your hair, the gun now gone from your temple and given to boss man, pointing at you. The blade now pressing against your throat. The door slammed open. Both Reyes and Morrison had their guns already aimed, sweat beads on their foreheads.
    “Let her go.”
    “Or what, Reyes? You’ll shoot me?”
    Clear as crystal. Their mocking tones made you think they have some kind of history.
    “Fine. Maksya, let her go.”
    As soon as the blade dropped from your neck and the hand left your hair, boss man had pulled the trigger. Everything seemed to be in slow motion: the pulled trigger, the bullet hitting you, Reyes and Morrison pulling their triggers on the boss. You fell back against the desk, sliding to the floor. You’d been shot. On your left side. Above your hip. You cried out in pain, tears finally falling from your closed eyes. Adrenaline took over and everything went numb. You heard footsteps come closer to you, and another gunshot. You daren’t open your eyes. Your hands were suddenly free and tried to cover your wound in vain. A slump to your right told you the other guy had been dealt with.
    “This wasn’t supposed to happen, I am so sorry, so so sorry. Jack, we need Angela, we need to get Y/N to the ship, now.” The urgency in Reyes’ voice scared you. You tried to open your eyes but they were too heavy. Reyes was still talking to you, his voice becoming distant. He gingerly picked you up, bridal style. Your head leaned into him and your left hand fell down, finally giving into the darkness.

    * * *

    A bright light was all you could see through your eyelids. The sterile smell and clanging of metal on metal told you that you weren’t in heaven, but rather a hospital room. A faint repetitive beeping brought you fully out from your sleep. Your eyes fluttered open and your thoughts confirmed. Pristine white sheets, a metal tray with tools, an uncomfortable looking chair with a sleeping Reyes.

    You looked more around the room. The window was open, and you could hear the crashing of the waves on the rocks below. Sunlight was streaming in, creating a warmth that you didn’t know that you needed.
    “Ah! Y/N, you’re awake.”
    Your eyes shifted over to the source of the voice: Doctor Angela Ziegla, alias Mercy. She was the resident doctor, Swiss, stern but incredibly friendly.
    “Yes,” you smiled. “I suppose I am.” Your body was aching, and there was a dull throb on the left hand side of your waist.
    “I managed to remove the bullet and heal you up fine. Healing from a bullet wound is a long process; it could take several weeks, even months. However, you should be back to normal in no time. You may have a scar om your cheek too.. but only time will tell. You were out for about 36 hours..”
    You frowned at this. Upon seeing your reaction, Dr Ziegler stepped closer to you and reassuringly put her hand on your forearm.
    “Gabriel hasn’t left your side. He’s been worried sick.”
    You glance over to him, and can see the prominent dark rings around his eyes. His eyes that were now looking at you.
    “L/N. You’re awake.” Reyes stood up next to angela, a slight frown crossing his face.
    “No need for formalities here, Gabriel.”
    “Of course, Angela. How are you feeling, Y/N?”
    “Achy. Tired. Hungry.”
    Both Dr Ziegler and Reyes chuckled at that.
    “Well, I’ll leave you two alone, and let you catch up.” Dr Ziegler smiled as she tool her hand back, picked up her clipboard and walked out of the room.

    Reyes had moved the chair closer to your bed and sat back down in it. He picked your hand up and held it in his own.
    “Gatita, I am so sorry.” His brows were furrowed.
    “Please. It’s okay. Dr Ziegler said I’d heal fine and-”
    “That’s not the point, I put you in danger!”
    “Danger that we couldn’t expect to happ-”
    “Y/N. I care about your safety. Hell, I care about you. Anyone could have delivered all those confirmations to Blackwatch, but I always asked for you.”
    He still wasn’t looking at you. Your eyes moved from him to directly in front of you, taking in the bunch of pastel flowers that you had missed.
    “Gabriel- may I?”
    Reyes nodded.
    “Gabriel. No one could have guessed what would have happened the other night. No one. Don’t beat yourself up for it, because it looks like you have. You have panda eyes, you know that right?”
    Reyes smiled but it quickly faded.
    “Panda eyes are better than a bullet wound.”
    “Very true. I don’t think any amount of cucumbers will help the bruise that I’ll get from being shot.” You started chuckling at your joke but then grabbed your side as the pain shot through you. Reyes half stood out of his chair, concerned.
    “Do you need anything? I can bring back Angela?”
    “No, thank you. I’ll live.” You grimaced.
    “How about I teach you?”
    “Teach me what?”
    “How to really defend yourself. To shoot, to fight, to be an agent.”
    “I.. I don’t know. Yes, it sounds exciting but..
    “But what?”
    “What about my job and well the way that I’m currently in?”
    “You can teach someone and we’ll wait until you’re fully recovered.”
    You think that Reyes has been planning this. Taking you on a mission, being taught basic combat. You just weren’t sure.
    “Y/N, I promise you won’t get shot on every mission.”
    “That’s if I accept.”
    “You didn’t say no last time.” Reyes smirked.

    God damn, Gabriel Reyes. He was going to be the death of you. You, however, didn’t mind one bit.

    Number 5 | Alfie Solomons

    Request: @tomhiddleeston I was wondering if you could do a sort of continuation of the Pregnancy oneshot where Reader and Alfie’s child is taking their first step or something at the bakery? Or Alfie takes their child to the bakery for the first time and Reader gets mad haha

    “We need to give her a name… it’s been a few days, Alf”



    “Git for short.”

    “We’re not calling our daughter bloody Blume-Gitte.”

    “Love, it’s Jewish. You can’t—“

    “I can and I bloody well will. No.”

    “All right then, ‘ow bout Betty?”

    “She’s not a middle-aged washer woman either.”

    “Now that’s just rude, that is, pet.”

    “Well, I’d like it if you took this seriously. Not something off the top of your head, like the dogs. Biscuit, Sherbet… Tommy.”

    “Oi, right, listen. They weren’t off the top of me ‘ead, was they? They were very well thought out.”


    “You tryin’ to tell me that those names don’t suit.”

    You thought about it for a minute and you couldn’t think of a smart response. He was right.

    “Thought so.”

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    The Beauty of Sight

    So this came to me this morning after reading a Crowley x deaf!Reader by @thewildomega (which I absolutely loved) and it gave me this idea. Sorry, I wrote it at work and ran out of time to edit it lol

    Pairings: Crowley x Reader, Sam & Dean (John mentioned) 2 OC bartenders mentioned.

    Warnings: I always swear so swearing


    As you walked into the bar, your hand gripped tight around your service dog’s harness, you needed to pause for a moment to get your bearings. You could hear that the bar was packed, loud voices shouting over each other to be heard amongst the chaos and the smell of stale beer and sweat permeated the air.

    “Hey (Y/N)! Right on time.” You smiled at the familiar sound of the bar tenders voice and you waved in his direction.

    “Hey Steve. Is my chair open?” You asked when you felt your German Sheppard, Cujo, pulling you forward.

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    Missing Scenes Series

    TV Show: Riverdale

    Couple: Joaquin/Kevin

    Rating: T

    Summary: A new series focusing on filling in some of the missing scenes in Joaquin/Kevin’s relationship. Behind the cut, you’ll find Episode 4.

    Please like or reblog if you enjoyed. Thanks so much!

                                                  Chapter 1: Episode 4

       The movie was slightly better than Kevin expected. Not by much, though. He’d still rather be doing something more fun, but Veronica insisted and he was a sucker for a pretty face. Something he’d admit to, gladly. At least James Dean was a total hottie; that helped keep his attention.

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    New Adventures - Chapter 14

    Synopsis: You wake up to a disaster.

    Author: negansdirtygirll.tumblr.com

    Characters: Negan, Elizabeth (My OC), Dwight

    Word Count: 1,729

    Warnings:  Negan’s dirty mouth

    *Don’t forget to read the other chapters! The masterlist is HERE.

    Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

    Originally posted by nicole-kidman

    When you woke that morning you felt happier than you’d felt in ages. Negan was nuzzled up in your neck and you felt the prickle of his beard up against your skin. The sun that made its way in through the window was bright and warm on your cheek.

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    Only Beats For You

    Fandom: The Hobbit
    Characters: Kili
    Relationship: Kili/reader
    Request: Could you please write a Kili/reader, after the rebuilding of erebor dwarrow-dames start gathering to Kili, and the reader is heartbroken because she thinks he has forgot about her now that the quest is over, then Fili or Thorin comforts her and when Kili realizes how she feels he confesses he loves her? Pleasepleasepleaseplease?
    Request: could you please maybe do something readerxKili with mirror sex when the reader doesn’t think Kili think she’s pretty because she’s human not a dwarrow-dame, and that he only thought she was pretty on the quest because she was the only girl? Cuz that’d be amazing!

    You watched in wonder as the thousands of dwarfs began to rebuild their lives in the new Erebor. You smiled at first, when they all came here. Maybe because everyone was so happy and greatful to you, maybe because of all the attention you got.
    But things quickly turned at the first ball.
    It was in honour of King Thorin and you and the other members of the company sat at the head of the table, proudly displayed to the rest of the dwarven community. But something annoyed you all night. Kili was constantly in conversation with dwarven dame, all of which, were incredibly attractive, even with their beards.
    Not ones did the young prince offer you a conversation and that frustrated you, but what made you burn with rage was how he constantly was in conversation with a dwarven dame.
    You thought that this might just be a one off thing, but it wasn’t. It kept happening and happening till you had given up.
    You no longer went looking for Kili, you no longer even tried to find him in the large city. At dinner, you didn’t sit beside him. Sometimes, you didn’t even turn up.
    Perhaps it was jealousy, perhaps you were just broken hearted, but what ever it was, it was painful.
    Now, you were wondering aimlessly down the large hallways, looking for nothing, sniffing every now and then.
    Admittedly, you had been crying most of the morning, but that was because you had had enough. You had decided that it was over. Through the journey, you fell in love with Kili. But now, he had forgotten you. So you had given up trying to remind him who you were.
    “[y/n]?” You heard someone shout from behind you. Turning, you see Thorin and Kili walking behind you, both a confused frown. They knew you had feeling for Kili, but you didn’t know they knew. Admittedly, Thorin have even come to like the idea of you being together. He saw how happy you made each other. And you had more than proved yourself and your loyalty to him.
    “Hello.” You greet them both with a small nod of the head, letting your hair cover your face.
    “What bothers you?” Thorin asks as he and Fili reach your side and you continue walking with them, one either side.
    “Nothing.” Your lie wouldn’t even convince yourself and you knew the dwarfs at either side of you had raised an eyebrow at you.
    “It’s Kili.” Fili spoke strong. It wasn’t a question, both Fili and Thorin had seen the longing look you had given Kili when he ignored you, the way you had redrawn behind the doors of your room rather than watch the love of your life pretend you don’t exist.
    “I do not think it is proper to discuss with his family.” You don’t take your eyes off the ground as you turn the corner and continue down the corridor.
    “Perhaps, but we are your family, too. And we are worried about you.” You could feel Fili looking at you and you decided to meet his eyes, turning your head and offering him a smile.
    “I know. It’s just..” You trail off in thought as you try to get her the right words. “Ever since the battle, I feel like I don’t exist. He walks past me as though I don’t exist. I hate it.” You break down in tears, moving your hands up to cover your face.
    Hey, hey. Don’t cry.“ Fili wraps his arm around your shoulder and pulls you close.
    "I don’t know why I care so much. I’m so stupid.” You mumble into Filis arm as you try and fail to pull yourself together.
    “Your not stupid, [y/n]. If anything, he’s stupid if he can’t see what an amazing woman he has if he would just stop and realise.” Fili pets your hair as you look at him.
    “You know?” You frown slightly as you look to Thorin.
    “Yes. We have known for a long time.” Thorin nods.
    You are quickly snapped out of your thoughts when a servant comes running up behind.
    “King Thorin. Lady Dis has requested your presence.” Thorin nods and turns to follow him, offering you a rare smile before leaving you to walk with Fili. You stopped crying, but you still sniffed now and again.
    “Do you love him?” Your eyes widened at Filis sudden question. Your surprise turned to embarrassment as your cheeks turned a dark shade of red. You knew Fili was watching you out the corner of his eye and you knew there was no point lying.
    “I think I do. But it doesn’t matter.” You sigh, shaking your head. Fili grabs your wrist and spins you around to face him.
    “It does matter. You need to tell..” You rip your hand away from Fili.
    “It does not! You see the way he has been with those women around here? He doesn’t love me. He doesn’t want me and he doesn’t need to EVER know that I…” You trail off, unable to physically say those words, even if it was to Fili. You shake your head, feeling the tears reappearing.
    Turning on your heel, you soon down the hallway and away from Fili.
    He heard the soft sobs bouncing off the wall and grow quieter.
    You stand in front of the mirror in your room. The mirror was the full length on the wall with a beautiful, wooden engraving over the top.
    It was nighttime and you had returned to your room without dinner. Your room was not a room. It was a house. You came in the door and enter the living area with a number of chairs, book and a dining table. You then turn the corner and it is the bedroom with the mirror on the left wall. There was a queen size bed and a small dresser with a stool that you kept your hair brush, a few books and a small dagger on.
    You were wearing a silk [fav/colour] nightgown you had received from the Rivendal elfs as a gift many months ago. It clung to your curves and was ever so slightly see through. You could just see the outline of your undergarments.
    You let your fingers dance along your forehead and then down your cheekbones. Then, your index finger slides along your bottom lip.
    You frown at the image before you as you hand drops to your side. What was it? Where you not good enough?
    Maybe, Kili had thought of you in a different way on the journey. You were the only female, after all. And maybe, he saw you in a different light when the dwarven dames returned into his life.
    It wouldn’t be his fault. How could you blame him? Of course, he can’t help who he falls in love with, just like you can’t. He would never want to hurt you and it’s not like you were in a relationship on the journey. But something stuck in your mind.
    It had been early in the journey, when it had been when it had been raining a lot. Kili had said you were beautiful.
    Maybe it was flattery, but there was something in his eyes that set a fire off inside you. That was the first moment you started falling for him.
    You let your tears spill over and run down your cheek, silently.
    You were so caught up in your own thoughts, you didn’t hear the small knock on the door, or said door being opened and a brown haired prince walk into your chambers like a boy going to the headteacher.
    He inched around the corner and saw you standing in front of the mirror. The first thing he saw was your night gown. He could see your curves and even your underwear which made all the blood rush from his head and down. He took in the beautiful way it hugged you and he thought if the way he would take it off of you.
    Kili had often found himself imagining a night with you. Even after the journey had ended. He sat up at night and thought of the way you would arch your back or mo a his name. He wanted to hear your soft voice call out in pleasure, or see your pure [e/c] squeeze shut as your chest would rise and fall at a rapid place.
    He shook his head, trying to think of anything that would stop his growing desire in his heart and trousers. His eyes dart up, seeing your soaked cheeks, his heart dropped. He was here to apologies.

    Fili had found him a few hours ago and pinned him up against that wall. Before Kili could ask what was going on, he saw the look in his brother eyes and shut up.
    “What is wrong with you? Why are you doing this to her?” Fili growls, his anger clear on his face.
    “What are you talking about?” Kili growls, pushing his brother away from him. Fili stumbles back but doesn’t give up. You were like the sister he never had and, just like Kili, he hated to see you cry.
    “[y/n]! Why are you acting this way?” Fili takes a step towards his brother, but Kil doesn’t move. His face had dropped and his skin was visibly paler.
    “What about [y/n]?” Kili looks to the ground.
    “You made her cry.” Fili knew you would be mortified he had told Kili but the older and wiser brother knew that this might be the thing that kicks His brother into gear. And he was right. Kilis eyes shot up to meet Fili.
    “I never made her cry! I’ve barley spoke to her since…” Fili watches as the realisation dawned on Kilis face. In that moment, he realised that he had turned his back on you. He remembered all the times you had tried to talk to him but he had never held the conversation.
    “She was crying?” Kili looks at his brother rather sheepishly.
    “Yes. I think she’s been hurting for a while, but today she showed it.” Fili paused, allowing it to sink in before continuing. “Do you remember during our journey here? When we stopped at Berons house? You told me you had fallen in love with her.”
    Kili remembered the memory vividly. He remembered how beautiful you look, lying on the light green grass, your [h/c] hair fanned out around you, the sun lighting up your face. He remembered that he needed to tell someone, so he turned to his trusty brother.
    “Today, she told me the same thing you told me all that time ago.” Kilis eyes widened as he realised what his brother was saying. He was saying she was in love with him.
    Fili turned to walk away, leaving his brother to slouch against the wall in thought. Before he turned the corner, he turned his head slightly.
    “If you don’t fix this, you will lose her forever.”
    And Kili was going to fix it.

    Kili stepped out, clearing his throat to announce his presents.
    You nearly jump out of your skin, one hand desperately trying to wipe away the tears, the other covering yourself, not very well.
    “Prince Kili.” You splutter, turning your face away from him and letting your hair cover your face, hiding your blushing cheeks.
    “You’ve never called me ‘Prince’ before? Why start now?” Kili frowns at you formality. Of course, he didn’t expect you to run up and hug him, but you didn’t even look at him.
    You shrug and turn around, walking over to the dresser and pick up the brush, running it though your hair.
    Ou could see out the side of your eye and the mirror that Kili was standing, staring at your back, unable to speak. Something inside you snaps. It wasn’t fair on you.
    “Can I help you?” You turn on your heel and look directly at Kili for the first time. Being your hand to rest on your hip, you raise an eyebrow at Kili.
    “Yes. No. I don’t knew.” Kili splutters, throwing his hands up and shaking his head.
    “If you don’t know, I can’t help you.” You say rather bluntly. Kili looked as though you had slapped him. To be honest, at this point, you wanted to. He came in here after not talking to you and expects you to run into his arms.
    Kili continues to splutter something, stopping and starting but you give up.
    “Kili. If you have no reason, please leave. I do not wish to be in your company at the moment.” You sigh and turn away from him, placing the brush back in its place.
    You watched out the corner of you eye, seeing the way Kili face seemed to portray that he had been stabbed in the heart. His head hung down as he nods and turns, walking towards the door. Turning the top half of your body, you watch him as he was about to turn the corner, then stopped. His shoulders pulled back as his head snapped up. His muscles seemed to tense under the layers of material as he made a split second decision. He twisted around and strode back to you with purpose in ever step. Before you could even ask what was going on, he wrapped one arm around your waist, the other hand came to rest on the back of your head and his lips connected with yours in a long awaited kiss. For a moments you had to process what was going on, but then it clicked in your mind. He was kissing you.
    His lips were soft, hot and needy as they moved against your lips in a blissful kiss. Kili tried to pour ever emotion he had ever felt for you into the kiss, he tried to say he was sorry that that he loved you. Kili wanted you to know that he would never hurt you again.
    And you got it.
    You hands came up to rest on his muscular chest as his fingers intertwined with you hair, pulling your head back slightly. The pressure on your lips disappeared and reappeared on your neck. As he nipped and sucked at the soft flesh, you soft moan filling the room, his hand dropped from your hair and joined the other on your waist.
    He then picked you up, making you squeak in surprise but his lips never left your neck.
    You wrapped your legs around his torso as he pressed you against a wall. You turned your head slightly to see that it was the mirror. You could see Kilis eyes were open and staring at your reflection. You blush and you felt Kili smirk against your skin.
    Kili lowers you to the ground and pulls you away from the mirror. He turned to the side so you were looking in the mirror side on. Kili was watching you in the reflection before turning his head to you.
    “I’m sorry about the last few weeks. I really am.” He whispers, placing soft kisses to your jawline.
    “Why, Kili? Why did you ignore me?” You try, and fail, to keep your voice steady.
    You felt him stiffen. Apparently, he thought sorry was going to be enough. No. You needed an answer.
    “Because I thought we would never happen. I thought that I was wasting my time because a woman like you could never fall for a dwarf like me.” Kili buried his face in your neck as you rose one hand to run though his hair.
    “Oh Kili.” You feel him shudder slightly as you near enough moan his name. “If only you knew.” You whisper as you turn your head and meet his lips in a feverish kiss.
    You fingers start to unbutton the three buttons at the top of his tunic while he made quick work of the back of the corset on your dress. Once the corset was fully undone, your dress slipped off your shoulders and fell to pool at your feet.
    Kili took a step back as he desperately pulled his tunic over his head and threw it away. His eyes landed on your nearly naked form. Your most private area was still covered by a thin pair of underwear, but that didn’t stopped the growing bulge straining against his trousers.
    The candle light made your skin look absolutely perfect as your eyes danced along Kilis toned chest. You closed the gap between you and him to run your fingers along his collar bone and began to trail down his chest, only for Kili to take your hand and place it on the his left side of his chest. Over his heart.
    “it only beats for you.” He whispered as he leaned in and caught your lips in a passionate kiss! His hand dropping to your side to rest on your waist as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your cheat against his. Kili let a low moan at the feeling of your bare chest that you felt. You turned your head slightly to deepen the kiss but curiously caught you. Gently opening one eye, you glance to the mirror.
    The image of you and Kili made your heart dance with excitement. The heat growing between your legs was become unbearable as you started to kiss Kili with a hint of neediness, silently begging for him to take you.
    The dwarf in front of you took no time in pushing you back until your heels hit the edge of the bed and you gracefully fell onto the soft surface. Kili stood above you (for the first time) and took in your appearance. Your tousled hair, your blushing cheeks, sparking eyes or slightly panting chest. Kili sighed gently, a small smile gracing his lips as he memorised just how beautiful you looked.
    You grew needy, so you sat up and hooked your finger on his trousers, tugging his forward slightly. Using only one hand, you undid the lace holding up his trousers, allowing the material to fall to the floor. Kili placed one knee on the bed between your legs and reached back, taking off the boot from that foot. He then does the same with the other foot and afterwards, begins to lower himself and crawl up your body.
    As he catches your lips in a sweet kiss, you feel him grind his hips against yours, making you moan into the kiss. You could feel how hard he was and after so long, you could not wait any longer. Months and months of longing and desire was about to pay off.
    Placing one hand in the back of his head and grabbing a handful of hair, you trail your other hand over his shoulder and down his toned front. Ever muscle twitched under your touch making you smirk into the kiss. Hooking your finger in his underwear, you slip your hand under and take his throbbing member in the palm of your hand and wrapping your delict finger around him. Kili let out a long moan as he thrusts into your hand, his lips leaving your so he could burry his face in your neck. His own hands started to pull at your own underwear. You smile and lift your hips, allowing him to rid you of your last garment, all the while, you continue to move your hand up and down along his cock.
    Kili suddenly pulled away and knelt up, your hand slipping out of his underwear. You looked up at him with slight confusion, only to realise that he was yanking off his underwear as if it were burning him. You giggle slightly as he threw them across the room, hitting the mirror. You eyes followed the garment and you let out a small sigh. The image of the dwarf, kneeling between your legs, his hard member fully visible made your cheeks flush red. But the thought of what was to come made you excited. In two ways.
    You watched as Kili reached forward and placed a single finger under your chin, turning your head to face him.
    “Are you sure this is what you want?” He whispered, his voice a little husk as his eyes boar into yours with love and lust. You responded by pulling him into a rough and passionate kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him towards you so he was lying about you, his fore arms placed either side of your head. You felt his cock rubbing against your entrance, creating wonderful friction as your hips buckled for more. Kili reaches down and positions himself at your entrance before thrusting in, filling you up in one movement.
    You head fell back as you let out a long moan at the feeling. After a few moments, Kili thrusts again, his chest nearly exploding at the wonderful moan that passed your lips.
    Wanting to hear more, he started to thrust into you faster and harder. Your head fell to the side as you looked at the image in the mirror.
    Kili, lying between your open legs, thrusting into you, his eyes closed and lips mouth hanging slightly open, his face contorted by pure pleasure. You arched your back and moaned. You could feel the pleasure building up inside your lower stomach, both knowing neither would last very long.
    You thought of all the time you wanted to grab him and kiss him. All the times you looked over to his bed and caught him staring at you. All the times you called out for him when in danger.
    Everything about him made you fall in love with him.
    Kilis thrusts became more and more forceful as your name fell from his lips, his eyes opening and following your own eye to look in the mirror. He let out a animalistic growl as he grabbed onto your hips and started to thrust faster than before.
    You couldn’t take anymore as your world was filled with pleasure. You cried out his name as your orgasm washed over you, making your body shake with passion. You heard Kili moan your name as his climax was reached,his thrusts slowing as his seed spilled inside your pulsing walls.
    Kili collapsed to the side so he didn’t crush you. Rolling over, you placed your head on his chest, listening to his fats beating heart, your eyes fell back on the mirror.
    “Your hearts beating rather fast.” You giggle, cuddling into your love. You felt Kilis hand running through your hair as you saw him gently smiling at you, leaning down to place a soft kiss on the top of your head.
    “It only beats for you.”

    Kiss Him

    Summary: Based on this drabble. Dean and Sam enjoy having threesomes. Totally normal, vanilla, “both of us are only into the girl” threesomes. And then one woman tells them to kiss, and another convinces them to actually do it.

    Relationships: Dean x Sam x OFC, Dean x Sam

    Warning: Wincest, threesomes, anal sex, rimming, ALL THE SMUT

    Word Count: 9600 (I’m not even sorry)

    A/N: This fic is my baby. It’s the longest, possibly dirtiest fic I’ve written, and I’m damn proud of it. But beware, although it’s largely threesomes, there is a great deal of Wincest involved. Wincest is actually the point, so if that’s not your ship, don’t read. But if you are even remotely curious, please read on. I’d love all the feedback on this one, please! Tags below the cut. Special thanks to @unadulteratedstorycollector, @oriona75, @aprofoundbondwithdean and @kittenofdoomage for reading bits and pieces and cheering me on.

    “Kiss him,” she said, a clear challenge in her voice.

    Dean inwardly cringed, knowing she had seen him look at Sam, knowing what it must look like to her. She didn’t know they were brothers. If she did, she probably wouldn’t have come back here at all. And if she had, she’d be running in disgust the second she thought she wasn’t the only one Dean was attracted to.

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    Not a request, but a oneshot I was dying to do since seeing that beard. This is also fuelled by the collective beard fantasies/conversations with @momis30 @thedevilsmomma and a few anons. 


    “Should I get a skin fade or leave a bit of stubble?” Roman asked nonchalantly as if asking what the weather’s like for the day.

    Y/N lowered her magazine and eyed him wearily, “In terms of what?”

    “Beard,” he said, speaking with his hands before resting them on her legs that lay on his lap.

    But Y/N sat up and intensified her stare, shaking her head in confusion, “Ummm and why would you do that?”

    Roman noticed the stress in her voice as she challenged him. He stroked the beard, thinking of a good way to word it. He knew how much she loved it.

    “It’s getting hotter, I can’t cope with a damn forest on my face,”

    “Babe, we’re in Florida. It’s hot every day of the year, bullshit, don’t you even dare,”

    “It’s my beard,” he mumbled, pulling a childish face.


    “I said you’re right,” he winked. “Nah but for real, I need to get it trimmed for that GQ shoot,”

    “Fuck them, y'can’t shave it. I need you to keep it!”

    “You wanna tell them that for me?” he smiled.

    “Hell yeah, me and a load of other women, I’ve checked the stats, I know I have a backing,” Y/N said confidently, putting the magazine down.

    This was serious business.

    “Keep it please? I rarely ask for favours, do this one for me,”

    “For what reason?”

    “Other than you look so frickin’ sexy?” She asked, biting her lip as she admired him, always, with or without the beard. “It feels so good when you kiss me…”

    “So you want me to keep it just for kissing?”

    She shook her head no and climbed on his lap, straddling him and cupping his face.

    “Noo, you look hella good with it, and without. But with it, you’re like the equivalent of a man in a suit, it does things to me,”

    “Oh yeah?” he smirked, shooting his brow up. “Things like what?”

    “Inspiring a looot of dirty thoughts,” she whispered in his ear before nibbling and gyrating against him. “Wanna hear what else?”

    “Uhhh yeah, I guess so, maybe one or two,” he said tryna act cool about the whole thing, but he was dying inside, aroused by the mere prospect of her being turned on.

    “I love it when it grazes my thighs when you go down on me,” she said daringly, watching him for his response.

    He smirked, and shifted slightly in his seat, “I believe you told me this before,”

    “Have I also told you that it feels nice on my pussy?”

    “Dirty girl.  I mean, I forgot, but we can always reenact this, jig my memory a bit,”

    “Yes, and for demonstration purposes,” she hissed.

    He rolled her over onto her back, not wasting anytime, he put his hand down boy-shorts before looking up and giving her a ‘really’ look. She smiled, biting on her finger seductively.

    “Oops,” she shrugged with a giggle.

    He groaned and sat up for a second, slipping them off and admired how wet she was for him. So pretty, ready and welcoming.

    “Y'know what it does to me when you don’t wear any panties,”

    “And y'know what it does to me when you grow your beard,” she retorted.

    He licked his lips and grabbed her legs, drawing her closer to him. He leant down and kissed her, distracting her and slipped himself inside her. She moaned in his mouth, accidentally biting his lip as he rested all the way inside her. He pulled away and gazed down at her, expecting to see the disappointment or frustration for not going down on her first, but she looked satiated, waiting for him to rock into her.

    “C'mon baby,” she urged, her legs wrapping around his waist and egging him on.

    He followed command, gyrating slowly but with power, filling her all the way in each time. She gasped in his ear with each thrust, nibbling her neck, biting her ear and then back down to her neck. And when he took a break from that, he was nuzzling against her neck, his beard rubbing against her smooth skin.

    When he felt her walls contract and her nails digging into his biceps, he pulled out slowly, much to her disappointment. His body tightened at the cry that left her lips.

    “Roman,” she whined, vocalising her disappointment.

    “What sweetie?” he feigned oblivion, his voice light.

    “Y'know what, I was gonna cum,”

    “Too bad,” he smirked deviously at her and winked.

    He began the trail at her décolletage, peppering her body with kisses, enough to make her forget the missed orgasm. She shivered as he descended on her body, he was sucking her breasts tenderly one second, the next, he was at her naval, or tracing the line where her thighs joined the rest of her body.

    Her mouth watered at the promise of his lips on hers, drinking from her fountain, suckling, nibbling and biting. And he did just that. Her legs tightened around him, securing him in place as he nibbled at her nub. With each tug, his beard grazed the inside of her thighs. She trembled at the feeling, automatically gripping his hair in a balled fist. He lapped at her again, enjoying her sweet romantic serenades she was blessing him with.

    “Fuuuuck,” she squealed, her back lifting off the couch.

    He flicked his tongue at her nub, then sucked it gently until he felt her legs shaking, before relocating to her opening where she oozed out, trickling into his mouth. He suckled at her, wrapping his lips around her and enjoying each taste. She found her back lifting off the couch and grip on him tightening. And as hers did, so did his on her thighs. She was gonna hate him tomorrow for this, for that beard that lusciously caressed her skin, with a prickly graze.

    “I know you’re cumming,” he commented, eyeing her up from his position as he feasted on her, tasting every inch of her sweet flesh.

    She nodded in response, her thighs clamped tighter around him so she could savour that facial hair on her skin. She rolled her hips emphatically beneath him, because she couldn’t get enough but she wanted to come undone at the same time. He was in no rush so he continued at his pace, and thought to spice things up a little bit more. He dipped his index finger in there, then another followed.

    “Roman…baby…fuck,” she shrieked, attempting to free herself from him to get a moment to breathe and recuperate from
    the sensory overload.

    The pinpricks of his beard brushing over her wet folds sent her over the edge, stimulating her clitoris and he felt the effect of it when her walls clenched around his fingers.

    “Do that again,” she begged.

    “Mhhh?” he asked, intentionally so that he could vibrate against her.

    “Do it again…I wanna feel your beard on me,” she managed to say in between breathy moans. “Yes! Yes! Yessss!”

    He obeyed his woman, watching her as he did so, how she fell apart with that gesture alone, even though it was her own command. He could see the impending agonising yet blissful release building up in her, so he was gonna give it to her.

    “Come for me,”

    “You’re…uhhh…touching…” touching her g-spot, she wanted to moan but the words escaped her.

    His fingers mimicked his shaft; separating her lips and stroking her as he lapped at her simultaneously.  He gazed up from between her legs, wondering why she’d let go of his hair and saw that she’d closed her eyes and pinched her stiff nipples, rubbing them between her two fingers. She could have sworn she’d just touched the sky. He grabbed one of her hands and replaced it with his mouth, and then she came; thrusting her body upwards into him. She trembled, and gasped, too weak to scream any profanities, even as she watched him suck her juices off his fingers, and her lower half tingled from the constant friction. It was so worth it.

    “Well…” she began, speechless. “Wow,”

    “You okay?” he chuckled.

    “Yeah,” she reciprocated the chuckle, lost in thought. “Give me a minute baby, I need to catch my breath,”

    “Who said this show’s about me?” he questioned her before curling his arm around her, hurling her into a sitting position.

    And when she realised just what was happening, she could’ve sworn she’d cum at the thought alone.

    “Oh jheeze,” she cried, holding onto the couch head rest as he helped her lower her.

    “Uhhh…oh my fucking Go- Roman!” she thrushed against him, rolling her hips on him frantically as her lips seperated at the mercy of his tongue; his beard freely brushing against it. This was heaven. It was pure bliss.


    Y/N sat at her desk at work the following morning, fidgetting as she struggled to find a comfortable position. Her legs ached. Her thighs ached. Her thighs burnt. Her pussy felt sore, all from the intensive session last night.

    She’d complain, really she would, had the pain not derived from a such a euphoric night. The lasting bittersweet pain of his beard grazing whatever part of her skin it made contact with, made her salivate at the mouth, wanting to do it all over again. Right there. On her office desk, legs splayed out for him as he brought her right to the edge of the table and feasted on her like he did last night. But she glanced up and counted four and a half more hours until she’d go home.

    Y/N: 😔😔😔😔

    Roman: What’s up? 😕

    Y/N: I can’t sit down properly

    Y/N: And I’m walking like a freshly fucked virgin. I’m so sore.

    Y/N: Help! People at work keep asking me what’s wrong

    Roman: LOOL! 😏 what can I say?

    Y/N: 🙄😒

    Roman: 😏😛👅👅

    Y/N: Seriously, fuck you

    Roman: Poor choice of words

    Y/N: I’m using leg day as an excuse for walking funny 😔

    Roman: Lame. Tell them what really happened

    Y/N: Fuck off

    Roman: 👀👅👅👅👅👅

    Y/N: I hate you and your stupid beard

    Roman: You weren’t saying that when you were sitting on my face though. It’s fine, I’ll get rid of it.

    Y/N: NO! NO! Keep it around…for demonstration purposes

    Roman: We’ll see

    Y/N: Please?

    Roman: 😏😏😏😏 If I keep it, it’s for my fans…not you, y'don’t deserve it

    Y/N: Same time tonight?

    Roman: Fuck yeah!

    Negan’s Candy Cane

    Paring – Negan / Ruby (O/C)

    AUTHOR: @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers

    Summary – Ruby is new to the Sanctuary but she already caught Negan attention but she keeps turning him down after what seem to be the 100th time she gets annoyed and says she be his if he can gets her old favourite treat Candy Canes.

    She shouldn’t have underestimated Negan’s Determination and enjoyment of a challenge!  

    Warning – lot of cussing, innuendos and a little sexual content.

    “Before you ask the answer will still be no.”

    I didn’t have to look up from the stack of books I was sorting out in the Sanctuary’s new library to know who was standing there, watching me, and what he was about to ask. It woud no doubt be the same bloody question he has asked me nonstop since the moment I walked through the front gate two months ago.

    “How the fuck did you A) fucking know it was me standing here? You didn’t even look up from that fucking book! And B) do you fucking read minds now Red cause that’s the only explanation for you to know why I came here.”

    I can’t help but crack a smile at his little nickname for me. He explained to me a few weeks ago it was because, one, my name is Ruby and two, my hair was bright red. He thought it’d be funny to call me Red.

    Still not looking up from the books, I answer him, “No Negan, as you so lovely put it, I can’t read fucking minds. it’s just  that you have asked the same question every day for the last two months and today I thought it might be easier for the both of us to just answer the question before the words left your mouth.“ After realizing how harsh I sounded, I quickly added "to save you the trouble” so maybe it wouldn’t sound so bitchy.

    I finally looked up to see if I had offended him ,but he was sporting his usual grin and even had a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Well aren’t we fucking considerate, but believe me ,Red, when I say it isn’t any trouble.”  He moves closer, swinging Lucille a little before kneeling down in front of me so as to make sure we were on the same level.

    Stroking his salt and pepper beard, he went on to say, “what would it fucking take for you to finally agree to be mine cause let be honest for fucking once; I know you want me the same way I want you”

    I just sigh and close my eye for a moment. He wasn’t wrong; I did find him extremely attractive. Who wouldn’t? It wasn’t just his bloody perfect face or his light brown eyes that sparkle oh so brilliantly when he smiles. It was his confidence and charisma I found most attractive. The way he demands his people’s respect by just a look.  But he was married to five other women and sleeping with god knows how many more! I can’t understand why he keeps bothering me.

    Luckily, I came up with a solution last night that should give me a break from his badgering for a little while. Looking at him again, I smile and go “Ok. You broke me, Negan. There’s no denying I do find you attractive, but as you already know, I’m not that easy to get.” He nods in agreement. “So I’ve come up with a challenge for you.”

    Negan raises an eyebrow before asking “What sort of fucking challenge?” I couldn’t help but smile at his suspiciousness.

    “What? Is the great Negan scared of a little work?” His eyes darken as his hand tightens around Lucille at my comment. I knew I was playing with fire, but it was too late to back out now .

    “Careful Red. Don’t push my fucking patience with your attitude and smart remarks. I might like you, but don’t forget who’s in charge.” I just nod; he smiles again and carries on. “So what does your fucking challenge entail?” I smile back at him.

    “If you can find my favourite candy on one of your supply runs, I will be yours and only yours for the rest of my life.” His smile grew wider like a kid on Christmas.

    “So what’s your favourite fucking candy?“

     I smile back at him. “They’re called Foster’s Candy Canes.” This was a lie, of course. Not that candy canes were my favourite treat growing up;  they were the only part of Christmas I could tolerate. The lie was in the brand name, a total fake by the way, but hopefully Negan didn’t know that.

    Lost in my thought, I hadn’t realized Negan had moved closer so our faces were mere inches apart. Against my better judgement, I look down to his lips then back up to his eyes, which made my breath get caught in my throat. His smile grew wider. “So let me get this fucking straight: I find these fucking candy canes and you will finally  fucking be mine and only mine”?

    Not trusting my voice, I just nodded. He moved closer, brushing past my cheek and breathing into my ear “game on.” With that, he got up, swinging Lucille over his shoulder and walked out whistling without as much as a goodbye.

    After what tseemed like an eternity, my heart finally went back to a normal pace. Looking at the door Negan had just left from, I whispered back “game on.”

    Two Weeks later

    My friend Lauren came rushing into my room with a very worried look on her face. “You’re in so much fucking trouble. And a little warning that you have a fucking death wish next time, please. Thanks.”

    “I swear Lauren, I don’t know who has a worse mouth, you or our fearless leader,” I said looking up from my book over to her.

    “This isn’t a joke Ruby! Foster’s Candy Canes? Really?!”

    That got my attnetion. Oh my god! I forgot she went out on the runs with Negan and the other men. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and look back up at her. She saw the panic in my eyes and couldn’t help but smile at me.

    “How the hell do you know about the candy canes?” She rolled her eyes at me.

    “Seriously, Rub? You were my best friend way before all this shit started, but next time you want to fuck around with the boss and give him an impossible challenge, a little warning would be nice! I was caught off guard, and you know there’s no lying to Negan! Not unless you want to meet Lucille…”

    Before I could answer someone else answered for me. “She has a point, Red. it was a stupid fucking idea from such a smart girl.”

    We both looked over to see Negan leaning against my door and if looks could kill, I would be dead right now.

    “Loz, can you be a doll and give me and your friend a minute please?”

    “Yeah, sure,” she turns to woriedly look at me, but I just nod and give her a small smile to let her know it was ok. After she left, Negan was quiet which scared me. This man loved the sound of his own voice, so the silent treatment was not a good way to start.

    I stood up feeling a little awkward just sitting there. “Just say what you have to Negan cause I’m not feeling the silent treatment.”

    “I want a fucking rematch.”

    Well that caught me by surprise; he looked at me with a pout on his face. “You heard me Red. I want a fucking rematch. You cheated, so I demand a rematch.”

    I couldn’t help but smile at how he sounded like a child. “Ok I give you a rematch but first: Why me? Seriously, why?  You can have any woman in this place; hell, you have five wives already, so why do you keep coming and asking me when you already know what the answer going to be?”

    Negan just looked at me confused. “Really? You don’t already fucking know, Red? You’re fun; I could never get fucking bored with you like all the other women in this place. You’re one feisty fucking amazing women that I want to know more about.” He comes closer to me so we are once again face to face. “So round two?”

    I looked into his eye and knew he wasn’t lying to me. I would be kidding myself if I said I didn’t enjoy our games. “Ok, round two. And I promise these are an actual brand: Spangler Candy Canes.”

    He raised his eyebrow at me, “you do know I’m going to ask Loz if these are actually a brand right?”

    I scoffed and smiled, “I know and she will tell you I’m telling the truth.”

    He smiled, leaned in close and whispered against my lips “Game on.” I look at his lip, then up to his face.

    “Game on,” and with that Negan walked out of the door.

    One week later

    It must have easily been six in the morning when Negan came storming into my room slamming my door open and closed, waking me up in the process. “What the hell?!” I said half asleep.

    “I won,” he said which was followed by him throwing something onto my bed. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t still dreaming.

    “How?” I asked holding the pack of candy canes in my hand, not really listen to Negan going on about all the trouble he went through to get these fucking things and I better be ready to pay up. At that, I threw the box down, then myself at him and kissed him. One to shut him up and two, well a deal is a deal, and I always keep my end of deals.

    After the shock wore off, Negan pushed back into the kiss battling for dominance which I gladly give him. After five minutes, I ended up back on my bed with Negan on top of me, his hands working their way up my sides under my top. His lips made their way across my chin and down to my neck, sucking gently on my pulse.

    “Negan,” I moaned. I could feel his smile.

    “That’s something I fucking love hearing and coming from that  pretty fucking mouth of yours, it’s making me even harder,” he said, pushing his growing bulge into my thigh causing me to moan louder.

    But because we can’t seem to catch a break, of course a voice on Negan’s radio would say, “Boss we need you down here; we’ve got a problem that needs your attention.”

    “Are you fucking kidding me!” Negan exclaimed as he rolled over to lay next to me, trying to calm himself down. I actually fear for this man’s life for getting in the way of Negan getting what he wants, but I was also hoping he gets his ass kicked.

    Breathing heavily, sitting up, and grabbing a candy cane out of the box, I tell him “You should go. It might be important.  We can continue this later.”

    He groaned loudly and rolled off the bed, fixing himself and went to walk out the door.

    “Negan?” he turns to look at me.  I couldn’t help but smile a little at the lust in his eyes when he saw me sucking on the candy cane, pushing it in and out my mouth, swirling it around with my tongue. “You said last week you wanted to get to know me better.” He just nodded. I noticed his knuckles where starting to go white from his firm grasp on my door handle. “Well here’s a fact no one knows. I don’t have a gag reflex.”

    Negan bangs his head against my door “Fuckin hell, Red! What the hell are you trying to do to me?”

    I just laughed; this was way too much fun. “How about another challenge? You go fix what needs to be fixed and make it back here in 10, no, 20 minutes and I’ll show you.”

    Negan smiled, grabbed me off the bed and kissed me hard. “20 minutes.” I smiled against his lip’s “20 minutes”

    “Game on” He let go at me and bolted out the door.

    I threw myself back onto the bed smiling. Well this should be fun. “Game on” I giggled putting the candy cane back into my mouth.

    So, that happened

    I will begin this post by blaming @deadcatwithaflamethrower which pushed me back into Star Wars fandom and from which tumblr I discovered @norcumi, @dogmatix, and from them, a whole lot more (I cannot write them all, but know that my subscription list went from 100-ish to around 120 blogs. 
    I’m pretty sure you’re not sorry. I know I’m not.

    I haven’t written fanfiction in more than 8 years. I have never written a Star Wars one. English is NOT my first language and I have never written in it except for some translation work. Not original one. 

    But then, I reah @dakt37 ghost!obi-wan AU and a lot of the aforementioned authors’ fanfics and then, drove home.
    Six hours behind the wheel, with a overexcited brain.

    This, this is the result. I’m unsure (scared) of what it’s worth, of all the language mistakes that must still be inside, of the fact that my brain wanted clones PoV when I have NOT SEEN A SINGLE TCW EPISODE.

    But… I guess I want to try. I want to thank those awesome writers by saying ‘this is what you do to people. You bring them joy, inspiration, and enough courage to try their hand at it’.

    So, there. Here comes nothing. (Under the cut if I manage to understand how it works).

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    Say You Like Me - (Young)Sirius Black Imagine

    A/N: hello, dearies! :D back, (by popular request) with a Sirius imagine ;) so… enjoy! :D

    live-life-in-freedom said: Wow I seriously love your blog it’s the greatest thing ever!was wondering if I could request an image where the reader and Sirius have a very flirty friendship and always get mistaken as a couple but she shoots it down every time cause she thinks she isn’t good enough for him and then one day Sirius sees the reader talking to a ravenclaw guy a year older than them and gets super jealous and the reader asks what’s wrong and the other guys make him tell her how he feels? sorry it’s so long thanks!

    so, here it is! :D hope you guys like it!

    Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter :D

    Your name: submit What is this?

    Say You Like Me

    “Hello, gorgeous.”

    “Hello, handsome” (Y/N) smiled looking up to find her best friend, Sirius Black, grinning back at her. He leaned down to kiss her forehead before he took the seat next to her soon the remaining Marauders took the seats in front of her.

    “Hello, (Y/N)” they all greeted politely.

    “Good morning, boys” she said as Sirius simply grabbed her pumpkin juice and drank it down. “Ready for the game?” she asked looking at James who smiled brightly up at her.

    “You bet we are” he said stuffing his mouth with scrambled eggs making (Y/N) giggle.

    “James, chew your food” Remus said rolling his eyes and returning to reading the Daily Prophet.

    “You’re coming, right?” Sirius asked looking at her with his puppy eyes while she spread butter on his toast and he spread grape jam on hers.

    “Of course I am, have I ever missed a match?” she asked pretending to be offended before they switched their toasts. The Marauders only watched as the two of them made their all-day routine without even noticing.

    “Is anybody else seeing this?” Peter asked and the other two simply nodded.

    “Good, because I need my lucky charm there” Sirius said winking at her and (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

    “Exactly how many lucky charms do you need?” she asked with a smirk while he poured milk on both their teas and she added the sugar. “Because I’ve heard about six different girls from each house saying you’d be dedicating all your points to them” she mocked him.

    “Well, that’s exactly why I need my lucky charm! How else am I going to score all those points to dedicate to those beautiful girls?” he argued back. “That’s just you, gorgeous” he said smirking at her and kissing her cheek.

    “See? That’s why I only have one lucky charm and I dedicate all my points to her” James stated smirking.

    “Please, don’t say-“ Remus and (Y/N) said at the same time but he interrupted them.

    “My Lily flower” he said dreamily.

    “Really, James? You’re still on that?” (Y/N) said arching an eyebrow at him.

    “Mark my words, that girl is going to be my wife someday” he said convinced.

    “Absolutely hopeless” Sirius said shaking his head.

    “It’s getting pathetic, really” Remus said, making (Y/N) laugh a little.

    “Pathetic? How is it pathetic, Moony?” he complained and the werewolf looked up to smirk at Sirius and (Y/N). 

    “Can I be James this time?” (Y/N) asked looking at Sirius.

    “Of course, gorgeous” he said before she cleared her throat and did the best ‘boyish’ voice she could.

    Oh Merlin’s beard! It’s Lily! Someone please hold me because I am… having… an eyegasm!” she said as she pretended to faint on top of Sirius while the other three boys laughed.

    “Shut up! I do not talk like that!” James argued childishly.

    “Yes, you do” both Sirius and (Y/N) said at the same time while they laughed.

    “Quite close, actually” Remus said between laughs and (Y/N) made a little bow to her audience.

    “Well, whatever! I don’t see any of you having a girl!” he complained childishly.

    “First of all, you don’t have a girl” Sirius said as he finished laughing. “And secondly, I can have any girl that I want” he said shrugging his shoulders and running a hand through his hair.

    “Hey guys” Alice, Marlene, and Lily said sitting down next to them.

    “Oh, hello, Lily” Sirius and (Y/N) said with the same innocent face.

    “Do I want to know?” the redhead asked looking at Remus after noticing James’ red cheeks.

    “No, you don’t” he assured her and that was good enough for her.

    “Padfoot, uh- we better get going” James said getting up and not facing Lily. “S-see you later guys” he said before walking away.

    “What’s up with him?” Marlene asked confused.

    “Nervous” Sirius said before taking another bite of his toast. “Match” he said before drinking the rest of his tea as he got up. “Gotta run” he said kissing (Y/N)’s forehead again. “See you out there?”

    “Yeah, I just have to run upstairs, I forgot my scarf and my sweater-“ she said before she felt a scarf placed around her neck.

    “I knew you would” Sirius said handing her his sweater too. “See you there, gorgeous” he said kissing her head again before following James and soon followed by the other two.

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    24 Days of Christmas: Best Present *Chris Evans x Reader*

    Originally posted by jediavengers

    Day Twenty-Four

    Summary: I wrote my friend Julia ( @juliagolia87 / @promarvelfangirl) a thing over kik ‘cause I’m a nice friend, lol. And then it turned into something real, we just like Chris with a beard, okay? Don’t judge.

    Note- Seems fitting to start and end it with Chris, I had a Romanogers thing with possible Winterwitch but reading it back, it was terrible so I deleted it and now I have this. 

    Day Twenty-Three

    Chris slowly blinked his eyes open, the alarm clock on his bedside table reading 6 am, he gave a gentle sigh because no matter how much older he gets; he can never sleep in on Christmas. It only happens one day of the year, yet for the beginning of the month you’re preparing and then the day arrives, it happens in a blink of an eye and before he knows it, it’s New Year. He liked being up as easy as possible, to spend the whole day being Christmas-y.

    He turns over and you’re lying with your back facing Chris, sleeping peacefully and Chris’s eye catches the window, it’s snowing which is usual for Boston and fitting for Christmas day. Chris wraps an arm gently around your waist, slowly pulling you to him and you make a little sound in your sleep before turning to bury your face in his chest, trying to sleep for as long as humanly possible.

    Chris smiles as you tiredly blink your eyes open, groaning as you peeked up at the man-child, no matter how many Christmas’ you spent with Chris you’d never get over how early he wakes up. It’s like his body and mind is in sync with Christmas, you didn’t mind too much but you weren’t exactly a morning person, not even on Christmas morning.

    “Merry Christmas,” he whispers with a grin and you can’t help but smile and mutter it back to him.

    You glance back up at Chris, he’s content with laying in bed for a few more minutes, his face has a permanent smile upon it. Your lying across his chest, you bring a hand to lazily smooth through the hairs on his face that he’s been growing since he last filmed as Steve Rogers, you preferred bearded Evans. You had nothing against shaven Chris, it was still your Chris but for some reason, you didn’t know why but he always looked a little cosier; a little warmer when he had a beard.

    You scratched softly as he hummed lightly, eyes falling shut for a brief second before they open again, blue eyes shining even in the dim snowy lighting from the window.

    “Well, at least, one of us would have been up if we had kids right now!” You chuckle lightly and Chris lets out a hearty chuckle before wrapping his strong arms around you, pulling you closer. “God, you’d be getting them up, I know you, and you’d definitely do that.” You poke his chest accusingly.

    He nodded in agreement, “Unless they have my enthusiasm, which means, they’ll be getting up at the time I was when a kid,” you wait expectantly, “around five in the morning.” You groaned as he laughed, “How my mum dealt with me, I don’t know.”

    You push yourself up on your elbows and lean over to give Chris a gentle, soft kiss, you feel his beard tickle against the bottom of your face as he deepens the kiss with you. He gentle rolls you over, so you’re now laying underneath him, Christmas morning is usually spent in bed; not that either of you minded that, it was a nice way to kick start a holiday, in your personal opinion.

    You spent mid-afternoon at your parent’s seeing your own family, you exchange presents with one another, your little cousins loving Chris who plays with them, and he even brings Dodger along who is everyone’s favourite dog. He also gets a few slices of turkey from your mother because she can’t help but spoil Dodger, much like Chris who gave his doggy-child a stocking and a few extra presents.

    You then travel to the Evans household, his older sisters answering the door first, smiling and hugging you both. His parents are in the kitchen, cooking up a storm but they stop briefly to wish you a merry Christmas and hug you.

    Chris settles into the living room, instantly playing with his nieces and nephews new toys they’d gotten earlier in the day, he couldn’t wait for them to open his presents from him; if there’s one thing for sure, Chris loved to spoil his family and you were no exception to that, but he loved seeing his little nieces and nephews faces when they opened presents.

    Dodger was running throughout the house, new toy in his mouth and squeaking it, rather loudly and Chris’ dad wasn’t slowly losing his mind at the sound. Dodger eventually settled on Chris’s lap enjoying the toy in the living room, as you stayed in the kitchen talking to Chris’s mum and sisters.

    “I thought Chris would have asked by now,” Shanna shrugs gently with Carly beside her nodding in agreement, “it’s his favourite time of the year, he’s a massive romantic nerd, I was sure it would be this Christmas.”

    Lisa, his mum, laughed at her daughters and you just rolled your eyes. It’s not that you haven’t thought about it, you’ve both talked about your future, heck you did so this morning. Kids from the beginning were discussed, Chris always told you he wanted to be a dad, and it was a life goal at this point. He wanted as many, as you’d allow, which by default was as many as he wanted.

    What yourself or Chris’s female family didn’t know was that he was showing his dad, brother and brother-in-law’s the ring he had picked up a month ago. Scott and your sister had helped picked it, it wasn’t too flashy but it was extremely pretty, it was a princess cut with two little diamonds either side the main diamond.

    Once dinner was done and eaten, yourself and Chris finally gave the presents to everyone, opening yours in return. Chris was right, watching his nieces and nephews open their presents is so heart-warming, and you always get baby fever when around them. You cursed his sisters for having such wonderful kids.

    The TV was on but no one was really watching it, except the kids; Chris claiming the Grinch is a classic and must be watched by the children, even if they didn’t understand the in-depth storyline. You were sat on Chris’ lap, enjoying Chris’s mum and dad talk about their children at Christmas time, how Chris was always the one to wake the rest of the kids up. It became a job no one asked him to take over.

    “Y/N, can you get me my phone from my coat? I forgot to text Mackie and Downey,” you sighed with an eye roll, he kissed your cheek and watched you leave the room to his coat on the hook in the hallway.

    Fishing inside his pockets you didn’t find his phone, but a small box, a Tiffany & Co. box to be exact. Your heart picked up in speed, hammering a mile a minute, you turned around and walked back into the living room where his whole family were still chatting. Chris grinned nervously when he locked eyes with you, his mum and sisters all gasped in shock at what you’re holding, his dad and brother plus the in-law’s all smiling.

    “I know it’s cheesy of to me, I asked your dad this morning if it was okay, and I wanted it to be special! Christmas is my favourite time, and I can’t picture spending my favourite time without my favourite person… you.“ He was about to talk again but you beat him to it.

    “Yes!” He sighed and smiled softly, you extended the box to him almost jumping excitedly which caused Dodger to wake up and jump up at you, you petted his head as Chris opened the box and presented the ring.

    He placed the ring on your finger, kissing you softly and you giggled pulling back, tears already welling up in your eyes. Ignoring your small comment of, ‘your beard tickles’, he leant back down and kissed you again causing his nieces and nephews you all say, “gross”.

    That was by far the best present, so far, in all the years you’ve been together.

    You got your own back on his Birthday when you wrapped up a positive pregnancy test for him.  

    (And that’s all folks, unless I have a bonus tomorrow, I may do. Anyway, hope you have a good Christmas/ weekend. Eat lots and have fun. Love you all - Rosalee)

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    anonymous asked:

    *whispers shouts* write about the first ransom watches holster perform!

    Hoo boy this sort of grew a mind of its own. (Amazon Eve was a real person, btw. She was a Tall Woman for a circus. Maybe Holster read abt her and decided to use the name, idk man)

    Ransom isn’t sure what to expect when Holster invites him to one of his gigs. Like, yeah, sure, he knows that Holster does drag, and Ransom is cool with it. He also know that Holster loves to sing along to music, but lip syncing? He didn’t even know that it was a real thing, that people paid money to see a dude in a wig mouth the words to a Celine Dion song, or whatever kind of music it is that they like. Beyoncé, maybe? Diana Ross? Who knows.

    Ransom has to remind himself that technically, he is one of “them” now. That if he is dating Holster, yes, he’s one of “them”. Sort of. He’d never really felt anything for another guy until Holster. Does that make him one of “them”? He’ll have to ask someone at the club. He hopes he doesn’t offend anyone.

    He’s just very nervous.

    Ransom was hurt, at first, when he found out that Holster did drag and hadn’t told him until senior year. Well, technically, Ransom had come across a blonde wig underneath the bunk bed, and confronted Holster about it. He kinda gets it now, though. They share everything, but sometimes a dude’s gotta have something that’s only his. Like Ransom’s security blanket, which Holster still doesn’t know about. It has a hedgehog pattern on it and he’s had it since first grade. He keeps it under his mattress and brings it out when he gets an anxiety attack and can’t get Holster to help him.

    Ransom feels bad now, for taking that something from Holster, but because his boyfriend is the most thoughtful, friendliest giant ever, he’s letting Ransom be a part of his own, metaphorical “security blanket”.

    He walks into the club, feeling extremely out of place. It’s not quite what he expected. Where he had imagined dancing twinks high on ecstasy was a small stage with a crowd of people around it. Girls, boys; boys dressed as girls; girls dressed as boys; androgynous beings with asymmetrical haircuts; and one small group of giggling, drunk women that seemed to be having a bachelorette party.

    Onstage, there’s a queen who was lip syncing to a Rihanna song that Ransom forgot the name of. She’s curvy, her wig is pink, and her makeup is clown-like. She keeps doing splits and shit while still managing to keep up with the music. It does look harder than Ransom though it was. She somehow manages to take the dollar bills people are holding out for her without her performance being boring.

    The song ends and people clap and cheer for her. She smiles and curtsies, then jumps offstage and heads for the bar in the corner. She’s visibly exhausted, and Ransom considers texting Jack to tell him what a good workout lip syncing seems to be.

    Ransom prays to God that Holster is good at this. He doesn’t think he can lie to Holster if he asks if Ransom enjoyed the show.

    He shoves his way to the front of the crowd and feels in his pocket to make sure that the crumpled dollar bills are still there. Holster had told him that it was considered rude to show up and not give the performers a tip. He’s going to have to give Pink Hair a few bucks after Holster’s done.

    A bearded person in a cocktail gown walks onto the stage, microphone in hand. “Alright, give it up for Donatella Soul, everybody.” The audience cheers, and Ransom claps politely. “Now this next performer is very special to us, she’s funny, she’s sexy, and she’s six fuckin’ feet, four inches tall.”

    That’s gotta be Holster.

    “Make some noise for Amazon Eve, the World’s Tallest Woman!” The crowd whoops in excitement.

    Ransom breathes a sigh of relief. At least it seems like Holster is good at this. Ransom probably won’t have to die of second-hand embarrassment tonight.

    Holst- whoops; Eve steps onstage, and if Ransom felt short standing next to Holster before, he feels absolutely minuscule now. How the hell does he- fuck; she stay upright with those heels on? They look like they could take somebody’s eye out, with how skinny and tall they are. She’s opted to show off those crazy-long, toned legs with jean shorts, and it even looks like she shaved. Now Ransom knows why Holster sometimes doesn’t have any hair on his legs, chest, or armpits. He’d always been confused by that, but had never remembers to ask. Usually, when he noticed, he was preoccupied with…other things.

    Also, where the hell did she put her dick? Holster isn’t really known for being small. Ransom decides that he’d rather not know. Her makeup looks very minimal, and her blonde wig doesn’t look brushed. It also looks like Eve didn’t bother padding, like Pink Hair did. Sure, yeah, when it comes to Holster’s backside, Ransom knows why he wouldn’t bother with pads, but Eve is flat-chested, too, with a tiny, strapped, Hello Kitty crop top that reveals that six-pack that Ransom loves, but it doesn’t exactly scream “woman”. Actually, Ransom takes that back. If Shitty was here, she’d yell at him because “a woman doesn’t look any particular way, they all have different types of bodies.” and “being a woman has nothing to do with what body you have.”. Ransom sends a telepathic apology to Shitty.

    But even though Eve doesn’t look very “dragged out”, somehow it all comes together and looks amazing. Like some androgynous; skateboarder movie star, which makes no sense to Ransom, but that’s the vibe he’s getting.

    Eve is looking down at Ransom and smiling. ‘Hi,’ she mouths, winking.

    Ransom’s face feels hot. “Hey,” He murmurs, smiling back.

    Eve picks up the mic and turns to the audience.

    “Oooo!” A short boy with green hair and dimples nudges Ransom. “She likes you! Lucky!” He says enviously.

    Ransom laughs. “I hope so.” He turns his attention back to the stage.

    Eve is sitting in a chair, her guitar in her lap. The mic is now on a stand, pointed towards her. “I thought we’d start with an Amazon Eve original, yeah?” The audience cheers in agreement.

    Holster/Eve is an amazing performer. Time flies by without Ransom - who’s usually always checking his phone compulsively for the time - even noticing. Eve sings a few songs, which are hilarious; “Bisexual Drag Queen” and “Gay Hanukkah” might be Ransom’s favorites. She lip syncs to “Pussy” by Lady, tells jokes, collects money from the audience, and even does a magic trick.

    Ransom feels something that feels a lot like pride swelling in his chest. He has the crazy urge to jump up onstage and yell “that’s my boyfriend!”, but instead, he just holds out five dollars.

    Eve comes to him last, and instead of taking the money with her hands, she bites down on the dollar bills and gently drags them out of Ransom’s hands, smirking.

    “You’re gonna kill me,” Ransom glares, without any true malice behind it.

    Eve just laughs, blows a kiss to the crowd, and hops offstage. “C'mon, let’s get drunk,” She says, grabbing Ransom’s hand and leading him over to the bar.

    Ransom sees that green-haired guy gaping at them and shrugs, smiling.

    Eve or Hoster - what does Ransom call them now that the show is over? God, he doesn’t know anything about gay culture - takes off their wig and tosses it onto a barstool, sitting in the one next to it. Ransom follows their lead and takes a seat next to them. “Am I allowed to call you Holster yet?” He asks, leaning against his boyfriend’s shoulder.

    “Yeah. What do you want to drink?” Holster motions to the tattooed bartender.

    “I don’t know. Alcohol?”

    Holster snorts. “Okay, I’ll order for you.” He asks the bartender for two of the house-brewed beers.

    Ransom reaches for his wallet, but Holster motions for him to put it away.

    “Please, dude, talent drinks for free.”

    “You’re the talent, bro, not me.” Ransom says, continuing to pull out his wallet.

    “Yeah, but you’re screwing the talent, so the talent can at least get you a free drink.” Holster waves away the wallet again. “Plus, you gave me money, which was completely unnecessary, dude.”

    “You told me to bring money for the performers!”

    “For the other girls, brah; you don’t have to give me anything. We pretty much share a piggybank anyways.”

    “True.” Ransom pauses. “Hey, you were good up there.”

    “Really?” Holster smiles and blushes, which is…new. Holster’s never asked Ransom for affirmation before.

    “Chyeah, dude. You were great, actually.” Ransom kisses Holster’s cheek.

    They finish their drinks and head out for the Haus. As they walk out the club door, Ransom pauses. “Hang on, dude, I forgot something.”


    Ransom jogs back over to the bar. “Uh, Donatella?” He asks Pink Hair.

    She smiles up at him. “Yeah, sugar?”

    He holds out the rest of his money: three dollars. “Here.”

    She smiles and takes the cash. “Thanks, sweetie.”

    If You Do This Again, I’ll Kill You

    request:  Can you write a Newt x reader fic where Newt gets injured but tries to hide it so he can keep taking care of his animals until his injury get so bad that he has to be nursed back to health

    I loved writing this! Sorry it’s a bit later than promised, I had so many unexpected Christmas surprises this year. But anyways, enjoy and remember to leave some more requests if you want <3

    words: 2022

    warning: just a bit of blood, sorry!

    Newt Scamander X Reader : If You Do This Again, I’ll Kill You”


    You and Newt had just gotten up for the day. With a quick breakfast and a spot of tea, Newt was bright-eyed, ready to go.
         “Come on, everyone’s probably waiting on their own breakfast.” Newt happily exclaimed as he pulled you by your hand towards the case sitting in the living room of your apartment. You laughed and followed him down into the case, ready to start the day with your favorite magizoologist.
         Newt immediately walked out of the shed when you both dropped into the case and headed over to Frank. The huge thunderbird screeched, flying around until he landed on a rock in front of Newt.
         Newt gave him a pat on his head and smiled. “Good morning, Frank.” He spoke softly to his creature and gave him his breakfast for the morning.
         “Newt, where should I start today?” you looked at him, hands on your hips and staring up at Frank.
         “Um, how about the mooncalves, Y/N?” he asked, glancing back at you. You gave him a smile and a nod and walked back to see the mooncalves, leaving Newt and Frank alone.
         Newt petted Frank a minute longer before moving on to more creatures. He went through the cavern area and through to the other side, looking for a hungry animal to feed that morning.
         With you off taking care of the mooncalves, (and probably sitting there petting them all) Newt was walking around the case. Picking up little things you both forgot about the night before. You were both so tired that night, you needed sleep to be ready for today.
         Newt started picking up some empty buckets and put them in the wheelbarrow nearby. He also found an empty mug from the tea you had every night. You were drinking it when you and Newt walked through the case last night. He smiled at the cup and set it in his barrow.
         He sighed contently, looking around and seeing the area was much cleaner.      He grabbed the handles of the wheelbarrow and started pushing it uphill towards the shed.
         The wheelbarrow was rolling up the hill, pushed hard by Newt. It was a lot heavier than it seemed. And with the buckets and other things in it, it was worse.
         He pushed hard when he hit something, causing the barrow to stop and not budge. He shoved it harder, not realizing the barrow was stuck on a little dip in the grass.
         “Come on you little bugger.” He grumbled just before giving the wheelbarrow one final huge push. The barrow jumped out of the dip and traveled forwards. Newt was not ready for the sudden motion and fell forward. The barrow went up the hill for a moment as Newt fell down, his arm scraping against the wood of the barrow, slicing the skin open on his forearm.
         He grabbed at his arm and kept himself from rolling down the hill. Not paying attention, the wheelbarrow lost momentum and came rolling back down the hill towards Newt.
         He heard the creaky wheels and looked up to see the barrow right in his face, hitting him hard on the head.  He yelped and brought his hand to his head, the wheelbarrow still pushing against him, wanting to continue rolling down the incline.
         “Merlin’s beard.” He whined, rubbing his head. Blood trickled down his arm and he reached for the cut. He would definitely need to fix that broken wood from the wheelbarrow now. He rolled out of the way of the wheelbarrow and let it continue down the hill until it slowly came to a stop at the bottom.
         He inspected his arm, his vision a little blurry from the knock on his head. It was a deep cut surprisingly and he was losing a bit of blood. He slowly tried to stand up, feeling his head light and vision become darker. He sat himself back down and groaned.
         “This is not good, not good at all.” He mumbled to himself, looking down at his arm.
         One of his faithful creatures, Dougal saw Newt sitting on the ground and came over to him. Dougal saw his arm and ran off again with wide eyes.
         Newt watched him, confused. Why did he run off and where to? Pretty soon, he was back with a small roll of cloth from the shed.
         “Oh, what a good demiguise you are.” Newt sighed and took the cloth. He wrapped it around his arm carefully and looked toward Dougal sitting beside him. “Thank you, friend. Now go on, I have work to do.” Newt spoke to him and tried to stand once again. When his legs wobbled, Dougal jumped up and held out his own small hands. Newt smiled at the kind creature and took the help he got.
         Dougal watched Newt as he slowly walked up the hill. Newt looked back at him and smiled.
         “I’m quite alright, Dougal. Go on now, and don’t tell Y/N. She’s already so worried about me all the time.” He told his friend and made his way up the hill slowly, his head still swimming. 

         A while later, Newt had come back down into the case. He had gone up into the apartment to change his bloody shirt and clean out his wound better. Now, he looked just like he always did, covering the bloody mess of his arm with wrapped cloth and a long-sleeved shirt.
         You had just come back from seeing the bowtruckles when you saw Newt walking out of the shed.
         “Hello, dear.” You said to Newt when you saw him. He looked up at you and smiled after a moment.
         “Oh, yes, hello. How were the mooncalves today?” he asked.
         “Just fine. I went and saw my friends at the bowtruckle tree as well. They’re all doing wonderful today just as usual, Newt.”
         He nodded, crossing his arms over his chest lightly. “Very good. Well, I say we take a break and perhaps sit in the apartment for a bit?” he looked at you expectantly and saw you nod.
         “Sounds wonderful.” You said and went to take his arm, which you always do. Instead, however, Newt held out his hand. You gave him a curious look before taking it and walking with him into the shed to go home.
         “How was the morning with everyone else? Frank seemed very happy to see you this morning and a while ago I saw Dougal and he was just…I don’t know…more concerned with something.” You mentioned to Newt when you climbed up and out of the case.
         “Oh, that’s just Dougal.” Newt brushed it off quickly.
         “Well, yeah, but it was more than I’ve ever seen. He just seemed nervous or something. I may be wrong.” You glanced over at Newt when he got out and saw him wince when he climbed up from the case. “Something wrong, Newt?” you asked.
         He looked at you and shook his head. “I’m fine, love. Come on, we can relax for a bit.” He stumbled a moment before continuing his walk down the hall. You cocked your head, watching him and made a mental note to keep an eye on him the rest of the day. Something was up

         That afternoon and evening, Newt was feeling worse by the minute. He had to constantly hide to go change the wraps on his arm to keep it from you. He didn’t want to stop taking care of his creatures. Without them, he felt so empty inside.

         You watched Newt from Frank’s habitat walk out of the shed for the fifth time that day and clumsily make his way to another animal’s area. You sighed and crossed your arms. Frank nudged you with his head and squawked.
         “I don’t know, Frank. Something is wrong, I feel.” You spoke softly to the thunderbird who was listening intently. You watched Newt turn a corner and went out of sight.
         Newt sighed when he was out of view of you and held his arm. It hurt so bad and his head was spinning wildly. He could barely tell where he was going anymore.
         He reached the next area, the niffler was sitting in his hole with all of the treasures he had found throughout their adventures. The niffler watched Newt as he stumbled to a bucket and picked it up weakly, moving over to one of his creatures.
         “Mummy’s here.” He spoke softly. Who was he feeding again? Where was Y/N? Oh goodness his arm, his head, everything was spinning around him.
         Newt felt the bucket drop from his hand and he couldn’t take it anymore. With so much blood loss and the hit to his head, his body was done. He had tried so hard.
         He felt his heavy eyes close and he hit the ground with a thud, spooking the creatures around him. Pickett jumped from his coat pocket and jumped on Newt’s chest, trying to get him up. Newt only groaned, but did nothing else.  The niffler made his way down to Newt as well and inspected him, seeing him on the ground. The niffler looked at Pickett and scurried off, trying to find you.
         He made his way to Frank’s area and looked at you, trying to get your attention.
         You looked down and saw the niffler there, running about and trying to tell you something.
         “What is it?” you asked. The niffler simply ran off towards where you saw Newt going and your heart dropped to your stomach.
         “Oh no. What happened?” you said to yourself and ran after the niffler, feeling panic rise in your chest. What happened to your Scamander?

         Newt woke up late that night with a pounding headache and the sight your very worried face.
         “Newt, dear, are you okay?” you asked him. He slowly moved his head a little bit and focused his eyes on yours.
         “What happened?” he asked with a groan.
         “Newt, you fell and that niffler came to me and I saw you…and I was so worried Newt. I checked you and saw your arm and that bump on your head. What happened today?” you asked, your voice getting higher the more stressed you became.
         “Hey, hey. I’m okay. I just fell earlier. Scraped my arm and hit my head, that’s all.” He smiled to you.
         “No, you are not okay. You are going to be in this bed until I say so. You need to get better before you can go and take care of those creatures again.” You told him. His eyes widened and he tried to sit up only for you to gently push him back down to the bed.
         “No, Y/N. I have to take care of them. They need me. I need them. Please, I’ll be fine.” He begged you.
         “Newt.” Your voice was soft, but stern. “Please, I can take care of them. You’ve taught me well and I can’t risk you getting any worse or hurting yourself again.”      You felt tears in your own eyes. You nearly had a panic attack thinking about him getting hurt again.
         He sighed and studied your face. He could see your worry etched everywhere.      His had reached out to your cheek and held it there gently.
         “Okay.” He whispered. “I’m sorry. I’ll sit right in this bed until I’m fine again.”
         You smiled a little and leaned down to kiss him softly. “I love you, you know that right? I just want to know you’re okay. You scared me too much today.”
         Newt laughed lightly and pulled you down for another peck on the lips. “I love you, too Y/N, thank you.”
         “And Newt,” you said. “If you ever get hurt and pull this again, I’ll kill you.” You teased.
         “Well that truly does not sounds fun at all. I’ll promise to keep myself upright.” He winked.
         You grinned and picked up some cloth from beside the bed and looked at his arm.
         “Let’s get you better so you can be up and moving for those creatures in that case.” You said and started nursing his arm. Your wonderful magizoologist now needed you more than ever.

    Hurricane Negan Pt. 2

    Summary: After seeing Jacob leave with Adrienne, Negan stalks after them. 
    POV: Third Person Limited – Negan
    Characters: Adrienne, Negan, Jacob, and our beloved Lucille.
    Word Count: 1614
    Warnings: Cursing 
    Authors note: I feel like after another chapter of this story - a very, smut loving chapter - this story will come to an end, but it’s up to you guys. Maybe I’ll just end it here. 
    Parts: 2/2 - Completed. (Part  One)
    Quote of the story: “I suppose I’m…Intruding on your dessert eating.”


    Keep reading