i forgot what manga it was from

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I've just caught up on the manga and now I get why the eruri fandom was excited about chapter 70. The dialogue and even the art looks like it really was taken straight from a Hitomi doujin (*´艸`*) And of course Isayama lays another ambiguous and subtextual convo between Erwin and Levi that the reader is left to speculate and unpack, only to have them part. Again. Don't even get me started on the titanErwin predictions. Isayama needs to stop playing with my fujo heart!

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Isayama knows what he’s doing and he knows he’s playing with out hearts and I’m still 500000% certain he was like 
“Yo Hitomi, you wanna spotlight this chapter?” 
Everything is eruri and it kind of really hurts half the time.

Titan! Erwin theories make me want to cry into my pillow.
Erwin is crucial. He is Special. He’s gonna be okay for a while > . > 

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HI! I was wondering, does the manga differ that much from the anime? because I really want to read it (i'm not the patient type. although i prefer animation all the way, i need to know what happens next, like, now.) because i'm already in love with the anime, and i don't want anything to fuck up that love (aka different plot.) lemme know xxxxx

Anime is pretty much on track with the manga besides the last few episodes.

Manga is a must read in my opinion.

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So many beautiful images on here. What are the most graphically entrancing manga you've ever read?

Probably the last 2 volumes of Kokou no Hito, or volume 34 of Berserk. Vagabond is on the top too. Gon by Tanaka Masashi has awesome drawing from what I have seen, Oyasumi Punpun and Innocent too.

I probably forgot some but those are the ones I remember for now

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Do you think the reason Armin is narrating is because he is the only one left at the end of the series and he's telling his story? (Disclaimer: not my idea, but I forgot who I heard it from)

I haven’t read the manga in a few months….
What is this.
How much did I miss?
Wh a t.

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Nihei is incredibly notorious with cutting off at suggestive scenes, asides from the Nizana one, later on in the manga there's a scene where Kobayashi calls to meet Nagate alone, I forgot what it was they were talking about, probably being nervous about an upcoming battle, but Kobayashi asks him to spend the night there as she unties her hair, then the scene cuts off, (seems to heavily imply they did the frick frack by the amount of blushing), and it hasn't been mentioned since xD

…………. idk what that man is even thinking

I just saw a short clip from Princess Princess and suddenly the feels are rushing back aaaaaaah

I forgot how much I LOVE this manga/anime ;w; ♡

That’s what you get for watching videos in a short study break; my concentration is completely gone now °xD

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I'm not sure if you're still wondering this, but the gif set you reblogged [ /post/124119564391/i-forgot-to-mention-im-an-s-m-manga-artist-nice ] is from "Aoharu x Kikanjuu" (according to what other ppl were tagging it as that is). Just thought I'd let you know in case you still were interested. I haven't watched it tho so I can't tell you how good it is lol.

thAn k !

I see a lot of characters that look like they can ruin my life

I finished Stardust Crusaders

Whoa.  So THAT’S where that “ZA WARUDO *Steamroller* WRYYYYYYY” meme from way back in the day comes from.

Forgot to liveblog it when I finished it yesterday so my thoughts aren’t too fresh.  Started reading the manga for Part 4, but it’s a bit alien feeling to jump into colourless text format when I’m so used to the motion of the anime which highlights how wonderfully overblown everything is.

I was kinda lowkey upset the entire season about how they totally changed how the magic worked.  I guess maybe they reached their limits of what Hamon could do in the context of the story and the Stands do make things more colourful, though every now and then Joseph would just seem to forget that he could use Hamon to accomplish a task.  I figured he’d rely on that plenty since he didn’t have any kind of combat Stand, it’s just weird seeing your favourite characters get old and frumpy, passing down the torch.  Apparently that’s the last part where Hamon is used too, I kinda liked it, I dunno.

No idea where it’s going from here, there’s still 5 parts to go before we catch up to the manga.  Should I read the manga now or hold off until they maybe make a new anime?

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Sis you ever get your tablet working

Hello dear!
Do you mean from that post I made a year ago? That was my first tablet, Wacom Bamboo Manga Small. Boy did I love it!

If so, no that tablet just died on me. My dad is a technician of things like printers, fax machines, computers and such (forgot what he’s called, sorry) but even he couldn’t revive my baby!
He ended up buying me a new one (a secret from my Mum aha) which is the Intious Manga Small. (I lost the pen for this immediately and still haven’t found it as well as some of the backing thingo…)

Long answer, sorry! 
So yeah that one died but I got a new one! I am hoping to get a full time job so I can purchase a Wacom Cintiq Companion!

Thank you so much Anon for asking!
I really appreciate asks alone but to check up on an issue I had, so sweet!
Thank you <33

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What is that manga you been recently posting?

I can’t remember ): I’ll be able to tell you once I get back from my vacation though when I have my laptop. I just remember I found it on H! Gallery. I totally forgot to source it. I bet you’d be able to google search the images and you might be able to find it. message me off of anon so i can send you the source when I can.