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[The good, the bad, and the uncomfortable]

Gruvia week 2k15 | Day 3

Prompt: awkward (I went with my own prompt for today, hee)
Rating: T
Summary: When living in the same house, sometimes it’s hard not to literally bump on each other naked. (Takes place during the 6 months Gray and Juvia lived together)

A/N: This was meant to be a little piece of consolation for our fandom on the light of the latest developments in the manga, but I was kinda late in posting it so I though I might as well save it up for Gruvia week, so here it is! It’s heavily inspired from this scene in “the Proposal”.  

With a happy sigh, Juvia turned off the water and opened the shower leaf. After an exhausting training session with Gray, she really needed a refreshing shower to wash away the sweat and accumulated fatigue. Absent-mindedly, she reached her hand for a towel, but when it just swung into the void she was struck with awareness.

She forgot to take a towel with her.

Cursing herself inwardly, she looked through the vapor for a spare one she could use. Her eyes fell on a folded face towel on the counter and stretched to fetch it, but it turned out too small to dry herself with it, let alone cover her body.

At this point,there was only one option. It’s not like she hadn’t happened to bring him a towel in the shower. Even so, she couldn’t stop the blush spreading across her cheeks.

She opened the bathroom door by an inch. “Gray-sama?” she called loud enough for him to hear.

No answer.

She peeked through the door. Probably he was still out. He did say he was going to gather some wood for the fireplace after all.

She faltered, biting her lip. Now, what were the chances of Gray-sama running into her before she could disappear into her room?

She shook her head and opened the door, covering her chest and private parts as best she could because, alone or not, she felt too exposed, and she was about to march to her room when a hairy blur flew before her eyes, causing her to yelp in horror and jump a few steps back.

Black round eyes, whiskers…and claws. A ferret? Where did it even come from? Then again, their house was at the edge of a forest…

“No no no, go away!” she hissed as it drew closer. She waved her leg to scare it away, but apparently the weasel saw it rather as an invitation to play.

She tipped the back of her head on the door frame, severely tempted to use her magic now. Maybe trap it in her water lock, then send it off where it came from. No, she could choke the poor thing, what kind of person would do that? But she had to do something before it crawled up her feet. Because she could see in those black eyes it totally entertained the idea.

Gray ran up the paved stairs that led to the house. Once in, he arched a brow at Juvia’s absence. She said she would be preparing lunch…hadn’t she?

“Uh…Juvia?” he asked. He didn’t get a response, but then he noticed there was no pot on the burner.

He scratched the back of his neck. Maybe she went out to pick vegetables or something. Well, better take a quick shower and help her out with lunch when she’s back.

Humming a song, he dropped the sweat reeking T-shirt that hung on his shoulder, then yanked his pants off along with the boxers. He headed straight to the small corridor that led to the bathroom, hoping that he would be done quickly to pick his clothes up before she came back and start complaining for dropping them in the middle of her kitchen.

Juvia shot another jet of water to the mischievous animal. Guide it in the bathroom and lock it inside; that was the current plan. If only it didn’t seem to like water so much…

“That’s it…” she took a step forward as it took a few steps back, “What a good boy you are, ferret-kun!”

It finally stepped on the tiled floor of the bathroom. Now was her chance. She closed the door and spurt in the corridor without looking ahead.

And then, the clash.

There was a wet sound of sweat coated skin slapping on damp skin and Gray found himself pressed flush against Juvia. An equally naked Juvia.

He yelped, she squeaked, her palms slanted on his shoulder blades to prevent herself from falling over while he clasped at her arms to maintain their balance, resulting in him toppling over and pulling her along as his back crashed on the floor.

They stared at each other for a brief moment of silence. Arms placed at each side of his head, lips parted in a soft gasp as her body sloped on his, damp locks clung on her forehead and cheeks, dripping beads of water on his face as he stared intensely at her flushed features. Until he grew uncomfortably conscious of their predicament and burst in incoherent yells, pulling Juvia out of her own trance.

“What the fuck–”

She let out a torn cry of embarrassment, bringing a hand over her eyes. “Ju–Ju–Juvia is not looking!”

“Why don’t you cover something else instead of your eyes?”

She cried again as she covered her chest, sitting up on his lap.  “Aaah, Juvia is so embarrassed!”

“Don’t squirm!” he grunted, clenching his jaw.

“Our first time was not supposed to be like this!”

“What nonsense are you talking about? And get off me already!”

Juvia stuttered an apology and crept towards her bed, pulling a blanket over her bare figure.

“What the hell were you doing?” he barked as he wrapped a towel around his hips. When he dared peek her way again, she seemed in shock and red as a tomato.

“Gray-sama saw Juvia the way she was born…” she muttered, covering her mouth with one hand and holding the blanket wrapped around her body with the other one.

“I didn’t see anything!” he lied, his hand clutching on the towel tightened protectively.


Was it him, or did she sound more disappointed than relieved? He eye-rolled. “Throw a warning next time you plan on running around the house naked!”

“You’re not the one to talk about that Gray-sama….” she retorted silently.

“You’re the one who jumped on me!” He scoffed, passing a hand through his hair. “You know what? Whatever. I’m off to shower.”

She opened her mouth to speak, raising an index finger as Gray walked backwards and clasped the door handle but she was cut short when the door opened and the ferret gushed out, causing him to screech a curse and withdraw clumsily.

“What on earth was that?”

“I meant to tell you….” she mumbled, twisting the edge of the knitted material in her fingertips, “Juvia was trying to escape from ferret-kun when she bumped on Gray-sama.”

He whipped his palm on his red face, grumbling something under his breath before he disappeared into the bathroom.

“Gray-sama?” she asked.


“Did you drop your clothes in the kitchen?”

His head popped from behind the door. “Yes.” he huffed and shut the door close.

He didn’t spare a glance at the wild blush on his face that reflected on the mirror and walked straight to the shower.

He definitely needed a cold one.

anonymous asked:

So, according to clique we're supposed to believe Sasuke stayed 5 years at home in which he couldn't take a single picture with his family nor form an image of how his daughter looked like for when they met when she was 12. The panels of Sarada imagining the reunion with Sasuke before he draws his sword against her sure must be a flashback to an off-screen reunion they had given how it uses the same drawing style as the panel of Sarada imagining herself with both Sasuke and Sakura.

You’ve just reminded me of my main problems with Gaiden all over again and the stupidity of this fandom. Forewarning, this may upset some people. But it’s reality of the situation and also how I feel. I’m aware it could possibly cause a shit storm, but again, it’s how I see things with support from the manga. I’m being openly sincere. It’s also long and not everyone wants to see this stuff on their dash, so I am putting it under “read more”.

Lets be honest, does it really matter what age he left at? The point is Sarada has no memory of him being a dad to her. She was obviously so young when he left that she can’t remember anything at all. I feel like I am a broken record on repeat: Sasuke missed Sarada growing up. Literally the only person she remembers being a parent to her is Sakura.

But if they really want to fail try and argue the age… 

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