i forgot to tag this for tw sorry!

I have had Alcohols and A Good Time
Surprisingly good actually
My throat hurts now though
Is that because of drink or because I talked loud a lot? Someone who has been drunk more than one time please advise
Also please how do I ensure I feel Not Terrible tomorrow
It was all great though tbh? Except for the whole thing with the hot guy who I’m 100% not allowed to hit on but who I 100% want to hit on and at least 50% did hit on
I mean no that was also great it was fun and I like him I’m just not supposed to hit on him at all really
A good night
Everything was good
Happy boy

anonymous asked:

Can u recommend a few tw blogs to follow?

Sure! I follow nearly 400 blogs and I’m pretty sure more than half of them post teen wolf, though, so I’m sure I’m forgetting some people! 

@argentist @allsonargent@evavildes @ithinkilovedhim (Lydia Martin’s 82 minutes emotional journey!!) @fuckyeahstilesandlydia @fuckyeahstydia@fyteenwolf  @isaacllahey  @lumosed @lydia-martin @lydias-martin @lydiamarkin @lydiamartins @lydiastxles @maliasass@mrtinsky @rememberiloveyou @rongasm @slowburnotptrash @stydia-fanfiction @stydiadaily @stydiacrew @stydiaiscanonbitch @stilestilikeslydia @steven-jackie @killianjonec @harley-quinns  @stiles-lydia @stilesbanshee @wellsjahasghost

Most of them are multifandom, though!

     I will forever be in awe at the constant support you all show me on this blog. I am truly blessed & grateful to be involved in a fandom that continues to support me every single day. Thank you for helping me reach a huge milestone. Each & every one of you, whether we interact or not, make this blog magical and alive, and for that I am eternally grateful. And now for my Oscar acceptance speech:

     Notable Mentions

To @royalsadist, @aloneinmycage, @podstye, @oftarth, and @thesellsword, who continually give me support through my writing and my personal life. Thank you for bringing alive some of my most favorite characters, and for interacting with me. I am eternally grateful to have you in my life.

&& @ircnbcrn. Thank you for being my support and a great friend. You are so cherished to me. 

    To each & every single person I have listed below: you’ve made my experience one that cannot be forgotten. Whether we interact or not, your presence on my dash and your ability to bring to life some of our most favorite characters continues to astound me every day. I could not do any writing here without fantastic partners, and that includes all of you. I am so BLESSED to know each of you. Thank you for giving me a chance, and thank you for standing by me and my blog through the thick and the thin. 

     @zaldrizotala. @handofhonor. @starkmatriarch. @symboltothenation. @thelittleqveen. @goldenngore. @oftheranger. @astormsend. @witsandbeauty@lionswrath. @littlefiinger. @littlewinterdove. @maidofwinter. @maimedlion. @queenxcersei. @queenmakcr. @effervescentxlily. @needlcd. @sweetxlittlexbird. @worshipsonlydeath. @frothingdog. @ferociousforce. @agirlingrey. @mcrgaryta. @wiingedwolf@swannknight. @bloodiedwolf. @grievouscrimes. @tendersouled. @drraconis. @benjenstcrk. @ofgiantsbane. @mithraiic. @wontlettheirgodsbe. @rhaegxr. @malleableking. @allmistress. @ensuespurity. @gentlestag. @bloodsilked. @childishlioness. @twogoldenchains. @adeloes. @corlapidis. @ofironandbeauty. @unseenmockingjay. @cerseilionesslannister. @herunfailingkindness. @queenapccalypse. @withthedog. @withalisp. @watchdeserter. @alynestne. @alfodir. @wildmoored