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I’m obsessed with longstory. This is my third fan song. If I keep this up much longer I’m going to have to write a musical. 

I’m going to start writing a musical aren’t I? Oh no. 

Anyway this is from Abby’s POV, just musing after Em comes back and trying to channel it into dance. It’s called “All I Can”

Lyrics after the read more

Edit: forgot to tag it and mention @longstorygame

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i found a really bad rough draft of me doing xy leaf, so decided to remake it! 

xy style leaf (with or without bag) for ur leaf needs

SO @hiippok tagged me for the “meet the artist” challenge thing, which means you draw yourself and what’s usually in your bag. i drew what i always carry around with me, and also listed my likes/dislikes like hiippo had done, wasn’t sure if it was necessary (edit: yes! you’re supposed to list likes and dislikes as well!) PLEASE NOTE that i am not an artist even though hiippo humbly so claims (thank you dear m(_ _)m). the picture resembles me not at all methinks. more like a polished ideal idea of how i wish i looked like. but anyways! here ya go. sorry i was too lazy to get the scanner working.

I’M GONNA TAG @hannibalcatharsis-zero !! ‘cause YOU are an artist, definitely. also @mrpaavo if you wanna do it, but no pressure! ♥