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tangled ribbons, ch10: adagio

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before we start, i just wanted to say… so many of you have mentioned in some way or form that you relate a lot to adrien. as someone who’s been there several times and still feels that way sometimes (even if i’m now without the pressure to enjoy a sport/wanting to quit), my inbox is always open. i’m always here to talk. it’s an awful feeling and i hate it and i hate that anyone ever has to feel that way. i may not be able to help, but i’m always here to listen and sometimes that’s better than nothing. i love you all <3


From: sick beats bro ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
To: my dancy dude ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
     on a date with the gf?

From: my dancy dude ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
To: sick beats bro ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
     We’re getting coffee before rehearsal, it’s not a date.
     And she’s not my girlfriend.

From: sick beats bro ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
To: my dancy dude ❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎❤︎
     whatever you say my man

Adrien ducks his head and hopes that Marinette is too focused on ordering to notice the color of his face. His phone buzzes again and he glances down at the new message.

From: Alya
To: marshmallow
     go get her boi

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When you’ve already launched and realized you forgot your water on land.

scooterspring  asked:

can I please get a male xmen ship. I love to swim but only in natural water (no pools or hot tubs) and spend time with my little sister I also like to take naps and look at flowers and ride horses my best subjects in school are history and math and I am very realistic. I'm average height with short blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles. I love comedy and making people laugh even tho I'm pretty quiet irl. thank you name twin :)

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i do not hate you my delightful name twin hello friend

shipped with: Hank McCoy

song: saltwater heart by switchfoot


  • coastal roadtrips omg you take a long drive along the coast and stop at all the beautiful beaches and it’s just great
  • The Tol and The Smol even tho ur average height Hank’s just So Tall
  • you help him lighten up and make him laugh and he thinks you’re the cutest ever especially when you tell a really bad joke
  • thunderstorms: Time To Cuddle Until It’s All Over you’ll basically just climb into bed with him and cuddle/make out a little till it’s over bc he’s there to distract you and make you feel better
  • he shows you some of his science stuff and you help with some of the calculations occasionally and you talk to him about history 

2k celebration ships


_I don´t mind the rain_|Part V|

Bucky x Reader[Gender neutral!]

[Part one][Part two][Part three][Part four]  [Part six]

Warnings:Cursing,Bored Bucky,Worried Bucky,Bucky messing with poor tired interns,Running Bucky.Bucky.[This chapter just has very much Bucky ok]

3.526 Words

[First off: I like this chapter much more than the last one,but it sadly does not have that much [y/n] in it,but stuff gets cleared a bit and Bucky thinks about you,so be happy~Please?]

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Bucky stared at the piece of paper in front of him.It was a simple yellow post-it note,and the words were scribbled on it with a dark blue pen.
Suddenly Bucky felt as if every pair of eyes in the room was staring at him,burning holes into his skin.
His eyes widened a bit,but overall he stayed calm.
Maybe he was just worrying for nothing.
But what are the chances that this is just a wrong placed post-it note?
With a heavy sigh he let the pages fall back into place and looked back at the first page.His stare was unfocused and blank,as he got lost in his thoughts.
A few rooms away you were probably getting patched up again,not knowing that everything went south pretty fast right now.
Again,Bucky was not far from standing up and leaving,but he couldn´t.
He wouldn´t.

Slowly looking around,Bucky didn’t see anyone who was actually looking at him,but he still felt watched.He ran a hand through his hair and hoped you would be back soon.
With a sound the door opened and closed,making him look to the side,as the nurses left,laughing,probably taking a break.He looked back to the information desk in front of him,seeing that only one person was behind it now.
A boy with short black hair and pale skin,maybe 16 or 17.He looked tired and as if he would fall asleep at any second.Opposite of Bucky sat a mother with a young child on her lap.The little boy was asleep,while the mother was reading a magazine.
Not far to his right were two girls,talking quietly.
He looked back at his hands,playing with the pen,as he got an idea.
Bucky stood up and slowly walked over to the desk,slipping the pen he had,inside his pocket.

His voice seemed to scare the boy,as he jumped a bit,before turning his chair to Bucky,with a :
“Could I get a pen,I need to fill this out,but they didn’t give me one."He said while holding up the papers,lips in a small frown.
The boy looked a bit confused before he turned away,stood up and walked over to a cupboard on the left.
Bucky saw this as his only chance and leaned over the desk,the plastic off the counter pressing in his chest a bit.
3 Computers,a thousand stacked folders, a phone,a fax,a printer,a few mugs….
He looked around a bit before he saw the small stack of yellow post it notes.
It laid next to the computer to his right.With a small nod he leaned back and straightened his posture only a second before the boy looked back at him.
"Here you go,sorry that I forgot it earlier.I am normally the one who puts the pen onto the clip boards…I am a bit tired-”

Bucky interrupted him with a small thanks before walking away,not in the mood to hear that boys lifestory.But he had to admit to himself that he felt a bit bad to use the fact that the guy was tired,and easily confused,to his advantage.
Sitting back down,Bucky tried to remember who sat at that computer earlier.It wouldnt really give him much information,but it was at least something.He knew that everybody could just stand up and take a simple piece of paper without getting much attention.
The poor  boy was out of question,he came inside a few minutes ago,so he probably was on his way to here as he got the papers.
A redheaded and a blonde nurse where the only ones who were in the room at that point.
His first thought was that it was the blonde nurse,the one who gave him the papers.But was she the one who sat there?He tried to remember what he saw as he looked up as he looked through the pages.
He pinched the bridge of his nose,getting frustrated.Maybe he could just wait until the two women get back?He was sure that would maybe take 30 minutes.It would make sense that they would sit in the same place as earlier.
You would probably also not come back in the next hour,so he decided to wait.

After going through various weird and boring magazines,looking directly into the lamps above him way too often,drinking a cup of water and just looking at the wall,Bucky found out that it can be very weirdly entertaining
to make squeaking noises with running your shoes over tiles.
Shortly after he stopped annoying everyone in the room,the nurses came back,and he was paying attention again.
Glancing at the desk,he saw them sit down.
And he was right.
The blonde women sat down on the leather chair and started to type something before the phone started ringing.
She picked up and greeted the person at the other end.
While talking,she looked at him for a short moment,but looked away again as she noticed he was looking at her.
After that moment she just appeared to get more nervous.She hung up the phone and started typing again,making more backspaces than before.She spilled her coffee as she nearly knocked over the mug while standing up.
She walked into a room behind the desk and came back with a few folders.With a pen she started writing something.

With a soft gasp Bucky noticed that he could get the information he needed to know to find out who wrote that note,right now.
If he wanted to give the pen back,they would want the papers too,but  they are still empty.
He already cursed at himself for saying that you were his “friend”-Just to add some drama.He should have sticked with stranger,directly saying he didn’t know you.
Now he couldn’t just say he didn’t know a thing about you,that would raise the suspicions…
Trying to find ideas he started to play with the pen in his hand,and again,got an idea.
Slowly he turned the tip of the pen until it fell off,landing in his hand.Carefuly he took out the pens mine,before closing the pen again.

The mine also vanished in his pocket.He was glad that the pen was a dark shade of blue and not transparent.
Wirth a nod,he stood up and walked over to the desk.
“Excuse me?”
The blonde nurse looked up from her papers,her green eyes widening as she saw him.Now Bucky was nearly sure,but he wanted to check this.
“My pen doesn´t write anymore and I am not done with the papers yet.Could I have a new one?”
Out of the corner of his eye,he saw the boy look at him,mouth open.He shook his head before returning to his computer.
The women in front of him took the pen and clicked on the top,but nothing happened.With a frown she tried again,before saying:
“It seems to be broken..I-I will give you a new one.”
With a small smile she turned around,reaching for the same cupboard as the boy earlier.
Bucky couldn´t lean over the desk again,because of obvious reasons,but he moved his head a bit,getting a clear view of the papers.

It was the same handwriting,there was no doubt.It even was the same colour.
He looked back again and saw the nurse was still turned away.
So she was the one who left that little note there…
If he was really lucky today,she maybe even called the police already.
With a nod he took the pen from her hands and sat down again.
He needed to think now maybe drink something again..
Sighing,he stood up,leaving the papers and the one pen behind.But he remembered to grab the bag.
He opened the door and walked into the hallway again.
Bucky turned left,walking to the table with the water bottles and plastic cups.
The door opened behind him and he nearly stopped in his tracks,but he kept walking.

He grabbed a cup,filled it with water and took a sip,before asking in a calm voice:
“What do you know?”
The blonde behind him jumped at his words,hearing her heartbeat in her ears.
“You left the note,right?"Bucky gulped down the last bit of water before turning around"Why?”
“I have time,we can keep this going for some time,but I don’t think you want to waste your time standing here.So talk.”
“My brother.”
“What?Your brother?”
She gulped before answering:
“He -He is…"She paused,looking for the right words"Involved with some pretty horrible people.I visited him yesterday.”
Bucky nodded slowly,not really getting where this was going.
As he didn’t say anything,she kept on talking.
“I saw a folder,and started reading it.It was about you and your friend.Your faces,I saw them.The folder had photos of the two of you,running,talking at a bus stop.”
´Bus stop?So they have been close all this time?´
“And?” Bucky beckoned,now getting curious as this started to make sense.So she didn’t know who he really was.
“There is a bounty on you,even real bounty hunters are after you.My brothers people also,and they aren’t the only ones,I heard him talk to someone on the phone.The bounty is nearly a million dollars.”
Bucky felt his breath hitch at this.

“A million dollars for whoever kills ´[y/n] [l/n]´ and the ´Winter Soldier´.”
“And why did you tell me you know me?Why the note?”
“I want to help you.”
Oh this is new.Bucky raised an eyebrow.
“I-I heard that [y/n] was probably just dragged into this,and If I could stop my brother from killing more people than he already has…I want to keep him away from you.”
“So this is about your brother.”
“If I can stop him from doing something like this again,and help your friend.I am ok with helping the two of you,but I will not risk my life.”
After the sentence left her mouth a door at the end of the hall was opened,and three people walked inside,looking around.
Bucky glanced at them,noticing something immediately.
“What is your name?"He asked the short women that stood in front of him.
"My name?Kat.”
“Well Kat,I think it might be too late for that now.”
With a gasp she opened her mouth wanting to ask what he meant,but before she could say anything Bucky pulled her along and they landed in a room.Not even a second before the bullets hit the wall they both stood at a second before
He closed the door with his foot and locked it.

“Oh my god!"Kat exclaimed,out of breath"How did you know they would shoot?!”
“I saw his gun,with a silencer.He didnt even try to hide it.”
Bucky looked at Kat,seeing her shocked face,before asking:
“Where is [y/n]s room?”
Kat thought for a moment,but then shook her head.
“I don’t remember! I just know that [y/n] has to stay for a few hours longer because they had a few problems with stopping the bleeding.”
Bucky winced a bit at the last words,but asked:
“Is it written down somewhere?!”
“Yes.Yes it should be saved on the computer!”
Bucky cursed,because that meant they had to go back.But..
“Only on the one at the information?”
“They are all connected over Wi-Fi,it should also work at any other computer.”
While Bucky only understood the half of that sentence,he got that they are all connected,and nodded.
He turned around and saw that they were in..A washing room?Everywhere stood metal shelfs filled with white blankets and pillows.
“Can we get to a computer from here?”
“There is a door around the corner,there is the break room.There is the laptop of my boss,but I would need to connect it first.”
“I don’t mind,lets hurry.”
Bucky and Kat walked through the washing room,around a corner and saw a white door.
The neon light above it was flickering a bit,giving the whole room an eerie feeling.
Kat grabbed her key and opened the door with shaking hands,letting Bucky get in first before locking the door behind them.
To Buckys relief he a another door at the other end of the room,meaning they didn’t have to cross way with their attackers again.If Kat would hurry.
Bucky kept looking at the door,hoping they would not come in here too soon.
But he also hoped they wouldn´t go to you first.

As fast as she could,Kat grabbed that Laptop and knocked over all the empty mugs and the ashtrey.She opened the laptop and it greeted her.
With a password.
“Fucking hell.”
Confused,Bucky turned around looking why she was swearing now.
“I need a password.”
“A password!?”
“Yes.He got it saved with a password.I don’t know what it is!”
“A number?”
“No,that isn´t like him-Where did you get that?!” Kat asked in terror,seeing that Bucky was holding an automatic handgun.
“A field.”
It was no lie.He got the gun while you were sleeping.It was the gun he threw away the night before.It was a bit hard to find,but he got it after some time. Then he just had to find the place where he dropped the ammo.
A field?!-”
“Hurry up.”
“But the passwor-”

With a groan Bucky walked over to the laptop.The first thing he saw was the profile picture.
It was a women with a young girl in her arms,and it clicked inside his mind.
“What are the names of his daughter and wife?”
“What-OH! Sure!”
Kat typed in an 8 letter long password,which appeared in form of 8 little stars on the display.
As she pressed enter,a little red text appeared.
Password is incorrect.Please try again.
With a groan she typed something again,this time only 4 letters.
The screen changed,and the only thing on it was a little

With a sigh Kat let her head drop and hoped that this was the only password.
“What was it?"Bucky asked,curious.
"Lana.The name of his wife.”
“Oh?Not his daughters..Weird.”
“I know,ri-”

She stopped talking as she saw the desktop background was loaded and opened the settings.
While she connected the laptop to the right Wi-Fi network,Bucky was looking around the room.
It was a simple grey room,without windows.
From the ceiling hung a simple lamp with two lighbulbs.The table was silver with 6 chairs around it.Two mugs lay on the ground now,shattered.
“Got it.”
Hearing Kats words,Bucky turned to her,seeing her grin to herself as she opened a new window on the laptop.
A list appeared,seemingly endless.
She typed in [y/n]s Name and the list shortened.
Kat clicked on it and a few informations appeared.But Buckys eyes instantly went to two specific ones.

No visitors allowed.
Room 307.

Bucky saw a little sign,that said SS.With furrowed brows Bucky asked:
“What is SS?”
“Can we check something?”
She clicked on the little folder,and a few .exe files were on-screen now.
Bucky pointed to the one named:
Floor 3_West.01.exe
With a little “oh,now I get it” Kat opened the file and it showed the third floor,on a split screen.The hallway,to be exact and the doors to the rooms 300-320.
Bucky nodded and grabbed a random mobile phone of the table.
“Do you know the number of this phone?And more importantly,do you have one?”
“Yes and yes.”
“Call it.”
Kat grabbed her phone out of her pocket and started dialing a number.
As the phone in Buckys hand started ringing with a pretty annoying ringtone,Bucky picked up and said to Kat:
“Keep an eye on the cameras.And tell me when someone gets close to the room.”
With wide eyes,Kat nodded.
Bucky tugged the gun into the waistband of his jeans,like you did earlier,and hid it under his shirt and jacket.
And then,he ran out of the room.

The hallway was full of people,all staring at him as he ran.He held the phone to his ear,and asked:
“See anything?”
“I see the men from earlier,they are on the third floor.But on the other end.If they continue to check every room like that,you have maybe one minute.”
With wide eyes,Bucky sprinted up the stairs.He took two steps at a time,sometimes three.
People were gasping and shouting curses after him,but he ignored them.
With his right hand on the rail he swung himself around the corner and ran up the stairs again.
The white tiles under his feet were squeaking like they did earlier,but now he didn’t even hear it.
“They are getting to the stairs!!”,came Kats voice from the phone,a slight panic in her tone.

Bucky ran up the last flight of stairs and as he reached the third floor,he saw the people at the end of the hallway.He rushed to hide behind a corner in his right.If he would run now,they would see him and immediately follow.
You were probably not in the shape to run away,as you were most definitely pumped with any kinds of painkillers and other medications.
Bucky held the phone up again:
“Is there any other way to get inside the room?”
“No,not any I know of,sorry.”
Bucky cursed under his breath,asking:
“Where are they now?”
Room 319
He looked around,seeing a Window on his left.
Moving a bit away from the wall,he saw a scaffolding outside of the window.
A small voice inside his head said:


- and it weirdly sounded very much like you.
Bucky ignored that voice and walked over to the window.
He grabbed the handle,turned it and opened the window.As he looked outside he saw that the scaffolding went along the whole side of the building and two floors up.
“Kat?I found a way.”
Bucky didn´t wait for a response and ended the call.
He climbed over the frame as fast as he could,at the same time trying not to fall.
The small distance between the wall and the piece of wood was no problem and Bucky stepped onto the scaffolding.
Looking down he saw that the ground was maybe 15 meters away.With a sigh he started to jog into the direction of you room.
The wood creaked a bit and he felt his stomach turn.Since he remembered that one particular day,he was a bit careful when it came to heights now.

As he reached your window,he kneeled down and looked inside.He saw you sitting on your bed,your back turned to him.He was confused as to why you were awake.Shouldn´t you be knocked out after it gave complications?

You also were alone in the room,so Bucky just knocked onto the window.

You gasped a bit as you turned around.
“Bucky?! What the hell are you doing ?”
You limped over to the window with the one crutch they gave you.
Opening the window you just stared at him.
What was he thinking?
As you had the window open.you both started talking at the same time:
“What are you doing?!Just because I probably didn’t hear you knock,doesn’t mean you have to go all mission impossible!”
“We need to leave,now!Someone found us and they are maybe in the room next to us already!”
You both just stared at each other,before you asked:
“What?"You took a breath and walked back a step"How?”
“I dont know but come on.We have to leave-”
Without wasting another second you threw the crutch to the side and walked over to Bucky again,but then the door opened.

The first thing you saw as you turned to the door,was a gun.
Surprisingly you saw another gun,to your right,directly next to your head.
Out of the corner of your eye,you could see Bucky taking a step forwards,the gun in his hand pointed at the man who was standing in the door.
He wore grey pants and a dark blue shirt,his hair short and brown.
“Barnes!So we finally meet.”
You saw Bucky tense up,as your eyes wandered over his form.
“What do you want?”
“I want so much,but besides the two of you dead,there is nothing else right now.”
“Oh,shut up.”
Bucky pulled the trigger,and a second later you only saw the gun of the man in front of you lying on the ground.
Groaning,the man clutched his bleeding hand and tried to reach for the gun again.
This time you were thinking fast and ran forward,kicking the gun away.
But your attacker grabbed you leg instead and pulled.With a short yelp you fell onto your back and immediately felt a fist hit you in your gut.

As Bucky saw you fall,he reacted fast but only managed to kick the man away after he had a chance to hit you in the stomach.
A low moan escaped your lips as you rolled over, and used your arms to get up again.
While you were still face down on the floor,you felt an arm grab you and hoist you up.A hand was on your shoulder and Bucky stood in front of you.
You struggled against the mans grip on you,but stopped…
A silent clicking sound could be heard as you felt cold metal press against your neck.
You felt the blood of the man drip down his wounded hand and onto your shoulder.
Bucky immediately stepped forward,but stopped at the mans voice:
“One more step,Soldier,one more step and I will shoot.”
“I said don’t move!”
“I am not even moving.”
“Stay there!"The man yelled at Bucky,making your ear hurt for a moment.
He let your shoulder go,but you could not see what he was doing.
A few seconds later you heard him say:
"Come inside.I got them.”
´Oh no.´
That meant you were outnumbered.
You heard the door open and soon 2 other men stood next to you,pointing their guns at Bucky.
“Drop it.”
Bucky looked at you,before letting the gun fall out of his hand.

Longest chapter so far,and I have a feeling they wont get shorter xD Hope you enjoyed this c:

[And before I get any shit,if steve trusts sam after meeting him while running,Bucky can take Kats help to find you.]

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people i admire from afar yay!!!

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leighloves1991 i love u a lot the fuck…….mom :)))))

ok fuck this is so so long and such a mess im sorry i didnt put it in order im just too lazy,you can drag me :) also u can drag me too if i  didnt reblog your selfie!!! (u should tag me in them) anyway ily all :) (im sorry if i forgot anyone u can tell me if i did :( )

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….Don’t you dare say anything >_>

((I’ve been at rehearsal all day so here have a drafted blooper vine because mun is dumb))


big thanks to @yohood for making the bottom edit for me it’s just what i always wanted :)

happy holidays! given that it’s christmas i thought i’d make a follow forever bc i love you all and don’t say it nearly enough

shoutout to my ride or die’s my true loves yall know how i feel about feelings so lets give this a go:

rachel @jinglebellcalum: i love you my beautiful texan nugget thnx for always being there for me i appreciate the heck out of you

missy @simmerdownirwin: i miss you so much my heart could burst ur beautiufl and strong and wonderful i love you so much

jess @elfdaddyluke: listen i love you and the fact that you need just as much attention as me and you’re always willing to cuddle

iris @muketrash: i hate you but i dont hate you ya feel? thanks for always coming over to eat and suffer with us and cuddle 

ellie @irwingroupie: ur the worst but so am i which is why we’re married i guess

beth @mukearemydads: im so glad you’ve joined this disgusting trash site so i have more means to annoy you :) but ur the bestest roommate/arch nemesis ever 


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ho ho ho’s aka my fave mutuals, my gc babes, my children, my vodka aunts and weed cousins:

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if i’ve forgotten you im so sorry i probably forgot someone rip again i love all of you very much thanks for sticking with me :) 

Hey guys! I just recently hit 2,000 followers which I didn’t even dream would happen but it’s pretty freaking cool so here’s my very first SUPER-WAY-TOO-LONG FOLLOW FOREVER!!! 


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Btw i’m deeply deeply sorry if I messed up and forgot to add you or if I tagged your old url, i’ve been making this for awhile (since before everyone changed their url’s to Halloween themed, which would explain why a lot of them are probably wrong) and I follow way too many people so yeah sorry for my laziness but regardless I love all of these blogs a lot and tysm for 2k!

ik my url is terrifyeol rn for october but i figured i might as well use my actual one for this haha but ANYWAY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! BOYS AND GIRLS!! IT IS TIME FOR MY FIRST FOLLOW FOREVER I HOPE Y’ALL ENJOY IT

basically i’ve had this blog for a month?? less than a month?? and i already hit a follower goal so i’ve decided to make a follow forever because why not.. i’d like to thank you all sososooso much (esp mutuals and those who talk to me) for putting up with my problematic self as well as my thirsty bias tags as well as my trash blog… i honestly love you all so much i can’t even say it enough so here we go!! (even if you’re not on here i still love you please don’t hate me pleapslepwlapslpelaeplse)(if we’re mutuals and i forgot u then send me an ask bc im bound to mess up yikes)

mutuals | favorites (either my fave as a person or i just think your blog is hella) | people i’ve talked to (who i consider mis amigos)*


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thank you all again so much!! by you i mean not only my mutuals or those i have tagged, but just all of my followers. you guys are so rad!! i hope you continue to find me and my blog entertaining and nice (or if not me, just my blog lmao)