i forgot what i tag stuff i like as

guess what sad bitch forgot that your comments on stuff show up in your friends newsfeed even if you don’t tag them and now has to live with the fact the normie they had a mad crush on irl at university who they haven’t spoken to in like a year saw them yearning to be murdered by a six and a half foot tall fictional alien cat bird woman

this bitch!!!!!!!


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♡ rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better

♡ sign: cancer

♡ height: 5′6…. almost 5′7″

♡ last thing googled: once-ler 

♡ favorite music artist: late night alumni!

♡ last TV show watched: ore monogatari

♡ when did I create my blog: late 2015 i think ?? i forgot but i had tumblr since 2012

♡ what kind of stuff do I post about: lots

♡ do I have any other blogs: ya

♡ do I get asks regularly: yes!! and ty 4 that

♡ why did I choose my url: i ….. love reigen 

♡ gender: gsay

♡ pokemon team: team skull…i liek them 

♡ favorite colors: crimson, pink, black … so many!

♡ average hours of sleep: a lot

♡ favorite characters: so many…… but reigen rn ….

♡ dream job: 2 not work at all and jus be rich 

i tag @starsel @adoropal @swoletergeist @puzsy @jjba @dyin @youtubegaming @favecolor @agendersolluxs @sheepkind @sharkfuck @vovaline @yiffexe  & anyone else who might wanna do this ( u dont have 2 obviouslyu…. i lvoe u) 

Top 5 OTPs

i was tagged by @gsut an eternity ago but I’m finally doing this

I’m not a big shipper, i usually like some pairing in a show but they’re not really OTPs? But I’ll do what I can.


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2.- Nezushi (I’ll still open the window </3)

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3.- Klance (I hate the fandom, but I like them)

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4.- Marichat (I like their interactions the most [someone hit these kids with reality pls])

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5.- Juhaku (MY KING)

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in case u forgot what my face looks like

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♡ rules: answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you’d like to know better

♡ sign: libra sun, scorpio moon, gemini rising || boar

♡ height: 5′3″/161cm  

♡ last thing googled:  (ง •̀_•́)ง

♡ favorite music artist: i have no idea man i just listen to the radio a lot i dont even have a favorite genre

♡ last TV show watched: MP1OO :D

♡ when did I create my blog: this one is new– december 2016, but i’ve been on tumblr since 2009

♡ what kind of stuff do I post about: … I;m not really sure.. my special interest and stuff that makes me emote ig

♡ do I have any other blogs: oh boy do I! @wolfwoods-ghost is my fandom blog, @echo-aristaeusson is my nature blog, @jayhaswings is my angsty aesthetic blog, @akidnamedcoa is my chire/nostalgia blog, @telkhine-punk is my art blog, and i have a few more but im tired of listing things now

♡ do I get asks regularly: nada…

♡ why did I choose my url: bc a case can be made for naruto havin hpd and so do i and im kin w/ naruto so..

♡ gender: agender

♡ pokemon team: INSTINCT!

♡ favorite colors: orange and blue!

♡ average hours of sleep: usually 5 but sometimes i can go back to sleep for another 2-3

♡ favorite characters: all i can think abt rn in mp1OO and i love all the protags so much………..

♡ dream job: i wanna own and run my own preschool and a before/after school program !!

i know a lot of my mutuals have anxiety about getting tagged in things like this so I worry about tagging anyone but please do this and tag me so I see it if you want to because I really love learning little things about you guys!!

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Nicknames: Seb

Height: 5′6

Time right now: 6:28 pm

Last thing I googled: bowler hats- I have to sign about them and I forgot what they looked like lol

Fave music artist: My Chemical Romance 

Song stuck in my head: Send My Love by Adele

Last movie I watched: Mad Max: Fury Road 

Last TV show I watched: ????? good question

What I’m wearing now: A Homestuck shirt, black (well faded now so dark gray) jeans, socks

When I created this blog: 2011??

The kind of stuff I post: shitposts…fandom shit….fandom shitposts?

Do I have other blogs?: yyeeeahhhhh but I don’t use them so

Do I get asks regularly?: No

Why did I choose my URL?: Everybody goes through phases okay and it’s been 6 years and I physically cannot change it. I can’t. I’ve tried. I did it ONCE for ONE day because it was the day Homestuck ended and it was hard. I hoard it when I change it slightly for holidays. But theonetruefrance and that pic of France in a sweater and scarf against the yellow plaid background isn’t going anywhere.

Gender: hA??????? transmasculine genderqueer I guess 

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Pokemon team: Instinct!

Fave colors: Royal Blue

Average hours of sleep: either 13 or 4 

Lucky number: 37

Favourite characters: I’ve got like….idk…10 “children” now? I won’t list them all but some of the top ones are Naruto, Karkat Vantas, Keith Kogane, Ichigo Momomiya, and Mabel Pines

Dream job: Sign Language Interpreter! But performance reviews are tomorrow including the entrance exam to the interpreting program and boy howdy am I scared

Number of blankets I sleep with: At school, just one (it’s a big soft comforter). At home I have an intricate system with a single sheet in the summer and a 4 layer setup in the winter. 

Following: 92, I’m incredibly specific about who I follow because I’m literally too goddamn old for drama and stupid discourse. Everyone I follow now is basically a follow forever at this point, even inactive blogs. 

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Okay, I wanted to draw some kind of a greeting card for a Valentine’s Day for my followers and, well, anyone else honestly, but guess what happened? Overcomplication and bros. They happened. 

(Yes, that is how my sketches look like when things get complicated. Argh)

I want to believe I will finish I some time soon.
Right now…
Greetings. Be happy. Stay awesome. My best wishes and all that stuff. Love you.


If you want me to draw something specific for you as a gift for this holiday - I am open to suggestions and requests. It probably will be rather simple drawings and I can’t really into that funny pick-up lines, but…Maybe someone want, so. Feel free.Fandoms are rather traditional: SWTOR, Star Wars, Tolkien, maybe ASoIaF, Mass Effect, Dragon Age or WH 40K.

rhoki  asked:

Woah, I can't believe you use fireplace! I can't get any drawing to look good on it (~_~;) what are your brush settings?

I’m pretty sure for the default brushes I use the default settings. Make sure to play around with the Correction setting though since it’s easy to miss! The levels go from 0-19. I use 16 but I forgot why. 

I made a tag on my art ref blog for a bunch of firealpaca stuff I’ll add more to it when I get back home: [x]

And here’s what some look like (you can learn more in the above link):

[ I did this for my OC Hiro, but not here bc I forgot. :’D

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❅ sending a bunch of memes ( not all will be made into threads )
❅ sending what ifs // AUs ideas // headcanons
❅ writing drabbles inspired by threads or what ifs
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Last movie you watched:

Hmmm. I can’t really recall what was it, sadly.
*Giggles nervously*
It was, like, not so recent, as you can think. 
I watched some let’s-players recently, Storm Hawks series, parody WH40K related series…
But to save my life I can’t remember an actual film.

Last song I listed to:

It was my HMKids based playlist.
The last song was, probably “Titan”.
If doing this meme counts, I was listening to “Show Must Go On” from the parody video about Abaddon. Yes. Still WH40K.

Last book I read:

Finished reading “Galaxy in Flames”. 
Made it through the third book and still so little about Magnus.
Because of whom do you think I even reading it at all?!
Kiddin’ - books are rather interesting even in his absence. 

Aside from WH40K stuff - “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”

Last thing I ate

Tea with cookies. 
Do you know how much I love tea?

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be:

IDK, really.
Speaking about out globe I am rather comfortable where I am now. 
Maybe wanted to visit my best friend who lives rather far away, but it’s night where she is.

Speaking about anywhere and no matter is it real or fictional - I always wanted to see the Valinor. Do not judge me. See Valinor and die, hehehe.

Where would I time travel to:

Rather comfortable where I am right now, thanks.
Past will probably be rather uncomfortable and the future… Maybe some utopia future I really want to see. Maybe not.
As with Valinor I will probably be very sad fluffy lizardass when I will be taken back to there. Like. I have seen cool things, that I will never see again. Sad.
Also I am that dumbass, who can ruin everything by stepping on a butterfly, ya know.

As a one more variant - maybe some day in my past to see and talk with people who had already passed away. One last goodbye of some kind.

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day:

There are too many of them!
Like. Really.
Giving in to my current little obsession, gimme Magnus, gimme-gimme-gimme. 
*Fangirl-mode slightly ON*

But really. I would be glad to hang out with a absurdly big number of fictional characters. Not that I think they would be glad, tho.

Guess there was no eight question, guess I’ll have to say…If I could fuck any fictional character…

I would probably be not interested in this.


Not sure who to tag, so feel free to do this meme if you want!

the about tag! tagged by @howlingremus​ and i’m pretty sure someone else too but i forgot oops sORRY


1. What is your name?
2. How old are you?
relatively young. i don’t particularly feel like telling all my followers though, so if you want to know, message me or something!
3. What kind of blog do you run?
harry potter, skam, and basically any other fandom i decide to temporarily invest in. (skam is pretty temporary, for now) (bC THE NEW TRAILER HASN’T COME OUT YET DARNIT) but i also like shadowhunters! and dear evan hansen (which i discovered today and i lOVE SO MUCH A;IGJAI)
4. What is your biggest nerdy obsession?
5. Who is your favourite character of all time?
um *glances nervously at the pile of books on my table* can’t pick favorites.
6. What is your favourite book of all time?
harry potter, though it’s more for nostalgia now. i especially love the kingkiller chronicles, as you’ll hear me recommend to everyone who asks for book recs.
7. What is your favourite magical creature?
uh thunderbirds! or demiguise! or unicorns! or dragons! or phoenix! or (yup no favourite oops) yay
8. What made up object do you wish was real?
magic wands and clothes that shifted into other clothes (yup)
9. Where do you wish you went to school?
hOGWARTS but real school wise, oxford or cornell or yale
10. Name your favourite ships.
uh jily tbh because i feel like every other ship ever has too much discourse and ugh i really hate discourse
11. Which character do you want to marry?
ginny weasley!
12. What is your favourite song?
i don’t have a favourite, but currently, i’m listening to the dear evan hansen soundtrack on repeat, especially the song waving through a window.
13. What is 3 facts nobody knows about you?
uh well i’m assuming you mean people on tumblr because irl i’m a pretty open person, but 1. i used to be allergic to chocolate; 2. i’m a dual citizen; 3. i do a style of debate called lincoln douglass, which is 1v1
14. Least fave book of all times and why?
animal farm. because reading a book you never really liked in the first place multiple times for class really takes a toll on your perspective of said book.
15. What characters are you role models?
uh well probably ginny, hermione and luna because they all taught me to never be afraid to be myself, and i think that’s a super important message to convey to everyone. 
16. Favourite video game?
i don’t play. but my least favorite is csgo because of the fact that i was at a hotel with some of my friends for a tournament and they played csgo until 3am and wouldn’t let me sleep. maybe i just have bad friends- idk.
17. Are you proud to be a nerd? why?
oF COURSE. i’m proud to have something that i love so much, i’ll devote time to it. i’m proud to have something that i can say influenced my childhood, and my life today for the better. i’m proud to be part of a community of people unafraid to share their beliefs, who have all been influenced by the same strong, independent, amazing role models that i had, and still do look up to. and i love being a nerd- because if there’s one word that could define me, this is the word that does. according to merriam webster, a nerd is “an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person”. yes, that’s what i am. because sure, we nerds may not be the most attractive, or social, or even interesting people, but we sure are the most passionate, and we DEFINETLY aren’t boring, to say the least. nerds are the most amazing people i know - the kindest, sweetest, most brilliant, dare i say it, even the best, people i’ve ever met and i am proud to be considered one.
18. Tag 10 people!
i’m not gonna tag anyone, but feel free to do this if you want!

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Nickname: Jule / Jules

Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′2″

Time right now: 4:07pm

Favourite musical artist: A lot? Miracle of Sound, JT Machinima, Sabaton, Metallica, Eisbrecher, Unheilig, and a lot of others, I guess.

Song stuck in your head: Little Sister by Mircale of Sound

Last movie watched: Moana

Last TV show watched: I, Zombie

What you’re wearing right now: Batman Sweatpants, Crocks, Outsider-Hoodie

What kind of stuff do you post:
Mostly Fandom shit ^^

When did you create your blog:
 …….. 2 years ago? A bit longer?

Other blogs you have:
Currently active I only have this one and my nsfw blog. But I also used to have a lot of RP blogs.. for example: Solas, Mercy, Hanzo..^^

If you get asks regularly: sadly not

Reason of your url choice: Basically comes from my Dragon Age time. Shaken-Veil is a passive ability of the Rift Mage in DA: Inquisition

Hogwarts House: People say I am Slytherin..or Ravenclaw? Idk? xD
Gender: Female

Pokémon Go Team: WTF is pokemon even xD I watched that when I was 12

Favourite colour: Bordeaux

Average hours of sleep: 5 - 6 hours.

Dream job: Is constant-sleeper a job? Yes?

Tagging: @mtex @sinning-cupcake @eatingbubbles

I am looking through all the stuff I’ve written about Bucky Barnes and wow like, I’ve actually written fanfiction, I’ve written two analyses regarding him. I forgot how much I relate to him and how happy writing about him makes me… wait a minute, I’ve watched th movie a million times. there was a point where I would turn it to cap 2 every single time I had the remote and got to choose what to watch on tv because it was either on fx or on demand and i loved watching it and didn’t get tired of it. It’s an si. It’s a fucking SI. That totally make complete sense now.

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Nickname: uhh i dont think i have one?

Star sign: libra

Height: 5′7″

Favourite music artist: David Bowie. and The Ark.

Last TV show you watched: uhhh… Grey’s Anatomy. And i started Shadowhunters right before that.

What kind of stuff do you post: uhhh multifandom (with like huge amount of Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars and Marvel) plus some aesthetic stuff?

Do you have any other blogs: only some sideblogs with stuff for future reference.

Why did you choose your url: because i’m in slytherin. 

Hogwarts House: slytherin obv

Pokémon team: i have no idea i’m not into pokemon at all

Favourite colour: navy/grey

Lucky numbers: 5

How many blankets do you sleep with: one

Dream job: idk

Following: 104

Followers: 166

uh, i’ll just tag anyone from #ussfamily and #buckywandanet :D