i forgot weird al is in this

“And I’ve got an accordion!”

Of course you do, of course


I forgot this one


He had another one in his room

literally the staff could have queefbaited us or made creek like a one time thing but they didnt and i think thats so neat


Everybody Polkamon - SiIvaGunner: King for a Day Tournament

Hey guys! Check out this arrangement of Weird Al’s “Everybody Polkamon” I made for SiIvagunner! This is a really special song to me because it was the first rip (music arrangement) I got on his channel. I’ve followed SiIvagunner for about 2 years, and I always dreamed I could become a part of it. Well, dreams can come true!

Anyway, this rip is Everybody Polkamon arranged in the style of Pokemon Red/Blue’s OST. There are hints of songs from those games in here too, like "Guidepost", “Opening”, “Victory Fanfare”, and “Game Corner”. There’s one more too, I just forgot the name. Also obligatory Fleentstones. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it!

A Stan Uris Vibe Part 2

I forgot a bunch of songs that I know Stan would love so I decided to do a part 2 for anyone who wants it! He enjoys the weird and the bubblegum pop, so this is what I came up with. Here is Part 1….I hope you enjoy the songs and enjoy the Stan vibe! 

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gotham season 4 ep 15 review

this needs to be said first: MY SON MARTIN IS ALIVE!!!!!

ok this was spoiled to me on tumblr which annoyed me but whatever. the bigger issue is no REUNION with penguin how could you?!?!

so much backstabbing in this ep my head was spinning

my thoughts in no particular order bc my mind is slipping on the details:

- harvey is actually kind of an interesting character. the only experience i have with him is the nolan version which deeply biased me but he’s an interesting foil for jim. harvey and jim’s last scene gave me good tragic hero feels but tbh if they keep jim in this position i find it hard to find a place for batman in this universe bc Jim’s sort of being put in a position where he’s gotham’s saviour

- can no one die in gotham jeez. jim got shot four times and still had time to banter with sofia. sofia got SHOT IN THE HEAD  and is only in a coma????

- when penguin and the riddler were at the dock i literally paused the ep to scream DON’T MESS THIS UP at both of them 

- bruce and selina are finally having scenes together!! this and penguin and riddler and martin damn it’s like the writers finally took pity on me and dumped out the entire toybox to play with 

- they really are a great version of batcat - her patting his cheek and the easy relationship they have i’m dead. though ironically after like 12 eps of billionaire playboy it’s weird to see bruce be serious. i also wish that they would hang out without needing a favour sigh- sidenote every time david wears a turtleneck i scream - he just looks so much like bruce 

- i love barbara’s looks - she’s always gorgeous and this is one of my fav 

- speaking of barbara - finally ra’s al freaking ghul is back! what a long con man i was beginning to think they forgot about him 

- finally butch and tabitha’s relationship continues to make no sense to me. they’re hot and they’re cold, they’re yes and they’re no - you literally rejected him the last scene tab why do you give a fuck about him and his motivations now - am i missing scenes/stuff with them? ugh 

edit: just remembered zsasz was in this ep!! freaking love that guy - the writers were too kind this ep :’) - the role reversal when he was telling jim and harvey to put the guns down and no one will get hurt like HE’S the law enforcement in this town is epic and really speaks to the corruption in gotham

The Johnlock Collection by cwb | Chapter 20: John, Rosie, and Shuh-la
story: The Johnlock Collection by cwb | Chapter 20: Humanize (archiveofourown.org/works/3212018/chapters/21632588) music: Funky Sherlock by Gregory White (www.youtube.com/watch?v=EproV0JQ2WM)

Who forgot to upload the podfic! @violetwylde did a very good job and has such a cute Rosie voice! Which is super weird, when you used to hear her pant and moan as John and Sherlock on a regular basis. Well multitalented I say!

Thanks again to our beloved @conversationswithjohnlock for letting us podfic her

Winry conveniently forgot all about meeting Izumi once before, so now we’re diving into a flashback story to show how the Elric bros met her in the first place. Cool!

…It’s so weird to hear Winry yell “We’re having stew tonight!” and Alphonse NOT replying with “FUCK YEAH!” I must have watched that FMAB blooper reel more than the show itself.

Later on, Ed and Al puzzled over the missing information they needed to finally pull off a Human Transmutation.

Alphonse brought up the tale of the nation that disappeared overnight.

Ed asked if Al meant the one in the desert, from the tale of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Al replied that it’s about how someone tried to raise a human, but the whole population got dragged into it.


……I can’t believe Xerxes is a thing in this story. No, really, that was like, deeeep into Brotherhood and the Manga. Waaaaaaaay passed where the story is supposed to split off here. Welp, I guess we know what Hohenheim’s deal in this story is.

points I forgot to put in

-“hey pally isn’t it pretty fucking weird that your mom doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that in this scenario you were dating someone like ten years older than you when you were like, a teenager…??” “I dunno white…. she’s from a different time.. she’s friends with colonel gentleman, so…”

-shore leave arranging a double date next time als in town because they both have too many heterosexual friends and it’s annoying

-colonel gentleman giving tremendously bad advice to Billy about keeping white “in line” (I drew that page but I’m still like ehhhh about it)

-“so… you… are gay?” “well, gay enough for this to happen. I’ve been straight except for like, five dudes” “yeah white I really uh don’t think that’s how it works”

-“so….you were in love with venture?” “ONE TIME I told him ONE TIME I had a LITTLE CRUSH on him. why does he remember things this way”

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Grow fat with strenght’ huh? If you have an indigestion, you know who to call.  — Kalei, Daughter of Iska’al

Cabal are so weird to draw argh 

Welp, haven’t forgot about this minor OC of mine! For sure I might bring her back during the Sixth DLC, if that’s true that it will be again “Cabal-Centered”! 

Her hobby? Collecting anything that is green and a plant in her giant wicker basket super well detailed i might dare to say ayyy xD

Since she is a “homeplanet born” — barely escaped from the Shadows of Calus after his father was assassinated by Rull — her pressurized suit is the “old” Legionary one we all saw in D1, also as a matter to distinguish her better; the tusks uncutted are a symbol of her non-bellicose behaviour.


Apart from several posters, plushies, at least two buttons, and maybe some other stuff I can’t remember, this is my FMA collection at the moment. Well, all of the stuff that actually has a place. 

This is the stuff I still need to put… somewhere

merry snutscram eve its time for a follow forever

i only remade a couple of months ago  and ive made soo many friends on here and im thankful for each + every one of you

thank you all for following me !! im not going to do heartfelt notes for everybody bc i dont have the energy for that rn but ily all

if you want to be taken off for any reason pls tell me !
i tried to make everything in alphabetical order but i messed up a few times

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Summary of all the countries of Eurovision: 2016 Edition
  • <p> <b>Albania:</b> SING IN ALBANIAN DAMNIT<p/><b>Armenia:</b> LoveWave, followed by a Raleigh Wave. It seems an earthquake has struck Yerevan<p/><b>Austria:</b> At least it's not another English song<p/><b>Australia:</b> Guess who's back(back again)<p/><b>Azerbaijan:</b> Really rare song title. Well done.<p/><b>Belarus:</b> There's nothing wrong unless he actually feels attracted to the wolves ok?<p/><b>Belgium:</b> Boots Pharmacy and Fleur East have a crystal gem fusion<p/><b>Bosnia and Herzegovina:</b> So, we came back.<p/><b>Bulgaria:</b> Here to kick ass<p/><b>Croatia:</b> Hi.<p/><b>Cyprus:</b> Don't let Ivan near, he may attract the wolves' attention<p/><b>Czech Republic:</b> You didn't forget about us this year, huh Amy? (I forgot to include them last year. Whoops)<p/><b>Denmark:</b> You know how every time Sweden win, Denmark win the next year? Let's break that tradition (nothing wrong with the song tho)<p/><b>Estonia:</b> Bye Russia, I'm forming my own union<p/><b>Finland:</b> Why<p/><b>France:</b> Hey we might actually come before the UK this year<p/><b>FYRO Macedonia:</b> Doughnut<p/><b>Georgia:</b> Get low get low get low get low down the rank videos<p/><b>Germany:</b> Ghostbusters from Japan<p/><b>Greece:</b> Internal selection? It's unheard of!<p/><b>Hungary:</b> Half of your OTP<p/><b>Iceland:</b> I hear them calling me. Those damn free boiler installation people.<p/><b>Ireland:</b> Lol what sunlight this is Ireland<p/><b>Israel:</b> Everything is made of stars. See that printout of Christer Bjorkman's face? Stardust.<p/><b>Italy:</b> We should be hosting it, Christer Bjorkbutt<p/><b>Latvia:</b> JUSTS DO IT! MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!(Part of Estonia's lil' team)<p/><b>Lithuania:</b> Protect Donny (also part of Estonia's lil' team)<p/><b>Malta:</b> I'm SOOOO changeable<p/><b>Moldova:</b> If I scream it actually sounds pretty decent<p/><b>Montenegro:</b> I STG I forgot they were competing again sorry Montenegro<p/><b>Netherlands:</b> The guy has Bob in his name. We love him already<p/><b>Norway:</b> We hate the disco<p/><b>Poland:</b> Weird 'Al' Yankovic<p/><b>Romania:</b> If you didn't think we were vampires before, you will now( and now you never will thanks EBU!!!)<p/><b>Russia:</b> Fuckin love thunderstorms man<p/><b>San Marino:</b> Come to the disco with me Freddie<p/><b>Serbia:</b> Wait when did we choose our song again? I completely forgot<p/><b>Slovenia:</b> What is an English metaphor<p/><b>Spain:</b> Wow, we're favourites. Worked out really well for us in 2012 and 2014 when we won. Wait...<p/><b>Sweden:</b> Common Bjorkman spotted<p/><b>Switzerland:</b> Last of our kind? I wish we were, humans can be gross<p/><b>Ukraine:</b> Watch out Russia, those rose thorns can be pretty stabby<p/><b>United Kingdom:</b> You're not alone when you're with your mates at Nando's<p/></p>