i forgot to upload them here haha


5/100 days of productivity

hey there! I didn’t upload on weekends cuz I don’t make notes haha, I made them during the week, so yesterday I forgot to upload because I had to make a lot of stuff for a debate event that we were having today, and I finished up sleeping, but here are my other notes from the urinary system from biology.


Done during the summer but forgot to upload here…  Commissioned skull painting of a skull they had found. I IDed it as a loon. You can see that birds like these have indented ridges in the skull above the eyes where salt glands are located, which allow them to drink salt water. It’s filtered out of their blood and the salt is excreted through their nose.
Another random fact: loons can’t walk, their legs are too far back and entirely adapted for swimming.

(Haha I mainly collect skulls because I’m interested in the evolution and anatomy of the animal, using them for art comes second.)

The skull was selectively stained with coffee, the white areas are the natural bone color. Then I painted the dark browns and blues with a tiny brush.

finally, finally i managed to edit my complete list of english subbed EXO videos - some people told me that all of the links were broken and it took me like 5 months to finally work on that. but now all of the links are fixed and i also finally added the shows of 2016. also movies, dramas, vlive broadcasts… (credits are going to the rightful owners - subbers and creators of the posts ;; unfortunately some of the videos are reuploads, because the originals were gone…)

you can find all of the links here and search through the years and various shows. please enjoy :3

EDIT ;; i totally forgot to put the links for EXO’s 1st Box DVD4 and EXO’s 90:2014, i don’t even know why, haha. but i uploaded them as well :3

Absolutely forgot to upload this one here because I was too busy stalking The Neighbourhood around Europe I had no time recently.

Jesse was surprised when I told them that we’re 15 000 hoodums at vk.com/theneighbourhood and that we’re the biggest community there. So I asked him for a shout out and he said that he’ll definitely tweet about us but I didn’t want to bother him that much so I just got a video.

This is what I call a shoutout because we do have all sorts of shit haha ;)