i forgot to put rain in there oops

anonymous asked:

Hi, different anon here, could you maybe rec me some hardcore nalu shippers? I'm still pretty new to tumblr so I'm looking for people to follow

Alrighty *cracks neck* let’s do this:

snogfairy nalutbh superterabite jhayni-in-the-rain karokitten-chan killuatbh naluesque leonstar nalu43ver thathilomgirl thecoolandspicyotaku phantombones mrseucliffex bludy-chu yaushie afairystail fairy-mage fatedsong shadoouge n-a-d-h-i-e nalukokorokiller m-d-tr1 morgsan

Na.lu + Gaj.evy fans (aka people i should have put on the last post but forgot oops forgive me):

valentinect lulu2222 (more gaj.evy tbh) blanania (also more ga.jevy but she’s got other ships too) juudals karyuno-tekken eagerladybug melllllly

Other blogs that ship Na.Lu but have other things going for them that I think you would really like:

berryjewel fttalk hoshigiri thefife01 ask-mirajane-strauss iluvfairytail (<—she posts fan art of every FT pairing and character though but it’s a good way of getting Na.Lu fanart)

Honestly, there are a whole lot more, but these are the ones I for sure recommend