i forgot to take my med again

True ADHD things
- Where the fuck are my keys I swear I jus- oh they’re in my hand

- theres no way I really played 13 hours of pokemon today oh god I did

-either not eating all day or forgetting your meds and consuming roughly 5000 calories

-well I got distracted from my hyperfocus for 2 days so I am never gonna be interested in it again

- oops I tied my shoes tight enough to cut off circulation again

-when you have sensory overload and get legitimately upset at someone for doing stuff like coughing or laughing

-oh shit *symptom I have had my whole life* is caused by ADHD?

- wait am I hungry? Fuck I forgot to take my meds

-Forgot my headphones/spinner/phone? Might as well die

I Love Him, He Loves Me || nurseyrans

Ransom could appreciate art. He could! He didn’t, often, and he didn’t get it a lot of times– he preferred practical things to appreciate, like Bitty’s pies, or good goals. Or, of course, Nursey’s ass, which he’d stolen a few furtive glances down at as he walked in front of him. It was a great ass, okay? Sue him. Now that was art to appreciate.

Right now, however, waiting for Nursey to finish what he was doing was sort of killing him.

Ransom… the thing was, he didn’t want to bother him. He knew he could snap like a twig if someone interrupted him, and Nursey had said something about a homework assignment, so he didn’t want to interfere with that. Even though Nursey wasn’t the type to snap, it felt rude not to give him the same respect he always gave him. Besides, he looked kind of cute sitting on the floor, all hunched over his journal, tongue sticking out just the smallest amount. But he was bored. He was mad fucking bored right now.

He tried going through his phone, systemically hitting Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but it was a dead day– not much posting, only a few notifications, some tagged pics, some snapchat selfies–

Oh. Ransom sat up and went to snapchat. He could probably entertain himself for at least a few more minutes with snapchat filters.

Dog filter, bunny filter, gold butterflies, truck driver, the little frowny face– he glanced over at Nursey and pouted just a touch because a face swap would be hilarious, honestly. Instead, he pulled one of his selfies from his phone and captioned it “missing you”, before posting it to his story.

Ransom looked up. Nursey had shifted towards him a little– he whipped out his phone and zoomed in to his face as much as possible, grinning a little before taking the picture; he yawned right at that second and Ransom decided to save it and send it to the group chat.

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Engraved 17

<– Engraved 16.5 | <– Crowned 3 | Engraved 18 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 6771
Notes for Update: 40
Warnings: Anger, fighting, blood, so much foreshadowing an vagueness XD whoops.
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: pls don’t kill me….talk to me!

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Angel pov

Suho was laying in the back of the car, his eyes closed and breath slow. There was an emergency kit in the trunk and you were not trying to put in an IV so that you could give him blood before he bled out.
“Are you sure you can do this?” Minseok asked, trying to hide his panic at the lifeless body of his best comrad, holding his vest against the wound in his side.
You didn’t look up and pushed the needle through into his arm hitting the vein just right. “Shut up.” Quickly you attached the blood bag and held it up high. “Chanyeol go, drive. Minseok call Lay.”
Chanyeol sped away with the car but took care around the turns. Suho was lying with his head in Minseok’s lap and his legs over yours, there was no other way.
“Lay? He’s been stabbed, lost a lot of blood. Left side. I don’t know if it’s deep, there’s a lot of blood. Artery?” Minseok talked on the phone and then turned to you. “Do you think they hit an artery?” 

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anonymous asked:

I won't. But sorry about that I'm emotional and exhausted. I forgot to take my meds and I'm on a roller coaster of emotions right now. Don't worry though, I'm gonna take my backup med (which basically shuts my brain down) and get some sleep. Good night, lil sis! 💜💙💜💙

Okay, get better soon @ladytacobell101
And be sure to have a reminder for your meds.

Good night, big sis. And thank you again💜💙

Head kisses- Requested

@dreamingintheclouds34: For the personal imagine: lot: I’m dating Nate and I’m on tour with him and I forget to take my prescription medicine  (8 different pills) for anxiety, thyroid problem, ADD and depression (weed does not work for me and I react badly to it if I smoke it) and I have a panic attack at his concert because of the big crowd and I faint because my body reacts badly if I do not take my medicine. You can decide the rest, I just want it cute and fluffy at the end. Please pick me, I never see a imagine about a girl who’s dating one of the guys and she takes a ton of medicine for different things. Oh and my names Dana. I would like it to be where we have been dating since freshman year of high school and I also have mild ataxic cerebral palsy that affects my motor skills, I have really bad tremors, coordination skills but my speech is perfectly normal. Also, I have a Botox shot either every month, every day or every week which helps my tremors a little bit. You’d have to look it up because I have no idea how often someone with cerebral palsy gets a Botox shot. I do have mild cerebral palsy but I actually don’t use Botox even though I’m going to look into it maybe.

His arms are so warm and tight around me. “Just focus on my arms, Dana. My arms are around you. You are breathing in and out and my arms are around you” He says softly, his lips barely grazing my ear. This is the first time it’s happened in over a year, I’m so stupid. 

 It all started this morning. It was Nate and I’s fifth anniversary since we began dating during our freshman year of high school. I was on tour with him, and this morning he had woken me up with pancakes and flowers. I loved him more than anything and get luckier every day. Nate has been there for me through everything, through all the treatments and medications for my cerebral palsy  my heavy bouts of depression, numerous trips to the hospital, losses in the family, my dad relapsing for a few months and going to rehab again, and everything in between. He was so wonderful, it still completely overwhelmed me 5 years later. 

Anyways, Nate and I were in bed all morning, just eating pancakes and snuggling. It was so calm, that I forgot to take my meds (8 different pills for the concoction of issues I’ve got going on). By the time I remembered, we were on the way to the concert and there was nothing I could do. If I told Nate, he would have turned everyone around to make sure I got the meds I need, but he would have been so late for his show, and I didn’t want that. 

 For a few hours, it seemed as if on a streak of luck, everything was going to be okay. I had not started shaking, I could breathe just fine, and I felt no anxiety. Maybe, I had been worried for nothing, maybe all those meds were excessive.

 Nate was about half way through his set when I felt my throat close up. I looked down and my hands were shaky. When I looked back up, I made eye contact with my boyfriend. At first he smiled, but as my vision blurred and the room started collapsing around me, a look of concern cloaked his face. I needed to sit down, somewhere, anywhere. I was surrounded by people as far as I could see. I tried to push through, but the next thing I knew, I was sitting on the floor. “Dana!” I hear yelling from the stage before my ears ring and things go dark. 

 That brings me back to where the story started; me, backstage, Nate’s arms. I listen to his voice and feel his chest rising and falling against my back. As I begin to feel better, I look around. I’m sitting in his lap on a couch. “We’re going home as soon as you’re ready, Mama” he rubs my arms and I take deep breaths. 

“No, you have your show!” I protest, leaning into him. He always smells like soap and smoke and sexy as hell. “I’m fine. Do the show. I’m fine” He shakes his head. 

“Nope. Nope. No arguments.” He kisses my forehead and holds my hand. “I am bringing you home, you are taking your meds, then we are taking a nice warm bubble bath, ordering room service and going to bed.” He rests his chin on the top of my head, then kisses it. 

“Fine. I know there’s no point in protesting” 

“Damn right.” He smiles and pulls me in closer. When I am ready, he helps me get my jacket on and get on my feet. He holds me the entire ride home. I don’t know what I did to get so lucky.

When we get home, Nate lights candles and draws us a bath as I take my medicine. I slip out of my clothes and join him in the hot, lavender and honey scented water. He lightly splashes water over my legs and we talk lowly until the water gets cold. He steps out of the tub, puts on his boxers, then lifts me out  and wraps me in a big towel, setting me down on the bed. I laugh the whole time and kiss him quickly on the cheek. He kisses my nose. We order pasta, eat it entangled in each other’s arms and soon after, I begin to drift off. I feel a scratchy chin and soft lips brush my forehead. “I love you Dana. Happy Anniversary” is the last thing I hear before I fall to sleep. 

Hope you liked it girly!

Sorry it took so long :(


anonymous asked:

You okay??

Yeah, I’m okay. I just forgot to take my meds for a few days and then earlier today I was feeling really sick (unrelated to the meds). I almost threw up during dinner and it was pretty bad. I thought I was feeling better for awhile but then it kind of hit me again. I remembered that I hadn’t taken my meds in awhile and was like “fuck” because I knew I needed to start taking them again obvs. However, whenever I take them for the first time after forgetting for a few days, they usually cause me to be very very ill. Like, upset stomach and all sorts of things that are TMI. But usually the whole ordeal involves me vomiting at least once. I just have to power through tonight and hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.

so this is what happened to me today

  • I felt super out of it/confused in the morning
  • pretty sure I passed out
  • (this is weird because I am Bad At Having POTS and I basically never pass out)
  • forgot to take my meds/eat breakfast
  • was running late to exam, speedwalked over
  • passed out AGAIN on the way to exam
  • people saw and called an ambulance
  • ambulance people were cool
  • wound up in the ER except they call it something different here lmao
  • (I didn’t fight going to the ER b/c like I said it’s weird for me to pass out)
  • got stabbed with six different needles
  • my usual health problems all seemed fine
  • met a nurse whose best friend has POTS
  • got IV fluid which was fun
  • I basically spent all day there
  • aaand no one’s totally sure what made me pass out so I’m under strict orders to go back if it happens again
  • and that was my day, hooray!
  • no I have no idea what will happen with the exam I missed

hey friends who have smart phones, i have two apps to recommend to you that have made my life a lot easier, and maybe they will help you too!

the first one is an alarm app called I Can’t Wake Up!

you can find it here on google play or here on the itunes store.

i have disordered sleeping and i take a medication every night that makes me very tired, so it can be nigh impossible to get myself out of bed in the morning (or afternoon, for that matter). this app is super customizable and it gives you tasks that you have to perform before the alarm will shut off - you can do math problems, memory and matching tasks, ordering numbered tiles, re-typing randomly generated text, etc.

my two favorites are the ones that get your body moving: “shake” - shake the phone vigorously until a bar is full - and the “barcode.” the barcode is great because even if you keep your phone right next to you while you sleep it forces you to get out of bed and scan a code (or several) that you’ve chosen previously. i cut mine out of a receipt and taped it behind my bathroom mirror, but you could also use something like a product barcode that requires you to locate the item.

i can’t speak for the iOS version but the android app, while effective, does not have a particularly user-friendly interface - that said, once you dig through some menus you can customize it almost any way you want. if you’re like me, your half-conscious brain will do almost anything to avoid being fully awake, and you can’t rely on willpower to get you there. with this you can plan for your own devious tricks by disabling free snoozes or giving yourself awake tests after the first alarm to make sure it worked. once i figured out that i could press an “i can’t find it!” button to avoid getting out of bed for the barcode task the app became way less effective for me…so i turned off that option!

the other app i really like is called MediSafe

(here for android and here for iOS)

i take three different medications at three different times every day, and to remember i used to just set an alarm on my phone’s clock. that sort of worked, but more often than not i would turn the alarm off and then promptly forget about it.

i like this app because the notification noise sounds like a bottle of pills being shook and isn’t similar to any other noise my phone normally makes. it pops up with a window containing the name of the medication and a picture of what the med looks like, which is a really nice visual reminder. if i ignore this notification, it reminds me again continually every half hour (you can set this however you’d like) until i tell the app that i took it.

in the app you can see your daily pill box, track measurements like blood glucose, pulse, or weight if you need to, and you can designate someone to be your MedFriend - a person who will help you remember to take your meds if you forget.

i still don’t always take my meds exactly on time but since i started using this app i only forgot my cymbalta once.

okay that’s all, i know this is kind of a long post but these two apps have been really amazingly helpful for me and i hope this helps someone else too! <3

  • Me when my friends are sick: Don't forget to drink liquids, get enough sleep and eat healthy, take some pills for the pain or your fever, but don't take more than 3 in a 24 hours period, it's better if you take them every 8 hours with food.
  • Me when I'm sick: It's ok to take a shower at 3 am and wash my hair, right? Oh man, i want ice cream and a burger. Oh shit, i forgot to take my medicine again, nvm i'll be fine. Do I take this with water or maybe make some coffee? who cares that its 11 pm and i have to be up in 7 hours?

another FitzSimmons drabble. Rated light T.
I saw this post and couldn’t resist! Consider this a vaguely-defined, non-SHIELD, post-university AU.

Jemma Simmons was never going to accept a dinner invitation from someone she met outside the gym ever again. She should have known that listening to Skye’s enthusiastic head-nod over the guy’s shoulder was a recipe for disaster. Worst of all, her personal aversion to losing meant that she’d been sitting alone here for almost an hour, and she suspected that she was this close to being asked to give up the table if she wasn’t going to order anything. Sighing, she twirled her salad fork in both hands and admitted that her expectations for this date had been low anyway, so her current annoyance was not so much because of the date, but because of the waitress hovering uncomfortably close to the table. Because luck was not on her side today, she recognized more than a few people in this popular local bistro, so being asked to leave her table would be mortifying on more levels than she cared to consider.

“Excuse me, miss,” came a familiar, nasally voice. Jemma turned to see her least-favorite waitress had returned, sink-bleached hair and bright blue eyeshadow making her appear rather like the human embodiment of a pushy scarecrow. “I was just wondering if -“

“He’ll be here any minute,” she replied, trying unsuccessfully to hide the strain in her voice. The moron clearly wasn’t going to show up at this point; maybe if she texted Skye, she’d come save her - she still owed Jemma for the manscaping incident, anyway.

“I’m sure,” Ms. Scarecrow replied, “but would you consider waiting at the bar? We need to -“

“I’m so sorry I’m late, love,” said someone in a vaguely familiar Scottish brogue, and suddenly that same someone was pressing a light kiss to Jemma’s cheek. “My name’s Fitz, just play along,” he whispered into her ear before sliding into the chair across from her.

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'hey I have to take someone’s blood pressure for class will you be my victim'

korrama​ here is that other half of your makorragiftexchange!

Short-drabbled College AU Makorra, because I can. Based on the title B)

word count: 621


“Are you sure you’re doing it right-“

“I’m the pre-med student here. I know what I’m doing.”

“…Korra, are you sure? It feels pretty tight-“

“It’s supposed to, smartass.”

“No, but like, it feels extremely tight.”

“Again, it’s supposed to.”

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