i forgot to upload this a long time ago

long time ago… i animated this in Flash but the reasons why i never uploaded it still a mystery… nah… just cuz ima dummy and i actually forgot that i have after effects and never got the chance to render til now.

so the cape… is a long story actually. i DO have the cape animated and everything, the problemo here is that Flash crashed every time i tried to import a cape (the cape consist of 12 individual drawings… if im not mistaken) and those are already colored…. but i need to somehow venture more in AE to see if i can actually add the cape there, w/o Flash….

oh yeah, almost forgot. IT HAS TRANSPARENT BG!

I showed this in an answer regarding to Angelo’s alternative weapon but then I noticed a bad mistake in the drawing and deleted the whole thing. :’D So sorry about that if you caught a glimpse of that.

Anyway, here’s the fixed FULL pic. Nicer this way anyway. While I love custom splattershot jr, I was one point considering to replace it for N-Zap 85 as Angelo’s main weapon. But I gave it some more time and it’s still going to be his main weapon. N-Zap 85 is there as his secondary weapon now. Whenever I feel like being even more offensive and less sneaky. ;D

hi guys ;v;/ I’m back ! I didn’t have internet connection and later I just forgot about tumblr because I had a lot of work ugh OTL but now I’m free!! I’ll upload some sketches and artworks soon ‘v’/ This is illustration for school I forgot to upload here long time ago derp I really like it < v >’’’  Uncle Montgomery Montgomery from Series of unfortunate events ‘v’

If BTS were pocket sized companions that ride on you and go with you everywhere:

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Jimin Jin V Jungkook Rapmon Suga


·         Would ride on your shoulder and occasionally on your head

·         Would constantly judge everything you do

·         “Ew ___, that outfit looks bad”.

·         J-nope face

·         You flicking him off your shoulder

·         Would constantly crack decent jokes that you always say you hate

·         But he knows you like it

·         He knows

·         Would hide in your clothes when he did something wrong


·         “*mouth full* no….”

·         You pulling his ears as punishment

·         Would say stupid shit that makes you wonder if he’d been smoking something

·         “what is 2+2 was actually 5 and scientists were wrong about evolution cuz aliens made us”

·         “hobi sTOp”

A/N: This is the last part that I should’ve uploaded a long time ago but I totally forgot it cuz school and such TT~TT But here it is and thank you to the anon that informed me of this error.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster imagine

so I wrote this a long time ago and i finally uploaded it. My friend didn’t correct it, which means that there could be some little grammar mistakes, but I don’t think so.

‘Thomas, do you know where my brush is?’ you asked when you came out of the bathroom, while drying your hair with a towel.

‘No, sweetie,’ Thomas grumbled. ‘But you probably forgot it in the kitchen.’

He looked up at the moment you passed him, covered with nothing but a towel. ‘Well damn,’ Thomas whispered. ‘We don’t have to go to that party, y/n.’

You started smiling when you saw that your brush laid indeed in the kitchen. When you went back to the bathroom, you saw Thomas already wore his suit, even though he really complained about going to the party. But you had to go! After all, it was his birthday today. His family and all his friends would be there. It was supposed to be a surprise, but of course you couldn’t keep your mouth shut and you had revealed the secret to Thomas. You had immediately regret it, but it had already been too late by then.

You decided to sit next to Thomas in the couch and you started brushing your hair.

‘You’re making everything wet,’ Thomas remarked.

‘I know.’ Suddenly you stopped and you placed your hands on top of his. ‘I also know that you don’t want to go to the party, but why not? It’ll be fun, I swear.’

You looked into his eyes before you kissed him slightly.

Thomas placed his arms around your waist and pulled you tighter. He kissed you behind your ear and whispered: ‘Let’s go to the cinema. We can tell my parents I am sick.’

‘Or,’ you said, placing your hands on his chest and pushing him away, ‘we can go to the cinema another time. What about tomorrow?’

‘I can’t,’ Thomas grunted. ‘We have to film some final shots for a movie.’

‘Okay, it’s not the end of the world, I suppose. We’ll find time. But for now we really should hurry.’ Quickly you ran into the bathroom and got changed into a beautiful black dress. When you were putting on your make-up, Thomas came in and he gawked up at you. He walked up to you and when he stood behind you, he placed his arms around your waist and let his chin rest onto your shoulder. He was staring at the two of you in the mirror.

‘I recognize that dress, you know.’

‘Really?’ you mumbled. You couldn’t concentrate on putting on your mascara while Thomas was breathing in your neck. So you turned around, facing his gorgeous brown puppy eyes.

‘Yeah, wasn’t that the dress you wore when we first met?’

You were taken aback. How could he remember? That had been 4 years ago.

You nodded. ‘That’s the dress, indeed. Thought I might give you another reason to go to the party,’ you hinted. If he wanted to stay home, he couldn’t see you in this cute black dress.

Thomas seemed to realize that as well. ‘You’re torturing me, y/n,’ he muttered.

You chuckled. ‘You’re welcome.’ You pressed your lips together. ‘I have to admit that you don’t look bad either,’ you teased him.

‘I don’t look bad!? What’s that supposed to mean? I’m the king of the suits!’

You couldn’t help but laughed. When you eventually stopped, you placed your head against his chest and closed your eyes. You could hear the beating of his heart. It was one of the sounds you loved the most in this world. Especially in the mornings when Thomas was still asleep and the sunlight came shining through the window.

‘I love you, you know,’ you mumbled.

‘I know. And I love you too.’ Thomas’s mouth laid against your hair and you could feel the hot breath coming out of it. ‘That’s also the reason I don’t want to go to that party, I’d rather spend the evening with you. Cuddling in the couch, kissing you, and then the surprise.’

‘My present is already at your parent’s house, so we can’t stay home.’

He leant back. His eyes were sparkling and full of love. ‘I wasn’t talking about your present. I was talking about the surprise I have for you.’

‘What surprise are you talking about?’ you asked curious, looking up at him.

‘I can’t give it, we have to get ready for the party, remember,’ Thomas smiled.

‘Come on,’ you grunted.

‘All right,’ Thomas laughed. He gestured you to stay calm while he pulled something out of his pockets.

You tried to take a glimpse of it, but he hid it behind his back.

Thomas cleared his throat. ‘The past 4 years have been amazing,’ he began with that British accent of his, ‘I’ve never regret meeting you, or dating you. Every time I see you, you light up my day. I can’t imagine a life without you, and I would definitely never want such a life. You make me feel better and complete. You make me a better person.’

He sighed nervously. ‘Now then…’

Thomas moved away from you and bent through his knee. All of a sudden he placed the thing he had been holding behind his back in front of you.

It was a little blue box and it could only serve one purpose…

You gasped and you covered your mouth with your hands. A tear of joy blinked in your eye. Thomas wanted to marry you! You of all people. You were so incredibly happy and couldn’t hide your grin.

Thomas opened the box and you saw a ring. The ring was sober, but beautiful. It had a little black stone on it.

‘Oh Thomas,’ you whispered while a tear finally came running down your cheeks.

‘Would you want to marry me, y/n?’ Thomas asked quiet.

You nodded. You placed your hands and his shoulders and bent over to him. Right before you put your lips on his, you whispered: ‘I do, Thomas.’