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Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!

Official policy on sharing or using my comics

PLEASE NOTE: This is only MY OWN policy in regard to only MY comics – different artists have different policies, so always evaluate on a case by case basis. This only applies to me, and absolutely not any other artist, and I’m making it because I get a lot of questions about this.

Can I repost your work to other websites?


Do I have to credit you when I do that?

Not explicitly – You DON’T have to credit me in the description or put a link to my site. The only thing is, I’d appreciate it if you left the “owlturd.com” watermark that I usually put in the bottom corner. I deliberately try to make it not very intrusive.

If I forgot to put the watermark or something, or its just one of my shitposts, but of course don’t worry about it. :]

Can I print your work, for myself or friends?


Can I use your work for educational, charity, or philanthropic purposes?


Can i print your work and then sell it to others?

Generally, no.

What if it’s for a small club or event, and I’m only “selling” it to members to recoup the costs of printing it, and not actually making any profit?

Then yes!

Can I make something that’s derivative of, or heavily inspired by, or parodies something you’ve made and sell it to others?

Of course, as long as you made it.

Voiceovers, animatics, parodies, I love all that stuff!

Can I make edits/memes of your work?


But, 2 small caveats: 1. Do not edit my comics into something offensive, that’s not cool or good. 2. If you’re particularly good at editing and it’s not clear that it’s an edit rather than the original comic, then please make it clear! :] Obviously, in 99.9% of cases, it’s clearly an edit.

What if I see somebody else posting your work without crediting you?

I appreciate people letting me know when they find this, but in 99.9% of cases, I don’t care. The only time I would care is if somebody else were explicitly claiming to be the original creator!


So basically, I’m not very protective. But again, this is just me. This absolutely doesn’t apply to any other artists, unless they say so. Artists with a smaller audience have many good reasons for being more protective of their work – not crediting them impedes others from discovering them, a process that is crucial for an artist to find their audience.

Thanks you for reading this, and also for reading my comics! :]