i forgot to tag you im such a mess

When you’ve already launched and realized you forgot your water on land.

ik my url is terrifyeol rn for october but i figured i might as well use my actual one for this haha but ANYWAY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! BOYS AND GIRLS!! IT IS TIME FOR MY FIRST FOLLOW FOREVER I HOPE Y’ALL ENJOY IT

basically i’ve had this blog for a month?? less than a month?? and i already hit a follower goal so i’ve decided to make a follow forever because why not.. i’d like to thank you all sososooso much (esp mutuals and those who talk to me) for putting up with my problematic self as well as my thirsty bias tags as well as my trash blog… i honestly love you all so much i can’t even say it enough so here we go!! (even if you’re not on here i still love you please don’t hate me pleapslepwlapslpelaeplse)(if we’re mutuals and i forgot u then send me an ask bc im bound to mess up yikes)

mutuals | favorites (either my fave as a person or i just think your blog is hella) | people i’ve talked to (who i consider mis amigos)*


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thank you all again so much!! by you i mean not only my mutuals or those i have tagged, but just all of my followers. you guys are so rad!! i hope you continue to find me and my blog entertaining and nice (or if not me, just my blog lmao)

Hi everyone! So I hit 2k a couple of days ago, which is unbelievable to me. I’ve made so many amazing friends here and I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thank you all for being so amazing and supportive! I wanted to write notes for so many of you but this would have turned into a 10,000 word sapfest so let it suffice to say that I love you guys a lot.

mess squad: chaitroye sotroye nutella-plus-ranchdressing woosivan hyellohoakley lookingfortronler whatstroyler sparkleoakley coomphan  I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you guys you mean so much to me and I love you all.

irls: officialseattle bisexual-fanboy rybread0510 fishfriendlyshark cute-princess-of-literature strawberrymilkkid passivelilac teensyemo oreocookieinsider this blog is kind of insane so thanks for putting up with me you guys are awesome.

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And of course, a huge thank you to troyesivan for helping me through so much, and for making it possible to find all of these wonderful people. I really hope to meet you one day.

music blog: soundofsivan
aesthetic blog: neverwithme

Ok that’s all bye friends