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Consideration of sexual color dimorphism in the Galrificus spacecatus

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So, now that we know what female Galra look like, I can’t help but notice something

Here are a few male Galra

Here are a few female Galra

Notice a big difference? Yeah, COLOR
With the kinda-exception of oddball Kolivan, male Galra are purple.  
K? They’re purple. Some are more lilac, some are more eggplant, some have markings that are *gasp* slightly paler shades of purple. Some are more violet, some are powdery bluish/lavender/whatever. But the theme?
Full stop

The ladies, however? We’ve got pink, blue, salmon, orange, teal, yellow. All sorts of markings in all sorts of colors

2 theories

  1. Make-up. All those face markings could be cosmetic. Which. Yeah, would actually be a super-fun idea, because pretty ladies & swag. However, I don’t think it’s the case. Because
    1. They’re on active military duty. Modern military and non-essential cosmetic alterations often don’t hang out together. 
    2. Well, if it’s cosmetic, then why aren’t any of the guys wearing it?
      (Again, argument can be made for Kolivan)

  2. All-natural skin pigmentation.  This, I think, is the more likely answer. AND it actually is more fun, because this means it could be an evolutionary holdover from Galra prehistory, perhaps even pre-sentience

Now. Take this journey with me, folks. Think of birds. Earth birds. Specifically, think of passerines (the sparrows, the robins, the birds-of-paradise, the bluejays, the swallows, etc. They flutter. They perch on stuff. They cheep, they sing, they squawk, they have a good time)

Remember their sexual dimorphisms? Remember how (not always, but often) one sex tends to be dull-looking, and the other tends to be pretty & flashy?  

There’s the courted, pursued, “stay at home/take care of the kids” half of the species. Typically, they’re very well-camouflaged (wouldn’t want to attract predators to their nests), and they look rather drab. They come in browns, grays… *whispers* perhaps purples?

And then, there’s the half that does the courting. And (once babies show up) they’re the ones who leave the nest more often, and who act (generally) as the breadwinners. THESE are the ones that usually come in bright pretty colors. Reds, blues, greens… salmons, oranges, pinks??


If we go waaaaay back in time, to their civilization’s beginnings-  waaaaaaay back to when physical markings would have most mattered-  we could tentatively conclude a few things about this (perhaps matriarchal?? Idk, but just perhaps????) Galra society

Picture it with me: big, bright, strong, eye-catching, courtship-performing females, who strut their stuff(!!) for smaller, drabber, homemaker males.

So, (at LEAST) in terms of their great-great ancestors, I guess what I’m trying to say is


tag yoself i’m ‘you just got Albarned’

        – SHORP. takes a deep breath. okay. i  ????  really don’t know how to start this sappy-ass message that i’m about to throw out but– thank you ?? thank you so much ?? i don’t think you guys know,, just how much this means to me. darce is the first oc i’ve ever rp’d & really, i didn’t think he’d grow this much & have so many people love him. this ?? all makes me so, so so so happy. i think i created this blog back in december & my heart warms up every time i think about how much it’s grown since then & this is ? all thanks to all of you who have shown interest in him?? like, ya’ll ?? have made me feel so happy & loved these past few months and ?? i really don’t know how else to express what i’m feeling rn other than– thank you. thank you all so much. but aaahh that’s enough of this sappy message tho– ff under the cut ( in no particular order ) !

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spiffyzgames  asked:

So I'm the one dude who made that theory video awhile back, (the one about Betty, Frisk and Chara being related) and I can see where I was right and where I was wrong. But holy hell, if I'm going to make another theory video, I'm going to need some links to the lore you've written out so far. Is there a page dedicated to recording glitchtale facts and lore that you put out? Because I have an absolute shit-ton of reading to catch up on. Like oml.

I remember there was a post that someone made with a compilation of ALLL THE RELEVANT important asks I’ve answered related to the plot.

I even tagged it as something specific to remember, but I forgot LOL.

You can go on my tumblr and search for the words “lore” or “story” and find a couple of important posts but….

if someone remembers which post had that compilation of asks please add it as a reply/reblog so I can reblog it myself again.


why did i choose to do this to myself 

just gonna mass-dump most of my ap art concentration here (techincally not due yet but ehhh) my focus was on sensations that are difficult to describe in words expressed via hands

Series Fic: Heart Complications

Hello! This is going to be either a weekly or bi-weekly series. It will include cameos of female superstars, but will mostly follow the story of YOU our beloved reader, along with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Jeff Hardy, Finn Bálor, and Seth Rollins. The ending will be a surprise to EVERYONE, including myself! Also, I forgot who wanted to be tagged, so please comment or message if you’d like to be tagged in future fics!

Reader x Multiple Superstars

Triggers: None at the moment

Type: Fluffy, slight hints of jealousy.

Word Count: 1005

Synopsis: You’re having a rough day when find you out some interesting news.


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“Nope, I’m leaving”, you say bluntly, turning towards your apartment door, “I’ll come by with some friends for my shit, I want you out of my apartment in three days”.

“No, baby, don’t. She meant nothing and isn’t worth anything to me”.

You stop dead in your tracks, the woman you caught in bed with your fiancé stumbling to put back on her clothes. You take a look around your quaint one bedroom apartment in the upper Minneapolis area, turning your gaze straight into his frantic, dead blue eyes, “no, she was worth something”.

You turn back towards the door, “she was worth enough to lose it all”.



The sound of Dean Ambrose greeting you pulls you out of your daydream funk. Your head snaps up at the dirty blond man standing above you, holding an ice cold lemonade, a coffee, and a bag full with protein packed donuts.

“I remembered you don’t like coffee after workouts, which is weird by the way”. You put the arm weight down by your foot, grabbing the white cup of fresh lemonade with little bits of fruit. The same stuff you drink after every workout. “No ice, right?”

“I put one in there just to piss you off”. His smile lights up, being the sarcastic asshole he loves to be. Dean takes a sip of his coffee, ”what’s got you all up in a funk”?

He leans against the wall, crossing an arm against his chest. You look up at him through your wet hair and without saying a word, he knows. Dean rolls his eyes.

“C’mon girl, I know at least five guys who’d want to be with you right now. Including one that isn’t even here yet, you gotta get over that shit”.

“Plus”, he interrupts himself, “you’re in the contenders match, you need to be on your A game against your three opponents”. He takes another sip of his coffee, savoring the dark flavor. You take a long drink off of your lemonade before turning to him again, “so wait, five different guys?” You ask curiously, “who?”

Weelllll”, he sets the coffee down, pointing towards the treadmill “Hardy mentioned it once”, he switches his finger to the training ring, “Roman thinks you’re fuckin’ hot”. His hand goes towards the water fountain “Seth eye fucks you every time you walk by”, he then points to himself, “no shame here”. He shrugs.

“Well that’s four, either you’re bad at counting or there’s someone you’re not mentioning”. He grins, “I’m bad at counting”.

Suddenly the door to the gym swings open, “huh, speak of the devil”.

Finn walks in, his duffle in tow on his shoulder. As soon as he sees your face, his head dips towards the floor, avoiding contact with you. His cheeks turns a soft pink as Seth chuckles from the actions that played out.

“Is that why he does that?”

The sipping noise from his coffee cup is loud against the quiet gym, “yup”, he gazes at you, “he’s not the type to tell you his feelings”.

Finn zips down his hoodie, revealing his dark gray tshirt. The further he zips, the more you find yourself staring at him. Dean waves his hand in front of your face, pulling you away from your stare, “what?”

“You’re stalking your prey”.

You hit his arm, laughing softly, “seems to me that everyone is fair play”.

7:30pm, the number one contenders fatal 4 way match.

Your body tingles from the anticipation of walking out from behind the equipment. You jump in place a little, getting your blood flowing faster. Finn, Dean, and Seth stand around with you, shirtless and sweat soaked from the 6 man tag team match they just won against Miz, Bray Wyatt, and Samoa Joe.

Dean grabs your shoulder, “you’re gonna give yourself a heart attack”. He squeezes a little on it. You look as Finn turns his head towards the wall, taking a small swallow. He looks back, “Ay, we need ta’ go get decent clothes on, good luck”.

Dean smiles softly at you as both Finn and Seth turn to walk to the locker room. He pulls his hand from your shoulder, running to catch up to his friends. You watch all three turn the corner. Emma chuckles as your music hits. The sound of snaps you back to your surroundings.

“What?”, you ask, walking towards the entrance.

“I’ve never seen three different men pine over one woman so badly”, her head shakes, “especially Finn”.

Introducing first, (Y/R/N).

You step from behind the curtain, and the entire crowd lights up for you. The flow of energy surrounds you as you make your way to the ring, giving high fives and big smiles the entire way to the squared circle.

You slide inside on the soft canvas and point to the crowd, getting a huge pop from the eighteen thousand plus in attendance. Taking your corner, you place your hands upon your knees, waiting for your competition.

As Nia Jax, Emma, and Alicia Fox come down one after the other, intimidation sets in. The nerves in your body make you shake softly. You stand up straight, your head held high. I’ve got this..

1, 2, 3.. DING.

The crowd screams as the referee raises your hand as the victor, thirty minutes of grueling action against three tough women. Nia looks up at you from the mat and winks, her soft side always showing towards you. You begin walking up the entrance ramp, giving more kids high fives as you reach the top. Heading backstage you find only Seth waiting for you, overly excited for your win.

“(Y/N)! You did it! You get a championship shot!”, he runs over to you, scooping your body up in his arms, swinging you in a circle. “I’m so proud of you!”

He sets you back on the floor gently, before softly pressing his lips against yours, cupping your chin in his hand. Your breathing stalls a bit, right before he pulls away from your face with a shocked, embarrassed look.

Fuck.. that wasn’t.. I mean.. shit I’m sorry (Y/N).

Hawkfrost leaves Riverclan territory to set the trap to kill the leader of Thunderclan and see his brother reach his full potential. He starts seeing ghosts.

(click to see the whole image better)
based on the fanfic by @draikinator​ which can be read over here 

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hatarlakrits opened up commissions recently, and so of course, I asked for some cute Teevert and Valgleeson nonsense. an 800-word rant about their performances and a few days later, I get this!!! and it is!!!! so perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been ranting to let-it-be-extraordinary about it for ten minutes already, somebody save me from my emotions

I was tagged by @ethereal-valkyrie @serpentschalice @dur-undume and @tarinya-quinn and to post a selfie . If I’m forgetting anyone then please let me know .Thank you btw! It’s been over due lol! To be honest I’ve been feeling shit about myself . So I tried lol . I tag anyone who wants to do this :D You guys are all beautiful . I also forgot I also been tagged by the beautiful @allpuppetskill.

Okay so I’m at work by myself and I attempted more, let me know what you think or if you have any ideas… (I need help)

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The weekend went by without a hitch, Jarvis was the perfect gentleman when they went on their walks, even allowed Brock his ten minutes at his bench to smoke his cigarrette. Tony frented through text and Brock sent him pictures to appease him.

So Sunday mid afternoon Tony lets Brock know he’ll be there shortly and Brock is just like “doors unlocked.”

When Tony enters the apartment he barely makes it three feet before he’s being tackled to the ground. “Jesus Jay, you’re not little you know?!” Brock laughed but helped Tony up.

Awkwardly, Tony shuffled his feet, “Hey.”

Brock smirked and then reached out, wrapping an arm around Tony’s waist, tugging him closer. “Hey yourself.” Huh…. well isn’t that cute. Tony’s freckles became more pronounced when he blushed. “Can I get a thank you kiss?” If possible Tony’s blush got darker. 

Instead of a kiss Tony buried his burning face in Brock’s chest, hands clutching his tee shirt at his sides, “Damn you.." 

Brock laughed, "Come’re cutey.” Tilting the other’s chin up he gave him a sweet kiss on the lips. He didn’t push for anything more and neither did Tony. They only stopped because Jarvis didn’t like being ignored.

“Hey Babe”

“Hi Brock, we still good for today?”

“Of course, what time did you want to meet up?”

“In a little bit, I got to walk Jarvis and then I’ll be ready.”

“I’ll just meet you at our spot in the park then.”

“Okay, I’ll meet you there.”

Brock got ready (threw boots and a jacket on) and headed for the park, it was a nice night and the italian restuarant they were going to had outdoor seatting, they could always bring Jarvis with them.

He and Tony had been dating for a few weeks now and Brock couldn’t believe how gone he was on the other man. He never thought he use this word but Tony was absolutely adorable. With this soft brown eyes, curly hair and barely noticable freckles, Brock didn’t have a chance. Normally he was good with a quick lay and then would go back into solitude until the need arose for him to find another bed partner. With Tony, he wanted to smoother than man in cuddles. They hadn’t even done more than kiss and Brock was completely okay with that.

He was thinking about how cute Tony was and how long his eye lashes are when he feel asleep on him the other night when he noticed his boyfriend at their bench. With someone.

Tony was sitting on the bench, Jarvis half in his lap as Tony petted him. Focus jumping back and forth between Jarvis and his phone. Next to him was some random jogger, doing stretches and obviously trying to gain Tony’s attention. The guy was big, blonde and buff. Currently he was using the other half of the bench to stretch his legs and staring intently at Tony.

He wondered over, staying calm and relaxed. Jarvis noticed him first, head lifting from Tony’s lap and barking in greeting. “Jarvis, always a pleasure.” The great dane came over to greet him, his owner close behind. “Hey baby, been waiting long?”

His kissed the shorters cheeks before taking his hand. “No I just got here, ready?”

“Yeah let’s go.” He turned Tony in the direction of the restuarant but not before making eye contact with the other guy until he quickly advert his gaze. This happened more than he’d like, men and women alike blantly staring at his boyfriend, with or without him stand right there. At least Jarvis helped by keeping most away.


I belong to him.

I belong to him
Not because he owns me,

But because I wanted him to have me.

I belong to him
Because his gaze is true and his smiles are warm

I belong to him because he lets me call him mine.

I belong to him
Because of the spring of his touch and the weight on his shoulders

And I belong to him because I didn’t have to

Not for a moment.

Not for a second.

Never through bleeding ledgers or broken calls.

I belong to him because he’s stared into my soul
And sang along with my demons.
But his voice was louder,
It shut all the whispers inside my head.

I belong to him because i’ve seen his Devil
Just like he’s seen mine
I’ve counted the universes inside his eyes

I have seen his truth.

And I belong to him.

I belong to him because…
Through all those galaxies I counted
Through all thoses Suns
The only thing
His only wish
Was for me to have myself

I do now

I do.

And it all belongs to you

—  it’s a choice and it’s a confession, for my greatest crime was to love.

shitfucks into ddlg; why the heck do ppl hate us!

Me; because your “ innocent "kink sexualizes children, pedophilia, and child rape. It’s fucking disgusting.

shitfucks into ddlg; if you don’t like it don’t look!

Me; it’s hard not to look whenever you are looking through sfw tags and see porn of you ” littles “. I can’t go through the most popular section of the tag princess without finding some kind of porn.

Shitfucks into ddgl; but-

Me; No. Even you fucks using the term ” princess parts “ makes me want to dislocate my collarbone everytime I see it so I can’t look at this shit without hurting myself. It’s a term used by pedophiles, something you shits want to sexualize. Even the fucking text porn makes me wheeze. You fuckers will even sexualize abuse. Who the FUCK does that?

shitfucks into ddlg; b-but that’s not-

Me; actually, wait, I forgot something. You fuckers infact think this is appropriate for kids. There are blogs DEDICATED TO MINORS FINDING ” DADDY DOMS “. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

shitfucks into ddlg; it’s just a kink..