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“And you could buy up all the stars,
But it wouldn’t change who you are.
You’re still living life in the dark-
It’s just who you are.”

-Buy the Stars, Marina and the Diamonds

THESE KIDDOS…. I get really emotional thinking about how they differ and remain the same as their canon versions at the same time… I JUST LOVE THEM OK.

ALSO, I recently reached past 700 followers…. And in a few days, this dinky lil art blog is gonna be a year old! So…. Thank you guys so, so much for such an INCREDIBLE year!! I’ll be writing more on this on the actual day, but for now please just cry over these characters with me aha….

Also I know I missed some details buuut I like how this turned out in general, so. I don’t think I’ll fix them haha

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EDIT EDIT: y’know what I’m gonna ramble about it for a little bit under a read more!

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This drawing fuckin sucks and the design isnt really 100% final but I really wanted to show you this oc i made in november JORDAN JONES !! a 20 year old free spirit from Los Angeles who does literally nothing with his life but play go fish at casinos and tells the worst jokes ever in the history of mankind. He’s nice and chill and sounds like an epic movie trailer narrator+surfer dude hybrid but will drive you insane in 10 minutes. He also has buck teeth

His stand 『 OCEAN MAN 』 ’s ability is literally just. waterbending. that’s it. WITH A CACHE: it has to touch the water source to bend it lol

Also he’s Dio’s son and didn’t appear in part 6 because he got lost with Giorno at Disneyworld and had a great time until Made in Heaven did its thing Rest in Pizza 3

ᴵ ᵈʳᵉʷ ʰᶦᵐ ᵒᶰᶜᵉ ᵃᶫʳᵉᵃᵈʸ ʰᵉʳᵉ ʰᵉʰᵉ

Edit: My silly ass forgot to mention who exactly he sounded like..hes Xavier..renegade angel…

The first time that Pepper Potts had entered Tony Stark’s massive workshop, she had felt as if she were walking into a real-world representation of the inside of Stark’s head.

Someone had once said that time was what kept everything from happening at once. Pepper had decided that Stark’s workshop was the place that time forgot, because every moment of Stark’s life seemed to be unfolding simultaneously in that one space.

Iron Man, by Peter David

Aaahhh 2016 is Finally Over and since I haven’t done one these in a while I’m doing a FF to celebrate (since. ya know. everyone else is lmao) This is a list of many of my wonderful mutuals, (as listing all 400 blogs I follow might be a bit much) who, new and old, I love dearly for putting up with me for the past year. ILY and I hope this next year is much easier on you all :’)

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*Questions will be asked as if you were asking him*

N: N would be all for doing the boyfriend tag with you! He’d be super excited actually as he would want to showcase all the knowledge he has about his girlfriend as well as brag about himself a little. Now, if you accidentally answer a tag question wrong, he would give you his iconic stank face and playful scold you telling you that you shouldn’t have gotten that question wrong. *Question*: If i’m watching tv, what am I watching? “My drama Hotel King of course!”

Leo: Doing the boyfriend tag with Leo would just be so cute, and he would agree to it since you’re so eager to do it. Every question that you get right about him would result in a blush and shy smile from him. However, when he’s stumped on a question about you, he would just cutely shrug his shoulders up and down with a shy smile. Imagine you asking him a question that you’re positive he doesn’t the answer to, but he actually does and it makes you so happy and you fall in love with him even more than you already were. *Squeee* *Question*: What is your nickname for me? “Heheh…*shrugs shoulders*”

Ken: Ken would eagerly agree to do the boyfriend tag without you, however, you two wouldn’t have good footage because y’all would be clowin’ the whole time. You and Ken would end up having a 10-minute video with only two questions answered. The reason being is because Ken’s answers would be so completely over the top and out of this world that he would make you sink into your seat out of embarrassment. The good kind of embarrassment. *Question*: What is my eye color? “*squints to look at your eyes but then you yell at him saying he should have already known that* What?! I knew your eyes were that color! I was just quizzing you to see if you still knew your own eye color!”

Ravi: Ravi would say yes to your proposal of doing the boyfriend tag. He would answer the questions in a really comfortable and confident manner, and he would be the one to surprisingly get majority of the questions right. However, he would also be the type answer the questions in a very detailed manner and maybe spill some of your business. *Question*: What is my shoe size? “*looks down at your feet* “IDK. But does it matter? You still used your big ass foot to kick me last year when I forgot your birthday.”

HongBin: Oh gosh. HongBin would agree to do the boyfriend tag with you and that would be an experience in itself. HongBin would be completely honest, and he would get all of the questions right. However, when he answers each question, he would subtly throw shade into each question that you wouldn’t catch him doing that until you went to edit the video. Haha. It would be harmless and funny, though. *Question*: Who is my favorite music artist? “You like Justin Timberlake…He’s not Park Hyoshin, but whatever. You like him for some reason.” STOP BEING SALTY KONG

Hyuk: Hyuk wouldn’t mind doing the boyfriend tag with you, and he would be in good spirits while doing it. However, unlike Ravi who might tell your business, Hyuk would actually tell all your business without thinking. You ask him a question, and he would answer it like an essay with an introduction, a thesis statement, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. But he would be cute about it all at the same time, so it would be hard to get mad at him for it. *Question*: Do I PMS? “Ughh yeah. You get all emotionally weird and then try and take it out on me like I’m the one stomping inside your uterus—which I clearly am not. And sometimes you growl at me if I get you the wrong size pads/tampons, like I’m supposed to know that.” AIN’T NOBODY ASKED YOU ALL THAT

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get to know me meme: [3/5] celebrity crushes - Jung Soojung/Krystal

Ah, I’m already 20. I don’t like how time is going by so fast either. If you look at it one way, it seems like I spent my years before turning 20 specially, but when I think about it, that’s not necessarily the case. If I wasn’t doing what I do now, I might have wanted to hurry and become an adult, but right now, it feels like I’ve learned too many things.


sandwich | requested by snarkydean

as I did the aosrewatch I was thinking a lot about this sandwich. not because it sounds good, but because I wanted to know the origins of it. obviously it’s Fitz’s favorite, because he says that, like three times. but, why it’s his favorite. I thought “oh, maybe his mom used to make it for him.” but, he says “with your homemade pesto aioli?” now I’m not completely sure but I’m pretty sure that Simmons doesn’t make the same “your homemade pesto aioli” as Fitz’s mother does/did. sooooo, where did it come from? I’d like to think that, when Fitzsimmons were at the academy, Simmons stress cooked. and who’s a better test subject for your food than your best friend? so I bet that she made this sandwich, maybe close to something that Fitz’s mother made for him as a kid, and he just loved it. so, she probably made it so many times. different amounts of each ingredient, until it was just right. “too much aioli?” I bet she did that once and he didn’t like it. 

Kaylor AU....

TS: Did you remember to post the orchard pic?

KK: Oh! Let me do that now…. (Posts pic of hand plucking at an apple.)

MH: Okay. Which pic do you want me to post?

KK: Here. Use the one I took of the three of you this morning. Hold on. I’m texting it to you….

MH: Cool…. What should I say?

TS: Whatever, Martha! (Laughs) Just don’t mention her. (Motions with her head towards Karlie who just frowns.)

MH: There! What d'ya think?

LA: You’re not mad at the view? (Giggles)

MH: I couldn’t think of anything else! Geez…. It’s always such pressure with you Instagram experts….

TS: Karlie! You forgot to tag your location!

KK: Shit. Hold on…. (Quickly edits post; but there are already over 10,000 likes in 15 minutes.)

KK: Do you think anyone will notice?

LA: You guys are over-thinking this…. It’ll be fine!

KK: Uh, guys? Kimby just texted. It’s been cloudy there all day…. (Bites lower lip, looking at Taylor.) Maybe no one will notice?

Tree: Oh, my god…. Taylor!


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Arthur: “Why are you crying?  It was just some silly holidays, we don’t need them.”

Merlin: “I’m not crying, you’re crying.  Literally.”

Arthur: “But I just don’t understand.  I love Christmas…  Why would she take that away?  AND new years!  I repeal the ban on magic and this is what I get in return!  Some crazy sorceress wiping celebrations out of existence!" 

Merlin: "At least you still have your birthday to look forward to– Oh!  I forgot. Sorry!  I’m sorry!”

Arthur: “I’m used to your foot being in your mouth by now.  I honestly don’t know why I’m crying again.”

Merlin: “No, this time I’m crying.  She really did cancel everything you had left.”